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House Dresses a
Jt ve hadn't placed oar orders mo
at nA prices. All are new spring <
and dependable in material. and sewli
ee from N to M.
I ^
K 5 Jk
1 Hi
l eP?
I iBl mi
1 W m
f II- TP* JT
1 (w. ^
11 ' -
I Mouse Drei
! Of percale and lawn, In light and n
House Dressi
. Of best quality gingham and perca
and high wmbrted styles.
House Dressi
Very smart dresses of fleet ginghai
and checks, trimmed with contrasting
Tuesday Wash I
Come to our busy wash goods dept
much wanted wash fabrics at below
White Fi mired wlde> regu:
? j Special at 1
33 inches wide, 17c Whil
and 18c values, speclai
at per yd. i6c. Gabari
- 36 lnche
Shming splendid foi
Madras Speclal a ya
Short lehgths, an Anrr
excellent quality In H
various neat btripes (jingnam
and colors, 36 Inches Several 1
t ;,- (Continued from pace 1.) 1
each week (or the,present, appearing o
In The West Virginian on Mondays.
-Wednesdays and Saturdays.
IB the evening of April 14 some- g
tine will be the owner of $1000 in 3
. gold, which will tare been won by the J
' largest number of votes secured in one fl
. of the most talked of campaigns ev- 3
or conducted In the state of V."est Vir- 3
gtnla. Another will have $500 in gold,
while many others will have the oth
or valuable awards in gold.
In addition to this wonderful array, 3
the ten per cent, commission, which 3
will he paid all who take part In the 1
Golden Festival and do not win an 6
..award, is receiving a great deal of at- 3
Bf r 11 ? ? - - "
II iduuuu. uutay nave entered ]U6t to se- '
cure this commission, for their (pare
time work. Thli commisaion alone ,
will so a great way toward helping ,
out the* Ihcome during these strenu- .
oub times when the cost of everything
Is mounting skyward almost ?
dally and will buy a great many luiur- f
les not afforded otherwise.
< Voting Series I
Now that the Interest and the vot- |
. ing has become so keen In the West
Virginian's Golden Festival, it will
* bg~necessary that the candidates and
their friends use a little care in de.
positing the coupons In the ballot box.
otherwise, it will be a physical impossibility
for the department to make
.the, count in time for the publication 11
' each day. As has already been ex<
plained, the votes are counted three
- times each week and the list published,
the following day. Therefore, the
bailots that you cast each day wlll|
, not appear to your credit on the list:
t until the following publication day.
In .depositing the votes in the balJ
lot box. be sure to see that they are
; neatly trimmed around the edgeu and
i dniM^U together. Be sure to see that
the candidate's name Is properly written
on the top of the package. The
Golden .Festival Department receives j
itiousanas o[ voles every clay with no .
namo qn. It Is Impossible for the
. manager to tell who these votes are
intended (or, consequently they must
be consigned to the waste basket. In
the future all votes not neatly trimmed
and pinned together will bo
1 thrown out. Whenever it Is possible
(or you to do sc please pin or fasten
each series together. Credit (or tbe
series will not be given! unless the
complete series Is voted the same
day. Otherwise, only crodlt for the
,fac? value of each coupon. 100 votes,
will be given. When a series Is voted,
' the manager Issues a vote ballot (or
t the extra S.QOO votes and returns It
'o the candidates. This coupon can
'hen be reserved the same as tbe regular
subscription votes, it so desired.
Where no Instructions are given by
the candidate, tbe manager uses Jils
awn Judgment in regard to publishing
them. The votes ran so high for
the Hit today that the manager has
thousands of these coupons on his
desk today to be mailed back to the
Oet Receipt Book
It by any chance you have been
overlooked and have not yet received
your receipt book, and the vote blanks
do not let another hour pass before
you call up the Golden Festival Manager,
or one of his assistants and seV,
^ V-.
t Special Prices
ntha ago we could nerer tell them
ityles. of course, thoroughly good
ig. Fine and property cut, all alt
sses at
[ark colors, belted or high walsted
es at $1.25
le In all the new patterns; belted
es at $1.50
ns in solid colors, or pretty stripes
Soods Specials
irtment Tuesday and get these
regular prices.
lar 26c. yards of thlsj good
9c a yd. quality gingham In
all the new checks,
te the regular 10c
iine c"uie'
s wide, 15d Curtain
rdS25c.t8 Scrim 10c
___ 36 Inches wide. In
vri white ecru or ara_,
, blan border with sot,
8 ViC eral rowg of lace,
housand Main Floor
uro one. Bell phone 1107; Consollated
The prloe of The West Virginian and
'ha Farmers Free Press follows, toother
with the number of votes Ittueo
n each subscription payment.
/in cilewi/iw+1
years $35.00 125,000 votes
years 21.00 70,000 votes
years 14.00 40,000 votes
year 7.00 15,000 votes
months.... 3.60 6.000 votes
months.... 1.80 2,200 votos
months.... 1.20 1,500 votes
years $25.00 75,000 votes
years 15.00 40,000 votes
years 10,00 25,000 voteB
year 5.00 10,000 votes
months.... 3.00 6,000 votes
months.... 1.50 2,000 voteB
months.... 1.20 1,500 votes
years $ 5.00 10,000 votes
yearB 2.00 3,000 votes
year 1.00 1,400 voteB
Voting <
Great Golden Festival
These coupons ere numbered in
number appearing every day. I' a
are presented to the Campaign Me
Fairmont, W. Va? oach series will
SjF / Y<W STAY ti
l I! ) Wtttt AN* Vll <
7 A DIME To (
( STAY fcio
| j, |^viere^no\j
i 4 1
Captain Rousselot of the French lit
gun with which he sank ia U-boat off 1
Guayane arrived at New York from B
U-Boat had missed the liner, one shot
A Business Change.
J. W. Geddes has sold his restaurant
and quick lunch emporium located In
the "Macks" building to Burtlce Tate
who took charge the first of the week.
Returned from Pittsburgh.
Paul K. Tetrlck, who has been taking
treatment at a hospital In Pittsburgh
for several weeks, returned to
his heme hero on Wednesday evening.
Seriously III.
Ward Messenger, a young son of
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Messenger, has been
very 111 for several days suffering from
supuratlve otitis media, but Is slightly
better today.
Birthday Party a Success.
The Ladles' Aid Society birthday
on Friday evening was a success notwithstanding
the Inclemency of the
weather. Quite a lot of tableware and
other articles were contributed to their
kitchen outfit.
The gas was off again at the MethodiBt
Protestant church on Sunday and
the Sunday school services had to be
Complaints Against Sunday Selling.
Considerable complaint baa been
made of late in regard to some merchants
keeping their places of business
open on Sunday and the town
officials contemplate closing all business
places on Sunday. The principal
violators are foreigners.
An Easter Entertainment.
The Sunday school of the Christian
church is arranging to give an Easter
entertainment and a meeting was hela
on Sunday evening to arrange a program.
Mesdames A. J. McDanlel, Elizabeth
Snoderly and Prank J. Kerwln were
shopping in Fairmont on Thursday.
S. K. Jacobs was called to Hutchinson
on legal business on Thursday
Miss Jcannette Saunders, of Mead
of the West Virginian
Dist. No
series from one to ten?a different
series of Ave consecutive numbers
inager, Room 209 Jacobs Building,
count for five thousand additional
>l#SUV \ II I, \( SkV M/
Jo SEE/ ' I )ME M' '
HME ^ I \ mz
f.? To S || I 60 n
ii/ I i:
ier Ouayano Is liere Bhown. also the
:he coast of France, January 22. The l
ordeaux. After a torpedo from the i
from the gun at the stern sank the
owbrook. was calling on friends hero
on Friday.
Everett Mlllan was calling on friends 1
In Clarksburg on Thursday evening.
William Cantwell. of Hutchinson,
was a business visitor hero on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Blillngslea were
weekend visitors with relatives near
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Minnear, of
Annabelle. were visiting relatives here
on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Blillngslea
spent Sunday with relatives on Harter
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Tetrtck, of
Edgernont, were visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Claude C. Tetrick here on Sunday.
Mrs. Howard Smith and sons, Guy
and Ray, were visiting with Mrs.
Smith's father, Curtis Davis, on Davis
Ridge on Sunday.
James T.- Taggart and E. F. Richardson
who have been sojourning at
Hot Springs, Arkansas, for the past
three weeks, returned home on Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Martin were
week-end visitors with relatives on
Davis Ridge.
WHEELING, Feb. 26.?A deal will
ne closed Monday wnere oy tne county
will purchase the immense estate ot
the late Henry Schmulbach, Wheeling
brewer, 11 miles east of Wheeling, to
he uesd as a county Infirmary, The
farm, containing 387 acres, cost Mr.
Schmulbach 8500,000, including buildings,
and the county will probably have
to pay cIobs to that figure to the heirs,
phlo county's old poor farm was sold
this week to J. A. Miller who will lay
it out in building sites.
""No* matter what part of the territory
covered by The West Virginian
you live in, you have the same opportunity
of winning the Thousand Dollars
in Gold or any other award on
the list of The Golden Festival. Advt.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c'atall druggists.
, ?New and second hand. Machine tools, lathes,
, drills, shapera, planers, presses. Oarojrc machinI
ety. Gasoline emetres. Pumps, electric motors,
Entfnes, Boilers. Planers, band-saws. Sawmill out,
fits. Beltinp, pullers, ahaftinir. Contractors* equip
meat BAIRD MACHINERY CO.. Plttaburgh. l?iu
Charles H. Morin;;
j; of Pennsvllle, O. J;
: Evangelist I
Starts a Series of Meetings ]r
Saturday, Feb. 24,1917, ?
and continuing Indefinitely at the
II Barrackvllle, W. Va.
Everybody Invited to come
and bring your friends. ?
k? VftW V ( MAMMA, UfcSN'T ~
Dime t' s. I MOVIE quoins.
rw movies*.2 ) "*?
Evening Chat
Wn't the sun set purty,
Dut toward the Peacock Farms,
The trees a standln' 'long the ridge,
toid reachin' out they're arms, 1
toid the coke smoke curlln' up i
In a amber sort o' hue.
Ma ralxln with the pink and grey
And orange, brown and blue
3' the sky, and then the shadders
3n the hill side reachln' down,
ro the darkness o' the Talley,
3nt there to'rd the end o* town?
And ye stand and look and listen, '
Till ye think ye almost hear,
A song o' some kind floatln'
Sometimes far and sometimes near, i
And ye entertain a teelln'
rhnt'll party nigh accord,
(Vlth the feelln* that yer mother
raught to have toward yer Lord? 11
rhere's many things in this here worn, [
rhat can't be understood,
Mow. them sun sets here In Fairmont, j
Help to make a feller good.
If signs count for anything then this !
locality has the ground hog buffaloed. J
Visitors to the rural districts this I
week were surprised to see a large J
number of blue birds. These little i
ieathered songsters are generally con- I
ildered harbingers of spring and their
presence so soon causes observers of
signs and conditions to believe that
the worst of the winter is past and
that spring is rapidly approaching. Anpthcr
happening of yesterday which
pld residenters say means the breaking
up of winter was the storm which ,
visited the city accompanied by peals ,
pf thunder and- sheets of lightning.
While Mr. 0. Hog did his best to carry '
out his promise of six weeks moro of:
winter, immediately following his .re-1
turn to his under ground domicile, by
;lvlng tills section some real winter.:
ret In the past week he has seemed to
be very visibly weakening.
Have you voted yet In the Great
Solden Festival of* The West Vlr-!
qlnlan? Advt.;
Bank Cashier Almost a Wreck?How |
? He Regained Strength.
Fairmont people will realize that
this is one more link In the wonderful
chain of evidence proving that Vlnol,
which contains beef and cod liver
peptones, iron and manganese peptonates
and glycerphosphates, has no
equal to create strength.
Mr. Chas. A. Ogle. Monrovia, Md.,
"For many years I was a school
teacher, then for throe years was Deputy
Clerk In Frederick county, Md.,
and for the last three years I have
been cashier on the First National
Bank. My nerves got In such a bad
condition, and with poor assimilation
of food, I was fast becoming a physical
and mental wreck. Seeing an advertisement
for Vlnol I purchased a
bottle, and found it to be exactly what
I needed. It has not only benefited
my nerves, but built me up both mentally
and physically, and I want to recommend
it to anyone suffering as I
Try a bottle of Vlnol with the understanding
that your money will be returned
if It does not help you.
Crane's Drug Store and Prescription
Pharmacy, Mannlngton.
One package proves it. Sold and
guaranteed by above VisoI'draUiab !
Erbo Iran Tonic is Guaranteed
Try Erbo Iron Tonic If you are
feeling bad with a lack of appetite
vitality and etc. The Iron and Herbs
which it contains is sure to help you;
it has helped many others. Erbo Iron
Tonic contains extracts of herbs which
regulate the stomach, kidneys and liver
and aids nature in building up
the body to its normal condition. The
Iron purifies and strengthens the blood
and will do away with that drowsy. I
ulueiriRh ffifiUnar. Tt hno rnnaHtiinnto I
which go to build the bone, muscle
and blood. Also the nervous system
is greatly strengthened by its use. It
you suffer from indigestion or habitual
constipation, do not take cathartics
which only weakens the stomach
and keeps you feeling badly all of
the time. Tho bitter principles of
Erbo Tonic stimulates secretion and
aids the bowels to do their proper
work and after a short time you will
not have to take anything and you will
feel like a new being. All we ask is
that you give it a trial.
In case of after sickness it has proved
excellent. After using a bottle,
if it does not prove exactly as wo recommended,
go hack to tho place you
purchased it and your money will be
returned without a word. Get a bottle
at once. Manufactured by the Marietta
Chemical Co., Marietta, O.
? ? > W w * V/AfAAM
i feel acw?
\t in my bone? that/ i gon
The Popular Specialty Store fo
Styli.b '"nyjl
11 Separate Sklrta r Vj**
| $6 up to J1S.50.
Soring Suit
| The Prettiest ii
jg No wonder that fashion's dero
v Salts and Cqats, for they certain!
? In many a season.' You surely v
fit once. Among the new colors are
A Citron, Grey, also Nary, Copen at
Suits $18.50 to $60.00
i Beautiful P
N Georgette Crepe. Crepe de Chi
K Voile, White Dimity, White and i
ed styles. See some of them hi i
^ PRICES $2.50, $3.51
Will your name be on the tlrst list
}f nominees In The Golden Festival
if The West Virginian? Adrt.
Get at the Rea; Cause?Take Or.
tidwardt Olive Tablets
That's what thousands of stomach
sufferers are doing now. Instead of
taking tonics, or trying to patch up a
poor digestion, they are attacking the
real cause of the ailment?clogged liver
and disordered bowels
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets arouse
the liver in a soothing, healing war.
When the liver and bowels are performing
their natural functions, away
goes indigestion and stomach troubles.
If you have a bad taste in your
mouth, tongue coated, appetite poor,
lazy, don't-care feeling, no ambition or
energy, troubled with undigested foods,
you should take Olive Tablets, the substitute
for calomel.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are I
purely vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil. You will know them by their
olive color. They do the work without
griping, cramps or pain.
Take one or two at bedtime for quick
relief, so you can cat what you like.
At 10c and 25c per box. All druggists.
You can do it
kidneys filter
other salts fro
there is more
deposited in m
matism follow
efficient of al
Ask pure and prev
Grandfather? ^ sWift
^el/vou? S? Sb S.
The Nerves
Western Union wires
the nerves do the
wires are the nervoui
try's business.
flashes a message here?e
with accuracy, safety and i
every need.
El IT? . L P (
r \A/nmf>n't and Mitaes'
mOS RE10NB W'li
Beautiful Earty |
VMlWB Spring Hats (1M K
MjMWWCT DP to 110.04.
s and Coats 1
i Many Seasons |
tee* enthuse over the new Spring A
y are the mnartest garments seen
rill like them?and want them at B j
Apple Oreen, Mustard, Gold Sand. 1
id Black. # *
Coats $10 to $45. 8
Jew Waists i
ae. Pussy Willow, Taffeta, White lit
Colored Linens In exquisite tailor- M
>ur windows.
), $4.50 UP TO $8.50 Jfe
Miller's Antiseptic Oil Known As
Snake Oil
Will Positively Relieve Pain In Three
j Try H right now for Rheumatism. .
I Neuralgia, Lumbago, soro, stiff and
I anuuCli JUUllH, JJUIUD 111 LilU Head,
| buck and limbs, corns, bunions, eft. '
After one application pain disappears
, as If tny magic.
A never-failing remedy used internally
and externally for Coughs, Colds,
i'roup. Soro Throat, Olphtberla and
; This oil Is conceded to be the most
I penetrating remedy known. -- Its
prompt and Immediate effect In reHaving
pain Is due to the fact' that It
penetrates to the affected parts at
once. As an Illustration pour ten
drops on the thickset piece of solo
leather and It will penetrate this substance
through and through in three
Accept no substitutes. This great
oil is golden red color only. Every
bottle guaranteed; 25c and 50o a bottle,
or money refunded.
For sale by leading druggists. Qet It
at Crane's Drug Store, Fairmont, W.
Rheumatism |<
re It Takes Hold
by keeping your blood clean. The
about 600 grains of uric acid and *
m the blood every 24 hours. When
than the kidneys can remove, it is
luscles and joints, and painful rhenb.
S. S. S., for 50 years the mostI
blood tonics, will keep the blood .
ent disease. Atyonr druggists.
Will Sioo Disease
of a Nation
i serve the country as
human body. These
s system of the coun- *
Ends money there?and all
dispatch. Varied service for
'"'mi, \
S' sm BUT I TU\NR^
\^IWHBOi46!! J

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