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pi Every Woman Knows fron
I Wednesday <
mium It Is ens lure way to reduc
NOTEi?Coupon spselals will not
as heretofore. Look for them In th
out the store. This method was ad
stock of ready to wear that Is elan
50c Work nn
Shirts, 3 for .?pl.UU|i
Men1* shirts ot splendid grade,
striped Eden cloth; all sizes. With"
coupon (V) 3 for 11.00.
Main Floor. 1
60c Table a fi _;
Felt, yd IDC,;
Heavy durable table felt, full 64
Inches wide; the kind that others
sell for 60c. With coupon (V) 46c.
Main Floor.
7c Brown Cln
rn A iJ 1 i
Ivvi/wii) ? ^
A grade made by one of Amorl- i
ca'? foremost mills to sell nt 7c.
With coupon (V) 6%c. i
"Main Floor.
$2.00 Bed d?i OQ I
Spreads ;
Heavy spreads In handsome flo- ,
ral patterns) 76x88. With coupon i
Main Floor. ! <
12YjC Men's OQ- I
Gloves, 3 prs ;
*- Heavy white canvas gloves well <
put together. With coupon (V) 3 '
pairs for 29c.
Main Floor.
6Ge Brooms A eo I
Each 40C ;
Extra good and heavy broom,
made for service; present price:
650. With coupon (V) 45c. I)
Basement Housefurntshlngs ,
20c Breakf ast *| C _ ^
Cocoa IOC
The famous Hershey'g Cocoa In '
one-half pound tins. With coupon ^
g Basement Grocery. 1
80 Cotton no- 1
Mops *oC;
Pull 18 os. mope and good 80c
value. With coupon (V) 28c. ,
Basement Houaefurnlahlngs
If 12!4c Dried oj- \
Peaches, 3 lbs ^OC ]
New crop fine dried peaches, the
usual lSVic kind. With coupon (V) It
j S lbs. for 25c. 11
?j&? i Basement Grocery
I pattern8 lii^SBsa
10c, f&c, 20c ^ rAllMOh
Mrs. Larney McBee was shopping in l
Fairmont Wednesday afternoon.
Hpward Dempsey la visiting at his
homo this week. I j
Fred Fleming, of Fairmont, was a |
business visitor here Saturday. I
Frank Hogue and Lyle McBee, of; 5
tha W. V. U.. "Morgantown, wera week-,
end guests at home. ! '
Mrs. Prudence Collins, Mr. and Mrs. I
Jesse Wiison, Mrs. Jake Greaser and j J
laughter. Miss Marie, Mrs. Claude '
Parker, Mrs. John Williams, Mrs.
.. Amos Smith. Mrs. May Flowers, Mrs. f
Lou Shields wero In Fairmont shop- .
ping 8aturday afternoon.
Miss Hattie Hall was a week-end
Tuest of her grandmother. Wm. Parker,
' at Baxter.
' J. Walter Barnes, of Fairmont, was
< business visitor here Saturday.
I Mrs. Gaughan, of Mannlnnton. was <
? n weekend guest of her daughter, I
Mhia Gtughau, of the Falrvlew High
. Mr*. Kate Poling, of Downs, was a
week-end guest of her mother, Mrs.
'srollne Thompson.
Mrs. L. D. Lavelle. who has been
Ink. is getting better.
Clarence Mitchell has purchased
The Edge, of Alexander Mitchell and
will occupy it March 1.
Ray. Mr, Hammond, of Morgantown,
who is assisting Rev. Yoak, at Rivesilie
in a series of meetings, was visiting
friends bare Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Carpenter, of .
Fairmont, were the week-end guests of I
- their daogfater-in-law, Mrs. Minnie I
Mrs. J. C. Yost will entertain the >
Needle Craft Sewing club at her home
Tuesday afternoon. Everybody Is inMrs.
James Hess and son were visiting
the former's mother, Mrs. Maltnda
Mrs. Ooldle Fluharty, of Mannington,
- la visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Miss Gladys Snyder, of Mannington,
is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and
MMrP'and<Mnt'j. S. Morris, of Fair
Long Experience That It
neto Oar
Joupon Sale
a the high eeet ef living.
he diepltyed In the ahow window*
sir reapeetlvo department* through
opted becaue* of our tremendout
orlng for dleplay apace.
II i i?jjij?j_ MI iwumwii mn
bJr ttmrmTM tAm m
25c Dannemiller \Q/\_
Coffee, lb. >?UC
The well known Donnemiller
Srown brand roasted coffee, fine
flavor, rich and delicious. With
coupon (V) pound can 20c.
Basement Grocery
51.50 Long d*i ie
Cloth ipl.lO 1
A splendid quality English longcloth
far fine underwear and chllJren'a
dresses. Bolt of 12 yards
with coupon (V) gl.15.
Main Floor.
KL flBl 8 X P%jT*IstcH u
Biiiitvnn.7r? fffiiTrTrmtTiiviivifn wig-frii.nnTi^ ttI
W/it Dotted 11 ! ?
Swiss, yard 1 1C j ?
An excellent grade Swiss. In va- rf
rlous size dots, will make beautiful ' LI
waists and dresses. With coupon
(V) yard He. 1
Main Floor. 1
51.25 Flcxo Form qq
Corsets Oi/C
Tho corset that Is known through- i Ad
cut the land; of line French coutil;
ill sizes. With coupon (V) 89c.
Main Floor.
$5.00 Silk Fibrtdjo 7C
Sweaters ^ /"
Smart and dainty women's and 1
misses' sweaters In gold, pink and ctm
Copenhagen. With coupon (V) $3.75 riot;
Slain Floor. part
?,?????-m, Adn
jL*s?a m of i
aflnt^M^arigiCTTiitt iff-rrrffMI ifftrsa wer
J9C Silk QA_ crca
Hose MC ^
Women's flbra silk boot hose in food
>Iack and white, all sizes. With pota
coupon (V) pair 29c. etat
Slain Floor. In
15c Tomatoes ofi "bin
I cans for ^OC tinn
Fine fresh pack, hand-picked to- RU?'
natoes, large cans. With coupon 0 ,
V) 2 for 25c. 181
Basement Grocery
^^ \ E>1| to r
$1.25 White Enam-qo
sled Combinets .. VOt wor
Full 10 quart size, heavy and the
tery durable. With coupon (V) flSc nect
Basement HoueefurnUhings Sect
eMlmi &
am?Brora mi | fact
51.25 Aluminum QQ. Ada
Rice Boilers ? ?70C
Good size double aluminum boll- j _la)1
r for rice, oatmeal, etc. With cou- \
>011 (V) 98c. ! tile
Basement Housefurnlslilngs I Bn ,
IXVkVA. 10Cj 15ci 20o G"j
1 step
nont. were visiting relatives here Pi1?6
Sunday. [ *
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sturm and chil- ulro
lren were week-end guests of the Ibr- ~~~*
ner's mother. Mrs. Sturm, at Bethel,
Mrs. Homer Miller and Mrs. Charles
llorrla. of Fairmont, were week-end
guests of their mother, Mrs. Kllen
Phillips and sister, Mrs. G. R. Miller,
Dr. Tuckwiller, of Baxter, waa a
Sunday visitor here.
Mrs. Murphy, of Farmlngton. was I
risiting Mr. and Mrs. Mack McCoy!I
Mrs. Frank Dodd was a week-end !
[uest of friends at Cameron.
Children Cry
550 SUBMAR1]
The Elco motorbont plant at Hay e
ritlsh government 550 submarine ch
nited States if called upon. The bo
e practically immune from sulimar
-ulsing radius of 700 miles at 22 mi
* a
ministration May Advo- b
cate Taking Over the
Staple Crops. *
'ASIHNGTOX, Feb. 2i?The cri- n
I situation caused by the sharp iu- 11
iso iln food prices resulting In !j
t and threatened riots, in many
'? ot the country, has brought the ?
ilnistratlon to the ' consideration 8
remedies which up to this time ..
c reserved for the emergency to bo
ited by a state of war. The only 8
if. it Is believed. Is that to be ar- 8
ed by the taking over of all staple ?
1 products, such as wheat, meat,
itoes, eggs, sugar and stored veg- 8
lies, and the distribution of these
ivestigations and prosecutions un- 0
egulated prices.
the Sherman Law, it is felt, will c'
meet the present crisis. Some- 11
g must be done at once. Mean- 0
i. to avoid a recurrence and to
test organic changes in the econ- "
c system the Federal Trade Com- 81
ilon has been asked to look into n
matter and Congress ha'j boeu n
>d for an appropriation of $400,000 a
neet the cost of the Inquiry. *
aderal food regulation is one feat- a
of a general plan on which the P
ildont and his advisers have been "
king, to bring all the resources ot 8
nation efficiently to bear on the u
lesslties of wur?when war comes,
retary Daniels has already cxplalno
Congress neod for taking over
building plants and munitions *
Dries, and Congress bas given the I "
ilnlstration recommendations along! 81
0 lines almost unanimous support. | ''
only now feature of the present | v
1 is the idea of speeding up theic'
le operation and grappling with j 8
food problem without waiting for "
actual declaration of war.
) wait for the actual war emer- "
;y. the President feels, might be
1. Speculation In food products,, al- _
ly bad enough, would then run riot, di
situation would be complicated by ci
possible blockade of our ports by J
man submarines. B
tie Administration realizes that the ,
when taken must bo taken quick- ~
ind with firmness, and for this ?
ion It is planned that little lie 8
about it in advance of the actual g
iago by Congress of the authorlz- a
law. The details have been p
>ughly worked out in cooperation g
Help Is j
ften Needed!
You cannot neglect the ?
? * ? ai W
stomacn, uvcr ana dow- g
els and not regretJt. Be s
wise in time and TRY ?
:omach Bitters i
I? H~j_
y ,
m - 7mff
- A
une, X. J., where a submarine boa
users or "sea wasps" in f>50 days, ai
ats are 80 feet long, 12 feet beam, i
Ine attack. They are equipped with
les an hour.
rlth members of the National Counsl
of Defense, and. it is understood,
ave the approval of such practical
len as Julius Rossenwald. Barney
laruch. 8amuel Qompers, Hownrd GotIn
and Daniel IVIllard, all members
r this advisory body.
The immediate cause of high prices,
; is universally apreed. is speculation,
nd there is no way in which spccuLtion
in the necessities of life can
e prevented in the face of war. or
ireatened war, except by the Interentlon
of the supreme governmental
uthority. That it can be done In this
ray has been shown In Germany,
"ranee and England. Even with food
o scarce that starvation faces the
atlon, Germany has kept the price ol
ecessltles within the reach of even
tie very poor. Today food priceB are
iwer in England than in the Tutted
tateB. Yet this country is the source
f most of the food these Europeans
'speculation and the inefficiency of
io system of distribution which has
rown up under private management
re bringing this country to hunger
nd panic. The railroad system has
roken down. Car shortage, car conestion?the
failures due to operation
y bankers for dividends rather than
Deration by railroad men for service
-have driven the Administration to
oncluslon that Government control of
ill roads is the only answer in cnBe
f war. , .. ,_
It is beginning to dawn on the injlligent
leaders in Congress that preont
time of world crisis when the old
100rings must be cagt loose, and the
ation must, like other nations, start
dventuring on strange seas T-iings
'hlch have been called sollalisttc
nd other killing words are now n
ractice and working as well as could
e expected, and the United States is
imply taking its turn at meeting new
nd drastic remedies.
Are you saving the hundred vote
oupons in each Issue of The West
irginian? Each coupon counts one
undred votes. If you save them in
eries of any five consecutive numcrs
they count five thousand extra
otes. That means that a whole set les
aunts 5,500 votes. It is entiroly posIble
for vou to win the thousand dolirs
on these coupons alone if you
ive them systematically.
-Now and arcond hand. Machine tooU, lotlica,
rilla, aha|-cm, lilancra, prek-ra. Oarage iiiirhlny.
fiaaollno cnginea. IHimpa, alectrlo niolora.
niinea, Bollera, Planer*, Mntl-anwa. Sawmill outla.
JJeUIng, puUeya, ahalting. ConWaatora wpwant,
BAlltP ilAClUN'tltY CO.. Pittkhursh. I'a.
; To Relieve Catarrhal jj
Deafness and Head $
Noises. >
If you have Catarrhal Deafness ?
or head onises go to your drug- g
gist and get 1 ounce of Parmlnt O
(double strength) and add to It jj
14 pint of hot water, and 4 ounc- 3
es of granulated sugar. Take 1 2
tablespoonful four times a day. 3
This will often bring aulck 3
relief from the distressing head jj
noises. Clogged nostrils should a
open, breathing become easy and 2
the mucous stop dropping into 3
the throat. It is easy to prepare ?
costs little and is pleasant to jj
take. Any one twho has Catarrh- B
all Deafness or head noises 2
should Rive this prescription a a
trial. Holt Drug Company can 8
supply you.
( \uuv, en6evu.ES, uow~
\. BMJLV Td?W}v
!~h5 8
t concern baa just finished for the
id is equipped to do the same for the
ind drawing little more than four feet
i 00 horsepower engines and havo a
1 -:- NEWS -:- |
T. A. S. Club
Mrs. Charles Meredith, of Morgan
i town avenue, will entertain the T. A
I S. club on Thursday Bftemoon.
Left This Morning
Mrs. John Cox and daughter, Miss
j Katherlne, of Morgantown avenue, lefl
i thin morning for Washington, D. C
I They will also visit in Baltimore ant!
I expect to be gone three or four weeks
To Attend Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Z. M. Ayers, of Case
W. Va? who have been visiting hert
have gone to Johnstown. Pa., to at
tend the marriage of tholr son, Ja>
Ayers. and Mies Mary Hose, whlct
| takeB place on Wednesday evening
They will return here Thursday tc
spend a few days before returnln!
Erecting New Building
Howard Kuhn is erecting a nev
building on Morgantown avenue neai
the Owens Bottle WorkB for a restaur
ant and bakery.
Royal Society Club
The Royal Soctoty club will be en
j tcrtalned Thursday afternoon at tht
! TRUTH STi<a.?iER
Redstar, W. Va.?" I am glad that I am
enjoying better health now than I have
in five years, and
/JtjfLSfjiSh I give Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical
Gffl JtjSj Discovery and
'i. vori te Pre}?WL
PSf scriptlon' all the
praise. * 8160
used Dr. Pierce's
A ri t i cprf i f TT??1
ing Suppositories
V \ end they have
"'l 1 helped me so
%. 1/ much. The first
"--- X. time I wrote to
you for advice, I was in such bad condition
1 did not think I could live very
long. The doctors said I had ulcers of
the stomach and some said I had coni
sumption. I had taken treatment from
tour different doctors and got worse all
the time. I had just about given up
; hopes of ever being well again. I could
i uot cat anything?couldn't take a drink
of water but what it would nearly kill
me. My stomach was in such bad condition,
X could not have my clothes
touch me, but since using your remedies
I can eat anything I want to and
il does not hurt me. I am looking>and
hiding better now than I have in five
or six years."?MRS. VINTON MutEK,
Redstar, West Va.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
helps the stomach digest the
food and manufacture nourishing blood.
It has a tonic effect and soon enables
the stomach anil heart to perform
tiieir functions in a natural, healthy
manner, without any outside aid.
; Contains neitlier alcohol nor nari
cotics. Its ingredients are made public
I and printed on wrapper. It's a pure
I alterative extract made with glycerine
from native roots and herbs.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets regulate and in-i
vigorata stomach, liver and bowels.
?: ra
AOooDuvmt ioy S ( VJWO
^ FfcOM BEW' UCWEO. /1] Q-00
.. _ ^ -'-Ji- .
ttf The' Popular Spoclalty Storo fo
f Stylish new
Separate Skirts *
6 up to
| Spring Suit
| The Prettiest ir
5 No wouder that fashion's deroi
o Suits and Coats, for the; certalnl
xl In man; a season. You sural; v
fX once. Among the new colors are
U Citron. Grey, also Navy, Copen an
P Suits $18.50 to $60.00
| Beautiful f
W Georgette Crepe, Crepo de Chi
6 VOlle. White Dimity, White and (
cd styles. Sec some of them in <
Vnmn ?P Mea YYT XT .. ~t, o~ I
I1IUUIU Vi mio. ?! iU> *?UVUOUHUgll uu
Potomac avenue.
To Morgantown
Miss Pearl Jacobs went to Morgantown
this morning to attend the funeral
of her cousin. Charles Jacobs.
Very III at Clarksburg
Mrs. Vlra Doollttle Taylor is seriously
111 at her home at Clarksburg.
Relatives in this city were called to
her bed side yesterday.
At M. P. Church
The ladles of the First M. P. church
will meet at the church Wednesday
and Thursday to quilt. Each member
is requested to be present.
Mrs. Conners, of Morgantown ave
nue, who has been very 111 of typhoid
1 fever. Is recovering.
George Shumaker has relumed from
a short stay at Morgantown.
Mrs. Dorsey Pople went to Grafton
. today to visit her parents, Mr. and
i Mrs. Thornton Malone.
Mrs. Watson has moved from River.
> > ?
I51 Charles FL Morin $
^ of Poansville, O. <1
r | Evangelist
Starts a Series of Meetings ''
Saturday, Feb. 24, 1917, ;;
, and continuing Indefinitely at the ' '
! Barrsckvllle, W. Va. X
1 J Everybody Invited to come ?
; ^ and bring your friends. $
Declares Emma J. Burnside
of a Weston Hotel.
The following amounts to a most
important' message to those who suffer
from 111b of a nervous nature:
! "I suffered 12 to 15 years with nervl
ous Indigestion, dizzy spells, headache,
bilious most of the time. Awful nervous?any
little noise would disturb me.
No sleep. Tired In the morning. I
could not eat what I wanted. No meat
of any klna. Mush ana milk, oatmeal,
etc., was all 1 dared to cut'.
"Different now. I CAN EAT ANYTHING.
I bought in All three bottles
of Nerv-Worth but used only part.
Home of the family used some also. I
tlllnk Nerv-Worth la n ann#l roaHlnlnn
it's the best medicine I've ever taken,
us It surely reached my case and It
gives me great pleasure to recommend
Ncrv-Wortb to everybody.
"Riverside Hotel,
"Weston, West. Va,"
Your dollar back at Crane's Drug
Store, Fairmont, If Nerv-Worth does
not benefit YOU. A6k tbere also for
j iho new Nerv-Worth Laxative Tablets.
Wonderfully good for the liver and
bowels. Especially valuable when
i taken in connection with Nerv-Worth
the tonic. 25 cts a box.
BWkVlE Boy?
wkt h*Q
1 ?
r Women's and Misses' Apparel
mOK RE1QS3 *'-1
vj?f Beautiful Early |
flWW Sprlac Hats $1.60 ^
up ta $10.04.
s and Coats g I
i maujr ut-aovina
Lees enthuse over the new Sprint I
y ere the smartest garments seen I
rill like them?and want them at I
Apple Oreen. Mustard, Qold Sand, K
id Black.
Coats $10 to $45.
lew Waists ^
ne. Pussy Willow, Taffeta, White ait
Colored Linens In osquislte tailor- M
>ur windows.
), $4.50 UP TO $8.50 jK I
view street to Cochran street. -38
Mrs. Carl Lawson, of Clarksburg, ?
spent the week-end here.
A thousand dollars In gold In she
weeks Isn't such very bad pay for a '5
little spare time?time that you usually
fool away. Advt.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Miller's Antiseptic Oil Known As
Snake Oil
Will Positively Relieve Pelrf In Thrst
Minutes - r I
Try it right now for Rheumatism.
Neuralgia. Lumbago, sore, stiff and
swollen Joints, pains in the bead,
back and limbs, corns, bunions, etc.
After one application pain disappears
as If my magic.
A never-falling remedy used Internally
and externally for Coughs, Colds,
Croup. Sore Throat, Diphtheria and |(J
This oil Is conceded to be the most . 1
penetrating remedy known. Its
prompt and Immediate effect in relieving
pain is due to the fact that It II
penetrates to the affected parts m il
once. As an Illustration pour ten
drops on the thickest piece of sole
leather and It will penetrate this sui>
stance through and through In three
Acoept no substitutes. This great wtl
oil is golden red color only. Every efl
bottle guaranteed; 26c and 50c a bottle,
or money refunded. I
For sale by leading druggiats. Get It *.
at Crane's Drug Store, Fairmont, tV.
Set of Teeth $8 >1
crown and bridge wont, $6.00. K. M
Tooth fillings. SOo and qp. fl
Examinations Lnd estimates
Dental methods have totally
changed In the last few years I fl
and to gat tha best of dentistry,
consult a dentist who Is practising
the late methods.
We guarantee our work. ,
Office on Main atreet oppoalte' I
Court House, over 5 and 10 Cent
The Union Dentists J
Bell Phone 921 J. J?

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