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-fflje West flit"THE
ME BatablUhed 1?M. ' M?rr,t>
by the Fairmont Printing and Publ
W. J. WIEQEL. General Man
A. RAY MAPEL, Advertlslni
C. V. REDIC, Circulation Ma
jBj; / Publication Office, Monroe
BELL 1105?110? i COI
8 ?1' All departments reached Circulal
through private branch Advert!
exchange. I Editorli
I Foreign Advertising Represcntai
WARD, Brunswick BIdg.. Now York
Street. Chicago.
BY MAIL?(Payable in adv
One Year $5.00 ' Three J
Six Months $3.00 j One Mcj
One Y'ear $7.00 I One Mo
Six Months $3.00 | Or.u Wt
BY CARRIER?(Outside of
One Month 75c One \Yc
All subscriptions payable In advance.
When asking (or chauc,, In address
now address.
Entered at the PostolTlce nt I'atrmon
second nines matter.
Subscribers on our carrier rout
The West Virginian any evening s
TERN UNION," state the fa<t an
residence and a messenger will di
your door at once. Thore is no c
? dbnuoi ivi uiio DCifrct'. inc wen
to render to Its subscribers the be
B livery service possible and this is
lyyj AYOR BOWEN'S announce
(lVl ,0 ,a^e personal charge of a mi
the bootleggers who are open
the best news that has come out of tl
time. Chief Harr and the members ol
i this a dry town in 48 hours if they g<
given the proper kind of encourageme
I the "men higher up." That this has r
lis not their fault.
As this newspaper during the campa
jldicted would be the case, the clean-ui
j apologists for the disgraceful conditio
would follow the election did not taki
days some of the blacks who had beer
' bootlegging, virtually under the protet
most prominent Democratic politicians
ped. But they had learned how easy it
in that way and soon their cupidity o
and they were back at it again. Wl
them "got away with it." Liquor wa
almost any quantity throughout the w
was carried on almost as openly as it
ing days of the presidential campaign.
Spring is at hand. The city will !
with men brought here by the various
been started since the beginning of th
? movement. Work in the open will k
ployers generally will want to utilize
ute of each day to the utmost. That
; not want their men fuddled with liqu
It is part of the duty of the city admi
temptation is not put in the way of the
this temptation is at times is proved bj
colored bootlegger who solicited a di
liquor on the principal street in broad i
Go after them. Mr. Mayor. Lead
at least at the beginning, sb that police
you mean business. Indicate in every
Li that it is your intention to make Fai
place in which to peddle liquor, an
tV toward making the coming one the busi
Ife: , summer this city has ever experienced
T~>EOPLE who find it difficult to n
X forence it would make to Gcrn
conditions if a state of war we
that country and the United States wil
Ruff stuff j
"Gerard brings back interesting doc
Might be interesting to any one whu
B wants to fight
So they had to call the Brooklyn
cops to protect the Fort Hamilton soldiers
from a mob.
Can you imagine this?
Chilton still thinks lie was elected.
It is a whole lot more patriotic to
stay silent than to sing some of ihts
Cncle Sammy ragtime slush that peo
pie think takes the place of active ser
rice in the army. <
With 43.000 soldiers the United
States ought to declare war on thf
world, whip It and then rest easily for
the next 1,000 years under the lender,
ship of a cblneso prince.
Fourteen years ago today cheese 011
greetr7 counters drew files.
Ten years ago today there was o
v railroad strike threatened If the men
did not get a raise.
5iT>; Ditto five years ago today.
flet measured for your palm beacli
pants and blue coal and cane to use
zled by the proble
mmann diplomatic rdatkms
w China m Prussia
8 HOME." of being contempti!
?r Associated Preoa. nouncement that a
r.hln N?AY wa* received with
tailing Company. gent]tmen 0f the C
j,ager- By this time the;
5 Manager. wl?fn1 lhe end,? *
nager. will be compelled I
ntendent. ranged along aide
Street. enemy would mean
adjustment of Ger
1SOLIDATED member of the cotr
tion Dept 250 c W1" "nd array?
ing Dept 250 start anew to make
11 Rooma 9/ 0f the world.
live, ROBERT E. Every additional
;. 133 W. Madison mans harder, even
in a military way.
anee only) CHi
'onth 51.50 W/ILLIAM E
,mb COc W from the S
mont) 0f the Unit
nth 60c colleague, filed a
!SLj' 16c investigation into I
Fairmont) Jh,. report 0f
'NTS 18? correspondent frien
action was predica
give old as welt as pelled Senator L01
corruption in his el
1. West Virginia, us Sutherland s offr
for the sake of ari
-ax laws, was technics
>APER CALL corruption. The L
N." ed the whole natic
cs railing to get "tmo.st di,ffic"!}?' l.'
iioultl call "WES- deprive the Illinoi:
d givo name und many fruitless Sen.
sliver a paper to tion.
uarge to tne sud- In view of all tl
t Virginian plans ,he only thing Ch
rk yes,erdayiis'
being a poor loser
y in this state for sonr
r? 1K -,17 The one direct
CH 15. 1317. injury to the man
view of the size oi
unanimously concec
methods this is liti
Senator Sutherland
the absurd Chilton
|l^3 vindication which ii
According to a
SPMk and Obio railroad
debating clubs.
KZC3 Intimated that ral
Mayor Bowen,
prove that be Is i
UJ- the Valley Gera w
. .u ? u . ... We". but the Pe?P
meht that he means
, what they are e.
jvement lo clean out
iting in Fairmont is rc B
.e City hall in some )g golnf
f the force can make BrUaia WM the u
:t the word, and are . , .. . . ? ?
, ' r hoi. If he loses c
nt and support from
, , , . r wnr practically st
iol been done before countrIcg
iign of last year pre- The Timea~^,
P which Democratic Ml , . ,t ??
r . . . t i efficient one. Met
?ns that existed said _r. .
. r- r When the road bu
* place, ror a tew
, plying the trade of htllted a ,
1v.? S?m^? , actress appeared
in the county, stop- . ' . . _
. words, the lady w
was to make money .. __ . ? ,
l * r conventions at a f
rename uicir icar?,
lat is more, most of _ ,
s to be purchased in Down in Pit,tsbl
inter and the traffic cou,r,t- To appl5' ll
was during the clos- era,Iy; of ^uurHt'' '
mitted to do as it
ioon begin to fill up _
enterprises that have ? Di?patehea iron
e Greater Fairmont Franf wlU, have
>e resumecfand em- round numbers.
every available min- "I?338means
that they will ,, ?
or part of the time. ? ' real'J'
nistration to see that out the old 8pade
semen. How great start a drive on ol
t the incident of the
:puty sheriff to buy , SHO!
daylight. - After aH tho aj
I the raids in person i serve most attentl
:men may know that [ prepare for war."'
other possible way
rr *1 """fr;
d thus do your bit 1 from opposition ol
est and most fruitful \ roundings.?Bclini
i It may have tal
Hon to change a r
la few moments at
indcrstand what dif- \ nle" lnt0 monkeys
rtany under existing n ,g inipossiblo
re to exist between ; terlng of the A
I be even more puz- I Genius.
i when you walk the boardwalk along
the water front.
* *
Or when you attend evening blow- j
if you were a German sub comander i
and knew only a little English, what j
would you do If you saw a boat com
ing named Algonquin?
You couldn't say It was Chinese or
Swiss, therefore you would have to
. sink it.
The British must realize that they
are going to lose the war (or they have
closed 30,000 saloons which will be as
effective toward killing Germans
should they invade Albion as any guns
"Honk, honk," said the geese.
Blooey-bloody murder yelled the
And immediately started swearing
I at the brand of cheese sandwiches they
i ate before retiring.
CHARLESTON, W. Va., March 15.?
It. B. Phillips of Clarksburg was yesterday
appointed state hotel Inspector
by Governor John J. Cornwall.
He will take charge of the work at
once, succeeding A. R. Sees of Huntington.
who resigned several days ago.
The appointee has been traveling sales
man for 20 years, and has had experience
ns manager of an European plan
hotel In Clarksburg.
m thai is presentee] by die severing of
with Germany by China,
n eyes must appear feeble to tfie point
lie, yet we venture to say that the annother
potential enemy has sprung up
anything but pleasant feelings by the
ierman foreign office.
y know in official circles in Berlin that
a Germany, instead of dictating terms,
.0 make the best terms she can. China
the other Entente nations as an active
just one more claimant to satisfy in the
many's foreign interests and one more
imercial league which the Central powd
against their manufacturers when they
a place for themselves in the commerce j
i enemy now makes the lot of the Gerthough
that enemy is but a small factor
DWIN CHILTON, sometime senator
tate of West Virginia in the Congress
ed States, has finally .through a former
petition with the Senate asking for an
he election of his successor, Howard
the incident written by a Washington
dly to Chilton indicates that Chilton's
ited upon the fact that the Senate exrimer
of Illinois because of fraud and
:nse against the election laws, assuming
gument that there was a breach of the
1 and unattended by any suggestion of
.orimer case was a scandal which arousin,
but even then it was only with the
lat the Senate could be persuaded to
s man of his seat. There have been
atorial investigations of alleged corrupfiesc
circumstances it is safe to say that |
ilton will accomplish by the action he j
0 establish a nation-wide reputation of j
, a weakness he has been suspected of
le time.
effect of his action is to do a personal |
who defeated him at the polls, and in
f Sutherland's majority and the almost
led rectitude of the Sutherland campaign
le short of contemptible. In justice to
the Senate should promptly investigate
charges and publish to the country the
t is bound to find.
story going the rounds the Baltimore
1 is encouraging its men to organize
This Is the first time we ever saw It
lroad men need to be taught to talk.
who never misses an opportunity to
l genuine patriot, Is going to present
ith a fine Amorican flag. It's a good
le of Fairmont should not forget that
xpected to give the Valley Gem Is
; to close 30,000 saloons. In Europe
ist line of defenses of Old King Alcoidt
there Europe will come out of the
iloonless, except in the Scandinavian
* a .
o . , 3
"Marion's county court is now an
ining that it was not efficient?when?
inning movenieni starred?
ilance at a Chicago hotel because an
attired in street clothes. In other
-as not undressed enough to suit the
nil dress party.
lrgh they are clamoring (or a morals
3 the slum dwellers and the poor genwhile
the other end of society is perpleases.
o ~
i Paris say that by the end of June
spent on the war JIG.600,000,000 in
Wonder what that string of figures
looks like spring today. Better get
and the rest of the garden tools and
d h. c. of 1.
lorn of Washington that seems to deon
at this time is, "In time of peace
?Parkersburg News.
ns die for want of confidence on the
as men and lack of public spirit than
' neighboring towns an<4 adverse surgton
o i
ken ten thousand centuries of evoluuonkey
into a man, but it only takes
id a pint of whiskey to change some
.?St. Albans Herald.
to legislate against tho March filibus*
ceather man.?Union town Evening
March 1!">.?[Editor Tho West Virginian.]?As
the spokesman of a committee
of girls residing in the dorimitory
of tho Fairmont State Normal school,
I would like to express publicly
through your paper, tho dissatisfaction
felt in tho action of the school authorities
which caused tho Victrola to be
taken from the dormitory and placed
in tho auditorium of the school.
Tho Victrola has been practically
the only means of amusement to the
nearly a hundred girls in tho "Dorm, *
and since it has been removed the
place seems dead. It had been u
for dancing but now with no music
available even that pleasure has
A vigorous protest wbb made at the
time of tho removal of the instrument,
but without success, in the auditorium
of the school it is used only occasionally
for concerts, while when it was in .
the dormitory it was in constant use.
The Victrola has been here tor more
than five years and has been used three
or four hours every day, and r.ow since
it is gone we miss it terribly.
Thanking you very much for your
valuable space, I am.
.. ..f
? msm? nn 11
rit<? nc
Friends of Governor John Cornwel
according to the Charleston Mail, sa
that the governor has expressed I
them that he looks upon that offlt
as belonging to the people of the stat
and that so long as he accuples it tt
office always will be open to vit
"Of course the governor has a mou:
tain of work before hint and will I
extremely busy much of Ills tim
especially at present." It was sal
"but he expects to make it a point I
give audience to those who may wis
to call at the executive offices to t
beard in legitimate matters. In ot!
er words the governor expects the pe
pie of the state to feel perfectly I
homo In the executive offices or i
the capitol, regardless of politics t
The fox was smart enough but ha
neither quadrant nor calipers wit
him, says the Pocahontas Times, whic
contlnes. Dave Lester tracked the bl
fox Into a den during the snow an
then played his boy's box rabbit tra
and bored a two-inch auger hole in th
rear end of it. He set It so that
took up the whole entrance to tt
den. The fo"x could look through th
trap and could only guess as to th
aperture caused by the auger liol
The fox knew that the trap would fa
but he concluded to rlBk it. He ei
tered the trap and the door fell an
thore was no escape through the ai
ger hole and his hide Is now haugin
on the wall. The fox came out th
first night. The record in this vlcinlt
for a fox to remain holed up when h
has been discovered is 23 days.
Guy Turner, of Homewood, has
record-making flock of hens. Thei
are 43 of them?a cross of White Lei
horn and White Plymouth Itock. The
are mostly pullets. In January tbef
hens laid a total or 507 eggs, or a
average of nearly 12 eggs to the hei
In February, the average Increased b
one. there being a total of 557. Thl
Is the season of the year when th
merry lay of the hen 1b a charmln
sound, and every bird is expected t
do her best. If anybody has a pen c
birds equal to Turner's the Free I'rcs
wants to havo the figures.
Philippi, says the Republican of thn
town has one standing monument c
which any town, or state might b
proud and that is the old covere
bridge constructed in 1852 which ha
stood for over a half century nnd i
still one of tho best in the count;
With the proper care it should roun
out a full century of years before b<
Ing replaced. It stands as a monumen
to its builder and a relic of war timet
However one condition Is to bo rt
gretted and that is the fact that th
roof is leaking in several places an
is allowed to go without repairing. 1
it were perfectly new It wouldn't tak
many months for tho water to rot i
snd cause it to tumble down. Mud
less allowing water to run over i
tow. Tills matter should be lookei
ifter Immediately.
It became known recently says thi
riuntlngton Advertiser, tnat tharlei
d. Schwab, tlie Pennsylvania Bteel anc
nunlttons king, talked with official!
if the Basic Products company, Ken
iva's "war baby" plant, Tuesday, foi
learly an hour, to seek a contract foi
he delivery of large quantities'bf mag
teslte, the Kenova company's chle
What the result of Mr. Schwab'i
iroposal will be was not divulged b]
itockholders of the Basic company
Five years ago the Kenova plan
ras in the hands of a receiver. Grad
tally it emerged front a state of loth
trgy into which it had sunk shortlj
ifter it was built, and todny it ii
laid to be paying huge dividends
rhe product is vital to the productlor
if steel. Magneslte is used as a floor
ng for open hearth furnaces nnd bai
l great resistance to heat
The company is said to be far be
llnd in filling its orders. Magnesit)
s produced at the Kenova plant foi
letween two and three dollars a ton
t la now auoted on tho markot a
~~ I
"ENIKG, MARCH 15, 191T.
? JgJ
THE CAR !! - LOOK i LOOK ft"
?E YOU ALU DONE *a ^ j
from $15 to $35 a ton, according tc
Sheriff W. E. ' Long, according tc
the Tyler County Star, tins sued the
county for the value of alleged watci
9 und gas bills paid by him In liis formei
term of sheriff and which he claim!
II U'Prn nvor.lnnbflrl V?v hltn in hiu annual
,y settlement and for which he had nev
lo er received credit. They amount tc
:e $945.51. It is presumed that the sum:
o, of $680.85 and $994.13 claimed by the
ie county from him as former sherltl
ii- and assessor respectively will he In
eluded In thlB suit and all settled once
n. for all.
5 gardeFmovement
i in mi 181
d Consolidation Welfare Deh
partment Works With
is County Agent.
10 An enthusiastic and well attended
" meeting was held Wednesday night al
10 Ida May for the purpose of organizing
10 gardening clubs and making plans
10 for the growing of food stuffs by the
minors. The meeting was a part oi
" the work being done by Miss Jor
" don, head of the Welfare department ol
<1 the Consolidation Coal company, in
J" conjunction with 11. L. Smith, county
6 agricultural agent.
? Tho coal company is seeking to meet
* the "high cost of living" problem for
its employes by educating them tn
practical agriculture and encouraging
the growth of such food stuffs as may
* bo raised on small gardon plots, and
the employes are responding en thuslastically.
This work is very cxten'
sive and is being carried on in all ol
? the mining communities owned by the
nnmnanv thrnnchnuf iIip ctoto HMi.
l; er educational programs will be given
from time to time in nearby towns.
8 In former years it has been the cuse
torn of the company to givo prizes for
8 the best flower and vegetable gardens,
? fifty points being counted for the best
gardens of each type. Tills year priz8
cs will be given, but the vegetable
gardens will count seventy-five points
and tho flower gardens only twenty'
five. This change has been mado because
it is felt that with present prices
? of riod stiffs moro attention should
? bo given this phase of the work.
9 A mooting similar to the one Wed8
nesday night will bo held at Watson
' Friday night.
d t
Cleaning Jewelry,
i. Make n paste of common sodn and
s- gnsollne. Rub with a soft brush or
0 cloth, after which rinse in wnrm water
J and polish.
' i
Found at Last. Parisian Sage Shows
Results in Three Days
3 __ ??^
j ji you are rapiaiy toBing your hair
I and fear baldness, the Mountain City
5 Drug company wants you to try Paris.
Ian Sago at their risk. Tt will .surely
r stop the excessive loss of hair and
' make your hair and scalp look and foel
. 100 per cent, better, or your money
t refunded.
Hundreds of men and women have
s written telling of the wonderful rer
suits obtained by using Parisian Sage.
. People who were getting bald say they
t now glory In their beautiful hair.
- Others who have bad dandruff for
years and tho head Itched like mad
r say they had a clean, healthy scalp
i after Just a few applications of this
. splendid treatment.
t No matter whether you are bothered
with falling hair, gray hair, stringy,
i dull brittle, oily hair dandruff or Itching
scalp try Parisian Sage today on
- this money back offer. A large bottle
s Is In expensive at drug stores everyr
where, and If your hair,Is worth sav,
Ing Parisian Snge Is, surely worth
t trying.
With the Able Assistance of
An Imaginative
"Chief, lor God'i take come quick, p
there Is murder being committed on
Water street, sercral shots have 'been u
ilred, women and men uro screaming e
! and groaning and the police down there
aro blowing their whistles for hclpT' *
Thus was Chief of Pollco Fred Harr' '
awakened at 2:30 Wednesday morning , ''
by a breathless messenger boy who J
htd been sent to the chief's home for *
aid. The boy stated that Dent Nuium, p
a constable of Marlon county, bad scut
him. h
The chief hurried into his clothes. n
called all the other cops and In a few
momenta was on Water street. Never "
was Water street more ghostly, it one v
can call quiet and peaceful "ghostly." u
The constables and police looked at
each other, a few citizens hearing the '
I'aul Revere disturbance on the pro- : '
rlacts of quiet Palatine hopped into | 1
their clothes and when they reached "
. the street also looked In bewilderment 1
at each other.
Nuzum. being longest on the jeli was 11
I the first one able to catch his breath j "
l and lu a hoarse voice aaked a citizen r
close by "Did you hear any shots
fired?" The citizen stated that he had f
1 een awake and that he had heard a '
Monongahela railway train ruu over 1
two torpedoes. *
Aha! thought the cops, so It was all |
a mistake; It was not revolved shots J
at all ,but how could Xuzuw account J
for the police whistles and screams?
Policeman Holt then drawing his f
whistle from Ills pocket asked Nuzum (
"Did it sound like this?" and blow lustily
oil the "assistance music." Just '
as he blew a wild goose overhead un- r
i swered "honk" and Nuzum shouted
"That's the sound I thought was pollco '
whistles and groans."
It was a flock of wild geese passing ,
. over the city.
( Commenting on the Incident one city j J
policeman said:
"Well, I'll be?" (deleted by the con- I
, sor.) ;?
? < r
i 15.?The National Steel Castings com- J
I pny, which recently started operations
here, has received an order for 1,600
i tons of steel projectiles for use on
i the Erench front. The order was
' awarded the company by another
t largo American munition maunfaclur
lng concern, which received the orlgi- ;
! nal order for shells. These projectiles
are nine Inches in dlamatcr and I
18 Inches in length. It is understood I
the company has been offered an or- I
der for 5,000 tons of the same size.
It t?Ut your character
The first impression of ? persnn'i
character is often made by the hail
and its dress Does your hair allow
you to comb it to suit you best?
Possibly it looks dead and straggly '
nd hurts your appearance. How v
much a little care on your part
would bring back to your hair that 1
healthy glow, admired by every- u
i body. a
Dandruff kills the hair roots. To a
stop it use Pompeian HAIR Mas- 'I
sage. It is a clear amber fluid, not
oily, not sticky, and has a very t
pleasant disappearing odor. Simply v
massage it into the scalp two or r
three times a week. Your Dandruff
will soon disappear, your hair will
become soft and brilliant, easy to
dress, and you -will point to it with s
pride. I <
Pompeian HAIR Massage is sold
at the storea in 25#, 50* and SI v
bottles. \
Made by the reliable makers d K
Pompeian MASSAGE Cream. AdT.iv >
I Nearly Eve
S in Fairmont and vicinity has been
Somewhere, some time, some on
S foundation of fortune and took the
Why not begin your home by s
8 this strong bank.
On the Corner Near
I beg to announce on March nitty
restaurant from tha~ present locatloi
by tho IAih Clothing company.
The new dining rooms will be Ian
seating 125 people' nicely. The kitch
mlt us to care (or our trade easier a
the dining room will be cool and cot
the summer day
Much new furniture has already a
the new Anderson restaurant when t
the most convenient, best, most pop
I take this opportunity ot thanking
heTe been so liberal In their patrons
exert every effort to continue to mei
Boyd Anderso
CV .
Being tunny ain't quite so funny M
l lounif. Not pinning any rote* oj
ushlng wind In our own born or anyblng
like that y' know but we cone
nder the heading of Humortcte wbeth<
r we are or not It's up to you.
Even when we were young we ebowd
signs of a aonso of humor, Jlrat
re wanted to bo an alderman, then
itor on we wanted to bo a plumber;
0 you see that's enough to entitle a
ella to n membership In the funny
uvs' union ain't It?
About belnt; funny-folks, that'e aome
nrd Job or better yet that'e omploy<
Have to make fUnny stuff every
av In order to massage the pay en>
elope every pay day even If we have
Now, unfortunate renders of this,
ust put yourself in our hrogan*
mngine trying to hash up something
unny when you've got a grouch on,
1 cold In the head, the baby la sick,
tills coming In ten to ono going out,
ir am* other extractor of Joy tliat'i
nongh to make a fella go around with
l face longer than u Now Yorkbr'i
Yep! We get toothache, and ev rvthlng
and all the time have tc
lilnk of eonirthink fuuy that will
navhe squeeze n smile ont of you
trhon you're feeling kind of grouchy.
Aw gee. brother, be sweet to u*.
Ve all have our off days when It's
ust the other way than being funny
io. when things aren't side splitting
lon'i say "(joe! how does that guy
;et away with it?" ?
Til cf rnin oni hnr ninvlto ?*?
iff (lay and things aren't breaking
Thanking you for your kind atten
Ion. Member of 41144. Funny Union
HUNTINGTON. \V. Vb.. March 16 ?
Vlth the avowed purpose of building
1 miles of paved read. Lincoln eouny
has organized a Board of Tradt
ind set March in as the date for e
ounly-wlde road rally at Hamlin. Bond
ssuos are to he proposed D. E. Wllk
nson was elocted president of tht
loard of Trade.
Children Cry
firs. C. G. Louden Awards
All Credit to NcrvWorth.
Tills Is one of those lccal NerrVortli
endorsements which urB toe
aluahle to withhold:
"Before taking your Nerv Worth
onlc was so nenous 1 could not rest
r sleep. Took one bolttle and a hail
nd feel much belter and can lie down
'HHOUGll and not wake once.
"And 1 hnvo been able to walk furlicr
than l have for one year. Feeling 1
onderful fmprorcnicnls. Can highly
ccouinieud your tonic.
"MRS. c:. G. LOUDEN,
"724 State St., Kairmunt, W. Va." * ;
Your dollar back at Crane's Drug
tore It Nerv-Worth does not overome
YOUR nervous Ills.
Ask at Crane's tor the new Nervforth
Laxative Tablets. 25 cts a box.
fonderfully good for liver and bowels.
Ispeclnlly valuable In'connection wltb
lorv-Worth the tonic.
try Home |
i built and paid for by uavlng.
is began to save and laid the
first step in home-making.
larting a savings account with :
1 the Postotflce.
:nth the removal of ths Anderson
i to tho rooms formerly occupied
;er than the present quarters,
.en will be so located as to pernd
better, and at the same time
afortable, no matter how warm
rrlved ready for the opealnx and j|i
cady for the public will present
alar eating place in Fairmont.
tho people of Fairmont who
ge, and assure them that we will
rlt the same.
n Proprietor j
? A

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