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; Many Important Changes
Have Been Made in Old
sm;: ^_____
B' A??oclat"d 1'ie.im
jRHHABLESTON'. W. Va. Feb, 26? '
St V dele Ip.gtlUfairn In oitnuirrilnarv iwk. 1
ston last November In the law relating
' to the reglatratlon of voters, are Humorous
and Important. The new law
goes Into effect next Monday. The
first'change from old to new statute la
. the prorlaloa that the county court of
.'"sadi county shall hold a regular 01 i
special session on the second Monday 1
gljn-August of the year of thr general
election in which a president of tluUnited
States is to he elected, Instead
of the first Monday In March, next before
such election, for the purpose of
jam' appointing registrars.
The present registration luw directs !
thst no one who has been convicted <>; >
a | felony may become a registrar, and '
tho new law adds "or who holds any L
elective or appointive office, or uny
employee under the laws of the state!
' , of West Virginia, or the United'
I *jii pi rnci iuiii^ uiu uuiit'n ui lilt* rt'Kistrar.
.the new law provide.-! a penalty
for registrars violating thi requirements
of their position. ThiH penalty
of a fine of not less than fifty dollars
and confinement In the county jnll
not lees than thirty days.
Iu addition to the requirements of
tbo county clerk in relation to tho registrars,
aa fixed by the old statutes,
the.new,directs that he shall send to
the chairman of tho county executive
committee of the party from which the
registrars aro selected a copy of the)'
notice sent to the registrars telling .
the name of the registrar of the other
party in his district. The clerk is re
(ftilred to deliver to the registrars the
registration books on or before the !
third Monday in August, of general
election years' and third .Monday in
May lit other election years. i
Under the new law appeal from the {.
county court which makes revision of tho
registration list may ho taken to |.
the circuit court, and from the circuit; >
court to the supreme court. For viola-1
Hon of,the law in connection with the -1
registration the registrars shall bo
fined hot IeSB than fifty dollars and
confined in jail not less than thirty.
. Changes are mado in the list of questions
the registrars may ask of
any .voters whoso qualifications as a i
voter are in doubt. The time for the,
county court to sit preceding the hold- j i
lng of primary election or general elec- ;
tlon la prescribed nud it is directed j 1
* J ' that these courts shall, at least twenty , i
days before any general election, transmit
or cause to be transmitted to the i
registrars, the revised registration |:
lists; the registrars may then further
amend add correct their lists, and sit1i
? together at some convenient place in 1
the voting precinct two days, begin- j
nlng on the third Monday next prior 1
to the election, at which time the reg- |i
'titration books sliall he open for in-,
Hbectlbn by the public and the regis-| i
trirs Shall register all voters who I
tiaVe not been registered. 11
1' -The county court is also required to |
be lif session the Tuesday before any j <
general election, for the purpose of-;
'adding to the list of voteres who have ,
not been registered. i
: ' The cbunty court is also required to ;
' bo In session the Tuesday before any ;
general . election for the purpose, of j,
H adding to the list of voters the names |
Ipf any. persons who may appear in person.
which have been omitted by the
In the new law a limit is fixed for ;
the time in which the registrar or county
clerk, may Issue a Certificate of .
change of residence before cloct ion by .
any voter. This certificate shall not
be Issued later than Saturday before
the election.
Under the new law the registration 1
books shall bo destroyed by fire one
year from, the date of the general elec- ,
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y (SOIbtG Tl
/ OQBl So
A Ly? be
Notice of Special
District F
County of Marlon, ss:
At a regular session of the Count;
Court held in and for the County o
Marion at the Court House thcrco
rm Tuesday, the 3utli day of January
A. D. 1317. the following order wa
This day came H. D. Martin am
tendered a petition in writing signet
Py himself and one hundred and six
ty-flve other legal voters and free
holders in the Magisterial District o
Lincoln, County ol Marlon and Stat
of West Virginia, which said pctit'oi
aus filed in the Clerk's office of till
Court 011 the 37th day of January
1317, praying for the permanent itu
provement of certain public rouds ii
mid Lincoln District, and asklm
leave to file the same, and said peli
lion having been Inspected by tie
Court and found to be legal and pro
per, it is ordered that the said peti
lion be and the same is hereby filed
The said.pctition being in the word
arid figures following:
'To the Honorable, The County Cour
of Marion County, West Virginia
We. the undersigned, who jire le
gal voters and freeholders within til
Magisterial District of Lincoln, in til
County of Marlon and State of Wes
Virginia, believing that the public in
-g 1 ~ ?J .. U ~ J...
icicsi. uriuuuuo ,iuv yci uiauriu nil
provement of the main public road
uf said district hereinafter enumer
a ted. hereby request and petitioi
your Honorable llody to cause to b
-ubiuitted to the legal voters of sail
district the proposition of bondlni
said district for the sum of Six Hun
ilred and Fifty Thousand and no-10
Dollars, at a special election to b
held for that purpose, and that th
proceeds arising from the sale of sail
bonds, be, by said Court, used for th
permanent Improvement of sucl
roads, by the use of asphaltum, brick
concrete, macadam, stone block o
other process of equal merit, as pro
elded by law, and in such manner a
prescribed by law, the roads to be si
Improved by said proceeds of sail
bonds being as follows, to-wit:
1. /The Buffalo Pike: Beginnini
it the Mannington District line
Ihence by the said Buffalo Pike, or i
relocation of the same, to the Villag
of Broomlleld or Downs, and tbenc
with said pike through the Town o
Farmington to the Fairmont Distric
line at Katy, a distance of 1!6,20
2. Hum Ilun Road: Beginnln
at its intersection tvith the Buffal
r'lke. tliencc up lite l'lunt Run Rbai
lo the forks or the road at McClel
land's store, a distance of 15,00
:t. Dnnkard Mill Run Road: Be
ginning at its intersection with th
Buffalo I'ike. thence up Dnnkard Mil
Run Road to the forks of the road,
distance of 2,700 feet, and thence u
Hetliei Fork to Jimtown to Isenhart'
4. Kast Run Road: Boginnin
at Its intersection with the Bulla!
Pike, thence up Kast Run Road t
the fording over East Run at or nea
the church, a distance of 2,700 feel
5. The Falrview Road: Begin
nlng at its Intersection with the But
lalo Road In Farmington, thence vl
the Falrview Road, repairing an<
permanently improving the same t
the school house at the forks of th
load at .iamison Coal & Coke Com
pany Mine No. 3.
6. The Fairmont and Westo
Tnrnnike: Beginning at the Fair
lnont District lino at Mill Kali Hun
thence by way ot said pike or a relc
ration thereot, through West Monon
gah, thence to the corporate limits u
the Town oC Wortliington, thcnc
through Worthlngton and by the ri\
er road to the district line at th
bridge crossing Blngamon Creek,
distance of 28,1)70 feet.
7. Teverbaugh Road: Bcgiunin
at its intersection with the rive
road, thence up Teverbaugh Ru
Road to the Concrete Bridge nea
Four States or Annabellc Mine, a dif
tance of 1 5.S40 feet.
8. Mods Run Road: Beginnin
at the intersection of Mods Run Roa
with the Buffalo Road, or a relocu
tlon thereof, thence via the Mod
Run Road, or a relocation of th
same, to the forks of the road at a
near the School House, a distance c
13.200 feet.
.9, IJingamou Road: Beginnin
at the fording near' Mrs. Hess't
thence running down- Blngamo
Crgek . Road, <a distance of 18,48
~ i 'df Inr
OH6 MAM I m I ;m |[H| tW
? Teach VOU To / I' I! M
fR Father AWO \ (M \ "iW
ResPECTTOL ~ ^ Ijj
Election for Lincoln
toad Bonds
I 1U. Helen's Run Road: Begin-';
y I nine at- the intersection or the Falr-j
f'tnont and Weston Turnpike, thence'
f up the Helen's Hun Road, or a relo-l
cation thereof, crossing the bridge by
s the Bock Road, to the Intersection
of said road with the Buffalo I'lke, in |
11 r armingion, a distance of 20,704 1
:l feet.
-I 11. Alter building and pcrma-'
-jnently improving the roads herein-;
f i abovo particularly described, the bal-;
ujunce of the proceeds of said bond >
i issue remaining unexpended shall best
proportionately expended in pernia.1
nently improving the following roads,
-j to-wlt:
n! The road leading from its Intersection
with Buffalo I'ike, tlience cross-1
-ling Buffalo Creek near Cunningham I
o Bridge aud thence with said road up
-I the hill to the top of the ridge at Joe
-I Downs' farm, and the road beginning
at the mouth of Little Mill Fall Run
s and running thence with the road up
! Mill Fall Run to the Davis church,
t and the Blngamon Road beginning
: with its intersection to the West
- Fork River Road at the mouth of
e Uingamon Creek and thence with thei
e road up Iiingamou Creek to a point j
t on Little Blngamon where the road I
- is to be permanently improved as'
-! herein provided, and the 1'lum Run1
s jRoad beginning at McClelland, thence I
- with the Plum Run Road to the'
a]Forks at Dan 1'urBlsh's residence.
ei We further petition and request
4 | that your Honorable Body, in the |
? ; event the said bond issue- is author- j
- I ized, appoint ten freeholders and le- j
0 gal voters within the said Magistee
rial District of Lincoln to be recome
mended within ten days after the
4 election to act ns an advisory come
mittee to your Honorable Body in all
4 matters relating to said road improvements,
including the sale of
r said bonds, the employment of cn
glneers, determining kind of road to
s be built and materials to be used, leto
ting of contracts, approval of kork
4 and material used, etc.
Respectfully submitted.
5 John Veacn Chas. Koehlcr I
!, H. T. Lougli Chas. A. Stewart I
a F. D. Yost J. J. Bartlott
e Jno. E. Billingsley II. L. Kulin
e C. K. JnhnBon L. C. Snyder
f W. E. Toothman John E. Wells
t Samuel Veach W. H. Dawson
D 1 C. S. Pitzer S. E. Burnett
IS. L. Hess J. S. Downs
g A. J. Tuerffs Geo. E. Fluharly J
0 H. C. Moore B. W. Duncan
1 Geo. F. Tablcr M. S. G. Lyon
- Cbas. tloss Eber E. Morgan
8 II. R. Sturm E. D. Morgan
iW. C. Bcesou J. E. Schneider
- K. S. Parish J. E. Talkingtou
ein. K. Davis C. W. Winkler !
ij.l. L. Hess W. G. Reese
a H. E. Martin J. C. Quiun
pij. I'. Wright 10. L. Jones
a 1 Walter Parrlsli' G. S. Baltch
I L Mclntire c. H. Purrish
g ' L. Mason John Klnty
o! j; D. Victer S. '1'. Toothman |
o A. 10. Vangelista F. P. Rex
r L. B. Mclntlre Bert Talkington
t. J. M. Geddls I.. X. Whltlatch
i- . Howard Shaver H. J. Hatzel
-IJas. A. Riedv A. c iriuhru
a C. C. Biggs L. M. Kerns
il 1. N. Glover J. M. Downs
o H. I). Martin F. c. Gray
e Mike Grzylola R. C. Cooper
i- T. W. Nupplo a. ~V. l.yneli
R. F. Parish Michael Bock
n L. T. Toothman E. M. Snyder
-,Geo. Hlxenbuugh John A. Bock I
i,! J. T. Graham J. M. Hagorty
i-A.E.Rathllsberger J. V. Dotls
i- C. C. Martin \V. E. Alapel
if Earl Jackson F. J. Robey
e Joseph F. Ryan Wilbur I.yon
- A. L. Martin L. R. Wells
e i Isaac P. Shupe F. S. Bock
a H. II. Illcc Chas. E. Morgan
| G. R. Boggoss A. C. Collins !
glJ. W. Miner L. L. IIupp
rjM. M. Martin B. Ai Amnions
n H. K. Martin J. M. Haught
r Jap Martin S. D. Gault
i- Chns. Clark L. E. Hell
! I\ M. Sharp J. E. .1 oiljff
g!C. S. Davis 1'. G. Brand
d Thos. K. Milan Cloon Brand
Krod W. Taggart C. L. Rice
s J. T. McKaln J. C. Barrackman
e Donato Meo W. H. Hamilton
r Elut Coloseno E. H. Tnlklngton
if H. D. Crisllp W. W. Rice
VV. H. GrandstaR I. J. Kuhn
g J. J. Leepor J. T. Myers
i, J. H. Vlngle William Cross
n I. J. Jackson James H. Wilson
9^ H. N. Martin Claud Moore
ewe is com pa nV AT
e FRONT Poor! NoO
iswer it While I
;mam^e mv pvess*
J. S. Rex I.. B. Tennant
Arthur Shafer J. C. Morgan
K. H. Wililnius l.ee Toothinan
S. W. StillincB J. I. Bell
E. Bainibridge M. L. Bell
J. A. Brand C. Guy Bell
B. B. Poling C. E. Toothmau
L. I). Straight Luther Rice
M. H. Reese Ed. N. Toothman
xt \f xtiii.... i -i*
?.?. ?. intuitu li. U. iUdlliU
Oival Reese J. W. Efaw
A. R. Graham 0. K. Cartrlght
Clyde Talkington E. T. Trice
F. J. Jones T. A. Fluharty
J. W. Phillips K. S. Rice
L. 1'. Toothman Albert Rice
F. P. Reese W. L. Cross
G. H. Alusgrave Thomas A. Jones
Jas. F. Campbell D. P. Parrisli
T. J. Downs
And upou consideration ul the said
petition the Court is of the opinion
and doth ilnd that more than fifty
(60.1 of the signers of tlie said petition
are legal voters and freeholders
of the Magisterial District of Lincoln,
County of Marion and State of West
Virginia, and it further appearing to
the Court and the Court doth so find
that the amount of the current road
levies upon the property assessed in
said Lincoln District for road purposes
is insufficient for the purpose
of said permanent improvement prayed
for in said district as set forth in
said petition.
And it further appearing to the
Court and the Court doth further
find that the total valuation of the
taxable property In said Lincoln District,
County and State aforesaid, is
$13,187,651.79 as shown by the last
assessment of the property in said
district for state and county purposes;
and the Court doth further
lind that the said Magisterial District
of Lincoln has no indebtedness us
such district, either bonded or otherwise;
and that the said County of
Marion has no indebtedness, either
bondod or otherwise; that the
amount of bonded indebtedness authorized
by law, which said Lincoln
iUutriiO r.,?? tn?M- 1- -I* ,l.~
aggregate amount of fOoO.OOU lor
the purposes aforesaid.
And it further appearing to the
Court and the Court doth so Had that
tht; common councils of tho Towns of
Farwlngton, Worthington and Monongah,
through which municipalities
a part of the roads in and by said
petition is proposed to be permanently
improved, have each, by a resolution
entered of record on the minutes
of their respecticv meetings, consented
to the improvement of said streets
and roads within said respectice municipalities,
by the County Court of
Marion County under the proposed
bond issue and have authorized said
County Court to build and construct
the said streets and roads within said
municipalities, in tho event said bond
issue bo authorized at sand special
election, out of the proceeds of said
nonu issue in the manner prescribed
by law, and as sel forth In said resolutions
respectively of the Common
Councils ot said towns.
Mow, on tbis day. after mature
consideration of Bald petition the
Court is of the opinion that the prayer
of said petition should be granted,
and the Court doth hereby grant the
sr me.
And the Court deeming it advisable
and being of the opinion that the
said Lincoln District aforesaid should
appropriate and use the sum ot $660,fOO
tor the permanent Improvement
or the roads mentioned and described
in Buid petition, and that to thiB
end the said district should be bonded
in the said amount, and that the
proceeds arising from the sale ot said
bonds should be used in. the permanent
improvement of the said roads
mentioned and described in skid petition
by the construction of asnhnl
lum, brick, concrete, macadam, stone
block, or other process ot equal merit
as is provided by law. and lu such
manner as prescribed by fcw.;. and
the Court doth, therefore Order and
direct that a vote he taken of"fh'tj
legal voters of said Lincoln District,
Marion County, West Virginia, on
the question of the Issuance of the
bonds aforesaid at the several voting
places in said (District of Lincoln at
a special election to be held for the
purpose or taking such vote, and said
election Is hereby ordered and directed
to be held on Wednesday, the 7th
day of March, A. D. 1017, upon the
question of the issuance pf bonds in
the amount and for the purposes and
uses aforesaid, and the proceeds or
which said bonds when so authorized
pud Issued shall be need for the parroses
set out in said petition, whicl^
said bonds shall draw Interest at uot
sIXG, FEBRUARY 26,1917.
10 cxe?<t Ftre Per Centum (5%) per m
j annum, payable semi-annually on the'si
i first days of June and December q^di
each year and be payable serially on' *
| each annual Interest period within c:
tweuty-slx years commencing one t a;
year from the date or said bonds. 1
For the purpose of holding such al
election the Court doth hereby ap- 01
I point the following Commissioners of i C
i Flection to take the poll and ascer- C
tain the result of such election in ! '
such manner as is prescribed by law 1 it
for ascertaining and certifying the o
j election of County and District offi- h
leers as is provided by Chapter Eight I
i of the Acts of the Second Kxtraor- si
Hlinary Session of the Legislature of d
1 Virginia, convening on the l$th 1
day of May. 1915. namely: <1
At Precinct Number 1, J. D. Vic- *)
tor, J. I.. Sturm and J. Lane I'arrish. "
At Precinct Number 2. E. L. Bill
lingsley. S. L. Hess and John N. Hess. 11
At "Precinct Number 3. J. A. Rledy. '
J. L. Janes and L. C. Weeks. n.
At Precinct Number 4, French1'!
i Lough, J. C. Morgan and J. J. Bart- J
: ltlL
I At Precinct Number 5, LeRoy *
ISturin. Sam W. Stillings and A. J. J1.
! Ferguson.
; At I'rcclnct Number n, Joseph For- f
roll. Warren Haun and P. H. Haley. ?
At Precinct Number 7, Chns. HayI
uiond. Dr. C. M. Vaughn and W. E. ,
! l'lgott. L
Also the County Court appoints the
following Challengers of the Election ti
io assist in carrying on said election n
' In such manner as is prescribed by h
; law. namely: b
At Precinct Number 1. Fred Bil- ti
lllngsley and Channing Moore. s>
I At Precinct Number 2, J. D. Saudy c
and Russell Holnert. a
At Precinct Number 3, C. N. Mor- &
gan and M. J. Klllcan. h
At Precinct Number 4. Will Clelland
and Clius. E. Morgan. t'
At Precinct Number 0, Dau Par- s
i til and E. T. Price. s;
At Precinct Number 6, Walter ti
Knight and Jasper Miller. 1<
At Precinct Number 7, H. K. Sayre
and Clarence Yoakum. e
Said Commissioners of Election
holding said special election at the
said several voting places in tile said c
District of Lincoln shall cause to be
takeu and ascertained the result of
said election nt said several voting t
places for which they were appointed,
respectively, and the said vote e
polled at said voting places shall bo
takeu and the result ascertained andjt
certified according to the regulation^ |
prescribed by law- for ascertaining I
and cerlifvine Ihn oleelinn nf Conntv1
and District officers as aforesaid, and I
.the ballots used in tnking such poll1
shall be the same as those used fori;
voting for officers for County and |
District purposes and shall have ,
printed thereon the following words,'
namely: Is
'.Special Road Bond Election In,
Lincoln District held by order of the; $
County Court of Marlon County. |
West Virginia, entered and spread: $
on the records of said Court"on the'30th
day of January. 1017, in com-:
pllance with the petition of fifty or,
more freeholders of said District, j*
filed with the Court praying for a!
special election to authorize the Issu-I
ance of bonds to the amount of *
$650,000 to improve certain main
public roads of said district, accord-j *
ing to the laws of the State of West I ,
It is further orderd that the said *
; ballot may be voted and marked in1
i the manner prescribed by law.
It is further ordered by this Court
I that this order be published throughout
the said district thirty (30) days j
at least before said vote is taken as
follows: f
The Clerk of this Court shall cause
us many copies of this order to be $
made or printed as may be necessary
apd sign the same, and he shall
forthwith post one of said copies in $
a conspicuous place in bis office, one
vi sum copies ul wne ironi cioor ol
tlio Court House of said Marion; $
County, and the affidavit of said
Clerk showing suid posting in his $
office and at the front door of the
Court House shall be recorded by the t;
Clerk of this Court In the Order Book (j
of tills) Court, and the Clerk also shall s
deliver the other copies to the Sheriff J,
of said Murlon County, who shall t
forthwith post one of said copies In a g
conspicuous place at each voting t
place in said district. The said Sher- r
iu shall make his return showing that c
such order and copies thereof were 0
duly posted, which shall be recorded jj
by the Clerk of this Court in the or- fo
dor book of this Court, and the Court n
doth further order and direct that a ti
copy of this order signed by its Clerk f,
shall be published once each week
for four successive weeks in the fol- ti
lowing newspapers, published in said g
Marion County, prior to the date of ^
said election, namely:
The Fairmont Times and The West C
VlrnUInn .,-,1 , I. * 1 ? - * - ' ' "
Kigiutwui uuu mo vci uuCdlC OI LUG LI
Editor or Publisher of each of said a
papers under oath showing the pub- L
licatlon thereof, shall be recorded by 1<
the Clerk or this Court In the Order li
Book of this Court. fi
It is further ordered that the Clerk g
of this Court do forthwith prepare s
poll books, ballots, etc., as may be a
necessary for the purpose of taking ti
and certifying said special election; f;
the same to be delivered by him to
the said Commissioners of Election, a
It Is further ordered that, in the tl
event of the electorate of said dis- si
trict, at said Special Eeiection, au- ii
thorizlug the issuance of said bonds, n
that the*President of this Court be, n
and lie is hereby authorized and di- tl
rectod to execute the bonds of said ti
Lincoln District for and in the name s
of tho said district, and to sign the o
sa'me as ^he President of this Court, n
unatne.cierlt or this Couurt is here-ls;
6y 'directed and authorized to coun-I a
fer sign said bonds and attach the tl
seal ot this Court thereto, which said b
bonds shall be by the President of it
this Court sold and delivered to the a
purchasers thereof upon receipt by tl
him of the proceeds thereof as pro- y
vlded in Section Five of Chapter J*
Eight ot the Acts of the Legislature p
of West Virginia, Second Extraor- d
alnary Session, 1915; said bonds o
shall be sold and disposed of to the U
best advantage of the said district in o
such manner as the said President of E
this Court may deem best, but in no
uv.ent shall said bonds be disposed of o
for less'than their face or par value. 1<
rion County and State of Wf.'t
rfnia. on Wednesday, the 7th day
March, 1917, on the Question of
trial-coupon bonds of the Beerral Ma
trial-coupon bonds of the several Vii
^nominations of *300.00 and of
1,000.00, tespeetlvely, but not tolaut
tceed in the uggregnlc {050.000.,boi
ad shall be issued and dated on the: vul
it day of June, l'JIT. and be pay- sal
tile serially to the bearer at the'"8t
ITIce of the Clerk of the County | for
ourt of said Marion County, 'n thochi
Ity of Fairmont. State ol West Yir- hei
inia. or at the National City Bank vol
t the City of New York, tn the State aft
f New Y'ork. at the option of the!in
older, and all within Twenty-six j Lit
- years from date. Said bonds, he]
tall be payable serially on the first Ma
ay of June, beginning with the year lot
918. and every year thereafter on tht
te same day and datd thereof; the sal
Jid bonds shall show on their face, lot
telr serial numbers to be paid on Co
ach annual period and shall bear in-1 tht
west at the rate of Five Per Centum am
5 ) per annum, payable senti-an-.ed
uallv at the office of the Clerk o( roe
his Court, in the City of Fairmont, of
larlon County. West Virginia, or at bo:
uaranty Trust Company of New 11
ork. In the City Of New York and 1 of
tate of New York, at the option of, hit
te holder, and that said interest be to
vldenced by coupon attached to said die
onds and the said coupons to be ex- s'i<
cuted by the fac-slmlle signatures of Cli
he President of this Court and the pri
lerk thereof. urn
Said bonds shall show on their
tee, the serial numbers ot bonds, ?le
nd the date each becomes due the iDl
older thereof shall present such,ns
onds for payment when they respcc-'
velv brvomo dup. and the faflnre tn an
o present such bonds when due shall 1,0
ause the interest thereon to cense
nd no further interest shall bo paid j'la
fter said bonds as shown on their bc
ice shall fall due. ?'
It is further ordered by the Court i! '
hat said serial bonds shall be re-! f
pectively numbered, and of the re- j,
pective denominations and rospec- _ 1
ively become due and payable as fol- J
)W8: | let
Bonds 1 to 13 inclusive of $1,000 co:
ach, on June 1, 1918. ge
Bond 14 of $300. on June 1, 1D18. tte
Bonds 15 to 37 Inclusive of $1,0U0 ' 01ach,
on June I, 1910.
Bond 28 of $500. on June 1. 1319. i be
Bonds 29 to 43 inclusive of $1,000 ;w)ach,
on June 1. 1920.
Bouds 44 to 58 inclusive of $1,000 mi
ach, on June 1, 1921. CPI
Bonds 59 to 74 inclusive of $1,000 tu.
ach. on June 1, 1922. l0"
Bond 75 of $300, on June 1, 1922. ca.
Bonds 76 to 91 inclusive of $1,000 pr,
ach. on June 1, 1923. iicQ
Bond 92 of $500, on June 1, 1023.1 aCl
Bonds 93, to 110 inclushe olW;0
1,000 each, on June 1, 1924. i thi
Bonds 111 to 128 inclusive of j
1,000 each, on June 1, 1925. be
Bonds 129 to 147 Inclusive of ?
1,000 each, on June 1, 1926. T~
Bonds 148 to 166- Inclusive of,
1,000 each, on Jyne 1, 1927. . I?
Bonds 167 to 187 inclusive of II1,000
each, on June 1, 1928.
Bond 188 of $500. on June 1. 1928.1 (?
Bonds 189 to 209 inclusive of
1,000 each, on June 1, 1929. ba
Bond 210 of $500, on June 1. 1923. tli
Bonds 211 to 234 inclusive of,
1,000 each, on June 1, 1930. j Cc
Bonds 235 to 258 inclusive ol ' uh
1.000 each, on June 1. 1931. sn
Bonds 269. to 284 inclusive of j an
1,000 each, on June 1, 1932. : clt
Bonds 205 to 310 inclusive of' pa
1,000 each, on June 1, 1933. ' pr
Bonds 311 to 339 inclusive or j oil
1,000 each, on June 1, 1931. sp
Bonds 310 to 368 inclusive of
1,000 each, on Juno 1, 1935. eri
Bonds 369 to 399 inclusive of rei
1.000 each, on June 1, 1936. fo:
Bond 400 or $500, on June 1, 1936. 98
Bonds 401 to 431 inclusive of tin
1,000 each, on Juno 1, 1937. Rc
Bond 132 of $500. on June 1, 1937.
Bonds 133 to 167 inclusive of Co
1,000 each, on June 1, 1938. th
Bonds 4 68 to 502 inclusive of th<
1,000 each, on June 1, 1939. mt
Bonds 503 to 540 inclusive of ori
1.000 each, on June 1, 1940. ne
Bond 541 of $500. on June 1. 1910. of
Bonds 512 to 579 inclusive of i
1,000 each, on June 1, 1911. |Co
Bond 580 of $500. on June 1, 1941. i elf
Bonds 581 to 622, inclusive of sp<
1,000 each, on June 1, 1912. sal
Bonds 623 to 655 inclusive of Rc
1,000 each, on June 1, 1913. sh
It is further ordered by the Court 8P'
hat in the event of said bonds being
ispoBed of as aforesaid the proceeds *?'
hall be by the purchaser thoreof
laced by him or by the President of tic
lie County Court In the hands oC the *!>
herlff of this County, and it is fur- mi
her ordered that the said Sheriff for rel
ecelvlng and disbursing said proeeds
shall receive no compensation ft
r commission therefor and the Sher- i >&!
I shall deposit said proceeds In mi
anks designated by thip Court in the
lanner prescribed by law, said banks us
o be required to give security there- ?T
or as provided by law.
Tho plan to meet the accruing Inerest
on said bonds and to pay them
erially at maturity by said district
It shall be the duty of the County is
ourt of said Marlon County to, and ori
he said Court shall each year, at tho ot
nnual levy for road purposes In said of
uncoln District/ provide, by district
ivy and taxation as is provided by
tw in such cases made and provided
or the inteerst on said bonds, to- ~
ether vrith an additional fund as a
Inking fund sufficient to be set
part and to be used to pay and reIre
said bonds, serially as they repectively
become due.
It further appearing to.the Court i
r>H (ho Pnilri hnlnv f\F tho onlnlnn /
MM MIX X Ubiug w? HIV wyiUiVU | f
bat the maximum rate of levy in the! /
aid Lincoln District which the Court J /
i authorized to lay as provided it j I
lay in Section 2, 3 and 4, as the case' I
lay be, of Chapter 9 of the Acts of I \
tie Legislature of West Virginia, Ex- : \
ra Session, 1908, will not produce *
uiticient funds to pay the interest
n such proposed bonded indebtedess
of 8650,000 herein provided for
aid Lincoln District and to provide
sinking fund for'the discharge of
he principal thereof serially as said
onds respectively become .due; and er
; further appearing to the Court U!
nd the Court doth further find that i
he maximum levy necessary for any to
ear during the said Twenty-six (26)
ears to pay the said interest and to ~.
rovide for each Berial payment to ,
iscbarge said proposed bond issue
f $650,000 for sam Lincoln District CI
i 35 cents on each 8100.00 valuation
f taxable property of said Lincoln i
dstrlct J.
The Cotirt doth therefore hereby J
rder and direct that a vote of the a
;gal voters bo taken in the said fli
lagisterial District of Lincoln In buid
iiign?ing ihp ?injv??i ?
id levy of 35 cents on each 1100.00
nation of the taxable property in
d Lincoln District to pay the inter.
on, and provide a sinking fund
each serial payment to the dlsirge
of said proposed bond Issut
-elnbeforc provided: and that aalO >
te shall be taken on the questlor |
iresald at the several voting plaow
the said Magisterial District ot
icoln at said Special Election to b<
Id on Wednesday, the ?th day ot
rcli, 1017, which has beep heretoe
herein directed to be held lot
i purpose or taking a vote on thi
d proposed bond Issue of }65Q,000 ?
' said Lincoln District, and thr
urt dotb further order and direct
it the said election commissioners { *
J challengers hereinbefore appoint
do take the poll and ascertain the
lult of naid election on the question I
authorising a maximum special
ad levy of 35 cents on each
00.00 valuation of taxable property
said Lincoln District to pay the j
erest and provide a sinking fund
meet each serial payment in the
charge of said proposed bond 1st
\ and it is further ordere? that g
?rk of this Court shall forthwith
spate poll books, ballots, etc., as
iv he necessary for the purpose of
ting and certifying said .--pedal
ction on the question of authori*;
said maximum special bond levy
aforesaid, to be delivered by hint
said commissioners of election;
d said commissioners of election
Idlng said special election at the
eral voting places in said Maglste
1 District of Lincoln shall causa to
taken and ascertained the result
said election on the question auditing
said maximum special bond
y in the several voting places tor
ilch they are appointed, respectlveand
the said vote and poll be takat
the said several voting places
tlie said maximum special bond
y and the results ascertained acrding
to the regulations concerning
nnral elections and elections under
provision ot Chapter 9 of the Acts
the Legislature ot West Virginia,
tra Session, 190S; which vote shall
taken off a separate ballot on
lie' shall be printed:
"Special Election to authorise a
iximuui special bond levy of 3d
its on euch $100.00 valuation ot
cable property in Lincoln District,
be increased or diminished as the
so may be sufficient to at all tiffins
ovide for the payment of Interest
d principal of $650,000 of bonds 1
cording to the order of the Counts
urt of Marion County entered'on
i 30th day of January. 1917."
Directly underneath of which shall
printed in two separate,lines:
It is further ordered that tlie said
Hots may be voted and marked In
p manner prescribed by law. '" &
Tint If Id F.iHtha.. J J AT.VA
n so i ui iiici UluCaCU Ulftl. bUV . 1
iunty Court in each year shall by
itrict levy always provide sufficient
eclal bond levy, but shall jot at
y levy period provide a greater spoil
bond levy than is necessary to
y the interest on said bonds and lu
ovlde an ample sinking fund to pay
' the said serial bonds as they Veectlvely
become duo.
It Is further provided that the vots
of Lincoln District be listed and '
glstered by this Court as provided
r by Section 98-A-lll and Section
-A-VII or Chapter 38 of the Acts of
e Legislature of West Virginia, >
sgular Session, 1915.
And It is further ordered that this
>urt do sit the fifth day preceding
e date of said special election for - \
e purpose of hearing any and all
itters as to the registration of vots
and of doing any and all things r
cessary and required by the laws*this
And it 1b further ordered by the
urt that in the event the said bond
iction is carried, that the plans and
?clflcatlons and the contract for
Id work be approved by the State
>ad Engineer, and that the work;
all not be paid for in full until lnected
by said State Road Engineer..;
It is further ordered that in th#
ent said bond issue shall carry that
b Advisory Cpmmlttee in said pttl>n
mentioned shall be appointed by
Is Court to act as Advisory Conittee
to this Court in all matters
atlng to said road Improvement,-'
lulling the sale of said bonds, the
iployment of engineers, determine
; kinds of roads to be built and
aerials to be used, letting of'ceu.
icts, approval of work and material
ed, etc.
' ? wroaM
I A fflB ATI ttrWMril ?
wr waoi vinuii>iiA, " * w. ^]j
Marion County Clerk's Office.
I, A. 0. Martin, Clerk of the Coutk
Court of Marlon County, West VI rlia,
hereby certify that the above
the true and correct copy of an
ler entered by the County Court
said Marlon County this 30th day
January, A. D. 1917.
A. G. MARTIN, . $
Clerk of Marlon County Court,
// Northern
/ Newspaper \ \
StyTOfstVirginian j
\\ Paper that Goes S/
\\, Home / tfiH
The West Virginian to on sale ev
y evening, at the following.place*:
iTTnV vmtirQ nr? ?i ? ?- -
^v/Toumi war sta- ,1
ion and B. & 0. Station.
Main entrance Wateon Building.
3treet. ? ' . ;V,.*|
,YDE S. HOLT, Main Street.
5RAN & PRUNTY, corner BriU*?
irfd Water streets. SH
H. M'CLOBKET, corner Sixth and
Locust avenue.
G. MARTIN. Main street

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