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If your name or your address is listed wr
Manager so that he may correct the same.
1 Don't forget to look over that NEW VO1
the largest that will be given during the
150,000 extra votes for every $10.00 woi
is the best chance you will have. New car
anyone on the list, with a few hours work,
stand call on the manager to explain it tt
This district will receive one award of 1200 In gold, one i
award of $100 In Gold, ana award of $50 In gold and one
award of $25 in Gold, regardless of which every district
secures two capital awards of $1000 and $500 respectively.
All others who take part in the Golden Festival will receive
a commission of ten per cent
Mies Katherlne Ford, 210 Walnut Ave 43,860
Miss Mary Bttner, 228 Penn Aye 40,050
MiSB Alwllda Miller, 724 Walnut Are 46,700
Miss Gertrude Huering, 804 Gaston Ave 40,100
Miss Cora Cole. 716 Penn. Ave 49,650
Mrs. Lillian Billingslea, 408 Penn. Ave. 29,650
Miss Octavla Hunt, 317 Chicago St 38,660
Miss Alice Snyder, care Dr. Woddell's office... 36,200
Miss Helen McMillan, 311 Columbia St 39,960
Miss Margaret Jamison, 302 Ferry St 60,200
Miss Nellie Eckles, 322 Maple Ave 63,150
Miss Gypsy Reynolds, 671 Ogden Ava 37,760
Miss EUa Straight, Chicago St 41,200
Miss Marie Barnes, Fairmont 29,600
Mias Fannie Funt, 321 Morgantown Ave 49,860
Miss Hanah Neptune, 1283 Penn Ave 37,860
Miss Minnie Brannon, Washington St 46,300
Miss Mae Cunningham, 306 Naomi St 39,860
Miss Mario Dexter, Albert Court 46,550
Miss Florence Ricbardson, 300 Bellevlew 49,350
Miss Edna Parrlsh, 205 Liberty St..'. 38,750
Miss Olive Fleming, Naomi St 47.700
Miss Nola Kennedy, Bellevlew 49,600
Mrs. Goldle Pttrer, 212 Bellevlew 43,350
Miss Lelah Tucker, 306 Murray Ave 33,060
muh Harriett Sheets. 409 Murray Ave 36.600 |
Miss Dellah Hess, Liberty Ave .. 37,660
Mrs. F. S. White, 206 Naomi St 30,700
Mrs. Fred Cole, 300 Murray Ave 49,300
Mrs. Leila Richmond, 404 Bellevlew Ave 48,600
Mrs. D. L. Jones, 316 Bellvlew Ave 39,760
Miss Edithe Parker. 1319 Penn Ave 50,350
Ifn. A. B. Moore. 201 Naomi street 43,760
Miss Mildred Long, 345 Penn. Ave 37,400
Mrs. Inez AmoB, 317 Walnut Ave 32,650
Mrs. Willard Embrey, Plegpont Ave 30,250
Mrs. Clarence Morgan, 432 Waluut Ave 42,450
Mrs. Leslie Michaels, 427 Qulncy St 42,650
Mrs. Gall Staggers Smith, 557 Plerpont Ave 41,400
Mrs./W. F. McCafferty, Plerpont Ave 38,650
Mrs. Charles Michaels, 807 Broadway 33,950
Mrs. Edgar Davis, 616 Oliver Ave 31,350
Miss Rose. Swisher, 416 Walnut Ave 33.600
Misa Catherine Troxell. 606 Filth St 44,650
Miss Florence Cavender, 109 Virginia Ave 50,650
Miss Irene Barnes, Cleveland Ave 28,700
Miss Blanche Watson, 425 Walnut Ave 39,700
Miss Ruth Hamilton, 113 Fairmont Ave 30,200
Homer Thorn, 601 palatine Ave 50,750
Hiss Majorle McKendress, Martin's Drug Store 38.650
Hrs. E. Sbroyer, 425 Qulncy St 30,160
Francis Gay Conley, 315 Monroe St 39,950
Mrs. Arthur Stealey, 519 Benoul Ave 49,600
TOVHfrti Tipvnn 9ft9. rtanton Ave 33.400
MiPO ??* *? ?- ? ? .
Mlas Leila Davis, 316 Chicago St 42,850
Mrs. Agues Kelley, 414 Main St 46,300
Miss Bessie Wtlfong, 103 Benton Ferry Ave 40,650
Miss Josephine Layman. City 28.300
Miss Graoe Clem, 117 Morgantown Ave 49,650
fi&lsn Edna Bartholad, E. Park near Morgantown. 36.150
rMlss Neva Curry, Fairmont 33.650
I Miss Nina StanBbury, Fairmont 36,650
Miss Geraldtne Mapel, 916% Green St 46,200
Mtaa Claudia Layman, 516 Haymond St 30,800
Mlas Lethia Mann, 302 Fifth St 33,060
Miss Helen Sanderbeck, 6th St., Fairmont Ave.. 44.900
Miss Grace Connef, Penn Ave 27,600
Miss Madge Swiger, 136 Benont 35,650
? Mrs. Alice Stevens, 309 Haymond St 38,650
k Miss Ora Morris, 312 Water St 43,750
Miss Madeline Gasklll, 302 Bellovlew 42,600
Mrs. Mary Tennant, 1109 Penn Ave 44,500
Mrs. Bee Merrideld, 200 Bellvlow 37,300
Mrs. Fred Whitman. 210 Liberty 39,650
Miss Annabelle Crawford, Murray Ave 48,650
Mrs. Bert Jones, 310 Highland Ave 39,700
Mrs. O. A. Watson, 204 Naomi St 46,700
Mrs. Clara Smith, 500 Buffalo 40,150
Miss Dorothea West, 47 Factory St 40,050
Mrs. Gladyd Galnor, 339 Penn Ave 42,650
Mrs. Arthur Brown, East Park 29,950
Mrs. Lewis Howard. 115 Grafton St 39,700
Mrs. Paul Hamilton, 115 Fairmont Ave 36,850
Mrs. Fred Fisher, First st 30,100
Mrs. Harry Price, Fairmont v 32,160
Mrs. Harry Pitzer, 1105 Fonlmore 39,600
Mrs. Alva Hall, 506 Maryland Ave 33,900
Mrs. Gotf Cunningham, 326 Oaston Ave 40,600
Mrs. Alex Albert. 60S East Park Ave 43,750
Miss Mary Sturm. 417 Qulncy St 39,600
Mrs. Beryl Crowell, 616 Fleming Place 42,806
Miss Edna Jacobs, 308 Fairmont Ave 40,150
Mrs. \V. E. Buckoy, 804 Locust Ave 28,000
Miss Edna Warder, 4th and Locust Ave 48,950
Miss Marie Nutton. Fairmont 30,620
Mrs. Jeanette Ford, 719 Fairfax St 46,850
Wm. Lehman, 312 Walnut Ave 36.050
Alexander Robb. 307 Walnut Ave 30,200
Unn Hall. 510 6th St 40,060
Jesse Jamison, 404 Bellvlew 29,900
Geo. W. Woody, 406 Market St 28,800
Ernest Morgan, 603 Marke.. St 27,000
- Mrs. Walter Zuudell, 209 Grafton 38,600
f Mrs. Georgia Lowo, 207 High St 40,260
Mrs. B. F. Parks, 133 Chestnut 48.400
Mies Edith I'atton, 810 4th St 49,030
Mr. Gerard Davis, 1104 Alexander Place 23,750
john P. Helmick, Fairmont Ave 23,200
Ej, Ulna Charlana Davis, 533 Walnut Ave 51,250
Albert H. Ice, 402 State St 49.900
? Miss Geneva M. Leonard, 523 Walnut Ave 60.950
ISMlss Catherine Curry, 197 Hawthorne St 43.600
P[|rtls* ' Ruth Travis, . City 39.700
I? Mr. John Conaway, Madison St 38,250
I Mrs. G. E. Hoover, 100 May St 49,650
t>ng be sure to notify the Golden Festival
TE SCHEDULE on another page. It is
whole campaign.
Ih of subscriptions that you turn in. This,
ididates can enter now and catch up with
If there is anything you do not under>
Thi? dlftrict will receive one award of $200 in Gold,
one award of $100 In Gold, one award of $60 In Gold and
oe award of $25 In Gold, regardleas of which every dlr
trlct tecures the two capital awarda of $1,000 and $600
reapactlvely. All other* who take part in the Golden Festival
Will recelyp a commlialon of ten per cent.
Mre. Ooldle Walker, R. F. D. 1, Falrview. W. Va 4?,J50
Mlea Mary Murphy, Fairview, W. Va 62.060
Mlia Rose Veager. R. F. D. 6, Box 4. Mannlngton 38,760
Mrs. Golds Dunn, Mannlngton, W. Va 36,060
Mrs. Earl Mackey, R. F. D. 3, Mannlngton, W. Va 51,600
Mli? Clara Jolllffe, Catawba, W. Va....' 30.750
Mre. Ruesel Lynch. Shlnneton, W. Va 49.360
in re, uiyae xvhlteman, Shlnnston. W. Va 35,700
Mrs. Delia Malone, LIUle Falls, W. Va 40.650
Miss Bearle Johnson. Little Falls, W. Va 48,700
Miss Bessie Stewart, Lowesvlllc, XV. Va 37,150
Miss Maggie Fisher, Lowosvllle, XV. Va 36,750
Miss Roxla Michael, Lowesville, W. Va 40.750
Mrs. Marvel Davis, Farmlngton, XV. Va 39,860
Mrs. Ray Kelley, Farmlngton, XV. Va 40,950
Mrs. Nellie Vincent, R. F. D. 7, XVatson 39,550
Miss Anna Linn, R. F. D. 7, Watson 28,200
Miss Ruth Mort, Monongah, W. Va 36,600
Miss Bonnie Fleming, Monongah, XV. Va 49,450
Miss OlUe Jones, Monongah, XV. Va 2S.300
Miss Gertrude Pyles. Monongah, XXr. Va 41,750
Miss Maude Bloom, Mlddleton, XV. Va 42.5.00
Miss Edith Davis, Mlddleton, W. Va 32,800
Mrs. Howard Bennett, Mlddleton. XV. XTa 36,960
Miss Alice XVeber, Grant Town, XV. Va 43,950
Miss Anna Lake. Grant Town, XX". X"a 45,100
Miss Delia Newman, Grant Town, W. X*a 42.650
Miss Gertrude Conaway, Barrackville, XX". X'a.... 41,750
Miss Millie Ice. Barrackville. XX'. Va. 33,700
Miss Ruby Floyd. Barrackville, XV. Xru 37,450
Mrs. X'lrgll Morris, Baxter, XV. Va 50,050
Mrs. Ed. Green, Baxter. W. X'a.' 33,150
Miss Ruth Allen, Baxter, XV. Va 39.650
Miss Maud Cunningham, Baxter, XV. Va 41,250
Miss Heryl Baker, Mannlngton, XX". Va 53,950
Mrs. XV. J. Hamilton. Mannlngton, XX". Va 32,250
Miss Bertha Yost, Rt, 4. Mannlngton. XV. Va 41.800
Mrs. Lou Rice, Rt. 4, Mannlngton, XV. Va 31,600
Mrs. Blanche XX'llson, Mannlngton 32,650
Mrs. L. H. XX'atson. Catawba, XV. X"a? R. R. 1 32,350
Mrs. Ed. Kramer, Little Falls, XV. X'a., R. R. 1 39,600
Miss Florence Swisher, R. R.I. Catawba, XV. Xra 46,700
Miss Neva Devault. 11. R. 1, Catawba. XX". X'a 50.600
Miss Virginia Sanders, Cassville, XX". X7a 27.850
Mrs. Rex Garrison. Core, XV. Va 29,750
Mrs. J. XX". Kennedy. Behler. XX7. X"a 49.050
Mrs. Bell Conlray, Ueliler, XV. X'a 35,200
Mrs. Clarence Knight, Rt. 8, Fairmont 40,450
Myrtle Floyd, Rt. 2, Fairmont, XX'. X'a 30.100
Mrs. Anna Gallaher, Rt. 8, Fairmont, XX'; X'a 37,250
Sally Haddlx, Rt. 8, Fairmont, XV. X'a 34,950
Rev. O. A. Kelley, Blacksville, XX". X'a 32,650
Mary C. Arnett, Lowesville. XX'. X'a 36,150
XX'. il. Hay hurst, Colfux, XV. X'a 41,350
Mrs. Dora Hoult, Hoult. XX'. Xra 45,950
Elza Hawkins. Hagans. XX". X'a 30,650
Miss Lorain Thorn, \Xrorthlngton 32,700
Miss Myrtle Moran, Rt. 5, Fairmont 36,550
Miss Genevieve Parrish, XVorthington 60,700
Miss Pearl XVatera, Fairvicw 60,900
wir*.. ri!-nu?iL n -? " " ~ -
UIIMIU191II ruroyw, It. J"'; W. 1, J'HtrViOW ?2o,2U(l
Miss Grace Park, R. F. D. 1, Fairview, AA'. Va .'16,300
Mrs. Delia Summers, Catawba, AV. Va 46.85(1
Mrs. Burgell Malono, Catawba, W. Va 88,650
Miss Mae Pylos, Catawba, \V. Va 49,730
Mrs. Chester Jones, Shlnnston. W. Va 3S.500
Miss Augustine McDennott, Shiniistou, AV. Va. . 29,800
Miss Virginia Vanmoter, Shlnnston. V. Va 44,450
Miss Hazel Rowand, Shlnnston, \V. Va 29,000
Mrs. Birdie llaun. Little Falls, W. Va .70,300
Miss Gladys Baker, Little Falls. AV. Va 36,850
Mrs. Lilly Bothwell, Lowesville, AA'. Va 30,200
Mrs. Jesse Arnett, Lowesville, AV. Va 32,600
Mrs. Norman Wlldmau, Lowesville, AV. Ara 39,900
Miss Jessie Hupp, Farraington, AV. Va 51,200
Miss Sylvia Brand, Farmlngton. AA'. Va 48,950
Mrs. Lulu Leeper, R. F. D. 7, AVatson 36,400
Mrs. Robert Calvin, Monongah. AV. Va 25,350
Miss Massie Strlckler, Monongah, A\T. A'a 30,400
Miss Fannie Knight, Middleton, AA'. A'a 38,400
Miss Kate Vernon, Middleton, AV. A'a 38,650
Mrs. C. D. AA'erner, Middleton, AA'. Va 42,100
Mrs. Kate Barrackman, Barrackville, AAA Va..., 44.750
Mrs. E. D. Brand, Barrackville, AV. Va 38,850
Mrs. J. R. Tuckwiller, Baxter. AV. Va 40,250
Mrs. Thomas McCormick, Baxter. AV. Va 39,750
Miss Josephine Powell, Baxter. AV. A'a 43,250
Miss Caroline Post, Baxter, AV. A'a 30,060
Mrs E. B. Rowe, Baxter, AV. A'a 34,350
Miss Myrtle Osborne, Baxter, AV. Va 37,7l0
Miss Adeline Downs, Mannlngton, AV. Va 40,600
Mrs. Clarence Atba. Rt. 4. Mannln^tnn ???
-? nj?,iuu
Mlos Mabel Vogen, Rt. 4, Mannington 36,450
Misd Emma Martin, Rt. 4, Mannington 24,300
Mrs. Madge Thomas, Rt. 3, Fairmont 20,700
Miss Blanfche Baker, Rt. 6, Fairmont 48,850
Miss Olivo Morgan. Rt 3, Fairmont 51,600
James Henderson, Rt 3, Jackson Add ' 48,700
Fred Pitman, R. R. 1, Worthington 50,950
Mrs. F. W. Satterfleld, Little Falls, W. Va. R. R. 1 20,600
Mrs. H. S. Malone, Catawba. W. Va., R. It 1 38,700
Miss Rath Carroll, R. R. 1, Catawba, W. Va 41,650
Miss Gladys, Myers, Cassville, W. Va 45,660
Miss Margaret McElroy, Hagans. W. Va. 30,960
Mrs. Nettle Moore, Mooresvillo, W. Va 28,000
Mrs. Goo. Rinehart, Cassville, W. Va 37,350
Sirs. George Boyies, Hammond, W. Va 29,400
Mrs. Fred Hawkins, Colfax, W. Va 46,700
Miss Oladys Keener. Hammond, W. Va 39,850
Ma^ Conaway, Rt. 2. Fairmont W. Va 49,050
Elsa Hopkins. Rt. 5, Bunners, W. Va 28,600
Beatrice McConncll, Metz, W. Va 28,050
Jesse Ornduff, Littleton, W. Va 28.900
Mrs. M. E. Htmt, Burton, W. Va 39.060
Mary W. Huey, Rt. 1, Mannington, V. Va 40,060
P.nrn M 1-TnndArnrm faeuvrtllA TXT
? v?w,?.vi ?> ' iiojijuu
Harold Shoemaker. Rtvesvllle 43,200
misb Irene Straight. Rlveavllle 62,900
Mrs. P. L. Lang, Lowesvllle 34,960
Mrs. I. X. Longstreet 401 James St., Maanington 49.660
Mrs. Mary Horner, Glover Gap 27,060
Mrs. Francis Hlnerman, Glover Gap 32,360
MUa Mable Yost. Glover Gap 39,660
Miss Georgia Sellers. Glover Gap 39,660
Mrs. Delia Morris, Glover Gap 39,000
Miss Lina Larew. Rivfesville 4S.360
Mrs. J. E. Shepler, Benton's Ferry 39,360
John Lynn. Bontons Ferry 31,850
Cora Valontlne, Rt. 2. lUvesville 46,060
Miss Ruby Williamson, Hammond. W. Va 49,360
Miss Madge Smith, Rivesvllle 86,200
Miss Nellie Duncan, Manniugtou 36,050
Mies Minnie Cavallaro, Rlvesville, IV. Va 88,260
Mrs, Arch Bice, Montana 3o,450
Miss Anna Burke, Montana 33.650
Miss Dora Keener, Montana 29,660
Mrs". Sue Satterfinld. Monongali 47,100
Mrs. Lizzie irons, R. F. U. 7. Watson 39,600
Mias Day Cutlep. Farmliigton 89,350
.Miss Mamie Baker, Rt. 3, Fairmont 42.7W
I fcOOfl I
R N (|
j Six More Special Awards
i To Be Made March 31 in E?
\ The Great Golden Festival H
-Special Awards^ . |
_______________ First Prize ?50 in Gold R5I
p Second Prize $25 in Gold
Everyone ThirdPrizc S10in(.?,d Everyone fig
Starts Even Fourlh ?rizc K ln G?,d Starts Even
BnA Fifth Prize $5 in Gold ======r========s==; K&1
EJ3 Sixth Prize $5 in Gold Kg I
D?j Awarded March 31st kj9
?$0 Today starts SPECIAL AWAKD WEEK, in the West Virginian's Glwj
Kg Great Golden Festival. The Honor Roll proved so popular, and so
many came so near winning one of the special prizes that the West
Virginian has decided to give all another opportunity.
Consequently, starting today, and closing next Saturday night, Mfcl
March 31st, the West Virginian will give six sneeial awards. Tho si*
I IDE people who turn in the most money on subscriptions this week will
win them. This is your opportunity to win two awards in the Golden
flfoda Festival. One this week and one at the close. Winners of all special ' KB
Krl awards will have the same chance at the end as all others.
! The first special award will be fifty dollars in gold. The second
twenty five dollars in gold, the third ten, the fourth five, the fifth five
! and the sixth five dollars in gold.
5^1 Be sure you look over the new vote schedule on another page. This
is the largest vote offer that will be made during the Golden Festival,
gpfl Everything is announced for the balance of the campaign. Don't forF&i
get this is the biggest week of all. Make your plans big this week. WQ
M Clip This Coupon? It May Mean $50 for You jja|
P< Not Nomination Blank,/ Not j||j
T** /?/?/?// T (1(1(1 \Trx4*%m '
yy WWW l?/l V|VVV F VI*O QQ
^ a CHnJ
- I nominate tr,r?'w?;i'Mi'r<WM i'wi i w t murH.f i i j
mRl6 Street City t'nrriH ?nr>?. | ^
Nominated by
III to : Address to
In the Weit Virginian Golden Featlvml Only the ft ret nomination
FJ* blank sent In for each candidate will be counted. Muet be dipped out FJ* JL^-.
rjllTPir neatly and aont or brought to the Manager The Ooldtn reitlval, f\?irftlr
Room 200, Jacoba Building, Fairmont, W, Va,
Golden Festival Manager's Office II
Room 209 Jacobs Building |fl|
Rjjl Fairmont, W. Va. Phones: {com'ei? M

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