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1 IN THE |
Musical Comedy
' Hippodrome Sunsbtm Girls
?& 'Nelson The Shadow of Donbt
r Princess The War Waif
V Dixie The Honor of Mary Blake
Grand The Heir to the Hoorab
rj ILL BAILEY, most deadly of the
K specie "critic," sat In fat men's
row yesterday afternoon and looked
on while Carter & Rose's Sunshine
Girls were putting their best
foot forward in an effort to please
'a crowd of law-abiding citizens who
went out of their way to prove to
House Manager Burka that thev have I
the fullest confidence in his attempt
to set a high standard of amusement
at the Hippodrome. Bill Bailey, hav'
lng once or twice differed with some
things we chronicled, went to the Hippodrome
yesterday to get a line 011
' the aggregation. Filled with the irrepressible
fat man's Joviality and being
in his usual high spirits, he sat
through the whole show unmindful
that wo were close by to detect any
.evidence of approval on bin part. We
-did not get a clue as to what was In
Mr. Bailey's mind, but when be departed
we ducaed. And we have seen
neither hair nor hide of "him since,
but we will admit we arc typing this,
somewhat under the Influence of his
sense of right. We arc moved to
think Bill's a big man?not so much in
point of circumference as In his down
right determination 10 be honest. So
Bill's hand is in ours when wo step
to the front to express or grief for Manager
Burka. We know he's doing
his darndest to give patrons a big
? money's worth, but yesterday Gus Sun j
1 sent him a show that we could all
rnoii auuru iu miss. w liy sucu an ;
experienced booking concern should!
send to a town that Is having eighteen
musical comedy performances a week, j
a show like the "Sunshine Girls" we
can't understand. It might go with
a "get 'em In, get 'cm out. get tlio money"
policy on a one-night stand; hut
. . never will It pay to send anything
like It to Fairmont where wo are
El.-. eating threo full ineals of musical comjr.
. ey every week day. Durka Is not so
much to blame. He has to buy these
K. '. shows on the "pig in a poke" plan. He
tied up to tbo Sun Agency because
% it Is the best that serves this section.
l\ However, Burka's business Is not our
E3V. business; neither Is Sun's.
!KWk, "The Sunshine Girls" are a pretty
lot. Nice, sweet looking girls, well
p costumed, dance all right and sing
not bad. The show opens with the introduction
of the chorus which is good.
The leading lady sings an appealing
song entitled "She's the Sunshine of
. Virginia" and it is fascinating iu melody
and words. No one need to do
any better with It than she does to
make a hit So far we witnessed a
good show. Then a couple of "comedians"
get on the stage and the show
& ' . i)pnnc flat Urnholtlv ruin ?tfnn 1 >1 rtn
Ian Injustice to say anything dcgratory
to the ability of these alleged funmakers,
but they certainly do have
'"bum" parts. The comedy Is not com,
edy. it Is spurious, amateurish, hut
't>- : thank Heaven not unchaste. Just
how any comedian could expect humor
to come from a pistol, or from tho
Hps of one who Is elaborating on a
pitiful physical defect in a hutnan
H' being has never been explained to
me. Is there anything funny in bei'-.
ing blind, lame, deaf, a hunchback, or
; having an impediment in speech? No
intelligent audience would witness a
t. second performance knowing before
hand that they would have to draw
their enjoyment from the things said
g , by a "stuttering" Jehu.
. The Prince Carl feature Is not bad,
i, / but we had a similar performance two
EI weeks ago and that was enough to last
for a time. The whole thing strikes
that possibly it's the play and not
?' the players that are at fault. It so
{ the management of the "Sunshine
F*. ' Girls" will change the bill promptly.
' What say you Mr. Bailey?
In filming "The Shadow of Doubt"
at. - * a ?l_i. in 1
I-wic eaiuubuiu iwiuie wuuzu wui ue
shown at the Nelson theatre today
and tonight, the directors o? the Equitable
made it plain that they wanted
a company of actors In support of
.Carlyle Blackwell that was second to
uone. The result was that one of the
best-balanced supporting companies
ever given in support of a star will
appear with Mr. Blackwell in "The
Shadow of Doubt."
"The Shadow of Doubt" 1b one of
the most perfectly produced motion
pictures yet shown. This is due to
careful direction, wise discernment of
actors and addresses, an excellent vehicle
of the type besr suited to Mr.
Blackwell. and an atmosphere prevailing
throughout the denouement of
the play which makes the spectator
feel the play as though he or she were
one Of the aetors on the screen. That
Is what serves to make real features.
A single star does not make a picture,
nor does a good story make a good
film. The interpretation of the story
by a company of players judiciously
selected to characterize the different
roles as the author intended they
should be is what makes pictures good.
The new millinery on display by
Hippodrome attaches Is a sure sign
of spring and a proper sense of the
fltneBS of things. The little "turban"
with the tasBel Is to have an outing
as soon as Prince Carl gets through
with his open air stunts. The event
has been arranged to avoid a conflict
of Interest. OLD STAGER.
Will Keep Up Fight
To Conserve Gas
CLARKSBURG. Feh 07 ji.
J, though the bill drafted by local attorneys
to conserve the gas of West
i Virginia which would nave supplied
R : this state with gas bofore sending It
Ja f to outside consumers, was defeated
Ek' In the state senate last week, manu~
facturers of this section will continue
[ -Uie light with renewed vigor.
>!. The first step In renewing the fight
Sfa,, was announced by Secretary O. W.
>2 Dudderer of the Clarksburg Board of
R Trade, who stated last night that he
had called a meeting of the manufacturers
of Clarksbur, Fairmont, Mortantown,
Grafton. Safem, Pennsboro,
Weston and other pearby cities and
towns to meat at tlie board of trade
(.cadquarters here Thursday;.night.
f '
mtSBm lmBf
Mtjfcjjff^y v?Di*woo-0
??-:" &.i'"*tt(wniia.
tfa / jf -w /wwr
-4 rr//fc . |
Merry Makers to Mee*.
The Merry Makers club will meet
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at
the home of Mrs. Maud Baker, 308
Blaine street.
Is Recovering.
Mlss Mary Ritchie who has been
111 for the i>ast two weeks with tonsilitls
Is reported today to be much better.
To Give Dance.
The local lied Cross society will
give a benefit dance on April 20tli.
I'lans are in the making at this time
for the dance which will be an interesting
affair. It is probable the dance
will bo given in the Masonic Temple
though the place has not been definitely
* * *
A Japanese Tea.
Tho Queen list her Missionary Society
of the First M. E. church will,
give a Japanese tea on Thursday even-1
ing of this week at the home of Dr. and
Mrs. E. W. Howard on Maple avenue.
? *
In Orlando.
Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Keener, of Walnut
avenue, who are spending the winter
months in the south, are now at
Orlando, Florida.
Interesting Meeting.
Prof. Walter Barnes, of the Normal
school faculty, addressed the Home
Economics department of the Womail's
Club yetserday afternoon at
the regular department meeting. The
subject for the afternoon study was
"Literature in the Home," and Prof.
Barnes' talk dealt with various classes
of books for children and their relative
values to the reader.
The committee appointed to investigate
the feasibility of establishing
a penny lunch in the public schools reported.
but no definite conclusion was
reached until a further invcstjgatiou
Is made. However, it is reasonably assured
that the lunch will be established
in the near future.
Mrs. O. M. Hoge, chairman of the
department, presided at the meeting.
tfAMrEi-. MB*'
Miss Gerhard, of St. Louis, Is president
of the Women's Federations of
America. She Is a pioneer in professional
pohtography by women. Her
pictures of groat persons are known
in all large cities.
fee -.v ^ ' It
The Secretary of the Treasury and
Mrs. McAdoo have announced the en|
gagement of their second daughter,
I who will wed Ferdinand de Mohrenschild,
second secretary of the Russian
embassy, in April.
H. G. DAVIS HAD $3,036,304.
CHARLESTON, W. Vu., Feb. 27.?
With the payment of an Inheritance
tax of $55.G.17.6S on the estate of the
late Henry Oassaway Davis the fortune
left by Mr. Dabls has been made
t known. The net value of the estate
[after the debts were paid amounted
to $3,036,304. It Consisted chiefly of
railroad stocks and bonds, bank stock
and mining stock. The bequests wore
to his children, grandchildren, great;
grandchild and nieces and nephews.
==* =aji
, New Hampshire GuestsMr.
and Mrs. Kemble White have as
' their guests at their home on Bcnoni
' avenue Mrs. White's sister Mrs. I. W.
i PlUsbury and Miss Dorothy Pillsbury
] of Londonberry. N. H. Mrs. White reI
turned yesterday from Washington, D.
('., where she had heen the guest of
j Congressman and Mrs. M. M. Neely
! for a few days.
' Friendship Class Tonight.
The Friendship class of the First
j M. E. church, south, will meet tonight
; at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Miss
; Bessie Henn'en at 30 Walnut avenue.
Ail members are requested to be present.
? *
Due Tea.
The W. C. T. U. will hold a due tea
I tonight at the home of Mrs. J. H. Becki
man on Fairmont avenue at which all
members arc requostcd to be In attendance.
Choral Society Tonight.
The Fairmont Choral society will
meet for regular rehearsal tonight at
j the Y. M. C. A. auditorium promptly
at 7:30 o'clock.
t t
Mr. and Mrs. John Hessian and family
of Maple avenue, have returned
from a visit with relatives In Buckhatinon
and Gratton.
! Miss Martha Swisher lias returned
from Pittsburgh where she attended
a Christian Endeavor banquet.
Miss Cora Wilson returned yesteri
day from a trip to New York. Wincbes1
ter, Va? and Connellsville, Pa. in
j Winchester she was the guest of Miss
Mary Kobinson and at Connellsville
i she visited Mrs. W. A. Leiberger, forj
merly Miss Matilda Kankln.
it. M. Reese and son. Earl Reese, are
In Akron, O., where they were called
by the death of the former's brother,
W. O. Reese, which occurred on Thursday
of last week.
Mrs. R. A. Lough, of Morgantown
was the guest of relatives in the city
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Waddell. of Covington,
Va., who are guests in the city
are spending tho day in Morgantown
guests of Mrs. J. G. Knutti.
I Mrs. P. M. Hoge has returnod from
| Cameron where she had spoilt several
! days with relatives. Her daughter,
j Miss Hariett, who has been visiting
I relatives there for several weeks, will
| return the latter part of tho week.
Mrs. John Rose has returned from
Wheeling where she had boen the
guest of relatios for several days.
Miss Eva Brand has returned from
Grafton where she had been the guest
of her sister, Mrs. Harry Beverlyn, for
several days.
Mrs. Rose Steele has returned from
Mannington where she had been the
guest of Mrs. R. M. Hite for sevefal
Marshall T. Watson of Topeka, Kas..'
Is visiting relatives In Fairmont and
Mrs. C. M .Shuttlesworth and sisters,
the Misses Inez and Pansy Jacobs
and Miss Pearl Jacobs attended
the' funeral of their cousin Charles
Jacobs in Morgantown this afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D Stockley have
returned from a trip to New York and
Atlantic City
There are ten big prizes all in fJnlrt
I in The Golden Festival of The West
Virginian. The first is one thousand
dollars. Nearly halt enough to build
yourself a home. Advt.
f? MflT
Last Day to C
Furniture E
of Mas
The most wonderful o
rugs we have ever been
and a very good assorti
in sizes from a door ma
rug. They come to us :
cerns in the United
through which the ver;
ings can be obtained.
When vou see these rm
glowing with luster ar
seen in ordinary pieces
at the lowest commer
commonest run of Orie
ble, you will readily ui
entirely new kind of 0
the one thing to do is
Prices run anywhere f
William Wallace ~
Dies in Ohio Town
News has been received here or the
death ot William Wallace, \v llch occurred
on February 25 at his home
at Barnesvllle, O., at the ap; ot 81
years. Sir. Wallace was a. rothcr
ia-iHw 01 mrs. c-izena Maw ;ins, ol
ihis city, his wife having be-a Miss
Martha Hawkins. He was a brother
I of Mrs. B. F. Charlton, of Mi.nnington.
The deceased was born miu had
spent the greater part of Ills life on
Plum Run, moving to Bai aesvllle
about soventcen years age Four
children survive the union, Mrs. Lou
lla Curtis, of Iowa; Mrs. Porter
Reese, of near Mannington; \ : s. Sam
Tygart, of Mannington, ana Scott
Wallace, of Barnesville. Mrs Ernest
Sherwood, of this city, a niec of the
deceased, attended the funeral services,
which were held this ai ternoor.
in Barnesville.
Miss Leila Williamson returned yesterday
from Mannington where she '
had spent the week-end with her parents.
]1 No better food
= for drowinof P
~ kiddies can |
: be found than |
1 Grape-Nuts ?
"Thrrts iDnKn" ^
*A-A- ^^^CWCk
'' "
See This Great
"The Rom;
This Sim. produced at great exi
manner the different stages in thi
worm in Japan to the finished pre
1 Two performances da:
Saturday at 11 a. m. and 3
nrow Is A?
n im
eomary in
hoose From the
ver Seen in Fair
al Rugs
ollection of fine Oriental
. able to assemble.
i Serapi
nent of Chinese rugs?all
t to the largest room size
from one of the best conStates,
Kawam Bros.,
y cream of Persian loomgs
on the floor tomorrow,
id life and beauty, never
i, and all of them marked
cial prices at which the
intal weaves are obtainaiderstand
that this is an
riental Rug sale and that
to take advantage of it.
rom $15.00 to $1,800.00.
i Floor.)
Kanawha Packets Withdrawn.
GALLIPOLIS. O.. Feb. 27?The Lan
Packet Company was compelled ti
withdraw the Kanawha River steam
ers Helen Lane and Valley Belle o\\
ing to shortage of fuel coal, which 1
highest In price on the river since th
Civil Wpr. Slack or dirt coal from Ko
nawha mines is 15 cents a bushel am
operators say it will go higher.
Twins Still Coming.
NEW CASTLE. Pa., Feh. 27?Fo
the third time, twins have been bori
8umstead'$ Worm Syrup
A cafe and ear* Semedy lor Worms
Btood th* teat for 50 years. XT NEVE1
PATT.fi. To flhlldpnn I* ???*-! m*
bottle has killed 132 worms. All drug"
gists said dealers, or by mail?25o a hot
Est. C. A. VOOB.HEE8, X. 9, Phlla., Pa
A place of clean
amusement for H
the whole family,
sil Carters
Big Chorus?Good Mutlo? Unl
1917. F"
Educational Film r
ince of Silk"
pense, pictures in a most interesting
fe manipulation of silk, from the silk
kinct In America.
ily, Thursday, Friday and L
p. m. Everybody welcome.
s Last Day <
imitare Sal
Largest Variety i
mont at Our Low
It is the law of time and cir<
ruary Sale of Furniture shi
5:30 tomorrow evening. Bet
are many pieces of the most
posed of at good reduction
yours. This furniture was
price?every piece of it. A
ture now so much reduced
lar price next Thursday mo
Spring Suits
Again the neat tailored suit
is by fur the most favored.
Tlie silhouette is emphasized
lit two e/Tcets. the barrel skirt
and the straight lino.
Many of the new suits are
mannish, simply tnllored and
trimmed. Others have attrac'
live belts, with even a sash effect
and plenty of pleats, always
quite narrow.
Materials hrc of the soft fabric
variety with checks again
returning to favor.
The short and medium length
jackets have made their appearanre
to stay; buttons and braid
make up the trimmings. Prices
run $10 tb $45.
Spring Dre<
New foreign and American voiles ir
figures, in alt white and colors, 25c to
New skirtings of white gabardine
to 85c a yard.
Spring (
Gosoard and American Lady Corei
the low bust and long straight hip. n
Time to Givi
for Your
So that when the hot weather ci
you can have them put up at once
you to see and estimates can be
I to Mr. and Mrs. David Harris of Dow-|
8 ey avenue tiero. There are seven clill3
dren, four hoys and three girls, In the
i. family. Six of the youngsters arrived
In pairs.
s I
Comparatively few people realize that
a cold is a signal of physical weakness,
r To treat a cold with weakening
1 physics, alcoholic syrups or drugged
; pills,maysmotherthecoldbuttheyalso
reduce the body powers still further and
I invite more serious sickness.
Scott's Emulsion has always been an
| expert on colds, because it peculiarly
' enriches the blood, quickly tones upthe
. forces and strengthens both throat and
. chest. Try Scott's. Refuse Substitutes.
Scott & Sowae. Stocmficld, N J, lfr-27
Jt\IL. I NIGHT 7:45 AN
m 111
que Specialties?Strong Comedy Feature
Poa that i-wv.
; I II
of High-Grade I
i Sale Price ffl
:-umstances that the Feb- I
Duld end at the stroke of
ween now and then there
excellent kinds to be diss.
The advantage is all
made to sell for the full |
~ j ? ? I
nu every piece ui mini- II
will go back to the regurning.
So come today.
U 3
5S Cottons II
i plaids, dots, stripes, flowers and
s, piques and basket weaves, ^250 |J '
3ts are ready and most all have
rhich everybody asks for, $1.00 to l(
e the Word .Jfl
omes you won't have to wait?. . lln^H
. The materials are ready for
quickly made.
Chilaren Cry
Safest Druggists Sell
E-RU-SA Pile Cure
BECAUSE It contains no opiates,
no lead, no mercury, no !
belladonna, no polBonoua7 drug.
All other pile medicines containing
tbe above-named harmful
drugs caupe piles, and the I
I sale of same la Illegal. E-RU-SA I
I cures piles or '$60 forfeited. For I
I sale at
Sale Agent.
\/l M If you call them |1
,TAJL_J uP antl they're |1
not at home, call It
anager the Hippodromo- It;^
:00, 15c AND 10c
) 9:00, 15c AND 25c fl
16 UirlS PEOPLE 1 1
:s?Special Added Attraction?
./h .'u

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