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Daily Average ? A O I
for Dec. 1916 J L,\
A Quality Newipapar for tl.e Hoi
FOB 773,777.77
Seven Bidders Were Rep-!
resented at the Formal
1i National Bank of Fairmont
Offered Premium of
Six Thousand Dollars
At the meeting of the city Hoard
ot Affairs at noon today for the sale
of bridge and Improvement bonds of
the city of Fairmont to the amount of
$760,000, Well, Iloth and Company and
f - Seuongood and Mayer, both of Cinclnnatl,
Ohio, in a Joint bid. were the
? >.. successful bidders. The figure at which
the bonds were purchased was $773,ft
777.77 and accrued Interest to the date
y ? ?<-Aellvery. The bonds sold at $1.0181
(v , Inancc Commissioner J. Walter
HaV names read the bids promptly at noon.
Vf? Mayor Anthony Bowen, Street Commissioner
Albert Lehman and Water
Commissioner Ira Smith were present
with City Clerk Albert Kern recordL
ing tbe bids. The bids of the various
firms In the succession in which they
! were opened follow:
Alexander Brown and Sons, Baltl
I more, Md., $771,638 and accrued in.
terest to date of delivery of bonds.
Field, Richards and Company, John
N'evlfie an Company and the Provident
Savings and Trust company of Cincinnati,
Ohio, $768,360 and accrued Inter
Robert Qarrett and Sons company,
' Baltimore; Lyon, Singer and Company
and tho Fidelity Trust oompany of
Pittsburgh, $768,137. and accrued in
Weil, Roth and company, Seasongood
and Mayer, Cincinnati, $778,777.77.
-Horublowor and Weoks, New York,
p, $766,840. The same Arm bid for $640,000
the sum of $646,576 and accrued
interest. For $120,000 they bid $120,1
264. ~
Otis and Company, A. 11. Leach and .
|.i the Tlllotson and Wolcott company, 1
5 of Cleveland. Cincinnati and New II
J York, bid for interest payable per an- II
nnm $766,232 and for semi annual pay.
ment $769,832.
The Sidney, Spitzer company, of
i'' Toledo, bid $8,433 for the premium
it. L Willi accrued interest.
|7> The Fifty-Third National Bank of
Or Cincinnati missed the bonds by $21.78
by bidding $773,756 with accrued in- \
IK?! terest. This however, was for semi
Hi annual payment. Fur annual payment
fj they offered $771,552 and accrued In!
terest. The National linnk of FairHp
mont; Fairmont. W. Va? offered by let|
' ter the sum of $766,000.
v^Xlujrd were but seven bidders who
I had representatives hero in person.
I These agents were J. I'. Hans of the a
Fiftyfhlrd National Bank of Clncln- It
natl, O.; the Tlllotson and Wolcott e
company, of Cleveland, O.. was repre- a;
' - sPitted by D. I,. Fullcrtou; C. B. Emj3u
i^T for the Sidney, Spitzer com- ai
' pan^r. J. II. Cassln.'of Hornblower and n
Weeks was tho only agent for a New t<
York house here. George E. Kelly
n represented Robert Garret and Sons r
y of Baltimore, Md. Clifford T. Diehl,
ejj the Privldent Savings and Trust comK?
pany. of Cincinnati, and T. F. Davis
/ was the lucky bidder for the Well,
Roth company, of Cincinnati.
After the reading of the bids was
ffi. completed. Street Commissioner Al- ll1
bert Lehman made a motion that the h
y firms of Weil, Rotb and company aud n
Seasongood and Mayer bo awarded the
g . bonds. The motion was seconded by a
Mayor Anthony Bowen and passed un- a
animously by the Board. a
w Morgantown Has
Qno T>1 of Pqttah fnnn
KJUd/HUb X Q?Ci uaoo n
(By Associated Press) It
MORGANTOWN, Jan. 22?A case 81
of scarlet fever was quarantined In the Si
Fourth ward of this city today. There J
: are several children In the family be- d
sides the one that Is 111 and there has
. been several children In to visit the
' sick child. All of these children are b
; placed under quarantine also. There bi
^ have been no new cases of infantile si
is paralysis reported here since yester- b
& dor- ^ st
Bandit Strickler ?
Gets Two Years
C 1 i Joe Strickler. bold aid famous ban- ?'
1$ jjjjdlt and near Jail breaker, was this hi
lLorniug sentenced to two years In J*
I * the penitentiary at Moudnsvlllo by Clrcult
Judge Haymond. in pronouncing hi
sentence the Judgo reviewed the long hi
list of offences committed by Strick- tn
- . lor," beginning with the robbing of the tc
tversou supply store. It has cost the
county a very \ considerable sum to
bring Strickler to Justice, the officers ai
finally catching lihn at Bella Ire, Ohio, w
uith the aid of tie OUi) officers. nt
(An Edi
IT lacks pnc day of being ihrce u
the plant of the American Valve
apolis to this city was broached a
yet $20,000 of the $35,000 in pr
at that time should be purchased in
for. But that is not the worst of th
scriptions that have been handed in
mont Investment company and a ham
in the municipal advancement which I
created to promote.
To put the matter bluntly the Fair
first beneficiaries and the only ones w!
fits from an increase in the industries
only kind of a movement which will
they declare their future business ?
and enhanced buying power.
But for one thing we would be lei
local business men with the conditioi
slow starvation rather than exert him
food in plain sight which might be
hand. Hut we prefer to believe th
this vitally important proposition is i
been given the proper amount of inf?
driven home to their business conscioi
When they understand it fully we
West Virginian that Fairmont canno
and Tank company project fail. It
business men and to let it fall to the
the movement to make Fairmont a la
fluentia! community which is starting
it would play into the hands of the
are never so happy as when they are
or "knocking" the town in which the
But if the movement is to be crown
support of the business men?all of i
ness here and prosper with the growth
of the men who are familiar with tl
proposition have acted with regard t
deal, but we are not so much in the c
of the average business man. Prel
favorable as those of this Indianapoli
up in a few days, perhaps in a few
the Mississippi Valley States and
those communities, long familiar wit
stand perfectly the intimate connectic
perous retailing. At present this is i
munity as that term is understood ir
mnnt hutinnu m#n tiav* little K^vnrii
of the prosperity that exists in manufi
But they have come to a turning po
businesses and prosper they must ge
Tank company preferred stock and
yet unsold.
We understand that letters are to
outlining the proposition to them. I
swera will be forthcoming in a very
already has been lost. Spring is n
upon the building which the new o
as soon as the weather permits.
Var Office Ordered Pershing
to Draw Off Outposts.
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. Jan. 23.?Withdraw- j
1 of the outposts of General Persh-j
lg'a force in Mexico lias been order-;
d by the War department with the i
pproval of President Wilson.
There were intimations today that j
lovement of the main bo<Ty of troo;>s!
jward the bowler will bo begun.
City Hall Notes
Tho Btrcet department's Fortl is1
lid up for repairs. The old machine |
as been run over muddy and paved j
nd dilapidated streets until it is just ;
bout ready to fall to pieces. It is!
good old machine however and with
few dabs of paint a new wheel or!
vo and' several new rods it ought to
o as good as new.
The City Commissioners will meet
ext Monday with the various cngin;ra
to talk over the bridge situation,
is possible an engineer for the work
:ross Coal run ravine and the Monon-1
ihela river will bo selected at thisi
leeting hut this cannot be stated
After tho sale of the city's $780,000 j
ridge and Improvement refunding;
ands this morning the work of con-;
immating the deal the deal started,
oth sides will havo their attorneys,
raighten out the title to tho bonds
id within 30 days he bonds them-j
tlvoo ska..1/1 l.n ,lA||..n??J to Us. .
'"* 1 31IVU1W WW Ulil'ti IU 'HV U?U-{
Jones and Kuzum, architects In the
ty of Fairmont have presented the
ty with a beautiful design for a
ridge acroHK Coal Hun ravine and ae-.
irdlng to several it is the best lookig
piece of work thus far sent In. The
ridge, however, contains the market |
ouse which was discussud several
onthg ago and this adds considerably
i its appearance.
It will bo found necessary to use |
i egg when making an omelette, but
ith "clam chowder" a clam isn't]
ilte so important.
k m
* Northern W
eeks since the proposition to bring
and Tdnk company from Indiant
a Chamber of Commerce dinner,
eferred stock which it was agreed
Fairmont remains to be subscribed
e situation: Most of the stock subhave
come from the Greater Fairdful
of men who are leading spirits
the Greater Fairmont company was
mont business men, who will be the
ho can count upon continuous beneof
this city, are staying out of the
bring to them the thing upon which
ucccss depends?larger population
mpted to compare the action of the
11 of a man who prefers to die bv
self enough to reach for nourishing
obtained by merely putting out a
at the popular indifference toward
due to the fact that they have not |
>rmation about it. It has not beer)
feel sure they will agree with The
t afford to let this American Valve
comes to us endorsed by competent
ground would give a black eye to
rger. more prosperous and more in;
with sucH brilliant prospects, and
: doubters and the pull-backs who
rejoicing over an individual failure .
y live.
ied with success it must be given the
them who expect to remain in busiof
the community. The way some
he details of the Valve and Tank
0 it puzzles this newspaper a great
dark regarding the mental processes
erred slock offered upon terms as
s concern would have been snapped
r hours, in manufacturing towns in
New England. Business men. in
li manufacturing conditions, under>n
between busy factories and prOsnot
much of a manufacturing com1
the great factory districts. Faird
theory and the concrete example
scturing communities to guide them. |
int. If they want to increase their
t behind this American Valve and
speedily subscribe for the amount
be sent to individual business men
t is to be hoped that favorable anfew
days. Much valuable lime
ot very far away and construction
Dmpany is to occupy should begin
Senator Jones, of Washington,
Attacks His Visits
to Capitol.
(By Assoclutcd Preas) i
WASHINGTON, Jan. 22.?President
Wilson's plan to visit the cnpitol frequently
urging action on his legislative
program was attacked today by
Senator Jones. Rpeubltcan. who dei
'.arde it indicated a course of "systematic
lobbying" by the President.
under observation
Now Eight Officially Admitted
Paralysis Cases in
A new case of infantile paralysis reported
lust evening er'ngjj the totul
in tho city to eight since January it
when the first case was discovered.
The new case is that of three year old
Margaret Smith, of Albert Court, who
is abed with her legs paralyzed. There
ere two cuses under observation, one
of those has about cieaied of ull suspicion
and I he other has shown 110
positive symptoms of tho disease. Tho
official record to date u as follows: . |
No. 1. George f'arr, aged ti years, j
Carleton street. Died.
No. 2. llryan Colcbank, aged IS j
years Merchant street. Lees dsc
No. 3. Nan Johnson, aged 7 years, j
Chicago street. Legs and arm par-j
No. 4. Paulino Halt-icud, Plerpont :
avenue. I.egs partially paralyzed. !
No. 5. Murgarct Km-chcn, aged 1
years. 4U6 Walnut avenue. Arms par-:
No. 6. Ullu frost, aged 1 year. 333 i
Walnut avenue. Legs paralyzed.
No. 7. James Bennett. Ninth street j
and View, aged 7 years. Face par-!
No. 8. Margnret Sm'lh, Albert Court,
aged 3 years. Logs paralyzed.
GRAFTON. Jan. 33.?It Is ono wcok !
today since the last case of paralysis
developed ir this city. Quarantine
measures will remain in force this
week, bowcvAr, .
... : -v
' L -.'- 4 A' ; / ^ ri-'A nAki
n #Q
est Virginia's Greatest Newspap
Hill 1
Rosenbloom's Resubmission i
Measure Referred to
Debt Committee.
Long Debate Characterized
Morning Session of the
(Bv Annotated I'resn>
CHARLESTON, Jan. 23?With only
four dissenting rotes each based on
the failure of a minor amendement ?'
t0 carry the mothers pension bill was ft
today passed by the senate.
Senate bill relating to tho marriage U
of blood relatives and relating to the
admissin of students to the university j
were also passed each with a full vote.
Chairman McAboy of the committee
on prohibition of the senate reported
as senate bill 116, a prohibition meat*
ure meeting with approval of a large F;
number of advocates of prohibition j
aud Chairman Harvey of the House
committee on prohibition will take'
the same measure into that branch, j
The double election board bill ad
vanced t0 third reading
Senator Ben Rosenhloom presented
a resolution calling for joint meeting,
of legislature to take up tho question w<
of resubmitting the prohibition amend ^
ment to popular vote but after consid
crablo debate the resolution was refer- Fired
to the Virginia stato debt commit- du
Fourteen now bills originated in the D|,
Sonate and 18 in th<f House. ?a'
Debate followed favorable report of
'the committee'on House concurrent w(
resolutions providing for appointment
of an Efficiency commission. ,
Delegates Weir and Bouchell, Patrick,
Sweeney Weiss. Hall, Shaw, Johnson,
John, Talbott, Tyman aud Heav- ,
erllne each had something to say on ,
the subject and it was noon before the lr
vote was taken. a
The resolution was ndopted by a ?
vote of 51 to 37.
Speaker Thurmond announced the . '
appointment of Reverend T. C. Johnson,
D.D., as House chaplain and J. K.1
Arbuckle. of Lewisburg, as clerk to | Q
the sargent at arms. I O
Political Crisis
Exists in Japan
I pu
(By Associated Press) cr
TOKIO, Jan. 2.1.?Jupan is confronte<l
with an internal political crisis. The he
opposition to the administration of ha
Count Torauchl has opened a vigor-: T1
cus campaittn on the ground that the ; < '
Terauchi non partisan cbuinet was i ku
framed in violation of the spirit of the i oa
; constitution. The constitutional party
which has a mujority in the House he
. ot Peers and Is under I he leadership of i
Viscount Kato. fomrer minister of for-,
eign affairs, has joined hands with Nu-1 p
tiouaiists group in the lower house for ' I.
v.ar against the Premier. j (J
H.G.WEBB j{?
K .\NSAA CITY. Mo.. Jnii. 2.!.? cioun-i ao
try-wid.; siaiuh for thc'thlrd of four ch
highwaymen who look 2102,ODD in In av
unsigned hunk notes from a train at
Doddridge C ity, W.'Va'., October, 1915, _
is said by the police to be ended with hj
tlio capture of if. Grndy Webb, fresh- i
man ut Rclectlc Medical University
here, through Information from
Webb's roommate, J. C. Wright.
Wright; uecording to the police,
found a jiicturo of Webb sent to postofflcu
inspectors and took detectives to
to Webb's classroom. ofl
Webb, who is 20. admitted, the po- 69
lice say, ho was the man they sought, sll
and said Ec spent most of Ills shore ot be
the money the tour highwaymen took, lis
" 'Co"',*SL*? *-jL- - .TV,' .'W.Vaj4,.v c-; V,?-- .
'f.,.'' , ' ^ ' 'AX '
HKlRll/rRTnWMQ !
mu hivlii iuiiiiu u
; oi
amilies Living on the Low- ft
lands are Fleeing to i,
(By Associated Press)
WHEELING. Jnn. 33.?Preparations : u
:re being made here today to meet s|
o flood of 37 to 39 feet which is c.v1 "
cted In the Ohio river tonight., ,
heeling Island will be partly inun- '
ted and large forces havo lieen work- '
g diligently siucc last night muving
inos and other furniture to place of
1he weather bureau has sent' Hood J.
trnlngs broadcast and in the low- ,
ads scores of families aro arranging
meet the high waters.
n. 33.?Tho wharf boat went out f
th the flood Monday night and land- I
g on a saud bar wus damaged. The
soliue ferry bout ownod by D. C. Lipin.
sunk. The business section was
ached by tho water during the night
d some damage was done.
aw Strange Vessel |?
it *n rt
jNear rorto Jtucc
(By Associated Proas)
SAXTO DOMINGO. Dominican Re-!
bile. Jan. 23.?The American steam-1
Mariana, trading between San Do- u
ingo and Porto Rico wilieli arrived
re yesterday from Ponce, reports
ving sighted a suspicicuH steamer. sl
it strange vessel was seen in the vl- <:l
aity of Vlequs Island otherwise 11
town as Crnn island about 13 miles j a
st of Porto Rico.
The American Atlantic fleet passed l'
re yesterday.
(My Associated Press)
BERLIN. Jan. .23. ?The Teutonic ?:
tops have resumed their advnnco In
jbrudja It is announced officially,
tlgarlan forces crossed the southn
ostauary of the Danube ncur Tult- f
a and held the ground aguiust Rus- ^
in attack.
Successful reconnoitering operains
by a German detachment and
o repulse of a British party tvhlch
ecipted to move against the German
les northwest of Kromelles on the t(
unco-Belgian front are announced tl
today headquarters' statement re- g
rdlng operations there. R1
The breaking up of a Russian raid ^
ler the advancing troops had enterGerman
first lines west of Dvlnsk
also announced by the army head- pi
esters' statement on developments u
>ug Russian front.
PAR1J5, Jan. 2.".?There was rather {[
>lent cannonading between the Olsc jj
d the Alsne last night, the War of- 0j
c said today. Elsewhere along the jr
>nt In France quiet prevailed. In t
rial operations two German ma- lc
inos wcro brought down by French (t
9 Were Killed in ^
London Explosion
(By Associated Vitas) ' U
LONDON, .Ian. 23.?Tho rascalities h
date in last Kriddy's explosion were 1
icially anonunced today to comprise Ic
killed, 73 seriously injured and 328 a:
ghtly Injured. This it is stated is b
illeved to comnrlso the complete ei
W it.
,.r v
V v
Whipple Starts New Leak
Probe From That Practical
! i
HJy Associated Pressi , *
NEW YORK. Jan. 23.?Tlte "leak"
vostlgution was resumed by the
ouso Rules committee nt the Cusims
houso here today with H. G. S.I
oblc. president ot the New York]
lock Exchange, as the first witness. I
Mr. Noble was called, ns exDlalned |
.VHIPfUt. j
y Sherman L. W. Whipple, counsel i
>r the committee, to detail the work-1
igs of the stock exchange and to aid !
i determining the possibility under I
s rules of engineering deals for large {
In a brief opening statement of the
urposo of the "leak" inquiry Jlr. \
('hippie znado it plain that .extraneous ,
tatters, such as u general invcstlgatiou !
f the stock exchange, will have no |
lace in the inquiry at present. The}
lvcstigation. according to the plans;
Ir. Whipple outlined, will seek to dc"rmiuo
first of all three things:
What were the activities on the ex
liange during the v.-eek of December;
when the "leak" on President Whin's
peace note is. said to have oc-1
iitciI and the possibility for causing i
wsos." "Who are the brokers re[lonsible
for the transactions during !
lis period?" "Who made profits?"
The second inquiry, Whipple said,1
h.ouid extend both to profits and losss.
"After that," he said, "the comlittcc
may feci that it is in a-poston
where it may intelligently inquire !
bout those who profited'and it seems
kely-ihsi those who profited may be '
lose who obtained advance informaion."
i jim big
Inch Enthusiasm Behind
Campaign Begun This
With a double barreled brand of enlualasm
and it real punch to back it
p. the Business Men's Association
lurted this moming on Its three days'
ampulgn thut ia to get a hundred new 1
lumbers. At i.oon the six teams that
re canvassing the eligible*, met at
io Roush House (or Iuncli and be- f
ween bites reviewed the results of :
lo morning and mapped out an at- .
ick for ibis afternoon 1
The big thing thut is expected to ?
ring in the new members Is that a
lcmbership in the association is not i
thing that a man has to be talked J
lto. its benefits are so obvious and
ecessary thnt it is on'.v necessary to
resent it to the laggards every once
. a while to have .he entire city's
rotcssional and business men lined
p in it.
With the addition at the now mem
ers. the Credit Ratluc Bureau of the'
ssociutfon will be augmented and,
iade oven more valuable than it is
t present. ,
)fficiar Thanks for
Knocking Man Down
(lly Associated Press! ' c
NEW YORK. Jan. 23.?Signal Quar-! t
irmaster L. H. Luksich, attached to! c
le recruiting office of the United < >
tates coast guard here, who. on Janu- j 1
ry 3, while on duty at tho Batterj-, | c
nocked a man down for wiping his | L
.uddy bands on the American flag .
Isplayed at the recruiting station, hus | ~
een officially commended by Treas- j
ry dennrtmcnt officials
Lukslch is a naturalized citizen born j
i Austria. Official mention of the
icident .vas made to the department.
y Captain G. L. Garden, recruiting
[fleer In charge, who also on recclv-1
ig the leport on the matter from :
ukslch personally commended him
>r his action in resenting an insult
> the national colors.
Vires Fire Home of
U. Marshal Smith
The Central fire station was called
lis morn in? to auswer a cull to thn
ome of N'ed Smith on Qulncy streot.
he-chief and several men with clieni als
weal in the chiefs car to the fire
no found nothing but a short circuit
ctweon the flooring. The flames were
astly extinguished and repairs made
- the damaged floor.
tonight and wartnar; Wady
probably fair.
rlood Was the Highest Since j
That of the Year
Sfiv' HjftglH
Railroads and Trolleys Lines
Getting Back on Their *J9|
The water in the Monongahela rltr- if
t today 1ms dropped down 33 feet
vhtrli is a lowering of sevon feet
dnce noon yesterday. This drop Is
lurtiall.v due to the cold weather which
ollowed the rain yesterday.
Reports front various sections concrnlng
tho dumage dono by th# floodndlcato
that c'icr than tho loosenng
of two hr.dges from the abutnents
and the washlna out of onw >v<S9
here has been no great lots. 1
'I'ho water stations at Grafton, .
'lurksburg and Fairmont wore each _ j99
n danger of rlosing down to tbo menice
ut the welfare of the communities
n which they are located but the wuor
stopped rising just in time ta
icrniit light repairs to bo mode so s
hut these stations can operate.
The main line of the Baltimore and
Jblo railroad was tied up at a point
leur i'urkcrshurg 600 feet of the track
jolng under water at Cornwallls, *
iVhen the water wont down the track
>cd went part of the way with It
hereby making a soft bed.
The street car linos are running on
cgulur schedule again. Numerous /
;rcws have been put to work by all
public scrvico corporations cleuruu
tway debris. Tho telephone and teletrapta
companies suffered compare,
lively tittle. The interburban and ,
:ho- steam roads had lots of trouble U
with mud and rocks slipping to the
rack. TIicbo have all heen cleared
tway and tho tracks put In shape for
he rolling stock.
Tho steel bridge which formerly
irossod the Paw i>aw Creek at Baser
is lodged uguinst the Woods run
concrete bridge and is being held by
bat bridge. Many swinging fool
iridges so characteristic of the mining
owns between Fairmont and Clarksjurg
were washed away. The watet
n all the creeks In the valleys'above
"airmont started on rampage Sunday
evening und In several places live
hock wau urowued by tbo rushing
voters as Ihc uninmls tried to cross.
Itl^csrlllc, Mannlngton, and. Baxter
offered most from the water entering
louses but nil of tills has gone down - *1
low and the river is falling. ,, .yjj
Yesterday was the highest flood
itago in tlic history of the Monongiu tela,
with the exception of the flood
if 18SS, for which there were no rec- j
irds, but which was supposed j>o have
>0011 about 40 feet. High water dates
ind flood stugos since then are u?
ollows: July 25, 1S96. 2S.2; February
:3.'1897, 27.8; March 10, 1906, 29.0; |gS
laiiuarv 17. 1907. 30.7; January 30,
1911. 29.2, uiid yesterday's, 31 feet ev- ,
Brotherhoods OpposeNew
Adamson Bill
WASHINGTON, Jail. 23. ? W.-ttMH
Stone, Grand Chief of the Brotherhood
>f Locomotive Engineers, and L>. E.
ji.eppard, acting prcsldont of the Oriel
or Ituiiroud Conductors, testified
cday before the House Commerce
:ominittco in opposition to the Adamion
bill to prevent interruption of raiload
traffic by creating a special Inrestigating
commission during whose
leliberations strikes and lockouts Will
ic unlawful.
? ''S
Co-Op.srative Store Dividend ! j
A dividend of 5 pet. was declared ?
in the stock of the Fairmont Co-operaive
store at a meeting of the hoard of
lirectors lust night. Tho checks will ' I
le presented to stockholders in Wllard
Hall. February 10. It was report:d
tliat the storo did nearly 14,000 .
luslness ior the month Just ended.
-^^^u-crurvcrcnj-u- j T_n_r_r j
"TT'"}?*! 'S
We are pleased to an
nounce the opening of the j
Service and cuisine unsurpassed.
Open 5 a. m.
to 12 p. m.
. "^tjj

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