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A Quality Newipaner for the Home ^ / ~ day*
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ESTABLISHED 1868. today-# news today FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 15, 1917. member associated press. PRTfE THREE CENTS
Want Eigi
Meeting Was Adjourned Af- *
ter An Hours Preliminary
Will Renew Consideration ^
of Men's Demands Late
This Afternoon
(By Associated Press)
NEW YOHK, March 15?With no C
. announcement as to whether any agree 1
ment had been reuchud the Joint f
. conference toduy between the four t(
chiefs of the railroad brotherhoods and
railroad managers to consider demand c
of the Brotherhoods for immedialo 1'
. settlement of the eight hour controverysy
adjourned after an hour's dls- e
cussion until 4 this afternoon. , .
W. 0. Lee, spokesman for the
brotherhoods said thai in the mean- 11
time no statement of what had occur- a
red at the conference would be made n
by either side, it was said, however,
that adjournment w?b taken to give h
time for the managers to consider in 8
separate session the ultimatum pre- 0
seated by the chieis threatening a 1
strike unless the uemands were com- tl
f*ti were
swer at lour o clock. 1
The managers after having lunch .1
v brought into them began consideration ?
' of their answer. No counter proposi- d
' tion. It was learned, was made by them
to that of the Brotherhoods. <
* They simply' listened to the em- e
ployecs spokesman with little com- n
ment on their part It was said. I
An Impression was gained however, e
( that bolh sides were in a conciliatory 1
mood and ready to thrash controversy 1
' out if there seemed a possible chance S
' of reaching an amicable agreement. r
It was believed by some that the si
|r managers during their interim confer- fi
Vence would formulate a counter prop- Ii
- osltion in which case there is a possl- o
: bUlty that the Joint conference would
go over until tomorrow before a con- h
' elusion Is reached. K
Coal Producers Will \
Fight New Tariff"
m : 11
An Increase of freight rates on coal n
from this region, amounting to five v
I cents a ton to Tidewater points and 15 "
cents a ton to lake points, and agreed
upon by all the railroads engaging in e
it the coal carrying traffic, has been an- 0
nounced to become effective April 12. ?
mar result In some decrease in these a
rateB, will bo held soon in Pittsburgh, 8
where representatives trom all the "
coal producing districts in West Virginia
and from the Pittsburgh and No. _
I 8 In Pennsylvania, will meet with the I
reprerentatives of tlio many railroads I
A call for this meeting was expected I
, this week, but It ovidently has been
aw* "
Former Fairmonters
I Strike Oil In Okla, j
f - Frank Bllllngslea, a former resident
of this city and a son of Mrs. Lou Billn
lngslea, also formerly of this city, who
I hns been located In Tusla, Okla., for
some time, has made a considerable
fortune in the oil well business and
according to tl e Tulta World, a news- v
paper published there. A well drilled \
I by the young man who Is only 23 years
- of age. came In recently making 60 "
' barrels per hour and according to the '
1 newspaper is considered quite a gUBh- a
Notice to I
Taxpayers '
IT All persons owing taxes at c
1 I this office are hereby notified v
H| that 1 will proceed at once to a
'collect same according to law. 1
I If you wish to avoid levy and 1
I costs, please call and settle at
I once. *
||c. D. CONAWAY, Ex Sheriff. c
Spring Stocks i
ht HourDt
Mill '
'ushed by British from Rear
and Menaced on Flank
by Russians.
Terman Retreat in Somme!
Region is Being Con
With tho exception of the notable
lerman adjournment on the Francolelglan
which whether voluntary or
Dreed is continuing. The most 'Incresting
military movement at presnt
in progress are those in western
crsia and Mesopotamia.
Disorganized by their defeat at Kut1-Amara
and before Bagdad, the Turksh
forces in that section of Mesopoaraln
are retreating up the Tigris and
t last reports were more than 30
tiles to the north of Bagdad.
Eastward, across the Mesopotamia
order in Persia, two columns of Rustans
are advancing toward the line
f the Turkjsh retreat driving other
'urlflsh forces before them. One of
bese columns had captured Kern>?n
urns in or o uays Datue. in eastern
iermansbnh it has already advanced
arly 100 miles since capturing Hama- ?
en on March 3. _
To the northwest another column f
t pressing southwest and had advanc- f
d from Sakkiz to near Baneh only 10 I
llles from the Mesopotamia frontier,
loth these Russian armies are threatning
the main Turkish forces In
lesopotamia retreating under the
trltlsh pressure from Bagdad, with
losul probably their objective. To
each that place those forces have
ome 180 miles to travel up the Tigris (]
rom the position at which they were
ist reported about 40 miles south
f Samara.
From Baneh the Russians are wlthi
150 miles across the country, from
losul In the Turkish rear, tvhlle the
ist moving Russian 'orce at Hermanhah
while still 185 miles from Samara n
onstltutes a serious menace to the S
'urklsh flank in this field of long dls- ai
mces and rapid troop movement. n<
The only other way of retreat for w
he apparently out-numbered and out- tc
laneuvered Turkish army lies to the
restward where communications are h
tcklng and the country difficult. w
Of the Franco-Belgian frontier op- 21
rations aside of those of the British cl
n the Sommo frontier tho current M
tatemcnt reports little of note. Ilaldi le
ave taken place in several sectors gi
long the French line. The present h
plrlted fighting in tho Champagne p:
as died down to artillery action.
'rominent Texas Educator
Will Make the Com- et
mencement Address. c'
v !a
Dr. Joseph L. Henderson of the Unlerelty
of Texae, and a former West lt
iigimuu, will ueuver lae commence- g(
lent address at the Fairmont State tt
lormal school commencement on Frl- hi
ay, June 8. Dr. Henderson was born
1 WeBt Virginia and Is a graduate of
ho West Virginia university and Is
nown as one ot the foremost educa- D
ors of Texas. ^
One hundred and thirty-five young y
sen and women will be graduated ^
rom the Normal on this date. Fifty gj
rom the regular Normal school course D|
2 from the short course and 20 from
he Senior Academic course.
Detailed plans for the remainder of
ommencement week have not been
forked out as yet. The annual literry
contest will take place during the
reek and already plans are being
nade for this Important event.
Unusual Interest centers this year ?
n the commencement exercises owing u
o the fact that It will be the first 0
ommencement held In the new Nor- P
aal building. *
ire Coming Into thi
m e
ly Settle c
r '? *
\5ATTgftn*Go-?' >
lets Business Block for Hisi
Berkeley Springs
Fred Bartlett. oil magnate ot Man- '
Ington, and owner of the Berkeley
prlngs hotel at Berkeley Springs, has
rranged to trade his hotel for a busloss
block In Altoona, Pa. The trade
ill be made with O. C. Miller, ot Allona.
The transaction consisted of the
otel for a block containing a hardare
store, a theatre, a grocery and 1
) apartments, all rented. The ex- (
lange will be completed this week, ]
r. Miller desiring the totel at Berke- ,
y Springs where he can stay on the
round and Improve and devolp the :
ostelry and ma\te his investment
ty. ]
Mr. Bartlett'B other business would '
ot permit him-to put much of his, j
me at the hotel and he feels thnt as '
s could not look after the hotel as 1
0 should so the trade was attrufctlve '
1 him. j
burglars Ate While :
Robbing Co, Store i
... I *
ul,akk.sbu?u. w. Va., March 13.?
urglars calmly Bat down and enjoy1
a feast taiten from stock while plansrlng
the store of the Conaoltdatlon
oal company yesterday morning,
hey escaped with $100 worth of loot,
night watchman, who saw the men
. their meal, telephoned to the sherf's
residence for assistance and wllhi
a short time officers were In the
:ene with a pair of bloodhounds. In
ie meantime, however, the burglars
id departed.
WASHINGTON, D. C? March 15.?
r. Cary T. Grayson, 1'resldont Wil>n's
friend and naval aid, was courmed
by the Senate today as medical
irector and rear admiral in the navy
Iter a long fight against him by Reibllcan
All Under Our Central.
The whole scheme of our voluntary
etlons, all that we do from morning
) night of every day, Is beyond doubt
itrusted to our control. And from
or Inmost consciousness we do know
iat, whenever we will, we can make
urselves execute whatever we ap- j
rove and strangle In lta birth what- t
ver we abhor. f
? Stores. Watch the
I Before V
' I I I.
Carried Good Cargo and a
Few Passengers From
The Valley Gem. loaded with frelcht
ind carrying a few passengers, steam;d
from Its mooring at 10 o'clock this
norning and was off too Pittsburgh,
aklng along with It the good wishes
ind the gooif will of all Fnlrmonters.
During the short stay here, awaiting
he forces of nature to lower the crest
)f the river the boat hands and the
)'Jot3 made many friends among the
justness men of the city, these bustiesB
men each and all announcing
hat they would do all In their power to
lelp the Valley Gem in its quest for
tig business.
The Gem in both its up river nnd Its
eturn trip did not have encouraging
weather and stream conditlbns. hut
he trips paid from a momentary standtolnt.
In fact the owners of the craft
tro more than satisfied with the sbowng
of the first round trip out of Pittsturgh
and know that of a certainty the
lummer months will bring more buslless
and better river conditions.
n..>i .u_ -s iv - ?
touting me auDDutfl ui tae vaney
3em tho city will muster Its forces
md clean up around Water street and
.he wharf so that the boat will be
ible to secure freight which It could
lot should present conditions at tho
vharf remafn.
It Is reported that owners of ceraln
buildings which are In course of
instruction will ask the steel Interists
from which they have purchassd
their goods to have It shipped via
te Monongahola river to get tho lower
atos. This Is also true of a few cltl:ens
who have decided to erect resllences
this coming summer. Not a
ew of these prospective builders have
teen anxious to get tariffs on various
irticles which they will buy out of
own nnri mtnnnrp the rntno *?! *? ?***
ant tariff issue of the r&tlroadB. ?
They will of course, seloct the cheapsr
route which Invariably Is' that of
>acket shipping.
HAVANA, March 16?Government
roops under Colonel Sangully, accordng
to a message received here this
nornlng are disembarking at Santiago
to take possession of the city.
1 West Virginian's ?
Var Starts
J :
Returned 23 Felony and 1(
Misdemeanor Indictments
Last Evening.
With a number of witnesses to ex
amine yet today, the Mdrca grand 1un
will make an effort to bring its labori
to a close this afternoon and returi
the balance of tbe Indictments remain
ing In Its hands. Yesterday afternoot
at the close of tbe day's session the in
dictments that had been found to thai
date were placed in tbe circuit clerk'!
bands and read In the court.
Tho Indictments, twenty-three fel
onles and ten misdemeanors, were at
Floyd Anderson, alias Charles Wil
llams, alias Uyp the Blood, colored
picking tbe pocket of Tom Yacquento
Calvin Bennett, robbing pool roou
ef Carter Levell and Charles Kcnney
Thomhs Mullholland. robbing poo
room of Carter Levell and Charlec
Robert Brown, robbing railroad cat
of tlio Baltimore and Ohio railroad.
Ernest Christian, colored, robbing
Frank Mondoll, at point of revolver.
Jess Baylock, colored, robbing Frank
Mondoll at point of revolver.
Leroy Moore, colored, robbing Frank
Mondell with loaded revolver.
Hoy Cbrlstner, murdering Fred
Cecil Hawkins, assaulting Hiram
Jones with Intent to kill.
Charles Noble Layman, assaulting
Hiram Jones with intent to kill.
Ralph Masters assaulting Hiram
Jones with Intent to kill.
Cevil Hawkins robbing Hiram Jones
Charles Nobis Layman, robbing
Hiram Jones.
Ralph Masters, robbing Hiram Jones
Angelo Marrea. shooting John San
sone with Intent to kill.
Willie Noates, colored, assaulting
George Washington with Intent to kill
Frank Plscionnri, untrder of Ed
ward W. Brooks.
John Shrlver, unlawful selling, second
Antonio Sbordone. shooting Joseph
Cerullo with Intent to kill.
Mike Shopano, attempting to kill
Markto Kartum.
Ode Baker, liquor violation.
Arlle Christy, llqudrylolatlon.
Ben Keys, liquor violation (2 counts.)
Arthur Yost, liquor violation.
Angelo Marrea, carrying a revolver.
Frank Plschlonerl, carrying revolver.
Antonio Sbordone, carrying revolver.
Steve Novikoff. intimidating a witness.
Antonio Sbordone. shooting scrape.
Advertising Column
i RU
Newspapers Have \
tion and Authorit
Peopre to ?
Travelers From Russian Caj
During the Outbreak 1
urday?Berlin Say
(By AbsocIi
BERLIN, March 15?Ther
lution in Russia according ti
(the official German news bi
STOCKHOLM, Wednesda;
to Associated Press, Tuckert
rious disturbances in Russia
newspapers. One publishes
bridge over the Neva river
* by revolutionists. Especially
have occurred in Petrograd
stormed by mobs.
According to reports news
and authorities posted placai
' doors to avoid danger.
Annflio** nowononnw oono 4
I aiavvivi- nb u oajo v
port similar disturbances occ
were compelled to use their si
has taken place in Russia a
. through Berlin today embod
\ official report issued in Petrc
! The lead in the movement
| taken by the Duma which re
order, continued its sitting
government headed by M. Ra
The imperial ministers the
, and locked up.
i People of Petrograd and ti
i are declared to have suppor
' complete possession of the ca
Order is said to have nearl
' the third day of the revolutic
i The Honor Roll and the Chocolate*,
a wonderful Help the Hohor Roll has
been to tbem. and their campaign.
This Week Important
This week will be one of the very
most important of the entire Golden
Festival. This week the big extra vote |
coupon of 40,000 extra votes on each
(Continued on page six.)
s for the Latest Net
5 111 111 I
Suspended Publicaies
Have Warned
>tay Indoors
)ital Say Shops Were Looted
iVhich Began Last Sat-'
s Rising Has Been {* 1
ited Press.)
e has been a successful revo3
an Over Seas news agency,
ireau) dispatch.
y, March 14?Berlin wireless
on, March 15?Reports of seare
published in Swedish
a statement that a railroad
in Petrograd was dynamited
r violent riifcrarfe reported to
on Saturday, shops being
papers suspended publication ,?p.
ds warning people to stay in;ravelers
from Petrograd reurred
there Friday. Soldiers
ibres, and many persons were
5?A successful revolution *
ccording to advices received
lying what is stated to be an
>grad. N
unnn^inof fn /Uowof/?l?An *+ __l
uvwi umg uu IVllCOj WCK3
(fused to accept a dissolution
and organized a provisional
itzianko, president of the Du?
advices state, were dismissed
roops there numbering 30,000
ted revolutionary who had
y been restored by yesterday,
Largest Daily Cash Report
Two poind box ot Huylert
Chocolates sold by the Mountain
City Drug Store, given to each
Honor Roll Candidate daily.
Miss Beryle Baker, Mannington.
Miss Fannie Funt. Fairmont sj
Tie for Monday HHH
Miss Irene Stiaight Rlvesville. i
Mrs. Jeannette Ford. Fairmont
Wednesday. ,
Miss Marie Dexter, Fairmont
Miss Mary Murphy, Falrvlew? . I
Mrs. I. N. Longstreth, Mannington.
Miss Olive Morgan, R. F. D. 3.
Monday. '.3 9 I
Miss Edna Warder, Fairmont
Miss Nellie Eckles, Fairmont
Wednesday. 01
vs About Them
cuuuQue 10 excite groat enthusiasm
. among all the candidates In The West
; Virginian's Golden Festival. When
the final count was made 011 the re.
port? of yesterday, Miss Nellie Eckles
of the city, was foun^l to have se-i
cured the Honor Roll position. Her re-1
; port was but a very little larger than
. those of Linn Hall, of Fairmont, and
' Miss Geneva Leonard, Fairmont. Miss
Edith Patton, of Worthington, was
fourth, while fifth position goes to
Mrs. Sue Satterflold. of Monnneah
.Only Two More Day? of Honor Roll.
After today, there are only two more
days of Honor Roll and the Free Chocolates.
The winning of Two Pound
Boxes of Chocolates is an event in Itself.
And every candidates who has
succeeded In placing his or her name
on the Honor Roll will tell you what:

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