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* ?
P' Sworn
Chance Turns Coast
uer Over to Cubs for
Another Try.
f PASADENA, Cal.. March 16.?"Wha(
me not make good with that team'
You're got another guess coming."
Thus spoke Harry Woltcrs. turnnil
[s over by Frank Chance from the f.is
Angeles Pacific Coast leaguers to his
old team, tbo Chicago Cubs.
HKV'.' Wolterj Is the exception that makes
the "Busher" breed run true to form.
His is not the part of the shrinking
violet, the bashful beau or the coy
J maiden. Ob, not At the Cub head
' uarters In Pasadena the rest of the
raw recruits are battling valiantly
? lor regular Jobs with Inward prayer
. pnd considerable outward quailing
And Woltera is butting, too. l?ut
none of this shv. retiring staff fur
R fc*u
. '">Vl?ti, I can't mali? a regu.ar job
with any team in the National I i :ne.
I'm Enough with baseball." lie said
;; from'the bench the other da .
Jp- "These la only one thing tha, w'll
prevent mo from becoming a Cub cutfielder
this year. And that is the vitUT.
II they don't pay me the armey
I'm worth to a major league club, I'll
play .somewhere else."
Wallers was regarded as the best
outfielder In the Pacific Coast lea
sue in 4915, end also in 191G. He
played wonderful ball In 1915, cloltLi;
.357 ior the Lais Angeles team.
In 1916 business reverses took his
mind ofl baseball, but even at i'.?-l
lie Lung up a batting record of .297
He lf?l a fortune of many tl:u<j*aui
... dollars. Experts agreed that m wo-ild
haw led the league but for bis nls
Wollcic was with the Yankees fct
restores strength, vim and
vitality in a short
Iron increase- the red cospuscle* in
the blood', tbei eb> makl n rn iter ..ad
t purer. As Old H kciy i'mm < i.taint
one of the voiy btei forms of iron
that the human system can easily
sorb. It is not very long after you take
It that you feel atrorger and more vigorous.
Besides the Iron, there are e.v
irucuuu^ ul u nurnuer ui ionic anil pur
lfylng herbs, roots ami barks In Old
Hickory Tonic. They tone the stom.
ach, liver, kidneys and bowels, create
good appetite and cleanse the system
; ot poisons.
Old Hickory Tonic Is not a patent
: medicine. It is made from llio turmu
la of a family of doctors, who for over
a half' century used It in their own
practice. No other tonic they ever
prescribed would give the same good
results that their own preparation
gave, so they always returned to it.
If you are weak and sickly, go to the
drug store at once and buy a good big
S bottle of Old Hickory' Tonic. Take ae
cording to directions and notice how
. . quickly health and strength returns.
Then ask your druggist for the lowest
' price cm six bottlos and continue the
areatraent until you are thoroughly
"well. You'll find It a good Investment,
for vto be weak and sickly Is the most
expensive thing In the world.
It tffsctlvs la traatlai
Dlu WlErirat
Piml Port it daM-Prji II, or 8 bou>? tl 'A
ih* bvaw nfiBE5ffcSL ceiciieiATi. o.
IGlrlfl of Kdinhureh, Scotland, for
and played* recently for the benefit
, several seasons but was sent h.u h t
the n.. or? bv Frank Chain - wh- :i I"
I I.ij11. 1 his icy. I.ater. Chan . t
I stimed the management of the fx
.Angeles club. and confessed that ii
| he liad made a mistake In dropplh
| Woltors from the Yankee payroll, nftf
; watching the outfielder lor n seasu
; with l.os AttKeles.
Chance believes that Wolters. pla;
Ink in his old team, will set the N:
tional leagac on fire this season.
Manager Mitchell of the Cubs r
fuses to go on record at this earl
dale with any definite dope.
It's too early, is all he will say.
Hut while the reBt of the colts at
running around on wobbly pins, pla;
Ing poor ball part of the time bccaue
of nervousness and anxiety. Woltei
Is swatting 'em right and left wit
reckless abandon, and scooping 'el
up with the ease of an old-timer.
"Yes." su7. "e. "when I can't tnak
a Job with any team in the Xationi
league. I'm througn with haseball. I'
pack up my duds and look fur som<
thing else."
University Lads to
Play on East Sid<
i The ( ommoncr Club of the Unive
! sitv will tie Into the ICust Side club t(
I night 011 the lvast Side floor. in whe
Is probably the biggest game the 'cros
! river bovs have had and what wl
; probably he their last game or the se;
| son. Some of the University player
; are on the Commoner club team and
I is expected the locals will have the:
j work cut cut for them.
MORGANTOWN. March IB.?All tb
union Journeymen barbers of Morgai
town walked out on a strike at neon li
lay as the result of u refusal ot pri
prlctors to grant recent demands fc
increased wages. The wage increas
is based upon a raise by the unlo
prices for hair-cutting and neck-shalug
recently agreed upon by the unloi
although the proprietors declare the
refused to accede to them. The loci
scale is based upon a percentage <
the gross receipts over certain sun.
The new slip-on overcoat
gray, green and heather
and easy fitting. They ;
under the shoulders.
Also some of the new tre
itary tendency. Anovelt
knitted material very fin<
ing style. These Spring
They are madras and rep
and colors.. Very smart!;
are extra good shirts fo:
New *
Ties ^
o(Wo $1.50 ^
soccer for charity; ;
Ba * jflB
m ed trams, donned aoccor football toga
of a soldiers* and sailors* charity.
Niort .SlrinK'
! afS^FtS-.y.
Hoyt. the giant who jumped center!
i- for D. & K.. couldn't get up in the air,
high enough 10 keep "Ilap" from get-:
c- ting the tip off.
The Commoner club, from Morgan-|
town, is with us this evening. A has-;
'? ketball team front u club with sucli a
>' name shoudn'l be expected to put up
e a fight.
> Dja ever maka date with yer girl
:n to go downlowu and only have 24
! couts and know she wasted to see Zar-j
o row's lteviow a: the Hipp and you I
l' couldn't ask her to sit in the gallery?
11 you might try lid Worthingtou's plan,
Ed makes his girl walk and walk!
and walk and then when sho's about
ready to drop he says, "Let's go ?own
to the postofice." and so because she's
_ too weak to talk buck they spend a
b pleasant evening reading the numbers
i on the mail boxes.
" I BUFFALO, March 16.?The Medical
j Association, o! which Dr. I'lerce is
13 president, has placed at the disposal
11 dr President Wilson 25.000 acres of!
a coal land at Pierceton, Ala., for tlioj
a duration of the war. The coal mine,
tv fully equipped with mining machinery I
ir producing the very hest steam coal, J
and 12 miles of railroad, is offered to
the I'nlted State;; government for its
tree use in cusc of war
> PIEDMONT. W: Va., March lfi.?
a- tVado Brown, a negro, aged 22. jailed
ir here for assaulting 12-year-old Krtua
.a Mclntyre. a white girl. In the hifsen
mcnt of the Bnltlmore and Ohio railv
road station, was rushed out of town
i, when feeling arose to such an extent
y that it was feared the negro would be
tl lynched. Great excitement prevailed,
>f but the police succeeded in spiriting
the negro out of town.
If TKV m
ir?r Mem
;s come in soft shades of
mixtures. They are loose
are skeleton lined with silk
nch coats with a strong mily
is a "Knit-tex" coat of soft
ily woven, cut in semi-formOvercoats
are $20 and $25.
Dollar ShirtsI
? Jj_t_ _
in on i|jco ui variuuo wiuins
f made with soft cuffs. They
r $1.00. (First Floor)
~Z ~ New
C\1 Spring
$5.00 to $7.00 !
oev: ouiT A
- - - A "A
D. & E. Was Just One Point
to the Good When the
Game EndedFairmont
"Y" last night all but defeated
D. &. I-:., state champions, at
basketball, Welrner for tbo visitor,
caging a goal that changed the score
trom 21 to 20 In favor of the "Y" to
22-21 In favor of D. & E? In the last
twenty seconds of play.
Fairmont took a lead at the start,
the first ten minutes of play seeing
but one score made, theu In a few minutes
Fairmont had run the score up to
7 to 1, when the D. & E. boys began to
get going and the half finished 12 to 12
In favor of the locals.
D. & E.'s victory was won on fouls,
both teams caging nine field goals but
D. & K. muking 4 out of 8 tries, and
Fairmont but 3 out vf 10. In its floor
work, and at times Its shooting, the
Fairmont teom showed the best form
of the season. Fairmont's guarding,
in ail positions, wus tho closest seen
tills 'year and caused D. & K. to have
to take long shots, the majority of
which fallen. John Heed was particularly
good at his shooting and caged
two nrettv ones under thu board with
one lianileil over tbci shoulder swings
while closely guarded.
Since tlielr showing last night, Fairmont
Is demanding a game with Grafton
"Y" which every naturally is doing
Its best to prevent another game to
decido the honors between the two
teams. It Is believed however, that a
game will be arranged in the near future.
A little extra thrill was thrown in
last night when "Biz" Dawson, last
year's Clarksburg High boy. got his
dander up and started fireworks witb
"Happy" Hawkins. Hawkins Just took
him gently by the neck and was cheerIt's
YES* just
hot morning
?it's toasted
This toast
the real Burl
Until now it
now the toast
and keeps th?
Of course }
the real Bu
cause it's Bur
is "blame gc
you smokers
Begin tryir
Strike, the re
?it's toasted
II yoor doctor diti mi cxrrf
tkrn, tend $1 for o cortoo of
10 pub|ii to Tlo Awiioa
Tobacco Co., Now York City
4 QualshntseCBf
\ N
" vijEUi.XMHA.TS
fully twisting his bead off when other
i players persuaded peace. The acore:
! Fairmont, 21. D. A E.. 22.
I McClure F Welmcr
I Reed F Cutridit
j Hawkins C Jloyt
Ward G Dawson
Teothman G Whetsel!
Field goals?Fairmont: McClure. !:
Iteed. 4; Hawkins, 2; Ward. 1. D. k.
E.: Welmer, 3; Outright, 2: Hoyt. 1;
Dawson, 2; Whctsell. 1. Foul baskets?,
Fairmont: McCluro, 2 out of fl; Reed, j
1 out of 1. D & E.: Whetsell, 4 out1
The Cigars ^
You Wear
Do With
You wouldn't let a
didn't like, so why let
A certain class of
clothes from the sam
they have always dea
T 1. ~ J xt_?_
jajuk aruunu mis sea
shop. Come to a sho]
and clothes aftenvar
slap-dash methods pr
Wa have now on display a
You'll want a new suit or
for yourself. Just what we r
Arrow Shirts
the same as your
i, brown, butteredtoast.
The tobacco
ing has given you
ley cigarette at last,
couldn't be made;
ing holds the flavor
e cigarette tresn.
rou'll want to smoke
rley cigarette?beleyi
toasted. Burley
>od" tobacco; and
a^e for it.
lg it today: Lucky
ia! Burley cigarette
of S. Referee. Ralph Hamilton. Tima ?
if periods. 20 minutes. ni
The Knights of St. l'aul nnii the c'
Jones' Scouts will meet on the East *'
Side club floor at 0:30 this evening.
The came Is a regularly echeduleil one s<
of the boys' league and Is expected to j.
bo a hard anil well played contest. ll
CHARLESTON. W. V.. March 10? w
Gov. John J. Ccrnwell will havo no per tl
foil Smoke and
Certainly Have
i Ynur Dave nf P
tobacconist sell you a cigar
, a clothier sell you clothes you
men are continually purch
e old place, simply because, the
It with says they're all right.
son?come to a new
i where service is first A
ds?a shop where no
great number of this season'* most faahit
ROM $15 UP.
top coat for Easter anrj we suggest you
nean when we say service first and clothi
I jvi IIMi
t VOW ASkfcC \WHAT IS K ?(c HAS To
I ,;** ..'i
30RTS |
>nal staff. Should the occasion deand
ihc presenceof a military escort,
le military department may be called
? to furnish It. but there will be no
vlllan military tltleholdcra n earing
tangles and cold braid.
Asked today for the go'ernor's renin
In not appointing a personal staff,
mics \V. Weir, private secretary to
.o governor, tamed & statement in
hlcb be said that the personal staff
as an utterly useless appendage, and
tat "this Is no ttr.ic for tin soldiers."
the Clothes
a Lot to
w vresiBga^aw| I
inable fabrics?TAILORcome
down now?and sea
es afterwerda.
Stetson Hats
1 J
jenwill dmonitrtte
ou how the tobacco
a* ToImco Cfc. It*.. U1T
BCTofeE rrs ^

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