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if ' IN THE ||i
' Muileal Comedy.
~ Hippodrome Winter Garden Girls
. Nelson The Vampires
Princess.. Border Wolves
f Dixie. The Bride of Hati
' Grand New York Peacock
r-p< HE present week will be a big one
W, I at the Hippodrome. Jack Grant
(g * and his "Winter Garden Girls '
started in for a full week there today,
" presenting "On the Veranda" for the
opening bill. This skit was presented j
on the previous appearance of this |
company several weens ago, dui omy i
for one day, and thlB facl created a div
appointment In some circles, as many !
. who had been lucky enough to see It:
told their friends about It, but It was!
too lat? for them to share in the enjoyment
of seeing it. This mouth-to
month, publicity resulted in numerous
j, requests reaching the Hippodrom*
- management from patrons who missed
It. Mr. Burka straightway arranged |
: with Mr. Grant to present it as the!
' opening bill. Featured in this plav,
are Miss Lola Vann and Grant, hlm
self, in "Black and Tan," which is
chock full of witty dialogue, humorous |
j. situations, eccentric dancing and ace |
; high singing. Our own "Doug" Klein-1
ing appears In a leading character part
In "On the Veranda" and sings n nutn
bar of songs. Krod ami Ova Hurley
present one of the classiest specialty
acts yet witnessed at this theatre
Both are possessed of excellent voices
and their work Is of the highest order.
(n this bill "Doug" Fleming will introduce
his "Harmony Boys," a trio of
singers who Introduce a number ot surprises.
The chorus is pretty and wel
R trained and every member of tue company
has an active part in the play,
which with the several specialty acts,
makes it a complete musical comedy
S such as :s rarely teen at regular house
prfces. This company played in -Morgan
town last week, which was its
third appearance there this season,
* and they played to packed houses at
every performance. This Is an unusual
experience In theatricals and has never
fallen to the lot of any other com
pany on this circuit, and it establishes
a record that has probably no parallel
There will be three changes of bill
during the week, and all are of a slmi%
lat quality, but the "Black and Tan"
act will bo producod only in "On the
Veranda," which will be put on today
and tomorrow.
Jackie Saunders, known as the
. "Maude Adams of the screen," Is the
newest Mutual star. Sho is being pre\
eented In a series or Rix five-reel proy
ductious by E. D. Horkheimer and they
will be released by the Mutual Mini
J Corporation. Tho first one is called
"Sunny Jane." The Btory was written
'especially for Miss Saunders by H. 0.
Stechhan and gives her a chance to
. romp and be lust her own natural self.
Frank Keenan and Margery Wilson
are starred in a Triangle Kay-Bee sensation
at the Dixie today, called "The
I Bride of Hate." It is intensely dra-1
matic and its theme is a thirst tor veil- j
geance on the part of a slave's master,
who Introduces her as "white" to the
betrayer of his grand niece. Blood
tells and she becomes "the bride of
.. The Kelson is showing as a headliner
today one of tho Vampire pictures
which havo created widespread
Interest in the larger cities all over
this country. There is a series or
>' them, each a complete story in themselves,
and tho one shown today was
oolontorl frnm frho prniin fl? hfllniT
moat thrilling detective story ever
screened. It Is n Fronch narrative and
deals with the super criminals of
? Paris. The title Is "The Detective's
I Harry Bartliolow, electrician at the
, Hippodrome,is back on the job alter
. being laid up lor over a mouth with a
; severe attack ot rheumatism. The result
of his extreme sufteriug is plainly
visible, but it didn't impair his checr:
lul disposition the slightest. Harry
I says that with a lew days in tiio beau
: tlful sunlight and work he'll be 100 pel
. cent, all right again.
Quite an array of motion picture
' celebrities are on the l'rinccss prodigram,
for today. Clec Madison, llobert |
Wilson, Jack Nelson, Molly Muloue and
Daniel Lelghton are all featured in -1
Hod Feather double number ot five j
''The Passing Parade." an organization
of 18 people will follow Grant'i
Winter Garden Girls at tho llippo
Guyandotte Club Coffee. "The Autocraft
of the Breakfast Table."?Advt.
"What Is Autof
if The best snd clearest definition is
J "Self-Intoxlcatlon, or poisoning by
*?cuu*puuiuis jjiuuuuku internally uy
g&Kj Physicians agree that the vast maJOrltv
of all Illness Is due to this cause,
1 brought on by accumulated -waste in
the Lower Intestine.
The one sure, natural and safe way
to keep the Intestine clean and free
it-;; from this waste Is by an occasional Ininternal
Bath with simple warm water,
i t! given by the "J. B. L. Cascade."
You will be astonished at your feet-i
ilngs the morning after taking an Intcrnal
Bath by means of the "J. B. L.
Cascade." You will feel bright, brisk,
confldeut, and as though everything Is
"working right"?and it is.
Half a million Americans are now
using this method, with resulting bettor
health and groater vigor. This
method will be explained to you by
Fairmont Pharmacy Co. who will also
! give you a most interesting book free
,'ca the subject by an eminent speclal'.'Ist
Ask or tend for this booklet, called
' "Why Man of Today is Inly 50 Per
.. .'Cent Efficientwhllo It Is on your
f SPEBtle
on coo
This week will be known an special t
prUe week In The West Virginian's
Great Golden Festival. One hundred
dollars In gold will be given away to
successful canuldates In tbe campaign
this week only. This hundred dollars
lit gold has been divided Into xU
prises, as follows: $5U.U0 in gold first.
prize; SUG.OO In gold second prize; |
$10,011 in gold third prize; $5.00 in gold
fourth fifth and sixth prizes.
These six gold prizes will be award- j
cd at the end of the week to the six
people who turn In the most money on ^
subscriptions throughout the week.!
New subscriptions, old subscriptions.1
arrearages will count. The subscrip- ]
tlon votes secured this week to apply [
on these six special prizes will count
just the sume towards the regular
awards at the end of the campaign.'
These votes can also be reserved just
the same as usual.
At the end of the week the winners
will be announced, and the prizes!
awarded at once, but the amount of
money turned in by the various winning
candidates will not be announced
uutll the end of the campaign. The j
reason for this is the fact that the I
votes are allowed to be reserved, and ;
if the winning amounts were publish- '
ed before the end of the Golden Festi-1
val. it would give awuy the hands of|
Contestants' Opportunity. I
This week will furnish opportunity
for everyone in the Golden Festival to j
be well paid for tbe week's work. The 1
person winning the first prize of $30.0;.
for the most inonoy turned in on subscriptions
will bo earning a salary
above the average.
This week furnishes an especially
good opportunity for those candidates
who haven't been very active them- ]
selves, up to this time. Without a doubt
these prizes will be won by a i
very few subscriptions. Muybe two or:
three yearly subscriptions will turn
the trick. Surely you know two or
three people who do not take the paper,
whom you can get to take it. If theyj
are taking some other paper they can
pay you for a yearly subscription to \
the West Virginian ami have the pa- \
To Whom It May Concern:
By virtue ol' the authority vested in
mo by a deed of trust bearing date
on the 15th day of August, 1910, executed
by Minnie Malono and J. G.
Malone, her husband, to tho undersigned
I\ B. Swcarlngen, Trustee, to sAure
to Marsellus Jollitl the payment of a
certain note therein described, said
trust deed being of record in the
Clerk's office of the County Court of
Marion county, West Virginia, ir. Trust
Deed Book No. 28, page 3S1, the undersigned
will offer for sale at public
auction to the highest and best bidder,
at the front door of the Court House
of said Marion county, West Virginia,
on the 21st day of April, 1917, at 2
o'clock ii. m.. the following described
real estate, towit:
All that certain piece or parcel of
land situate in the said county of Marion,
state of West Virginia, adjoining
lands of Thomas F. Tucker and others,
bounded as follows:
Beginning at a corner of said Thomas
F. Tucker's land and running thence
with a line of Rebecca Bock to a chestnut;
thence with a hue of said Bock's
land to a stake in a line of J. S. Rex
and M. A. Jolllff's land; thence with
a line of said Rex and Jollitf's land to
an l-llm; thence with a line of M. A. i
Jollitt's and Jacob S. llayden's land
to a chestnut oak; thence with a line
of same to the beginning, containing
about four acres.
Said sale will be made upon the following
terms: One-third of the pur
chase price cash in band on day of
sale, or so much more thereof as said
purchaser may elect to pay cash; ono '
third part thereof in one year after
tho date of said sale, with interest from
the date of said sale; and the remainins
one-third part thereof in two year3
from the date of Baid sale, with Interest
front the date of said srJe, and
tor which said deferred installments
the purchaser will bo required to exe-'
? ? ?? l..i.n.n ..n.An .... 11 .. ,.A?rl/,t-'ii I
lien will be retained on the face of said '
deed conveying title, to secure the payment
of said deferred purchase money
You'll ho surprised how quickly
"Celery-Mist" relieves neuralgia and
headache. Contains no opiates or narcotic
drugs. Pleasant to take. Only
5c a package at auy city or country
I /YUM? -Tump TUMP
( yaaa'.sprini
otofAtf akhukkv Witts
fcPAWlt*. V>C ..rrE? ? HA?
WIN^i* rtir?* ow vs so?
U1 ?????I
rams in !
per started at some time in the future,
whenever their present subscription
to the other paper runs out.
, Vou should do your best to win one ;
of these special prizes.
All Subscriptions Count. ,
Do not pass up anything in the I
j liapc of a subscription payment. |,
livery kind of a subscription payment!,
from a dollar up counts for you if you I
only collect it. Back payments, ad- i
vance payments, and new subscrlp-1
tlons ail count. You should see ail
your friends the very first thing and
secure their subscriptions, and then all j
your acquaintances. When you cannot
call upon them use the telephone 1
and write them personal letters. Or-!
ganizc them into committees and get:
a half dozen different people working !
for you. In this way you will have 1
much belter success.
New Vote Schedule.
This week and neit the largest vote
schedule of the entire campaign Is on.
This week and next you will get more
votes than at any other time during;
the Golden Festival. After next week I
l ho votes will be just ouo-thlrd less the
last week. This week and next you
must see everyone, do not let a possibility
get by you. This week you ;
will get just three times as many I
Great Gold
District No Ad
Many distressing Ail
by them are Alle
Pinkham's Veget
Here is Proof by W
Lowell, Mass.Iwen
troubled wit
feelings common
, vous condition, i
II rlnal rtf 4". VIA mA o
friend asked me t
ble Compound, wl
every way. I an
ache or pain. I u
Vegetable Compt
woman can take
She Tells Her Friends to Take 1
North Haven, Conn.?"When I v
which is a trouble all women hav
but after a while I got bearing dov
told me to try different things but
day my husband came home and sn
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a
them and took about 10 bottles of
feel myself regaining my health.
Sanative Wash and it has done rm
coming to my house who suffers fri
Life, I tell them to take the Pinkha
of us here who think the world of
Box 107, North Haven, Conn.
You are Invited to Wi
No other medicine has been so i
suffering as has I.ydia E. Pin]
Women may receive free and helj
E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, 1
and answed by women only and 1
y\ lfl ( CLARENCE-ifS SFRlUG
^"O" V ATYcrJTtoM! LEPTMJoin
:s.| -??,
,.?k ._ _ - . V . -;_ . i'- _'- _-?S_^!?
otes as any other time during the
jolden Festival.
Not Too Late to Enter.
The contest is just now getting unler
way, so it is not by any means too
ate to enter. New nominations are
>elng received every day. There are
ilx new candidates on the list today in
'act. So if you have been trying to do:!de
whether you would enter the
ioldcn Festival or not, act today. Ener
your own name or a friend and get
started r.t once, in order to take advauaeo
of the great number of free votes
his week.
BREAKFAST ? Creain of com on
oast; graham muffins; honey; cotee.
LUNCHEON?Potato rolls and baton;
stewed fruit; thin white sandwiches;
DINNER?Boiled mackerel; creamea
Ice; lettuce, radish and cucumber
talad; chocolate custard; coflee.
HE ;
en Festival
ments experienced
viated by Lydia E.
able Compound.
omen who Know.
-"For the last three yours T have
,h the Change of Life and the had
at that time. I was in a very nervith
headaches and pain a good
o I was unfit to do my work. A
0 try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetalich
I did, and it has helped me in
1 not nearly so nervous, no headlust
say that Lydia E. Pinkham's
>und is the best remedy any sick
."?Sirs. Marqaret Quins, Rear
Lowell, Mass.
lydia E. Pinkham's Remedies.
ras 45 I had the Change of Lifo
e. At first it didn't bother fno
m pains. I called in doctors who
they did not cure my pains. One
id, ' Why don't you try Lydia E.
nil Sanative Wash?' Well, I got
Vegetable Compound and could
I also used Lydia E. Pinkham's
> a great deal of good. Any one
sm female troubles or Change of
m remedies. There are about 20
them."?Mrs. Florence Iski.t.a,
rite for Free Advice,
mcccssfol in relieving woman's
kbam's Vegetable Compound.
>t ill ad vice by writing: the Lyd ia
Wass. Such letters are received
held in strict confidence!
\ /missspr1n6-i-\
"\ [ "Take MY ?Af on? \
y \ -to yoj-yoo j
/ V vllrt Irt A Hop*/
Evening Chat
Git yer (lag and hang her out.
We're gonna her a fight.
And most o' us hev list about
Concluded it is right.
The murmerlngs o' war hev been
A comin' closer to us
And it looks and seems that war
And nothln' else will do us;
And if we're gonna hev a scrap
Git busy and go to it.
Fer the sooner we begin the thing
The quicker we are through it?
It ain't no time'to talk about
The glorlesness o' peace.
Git down yer durned ole gun
And shine 'er up and give 'er greast
And git yer flag and hang 'er out
And show the manhood in ye
And let no shame o' cowardlse.
Come agin ole West Virginia.
A iter Ev
The Flat
Nine of the Higl
i /om ! -fnft-f baliav eueepv1
I swee-f skielu of He'w j
\ mowtf sprltfd-?ure/
oe^o\i^Xy^\ \.
Bankers who know what they en
talking about tell me that Uncle Sea
could sell two billion dollars' wort!
or bonds In two days, said Glrard It
the Philadelphia Public Lodger tlu
other day who continued as follows:
"The Interest on our existing na
tlonal debt Is a tax of only thirty centi
a year for each Inhabitant. Anothei
two billions would add only sixty centt
?a sum which thousands of pcrsoni
squander In a minute.
"Why. 1 saw a man at luncheon yes
terday who paid sixty cents apiece foi
cigars?the sixty cents needed to pa;
his aharo of a year's interest on twt
billions of a new Federal loan.
"England's debt now taxes every In
habitant of the United Kingdom ahou
$13 merely to pay Interest. The Unit
ed States could now profitably spom
two billion dollars for materials, equip
ment and supplies.
"And It would not be wasting thi
money, either. Nearly all oi it woult
go back into your pockets before yoi
I realized that it had gone out.
ery Meal
mm. _
for Lasts
hest in The Grea
I I[yi
I m\
I is WERE- 60 HOME Ati'J f s,
V DRIVERS AN' ' C-(-) - I *
X^??^?ES *) "V_ (-v - X
; ' .1 A .
i Mr. Cheese Perer and hit old Uncle
i Mots Beck should retire to their
i euros."
' Mist Florence Hogne. of the Wesleyj
an university, Is spending a vacation
' at home.
Mrs. J. IV. Deviston, of Grant Town,
. was .-nopplng at Fairmont Tuesday.
Miss Charleton. of Mannlngton. was'
r a week end guost of Miss Vivian Flow>
Mrs. George R. Miller was at Fairmont
shopping Tuesday afternoon.
' James Toothmun. of Gilboa. was
| visiting bis niece, Mrs. B. F. Amnions,
1 Friday.
Mrs. T. S. Neptune, of Fairmont, ti
visiting relatives at Toledo, Ohio.
J. C. Yost was a business vlsttoi
I at Fairmont Tuesday afternoon,
i Henry D. Eddy was a business yIMtor
at Fairmont Wednesday.
it Golden Festival
t ' 'y/
\ v;
)rt5 WCL.LHftV6\

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