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19 AGE -2
M All Your Sprii
H| Fashion Rei
can be met most advantag
lection of handsome outer
misses assembled at Harri
For here are the most be
extensive varieties, the la
rect, spring attire at the lo
I Suits that are veritable ]
)f style, quality, tailoring,
We are proud of these s
I convincingly what splend
this season. They are all t
the acid test of comparis
elsewhere at several dollar;
I WASHINGTON, D. C.. March 26.- i
One of the eight first-aid cars of the
Bureau of Mines la to b-> sent Into
West Virginia at once to give expert
Instructions to the wives and daugh
era of miners in first aid work. Heretofore,
this valuable educational course
was open to miners only; now their
women folk are to have the benefit of
' that knowledge. This car will visit
each and every' Important mining town
on the main line railroads, so that the {
opportunity may be said to be brought
to the very doors of the miners' famiUes.
The seven other cars will make
Uke journeys Into other coal-produc I
lng states, and the work outlined under I
the new pla nto include women is expected
to be of lncalcuable value. Tho
announcement of this Innovation is
contained In a statement issued by the
Bureau of Mines today. The step was!
taken after consultation with prominent
leaders of the miners and wtlh
coal operators. It was unanimously;
approved as a mot t desirable undcrtakWilliam
A. Mollohon has teen commissioned
postmaster at Stinson, W.
Iylsitorsto the city, alter looking
about at the uauai sights ottered in the
National Capital, invariably wind up
by requesting to be shown some sigus
of military preparedness which the papers
back home have been tcllinv tliem
has changed this city fino a bustling
beehive of activity, it is a request
which is decidedly embarrassing to
friend guide, lor if there are any signs ,
of preparedness hereabouts he read,
them in the newspapers. He recalls
that contracts were awarded a lew
days ago for a small fleet of submarine
chasers (whatever they may be! I,
and that there is a perceptible impetus
reported from recruiting stations.
There are no indications that the
languid clam usually to be found at
the War, State and Navy building has
been disturbed. But if friend guide
is hep to his Job, ho will convoy his inquiring
friend to the root of the Wlilard
hotel. There?anil os?y there?is to b;
found the solitary sign of warlike preparation
which the Nation's Capital has
to exhibit. At th<# appointed hour for
their daily drill, the visitors will see
a company of about fifty bell hops and
other attendants of the big hostelry
"doing their bit" under the dlrectto >
of T. P. Jones, superintendent of the
hotel's service department and former
nAn^>Ammliilr\noH nffiror in 1 Vio armv
? Theso young fellows arc much In earn- j
ast, and tbey are gettlDg all the military
knowledge that they can ?
way. (or they expect to be of some use
to their country, even If Its only to do
local guard duty at government buildings.
There is no foolishness about
them, they are serious, and they ex-.
pect to he needed, apparently being
more foreslghted than a good many
high government officials whose realt*
ration of their country's situation la
| about on a part with their knowledge
of hellhopplng. After beholding this
. little drama?or it is tragedy'?of mil
Itary preparedness against Prussianism.
the visitor may go back to hit
ig and Easter
eously in the immense colapparel
for women and
iautiful creations, the most
rgest assortments of corwest
prices in town.
ig Suits
.50 to $27.50
Spring Coats
.98 to $16.50
pring Dresses
.98 to $21.50
eat-Valuc-Interest. A tre>us
variety of Spring Suits
1.50 and $16.50
masterpieces in the matter
originality and moderate
uits, because they show so
id values we are offering
ailor-made, that will stand
on with models displayed
3 more. (Third Floor)
borne In the states knowing that whai
he read In his local paper about "work
rushing on the army ar.J nary" !s real
ly true.
There arc four Republifarf rcpresen
tatlves In Congress reported 111 at theli
homes, and one Democratic member
They are RepresentRtiTcs Edward
Cooper, of West Virginia; Osborne, ol
California; Hicks, 01 New York; Hill
of Connecticut; anil Lee. of Georgia
who la the lone Democrat In the quln
tette of afflicted. Ho Is the only out
or tncm oearlddor here, the others be
lug at their homes. With the House
a tie between the two parties, and Con
gress about to convene, the situation
is one which Is causing the Hepubll
can leaders uucasiners. They see thai
danger that tho House organization
may be lost to their party by reason ol
the enforced absence of some of these
members or all four of them.- The lat
est report from ucpresentalive Coopei
Is that he is considerably Improved afu!
is counting on being sufficiently recovered
10 make a Journey to Washington
in time for tbe opening session with
safety to bis health. The other Wesl
Virginian members of the West Vir
ginia delegation will artive next week
to olther lake part in the political pro
liminnrics, or to observe them close
!v. precedlrg the caucus of each of tlu
parties. The Democrats will caucus
on the night of the 30th and the Ilu
publicans will "confer" on the 31st.
As Former 'Governor Hatfield was
wont to observe, the mustachlo-draped
countenance of 'Ion Stuart F. Heel
will be the only "new face on . .. political
horizon," said horizon being
limited to the West Virginia delega
tlon In the House. Which is to remark
that Mr. Reed Is the only new member
to be added to the delegation as a re(
TUt TEAsCU y6<3
-I 1 BlTTta.~YDW
^ - ..'
' I.
^ ?*>
\A*W. 'z%
N , ,
The national monament to the In 1
I will be situated on Lookout Mountain
2,000 feet abovo the city and at a po I
i Colorado/ Wyoming. Nebraska and K
suit of last November's election. He
comes front the Clarksburg district, or '
the new Third, and, It for no other rea-1
son than one about to be mentioned.;
he will be warmly welcomed by bis,
Republican colleagues. Said reason Is 1
that lleed Is an orator (note?the dlf-j
| ferenee between an orator and Just,
[plain public speaker without trim-;
mings t. and the G. O. P. faction of tho!
| delegation realize that he will fill a i
i long felt want, oratorically consider-;
! ed. Up till now, Representative Neely 1
I lias been the only and only fireworks
artist on the delegation, but Neely being
a maporlty member his ability and
i proness to touch oft the rockets of
mellifluent rhetoric and the sparkling
. plnwheels of blghfalutin verbiage
meant nothing to the happiness in ~a
lives of the Repubs. But now that
j Stuart Itced is coming, they have
shirpctl and are cheerful in the thought
i that they have a white hope In Representative
Reed, who was oratorlng
when Neely was declaiming Sparticui
j10 the Gladiators In a baikwocds school
in Doddridge county. Thc.v claim that
! for oratory what Is oratory, Reed has
Neely fanning the air like a stuttering
; hoy. and that tho mitntle of Old Man
Eloquence himself descended direct
to Clarksburg's unbeatable statesman
I by virtue of a special codicil lr. the last
will and testament of the old codger.
Neely's friends have advocated preparedness
to him. They have warned
, him that his monopoly is challenged
by a platform veteran with as many
medals as Bandmaster Sousa, and that
the First district Dcmonsthenea better
have hla meals sent to his library while
he wrejtles with Modern Eloquonce,
Crabb's Synonymcs. and the Dresden
1 edition <if kl<e late lamented, much
abused and greatly beloved. Bob Ingersol.
j Corporation Gets Charter to
Build a New Rail
RICHMOND, Va . March 26?Charfor
building of n railroad styled the
Atlantic & Northwestern, from Harpers
Ferry, W. Va.. to Newport News,
with Washington capitalists behind
the project and with maximum capital
fixed at $50,000,000, was obtain!
ed here last week. It developed
! today, under terms of the charter, the
1 road may bo extended to Morgantowu.
W. Va.
Paul Dulaney. of Washington, vice
president of the company, who got the
papers here, U understood to be in
West Virginia today to get charter
rights there. Counties in Northern
Virginia through which it is proposed
to run the road arc Loudoun. Fauquier
and Prince William counties.
To what extont plans have- materialized
does not appear to be known here.
Besides Dulaney. officers of the company
are named as follows: William
B. Kmmert, president; B. F. Mays, secretary-treasurer;
all of Washington,
us arc all of the directors, as follows:
I William B. Emmert, Charles 11. St.
! John, Paul Dulaney. Albert*C. West.
John F. Major, John W. Fenton. Jr..
i and Ben F. Mays, all of Washington.
I The section of Eastern Virginia
- through which the Hue would pass to
reach Newport News is withoOt rail;
road facilities, hut there has been per
slstent reports the last several years
, that plans were being laid to construct
' a lino from Newport News to Washington
through the torritory in question.
* Ill HI' 1
- \>?~.j? ^Vijirj|^jiitf^?fci"' r*
wStfr"' "**B
le Col. William K. Cody. "Buffalo Bill."
near Denver. Colo., as hero shown,
Int from which parts of four states,
ansas, may be seen.
Annual Supper.
The Womuu's Foreign Missionary
Society of the First M. P. church will
have their annual supper Tuesday
evening. April 3d. at the church. The
affhlr has been postponed (rem tomorrow
evening to April 3.
Able to Be Out.
William Pride, who was seriously injured
recently by falling down the
stairs, at the home ot his daughter.
Mrs. Elmer Vanglldor ut Pleasant Valley.
Is now able to be out.
Very III.
Miss Ivy Morris is very ill at her
home on Morgantown avenue. Miss
Diltz is nursing rtcr. Miss Morris is
^^^twjtstue matter,
I w** vcu i t^s
[ umv.yj
(Tw?r iwsw ) ( (Z\
- ? .' . !
fENING, MARCH 26,191?.
i { m\ /
I 17 \m
| Other Stylist
I $18.50 $19.7!
I ^hu
?? ?
I suffering with typhoid fever, follow- j
j ing an attack of grip.
Went to Morgantown.
Mrs. Bailey Xuzum and daughter,
Mildred, and Miss Gertrude Crlss spent
Saturday in Morgantown.
Stitch and Chatter Club.
Mrs. Fred S. Harr, of Merchant |
street, will entertain the Stitch and
Chatter club on Thursday afternoon.
Revival Services Closed.
The revival services at ? i First M.
F. church were brought to a close last
night. Services have been held each
evening the past two weeks and much
good was accomplished.
sre's On<
le drink th
die si as well
older ones <
ewAwl.. aw I
fliwty cnjuy
Mi itV
ire's a Re as
cftY *-B<
v. oidnt vc
\Ttt' HAMMEa^y J&
'm, ^
Hf V
2p.&S Fas
_ / BEAU*
I 1 $25, $
/ ?.It is I
I i -] ? selection
yY\ group is
/?< I smartest
effects, f
els, stri
suits. U.
[ Suits at yelou^s;
I WU1W ??. llnS) Gal
C COI 7C etc. Be;
iJ yii*il J forworn
Spent Week-end Here.
Miss Alma I'elers, of Gralton. was
the guest of Miss Wagoner, of Raymond
Btreel t:ie past week-end.
Mrs. Boyd Vutllp. of Clarksburgspcn'.
Friday in this city.
Mrs. J. L. Little, of State street, has
been quite sick for at-vcral days.
Miss Effle Steele spent yesterday
at Clarksburg.
Miss Kninia Stealey who has been
quite sick. Is improving.
Jliss Sara Jacobs is ill at her home
on Guffcy street.
Dutch Tavern Coffee. "Pure, 8tronfl,
Delicious flavor.?Advt.
1?,^ ^y 'ii* I
jSjSpBt? -r- ?JH
a-atefrfHtriflrtr lirf 'iliritrt/li'ntfz
>hion Display |
Fascinating Styles
30, $35 up to $50 m
iard to state which price |
is most complete?each IS
so rich in its variety of Mj
new Easter styles, belted &
ileated models, sport mod- &
ctly tailored and dressy n
[aterials in Wool Jersey, ?
Poiret Twills, French Pop- g
>ardines and Silk Yo-San, g
autiful new spring shades SS
en and misses. a
\m\\v?///\\\nmvv wi? CHICAGO?"You
ought to went
skirts, then you couldn't pass as a man
under false pretenses,' said Judg'
Stelk to Charles Harris, age 30. Harris
said he stayed at home and took
care of the children while his win
went to work to support the family.
Heals Skin Diseases
It is unnecessary ior you to suffer
i with eczema, blotches, ringworm, rashes
and similar skin troubles. A little zemo.
obtained at anv drug store for 25c, or
$1.00 for extra large bottle, and promptly
' applied wilt usually give instant relief
from itching torture. It cleanses and
, soothes the skin and heals quickly and
effectively most skin diseases. <
Zemo is a wonderful, penetrating, disappearing
liquid and is soothing to the
mostsdelicate skin. It is not greasy, is
easily applied and costs little. Get it
today and save all further distress.
Notice to
All persons owing taxes at
this office are hereby notified
that I will proceed at once to
collect same according to law.
If you wish to avoid levy and
costs, pleaso call and settle at
C. D CONAWAY, Ex Sheriff.
Set of Teeth $8 .
crown and bridge wont. Sb.uO. |
Tooth fillings, 60c and up.
Examinations .aid estimates
rUntal IStAfhAlla hnxa tAlallw
changed In the last few years
and to get the best ot dentistry,
consult a dentist who is practising
the late methods.
We guarantee our work.
Office on Main street opposite
Court House, over S and 10 Cent
The Union Dentists
j Bell Phone 921 J.
?/ ft A . ^
'' I **^ti

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