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' I Item* About Faculty and Student Ac
Senior Englli
Heme 8tudy Neceaaary For Successful
High School Work I
1 . For successful work in lour sub1.
jecte in the high school, from two to
three hours of regular and systematic
home study are necessary. With the
E'~ adoption of the supervised study in
the high school the amount of home
study could be reduced some. How- i
ever, the object of the supervised i
. study Is to aid and direct the pupil I
In starting his work properly and to
assist him In learning more economl- i
Vv'Y* Parents should see to it that defies
mite hours for home study are provided
} land that these hours are strictly ad-1
. hered to by the pupils. The habit
of having definite times for this study
.'In the homes will do much toward
jEV making the work successtul in the ,
high achool. Wherever possible, a
regular study room In the homes where
quiet can be maintained should he proi
sided. It Is observed that in cases
whnra ni.ntla An utnSv nl' D.-nnliiia
I and there-are many who do. these
are the students who make tine progress
In their work. Every student is ,
assigned sufficient work to keep lilni
huBy at home for one and one-half or I
two hours each day. If the high school
building were not crowded and better I
study hall accommodations could be j
| providod pupils would he kept in
school for study longer in the afternoon.
It is to be hoped that we get1
-"better facilities soon In this respect j
How much money does the parent,
need to give the boy or girl who at. |
- tends High school?
? Too much money given to hoys or |
" girls of high school uge lor spending!
is unwise. Boys and girls who arc
lavish in their unnecessary expenditures
set a bad example for others in
the high school. The following items
should be considered as necessary expenditures:
Books provided some second-handed
hooks are purchased perhaps
would amount to five dollars tor
othe year; stationary Including pencils,
!paper, etc., one dollar if care and ecou'omy
is exercised; class dues not more
then twenty-five cents for the year.
'Additional expenditure can he niadn
for entertainments, athletic games.
>, -membership dues in organizations. thi?
?i\,- amount depending largely upoli the injV
dividual. It is deemed advisable lor
Istudents to belong to tin more than
one or two student organizations. In
US ;the Junior and Senior years some adlb!--.
Mitional expense is incurred for the
p - year book, Maple Leaves, class pins
and"commencement invitations, class
pinB can bo purchased for $1.75 or
fV, -$2.00 and invitations for 5%c a piece.
^Generally it is advisable to encourage
;. ftyoung people to earn a part of their
i?>, '.expenses while in high school. The
yhigh school principal informs tiie writfeft
i'cer of two Senior boys who have earnjj.fed
-money to pay most of their ex'A'
,:;J"51I80B while in high school for the
before mentioned and when they j
- graduate next June each will have -a
8?, neat little sum in the hat k. These
boys do good school work and are pop-1
j . >' nlar members of their class. Students :
i are discouraged in coming to school\
on dress parade. Cleanliness and neat-]
' ft nesB'are encouraged; flashiness and
t extreme modern styles are discourse-1
ed. The most sane and sensible girls
"are plain and simple in their dress.
If parents at -any time think their
ijii, ' boys or girls are asking for too much
f 'money for school purposes a talk
>with the high school principal might
rhe helpful both to the school auu to
Ijf'.V iythe parent.
\ $ A. very satisfactory launch can be s&
flTnrinimm n
afec" R
(CoDtlnuea trout page 1.1
Vfeetof three bIx months' subscriptions ;
Jto The West Virginian or four yearly I
^BUhsorlptlons to the Farmers Free
. -jPress. This is very important, it is J
" , thei Indicator of the entire campaign.
A few candidates seem to have an
Idea that this vote offer is not import-;
ant. Do not make the mistake of missing
any subscriptions ami passing by
1 .ttheso extra votes, ltemember tit.: i
Golden Festival Is not the regular vol-'
'jlng contest, it is nothing like it, and
c '.jwlll not it conducted like any of tlto I
others which have gone before. If yon ;
i ?re making your plans on what you
[I think or on what some one who pro- j
Voting <
Great Gulden Festival
ii For
There coupon re numbered in
?i( number appearing every day. If a
BP' - are presented to the Campaign Ma
.Fairmont, W. Va? each series will
, Good for 5
J I nominate .
i Street
; Nominated by ;....
Address ... ...... .>*
iMfr. In tha West Virginian Golden Ft
blank sent In for each candidate'
neatly and sent or brought to the
Room 209, Jacobs Building, Falrm*
tlvlty Prepared by Members of the
h Clataea.
cured at the high school lunch room
[or fifteen or twenty cents.
Senior Class Meeting
Last week the Senior Ohms of the
High school had a very Interesting
meeting. After all the business hs<l
been transacted the President of the
class, Robert Hawkins, announced to
thorn that their Sponsor, A. Da. Fletn
Ing Jr., Intends to present each member
of the class with a class pin us
i eraduutlon oresent.
Chapel Program
Last Friday the chapel period was
used for separate meetings for the
boys and girls.
Tho program for chapel this week
will be: Songs by school under the
direction or Miss Horseman; talk by
Mr. O. G. Wilson; an account of the
Inauguration of John 1'rovanCe.
Glee Club Concert
The tickets arc on sale for the concert
that Is to he given by the Bovs
and Girls Glee cluhs and the High
school orchestra on the Jiith of Marrhu
Tho ('horns classes have been divided
Into teams and the teams are con- s:
testing to see which can sell the most ^
llckets. Be sure and get your tickets;^,
early for they are being sold rapidly.1 ^
West Virginia University Glee Club'"
On March 30 there will be given j1
a musical entertainment by the W (
Vu. I'. Glee club. Several ol the former
High school graduates, as Jack
Abbott, lttili! Swlger and othcr? will
take part in the program.. ?.
The* have given several performancos
throughout the state and come vv
to highly rccooimended. The proceeds (f
uvef the expenses will go to lite treesury
of the Settlor class to he used towards
purchasing class gift. We hope tf
this entertainment will he well pat- r(
ronlzed for it Is very good. II Is Cl
not known yet whether it will ho ai ,v
the High school auditorium or the ni
Opera House. However, watch the n]
high school news column for a more
definite announcement.
Junior Play
The Junior class of the High school v
will present a play until led "The J.1
Blossoming of Mary Ann." at the High "
school auditorium on April 13 under !
the directorship of Miss ['carl Hodges.
Much care has been taken in the .
selection of the cast for the play which .
will rang itmong the best presentations
in home talent, ever given by the High
The cast of characters is as fol
lows: _P
William Barkcley, a Yale man -M
Paul Stevens a
Charles Mason James Anwyl!
Lloyd Henderson Raymond Salvati lJ
Teddy Faruum Joe Oreer
Mrs. Henry K. Klrkiaml, a New York K
society woman Lucilo HumiUon ?J
Mrs. John Simmons, Mrs. Kirkland's sl
sister Edith Eckles
Mary Anna Simmons. Mrs. Klrklanil's
niece Marie Shuttlcsworth
lietsy Scrogglns. Mrs. Simmon's
maid Mary Crelghton S
Sarah Applegato Slissy. Farmadalc's i(
dressmaker and town gossip ti
Carline Stealey p;
Elaine Jewell, a society girl w
Kathryn Riggleinen t<
Frella Jewett. Elaine's invalid vi
sister Pearl Francis ai
Patty Clovcrleaf, a society girl T
...Louise . Rock ti
"The Blossoming of Mary Ann" is Id
fesses to know tells you, 1 want to say , sl
to you, you are liable to make an er-' vi
ror that can never he corrected during j sl
the entire Golden Festival. Ho not take si
a chance and pass by this Opportunity ! m
Time, without making the effort of: is
your life to secure a number of these! II
extra vote coupons. You will need o
just as many of these as you can pos- j e:
siblv secure, in order to win that Thou-, si
sand in Gold, or the Five Hundred Uol- si
lars, or any of the other awards on the , w
list. This week is your opportunity to I ci
lay up a reserve. You should see the ] ci
lmrwl ?vril ini? rm thn wall
Secure Subscriptions.
There are several of the candidates' v
who show a tendency to step into the j si
winning class, hut who have been ] U
working along wrong linos In many ti
instances. Too much attention Iish p
been paid to the vote coupons in the y
paper, and not enough to the suhscrip- ti
lion end of the Golden Festival. In- i s;
1 y
^ M'
Coupon jh
100 VOTES h
of the West Virginian I
Dist. No
9= :
series from one to ten?a different
series of five consecutive numbers 5
inager, Room 209 Jacobs Building, 3
count for flvo thousand additional o
on Blank
\000 Votes j
- 3
City I
- 2
iatival. Only the first nomination 1
will be counted. Muet be clipped out j
Manager The Golden Festival, 1
ont, W. Va, C
? - > C
Miss K&thryn Lillaril. left, and Miss
I ght seeing trip to New York which tli
'anlBelmont school at Nashville. Tr
comedy drama by Marian Short, an |
lor of "The Grand Army Man*' as i
roduccd by David tfekiseo.
This is a modern heart int rest com-!
iy in four acts. its city society types ,
'fording a piquant contract to the ce ,
ntrlc rural characters. Th-^re is the!
p to date society matron contrasted j
1th the plain good hearted country
use wife. Tho lazy maid of all
ork iv very funny, and the sharp
mgiie village dressmaker is no less
musing, in her way. The invalid I
Irl has a flower-life charm, mid liar
impositions older alter la vivid and j
impelling. The there, is an efferves-l
?ni society bud and the heroine who i
ins the hearts of all hv her sweet's?
and loyalty. The male characters
re all likable young college men.
Elanah Camp Fire Circle
Ou Tuesday the members of Silas
Garden's Camp Fire circle met In
er room at the noon hour and bad a
nlge party. It was very successful i
5 the members of the faculty on the
;coud and third floor? will testify,
he names of the circle arc not known
ut they could easily he recognized
y their pale countenances.
F. H. S. vs. S. H. S.
A fast clean game of basketball was
laved on the V. M. C. A. floor on
arch 7 between Fairmont High school
lid Salem High school. The locals
ere not playing up to their standard
le first half hut seemed to wake up
le second half. A fairly large crowd
itnessed the game, it being the last
lie staged here this year. The score
.cod 00 to 3:1.
A Trip by McClure's Gsneral
Science Class
On Saturday, March 10, the General
cicnce classes of the High school
>ok a trip to the Chemical Lulioruirlcs
of the Consolidated Coal rom-l
any uhout forty Freshmen students'
ere instructed by Mr. W. 11. Barring-1
>n and Mr. Kllllon who explained
cry clearly the tests that were made'
ml the reason for making suet tests, j
lie methods used in the testing for'
ie moisture Sulphur ash and'Volt-;
le gas contents of coal were describ
_ I
;ead of muking the gathering of the
ale coupons the primary issue, you
totild spend that time gathering tho
iliscriptlons of your friends and
lake the clipped coupons a secondary
isue. Tell all your friends to save
icw for you, and you yourself get all
f them you can without spending any
slra liiue doing it; hut 11 you should
Ludy the matter out a'little you will
bo thai one subscription for one year
ill, get you iitore votes than you
ould gel iu three days gathering
Get Long Subscriptions.
In securing subscriptions on ibis
ute offer, do not gel six months' subL-riptions,
just because the extra lialil
is on six months' subscriptions,
et yearly subscriptions whenever
ossible, the same us heretofore. A
ear, remember, counts the same as
ivo for six mouths; two years, the
tme as four for six months; three
ears, two s"t; and five years counts
ireo sets and one over.
The Hustlers Get the Votes.
What kind of work arc you doing
1 the Gclden Festival'.' Good or had'.'1
ood work means that you aro ncgicting
no opportunities to add to your
ntnn l\v uni<iip(ncr oiiltuni'lntioiic Unil
ork means that you are putting oft i
om day to day?in fact, no work at
II. If you persist in the good work,
ou are a sure prize winner.
The price of The West Virginian and
he Farmers Free Press follows, toether
with the number of votes Issued
n each subscription payment.
(In Fairmont)
years $35.00 125,000 votes
years 21.00 70,000 votes j
years 14.00 40,000 voteis
year 7.00 15,000 voted
months.... 3.G0 6,000 votes i
months 1.S0 2,200 votes j
months.... 1.20 1,500 votes |
(Outside Fairmont)
years $45.00 175.000 votes
years 27.00 SO,000 votes
years 18.00 50,000 votes
year 9.00 25,000 votes
months.... 4.50 10,000 votes
mouths.... 3.00 5,000 votes
months.... 1.50 2.000 votes
month 75 1,500 volos
years $25.00 75,000 votos
years 15.00 40.000 votes
yearB 10.00 25,000 votes
year 5.00 10,000 votes
mouthB.... 3.00 5,000 votes
months.... 1.50 2,000 votes
months 1.20 1,500 votos
years $ 5.00 10,000 votes
yoars 2.00 3.000 votes
year 1.00 1,400 votes
^k. z
gSlftftr' V:i' tSS0Bor?'
^BWBajHBp Frames
Hall, are here shown on a ':
icy won hy Rood scholarship In the
mi., their home.
rd in Hi" rletail and the articles of ap j 1
paratns tired in fho laboratory were',
also a cour of cucli interest to the:
students. I
tirlier.lt St.'ten. r In s nnuf fnnvan In i
thh High school this year. Many ot j
the dilterent sciences such us ChemI-str>
Physic*. Agriculture. Biology, ,
Science. Meuiology and Physiology
are discus: I'd in a general way. The
purpose ot tlie course is to arouse the I
Freshmen silent; scientific lines and I
give tlieni sufficient knowledge to aio
in choosing more detailed courses t
when Juniors and Seniors. t
Mr. .Mel Mure, the instructor in
'charge and the members of the class
wish to express their appreciation of '
the excellent treatment accorded to
them by the Coal company employes. .
Mr. Itarrington. Mr. Klllion, Mr Brown
and Mr. Thompson.
Vocation Trip
The lOCin Vocation class look advantage
of the fine weather Saturday and
spent part of the morning at the Ow
ens Bottle Machine factory.
The class accompanied by Mr. Mc
Clurc was given the freedom of the
factory and gathered much valuable
information as to working conditions
found in the factory. The class is a'
present studying Manufacturing and
first hand information is much more
desirable than that obtained from test
books. The Machines were not In op- j
oration?due to the lack of gas hut;
the class was impressed nith the sys-j
turn neatness that prevailed throughout
the plant.
Fairmont High Basketball Team
Probably the greatest event which
has yet been staged in lUtckhannon
w ill he the Basketball Tournament ot j
the various West Virginia High I
schools. This event will be the fourth
of its kind itt the history of the state
high schools The Fairmont high has
worked hard in the last three years
but lost the championship This year
the Fairmont hoys are confident of
winnindg the silver basketball from
Farkorshtirg. which school was victorious
last year. Sine oar team being
in excellent condition t lie hoys will ,
surely make tilings "hot" for their
Wednesday evening of this week
Coach Moore ente "alned the boys to
dinner at the Mnnley. On Thursday
mnrnhif tlin Int'f ? ? ?V?<>
o'clock train frtr Huckliannon to decide
their fame in the basketball
This year marked an epoch in the
Fairmont Mirth school basketball field
l'or our team did not loose a (fame on
the home floor. With this encouragetnent
anil the loyal Fairmont fans
cheering on the side lines, surely the
boys will be victorious at the tournament
on Friday and Saturday.
Camp Fire Ceremonial
After a year of successful work the
Moiiuiigaheia Camp Fire Girls met on
Fricln;. the ninth of the C'riw Moon
in ilie Wigli school auditorium. All
the high school girls were invited to
This ceremonial was enjoyed by all
because it manifested the true spirit
of llie Camp Fire organization. The
girls marched in from the veo entrances
of the gymnasium with the
very stately ceremonial step. After
the four circles had grouped themselves
about the council fire the sign
of fire was given and the girls were
then seated.
The program began with roll cat!
CHoId weather aohes follow
I exposure. Soothe and re*
m lieve them with Sloan's Liniment,
easy to apply, it quickly
pcnetnics without rubbing. Cleanet
than mussy plasters or ointments,
does not stain the skin.
For rheumatic pains, neuralgia,
gout, lumbago, sprains, strains,
bruises and stiff sore muscles, have
Sloan's Liniment handy.
At ?11 druggists, 25c. 50c. and $1.00.
ENING, MARCH 15, 1917. .
y the Cheemaan, the Chief guardian. ?<
he following circles responding: El- ei
anah, Neebanawbalgs. Wagenewa and
Vood Spirits. A new circle of girls h
ailed Musauas (lovers of music and 11
ature) was then taken Into the comadeshtp
of the council. The Wohclo
eremony of lighting the coules o(
Vurk. Wealth and Love was then
olemnlzed by Tawaklla Morning Star
nd Xatcbce after which thev repeated |
he Ode of the Fire. One of the most
haracteristlc songs of the organlzaion
entitled "Burn Fire Burn" was
ung by the girls and accompanied In
luntomlne by Flamalia.
The Blunts which formed the later
part of the program were very
inlque. and represented the eight
rafts of Camp Fire honors.t One of
he most appropriate of these was one "
resenting patriotism and it showed t<
hat tho Camp Fire Girls are truly <]
latrlotlc for when the opening chords
f the National Anthem were played
-very one present arose. The stunts F,
epresentlng the health business and .
attire crafts were all presented in a '
eallstic way. ~
The crowning stunt of the evening
ras that of home craft which was preented
by serving refreshments. Games
vnro then enpoved by all and much
tin was manlfosted over th einitiu
Ion of the Musava Girls, one feature 1
if which was a forced march over the |
ulldlng. As a result of the evening;
nany High school girls are anxious |
o belong to the Monongahela Camp
Fire. |
Miss Loar. the substitute In MIsh
Keel's absence, spent the week-end
it her home tn Grafton.
Miss Genevieve Carpenter will spend
lie week-end In Morguntown.
Miss Marie Frum will visit friends
n Clarksburg over the week-end.
Mr. Bernard Arnett will spend the
week-end in Morgantown.
Miss Virginia Fleming will spend
the week-end with relatives in Mor
;antown. /
Miss Buena Orr. a former high
ichool stuedent. was a visitor iu Fair-j
nont over Sunday.
Miss Jessie Jacobs of the high school |
faculty lias returned from a week's|
visit with friends in Washington.
Cleo Arnett is again in school after
i . . . . ... n ....
Now is the
Time to Think
of your spring clothing needs, |
and have them cleanod and j
freshened by our superior melh- i
Footer's Service is always
safest and best for Ladies' and
gentlemen's garmentsFelt
or other hats, slippers,
shoes, sweaters, light wraps.
Just now we are preparing to
render better and more efficient j
service than ever before.
Dye Works
Cumberland, Maryland.
Fairmont and Vicinity.
| jjfk==U I
3 Exposur
cm Viand in
9 They're a
When they
sore, raw throat
up?you know,
flat on your be
work, it's exper
Go right into
and ask the ma
Dr. King's Ne\
> He'll know; ch;
the day he ope]
Dr. King's New
by druggists for ne<
But the satisfacl
you'll like it too. ]
soothes your tired
I and makes you feel
veral -weeks' suffering with a sprain1
Miss Rhea 'Warden was called lo her
jme In Grafton on account of the
lness of her mother.
I3AKKR. Ore.?To relieve the serins
coal famine here dealers have orered
a mino at Rock Springs. Wyo.
> speed a shipment by parcel post,
he order was received and the coal
larted by mall, but a snowstorm stuped
the mail trains. The postage on
10 coal from Rock Springs to ltaker
i }83 a ton. 11
What th
A firm may fool itself ii
only firm in its particular
But you can't fool the othei
yourself. This letter fron
idea of the service we arc
business men all over this >
Fairmont Print Inn & Llthogrt
Fairmont, W. Va.
Dear Sirs:
Enclosed find copy of pay
od on request.) Kindly trnk
mutely the same weight as th
lions thereon.
Also make up six (6) bh
Shipment to he made to the:
(Name furnlshi
Omar, '
by express as soon as posslbl
Kindly advise (Name furn
shipment will be made.
Yours very tri
Shipment of cash jourua
workmanship hits it all over t
The same printing sat:
want it. Just mail us a sa
need and we will promptlj
Fairmont Printing;
Bell Phone 1105-1106
i M
e and W<
hand with the
couple of cold
get you, it's snii
i.i . i
ognt cnest ana you
Get busy! Don't v
ick and lose several c
isive and dangerous.
the first drug store yc
n behind the counter
v Discovery for couj
ances are he has sol
tied up. .
Discovery has been recon
arly half a century-that's i
:ion it gives is what makes
Or. King's New Discovery
throat and bronchial tubei
[ like yourself again. Try
Machinists, apprentices,
night school advantages.
Good wages.
Large plant. Fine opportunity.
Also molders.
a core room fore- %
man, shipping room
foreman. Men to start
as molders helpers. Rapid
advancement. Apply
for particulars to John
Phillips, Hotel Manley,
Friday evening 7 to 10.
ie Other
ito thinking that it is the
line when it really isn't.
l- fellow as easy as you can
i a customer gives you an
; rendering hundreds of
nar, W. Va? Murch 7, 1917.
iphlng Company.
roll sheet for (name furnish*
a up 1000 on paper approzllis
letter licail as per Instrucaders
as per Instructions.
?d on request)
W. Va.
ished on request) a8 to when
0 furnished on request)
1 reeelvcd this p. m. The
he printers in this end of the
isfaction is yours if you
mple of the forms you
r give you an estimate.
and Puling Co.
T, W. VA.
Consol. 250
at Feet 1
cold germ.
ffle, sneeze, I
feel all stuffed
vait till you get
lays from your
>u come across
c lir
ror a bottle or
d it ever since I
BA f
lmended and sold H
some record! . H
; it so popular and H,
eases your cough,
3, checks the cold

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