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I""r '
| > IN THE I
Musical Comedy.
Hlppodrome...Zarrow'B Variety Review !
(.Nelson When Hearts Are Idle 1
^Princess The Great Secret
Dixie House Built Upon Sands i
Grand The Plow Girl
THERE Is no lagging In the Interest
Princess patrons have manifest- <
ed from the start In the MetroQuality
serial "The Great Secret," a
chapter of which Is showing at this
pretty theatre today The title of this
episode Is "From Sunshine to Shad-'
ow." Supporting Francis X. Bushman :
and Beverly Bayne are actors of note.
pugilists who havo world-whlc repu-1
tatlons, former police officials, and
men who havo figured prominently in j
pollllcfl and In the realm of sports. All
of theee nre Interesting In their own
proper persona, aa well aa on account
of the fact that they are eminently fitted
to play the parts assigned I hem.
each having been chosen to embody
the particular type he la called upon :
to play.
The role of a society "bud" la given
to a real debutante, a girl whose very
presence betokens tho atmosphere in <
which she has been reared, and deathdefying
"stunts" are done by a famous
cowboy of the Western plains.
"The (treat Secret" presents a per .
feet treasure house of great acting. 1
With such names as lid ward J. Connelly,
Helen Dunbar. Fred It. Stanton.'
Belle Bruce- "Ttmmany" Voting and
others of like. note, this fact is assured.
The Nelson presents a splendidly
varied bill today leading off with
"When Hearts Are Idle," a two part
Mutual production. The strong comedy
feature Is supplied by that itiscperable
pair of fun makers. Ham and
Bud. and it's a laugh producer from :
start to finish, even going so far as to
provoke a smile by its title, "A Flyer
in Flapjacks." I.loyd Hamilton and
Bud Duncan seem to have an Inexhaustible
fund of funny antics and
there is an attack made on one's rlslbles
in every move they mnko. The
other big number on the bill is "A Cir-.
cus Cyclone."
The changed bill which went Into of- i
feet at the Hipp yesterday introduced
new songs anil a splendid variety of
novelties. We'd have to get Bill
Bailey's expert opinion before we'd
venture to say the change was an Im-i
provemnnt on the former, because in
our humble opinion the first was a real
good one. However, it was noticeable ;
In spots that the crowd at last night's,
show gave ovidencc of more enthusiasm.
The ladies took their hands
out of their muffs oftcner and the mas-1
i nline element evidently discovered I
that there arc racks Under the scats !
to store sky pieces. They made freer
use of their glad hands anyway.
Mr. Snead and Miss Gladys Clark I
have a better sketch and some really |
flno bits of repartee went out over the .
little lake of faces and up Into thei
sparrow loft, occasionally being check-j
ed in their flight by "here a quack and |
tbero a quack" emitted by those wjio j
could keep up to such high class sluif.
The singing by this pair was excellent.}
McConnell &. I.ockhart have the rip-,
roaringest novelty which is 100 per1
cent. good. Mr. Mcl'onnell'g cxhibi-1
tion of dancing and his entrance upon |
the stage, while not as sensational as
the former bill, however, is replete |
with surprises, ills caricature of the:
baseball pitcher and the batlcr nccom- ]
panied by really clever footwork un|
shackled the audience and brought out i
some richly deserved applause. The
Lynch trio, with tiny "Tad" as the j
center of attraction, wore llio big hit]
, of the show. Little "Tad's" dancing Is i
(Indeed remarkable. The entire Zar !
row company, en masse and as lndl-|
; viduals, merits packed liouses. wheth-!
^er they get them or not. The same |
' Dill will be repeated tonight.
They didn't give out any candy last
, night.
"The Stain of Chuckawalla," one of j
the "Girl from , Frisco" series at the;
Nelson yesterday, is all action. It
was the best in that sense of the whole ]
i series to date, and the packed house]
displayed a deserved amount of enthu\
When Miss Vaughan finished her
last song number last night at the
Hipp there were a lot of lloudinis who
got out of their manacles.
Lillian Gish is starred in "The House |
. Built Upon Sands," showing at the
; Dixie today.
r Gents, put your hats under your |
seats. You'll be able to use both
ltands then.
Easy Wilson, the minstrel drummer
at the Hipp, said last night that the
wad of money he got the night before
"for out-bulling a pair of performers '
was returnod to its original owners by
..request. Easy says he didn't lose anything
by the transaction as It was
.."atage money" anyway. So we are j
_ ahead one piece of "Hlldreth's original :
-Velvet." after all.
Guyandotte Club Coffee simply?
-truthfully stated ? the best at any
I Red Onion!
| Sets 20c lb I
^ > Now is the time to buy *
"< your onion sets before 1
*1 the prices soar. *
j| Cash Grocery Go. j
: Bell 890. Consol. 650 |
ili'iVV tf"
I .*- * ^ I
PoiNCE&e ^ <
Zdmond dePolignac
PrlncoHH dc? Polignac, a native of the
United State*. is on trial in England
on charge of conspiring with her brother.
Washington M. G. Singer, an American.
to defraud the revenue.
Mrs. William Stanley of Colfax has
returned home after upending several
days with lier daughter Mrs. Hit-hard
Fletcher of Howard street.
Mrs. Johnson of Clarksburg Is visiting
her daughter Mrs. Griffith of
Mrs Philip VanGlldor, of Hammond,
spent yesterday with relatives in the
Mrs. Harry illgginhotham. of Sliinnston.
was a visitor In the city today.
Mr-. Charles C. Itobb and little
daughter, Ann Kstello. have returned
from Pittsburgh where they had been
the gre.sts of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Ham-1
Mrs. John Honk and Mrs. W. S.
Black have been in Pittsburgh for the
last several days.
Mrs. Thornton Malonc, of Grafton,
lias been the guest for several days of
her daughter. Mrs. Horsey Pople. The
taller is recovering from an illness
c f several days.
Mrs. G. M. Kcltey. of Morgantoivn.
ir the guest of Mrs. Albert Kern.
ATir.- PI <?- - 1
.man ciuicucu i annuity, oi wanniugton.
who had been the guest of
Miss Vera Frances, has returned home.
Mrs. Walter O. Day. of Munnngton.
spent yesterday In the city with relatives.
Mrs. Kffie Cumpston and duughter.
Miss Minnie, have returned from'
Monongalia county where they were!
the guests ot the former's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hall. Mrs. Hall:
accompanied them home and will
spend some time here.
Walter Swisher who had been here
011 a visit to his mother. Mrs. Kmuia i
Swisher, has returned to Detroit, Mich.
W. A. Small has returned from Pitts-,
burgh where he was called by tbe ill j
ness of Mrs. Stnull who is a patient
in Mercy hospital. The latter is lm- j
proving and probably will leave the
hospital tomorrow. She will remain |
in Pittsburgh, however, for several
Mrs. Mason Wood left this after-!
noon for Warren ton, Va.. where she
will be the guest of relatives for scv- j
oral weeks.
Mrs. J. H. Dickcrsou. of nenoui avenue.
is the guest of relatives ill NewYork.
Her sister. Miss Margaret Phillippi,
will on Friday be graduated
front the American Academy of Dramatic
art and lias a leading part in
the commencement exercises which
will be held In the Lyceum theatre.
Walter 1?. Fleming, a prominent
1'arkorsburg busiucss man, died 011
Tuesday at his home in that city after
a several months' illuess. He was
aged 6G years and was bore in t harles
Town. W. Va. He moved to l'arkers
burg iu 1897 vliero ho had since engaged
in tlie lumber buslnoss. lie is
survived by Ills wife, formerly Miss
Ida Hassel, of Clarksburg, ami two
KouS' Walter Bassel Fleming anil Richard
Fleming, both of F'urkersburg. the
body was Interred today in tile 1. O.
O. F. cemetery'STOP
Let Nature Show You How
When a plant is dying, you treat
the ground around the roots. When i
your hair is sick and (ailing out,
nourish its roots.
The success of Pompeian HAIR
Massage is due largely to its method
of application. You massage it Into
the scalp, stimulating the roots of
the hair. Thus its name. Palling
hair is caused mostly by Dandruff!
Pompeian HAIR Massage will stop
Dandruff. Follow the laws of na
TT r? _ TTirn tf
Mus. vaD ruui^nui auiin Jia>
sagr as directed and your hair will
soon become full, vigorous and at. j
tractive. 1
Pompeian HAIR Manage ia
clear amber liquid. Not oily. Not ,
sticky. 25?, 50? and SI bottles at
the stores. Made by the reliable
maltera of the famous Pompeian
H. P. B.. Bassett, la., gays: '1
have used your Pompeian HAIR
Massage with excellent results. It Is
far superior to any other hair tonie
I ever used."
Try it and say the same. Athr.WJP, j
Club Meeting Tomorrow
The annual election of the Woman'i
Club of Fairmont will be held tomor
row afternoon at the club apartments
The meeting will convene at thret
o'clock and the polls will be oper
from 2 o'clock until 3:30. Prior to tlx
regular meeting tbe board of manage
nient will meet at 2 o'clock.
Reports of officers and chalrmet
will be made at this meeting and i
program of piano music by Miss Ha
el Hock will feature the meeting. Tht
program Is "The Butterfly." Grelg
First Arabasque Debussey.- and "A
tbe Downeybrook Fair." Scott.
To Give Entertainment
The pupils in expression of Mis:
Beatrice FItwater, of the Norma
school, will give an entertalninen.1
this afternoon at the Normal school
A large number of the pupils will taki
part In the program which will includi
a pantomlne playetto. Among tbosi
! who will take part are tbe Misse:
I Grace Ott, Grace Gallaher. Estellt
j Horner. May Hawkins. Eleanor May
' era, Ruth Phillips. Pauline Talking
: ton.
Edison Concert Tonight
i A splendid program of Edison rec
! ords will be rendered at the Edlsoi
: concert to be presented tonight at th<
; East Sltlo school. In addition to thi
; Edison numbers several piano ant
violin numbers fill also be rendered
including a violin selection by Otti
, Reed, tind piano offerings by Mrs
Minor Dunham. Heleen Stevenson
Mildred, Margaret and Florence
Mrs. Young to Eentertain
Mrs. Houston G. Young will enter
tain on Friday with a luncheon in lion
or of Mrs. Stuart F. Reed and the la
dies of the administration Friday.?
: Charleston Mail.
m *
Entertaining King's Daughters
Mrs. Jennie McCleary Is hoatc.s:
this afternoon at her homo on Fair
mont avenue to the Vigilant C'ireli
i or Kings Daughters ot the m. p. ieni
1 pie.
Government Wants
Men for Navy Yards
Owing to the increased constructlor
being carried out by the United States
i government at its Navy Yards am
! Ordnance establishments, the govern
ment is advertising for men to worl
In those departments of the service
The Fairmont Post Office has beer
asked to assist in the securing of em
ployes for the following places, when
large numbers of men are wanted a:
Frankford Arsenal. Philadelphia:
Picatinny Arsepal. Dover N. Y.; Water
town Arsenal. Watertown. Mass.; Wa
tervliet Arsenal, Watervliet, New
York; Navy Y'ard, Boston. Mass.; Navj
Yard. New York City; Navy Y'ard
Philadelphia; Navy Yard. Norfolk, Vir
ginia; Navy Yard. Washington. D. C
Being Ready
Really Means Possessing
A Keen Appetite
Good Digestion
To promote ?hl? condition?TRY
| Millinery, Suits
i ?* iflS
| Sothen's
O We wish to announce to our
we are now ready to show you
up-to-date millinery. Including
1 Apparel.
I No doubt you are aware of pi
last, but on account of our car
Eastern Cities getting acqualnte
wholesalers, and selecting only t
too good for our customers, puts
and nifty line this season for
spite of the advance In prices.
In regard to our prices "conslc
| the lady who purchased her hat i
Sothen's Mi
Corner East Park 1
Dollar Social Tonight.
1 The annual dollar roclal of the Guild :
' of the Central Christian church will
be held tonight at eight o'clock at the '
5 j church. A program will be observed
'.and refreshments serTed. The mem-;
! bcra and friends of the church are In- j
vited to be present
This looks like a foolish question In
s this enlightened age. but there are
1 nearly a million Americans who knew
: nothing of Internal Bathing a few
years ago and are now eager to testia
fy that they are fully as essential to
> health as External Baths,
e By a purely natural process of props
erly using warm water the "J. B. L.
! Cascade" removes A LI. the poisonous
waste from the Lower Intestine, which
; physicians agree Is the cause of 95
per cem. or au numan aliments.
It instantly relieves con '.ipatlon,
properly regulates the bowels and prevents
ail the dragging down which Hit'
iousness and Liver Troubles always
3 creute.
j Mr. Hugh Stipe, of Clcarbrook,
Va? writes:
T feel that I cannot p-aise the
1 Cascade too much and thiuk every
1 one should have one in the house. I
would not In- without mine. I have
' only used the treatment since the last
of March and I feel greatly benefited.
I have not taken a purgative since
then. My digestion is better. Don't
]: have the headache half as much as i
used to have. Will ever hold Dr. Tyr?
tell in the Highest esteem anJ would
not be without hlB treatment. Yours
Fairmont Pharmacy have filled a trc5
mendous demand for. J. B. L. cascades"
. in the past few years, and .vtll show
2 and explain it to you on re picst. A
. free and interesting hookl 1 on Internal
Bathing. "Why Man of Today la
Only 50 Per cent. Efficient." can also
he obtained for the asking.
! ! FAMILY. | !
c | * M
i 1 ' If lf'? af tha UinnArlsama I* ' 1
Must be Good.
H. D. Zarrow's
Variety Review 1
j With Five High Class Vaudeville j
Acts. (
\ Singing. Dinting and Comedy ] j
| That Compares With the Heat. j j j
1 Three Shows Daily j
Matinee 15c?Night 15c and 25c. J||
Dresses & Notions ij
Imam 5
x" I
Opening j
, March 17 |
many friends and customers that O
a beautiful fine line of classv and Q i
a general line ot Ladles Wearing !
rices being higher thiB season than
eful buyers spending two weeks in
(1 with the best manufacturers and
he best, which we consider lg none
us In a position to offer you as good
less money than we could last In
icring quality" wo invite you to ask 1
or Buit ot us last tell or spring. She
illinery Shop
ind Indiana Avenues.
boooocdoooobbcooboooooooojb '
EVENIN G^MARCiH 15, 1917.
Soap Spei
WnWVvVvV llation. 50o wot
/j Bascra
The Buds of
They are to be found fresh and interest!
every aisle of the store. New coats and
neckwear, glove and hosiery styles; the
goods; some perfect little beauties in mi
All these buds of fashion are arousing
Many Dark Blue Spr
| Suits for Young Won
Colors come and go, but, like the brool
fashionableness of dark blue goes on fo
And here is a whole collection of smart
1 . dark blue spring suits, new as can be.
Young girls will like the now short walstcd. flare ar
cd suits; school and business girls will like the Xorf
sport styles and tor dress use the novelty suits. Gu
Polret twill, Serge and Gabardine are the most-used
Linings are cheerful and light In tone. Collars are la
there is 'most always silk collars in addition to the
(20.00 to $35.00 each. 14 to 20 yea
(First Floor)
Special Fiftin
C. r
Friday and Saturday, M
Through a special arrangement with THE H.
of Chicago, we engaged Miss Towey, of their orgi
: setiere in a special demonstration of the Gossard
The radical change in styles this season from the
well-poised, somewhat military form, calls for cons,
in the fitting of your new corset.
There Is a decided tendency toward the ladopti
season and a fitted bodice, with a return to the fi
All of this has a direct bearing on your corset. Au
lng these new styles is yours for the asking durin
You can come and be fitted to any of the newer
lection at a later date if you so desire. Whether y
corset at this time or not, we suggest that you a
While the original front-lacing Gossard corsets i
ago. increased manufacturing facilities and an lnte
reduced the price until now you can purchase a t
as $5.00. $3.50 and $2.0(f
It will be a privilege to serve you and to have y
ment some time during this demonstration.
YouMa> Choose Your Spring
from a wide variety
of different styles
More nnd more women are appredating
the splendid values we offer jl f Y j
in our separate skirt department. Ji | Q?
You will iind any number of clover- B ' f? ^
lv fashioned new spring models. In I ' /6plain
gathered and plaited styles with I ITTT
novel pockets and mnny now and nn- I
usual belt arraugeuients. I j ,
There are skirts of llluck Taffeta. /
Navy Taffeta. Plain and Fancy Pon- /
gees. Striped and Fancy Silks. French
Sorgo. Wool I'oplin. I'lald. Twills. /
Strjped \'elours. Checked Velours, J I
Black and White checks. I , |
L> i\
A complete showing in all lengths ^"|S
and In waist hands from 2:1 to 40 ' V '
inches, ranging in price front / A '
Prices $5.00 to $17.50.
The New YVirthmc
! to the Thri
I A little over two years ago we met a man with a
turer of women's waists in America. We are nrou
foster his genius.
This manufacturer, appreciating the extravtagai
facturing distribution?expense of traveling men, I
models, unsold garments, etc., made this proposal:
That he would send us weekly a certain number
least four distinct styles, that these styles would bi
adaptation of highly-paid designers, that they wc
suitable materials and faultless In needlework. HI
selling enabled him to guarantee his output to eq
waists possible to be secured anywhere at simitar <
Two qualities only were to be manufactured?
"Wirthmor" Waists at $1.(
"Welworth" Waists at $2.(
We entered into this contract and almost immediately
gained prestige which more than
doubled our business in popular priced garments.
We ask you to sec theso beautiful, inexpensive
t ii nn - iiiiimfiilMMiWliiiiiitoili
PAGE 8 , |
rial for 1 "
'?? i q
Fashion are jj
lAflfIA /fW?
ng in every department styles, and in
suits and dresses; many examples of
newest notes in silk and cotton dress ?
great and growing interest every day.
arsets \ |
arch 16-17 Iw ||
lnlzatlon to asBist our cor- /
Blinker slouch to the erect,
idernble care and attention jjj [ \
on of a smaller waist tills f,i U
all skirt of former periods. jjV.J
thentlc information regard- ilU'V'""TvtH
ig this demonstration.
models and make your soou
expect to purchase your VCAvvp
rrango to attend this dem- V V
sold nt 125 some ten years I /
rotational distribution have (~os*ar'f /
lossard Corset for as little ^'""1 A
ou visit our Corset Depart- fcJ"
Skirt Spring Coats Are So
Lovely many Women
r suspect high prices ;
On the contrary there arc any num- !
her of brand new styles, exceedingly
smart tailored coats, whose marking
may be anywhere between $10 to $30.
They are nitfdc of wool poplin or soft'
materials in every wanted color and
their lines are fully as good as more w
expensive garments. They have many
I new features in the shape of collar,
cuffs, sleeves, belt or pocket. In fact, $81
I the entire value of these coats is In
I the good materials and tailoring be- i
I cause, beyond stitching they are untriDie"
Priced run $10, $12.50, $15. $18, $20, X ':"M
\V $20 and $30. .M
Tl (Uecond Floor.)
?r Blouses Appeal fl
n idea Today this man is the largest manufac- vsS
d to have been one of the first to appreciate and
at waste of manu- _ ? IE
ntroduetion of new '<*!." Ji 1
of new blouses, at /
s the origination or H5*yJ \l
>uld be made from j / in aw'jlp Ll
Is saving In cost of / | J.Tfi (- "i j l\ V II fl
ual or surpass any \\ jg
New Styles Every Week. Values Superlative. I11 .yrfffjM
TWO PRICES ONLY $1.00 and S2.00 I
(Second Floor)

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