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40,000 EX1
This is one of the most important weeks
member that! This week you must let you
and subscriptions, talk votes and subscript
plete every set that you get started, and
votes on this list have been put there by t
1!J 4 *if . if
canaiaaies even in some cases wnnout tne
the list, if you would spend a little time bo
friends would work their heads off for yo
This district will receive one award of $200 in gold, one
award of $100 in Gold, one award of $50 In gold and one
award of $25 in Gold, regardless of which every district
secures two capital awards of $1000 and $500 respectively.
All others who take part in the Golden Festival will receive
a commission of ten per cent.
Minn Kutherlne Ford. 210 Walnut Ave 21,650
MIsiS Mary Bltner. 23S Pcnn Ave 28,100
Miss Alwilda MIIIt, 724 Walnut Ave 35,250
Miss Hilda Grottendick. Xtli and GBHtou 31,000
Miss Gertrude Heurlng, 804 Gaston Ave 22,400
Miss Mary Byrne, 301 IllRh St 29,800
Miss Cora Cole. 710 I'enn Ave 30,100
.Mrs. Lillian BIliiiiKsIca, 408 I'enn Ave 20,400
Miss Octuvia liunt. 317 Chicago St 27.460
Miss Alice Snyder, care Dr. Waddell's office 31.400 i
Miss Helen McMillan, 311 Columbia St 24,600 |
miss uiurgarci nasaian, 222 staple Ave 33.100
Miss Margaret Jamison, 302 Ferry St 31,200
Minis Nellie Eeklcs, 332 Maple Ave 34,160
Miss Gypsy Ileynolds, ,".71 Ogdcn Ave 28,100
Miss Klla Straight, Chicago St 26,200
Miss Marie Barnes, Fairmont 25.300
Miss Fannio Funt, 321 Morgantowir Ave 22,300
Miss linnah Neptune, 1283 Penn Ave 20,300
Miss Minnie Brnnnon. Wnslilngton St 29,600
Miss Lulu Good, 125 l'enn Ave 30.700
Mrs. Father Hawkinborry. 90 Kabrnton Ave 26.500
Miss Mao Cunningham. 306 Naomi St 27.400
Miss Mario Dexter, Albert Court 35.100
Miss Florenco HIchnrdBon, 300 Bellevlew 28,300
Mrs. Edna Parish, 205 Liberty St 31,300
Miss Olive Fleming, Naomi St 29,700
Miss Nola Kennedy, Bellview 25,600
Mrs. Goldlo l'itzer. 212 Bellview 34,200
Miss Lelah Tucker, 306 Murray Ave 22,400
Miss Harriet Sheets, Murray Ave 24.000
Miss Dellab Hess, Liberty Ave 27,100
Mrs. F. S. White. 206 Naomi St 24,500
Mrs. Fred Cole. Murray Ave 29.950
Mrs..Lella Itlclimond. 404 Bellview Ave 30.100
Mrs. D. L. Jones, 313 Bellevlew Ave 31,900
jniBH rju;ine rarxcr, l.u? renn Ave 33,250 i
Mrs. A. B. Moors, 201 Naomi St 28,700
Miss Mildred Lous, 245 I'ena Ave 25,900
Mrs. Inez Amos, SIT Walnut Ave 29,800
Mrs. Wlllurd Ktnbrey. Plc(pont Ave 30(260 i
Mrs. Clarence Morgan, 432 Walnut Ave 27,000
Mrs. Leslie Michaels, Quincy St 25,850
Mrs. Gall Sluggers Smith. I'ierpont .yte 24,700
Mrs. W. F. MeCafferty. I'ierpont Ave 26,450
Mrs. CliurleB Michaels, 807 Broadway 29,300 i
Mrs. Edger Davis, 616 Oliver Ave 26,900 !
Miss Hose Swisher. 416 Walnut Ave 29,800 !
Miss Catherine Troxell. 511 Fifth St 28,800 |
Miss Florence Cavcnder. 109 Virginia Ave 25,000 |
Miss Irene Barnes, Cleveland Ave.. 28,700:
'.Mi..* Blanche Watson. 425 Walnut Ave 24,200
Mii.o Ruth Hamilton. 113 Fairmont Ave 30,200
Homer Thorn. 601 Palatine Ave..... 35,100
Alii;- Marjorie Mt'Kcmlree*. Martin's Drug Store 31,350
Mi'. -'K. Shrover. 425 Quincy St 30,150
Fruuie Cu: t'onley. 315 Monroe St 32,200
M:-. Arthur Stealey, 510 Benoui Ave 29,400 J
s? Mis, Edith Urvan. 202 Cast on Ave 29,650 1
M!.- Loir. Davis. 310 Chicago St 31,050 J
.' Mr . Agio's Kelley, 404 Main St 26,400
Miss Bssie Wiltong. 103 Ben ton Ferry Ave .... 28,100 J
'alias Josephine Layman. City 28,300 |
aliss Grace Clem. Fairmont 30.100
' alias Edna Bartbolad, E. Park near Morgautown. 26,900
Alius Nova Curry, Fairmont 29,600 1
Miss Nina Stansberry, Fairmont 31,300 j
Miss Geraldine Mapel, 916% Green St 28,400 j
Miss Claudia Layman, 516 llaymond St 32,300 j
Miss Lcthla Mann. 302 Fifth St 26,400 !
Miss Helen Sanderbeck. 6th St., Fairmont Ave. 31,750
$ Miss Grace Connef, Penn Ave 27,600 j
Miss Madge Swigor. 136 Benoni 25,800 j
Mrs. Alice Stevens. 309 Haymond St ' 30.100
Miss Ora Morris, 312 Water St 32,750
Miss Madeline Gasklll, 302 Bellview 29,400
Mrs. Mury Tennant, 1109 Penn Ave 33,600
Mrs. Bee Merrlfield, 200 Bellview 30,200
Mrs. Fred Whitman, 210 Liberty 28,300
Miss Annabeile Crawford, Murray Ave 26,700
Mrs. Bert Jones, 310 Highland Ave 29.950
Mrs. O. A. Watson, 204 Naomi St 32,560
Mrs. Clara Smith, 500 Buffalo 28,400
? Miss Dorothea West, 47 Factory St 30,150
Mrs. Gladys Gainer. 339 Penn Avo 32,050
Mrs. Arthur Brown, East Park 25,400
Mrs. Lewis Howard, 115 Grafton St ' 29,200
Mrs. Paul Hamilton, 115 Fairmont Avo 30,600
Mrsfl Fred Fisher, First St 30,100
Mrs. Harry Price. Fairmont 20.100
; Mrs. Harry Pitzer. 1105 Fenlmore 31,350
Mrs. Alva Hull. 505 Baryland Ave 28,500
( Mrs. God Cunningham. 326 Gaston Ave 29,950
.. ., ,,,.?. ... . ? *
y. jni'B. jiica. niuun, ova oasi .rura av? 27,BOO
Hiss Mary Sturm. 417 Quincy St. 110,100
jj Mrs. Beryl Crowell. BIO Fleming I'laco 25,050
Hiss Edna Jacobs, 308 Fairmont Ave. ...: 30,200
Mrs. W. El Buckey. SOt Locust Ave 29.SUU
' Miss Edna Warder, 4th and Locust Ave 32,150
- Hiss Mario Mutton, Fairmont 26.000
Ijfrs. Jeanettc Ford. 710 Fairfax St, 38,150
Wm. Lehman, 312 Walnut Ave 29,350
Alexander Robb, 307 Walnut Ave 30,200
T.tnri Hall. 510 5th St 32.450
Jeese Jamison, 404 Bellview 24.000
Geo. W. Woody, 400 Market St 28,800
Vrxtest Morgan, 603 Market St 37 oon
|P Mrs. Walter Zundell, 209 Grafton 31.000
ff Mrs. Georgia Ix>we, 207 High St 29,860
Mrs. B. F. rark9. 133 Chestnut 34,100
S Miss Edith Patton, 819 4th St 33,400
i Mr. Gerard Davis, 1104 Alexander I'ktco 177,800
jl John P. Helmick, Fairmont Ave 23,200
Miss Charlana Davis, 633 Walnut Ave 30.800
'j Mrs. Sue Satterflcld, 120 Iaimhert SI 38.250
Delbert H. Ice. 402 State St 31,750 i
Miss Geneva M. Leonard, 523 Walnut Ave 37,100 !
Miss Catherluo Curry. 97 Hawthorne St 32.S60
' Miss Uuth Travis, City 29.800
Mr. John Conaway, Madison St 19.050 1
ILllrs. O. E. Hoover, 108 May St. 2S.100 j
tee six months subscriptions
:hset of four yearly sub5
press that you turn in.
of the entire GOLDEN FESTIVAL. Reir
thoughts be of winning. Think votes
ions, get votes and subscriptions. Cornthen
get another. Over one half the
heir friends and acquaintances of the
candidates knowledge. If you are on
osting your own campaign, these same
u. 9 ?
Thlf district will receive one award of $200 In Qeld,
one award of $100 In Gold, one award of $50 In Oold and
oe award of $25 In Gold, regardleaa of which every dietrlct
tecurea the two capltel awarda of $1,000 and $500
reaptetively. All other* who take part in the Golden Feetlval
will reoelve a commission of ten per cent.
Mrs. Goldte Walker, R. F. D. 1, Falrvlew. W. Va. 33,050
MIbb Mary Murphy. Falrvlew, W. Va. 31,300
Miss Rose Yeager, R. F. D. 5, Box 4, Mannlngton 31,700
Mrs. Golda imnn, Mannlngton, W. Va 27,800
Mrs. Earl Mackey. R. F. D. 3. Mannlngton, W. Va. 36,800
Miss Leila Price. Mannlngton, W. Va. 38,700
Mlsr. Clara Jolllffe, Catawba, IV. Va 30,600
Mrs. Alma Lawlcr, Shlnnston, W. Va. 38,800 .
inn. nusseau Lynch, Shinnaton. W. Va. 32,150:
Mrs. Clyde Whiteman. Shinnston. W. Va 35,700 !
Mrs. Delia Malone, Little Falls, W. Va 26.2U0 i
Miss Ilearlo Johnson, Little Falls, W. Va 38,900 '
Miss Besslo Stewart, Lowesvllle. W. Va 37,150
Miss Maggie Fisher, Lowesvllle, \V. Va. 37,200 j
Miss Roxie Michael, Lowesvllle. W. Va 30.300 !
Mrs. Marvel Davis. Farmlngton. W. Va 33,300 i
Mrs. Will Downs, Farmlngton. W. Va 28,500 [
Miss Hazel Bock, Farmington, W. Vn 29,800 j
Mrs. Ray Kelley, Farmington. W. Va 31,8501
Mrs. Nellio Vincent. H. F. D. 7. Watson 31.800 j
Miss Anna Linn. R. F. D. 7. Watson 29,700 ;
Miss Ruth Mort. Monongah. W. Va 26.900
Mrs. J. R. Lake, Monongah. W. Va 29,200
Miss Ronnie Fleming, Monongah, W. Va 27,650
Miss Olllc Jones, Monongah, W. Va 28JMIU
Miss Gertrude Fyles, Monongah, W. Va 33,450
Miss Maude Bloom, Middlcton, W. Va 29,400
MIsb Edith Davis. Middlcton. W. Va 29,900
Mrs. Howard Bennett, Middleton. W. V<a. ... 23.150
Mrs. Henry Hines, Grant Town. W. Va. ...... 23.150
Miss Alice Weber, Grant Town, W. Va 31,700
Miss Anna Lake, Grant Town, W. Va. ...... 24,250
Miss Delia Newman, Grand Town, W. Va 33.750
Miss Gertrude f'nnnwnv 'nnrro?i#,,nia nr it
_ ?.../rvii?vn? HOI ?? . * o. 10."OU [
Miss Millie Ice. Barrackvllle. W. Va 20,700
Miss Ruby Ford, Barrackvllle, W. Va HO,2501
Mrs. Virgil Jlorria, Baxter. W. Va 21.050
Mrs. Ed. Green, Bkxtor, IV. Va 22,500
Miss Ruth Allen, Baxter, W. Va 26,701),
Miss Miaud Cunningham, Baxter, W. Vn 27,200
Miss Beryl Baker. Mannlugton, W. Va 36,300
Mrs. W. J. Hamilton, Mannington, IV. Va 32.250
Miss Bertha Yost. Rt. 4. Mannington, W. Va 23,600 ,
Mrs. Lou Rice. Rt. 4, Mannington, W. Va 31.600!
Mrs. Denze! Carpenter, Fairmont 20,700 |
Mrs. Blanche Wilson, Mannington 32.650
Mrs. L. H. Watson, Catawha, W. Va? R. R. 1 32,350
Mrs. Ed. Kramer, Etttle Falls, W. Va.. R. R. 1... 26,700
MIsb Florence Swisher. R 11. 1. Catawha. W. Va. 23,900
Miss Neva Devault. It. R. 1, Oltawha, W. Va.... 29.650"
Miss Virginia Sanders, Cassvllle, W. Va 27,850'
Mrs. Rex Garrison, Core. W. Va 22,400 ,
Jars. J. W. Kennedy. Behler, W. Va 36.300 i
Mrs. Bell Conlray. Behler, W. Vn 29,600
Mrc r,. " "
vtHteu^c uui^uii lit. o, r ainuoni . ... 29,20"
Myrtle Floyd, lit. 2. Fairmont, \V. Va 23,700 ;
Mrs. Anna Gallaher, Rt. 8, Fairmont, W. Va. ... 35,450;
Sally Haddtz. Rt. 8, Fairmont, W. Va 2U.1U0 ,
Rev. O. A. Kelley. Blacksville, W. Va. 32,650
Mary C. Arnett, Lowesville, W. Va 30,300
W. H. Hayhurat, Colfax, \V. Va. 33,950
Mr?. Dora Hcult, Hoult, W. \\\ 34,700
Elza Hawkins. Hagans, W. Va 21,700
Miss Lorain Tliorn, Worthlngton 29.960
Mibs Myrtle Moran, Rt. 5, Fairmont 32,300
Miss Genevieve ParrlBh. Worthlngton 33.660'
Miss Pearl Waters, Fairvlew -? 34,200 j
Miss Elizabeth Fordyce, R. F. D. 1, Fairvlew 23,200
Miss Grace Park, R. F. D. 1, Fairvlew, W. Va. 28,250;
Mrs. Delia Summers, Catawba, W. Va 32,900 j
Mrs. Burgell Malone, Catawba. W. Va 31,150
Miss Mae Pyles, Catawba, W. Va 32,700 ,
Mrs. Cheater Jones. Shlnnston, W. Va 23,400 !
Miss Augustine McDermott, Shlnnston. W. Va. . 29,800
Miss Virginia Vanmetcr, Shlnnston, W. Va 26,450 .
Miss Hazel Rowand, Shlnnston, W. Va 22.400
Mrs. Birdie Haun, Little Falls, W. Va 28,800 j
Miss Gladys Baker, Little Falls, W. Va 80,650
Mrs. Lilly Bothwell, Loweaville. W. Va 30.200 '
Mrs. Jesse Arnett, Lowesville, W. Va 27,550 j
Mrs. Norman Wlldman. Lowesville. W. Va. ... 28.200
Miss Jesslo Hupp. Farmingt.on, W. Va 34,150
Miss Sylvia Brand, Farmington, W. Va 27,200
Mrs. Lulu Leeper, R. F. D. 7. Watson 81,600 '
Mrs. Robert Calvin, Monongah, W. Va 18,?On
Miss Massle Stricklcr, Monongah, W. Va 30,400
Miss Kate Price. Monongah, W. Va 20,100
Mills Fannie Knight, Mlddleton, W. Va 23,750
Miss Kate Vernon. Mlddleton, W. Va 29.700
Mrs.?C. D. Werner. Mlddleton, W. Va 33,400 i
Mrs. Roy Sullivan, Barrackvllle, W. Va. v.... 36,250
Mrs. Kate Barrackman, Barrackvllle, W. Va. ... 35,150 ,
Mrs. E. D. Brand, Barrackvllle. W. Va 20,700
Miss Grace Robinson, Barrackvllle, W. Va 27,600
Mtb. J. R. Tuckwlller, Baxter, W. Va 22,700 )
Mrs. Thomas McCormick. Baxter. W. Va 22,700 1
Miss Josephine Powell. Bnxter W v? ??1
. . - ' ? WO|0UU i
Mies Caroline Post, Baxter, W. Va 21,900]
Sirs. E. B. ltowe, Baxter, TV. Vs 28,750 j
.Miss Mystle Osborne, Baxtor, W. Va 29,150
Miss Adeline Downs, Mannlngton, IV. Va 34,850
Mrs. Clarence Atha, Rt. 4, Mannlugton 36,2601
Miss Mabel Vogen, Rt. 4, Mannlngton 26,700 !
Mlsa Emma Martin, Rt 4. Mnnnlngton 14,300
Mrs. Madge Thomas, Rt. 3, Fairmont 28,300
Mrs. lassie Hawkins, Fairmont 29,700!
Miss Blanche Baker, Rt. 6, Fairmont 30,750 j
Miss Olive Morgan, Rt. S, Ftalrmont 33,800 i
James Henderson, Rt. 3, Jackson Add 31,350
Fred Pitman, R. R. 1. Vorthlngton 24,650
Mrs. F. W. Satterrtold, Little Falls. W. Va. R. R. 1 20,600
Mrs. H. S. Malone, Catawba, TV. Va.. R. R. 1 26,100
Miss Ruth Carroll. R. R. 1. Catawba, W. Va. ... 32,350j
MIbb Gladys Myers. Castlville, "W. Va 34,750 i
Miss Margaret McElroy. Hagans, W. Va 26,500
Mrs. Nettle Moofe, Mooresvlllo, W. Va 28,000
Mrs. Geo. Rlnohart, Caesvillo, W. Va 25,400 J
Mrs. Oeorge Boyles, Hammond, W. Va 29,400
Mrs. Fred Hawkins, Colfax, W. Va 29,650
Miss Gladys Keener. Hammond, V, Va 31,350
Marv fnnswav Rt *? TT?uIrm<"?ri? w
V, ... .a .iU.O.lU
Elza Hopkins, Rt. 3, Banners, W. Va 20.100
Beatrice McConnell. Metz, \V. Vn ::a,400
Jesse Ornduff. Littleton. W. Va 28,900
Mrs. M. E. Hlunt, Burton, W. Vu 20,400
Mary W. Hucy, Rt. 1. Mannlngton. W. Va 26,250
Cora M. Henderson, CassvlUe, TV. Va 38,100
Harold Shoemaker. Rivesvllle 33,800
Miss Irene Straight, Rivesvllle 37,150
Mrs. P. J. Lang. Lowesville 34,950
Mrs. I. N. Longsti'eet, 401 James St., Mannlngton 29,800
Mrs. Mary Horner. P. Glover Gap 25,600
Mrs. Francis Hiuonnan, Glover Gap 29,800
Mrs. Francis Frltlz. Glover Gap 34,850
Miss Mable Yost, Glover Gap 28,600
Miss Georgia Sellors, Olover Gap 24,850
Mra. Delia Morris, Glover Gap 35,850
Miss Llna Laretv, Riiesvllle 30,100
Mrs. J. E. Slieplcr. Bentons Ferry 20,900
John Lynn. Bentons Ferry 51,350
Cora Valentine, nt 2, Rivesvllle 28.300
MIsb Ruby Williamson, Hammond, W. Va 30,650
Miss Madge Smith. Rivesvllle 36,200j
Miss Nellie Duncan. Mannlngton 27,900
Mlsa Minnie Cavmllnro. Rivesvllle, W. Va 26,750:
Mrs. Arch Bice. Montana 15.S00 i
Miss Anna Burke. Montana JG.150
Miss Dorn Keener. Montana 14,300
^ Want Some Extra Money? ^
j^j| Do you want some extra money? Want to make
V!fflA\ a few more dollars than you did last year don't you? ||NS
nH| Want to do a little better by two or three of the near-' IB
I er and dearer ones than you did last year don't you ? There
is a way for you to make all these plans come
true this year. There is a way for you to make more
Bkra than usual. There is a way and at the same time
Jfet never touch your regular income. There is a way ' . t^BI
Wnm aud not even use the money you have been hoarding JKJNJI
The way is the great Golden Festival of The West flPpg
f Virginian. On April 14th, this paper will give away j/Mjj
nearly three thousand dollars in gold and commis- [jjjtiI
I sions. Fill out the nomination blank today, and bring
it to the Golden Festival Manager's office and ipf him
P explain to you how to make some extra money. flSBVp
You will be bound to get something, and the
<sjm amount of your extra money will only be measured S
by the time you spend getting it.
| 40,000 Extra Votes 1
|| On Each Set of Three 6-Month Subscriptions
to The West Virginian or Four One-Year
Subscriptions to the Farmers Free Press WA
H Closes Saturday Night, March 24th 1
UJ/Jk If you want one of the golden prizes Thf West Virgin- Pftjgjn
ian is giving away absolutely free, it is up to you to get jM
the most number of votes. jWuHl
jj|^f I Saturday night of this week one of the most important mwN
K?vj|i periods of the entire Golden Festival comes to a close. Sat- Hjra
HgJ t arday night is the end of Opportunity Time. Saturday BlOj
fflVJJ night is the end of the big extra vote offer of 40,000 extra Wfftj
j{WA votes for each set of three six months subscriptions to the ' Ijw/k
Farmers Free Press. 'M/jM
This is one of the biggest weeks of the entire Golden
Festival. So far the Golden Festival is very even. Far too
EWvj iven. If you have completed one or more sets get others j|K? 1 <
5?^* and others. If you haven't completed a set, do it quick 1 IB*?!
Don't let a prospect pass you this week. You cannot and
m\ vm* iKm
MIf your name has not appeared on the list of nomina- Wffil
tfons; fill out the nomination blank and send it in, it is not iiffli
too late. You can enter today and win. /f/jffl 'jr'l
pi Golden Festival Manager's Office H
Wk iRoom 209 Jacobs Building
m/A c^! X \IT 17_ r?l < net I
rairmoiu, vv. va, rnones: \ cons. 827
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