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( ^Schedule Will Contain at
a?H Least 20 Games With
B&vV' ftp _ r*i
Iairong 1 earns.
it Fairmont Normal Is going to
than make up for any adverslihe
has goffered this in her foot ,
ind basketball teams, by turning
he-finest baseball team In her
rv fa the ronelusion arrived ni
hearing outlined the plans for i
season. At least twenty garnet j
>e played this season, an average;
ee a week for the playing season.
he games are wfth schools which :
the reputation of producing real
isll nines.
B seaso will start with Salem
Ee at Salem on the. IStli of April.
he schedule from then on. as near
completed at present, Is as folrll
21?University Reserves, til
rll 23?Bethany, at home
II 27?Phllippl at I'hilippi.
11 28?Wesleyan Reserves (not
Itely scheduled),
y 3?Salem college, at home,
y 4?West Liberty, at West Liby
11 and 12?Series with Ulen
NormaJ. at Glenvllle.
Iv. ; May IS?IJavis anil maims. ai nono-.
J ' Besides the above definitely scheduled
games, dates will he scoured with
I Wajmesburg. Manniugton II i is h,
Moaridsville High. California Normal
and other schools. A game has been
offered by Westminister to lie played
^ .there, and the locals probably w ill ur"cept.
A game offered by Franklin
; t'college to be played at Athens, Ohio,
EC' will also probably be arranged.
^ ;; Practice is already well under way.
| -every day battery prartiee h"lug held
on the field back of the school. Sandy
r ''Toothtnan will coach the nine this
S I spring, and is expected to turn out
jf 'the finest bunch of players the Yellow
and White has ever boasted.
i; Manager Harry Watklns t? corres
k ponding with a number of young men
fi-who are planning to enter Normal for
g; the spring term, and who will expert
i'Jtto play baseball, so that by that time
Jj'tbe season starts It Is believed the
E; squad will bo augumented consldcra8
New uniforms and equipment have
0 been ordered and will arrive In the
; next few daya. The team will start
s regular practice at South Side park
(by April 1.
NflRMAI fillllS Will
iMiss Florence Richardson
Has Been Elected Manager
of It.
! tfairmont Normal is to have a tcn?1b
team this year and at a recent ses- j
t eion o? the Athletic Association of the i
school Miaa Florence Richardson was i
chosen to be manager of any racquet1
and net stars that might materialize.
St is expected that the sport will. be j
very popular with the girls of the j
school this spring, since it. is practically
the only sport they may partict- i
^ A large and modern group ot courts i
is to be built by the state at the. roarj
of the new building, and will provide j
an excellent playing field. These
- ' courts, it is feared, will not be finish !
ed in time for (his season's play, and
tome court in the city will be leased|
for the students. It is probable the I
Rlggs court, on Third street, will be i
i Secured, since it will.be close by the
Jx (dormitory, where the majority of the
girls who will play, are slaying.
I EUUiuiiioruifcii uca^ue
Bowling Matches
i The Wholesalers took two capes
arom the Coal men in the first match
fat the "Y" last night. Hustead roiled I
Thigh single of 163, with McDougal only I
. *tvo pins behind. Hawkins rolled 355!
for high total.
' Mamllton SO tr.n l lfi? 335
Sorbin 72 50 S3? 235
?arbee 30 109 125? 324
flawktns lio iso ios? nss
M) ^ Totals 429 54$ 503?USUI
Coniol. Coal.
gucDourti'.......'i|i "2 M? 323:
KSglUltead 6S 106 153? 327
yj;Totals 614 488 400?1462
^Hartley's won from the Consol men
(n th* second match although thoir total
lacked thirty-four pine or equaling
tha Consols' total. Hiiatcad starred
In this match, making single of 156 and
total of 391. Wrasse and Mills follow'
ed olose In the totals.
Ashcratt . ... . . . . 92 112 125? 23!.
If' VcDougal V.V.V.V.102 95 72? 270
; Uustead 121 124 146? 391
% Totals 510 638 568?1616
Efe' . Wrasse 108 143 117? 367
Sharp 98 78 93? 269
I Watson 112 108 97? 317
Mflls 109 123 124? 266
92 92 79? 263
. ' Totals 619 643 620?1682 (
ALL : : 1
fm WnSBEam&x ? t
?A.L;? n^nHA
Miss Gladys Reid. of Portland. Ore.,, j
who urliieved distinction as an expert i |
at. trap -shooting when on Washington's 1 ,
Birthday she wont ahead of many men ,,
contenders In a northwest contest.!,
Her score was 44-r>0. Since then Miss , (
Reid added to her laurels by eredita- ,
hie work atrainst the track woman i.
shos of California. I
fiarrackville High won Xrotr. the Fast
Side club 4." to hit in a hard fought
gatnc on the Normal floor last night.
The East Side hovs could not ret start-1 1
ed In the first half and were lagging!'
alone with a 24 to 8 score at Its rinse, i
In the sprond half however 1 hey came I'
hack strong and scored ten points
more than their opponents, but the tost
of the gantc lead was too much to he j.
The East Park Scouts defeated the I
Knights of St. Paul at basketball ou '
Ike East Sldo floor last night, taking ;
the contest by a 20 to 10 score. The I
next game in thp Boys' league basket !
hall sehcdule will he Friday evening!
when the Knights of St. Paul play the i
Jones Scouts. j'
BALTIMORE. Md.. March 15? Os
car O. Murray, chainiian of the board !
of directors, of tile Baltimore and Ohio 1
Railroad company and former president
of the sjutom, died hore today i
after a long Illness. He was 70 years
old and was not mnrricd. I
o Now
Saxon .
a greater prof
? surface to car
? any other car c
| And so tire trc
? with most ca
| no small sha:
cost?will be n
| Saxon Roadstei
6 ; .
Saxon Roadster is $<
3 Specifications: New style body.
? starting and lighting, demounts
3 style top, with Grecian rear how.
S speedometer, now design ot carbi
? of unusual power, smoothness, q
3 sliding genr transmission, Tirnki
g vanadium steel cantilever spring
o scora mora ot noteworthy rofinen
2 West Virginia Le
? .......
g| ( Bell 1780
SUo*u NO
Biggest Basket Ball Crowd
of Season Expected
at "Y" Tonight.
Fairmont V. M. C. A. last night went
hrough a hard practice preparatory to
stacking up against Davis and i-mos, I
itate champions.on the local floor toilght.
The game Is the biggest at J
lome game the "Y" has played this
rear and they are particularly anxious
o malm a trnnil Rhntrln^ aninflt tho i
risitors. The game starts promptly at
5:30 and trill be attended. It is expectjd.
by the largest crowd of basketball
ans that has attended any one game
lore to tar this season
.Moore, of the "Y" team will not be
ivith his fellows tonight, having left
his morning with his High school team
lor Buckhannon. and Hawkins will
irobnbly take his place
if the local boys got gome good, and
here is no reason why they should not.
hey should be able lo give D. & K. a
mighty hard run for her money.
Patron's Day.
Yesterday was patron's day at the
riioburn school and over eighty parents
gathered from time to time durng
the day to witness the work of
l.eir children. No program was tftrried
out oilier than the dally roultne
ilasses. The purpose of the event
"as tf, promote co-operation between
Ine palron ami tbo school by giving
hf patrons a better idea of what the
chool work Is like. It was by far
the most successful of its kind that
las ever been held in a local school.
From Hospital.
Mrs. Rnv Cochran who has been in
the Cook hospital of Fairmont for
he, past several days returned to her
home In Brookdale yesterday morning.
She is rapidly recovering.
Members Entertained
The l.adies Aid Society of the M.
P. church was recently entertained at
twelve o'clock dinner at the home of
Mrs. Henry Lambert of Brookdalc.
tho next meeting will be held at the
home of Mrs. David Levy of Bridge
street. The society meets the flrsti
Wednesday in each month. 1
~ i
Teams Announced.
The teams in the recently organiz
ad bowllug league are as follows:
Reds: Lee Satterfield. Capt.. James
Mike, William Santee; Tigers, C. McDonnell,
Capt. William Fleming. W. I.
Shaver: Drowns. Harold Fortncy.
(.'apt.. John Wolfe. Clyde Satterfield;
Pirates, Howard Flemiug. Capt.. Clarence
Fletcher, Carrol Currey; Philles,
P. D. Burton, Capt, P. Pelllgrini, R.
Shaver; Buks, Sclmltz, Capt., William
Roadster has o.
jortion of tire
weight than
in the market. ?
tubles?which g
irs contribute |
re to upkeep ?
paflrr nil
VUI IJ itu 1Yll.ll ^
195 F. 0. B. Detroit |
more room, two unit electric 8
ble rims, 30x3 inch tires, new 8
electric horn, extra tire carrier. $
iirctor. Ij-head high-speed motor y
uietness and flexibility. 3-speed g
en axles. Hyatt quiet bearings, o
s. ventilating windshield and a 8
aenta, ?
xington Sales Co. |
pn w va
L%U) TT 1 A~*. 5
IUT0R3 g
Consolidated 27 8
WTO*" ' " CMWsl
J *V , S$ TVEPotttSST
| WI
(Part of a series of articles by thi
West Virginian's special sport write
who is touring the major league train
lng camps to size up the teams aa the;
prepare for the 1917 campaign.)
WAXAHACHIE. Texas. March 15Pitching.
as usual, will be Hugh Jen
nings' big problem this year and th<
chances for Detroit Tigers to be a Vi|
factor in the American league race dc
pond on whether his twlrlers com
The club should be as strong dc
fensively an last year, and. with th
exception of two holes, is a good dc
fenslve club.
, When I looked over Jennings' pitch
| ers they looked good.
Not one was out of condition. *
Hill James, who practically lost i
pennant for Detroit last year by no
keeping in condition, showed up carl;
20 pounds lighter than he was las
Jamen is a peculiar fellow. He wa
hurt last year hv the criticism of hi
work, but has decided to glvo Hugh!
his best In hopes of redeeming bin
self. Whether ho will Is another quel
tion. but as I write this it looks Ilk
James should come through with som
| good stufl'.
Bernlo Bolnnd worked outdoors drit
ing a parcel post wagon in Detroit fas
winter and Is hard as nails.
Boland is small and must be ii
shape to be right. He should not b
a disappointment.
I George Uauss is a question, ile ma
be one of the best winners in th
Myers. C. Calhoun. Prizes will be o
I fered for the teams finishing in th
first three places as well as for. hig
individual scores and high teat
scores. Games will bo rolled on Mot
duy. Wednesday and Friday of ear
week. A schedule of thirty games ha
been completed.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jones have bee
I visiting Triends and re'ntives In Mi
uonguli for the past several days.
Junior Orr was among the socii
visitors in Fairmont, during the weel
C. H. Ovpers. of Buffalo. X. Y. wa
in Monongah yesterday morning a
a business transactor.
Lawn Carpenter was among the Ii
cvtl people to attend "Twin Beds" t
the Grand Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Lee X. Satterfleld has recove
ed after a several days illness.
It. Cochran was among the socii
If any persor
representative y<
brand him as a 1
We will apprecii
fied of any such n
we will immedia
proceedings an<
C A iU. r.-ii
icnucr lu nit iuii
You will find it
profitable to go
look through ou
of woolens anc
expert cutters m<
a garment in !
character and n<
! The United \
w. a. her;
106 Ma
t wo
can see 0c?lec
>.? ^2at' '- -i
s league or may go to pieces. It is more > w
r I or less a matter of temperament with Y
| him. ! a
f | Covaleskle Is right and promises a w
good season. Willie Mitchell as usual,'
Is not a safe betting proposition. ' bi
Jennings has some fair looking. yi
- i youngsters. Couch, with Sau Fran-! Y
i-i cisco last year, Is ono of the best of ai
e the lot. In the fast coast league he!
; won lg and lost 15 games allowing two cl
! . anil a half earned runs a game. ' in
c j Jennings believes he has a real find ! S
in young Ehmke. the marvel of the Jc
i- New York State l.ague last year. | t<
s Working in 58 games, Ehmke won j pi
i- 51 ami lost 7, and set a new league j M
strike-out record by breezing 195 op-:
i-; posing batsmen, which is some record j tl
in any league. ' si
Previously Ehmke liuil a season in Ji
a the Federal league. I hi
t j -The other pitchers are Flannagnn, p
y ! from Muscatine, Central association.: h
t who allowed 1.51 earned runs per game
i In 37 games, winning 22 and losing 11: i b
3 Jones from Clinton. In the same league.' a
s who won IS and lost 10 games allow-! tl
e ing 1.S1 runs por game; Wood, from ; d
t- Portsmouth and Watson from Deni-'sl
I- son. Texas. | o
e Khmke and Couch arc expected to i fi
e j stick with the elub. The others muy .
' be let out witli strings to them.
' i The catching staff will not set any j cl
t! rivers on fire, but It is consistent and w
I not weak. Tho veteran. Stanage, of'o
n ( course, is in charge and his first string i o
o ! assistant is Spencer, who batted .370 ' fl
' last year.
y. Thtn there is McKee. not of big j b
c 1 league caliber, and a youngster, Yelie, tl
f-, visitors in Fairmont yesterday morn- T
e ing. I
h Mrs. LaMar Satterficld of Fairmont'
n | was in town during the week visitl
ing friends and relatives,
hf . Mrs. J. Hewing of Shinnstou wns
s among the out of town shoppers in
Monongah yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. C. C. I.awson has returned at-!X
ter a several days visit with friends 'tl
n in Clarksburg. ,
) Pat Buckley was among (he Monon-, .
gah business callers in Fairmout yes- 11
il tcrday afternoon. o
c. Miss filadys Curev has been visiting! ii
s lier grandmother, Mrs. Currey of "
s Boothsville for the past few days. V
Mrs French Collins left yesterday C
>|.for Barnestown where she will spend n
it | several days visiting her mother, Mrs. P
I Wilson. V
tv Miss Minnie Powell of Fairview has S
been visiting her aunt Mrs. Henry _
il1 I.ambert of Brookdale.
? s
wni ik nmr 1
i claims to be our
ou may immediately ij
faker and impostor. jj
ite it if we are noti- |
lisrepresentation and |
tely institute criminal f
i prosecute the of- jj
est extent of the law.
more pleasant and
to one of our stores, i>
r vorv PvfpncMio lino S
i twa. j viitviioi r w aii iw a
I have one of our |
;asure you and design jj
harmony with your s
;eds. I
M?^ 1
iillilWH!!! ?
SCH. President
in Street
PPo? AM NOW 6?T rr
HAwrrf z-rr^Z60
bo looked mighty good in the Xcw
ork State leugue last year Velle Is
light hitter, but Jennings hopes he
111 Improve.
With the possible exception of third
?se, the Infield Is the same as last
oar with Hellman or Hums at first;
oung. a great ballplayer, at second,
ad Bush ut short.
Vitt has not signed and there is a
lance ha will not play. 1( Vltt does
ot sign. Bobby Jones, a sensation at
an Francisco last year, ntuy get the |
>b. Dyer, one of the 30 odd .",00 hitirs
of the Western league, Is another
osslblllty, Ellison. an lufioldcr front
luscatlne, may have a chance.
Jennings also lias his troubles hi
to outfield. Crawford lias gone back ,
i far he probably will sit on the bench,
suitings can't forget that In 7s games
ist year Sam' averaged only about t
utout a game untl may decide to use I
Int as a pinch hitter.
Harper, who started well in 1910,
at was laid up for several weeks with
broken log, has a good chance tot i
te right field job and In case ho
oesn't make good llelliuau may be
Itlfled Into the field front first One
r tw other youngsters are trying to
11 Wahoo Sam's shoes.
Cobb and Veach are hard to heat.
There's the Detroit hall Huh A ;
lub full of possibilities, but with u
eak spot in the lnflehl, a hole in the
utileld and nn assortment uf pitchrs
which will make or break the outt.
Detroit looks like first division, but
cyontl that it is impossible to say ul!
lis time.
ligh School Girls
To Take Long Drive,
A party of High school girls of Weltler
Springs, headed by their teacher.,
liss Maud Hull, a former teacher in ,
he Butcher school here, have spent
lie pust few days in this city inspectig
school work in the various school '
f the city. The pat ty left this mornig
fcr Webster Springs via Coweu on
ccount of lhe washouts on the West
'irglnlu and Midland railroad. From
owen the party must drive fourteen
tiles to reach their destination. In tit"
arty were Miss Hull. Misses Belle
feathered, Beta Hicks. Madeline Co j
er. Nettle Gregory and Kate White.
\ Of Course
Going to tl
117- . I
w est i
Lunch Served ii
March 1
12 o'Clock Noon I
iM A. .
ilaffuF l
Fans Will Leave Tomorrow
Morning on Five o'clock
Scurrying down the street tills morning
at break ut day, eight Fairmont
High school basketball men hustled to
get the 7:lo train which was to carry
them to Buckhnnnon, and they hope,
lit- High school basketball championship
of the state. Those players on
whom Fairmont has based her chances
are Jimmy Knight. Hob Hawkins, Kussel
.Meredith. Robert Kllchle, Bud Wilson,
George Hill, I'nnl Dtnns and Paul
Motu than thirty teams are entered
this year in the big tournament,
which in tout yearn litis come to be
the biggest lllph school uthlotlc event
in the stntp. This afternoon thero
wore left hut a few tickets of the seventy-five
receive.! by Martin's book
store for sale to the local fans, und It
Is believed that fully seventy-five rooters
and suppotters of Fairmont will be
at Uuckhaunou tomorrow to see the
The funs will not leave until iu the
morning going from Knlnuonl on the
five o'clock car to Weston where a
train will ho Held to carry thoni tc
Uuokl.annou, arriving about nine
l-'rom what advance dope is to be secured.
1' looks as though the tight
would he hoi ween four teams, Fairmont.
'linrler.ton, Parkersbnrg auu
t'nlltedrjl High front Wheeling. There
is a strong possibility that among these
tour the winner will ho largely determined
by good luck In tho drawing.
Fairmont believes ihut can she meet
any of her big opponents at the start
of the tournament, she con beat theiu
with her speed, and is ctiually confident
tlint iu a filial contest she can
hold her own. for Fairmont High is
probably the best and hardest trained
bunch of uthletes entered.
The Word Butter.
ltuttcr is an old English word, botcre.
coming from the Greek for COW
and cheese. .You
be Central
/irginia f
Cars 11
i Building Daily
Jntil 10:30 P. M. j
[ON 25c I

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