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I A Quality Newspaper for the I
Appeared Before Both Hous
O'clock This Aft
Regarded However That Wh
er to War With Geri
He V
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26?President
Wilson appeared before Congress at
one p. m. this afternoon and asked
for authority to place the United
States in a state of "armed neutrality"
to resiBt a German submarine menace.
Continued invasion of the plain
rights of neutrals on the high seas further
sacrifice of American lives on
ships, intolerable blockade of American
commerce?almost as effectual
as if the country were at war?have
taken the place of a dreaded "overt
apt" which was expected to shock the
world and have forced the President
into steps toward war.
President Wilson asking to be emnowered
to take whatever stena are
necessary which Included arming of
ships, the convoying of merchantmen
by war vessels or whatever steps are
necessary made It plain again that
he wanted peace, but not at the price
I of American lives and rights or by
driving the American flag from the
News of the sinking of the Cunard
liner Laconla with Americans aboard
' was received here as the President
was on his way to address Congress.
Although without details Its grave pqsslbfttttOT
aaffgtt emphasis to "the President's
Congress Is expected not only to
authorize President to use armed
Lwill Not Do Business Until
After He Goes Out of
CHARLESTON, W. Va? Feb. 26.?
At the second session of the House
of Delegates on Saturday that body,
after refusing to receive the message
of the Governor in which he announced
the calling of the extraordinary session
of the legislature, adjourned until
{Tuesday evening and it is understood
that at that time another adjournment
yf three days will be taken and that
his practice will be kept up until Govrnor
Hatfield goes out of office. Three
days is all the longer one branch of
the body may adjourn for without the
consent ot the other.
At the Saturday sitting resolutions
were adopted by a strict party vote
intimating that neither the Senate nor
the Governor has acted toward the
House with due consideration, but "It
is the sense of this House of Delegates
that while it is now, and at all times
shall be, ready and willing and desirous
of receiving and courteously and
r carefully considering any and all proper
communications from the Senate, it
respectfully but firmly declines to receive
or consider the resolutions sent
earlier in the day from the Senate as
Offered by Senator Hawley."
In vley of the fact that the enactment
of the good roads bill, if it becomes
a law, will call for a large sum
of money, a bill was introduced in the
Senate late Saturday providing for a
production tax on coal, oil and gas.
This measure was presented by Senator
The Senate also adopted a resolution
as suggested by the last meeting
of the West Virginia State Bar Association,
calling upon the incoming
Governor to appoint a commission to
be composed of a member of each Congressional
district, to meet with him
before the next regular session ot the
House. An appropriation hill the
same as passed by the Senate Friday,
was Introduced and advanced to second
reading without protest.
Speaker Thurmond reappointed the
former House committee on taxation
and finance to comprise the new comi
mtttee on that subject, with the exH
caption of substitution of Delegate
Hunter for delegate Porter, who has
left for home.
* A. S. Brown who recently underwent
an operation at Cook hospital, has
gone to Ravena. O., to visit relatives
while recuperating.
See Moving
1RD 1
f ED MM'
es in Joint Session at One
ernoon and Made
EJB F0H Ptttf
at He Asks for is a Step Near- <
nany?Will Get What
forces of country but also to provide
Once before, In the Infancy of the
republic, a stato of armed neutrality
was proclaimed to check "predatory
violence" upon merlcan rights In a
war between France and England, but
It did not result actually In war for
the United States.
Whether another armed neutrality
will be an war depends on whether
Germany realizes the United States
Is ready to protect neutral rights by
whatever means are necessary. '
President Wilson arrived at capital
just before one o'clock and promptly
at that hour stepped up to the clerk's
desk In the hall of the House where
both branches of congress meeting In
special joint session, were assembled
before him.
Some Republicans declared they did
not "want to sign a blank check for the
President and predicted a filibuster
against the legislation he requests for |
purpose of forcing an extra session of |
Congress. Those Republicans ex-1
pressed the view that the President's
attitude was not sufficiently definite.
They would not say whether an extra
session which they regarded as imperative
would he used to fjglutire.legislation
the President requested. The
view taken by Democrats Is that the
President has made no unreasonable
ill tue Dili til nior
Ill NIL nuill UHDL
Motion to Set Aside the Verdict
Was Denied This
Morning. ;
A motion to set aside the verdict in i'
tho case of Dr. C. J. Ruley, chlrprac- ,
j tor, oonvlcted last -week of practicing | .
medicine in Marion aounty without a: ,
j license, was denied by Judge Vincent! ,
i in Intermediate court this morning. .
| Dr. Ruley was fined $100.
| Notice of an appoal was Immediatei
lv entered bv Sr. Ruler's sltornevs. it!
being the doctor's Intention to make {
the case a test case In the state. There ,
are a number of chiropractors practlc- ,
lng In West Virginia, notably In Harrison
county, and as yet their branch of |
the medical profession Is unrecognized |
under existing laws.
Church to be Given ' i
A Spring Clearing
The members of the congregation Of
the M. P. Temple, men and women,
will meet at the church on Thursday
for the purpose of giving the church
auditorium a general spring cleaning.
Pews, carpets and equipment of the
will kinds will undergo a thorough
cleansing. Tho work of redecorating
the auditorium which has been in progress
for some time will he completed
by Thursday and by next Sunday the
auditorium will be in readiness for the
usual Sunday services.
Harry Thaw's Sanity ,
Will Be Given Test
(By Associated Press)
proceedings were begun in common
pleas court here today to determine i
the sanity of Harry Thaw. I
Missionary Meeting. I
The Women's Foreign Missionary t
Society of the First M. E. church will i
meet in the church parlor Tuesday
atternoon at 2:30 and the following <
program will he carried out: Devo- 1
tions, Mrs. Jennie Engle; Song, Win 3
Them One By One; Story, "Jorkers 3
and Shirkers" Mrs. Lawrence Hennen;
Heading, "Garment Givers," Mrs. Will 3
Reynolds; Solo, Mrs. Pearl Reed Wise; 1
Reading of a letter from Korea. Business.
At the close of the program a
social time will be enjoyed with Mrs.
George Richardson and Mrs. Levi 1
Harr as hostesses. Membership dues i
will bo received at this meeting. c
Picture Funnies in 1
^ Northern JPesi
Loan Co, Manager '
Sued for Usury L
Suit against Arthur 0. Mey, doing
ausiness as the City Loan and TruBt.
:ompany, on Madison street, was
arought by Attorney L. C. Musgrave
:his afternoon for H. V. Gantz, of 1112
Virginia avenue. Mr. Gantz Is suing
lor usury, alleged to have been collect;d
on a loan of $15 which Mey madeI
aim some time ago.
In the hands of Attorney Musgrave
are receipts which show that Gantz:
lias paid back a total of $71 on the original
loan of $15. and still is indebted .
'.o May to the sum of $18. The case
will come before the March termor
Order Dismissing Case from
Supreme Court is En- c
tered Here. ?
Less G. Race, convicted in the local v
Circuit court of complicity In the ma- fl
nipulation which resulted In the fall- P
are of the Citizens Dollar Savings *Bank,
and sentenced to seven years in
:he penitentiary at Moundsville, was .?
pardoned unconditionally by Governor
Hatfield in an executive order of last f
rhursday. An order dismissing the I
:ase from the Supreme court of the (
state has been entered in the local Clrmlt
clerk's office.
The action of Governor Hatfield folowed
the presenting of a petition prelared
by Mr. Race. Attorney Harry
Shaw, Race's attorney, was in Charles:on
last week.
Sickness Census
Is Being Made Here
Doctor Louis I. Dublin, statistician *
of the Metropolitan Life Insurance c
:ompany, is in Fairmont today inau??H?
,11 till ing U aivnucao ucuoua ui r ainuuiii
ind the surrounding community. 1 11
The purpose of this census Is to get a
iccurate information in regard to the Bl
imount of tuberculosis, typhoid fever P
ind the other diseases so that the fu- 11
ture efforts of the Metropolian com- ll
jany in the control of sickness may be
more efficiently directed. o
The Board of Health of the city is n
most heartily interested in tills move- it
ment and will be in active co-operation tl
with Doctor Dublin in taking the sick- tl
aess census here. tl
It Is urged that those interviewed
In regard to illuesB in their home will _
end all the assistance possible in the I
fathering of this valuable data. 1
Ooal Operators to
uo to Washington?
A freight rate committee composed 1'
jf the Central West Virginia Coal Op- f
arators' Association will go to Wash- a
Ington day after tomorrow to appear j,
:here before the Inter-State Commerce
Commission as a reBult of the rail- ?
roads having presented new evidence f,
n the controversy over rates to certain s
joints west of the Ohio.
The following men will compose *
:he committee: J. A. Clark, Dan How- .
lrd, D. R. Lawson, Arthur Hale, C. H. f
lenkins and C. D. Robinson. *
Charles Jacobs Dies j
at Morgantown Home
Charles Jacobs died Sunday after- I
loon at tour o'clock at his home in
VIorgantown after a few months illless
of tuberculosis. Wo wo- umii
mown here having been employed in
he local postoSlce hero (or several
nonths following the strike.
He was the oldest Bon of Grant Ja;obs
of Morgantown and was a high- c
y. esteemed young man. For several t
rears he has held a position in the 1
Morgantown postolfice n
A- number of friends and relatives w
vill go to Morgantown to attend the c
'unoral Tuesday afternoon. tl
? ? a'
Mrs. W. S. John, of Morgantown. is p
he guest of her sister, Mrs. Ira L. d
Smith, on Wheeling and Chicago u
itreet. ti
noum Talk on the L
- \\'T W
t Virginia's Greatest Newspi
I ?
Does Corralled.
Forfeit $95 ti
Tollce court this moring netted the
ity several pieces of dough brought
r rather sent to the city treasury by
he Doe family. The only visitor in
olice court this morning was John
)oe charged with drunkenness. He
as found guilty an dsoaked $5. Foreits
were read by the Mayor after a
oltce raid on a gambling joint over
.is Union's on Main street.
The reading lesson went something
Vill Be First Graduating
Exercises Held in the
New Building.
.The commencement exercises of the
'alrmont State Normal school will
ike place on June 8 and a large class
f young people will graduate from the
arlous departments of the school. This
dll be the first commencement exerIse
to be held in the new building.
Plans toward the opening of the
pring term of the Normal are now beig
made by the faculty of the Normal
nd from present. Indications tfye
pring term this year will exceed in
olnt of nuiuberB i?iy spring term In
he history of the school. The spring
Brm will begin on March 27.
All interest now centers in the action
f the legislature on the appropriation
ecessnry to secure a dormitory buildig
for the new Normal school. Should
he legislature see fit to turn down
he bill which asks for this approprialon
the school will be badly crippled.
Work is Started on
Big New Gas Main
Work was started this morning by
lie Traction company on the ten-inch
onocting main which will he built
rom the pressure station of the comany
on upper Cleveland acenue, down
loal run to the river. All materials
re on the ground and the work will
e pushed as rapidly as possible.
When completed the new main will
ive a much stronger pressure to the
ictorics on the Belt Line and will also
trengthen East Side pro'sures.
Svery One on the List Stand
Votes Counted
It was with a great deal of dlffi
ulty and hard work on the part ot
he Golden Festival Department ot
'he West Virginian that the great
umber ot nominations and votes
'hlch have been received were finally
ounted and placed to the credit ot
ie proper candidates. Of course not
II of the nominations which havo been
eceived show on this first list of
osslble candlates. A great many adltlonal
nominations came In last Satrday
and today too late to enable ns
3 get them on this list. However,
ast Page- A New
FEBRUARY 26,1917. me
) Laconia |
at Lis Union's :
) City Treasury
like this: "The following forfeits are
declared: John Doe, $5; Lovoll Doe,
$25; Tom Doe, $5; Wall Doe, $5; Rare ]
Doo, $5.. Know Doe, $5; Much Doe. ]
$5; Sum Doe, $5; Peg Doe. $5; Lost
Doe, $5; Won Doe, $5; Buck Doe, $5;
Sour Doe, $5; Buckwheat Doe, $5: 1
John Rlnxton, $5. The entire amount
of forfeits came to $95 for cards and
$5 for liquor. J
? 1
Ten Year Lease on Hennen 1
Building Room Has i
Been Signed.
The vacant room In the newly ren-J^
ovated Hennen building on Main street |
In the block former|y occupied by the
Colonial theatre will be occupied for 2
the next ten years by the Western
Union telegraph company. The Wes- *
torn union company has leased the
room from T. Wilbur Hennen for that I
! period beginnlg March 1. 1917.
The offices now located In the Wat- '
; son building will be moved to the
new quarters as soon as materials and
plans for the new room can be secured.
This will be about April 16 or
May 1.
Manager McWhorter will remain in
charge of the office and will very like- .
ly be advised by his company to in- '
, crease his force at this office as the!
: business being handled here is tncreas-1
i t.n ........ - ? 1? . '
iuh moid vuaa tan uo OUiCieuliy I1QI1*
British Coast
Is Bombarded j
(By Associated Press) a
LONDON. Feb. 26. ? German de- v
Btroyers bombarded Broadstairs and )
' Margate early thlB morning. One wo- t
1 man and one child were killed and two (
persons Injured. Two houses were j
This announcement was made In
the House of Commons today by Sir 1
Edward Carson, first lord of the ad- J
Is Ready to be Voted for? \
Three Times a ]
:ek. ^
these later nominations will be added
to the following list Just as fast as
possible. The people whose names appear
on this list now stand ready to
be voted for by the ontlre public. If fi
your favorite candidates name does c
not appear on this list, be sure to fill 1
out the nomination blank and send I
Is or her name to the Golden Fehtl- c
val Manager of The West Virginian,
Room 209 Jacobs Building, without a
delay. The votes will be counted and I
nllSllohaJ K,. -1 *1
I yuwuuuuu 11J IUO UiauagCI KUOO IUUV9 I V
1 (Continued on page two) I s
Feature Designed E<
^ A' day olo
["he Largest Boat Th
Since the New 1
Was Ann
\Tews of Sinking Comes Fron
That Survivors Will
Time Toi
(my asboci&ic
L,aconia of 18,099 tons gross w
February 18 for Liverpool has
The survivors are said to i
anded tonight.
The Cunard liner Laconia
February 18 with 100 passenge
nore Americans.
The Laconia was one of the
lard fleet and the largest thus
nan submarine warfare was c
18,099 tons and was 600 feet lo:
lepth. She was built in 19111
The Cunard line after announcing the
.aconla withheld the names of the rest oi
hat no further information would be gl
essel had been officially confirmed to tl
The four Americans were Miss Phyllis
lalnbridge, New Jersey, Mrs. F. E. Hari
he Chicago Tribune.
Two other Americans among the first
loy and Miss Elizabeth Hoy of Chicago.
There wus also one Amerioan in the
Vareing of New York, making a total of
lounced after the line had received ofl
ho Laconia.
First cabin passengers totaled 33, sec
16. There were no steerage passengers.
It is stated authentically that the Lac<
iVire Governor Asking Him A
to Veto Validating
(Special Dispatch to West Virginian!
CHARLESTON, W. Va? Feb. 26?
ifany telegrams have been received
ly Governor Hatfield today from Fair- h
nont. Some of these are from Repub- u
leans, some from Democrats. Some
.sk the executive to veto the bill 11
vhlch passed the Legislature valldat- d;
ng a recent bond Issue In Marlon coun- tl
y and others ask him to sign it. The
lovernor declined to state his position _
n the matter.
[lOnal'Y. W. n. A fi-irls
Hear Alice Anderson
Miss Alice Anderson, secretary of
he Ohio and West Virginia Young Wonen's
Christian Association, delivered g
,n address before the Normal school ?
tudent body this morning at the reg- ?
liar chapel period. P.
Tonight Miss nderson will be the '
lonor gueet at a social to be given at ?
he High school by the members of "
he High school Y. W. C. . The Normal ?
f. W. C. A. girls will also be guests "
>n this occasion. *
N, M. Linn Named b
Road Engineer i,
? CI
W. M. Linn was selected as the on- s
:lneer to draw up plans and speclfl- ci
atlons for the proposed new road In ii
>aw Paw district between Dakota and 111
tlvesvllle by the county court this I lr
sorning. I tl
The committee from the court left b
t 2:15 this afternoon to inspect the p
iroposed site. The contract for the w
onstruction of the road will be let as tl
oon as the plans are submitted. "!
specially to Amuse i
and colder tonight; Tuee- I
udy and much colder. I
at Has Been Sunk
J-Boat Policy
i Queenstown And It Adds
Be Landed Some
id Press.l
The Cunard line steamship
hich sailed from New York,
I been sunk. . MI -Wm
lumber 270. They will be
sailed from New York on
rs among whom were ten or
s largest vessels of the Cufar
sunk since .the new Ger:ommenced.
She registered
ng, 71 foot beam and 40 feet
it New Castle. }
names of four Americans aboard the
t the passengers with the explanation
veil out until the destruction of th?
tie line by the British admiralty.
Barker, New York, Arthur T.- Kirby,
rls, New York and M. P. Gibbons oi
class passengers were Mrs. Mary E.
second class cabin, Rev. James W.
7. Thesie additional names were aniclal
confirmation of the sinking oi
ond cabin 42. The crew Numbered
inia was torpedoed without warning.
Lnouncement of the Cap*
ture Was Made in Commons
(By Associated Press)
LONDON. Feb. 26?KuLel-Ainara
as been captured from the Turk* by
te British forces according to a state
lent made in the House of Commons
ay by Andrew Bonar Law, member of
te British war council. .v^a
City Hall Notes
H. W. Stoneking, chief engineer at
te city pump station, was called to
'ew Martinsville this morning on acaunt
of the death of his father and
lother at that place yesterday. Mr.
toneking was called home last Wedesday
on account of the illness of
oth his parents. When he reached
tem they were apparently greatly ton-..
roved. He left them Saturday feolig
they were beyond danger but this
lorning received a telegram notifylg
him of their deaths. The message
ave no particulars but the reason asgnetl
is old age and complications.
Tom Ford doesnt look as If he has
sen massacred hot there are some
ho have not seen him who feel that
Shorty" Tucker simply tore the Irish.
an to ahredn. To the contrary '1 I
horty who is nursing bruises and, '/
its and Tom litis not marks. A fern- j
tno relative ot Tucker called the twB
re station on the phone this morng
and said: "I want to know how
tat policeman is that Shorty Tucker
sat up." The cop answering the.;
lone explained that it wns Shorty
ho got the beating and the voice on
le other end of the line simply said';
Sat so? hub!"
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