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Spring Styles
Our Third Floor Is an Invigorating
spectacle for women who
appreciate Ta?nion tempered
with Economy.
Smart Spring
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Immediate W ear
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and belted models, wide collar
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newest Spring styles; rich, allwool
poplin In gold, apple green
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pretty gold stitching; all sl7.es
tor women and misses.
Other suits from the plain
mannish effects to the exaot
copies of the charming, exclusive
Parisian models with their
many touches of smartness?
from >7.50 to $25.00.
k ' '""-=j=at
The industrial department of the
Norfolk and Western railroad is trying
to Induce the farmers of Jefferson
county to grow sugar beets. A meet.
In* was held at the court house in
Charles Town the other day. The chief
talk was made by Dr. C. O. Townsend.
of the Bureau of Agriculture, Washington.
He explained all about beet
growing from the time the preparation
I of the seed bed is started, through the
period when the tiny, delicate leaves
of the plant show above the surface
of the ground, the thinning, and the
cultivation of the plants;'the digging,
the various procosses to which the
beets are subjected in the course of
conversion into sugar at the mill.
Experiments with sugar beet culture
in the Sbenandoah Valley had
convinced the department, Dr. Townsend
asserted, that beets can be grown
I in almost any Boil that will produce
wheat and corn. The vlqld here Ib
from 12 to 18 tons to the acre. At
present the sugar mills are paying
uduui seven aouars a ton tor them.
In addition to the income obtained
tram the sale of the beets, the grower
has two important by-products that
are valuable in the dairy or live stock
Industry. These are the beet tops and
: the pulp which furnish excellent stock
; From the last week's iksuo of the
Logan Banner the following was lifts'
"The following letter was sent the
' . Banner for publication from an obscure
spot in our neighboring Btate
of Kentucky. It Beems to be something
like a cross between an essay
on poverty and an apology for getting
> in bad while a sojourner in our county.
According to the writer's own
story a very great injustice Is about
to be done to an innocent man, which
ho seeks to avoid by a change of
' residence. The letter Is reproduced
verbatim et literatim, and reads:
"Just a few words to publish of tho
Logan Banner. I would love to say
to the people of Logan co. I had
of Barnabus to ask me to
take bur a Pleasure trio and aa I
dldent have money Enough and couldent
of Ford to tell bar what was the
reason I eonldent and sho got angery
at mee and Went bee fore the gran
lory and In dlted mee In not more
than a half dor cases so yours truly
so on these terms It Is hard to Bee
x Poor/* x
In last week's Issue of the Bnckhan
no Delta the following was printed:
"Jacob Splker. the fruit man of Ten
Mile, was In town Monday. Mr. Bplka
Simiaiianf ffisi naoekas waa
(fne till that cold spell In February
bat he (ears his peaches are all kill
ed. If this is the case It will be ?
great loss to the county as quite at
amount of attention has been giver
; to peach trees In this county for scv
oral years."
A correspondent of the Ronceveru
. News writing from Maplewood says:
We went over to see one of our friend;
last Thursday?Mr. Samuel Oulnn. W<
onoyed the visit very much. Mr
Oulnn has a wild cat. So we got tc
see a real wild cat; the first one we
ever had the tremulous pleasure ol
inspecting at close range. We ven
tured close enough to hi mto mean
I ure him. He Is feet long and it
Inches high?when he stands ui
straight. He keeps blmself humpci
up and It Is hard to measure his cat
ship correctly. You must watch youi
chance to catch him standing eTect
We took a measurement of one of hh
caws. It was 3-4 in. long. I asked
Mr. Gnlnn If he thought these animal:
would attack a man. He said he die
not kfiow. I know if one was to Jumi
on a fellow he might get considerable
scratched up before he could get hlir
We visited the Layman coal mine
>he other day, and started to go In
I We wont in a short distance and mei
a man coming out, who told us no;
to go any further In. He said the slate
was falling and It was not safe. This
Is the place where the great explos
'on took place nearly two years ago
We taw some ot the effects of It 01
the buildings near the entrance of the
I mine. We also was at the cemeter;
; whore some of the miners were burlec
: having been killed In this explosion
The graves have fine monuments erect
cd among them and are kept In nice
Here is another pigeon story and I'
is iiue one. too. The man Is alive
and tight here at Maplewood whe
told me. He said the pigeons cami
anil lit on a tree close to where he
was, auti he went for him gun (at
old army musket). When he went t(
load the gun he found he had no am
munition; so he looked around act
found some biasing powder. He sale
he puherlzed some of It and put It It
the gun. He used some large bean:
for shot and a match head for a cap
He flrtd Into the flack of pigeons, anc
then was unconscious for a while
W hen his thoughts and power of con
cectration slowly returned to his be
number brain and physical person h<
found that he had killed three of th<
birds. But said he, "If that had shol
as hard at the muzzle as It did nt th<
but, I would have killed birds, "tree:
and all.' " The man referred to Is out
friend, Mr. Fleeman, postmaster ai
Hope to be Able to Surmount
Literacy Test in Immigration
ROME, Fob. 16?(Correspondent:!
of The Associated Press) The lit
erary test clause of the United Statei
Immigration laws, which Is to taki
effect May 1, has already resulted li
the stimulation of the study of Eng
llsh among Italians who expect to em
1 grate to America when the war li
In the belief of the Italian Com
mlssoper of Emigration there will b<
more than enough work to be done it
Europe, and at good wages when tht
war 1b over, and the governments
are expected to do all possible to dls
courage emigration. However, In
qulreis already being made at the
American consulates Indicate that e
large number of soldiers are consld
erlng the posslbllltlty of going tc
America when released form service
Reports that the' United States hat
become immesely wealthy because o:
her war sales are prevalent here, ant
relatives o fmany Italians have writ
ten home from America telling ol
opportunities that are more certali
there and urging them to come whei
Ko mow 4a nuop wlfhmu wnlUnc ti
discover whether Europe is or noi
going to recover from the setbaci
given by the war. One of the com
monest remarks which Americans it
Italy hear from store clerks, fron
soldiers, or from barbers, is that the;
think of going to America when th(
war is over.
An interesting phase of lmmigrat
ion possibilities is the belief express
ed in some quarters that many of th<
hitherto well-to-do Italians of the edu
cated classes who have suffered bj
the war may go to America to recoui
their fortunes.
While Italy furnished the larges
number of emigrants to the Uniter
States before the war of any Singh
nation, for the fiscal year endin(
June 30, 1914, the number being 283
738, as compared to 278,152 from Aus
trla-Hungary, the Italian governmen
favors rather than objects to the nev
literacy test.
When the news of -the passing ol
the new law over President Wilson't
7 SUooTUic*
V a a
W,W6U* I an
, r
1 veto was printed in Italy the news'
papers at once editorially stated that
[ the law would help rather than in*
jure Italy. These newspapers gave
, no reasons for this position. One
s reason was that the law would force
} Italians to educate themselves The
, second was that Italy hoped in the
; future to export the manufactured
J products of labor rather than labor
, itself, and thereby increase the wealth
of the nation.
i j NEWS
t Quilting.
s The ladies of the First M. P. church
i will quilt at tho church tomorrow. Sevr
eral of the Indies spent today at the
t church working on t'ne quilts.
Ill of Diphtheria.
Edward and Louise, children of Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Gaskins, of Brownsville,
Pa., are ill of diphtheria.
Important Meeting.
An important meeting of the Ladies'
' Aid Society of the Diamond Street M.
, E. church will he held Thursday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Anna Sweartngen
on East Park. Important business
will be transacted and a full att
tendance is desired.
Broken Arm.
Miss Ethel Richards, of Market
street, fell on the icy sidewalk Mon!
day while en route to school, and
5 broke her arm.
r Hope Sewing Circle,
s Mrs. Mabel Jeffries, of the Speedj
way, will entertain the Hope Sewing
, Circle on Friday evening.
Missionary Society Met.
j The Young Woman's Missionary Society
of the Diamond Street M. E.
. church held an interesting meeting
j last night at the home of Mrs. Inez
! Pride, on Diamond street.
, Accepted Position.
Harry Smouso has accepted a posl
Hon as substitute in the Monongahela
> Bank on Merchant street.
' Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Satterfleld are
. moving from Mrs. Wilson's property
> on Market street to Mrs. Ragers propt
erty on Diamond stroet.
1 Mr .and Mrs. J. N. Gaskins have re
turned from a short stay at Barrackf
ville. They wore accompanied homo
l by the tatter's sister, Mrs. Lydta Robi
> Miss Eva Phillips, who has been att
tending school here, has returned to
t her homo at Antiocb.
Mrs. nuiareu iwanioy, oi unver avei
nue, was painfully injured Sunday
I when sha fell on the Icy walk near her
j home.
; l[|i[iiiliMai||l
; Grape-Nuts | I
: 'Sps?
UlDS jlp (
^ VAt-*.
- '
J j
m 41
The picture shows a "gas gong"
In the French trenches and a sentry
stationed near it, watching for signs
of a gas attack. When the gong is
sounded the men In the trenches put
on their gas masks.
nnnv AAI #??% AH
Appointment as Notary first
One Signed by Cornwell.
CHARLESTON, W. Va? March 7.?
James E. Shrewsbury of Beckley has
the distinction of receiving the first
commission signed by Governor Cornwell.
It was that of notary public and
was issued late yesterday. The new
governor has not announced any other
Charles Ritchie, of Keyser, accepted
the position as assistant to Attorney
General E. T. England. The Board of
Public Works approved the appointment
of F. H. Tyroe, of Huntington,
and J. G. Mayfield, of Buckhannou, as
special agents for the tax commissioner's
The reappointment of C. F. Rathbone.
of Parkersburg, as chief in the
prohibition department has also been
approved by the board. E. S. Bock, of
Charleston, has been appointed to collect
transfer taxes for the tax departs
# ?
Nicolla Beolia, an Italian, aged 75
years, died last evening at about ten
o'clock'at his home at Whtie Rock.
atfer an illness with paralysis. The i
man's wife died in 1913. The funeral
will take place tomorrow morning at
9:30 o'clock from the Italian church at
Monongah and interment will he made
in the Monongah cemetery by Undertaker
It. C. Jones.
< ?
Mrs. Charles Powell spent yesterday
in Pittsburgh.
"Dear ? You
Pompeian HA
"Dear,your hair ii straggly, thin looking
nd lifeless. Your coat collar is always
covered with ugly Bandruft
"You must use Pompeian HAIR Mas.
sage. Your hair will soon DufT up andtook
healthy and attractive. You know
what it did for me," aaid his wife.
Dandruff, Itching Scalp, Falling Hair
an all conditions that with a little car* oaa
Be corrected
Fompeian HAIR Massage will atop Dan.
druff, will restore to the scalp its natural
healthy condition and giro the hair luster
and life
Pom pet an HAIR Massage is a clear,
amber liquid, (not a (ream} It is pleasant
Do Voy
^ Now Is the best time to select
^ your New Hat for Spring. Stung
ning styles to select from In all
?5 the newest shapes and newest col?
orlngs at $2.50 to $10.0&
I Mug
I mo
l'-n/ K30
Luther Howell, of Indian creek, ihd '
Miss Nettle Musgrave, of this place, I
were married Thursday at the homo
of the bride's parents, near hero by 1
Rev. Yoak, of Rivesville. Only a few
friends were present to witness the 1
ceremony. In the evening the young
people of the vicinity gave them an ,
old fashioned serenade. Those present
being tho Misses Juanltn Black-1
burn, Llllie Rice, Lavina Baker, Elsie "
Rice, Ocal Williams, Emma Rice, Nellie
Fortnoy, Lelah Straight and Dollie||
Musgrave and Messrs. Bill Baker, I
Clarence Valentine, Roy Baker, Davie
Hoult. Russell Smith, Arthur Hoult
Joseph Straight and Carl Williams,
Mr. and Mrs. Howell will reside on
Mr. Howell's farm near here.
Miss Cora Valentine visited Mrs.
Jesse "Rice Monday. 1
Miss Nellie Forjney spent Sunday '
with relatives in Fairmont.
Garnet Summers, of Catawba, spent
Sunday week at J. C. Rice's.
Miss Juanlta Clackburn was a Fairmont
visitor over Sunday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Straight spent
Sunday at Clarence Valentine'B. 1
James Smith, of Parker run, spent <
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years ,
Always beans m
avna'ure of j
^ 1
i must use ;
IR Massage."
to use, having a frazrsnt light odor, which 1
soon disappears. Not oily. Not sticky.
Each bottle, except 25c size, has a shake? I
top, to that you can sprinkle the liquid u
over the hair or only on the sea in. Henoe i
it is convenient ana economicaL t
Every day's delay makes the eondStloB 1
of the hair and acup worse. Get a 25/, t
50/ or SI bottle today from your druggist v
MEN? have your barber every now and a
then apply careful Pompeian HAIR
Massage Soon your hair will have the c
final touch of a prosperous money-making t
appearance. Start today. ( . ( t
Alto the reliable makers of famous
Pomoeian MASSAGE Cream Adv. N.P. 1
: f ooooweys'. oom'T yot
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^-9 YOUR. ROOM? J^"
TJimumt / 6PAtCiousiKj-rfe
See Our Windows
m Women
Is Tailo
i JifQT ; Each Posses
lT^JL Quality
" coi
\ V J The brains of
1 U the best kind ol
I velop each detgi
treme of fabric i
/ ' style and appeal
/ if*~ J-J the exclusive n
~yn^ splendid range o
' \\ $18.50, $19.7
^ and $
Sunday week with J. C. Rice. '
John and Hugh Thorn and Charlos
Fisher visited ?? Lonnle Smith's one
ivenlng last wffk.
Miss Elsie Rice visiter Miss Ocai
Williams over Sunday. t
Roy Baker was a Sunday visitor at '
IVash Smith's. 1
Mr. Exallnc was a visitor at S. Shu- <
nan's over Sunday. :!
Arthur Hoult was at Wash Smith's J
NTerv-Worth Put New Life i
into Homer Wherry of , i
The demand for this matchless fam-!|
ly Nerve Tonic is a steady and insist- ;
ml one.. Customers for it spring up. <
n all directions. And there are grate-1 1
ul customers who tell their druggists ! J
vhat wonders Nerv-Worth has brought j
or their health. One of this class '
ipcnks as follows in a signed state
nent given recently to the druggist at '
3t. Mary's, W. Va: I
"I have taken two bottles of Nerv- i
iV'orth and feel like a new man.
"I was so nervous 1 could not sleep
ind had not done a full day's work
or over a year. I am now working
-very day and feel like a new man.
canuot recommend it too highly to
iny nervous or run-down person.
"Delong, near St. Mary's, W. Va."
Your dollar back at Crane's Drug
Itore, of Fairmont, if Nerv-Worth
loes not benefit you. Ask at Crane's
or the new Nerv-Worth Laxative Tabets.
25c a box. Wonderfully good for
Iver and bowels. Especially valuable
n connection with Nerv-Worth the
Miller's Antiseptic Oil Known As
Snake Oil
Will Positively Relieve In Three
Try it right now for Rheumatism,
s'curalgia, Lumbago, sore, stiff and
wollen joints, pains in the head, back
ind limbs, corns, bunions, etc. After
me application pain disappears as if
iy magic.
A never-falling remedy used interlally
and externally for Coughs, Colds,
"roup. Sore Throat, Diphtheria and
This oil is conceded to be the best
lenetrating remedy known. Its prompt
>nd immediate effect in relieving pain
s due to the fact that it penetrates
o the affected parts at once. As an
Uustration pour ten drops on the
hlckest piece of boIo leather and It
rill penetrate this substance through
>nd through in three minutes.
Accept no substitutes. This great
ill is gojden red in color only. Every
lottle guaranteed 26c and 60c a botle
or money refunded.
For sale by leading druggists. Oet
t at Crane's Drug Store.
c 0H? ^
-=>/>> / U?EO To I'
gf L S Nov)!!
Bverr day Now York send* ui
e newest style in Voiles, Crepe- g*
>-Chlno, Georgette Crepe. Linen. X3
Imity, etc.. at $1.00. $1.25, $1.75, IfcJ
I.00, $2.50 up to $7.50.
's and Misses' j
red Suits I
ising the Smartness and Jg
Which Distinguishes
master tailors?men who make 85
! clothes?have been used to de- SS
II ot good lit and shape; the ex- sC
ind durability and a smartness ot dSj
ranee so often lacking. Mauy ot !S
todels cannot be duplicated. A Sg
( styles and colors at these prices IBS
5, $21.75, $23.75, $27.50, ?
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Miss Nora Baker has been on the
sick list.
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?2? Fifth Avsnus, Ptmtwjti, Ps.
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for drink and,drugs without causing sickness
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will be to your advantage to Investigate.
Only Keetey Institute In Western Penna.
I '
Set of Teeth $8
Crown and bridge wont, $5.00.
Tooth fillings, 60c and up.
Examinations end estimates
Dental methods have totally
changed in the last few years
and to get the best of dentistry,
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We guarantee our work.
Office on Main street opposite
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