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*AGE 2
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* r?? : i) L
XSUllllllgU U1UMI.
r ?
? WASHINGTON, D. C.. March 15.?
For displaying extraordinary heroism
In a battle with rebels In Santo Domingo.
Sergeant Major Roswell Wlnans,
U. S. Marine Corps, has been decorated
with the "Medal of Honor," tho
highest award of merit attainable by
the American military or naval man.
Wlnans operated a machine gun
against the enemy, only 150 yards
away. In the face of a heavy fire to
which he was fully exposed. When
a Jam put the gun temporarily out of
commission, he stood up anu cooly repaired
It. maintaining bis perilous position
and resumed firing until the bandits
deserted their trenches. Marine
CorpB officials say Wlnans' prompt action
saved the lives of many of his
The "Medal of Honor" Is given to
very few persons, and only In cases of
extraordinary valor. Unlike the "Iron
Cross." "Victoria CrosB," and similar
European decorations, this American
medal Is worn pendant from the neck.
"What makes you so strong In
boosting BUgglns ns an art critic. He I
doesn't know anything about pic- I
;. tares.)' "That's why. He's more like- j
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struggling beginner."
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Very truly yours.
Chas. J. Epps, Sec.-Tre&s.,
. Nov. 4/1916- Conway, S. C.
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Dr. Kilmer A Co.
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' ? *. -v. ' .
___; i
This picture sheers Cuba's st
Jose Miguel Gomez, former preslder
followers. They are awaiting coui
public square.
A year or two ago when at the fiftieth
anniversary that great conflict.
tho Yntik and the Johnny Ileb reenacted
l he charge on the battlefield
at Gettysburg with outstretched hands
under a common flag. It set the flual
seal 011 "the war Is over." Next June,
in this city, it will he supplemented,
for tho Nation's Capital is going to
be the host to the survivors of the army
that wore the gray. |t will be the first
Mine tlinr they have held an encampment
liere. tlint they will be reviewed
by a President, and that President
born of Confederate parents, in their
own lovely southland. It will be historic.
The Capital is going to snrrenclfir
tr? thnm rnmnlntnlv fhl* limp TIipv
will pitch their tents on the Monument
lot, ami the Yanks hereabouts will
swap yarns and terbaccer with them
as they dhl In the sixties when their
outposts touched. Already the committees
are at work under the direction
of Col. Robert N. Harper, the managerial
genius of the Capital who is
at the head of about every big civic
movement that Washington has. It
was Harper who pulled off the recent
Inauguration moBt successfully He
has estimated that it will take $60,000
to do the thing right, and checks arc
pouring down on him like an April
shower. That sum represents only a
part of the extra money. The Court
of Honor, which was a feature of the
recent inauguration, will be set up
again. State societies are at work on
plans for entertaining the visitors
from their respective states. The
West Virginia Society was one of the
earliest to get to work. They are go
ing to entertain the old fellows of the
gray Just as handsomely as they did
theboid vets of the blue when they "encamped
here a couple of years ago. and
that means that the West Virginians
will be lionized. The nation has come
to love these old fighters in a tenderly
different way In their old age. Evidence
of that was furnished by the Inaugural
parade in which a little com* "
*->cl Avmit rear> HrYinOf) fltir)
p<Ul? ui uiauu "iiiij m<-"
trudged along. It 1b no disparagement
to the President to state?and this la a
fnct which any spectator ot that pageant
will verify?that the most enthusiastic
demonstrations from the onlookers
ot the procession were inspired
by the sight of them. They sent
the thrill through the crowds, as no
other marchers did or could do. It was
the thrill which floods the eyes and
chokes the throat and touches the
How many visitors to the Senate
chamber have been keen enough observers
to note the presence of two
little black boxes on the wall railing
at either side of the Vice President's
rostrum? And how many of those who
have?they are not numerous, one may
feel sure?knew what they were?
Well, here is a little information about
the two little ebony boxes. They are
snuff boxes of an elegant make and
design, and are supposed to be as ancient
as they should be. Being snuff
boxes, they do not contain chocolate
bonbons or* cough drops or breath silencers,
but snuff. 8-n-u-f-f! They are
supposed to have been placed there
in the days of the early senatorial fathers
who. they do say, bewlgged and
knee-breeched, dipped Into them with
shocking frequency, and fouriil much
virtue and clarity of brain In a snuff
I "
and if
What He
Has To Say
Cpokwupro ITH ^
;i ~
i If the activities of Col. XV. Wylle
Beall, the retired hanker of XVellsburg
and Democratic politician of promli
nence in his party organization in West
p Virginia, are not fair signs that Col.
p Beall is "rounding em up" preliminary
i to entering the race for th? United
, States Scnatorship nomination, then
i old-timers in the game of politics con.
fess that they no more can read a sign
i when they come upon one.
Beall was here before, during and
, after the inauguration, accompaulcd by
Mrs. Beall. They had a suite at the
i 1'owhatan, and they entertained hosi
pltably, and the most of their guests
were West X'irginlans who wield an Influence
ii. Democratic party affairs at
. home. And the most of the talk was
. politics, especially the senatorial matter
and the boom Col. Beall Is nurturing
with no evidences of disfavor upon
, his part. The Bealls came here from
Huntington and from Charleston,
. where with Democratic legislators and
. leaders lrora all parts of the state, Col.
Beall didn't dodge the question of future
probabilities of a political sort
i as they might altect the senatorial
; nomination and his relation thereunto.
From his friends to the Capital it
i has been learned that the attitude of
Col. Beall toward the senatorial issue
Is something like this: He isn't a candidate
in the strict formal sense at this
time, nor has he decided that he will
be. He has neither the intention nor
desire to appear to he forcing himself
on his party, but holds that the party
is supreme and party sentiment should
be left free to express Itself; there has
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ilCaOMj" " 1
')) Pi /money?
blm\ 1
ate prison on Principe Hill. Hanaro, *
it of Cuba, who led the recent rerolt ai
t martial. The prison court contains i
i of the stuff up their nostrils. It Is the
, j rnreat thing nowadays for a Senator
to atnblo over to one of these boxes
and pinch a sample of their contents.
It calls for too great a courage. But
occasionally a Senator Is caught at It,
and looks as guilty as a sheep-killing
dog. After four years' vigil, we were,
rewarded the other day in seeing a
> member commit the act which was
! quite the proper and usual caper with j
members years ago. He did It stealth-1
i lly. but tho patient llawkshaw in the
J gallery caught him dead to rights. Wll- j
liam Alden Smith, of Michigan, It was.
1 He sniffed and he sniffed, first one
nostril and then the other. Breathless
ly we awaited to hear a sneez disturb
I the somnolent proceedings and crack
a few stained panes in the skylight.
Nothing of tho kind happened. Tho
! conclusion is that Williwm Alden Smith
i Is not In tho professional class. He's
, I a novice. It has been openly charged
. | in debate that "when tho President
; takes snuff, the Senators (Dem.)
across the aisle sneezo." But Smith, of
Michigan, isn't a Senator "across the
' aisle," which may account for him beI
ing a bad sneezer, or no Bneozer at all.
here authorities hare confined Gen.
tainst President Menocal, and his
i big flower garden and resembles a
developed a sentiment In the party to
him, not widespread as yet. but sul
flclent to warrant his looking Into ani
weighing; he realizes that the nonilna
tlon Is by no means equivalent to i
sinecure should party sentiment de
cree that he shonld recelVe It. bu
that the undertaking will call for han
work through many months and grea
personal sacrifices. His friends pa;
that he is in a position to make these
and that in their judgment the tall
going on In the party nbotif gettini
him to make the contest Is practlca
and logical.
Reminded that former Senator \V. E
Chilton has been telling his Washing
ton friends that ho would "come back
and that National Committeeman C
W. Watson might be a factor, the Beal
adherents smile dubiously as to th
Chilton suggestion, and express them
selves in most positive terms that Mi
\Vatson has no idea of being a candi
date. Then they talk of giving thel
party something "new" In the way o
a candidate and a leadership, and cor
elude by mentioning the bulky and bt
nlgn banker of Wellsburg as comlni
up to tho specifications.
The presence of former Attorno;
General A. A. Lilly in tho elty, causei
quiet talk which had been heard h
Charleston during the Legislature ti
become clearly audible among Wes
Virginia Republican visitors. Said tall
has t odo with the grooming of the al
and not
) f ' .
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? ~ ~ *r~ ~" ;t> m- < ? ,
HBWt?wwtRH ffsPp?,
e#r twct
' **v'-ii*< * r-'X > ""i.* *!*' ' -? >
VENING, MARCH 15, 1917.
(able Abraham (or a try (or the seat In
the Honse now held by Representative
Adam B. Littlepage. A good bit ot the
talk centered around promoting a eptr- i
It ot harmony In the Republican ranks i j
throughout the state, and the pro-i I
ponjpts ot this proposition averred j
that sending Lilly to Congress would i
go along way to letting bygones bo by- j
gones and lining up the Republican S
party tor tuture engagements with the J
common enemy. It can be said that \
the suggestion was most (avorably re- j
cetvcd by Republicans (rom the state [
foregathered here.
Evening Chat ;
Here In Mannlngton Is where. I
The smell o' money's In the air, .
But boodle here don't cut no Ice,
Our fellers air so gol darned nice.
The more they git o' that there dough, i
The commoner they air, ye know.
And every body tries ter be.
' Jlst 'bout the samo as you and me.
r No high brows er no stuck ups roun'
[ j She's Just a good old solid town,
:l; Where every body tries ter be,
l- Jlst 'bout the samo as you and me.
[; ' . I
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out Pain
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