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H Kafabllaliad 1M>. Membtr
by th? Fairmont Printing and Publlit
W. J. WIEGEL. General Manaf
A. RAY MAPEL, Advertising
C. V. REDIC, Circulation Mans
8? Publication Office, Monroe {
jwi BELL 1105?1106 CONS
) . All departments reached Cireulatlc
through private branch Advertieli
exchange. Editorial
Foreign Advertising Representatlv
!WABD, Brunswick Bldg., New York.
Street. Chicago.
BY MAIL?(Payable In advan
One Year 15.00 Three Moi
Six Months 13.00 j One Mont
One Y'oar $7.00 I One Mont
Six Monthu $3.60 Or.e Weel
BY CARRIER?(Outalde of Fs
One Month 7oc One Weel
All subscriptions payable In advance.
When asking for chango In address gi
new address.
Hnter?>d ut tint I'ostclTlce at l'uIrniont,
51 second ulaes matter.
? ,
Subscribers on our currier routes
Ji'.i '' ? The West Virginian any evenit'g sho
TERN UNION," stuto the fact and
'gf. residence and a messenger will deli
i; your door at once. Then; is no elm
ecriber for tills service. Thu West '
JK to render to Its subscribers the beet
Bgfrf livery service possible and this is p
?4 0
WHILE lie was president and the
was in its noisy phase Colonel P
the legal gap between the state a
?y, wiucn exisiea at tnat time ana into
more skilfully guarded predatory corpor;
as the twilight zone. It was a good cm
situation to a nicety and made an instan
.r - Marion county apparently also has a
J .exists because Prosecuting Attorney Hat
"r ostensibly too busy to do his duty and e
took an oath to uphold. And into (his t
members of the local bootlegging fratci
glide and disappear.
In all probability some bootlegging
county of the state. But it is also proba
only county where it is carried on with thi
if not connivance, of the very men who
prevent it. There is a greater volume c
lions in Ohio county, of course, but pub
county has always been averse to proh
the matter bluntly, bootlegging there ha
The reverse is true in this county,
the people here arc opposed to the traffi
terms. But bootlegging is the cornersti
cratic machine. The prosecuting attorn
hold their offices by grace of the votes c
repeaters, and neither of them is in posite
the law against that class of offenders.
Haggerty recognizes the relentless logic
proved by his action when the city au
sent the Carpenter case to him.
Sl ... -r a rr .. .... t .1 .
^ iail uoops irom tniriy-six siatc:
?V ij of Columbia have been called into I
for police duty, but the guardsmei
not included in the call. Is this because
is laboring under the misapprehension th
in this state that is worth guarding, or
General Mann has a poor opinion of t
guardsmen in spite of the high praise tha
Virginia infantry earned while on its to
Mexican border?
jfc'' It is true there are only a few muni
state, and as they are along the Ohio ri\
idle, Ohio or Pennsylvania troops might <
I to guard them if need be, but two of t
railroad trunk lines run through this sir
terruption of traffic on cither one of thi
handicap to the navy and to the munitioi
coast because it would prove a serious
supply of fuel.
That it would be possible to put either c
completely out of business with compara
any one familiar with the country throui
will Teadily understand. An amount c
one man could easily carry skillfully pi a
I Ruff stuff jl
In order to fill up vre are going to {
- Mr: Fourteen years ago today the
St. Louis did not arrive safely in a1
forslgn port armed.
Whiskey is terribly hard to got in Fair- j
mont unless you liavo a dollar Rn<i a j
80 thsy'fs got Scouy?the best dla-1
ST"* 81 since the days of PomKid
Lewis next!
And then discover what kind of rot I
ten wine it was that killed Brooks. |
Oi> thai named Uu ia?** wiiau. '
of the tunnels on thi
HtllXITI? out of commission I
^ * the normal current o
HOME." of gear the plans o
AnoolsUd aim under war condition
BL'NBAT It is only fair to a
Comp * these things and tha
!?r- but we do think thai
Manage.. at !east of thi? 8uar
iger. ginia troops.
Street CLEA
Mayor bo>
letter of instr
in Dept 250 ? a timely r?
ifl Dept 250 turn of spring come
Rooms 97 during the winter at
e, ROBERT E. possible.
123 W. Madison Fairmont has a
__________ speaking, there is litl
IS reputation of being
ce only) but it is well to remi
ntha $1.50 and that the price o
h 60e the conditions that r
ont) During the winte
ti 60e an experience that
t 16c safe to say that the
>TS- money as a direct r<
lirmont) pay for a thorough c
i 18c many months to con
ITS- is a prospect that th
ve old as well a. di,iona wh'ch ?nc0li
true that they do nt
... ~?= it is also true that n<
Weal \ irslnla. as e . _
so clean up. Do ;
.? with the general siti
"pro rALI II 'S 10 te h?P"
? important part of its
down in the letter to
i.ld call "WES- and W',h eXCmflary
give name and !
vcr a paper to With a full apj
'rge to the sub- J Issue thai confroi
V Irginian plana j Mann has announc
art ofRmplan. ; dklat" for the Spi
Representatives in
partisan organizatl
? renunciation, and
*917. think any the less
" = ou both sides or til
j it in that light.
That order to r
fes strength ought to
3 land a lot. Iu the
tney lot loose the
j experts or all nntio
PH finest and most el
i Some others may n
j the Marines nave J
j time.
Today the pcop!
E. , good roads bond
war on the trusts this bond lssue aPI
Roosevelt described t,lere ,s reason to
nd federal author- *a} by a 'arR0 ni
which some of the connecting link vvi
ttions had dodged, wiI1 be assured an
ipression; it fit the <1"itc " strotch of v
t hit with the pub- coax tourista off
twilight zone. It U thc affnouncer
Sgerty is sometimes beeu appointo<1 fc
' Harrv Owens, who
nrorcc tne laws ne " '
wilight zone duskv g0 the pat,rons of 1
rnity unobtrusively . w'as sen here lro
sixes and sevens in
goes on in every dek an excellcn,t
ible that this is the bas becomc p0puU
: apparent consent,
arc under oath to "indenbers's gn
>f Yost law viola- tha h"tcn,te spnng
.lie opinion in that v?lved a lo?t"1,lro
ibition and to put about ,he fighJ ng
s the support of a any respect
I he great mass of A"?ther way t0 1
c in liquor on any Virginia guurdsmc.
one of the Demo- t0 t ,elclt z!cnf Ul
icy and the sheriff 18 ot lhe kind that
of bootleggers and . . "
>in fully to enforce ?ric Stmck?lfon
That Prosecutor t?r, B !
of the situation is Fairmont ought to
thorities yesterday on son,e th'ng lo ?
Governor Cornw
. military tralninc:
A GUARD. Wilson could make
? and the District the advocacy of
i j . haps he will come
; e, . service to preparedness, wl
i of this state are ft cannot be ignori
the General Stall .
at there is nothing cum
because Bgigadier OXlUl
he West Virginia
t the Second West The barrel skirt
ur of dutv on the in the PerslBtent el
ur or auiy on ine _clarkBburg Kxpc
tion plants in this a sociological o:
cr in the Panhan- according to our p<
:asily be employed personality.?Park
he most important Accordlng to ne
ilc and serious in- women are goins ti
:m would prove a government. Seen
us plants along the cut down too far r
interruption to the Gov Cornwell h
nels. Now what i
if these great roads state house yard?tively
little trouble _
gh which they run
>f dynamite which i so uaeli to it by tin
ccd would put one | be very much rcae
Gob McCoy says business has been i
too good to be true. Guess that's the
v.ty Burt MdCoy thinks about it too.
la the West Virginia National Guard |;
a factor in this war?
Mebbe so.
Have you planted the garden ac- ,
cording to the dope in The West Vir- '
glnlan? 1
Tlieae Instructions would make a
farmor out, of Valoska Surnit. 1
They say tfilann Is bad because
gambling and whiskey drinking goes
on there. Wouldn't It bo terrible If (
whiskey drinking and gambling should
ho uncovered in Fairmont?
In what village pletytc Mr. Times ,
was Assistant Prosecuting Attorney ,
Miller yeUcrdsy morning looking
about illegal belling? ' '
, ... . . , i_
; main line of the Baltimore and Ohio
For weeks. 'And that one obstacle to
f traffic would be enough to throw out
f all the railroads for handling traffic
issume that the War department knows
t the proper precautions will be taken,
t it would be no more than fair if part
d duty were turned over to West VirIN
A/EN'S proclamation embodying his
uctions to Sanitary Policeman Holden
minder to the public that with the res
the duty to clean up the rubbish left
id make the city as nearly sanitary as
low death rate and, comparatively
:!e sickness here. The city also has the
a very clean and presentable place,
ember that we are growing all the time
f health in every city is eternal war on
nake for bad sanitation,
r just passed Fairmont passed through
caused grave fears for a time. It is
city and private citizens spent enough
suit of the outbreak of poliomyelitis to
deansing up of the town every week for
le. Medical authorities say that there
e mysterious disease will return if conirage
it are permitted to exist. It is
>t know what these conditions are. but
> one can err on the side of cleanliness,
four part and the city will do its part
1 that the city will feel that the most
duty is to see that the regulations laid
Officer Holden arc carried out strictly
irecintion of the seriousness of the
its the nation. Republican Header
ed that he will decline to be a can ukershlp
of the national House of
order to clear I he w.iv Tor ti nun.
on oC that body. It is a patriotic j
the great American puuitc will not
of it because professional politicians
e political fence w ill be unable to see
ecrult the Marine corps to full war
interest the patriotic youth of the
comparatively peaceful limes before
dogs of war in Europe the military
ns agreed that our Marines were the
rficlent fighting force in the world,
ow have more actual experience, but
iost none of their edge in the nican
c of Grant district are voting on a
proposition. The sentiment toward
larently has been very favorable and
hope that the vote will bo the right
ajority. If it is the Marion county
th the Harrison county road systjrn
d before the year enus there will be
I'est Virginia territory in condition to
e good road system of Pennsylvania.
cent that an assistant postmaster has
ir the Fairmont office means that
hflK hppn hrtlrHnf tVifjt rtoulHnn iu
:hc office will bo very sorry. Owens
m Grafton when everything was at
the local office anil he has not only
record as a postoffice executive but
ir personally.
cat retreat mussed up the plans for
drive, but it also seems to have inublc
lor the Germans, if the reports
of the past two or three days are in
;ook at the absence of a call lor West
1 is to assume that it is a compliment
ic state, whose loyalty and patriotism
docs not require watching.
1 has taken out another patent, acrorts
from the seat ol government.
mobilize Orie and set him to work
rorry the life out of the U-boats.
ell comes out boldly for universal
it would be a line thing if President
i up bis mind td be a leader, fearless
the best interests of the land. Per
iuuuu iu uiuvcrtjai service, as nc (11(1
hen public opinion becomes so strong
:d.?Spcnccr Times-Record.
is the greatest triumph yet achieved
Sort of women to uglify themselves,
sport declares that we should dress
rsonailty. But some people have no
ersburg News.
wspaper reports patriotic New York
o cut down dress in order to help the
is as though some of the dresses are
ilrcady.?Unlontown Evening Times.
as decided not to appoint any colos
to become of the squirrels in the
-Charleston Stato Record.
urcd out that the high cost of living
J VAUTCII JC?1D lUUgd!'. \\ ? Will bC
it time that any change will probably
nted.?ConnellsTille Courier.
You don't know? OH.
There is a place better than Fairmont
(or Raymond Carter and he
might as well get out of the village before
war starts and killing gets to be
j musing.
Because he can make sounds closely
resembling English is no sign Fairmont
has to put up with him.
No matter who his white Influential
trionfla may be. x
Ah, There,
A traffic officer Is stntlonod In front
of it hotol In Wlnsted, Oonn. Two
women from tho suburbs came to town
the other day, and the traffic officer
waved to them, directing them to the
right. Both the women <h the wagon
waved haclt nnd called tn their sweetest
tones, "Ah, there, yonl"
It ia estimated at the offices of the
West Virginia members in congress
that there are 100 West Virginians
and relatives of West Virginians in
the Syrian refugee colony at Bierut
waiting now, as they have been for
months, to be taken away to some port
on the Mediterranean front whence
they can be sent to the United States.
There are 1000 of them in the party.
Two naval vessels, the Des Moines
and the f'aesar, are at Alexander and
have been for months awaiting arrangements
to be made for their safe
conduct. Despite all efforts made to
that end, nothing has been accomplished.
The two vessels of Uncle Sam]
are as tightly locked up in harbor as !
are the American merchant ships, and |
what condition these unhappy refugees
are in the government confesses that
it does not know. In the aggregate
a large sum of money has been sent
to the Syrians in whom West Virginians
are intuerstcd. it was handled
by the State's congressmen through
the State department and reached the
persons for whom it was intended, it
is estimated that $5000 has been sent
from West Virginia.
Rlbot is the new premier of France, i
succeeding Arlstlde Brinntl. He is
considered the strongest public man
In France, having gone safely through i
38 years of stormy politics. He was 1
premier in several former cabinets.
William Douglas Crawford, sometimes
known as Robert, a fly young
scion of a prominent end once wealthy
Alartinsburg, W. Va., family, is wanted
by the authorities here for big
amy. An indictment has been returned
against him. Crawford is twentytwo,
and he married .Marie T. JlcElbone,
eighteen, at Rockville, aid. last
December, while still having a lawful
wife, aiiss Emily A. Bishop, at?
alartinsburg. Two days after his second
marriage Crawford skipped. Mrs.
McElbone. the mother of airs. Crawford
No. 2, is well known in Washington
as the only woman clerk of a Sonate
committee, airs. Crawford No. 1,
who was aiiss Bishop, comes of a
prominent alartinsburg family. Sho
instituted divorce proceedings several
months ago. An interesting phase of
this bigamous escapade of the gay
and festive alartinsburg matrimoniuc
is that he sought the same minister
at the same grelna Green to lie both i
knots?the Rev. S. R. White, a retired Baptist
minister, who does a thriving
marrying business at Rockville, which
is the place that love-struck Washingtonians
head for when the Idea of
eloping hits them. Young Crawford
was well known In the capital and in
Baltimore at the dansant places, fie
knew all the latest dance steps and
had the reputation of being a heat? as
a collector of rythmic affinities.
John Barry, for forty years a faNEW
NG, MARCH 27,1917.
umt a smike on
l toe ?ot he re. awd toe
went- our last cenr
)N NEWS -:|
miliar figure on the driver's sent of
the carriage of the Secretary of State,
has been run out of his Job by a big
twelve-cylinder motor car which is
capable of throwing gasoline into the
nostrils of the engineer of the Twentieth
century Limited. Saturday was
a sail day for John Barry and he grieved
with his horses over the mean trick
progress bud played him. for on that
day the big motor car took the place
of the traditional carriage of State.
John Barry ferew up with horses in
tlrecnbrier county. W. Va., and he
has driven the men who have held the
premcrsliip in the last forty years.
.More often that otherwise It happened.
that John Barry on the box was a
more distinguished looking man than
the official occupant of his carriage,
lie prided himself that in the many
years he drove the secretaries he
never had an accident. John is not
going to be thrown out on the world,
but is going to be kept on the rolls
as u faithful* servant should be in his
old days, being given light employmem
which will keep him from want
the rest of his days. John was too
old to learn chaufeuring.
Mars mcnaees' the annual Easter
nionuay eggroiuug, which is an institution
peculiar to the capital, and unless
President Wilson comes to their
rescue there are going to be thousands
of sad little hearts underneath
the blouses of thousands of giddies.
For it is their holiday?a grlm-visaged
war threatens frowningly to do
away with it this year. The White
House grounds are always the scone
of this most interesting juvenile joyousness.
The Marine Baud plays, the
kiddies roll their gay colored eggs aud
the President and the First Lady walk
among thctu. But the White House
grounds are closed now, guarded by
uniformed nten everywhere, and the
Nation's home is being protected
against ploters and enemies of this
country, which are as thick in Washington
as probably anywhero else in
the country. So, it may not be safe
to open the grounds to the kiddies and
I heir parents, their aunts aud their uncles.
or some one unblessed with young
stcrs who has hired or borrowed one
for the occasion. The officers in
charge of the White House advise
ngainBt it, but the President has the
final say, and the kiddles are looking
"Really does" put upset stomachs lu
srdcr?"really does" overcome indigestion,
dyspepsia, gas, heartburn and
sourness due to acid fermentation in
rive minutes?that?just that?makes
Pape's Diapepsln the largest selling
3tomach antacid and regulator In the
ivorld. If what you eat ferments and
turns sour, you belch gas and eructate
undigested food or water; head
Is dizzy and aches! breath fnnl- tee.
gue coated; your lnsides filled with
indigestible waste, remember the moment
"Pape's Diapepsln" cornea In
:ontact with the stomach all such distress
vanishes. It's truly astonishing
?almost marvelous, and the Joy is its
A large fifty-cent case of Pape's Dlapepsln
Is worth Its wolght In gold to
men and women who can't get thelf
itomach regulated. It belongs In your
home?should always he kept handy
In case of a sick, sour, upset stomach I
during the day or at night, Ijt's the j
quickest, surest antacid for the stom-l
ach jn the JfOTld.
to him to aave their day for them. And *
the President. it I* reported, is try* t
ing to do thit very thing. The egg* ?
rolling may be restricted to a part of ?
the grounds furtherest distant from the I
White House. But if It can t bo done t
at the White House the Zoo grounds c
will be used for that purposu as the P
next best available. But it will rob P
the affair of much of its democratic I
simplicity and sentiment. I
"If the government rounds up the E
horde of agents or "spies" of Germany 8
which lnfeat the Capital In such num* 0
bers that they are a positive nuisance,
especially In the hotels, aside
from the other viewpoints from which
their secret devilment 1b regarded,
it will confer a welcome boon itpop
the local popnlace. while at the same 11
time taking a military precaution '
which has been all too long delayed.' i
The government's secret service has o
a line on these men?and women, lor r
there are a large nnmber of the lat-j 1
ter hereabouts engaged In some take, p
business which is only a blind for their , c
operations. For Instance, at a rnusi* r
cal, one may meet a woman who is 1
said to be writing a book, and Is in r
Washington for that purpose, and an-Is
other who la studying music. Botii a,a 1 <
German splSB well known to the sr. j
cret service men, and about as we'.l t
known for what they really arc by t
everybody else. Any hotel hahituo :
can point the visitor to a well known c
German "spy" across the lobby at any \
hour of the day or night. But when "j
he does it, the visitor 1b incredulous t
and thinks ho Is being Joshed. Said ,
"spy" doesn't look to lilm particular
sinister nor dangerous; nor does he |
look anything like the dashing and ,
debonair, dapperiiy attired individual
u-ith Mi a irav?J ?ol...l* ?> ? i
..... >uw anuu iuuovat.llC mm I in. ^
tipped cigarette such as the lllus- i[
trator of Mr. Oppenhelm's Interna- "
tlonal spy stories draws Into the text.
More olton the shotel variety of tier '
man "spy" makes a mute appeal in his
personal appearance for u shave,
haircut and a new suit of clothes. J
The visitor positively cannot bo con- I
vlnced that he is looking at a sup- |
posed secret agent of the German go,-ernmcnt,
no matter how highly he regards
tho reputation of his host for
truth and veracity. The German spy
system is somothing that I he people
or this country never have understood
and don't now. They look upon It as
farcical applied to the United States.
It is very much of a fact and. In WashI
ington, has been for severnl years,
I and is now, a most aggracating nulsj
ance. When the expected cleanup .
comes, Washlugtonians will arise aud
jgivt three rousing cheers.
It is announced that President Wilson
has approved the finding ot n
military courtmurtial convened at Fort 1
Sam Houston. Texas, against Licui. c
Levin Smith. Jr., Second West Virgin- 1
ia, dismissing him from the service i
on charges of conduct uno-<-oming un
officer and a gentleman. Smith's home i
is at Parkersburg. I
Grace F. Johnson has been appoint- l
ed postmaster at Fentress, Mononga- :
11a county. Commissions have been is
sued by the Post Office department to 11
William H. Pcttus, Montcoal. \V. Va., <
and Mark G. Nichols, Ocean Mine ;
Harrison county. ,
Mrs. Hannah Fauver. of Millwood, i
Worthy the Attention of Everyone
Who Would Avoid Dandruff, '
Itching Scalp, Gray Hairs '
and Baldness. '
. i
"What will stop my hair coming J
out?" Iteply: Parisian Sago is thu
best remedy for hair and scalp trouble: !
said to prevent baldness, grayuoss and
dandruff. *
"Before going to bed, I always rub
a little Parisian Sage into my scalp."
says a woman whoso luxurious, soft
and fluffy hair is greatly admired.
This stops itching scalp, keeps the
hair from falling out aud makes it easy
to dress attractively.
Beautiful soft, glossy, healthy hair
for those who use Parisian Sage. You
cau get a bottle of this inexpensive
Frcucii hair dressing from The Mour.
tain City Drug Company and druggists
everywhere with guarantee of
satisfaction or moucy refunded.
Looking for Help!
Quick, Efficient Res\
Obtained from The
The West Virginian is
getting the right kind of h
of people anxious to give
It brings INTENSIVE res
and annoyance of answeri
those who are not of the gr
Bell 1105-6. <
| that the Peoples National Bank si
healthy growth when yon consider
| guard the funds o( its depositors an
In addition to the supervision o:
I officers and directors erercise ev
safety, known to .modern banking.
It yon are not already a deposltoi
i sure service that will please yon.
V.itJP- On the Corner-New
ocordlng to nortot noclTid tor ?mm*
or Sutherland from the Psnslon com*
ilMlonoit has boon puM ft pension
t $20 a month. Senator Sutherland
as taken up with the same official
he application tor an origtnal wid
w's pension of Mrs. Charlotte Car
enter, of Ernest. tV. Va.; fUed an ftp'
Itcation tor reimbursement for Mrs.
lossle E. Helferstay tor defraying exenses
attendant upon the sickness
nd death of Anthony Bogart, of Pled r
lont; and filed additional ovldenoe In
upport of the claim of Mrs. Ida Howe*,
f Bellngton.
FAIRVIEVf. ? r y
?? m
The Sunday school convention held
a the M. E. church South Sunder atcrnoon
was opened by tho Chairman
\'. H. Kunst: song by tho choir; prey
r by Rev. Ijawler; address by the
resident of Raw Paw district. Levi
l. Hnrr of Fairmont, address; Op
anizlng Sunday Schools. 11. F. Bert
if Mannlngton. The following were
lomluutod for tho district; W. H.
Cuntz, president; J. II. Bowman, secetary
and treasurer; Mies Clara Wllon.
assistant secretary ?nd troaaur.
r; president of W. C. T. U. work,
ilrs. J. G. Green; Supt. Home Departncnt.
Mrs. J. B. Macliesncy; suporlnendent
grading of work for S. S., Mrs.
drs. Martha Varner; superintendent
if Bible Class. \V. D. Barb of Rives'
"Hit: supt. of Cradle Roll. Mr8. Lltzic
roollinian; superintendent of teachers
raining. O. C. Tennant: puperlntend nt
of Missionary, Miss Josste Ice.
Mr. Post of Baxter. K. J. Thomas o'
tiirmont, W. Va.. Mr. Aultman ol
'"airniont. Mr. Grey of Knrmington, atended
the Sunday school convention
suuday nftcrnoon at the M. E. church
F. E. riigglns was a business Tlslor
at Mooresvlllo this week.
aim pastor nn
mil/ unuivil UIL
Look back at your childhood days
temcmlier tho "dose" mother Insisted
m? castor oil, calomel, cathartics
-low you listed them, how you fought
tgninst taking them.
With our children it's different.
Mothers who cling to tho old form ol
ihyslc simply don't realize what they
do. The children's revolt Is well
bunded. Their lender llltlo "Insides"
ire injured by them.
If your child's stomach, liver and
towels nectl cleansing, give only dell
'ious "California Syrup of Fi ts." Its
tction Is positive, but gentle. Millions
if mothers keep this harmless "fruit
uXatlvc" handy; Lltey know childron
ove to take it; that I! never talis to
lean the liver and bowels and sweeten
he stomaeh. and that a tea-pobnful
;lvcu today saves a rick child lotnorw.
Ask your druggist for a aO cont hottie
of "California Syrup of Figs."
which has full directions for babies
hlldrcn on each hottle. Bob-are ol
smntcrfclts sold here. Sec that II
s made by "California Fig By rut Commiiy.'
Refuse any other kind with concntpt.
Safest Druggists Sell
E-RU-SA Pile Cure
BECAUSE it contains 110 opiates
no lead, no mercury, 110 belladonna.
no poisonous drug. All
other nilo medicines contalnlne I
the above-named harmful drugs
cause idles, and the sale of same
Is illegal. E-flU-SA cures piles
or $50 forfeited. For salo at
Sole Agent.
West Virginian
the trusted medium for
elp. It reaches the eyes
the best that's in them,
ults, saving you the time
ng or spending time on
ade you are looking for.
Jonsol. 250.
asnrnjin *vu*j
iould be enjoying a sound and
the care that it takes to safed
the kind of service It renders. j
f the National Oovernment the
ery precaution looking towtard
we solicit your account and In- |
irrrAiTiT ?A%m
I LAUrt V l i JD/VillY
tha Paitflffloi. ; i . is 8
200,000.00 IZS&M

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