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| Evening Qiat
i; The black haired lass,
if Am moat sincere,
The light haired lass
K/ Am witty,
r. ' The strawberry blond,
jj" Am mighty sweet,
H The chestnut brown
jr Am protty,
But the kind o' hair
H That setB ye wild,
Bj , Completely turns ver head.
F And tolls yo from
Yer own flretlde
r Am red, sub,
i' Yefcsah, red.
approved grazing allowances for
the National Forests during the coming
season provide for the pasturing
of 8.400.155 sheen. 2.120.145 cattle and
horses and 54.680 swine. Those figures
'^compared with hose of last year, reppresent
an approximate Increase of 111"
000 cattle and horses and a decrease
of about 200.000 sheep. Grazing ex
'ports of the Forest Service flguro
that for the purpose of range allotment
one cow Is equal lo Ave sheep.
Consequently the Increase of 111.000
cattle and horses Is held to be equivalent
to a net Increase of 355,000 sheep
' or of 71,000 cattle, over the total num.ber
of stock gnazed last year. The deJ
crease In the number of sheep Is said
to bo caused by the action of owners
who are dispensing with their
flocks In order to buy cattle, in most
T cases the reason is not because of
greater profits in handling cattle, but
because the rapidly changing conditions
of open ranges w here sheep have
been handled In the past,' make It increasingly
difficult to find feed for
this class of stock during the months'
when deep snow prevents grazing on i
the National Forests.
It Is stated that the capacity of the
National Forest range is gradually being
increased by protection against
overgrazing and Improved methods of
handling the stock. New areas are
also being tyrought into use by the development
of watering places while
the eradication of poisonous plants Is
reducing the losses suffered by the
Governor Issues Ringing Ap
peal to Patrotic Spirit
of the People.
CHARLESTON \V. Va.. March 27?
fcrrj Governor John J. Corn will late yeajEiterday
issued a statement directed to;
KV'all the people of West Virginia urg-i
F'X lng that any indifference in the pres.!
|f.Y ant war crisis be supplanted by real
I Bp ^P%l
- ; The (utare queen of Wall street may
be Utss Carpenter, famous suffragist
leader, who has broken Into finance
r there. A stock exchange firm has
made her manager of its "woman's dc
ri-.^Amcrlfkin spirit. Hp says:
"On Monday next. April 2. Congress j
y.^. will convene to receive it message
T j from the President of the United
States. This last Congress, through
the action of a tew Senators withheld
\ from tho President the power ho
sought and which should have been
PV. given, to protect the lives of our citi-|
i*. zens, tifeir" property. their rights, and'
above alK' the nation's honor. Tliei
new Congress will certainly act. for!
; public sentiment has already mude itBelt
felt, but ,ln order that the sontl.
ment of the people of this state maybe
known and that tlie President and
OT those who surround him and aid him[
may understand that West Virginians j
are behind him In this, the greatest;
$ - 'moment of our countrvs history. Purge]
all patriotic organizations. G. A. R.
posts, all camps of confederate veter&'
ans, all commercial organizations, all
j boards of trade, chambers of roinf:
. mercc, Rotary clubs and other civic I
societies to hold special meetings on;
Monday, the 2d day of April, to pass
resolutions pledging their support to,
the President and the general Govern-;
ment In this crisis.
"Let the spirit of indifference and
disinterestedness that prevails in
Tf some remote sections give way to loyal,
virile Americanism. Wire tho resolution
to your Congressman and the
President and spread the spirit of na-!
tionallsm abroad. The days ahead
may be trying ones. There must lie
unity of action, unity of sentiment and
unity of purpose."
*{3.' -; aHg
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. March 26.?Po-|
lice of this city are baffled today over
the puzzle of the "child of mystery,"'
six-year-old Dorothy Lewis, who liasj
been taken from a man claiming to he,
Iter father and given to a wealthy!
Dorothy told Judge I'ortherfield of
the children's court, that Ft D. Lewis, r
75. was her father, that she had two
stepmothers and was born "at tinfoot
of the Herkshlres." i
Red Cross to Meet
The regular meeting of the Red
Cross society will be held tomorrow
afternoon at the headquarters In the
cty building. The' hours will be from
two to five and it Is urged that there
be a good attendance of the members
at this meeting.
ueuuieqo pajoaG
Mrs. It. M. Ilite was made vice chairman
of the Home Kconotnics department
of the Woman's club at a meet-!
Ing held yesterday afternoon. Tito
newly elected officers are: Mrs. T'. M.
Iloge. chairman, re-elected; Mrs. It. |
KT llJf.v id... ..'nnlMs.nt. on/1 IVTtuO i
11. ?IIC VllUlllUUil, auu iuioa
Helen Stevenson, secretary.
The meeting yt'slerduy nfternoon
was the hist meeting of the department
for the year and was partly of a social
nature, tea being served at the
close of the meeting. Prior to the ica
however, an interesting program was
rendered. A demonstration of lcr.lcu
sandwiches being glveu by Mrs. S. .1.;
Brobst nud an article on "Rice'* was
read by Mrs K. I*. Hail. Mrs. J. M.
Haggerty, of Farmlngton. head of a
committee from the Marion County
Central Home Economics department
was present yesterday and asked the
co-operation of the local department
to secure a trained worked io. tho
Girl's Canning club to fill t.te place
of Miss Cora Price, resigned. A eon.
mittce will lie appointed to woik with !
the central committee.
An Edison'conccrt aws a feature of
the entertainment yesterday, the machine
having been loaned by the Poss I
Furniture company and ws matnpu-!
lated by Miss Edna Jones. Mrs. I. ;
G. Hoggs and Mrs. W. I). Barringtoul
were hostesses at tho tea and were;
assisted by Mrs. \V. I). Straight and!
Mrs. Joseph Rosier at the tea iat'e.
Little Miss Harriet Marie Hog; also
assisted in serving.
m ?
Woman's Club Luncheon
Members of tlic Woman's club who
anticipate attending tho club luncheon
011 April 5 at the Watson 111 0.
..ie requested to notify Mrs. Ficd
Hclmick, chairman of the social canmittce,
this week if possible.
Visited Here
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Holbert
whose marriage in Pittsburgh Wd-> 0 re
cent event, were the guests here tor
ne week-end of the former's archer,
ill's. Helen Holbert. at Kdgemont. Air.
and Mrs. Holbert are leaving T'ittsbuigh
this week for Cour D'Ai.ua,
luaho, to spend the summer.
With Mrs. Haymond
The Vigilant Circle of King's Daughters
will meet on Thursday evening
at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Airs.
AUie Haymond on Main street. The
meeting was previously announced for
Thursday afternoon at tho home of
Mrs. 11. F. Smith. Business of importance
will be transacted and members
are asked to attend.
Wednesday, March 28, has been announced
as tho date for the marriage
of Miss Koberta Fleming, daughter
of .Mrs. ltobert Fleming, of this city, to
Major George Peed of the U. S. Army.
The event will be solemnized quietly
at the winter homo of the Flemings
Don't Tal
If your stomach-is strong, y
els regular, take care to kee
are important to your health
and avoid any risk of seriot
as needed, will help the dig
and regulate the habits. T
much needless suffering, :
Insure Go<
Sold by drataUt* throofhoat tbi
Directions of SpocJalValao to1
i fur fir
Lewis and the little girl lived in
Independence, near here, nine months
on Just enough to keep them alive.
Lewis talks vaguely of a large estate
coming to lilm and letters to a Mrs.
Lewis hint of the man's right to a
In spite of Lewis' alleged threats
lo kill himself if the child is taken
from him. Dorothy was given to the
cure of Mrs. Henry Dexter, a leader
in Catholic charities here.
in St. I.ucle. Fla. Announcement of
the engagement of Mies Fleming anil
Major Peed was made several weeks
ago. The latter is stationed at Fort
l.eawenworth, Rob.
Choral Society Tonight
The Fairmont Choral society will
meet tonight for rehearsal at 7:30
o'clock at the Y. M. C. A. auditorium.
Miss Alma Peters, who had been the
guest of relatives here has returned
io her home In Grafton.
Miss Eugenia Clark is .the guest of
her sister. Mrs. Fleming Howell, in
Mrs. R. E. Clinton, of Clarksburg,
is the guest of Miss Mary Deveny for
several days at her home on Watson
avenue. Mrs. Clinton and Miss Deveny
will go from here to Manningtou
to visit friends.
Miss Minnie Poling went to her
home at OcIIngton yesterday called
by I he illness of her mother.
Miss Frances Kinsey returned yes
>ui uu; li ism i\cjai;i " Hti u SUt: XlU'.i I
spent the week-end with relatives.
1. A. Aiken, of Kast Park avenue,'
has returned from a business trip tij
Brownsville, 1,'a.
Mr. attti Mrs. W. S. Hcnncn. of Washington.
D. 0., are the guests of relatives
in the city for a few days.
Mrs. Jennie iless is the guest Of Mrs.
/ana Blacksliere at her home in Mat.nington.
Miss lva Morris is ill at her home on
Morgantown avenue.
Mrs. K. I.auderbaugh and Miss Anna
C'urran, of Mannington. were visitors
In the city yesterday.
How to Heal
A Baltimore doctor suggests this
simple, but reliable and inexpensive,
home treatment for people Buffering
with eczema, ring
worm, rashes and
similar itching, burning
skin troubles. /
At nnv reliable
druggist's get a jar of V I
resinol ointment and
ft cake of resinol soap. /
These are not at all expensive. With
the resinol soap and warm water bathe
the affected parts thoroughly, until |
they are free from crusts and the skin
is softened. Dry very gently, spread
on a thin layer of the resinol ointment,
and cover with a light bandage?if necessary
to protect the clothing. This
Bhould be done twice a day. Usually
the itching and burning stop with the
first treatment, and the skin soon becomes
clear and healthy again.
Almost any soap will clean the skin
and hair. But those who want a soap
wnion not only eleaneea hut actually
help* the complexion and hair aro wise
to chooac rcsinol soap.
te Risks
our liver active, and bowp
them so. These organs
. Keep them in order with
n's Pills
- ? *
us iiiness. A dose or two
lestion, stimulate the bile,
heir timely use will save
fortify the system and
3d Health
world, la kna, 10e- 28c.
Woman are with Evary Bos.
~T~i ~ The Easter Silk
\_\ ?%n f They are the sllka everybody
f\ VI \ u W11 U. Into lovely Easter suits and gowi
V KMvwVaJmm Taceta In plaids, stripes and pi
^V vvVlV Crepe de chine and Georgette
all colors, $1.75 a yard.
Easter Fashions A
. Departments filled with people eagi
emphasizes the beauty and charm witf
Wraps, Corsets, Lingerie, Shoes?new F
ing difficulties, there shall be no inspiratic
I Just Why She Said It I
I do not know, but that fine lady
really did say?
?only she was mistaken. Nobody knows so much
about it as the writer, who surely knows how
much better the store is than it used to be, and
even more, he knows how much better it will be
because of the diligent study and earnest effort,
to every day improve something.
To be just as good as other stores is not rising up
to the ideal and endeavor many of our workers
have set for this store.
"What is your idea of a good store?" a kindly
critic may ask. The answer is? x
Come and see!
Bright in Hue, Charmingly New
ITT VI il fill 1
women an must Know wnat tne spring iasnions
are to be. They ... e coming from far and near to see
the carefully prepared exhibition of Easter millinei-y
Exquisite models of hats for all occasions?a dignified and pleasing
presentation of the best creations for Easter and Spring.
Plenty of broad brimmed sailors; plenty of the high little brimlcss
hats, and plenty of the small close-fitting turbans.
Most of the straws are the shiny sort; the fine Milians, Hemps and
Besides, many satin and ribbon trimmed hats are amos< the prettiest
styles. Every good spring shade and trimming is represented. Trices
run *3.50 to $15.00. (Second Floor)
Here is a Chart that is an Object Lesson
of Leather Values and Shoe
Prices as they Exist Today
The largest shoe indicates the present shoe value at Hartley's today.
The next shoe shows the present values In the average store today.
The smallest shoe sho.vs the shoe value if it were based on present
wholesale costs of leather and present wholsale prices of shoes.
The reason that the largest shoe value is to be had
at Hartley's today is because the foresight of this
store enables us to offer over ten thousand dollars
worth of shoes, bought and paid for and delivered,
that came to us at the prices of last summer. With
this resource as a fortification the Hartley Store will
protect the public from exorbitant prices.
_ ? _ I
but Buy JNow to be Safe
Shoe prices in most stores have gone up 50 per
cent or more.
The average increase of the Hartley Store over old
low prices of two years ago is 331-3 per cent.
Our prices will go up no more while the present
sock holds out.
Buy all of your spring shoes now; buy all of your
summer shoes and lay them by.
Buy while there are plenty of shoes here. Buy
while you can be sure of getting the kind and sort you
want, and while pi ices are low.
We cannot make new purchases to replenish these
lots at anything like the present prices.
(First Floor)
A 'v.. ..
s cure Beautiful H
/ "
is asking (or now to make up
atn colors., $2 to $3 a yard.
Crepe. 40 inches wide, come in
(First Floor)
.rouse Enti
er for the news. Th
iin the store. Millin
ashions received dail
>n and no goods lack
Prettiest Spring hi
Coats for the
Frocks, suits and topcoa
for girls between the ages o
after special measurement
spring styles.
New Spring Suits, $20 to $30?PI
suits In Jersey tmd serge, light and
WSpcoats $5.00 to $25.00?Soft veil
J?es. checks and other Spring fa!
renhagen. blue. rose. tuns, greens a
Silk and Wash Desses?These ar
are in good taste and in many dlffc
voile and washable cottons are pric<
$25 for the liuest silk frock; white a
Spring Suits 1
Larger \
This means that materi
were chosen with a view o
ample proportions and givi
The coats are usually shorter in
over the bust from the shoulder to t
to ultcr satisfactorily if that should
They come In serge, gabardine a
aud bisque?all are very stylishly tnt
Now is the time to give the
word. Wo are plcased^to give
estimates on any size and number
you wish and have them
ready in good time. Telephone
Drapery Department.
Third Floor
Bring Spring Ii
With New
T.ight, airy draperies
with here and there a
touch of color surely
make spring an actuality
even though the sky
is dark without. Never*
have we shown such a
, marvelous array of new
cretonnes, and lace curtain
Cretonne* in unusual design*
and colorings?Japanese effects,
Persian designs and the Maya
Indian designs are truly wonderful.
A vory unusual design is
an old rose colored linonised cretonne,
with large popples and
bluebirds printed in eleven colors,
60c aj*rd. Another is a
parrot and Silage design printed
in fourteen colors; and all
throughout # the collection you
will find beautiful, unusual pat
ie weather without
ery, Gowns, Suits, \
ly. Notwithstanding
at Hartley's.
uits, Frocks, and
Junior Girl
,ts, all planned especially
f 14 to 17 years, and made
s ,in carefully selected
ain tailored, novelty and Norfolk SSi
dark colors
jur cloths In Spring weights, blue
tries in such pretty colors as Co- 9
nd other Hues.
e In simple one-piece styles that
rent models. Dresses of silk, net,
;d from $3 for a wash dress up to
ml colors. 14 to 17 year slzos.
Designed for
als styles and colors all
f their suiting women of
ng them slender lines.
the waist and longer In the line* j
valst. so that It Is always possible j
be necessary,
nd tricotlno. In navy, black, gray ,?j?
tdc. $35 to $50; sizes 3SV4 to 50%. ' jj|
Lovely Georgette
Crepe Blouses
Many new spring styles are
In?each in white and flesh color.
some In black, chartreuse, 15
maize, bisque, gray and tearose,
and all arc charming.
One style has hemstitching '' J '
only for ornament, others tuck*, |j
hand embroidery; others lace - |
Prices are $3.50 to $12.50. >>- |M
Second Floor.
One-Half Million
Homes clean
rSwrmnVAC A
the 3-in-l way Ljf H
DO YOU? jjjjf I
If not, why not order one to- |
| Price. $8.50 and $10.00.
nlo the Home f
Draperies jfl
terns with pleasing color combinations.
Prices 16<rto $2.50 a It
yard. Also, the new "QuakerCraft"
lace curtiUn materials
are ready In . newer designs, 35c
to $2.00 a yard.
Third Float " t
J saacli I

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