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Musical Comedy.
HIppodrome.Zarrow's Variety Review
NeUon The Invisible Web
Princess Vanity
Dixie The Secret Kingdom i
Grand Pride of the Clan i
THE Dixie comes forth today with :
an unusually attractive layout, i
The sixth episode of "The Secret j
Kingdom." a superb Vltagraph serial.
Is the big number, but the long remembered
Prank Daniels will appeal strongly
to thoae who like good comedy.
Daniels is of the old school and no
matter how he mleht strive to get1
down to the preVaUing character of'
comedies he cannot lose his own mark-,
ed characteristics, which of course insures
something better than you'd expect
from the newly born comedians.
Karl Williams is also on tbo bill in
"The Scarlet Runner."
I'm wrong, all wrong. Easy. We said
we were ahead one piece of "Hildreth's
Original Velvet." And we thought we
were, but last night we discovered that
the Missus had been through our pock-1
ets and, of course, she ate the candy.!
Time Is a great leveler. In this case,1
assisted by the wife.
Tiny "Taddy" Lynch, the sweet hahy
of the happy Lynch family of five. A
marvelous little tot who has the "fin
ish" of a professional In her chosen i
work. Diminutive little miss?for po-,
liteness sake we never mention the j
age of the ladies, but we sometimes
gness. Say that she's over seven- but!
meet her; shake her pretty little right
hand with Its full crop of five baby
fingers anil have her greet you: "Delighted
to know you." A charming
grace and self possession that thrice
older persons may be pardoned to
envy. She's the sweet little baby of
a fond, loving mother. Perfectly hu
man. but wise 'way beyond her years.
It was our pleasure to grasp her tiny |
gloved hand extended to us In the i
course of a formal Introduction cngi-;
neered by "Dad." Her performance at |
the Hippodrome this week In company ,
with her a-llttle-oiuer brother and yet-,
a-blt-older sister has been a topic of I
. conversation in the homo circle of I
those who have seen her remarkable'
dancing, conversational and singing:
specialties. A perfect self-assurance, I
either on or oft the stage, and the Idol!
of brother, sister, "ma" and "pa." and
many of the public.
Someone said to me during one of'
her stage appearances. "My what a;
wonderful dancer she'll be when she 1
grows up." and then a terrible thought
possessed us. Supposing sho should
get big and fat; too heavy for sucn.
light foot work. But we can't conjurt i
the picture. She'll always be the'
sweet little Miss and live in memory 1
as the most accomplished little dancer:
" that has ever graced the Hipp boards.,
; Big and fat? Puffy, hippopotamus j
' like. Cgh! Horrible nightmare. Perish
the thought.
Bat think of the throbs and admiration
rttit" wilTspring-'n-p in the hearts
_ of hundreds of little girls who will be
at the reception she has planned to
give at the Hippodrome Theatre ou
Saturday afternoon It's her own big
Idea. She may pass this way but once
and she wants nil the little girls to repnember
her when she is speeding
about the country entertaining big and
. little folks in other cities with her
', wonderful terpsichorean art. She will
. 5 have a little memento to give to each
little new-found friend.
A change in program at the Hipp
today will place each member of the
Zarrow organization In a different role.
This very clever company of vaudevflllans
have a repertoire that knows
no limit and the versatility of each
performer permits the putting on of:
many things not Introduced in the'
U earlier programs. Last night's per-!
>. fonnance went across like a breeze'
? and the temperature of the audience
was in tune with the outside atmos- j
phere?correspondingly wanner. Lit-1
. tie Mies Lynch will greet all the little
' childreu at the matinee on Saturday
and to make it a big event Manager
Burka will admit free all children unit
der 10 years If accompanied by an
- adult.
The Nelson is again in line will? an
assortment of screen productions pleas-'
lngly?varled. The headline today Is I
a Black Cat feature, a brand of pict.
tures which have been Increasing in
y, popularity from week to week. The
title is "The Invisible Web." Two
| . comedies are Included in the bill, one!
i of them a high class parlor play with I
? rnarry Myers and Rosemary Theby i
[V "taking the responsibility for the laughs. ]
t:-.' "It's All Wrong" Is the title but as a,
L-" play "it's all right." "Tiny, Slim and
F ' Fit" is the label on another funny one
f .V that is full of quick action and amu3?
?ng situations. Billy Mason is the:
^ringleader who prods the risibles of
if young and old alike. Ruth Henesy
L helps so much to put this fun making I
festival across that If any split sides
^result from the antics the screen re- j
produces she's liable to a large degree 1
'- for the damage.
There Is a pleasing feature about I
(^Manager Nelson's dally selections due
Musterole Loosens Up Those Stiff
Joints?Drives Out Pain
I. YouTl know why thousands use Mus-;
Ujlfole once you experience the ir1?H ? *- ;
Kef it gives.
I Get a iar at once from the nearesr
I drug store It is a clean, white ointment,
fmade with the oil of mustard. Better
I than a mustard plaster and does not'
I Mister. Brings ease and comfort while
it fa being rubbed on!
U, Musterole is recommended by tnanv
doctors and nurses. Millions of "jars are
I used annually for bronchitis, croup, stiff
I neck, asthma, neuralgia, pleurisy rheuHSkttsm,
lumbago, pains and aches of the
^Kgfc.or joints, sprains, sore muscles,
chilblains, frosted feet, colds of
the chest (it often prevents gnenmoniaj.
Mrs. Wallls, popular club woman
New Orleans, Is said to be the on
woman In the south to manage a t
bacco shop. She took up the dutl
of her husband when he died a fe
years ago. She is president of ti
New Orleans chapter of United Daug
ters of the Confederacy, head of tl
New Orleans Federation of Womec
clubs and is active in D. A. R. circle
in a great measure to variety and be
Emmy Wehlen. Metro star, at tl
Princess today in "Vanity." has bee
remarkably successful in Wall stree
Shu is increasing her Investments b
cause she believes theic will be a re
ord-breaklng wave of prosperity in tl
United States during 1917.
"Tall hats always precede a bo
market," says Miss Wehlen. who ft
lows the market quotations as car
fully as she does the prevailing mode
"Have you noticed the new styles
headgear this spring? High hats ai
very much in vogue, and that is tl
most hopeful sign I know of. I hat
never known it to fail, either in n
own experience, or from poring ov<
old. historic costume plates of mat
periods of the world's history.
"On the other hand, low, squati
hats precede periods of depresslc
mj luc untrnei. t nave given me raa
ter considerable study and I find th;
just before the periods of panic ar
depression in 1893 and 1997 small, ug
hats were worn, unrelieved except 1
still bunches of flowers. Close ha
seem to be a sure forerunner of bat
Entertained Busy Bees
Mrs. Richard A. Shurtleff was ho
teas to the Busy Bee Circle of tl
PresbAerian Legion society yeste
day afternoon at her home on Fie
street. Needlework was the diver
slon of the afternoon and refres
ments were served.
A Sock Social
The Presbyterian Legion society h:
issued invitations for a "Sock socia
to be held on Monday evening of ne:
week at the Y. M. C. A. auditoriui
A sock of silk accompanies and rbyi
ed invitations to attend, the sock
<.uuiaiu au aiuuuui Ul iUUUCJ IU '-VJ
respond with the number of sock.
Dollar Social
The annual dollar social of th
guild of the Central Christian churi
was held last evening at the churt
and resulted in quite a nice sum c
money being taken in by the orgar
ration. A ile'ight.Jul program ws
carried out those taking part belt
Misses Grace Ott. Grace Jenifer. E
telle Horner. Eleanor Mayers, Rut
Phillips. Pauline Talkington, Marti
Johnson and Pauline Talkington.
social hour was enjoyed following tl
program which was greatly enjoy*
and refreshments were sereved.
jf== I HE search
i.. * will meet )
I _ ends happily or
new R &- G moc
- Slyla C-172 Fa.hior
toward the laced-front C
Of thii type the C~I72
^=== exponent.
' ;.r ,
For Mr*. Gather
Mrs. Harry Williamson entertained
at one o'clock luncheon on Thursday
at her home on Madison street honoring
her sister. Mrs. Thomas Cather,
of Winchester. Va., who Is her guest.
Covers were laid for ten.
Hope Mission Band to Meet
, 'The Hope Mission band of the M.
I P. Temple wilt meet on Saturday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Lawrence
! McCray on Hamilton street. Miss
i Gypsy Irwin will be the hostess.
Grace Aid
The regular monthly meeting of the
Ladles' Aid of Grace Lutheran church,
was held last night at the home of
Mrs. Amelia Stanhagen, 723 Walnut
street. Mrs. Fred W. Leltenberger
presiding. In the absence of Mrs.
Gwynn. Mrs. Lee Haas was appointed
as secretar? pro tem. The usual devotional
service was used. The various
committees gaves good reports. In
the absence of the treasurer. Mrs.
01 Pllson, the report was read by the
ly secretary- Preparations were made
jo. for the exchange to be held March 31.
e81 The moat interesting feature of the
| evening was the reading of the new
w I constitutition gy the secretary, which
! the committee. Mrs. Kneisei, Mrs.
h- Haas and Mrs. Leltenberger. so faithle
fully compiled. Sympathy was expresB.
ed for Mrs. William Shafferman, who
13 underwent an operation that same
'3. day: also for Mrs. i'ilson and the Gard^
ner family, both being in mourning on
account the loss of a brother by death.
' The happy report that the pastoc's
robe is here and ready for use on Palm
| Sunday, was quite welcome. On mo
mc uimmn iuijuurneu, wnn prayer
by the pastor, to meet In four weeks
at the home of Miss Miller. 139 Ma
e" pie avenue. A short socila hour was
c' spent and refreshments were served.
ie ....
C. E. Meeting
j The Executive committee of the Senlor
C. E. of Grace Lutheran church,
?" held a splendid business meeting lasi
:3- night in the pastor's study in the
'Q church. The new president. Miss Clara
re Learnan, conducted the meeting and
le explained the work. The committees
re gave splendid reports and signs of new
ly left were apparent everywhere. The
treasurer made an excellent report.
I}* The reading circle was discussed, an
effort made to get the church people
y to read more of the mission book3
and papers and to get more subscrib1
" ers for "The Lutheran Church Work
, and Observer." the official organ of
| the General Synod Lutheran church.
- Also Lutheran tracts and the Qua,y
dri-Centennlal literature, explaining
the work of the reformation. Other
"" plans were laid for important work
and a special meeting announced for
Sunday evening. March IS. at 8 p. m.
S. S. Association Met
s The S. S. Association of Grace Luthte
eran church met in monthly session
r- Wednesday after the Lenten service
Id William Shaffer, superintendent, pres
3iding. The new book case, made by
h William Stanhagem was received and
the bill ordered to be paid. A communication
from Mrs. Jolllff regarding
services for and gifts to her depart
ls ed son. was read and filed. Efforts
were made to meet the Sunday school
1C standards of the I. S. S. A., promoted
? by the West Virginia Sunday School
n. Association.
to ....
r. Meeting Today
The annual election of officers, reports
of officers and chairman of de
partmeiits and a musical program by
Miss Hael Back feature the meeting
? this afternoon of the Woman's Club
;u at the Watson hotel apartment. The
h polls opened at 2 o'clock and remain
ed open until 3:30.
ii? a * 9 9
Entertained Club
Mrs. Walter Watkins was hostess
ia IRON and woodworking machinery?
a New and second hand. Machine tools, lathes,
drills, sharers, planers, presses. Oarace machinery
Gasoline engines. Pumps, lectric motors,
id Ensrines, Boilers, Planers, band-saws, etc, Sa-v.
mill outfits. Beltin*. pulleys, shaftinc. Writs
today. BAIRD MACHINERY CO., Pittsburgh, Pa.
lit (
for the one corset that
/our every requirement I f
ice you inspect these tt 7
iels. \ \
! \
Styf? E-!
%4lll llftK surprising!]
I IV avcrag
I jij In the splendid E-500 1
age figure, quality is tl
I II feature. For you this
I if the assurance that your r
jlllpr their very best.
\W With the C-172 (lao
is typical of that thoughtf
V good taste that has mad<
first choice of the discrin
many years.
i i J turning ? - , ?
?g?in. ?n Sale. Ece
if the chief
Price J2.00
-"'i- wrffiriiiiir^
last evening at her home on 'Keller
Place to the members of the Betsy
Roes club. Twenty-uine members of
organization were dellghtfnll entertain
ed. The appointments were In keeping
with the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.
Edison Concert Successful
A large audience at the East Park
school last evening heard with pleas
ure a program of music rendered by
the Edison talking machine. L. N
Wetzel of the Ross Furniture com'
pant, which firm contributed the use
of the machine for the occasion, manipulated
the Instrument and a splendid
program was rendered. Mrs. Jas.
A. Meredith gave a delightful reading
and Mrs. Minor Dunham and Miss
Helen Stevenson rendered a dust of
patriotic melodies. Violin numbers
were rendered by Jamison Meredith
Otto Reed and piano cumbers by Miss
Nellls Mclntire. Mildred. Margaret and
Florence Coogle.
Stoetxer Band Tomorrow
The Stoetzer Mission band of the
first Presbyterian church will meet
on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
at the home of Miss Louise Ritchie
at 615 Locust avenue.
To Give Recital
The pupils In music of Miss M !
Beryl Stewart will give a piano re I
cital on Friday evening. March 23
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Francis
; E. Nichols, on Fairmont avenue,
i "Tunes of Yesterday" will be render
] cd by the students who will be attired I
In appropriate costumes. '
St. Patrick's P" arty
About 123 young people were entertained
at the Normal Dormatory
In honor of the young women who
I make home there. The event was ar1
ranged by Mrs. Aledda Snyder in
charge of the dormatory. assisted by
Miss Herriett Ohappell, supervisor of
Domestic Science. The appointments
were appropriate to the approaching
holiday and were of a unique and ar-,
tistlc nature. Refreshments were
served during the evening.
To Tournament
Mrs. E. tV. Howard and daughters
the Misses Dorothy and Mary Katharyn
Howard and niece. Miss Mary
Louise Conn, went to Buckhannon this
morning to attend the basketball tournament.
They wil^eturn Sunday.
If It's at the Hippodrome It
Must be Good.
H. D. Zarrow's
Variety Review
|! i With Five High Class Vaudeville
====== I
J Singing, Dancing and Comedy ;
' That Compares With the Best.
Three Shews Daily
! i Matinee 15e?Night 15c and 25c.
Complete Ch nge of
Program Today
iaSM i
100 A low-bust Cor*? of ^
r high quality?ideal for ==S?
e figure. Price $3.00
Model for the aver- =- ~
he one outstanding
means long use and lew
gowns will look - |
ed-front) the E-500 ; '
uKyorkmartship and = s
R 6- G Corsets the
linating these many,
rywhere i
i? :
? . ?
. ... h
UG, MARCH 16,1917.
| For > few daj
The New air
An Exclusive and Charmir
Millinery Modes
We invite every woman to visit the Mil
Their fashion points are distinctive an
definite word of the Easter vogue of th
Yet, with all their splendid points of f
naturally surprised at their moderate
sual thing by fetching high class millin
?$3.50 to $10. It will give us pleasure
Young Women's Prettiest
New Spring Clothes Are
All Ready Today
Coats, dresses skirts and suits of extraordinary
simplicity, showing the
latest phase of the great Paris artists
?a phase which will appeal to the
American woman as peculiarly adapted
to her out of doors life and expressive
of it.
You will be delighted with the fashion
and workmanship and, most of
all, the moderate prices.
Lines are straight and youthful, colors
are vivid.
Sport clothes are largely represented.
It will be a pleasure to "show them to
you. (Second Floor)
ISew Spring Shoes
We have just received two very attractive boots \
possessing the last word in style (or spring. j One
Is o( buckskin in a beautiful shade of fawn /.'
with a covered French heel. JM
The other comes with a dark brown calfskin HQ
vamp and fawn shade, buckskin top. and French
heel of leather.
Both are J10 a pair.
We are receiving new shoes 'most every day in
high and low heel styles. At present there are
new Spring stylos in gray, fawn, ivory, brown,
white and black boots whose prices ure far below
mnrlrof nrlooe "
Come in and see them.
(First Floor.)
Boy's New Easter
Clothes Are i
Readv cotorfui. i
luau; when s0 ma
Norfotis with patch pockets. Probably
N'ortolks with flap pockets. Nor- little and in
folks with pinch backs, Xorfolks advanced ne
with yokes, N'ortolks in pleated Taffeta is
styles?every kind of Norfolk that plaids, stripi
any boy can wish for or any moth- f3 a yard,
er likes to see her boy wear, Crepe de (
Browns, grays, tans, sheppard ln a" colors
checks and a good showing of blue SMk Khak
serge as welL Trices begin at 35 32.25 a ward
and go np to 315; sizes 1 to 13 Wash Silk
First Floor. ???
You Can Now 1
Sellers Kitcheneed
the Club Plan
$1 Down and $1 Weekly F
There la no other kitchen cabinet quite so good
Kitcheneed. It has more conveniences?improved c
than any other cabinet. It is perfectly sanitary, em
inside and in finished with beautifully grained oak, sol
tien. We will be pleased to show you all the dehai
cabinet when you call.
"s only we wflj r??????????
i~ \
id Authentic I
tg Collection of the Newest
Ready for Easter
linerv Room to see these new hats. yd
authoritative; they bring final and
e better dressed women. |? 9
ashion and their rich trimmings, one is
prices. We have again done the unuery
to Fairmont to sell at popular prices
to show them to you. Second Floor
Originality Distinguishes
New Spring Skirts
If any proof were needed of the com- It
ing vogue for separate skirts the II
pants taken by the designers would II
furnish it.
Never were skirts so wholly charm- II
ing?in line, in color, in all the things
that go to make that elusive thing
called style.
There are skirts of taffeta in plain col It
ors, plain and fancy pongee, striped H
and fancy silks, wool poplin, serge, H
striped velour, checked velours and
many distinctively new sport skirts II
of unusual colorings and designs. tt p
Prices run from $5 to $25. : w'?
(Second Floor.)
Jk Special Demonstra- 1
tion of
llllfp Today and |
fgH Tomorrow |
Jr.; t'S'.'il We are giving special demonstra- ||
.1 'i ' tior.s with the assistance of Miss N
%'p *T Towney of the Cossard Corset Co.
d-jli Not only can you obtain correct in- II
' V.'m \ formation regarding the new spring II |
i ; . \ styles in corsets, but yon can also II
i. i. I !,|M obtain authentic information regarding II B
su't3, drea6es' millinery and lingerie II
'ffl during this demonstraUon.
I I There is a decided change in the N
I | figure line this season. The smaller
\ / waist is returning, but in a new form. |l
\ Ao? ll *111 be weU for yon to ascertain l|:.
\ \jcJ?2 'he latest fashion news regarding cor- II
) In sets. It can be had for the asking ||
f K\ during this demonstration today and
VX. fnmnrw?r
First FIoot,
' Easter Silks Ready In I I
\11 Their Loveliness I I
nsplring and bea 'tlful There never was a season Ir-sr
ny costumes were fashioned with silk,
the reason la because silks have advanced very It
some cases not at all, and In no Instance have they
ar as much as other clothing material. II;
again the favored silk, and there are numerous
2s and plain colors to choose from. Prices $2 to
Shine and Georgette Crepe, 40 Inches wide, cornea II
i Kool, 36 Inches wide, in tan and oyster whlta,
36 inches wide, striped patterns, $1.25 a yard.
II * I
Buy the Famous I
tmvenlencea? [11 | 1 |-lB /
imeled on the
id In construe?

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