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The Harrisc
Lower the C
This is the method:
First, to buy good raerch
and ready cash can get it.
Then?to set selling pri<
small profit.
These low prices turn <
time each yeai*. A small pi
a big profit. It's-a great 1
.J&7 f an
1 M\A-sS
$2.50, $3.50, $4
|g p?
A Remarkabl
of Silli
A collection charming in its v:
v features, wonderful in its demon
moderate price at Harrison's,
touches of Imported models. The
and lueBsnltnc, in plain, stripes
ring and fancy pockets; a '.vide rt
$6.50, $7,
IfwA 5TF1PF Fit
. Afifioriypg to the Fayette Tribune
'Uejchers in the Montgomery schools
recently found from questioniux 284
pupils that 15? were out on the streets
after supper. One hundred and thirteen
attended picture shows. Those
dtdpkipg coffee numbers 14S and tea
liM and 80 ate no breakfast.
' \ (tug, pinned on the coat of Miss
f.oulse Thompson, of Huntington,
nl&Ue in Berlin, by James W. Gerard,
ambassador to eGrmany. to aaBuro
t Miss Thompson's protection during
the mobilization for European war
survieo, was one of tho interesting
flags displayed at Huntington Mou
day gfteruogn in honor of tho returning
guardsmen. Miss Thompson
and her mother were traveling in Europe
at the outbreak of tho war. it
was pecessary that they establish |
themselves as Americans. j
' In its issue of last week the Nicholas
Republican said:
"Mr aQd Mrs. Gcqrge Mulnix oi
Qqgway, were here a day or two this
i trnnV 4 V.??J ? - -? ? ? *
nuva 1*14 l uiuru iroru ivyualO,,
Clay county, where they had spent
some tlmfl visiting Mrs. Mulntx's parents.
George tells us that wlilln there
he visited the notorious "Booger
Hole" and spent somo time looking
nugr the ruins of the house in which
yguqg Tanner was murdered and
horned. Ho also stated that only one
house remained in that community,
ang that being occupied by the wife
Uf Andrew Sampson who stands lntl
cteg as an accomplice in the murder
n| Tanner. The other houses in that
ngighhnrhood heing burned to the
ground when deserted by the Inhabitants
at the suggestion of the mow nf
H Infuriated citizens. Mr. Mulnix states
i' tljift the pen pictures drawn by the
press throughout the state have not
' :f- In the least boon overdrawn as a visit
Ka there will verity the most radical
V statements of theBe who have attempt'
?d to describe the wolrd locality."
1 Seventeen years ago, Mrs. Jennie
Grippen. ot Frost, Ohio, was bitten
,V: ly a snake while picking blackberries
'In the woods near Zaleskl, Ohio. Tho
reptile fastened its fangs In one ot
the fingers of Mrs. Crlppen's right
land, and for many weeks tho woman
suffered untold agony. Then tho wound
sd finger ceased to give her trouble,
but ft remained blaok and blue, and
until Tuesday It stayed that way.
&Ud when blackberry; time rolled
wound every fall, the finger gave her
lUft a* much pain as It dfd when she
vap first bitten. Tuesday Mr*. Cripyen
concluded to consult a surgeon
n ParkorsburE, and ?ho did so. That
lay an operation waa performed and
be discolored and swollen finger was
<emovod. Mr*. Crlppcn spent the night
n toe hospital and Wednesday was
ihle to lpavp for her home.
lw orainnvy< it wan pnfltaa iti tn?
Payette Tribune; "Rev, B, ff, Jenkins
. wturned from flprlngdalo and reports
" front damage dope to tho vlllasa end
1 m lies guroKBding by the reeent
Hoot end rains of five days' duration,
*7* U? iUnttm Herald, The noiirM
>1 thg Kwn ?m about lire square
>n Idea is to
ost of Living
andise as low as experience
:es which include only a
jut stocks over time after
ofit repeated is better than
;hing for us and our custoMillinery
So many new stylet are constantly
riving and being created In our own
Drkrooms that It is almost lmpossle
to enumerate tbe many remarks
b values that will be found in our
lllinery Section. We faithfully guaritec
that such attractive styles and
<h high grade shapes and trimmings
e not to be duplicated anywhere at
cli low prices?
.98, $5.00, $6.00 |
le Assortment
; Skirts
ariety. delightful lu its smart style
stratiou of what Is possible for a
The sjiirta show the smart style
y are developed of flue silk taffeta
and plaids; several rows of shiringe
of single colors and comblna.50,
I Tiir nrnm c ??l
miles. Great oakes, chestnuts and poplar
trees split in two and immense
limbs broken and tell to the ground.
The highways were all blocked and
many are not yet open for traffic. The
road from Elton to Sprlngdale is almost
Impassable for pedestrians, and
up to this writing, the road is not yet
cleared and will not be open for some
days, it looks as if an invasion from
the German air raids bad been operating
in that locality, quppclajly On Ft.
McKlnley. The Hon. J. E. Hurley's
orchard is completely ruined. Mrs.
May Hurley and Dick Dennis and Dennis
Twohig suffered great loss. F. J.
Pat and T. S. Donohue, whose young
fruit trees were coming to maturity
were beaten to tbe ground. It is said I
by the oldest and most reliable citizens
that they never experienced such
a destructive storm in the history of
Springdale and community. On tbe
beautiful grounds of the Catholic
church a h"ge oak fell?fortunately
toward the west. Khad it gono east
it would have done much damage to
the church. The park was to tangled
up with trees and brush that we could
not drive near the church. All tlioae
riding and driving were obliged to
tio their horses at the edge of the
Service for Women
at Palatine Church
An impressive service for women
was conducted this afternoon at the
Palatine Baptist church by Rjev. J.
Waller Barnes, the evangoUst, who
is conducting a series of evangelistic
meetings at this church. A largo
congregation of women and girls
heard the talk by Rev. Barnes which
was u splendid one.
Tonight Rev. Mr. Barnes will preach
at 7:30 o'clock as usual. A large con
gregauon neara a splendid sermon
last night.
Guyandotte Club Coffee. "A combination
of the flneat coffee grown."?
hi ?i> i?i i i i i i i ?a???i
B v&ar
Discovered?the real Jewels of the
here shown wearing necklaces ot potato
raded Fifth avenue. They did It on a
Tabloid Histc
Scatered Principalities Take t
!' :'f) Who Kvrinlc thn 1
? . ??] . . ?IW W*?v
(Third Chapter of The West Vir
glnlan'.-i Tabloid History of Rus
Russia under the Mongol yoke was
gradually united into the grand principality
of Muscovy, with Moscow as a
At tlio same timo Lithuania became
powerful in western Russia,
Novgorod remained an independent
republic, and Sweden and the Llvonian
knights prevented Muscovy's ex!
panslon to the north, Poland to the
, west, Turkey to the south.
Had Norgorod cast her lot with
I Lithuania, history might have been dif:
Tills republic, which had invited
I tho dynsty of lturik to Russia In SGi
| A. D.. submitted to the grand prince
| of Muscovy In 1470. Thus the founda
I tlon of the modern Russian empire was
Principality after principality submitted
to Muscovy, whose ruler became
known as Ivan the Great.
Inner dissension among the Mongolian
overlords of Russia caused the
empire founded by Genghis Khan to
he split Into smaller parts. In Eu- <
ropean Russia appeared the Khanntes <
of Kazan. Astrakhan and Crimea, and '
(the Horde of the Moguls. 1
Kaun was eslahllshed on the ruins 1
of the ancient Bulgaria, on the Volga. '
Ivan the Great used the petty jeal- 1
ousics among the Tatars to aid his
cause, and in 1478, having made him '
self a desoot over the Russian prtnci(palities,
he rebelled against the Mongolian
Ivan trampled under foot the Image
of the khan which the latter's envoys
brought in their journey to receive
Russia's tribute. Then ho slew all
the envoys but one. who was permitted
to carry the news to the Mongolian
The Muscovites and the Mongols
faced each .other finally across a river,
over which insults were hurled. I
Winter came; ice formed between i
the two inactive armies. Still there i
was no battle. Suddenly unexplain- 1
ed panic seized both armies; the Moscovites
retreated toward Moscow and
the Tatars returned into Asia, never
again to reconquer their Russian em- c
pire. Thus ingloriously was Russia's t
victory over her Asiatic overlords won. (
aided by the collusion of Crimea, one 1
of the independent colonies loft in (
Russia by the Tatar overflow. a
Ivan the Great next fought incon- ti
to c
season! Two New York girls are
eg and onions, with which Ibey pa
ry of Russia
tn National Unity Under
Mongolian Overlords!
elusive wars with the Lithuanians,
tnd invited Greeks and Italians into
be court of Kussia, which now. the j
Mongol influence gone, began again
o assume the character of a European I
Ivan the Great's grandson, Ivan the j
Terrible, assumed the throne in l.r>47
tnd signalized his reign by conquer- i
no' and nniio*ltiff U'oq*. ~?,i
. ......iiwhu uiiix .~a.au UHUUll, |
lolding the Crlmeans in check, anil
Irlvtng the Teutonic oppressors from |
Ldvonia and Esthonia. Poland tool;
jivonla from Russia, but Ivan sent
he Cossacks across tho I'rals and
:ook possession of western Siberia.
Sweden and Poland prevented him
'rom getting a port on the Baltic.
The later years of Ivan's life were
narked by great cruelties. He invented
the pastime of boiling in oil. At
lie same time he formed an alliance
vlth England, marking Russia's permment
entry into affairs of western
A succession of minor czars was folowed
by a period of strife between
iretenders to the throne, which ended
n tho revolution of 160a-tt!13. Tho
;ntire land was bathed in blood, and
irder was restored only when u nalonal
assembly of representatives dedared
the line of Kuril; extinct and
conferred the throne upon Michael
Ecodorvitcli, first czar of the house
>f Romarhni.
The Romanoff's first oxploits will
je told tomorrow.
... MP\Y/Q ' .
j A YY kJ |
Went to Charleston.
Miss Pansy Jacobs left this morning '
'or Charleston to spend a low days
with her aunt. Mrs. Belle Bennett, who
s residing with her daughter. Mrs. E.
?. Morgan.
MotherB1 Meeting.
A most enjoyahlo mothers' meeting
>f the W. C. T. U. was held yesterday
ifternoon at the home of Mrs. J. G 1
Cunningham on Guffoy street. Twenty
adies were present and a reading on I
Child Training was the feature of the I
.fternoon. Two new members were !
iken into the Union. Refreshments
There's a good way
teep growing boys and girls g
lthy and happy and that is 0
five them
irape-Nuts |
for breakfast. ?
rhi? wonderfully nourishing
d has a sweet, nutty flavor that I
ces it popular with children. 8
Dne of the few sweet foods 9
t does not harm digestion, but B
Ids them strong and bright. | !
Jit grocers everywhere
> SREEDtV LEAVE ||j|?ti^
*? wawe ms
UiflpftiwwDEEmND!: IF
mK&km, i^sL^y t
? Stylish New Suits at
$18.50 on up to $50.00
1 If You Chi
^ it will be a front lace?fot
| t
53 Model 3601, illustrated,
pi approved style lines are in
jcj new higher bust line, the
H ?the somewhat shorter s
^ clasp, three sets of hose s
45m OfVinv mnHnlc HO fn CI I
vv<iV/X J11V/UV-1U 'I'ViVW W? IJ/A\
were served by the hostesses, Mrs. I
Cunningham anj Mrs. Melville Merrl-1
Hold. A business meeting of the Un- j
ion will be held in two weeks at the i
Diamond Street M. E. church.
Here from Winchester.
Charles Robinson, of Winchester,,
Va., is spending a few days here.
Will Return Here.
Mrs. Mary Boggess and grandson,
I,loyd Boggess, who have spent the
winter with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boggess
at Lexington. Ky? arc expected
home in a few days.
Will Move Next Week.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Bishop and
daughter. Miss Lulu, expect to move
next week to their farm near Uffington.
Mr. Fru mreturned to his home In
Wheeling yesterday after a visit with
his daughter. Mrs. Bailey Nuztim.
Mrs. Wesley Satterfleld, who has
been quite ill, is Improving.
Trinket Cotfce. "A nooular roffi,e 1
at a popular price. Sold on Its merits. |
No prizes?no coupons."?Advt.
" 1^ My Weather^Prophet
I can tell stormy weather days'
off by the twinges in my shoul- !
ders and knees. But here's an
old friend that soon drives out the pains
nod aches.
Sloan's Liniment Is so easy to apply, no
rubbing at all, it sinks right in and files
the pain. Cleaner than tnuny plasters and
ointments, Try it for gout, lumbago, neuralgia,
bruises and tprnins.
At your druggist, 25c. 50c. and $1.00.
) a p\g >s, freckle;
I ^ ,
"1 iiifiitiV iilniiirfiimitiM
Stylish New Coats at j|
oose Your Corset Carefully I
only front lace corsets find favor now, and just as 9
surely will it be #
The Front Lace Corset with the Ventilo Back ^
For no other corset interprets the new styles so sub- g
tly or possesses so many refinements and exclusive I
The VesnZcfar, Backf
Rata Mart. C. ?. rat. QBU*.
and front shield an exclusive feature of LnCamille- sfc?
represents the most important improvement of the last ^
decade. By relieving all pressure on the spine, by pre- &
venting the lacer from scoring the flesh, really stylish ^
corseting is permitted without a thought of discomfort. ^
is for the average figure and shows hpw faithfully the ^
terpreted in these new LaCamile Models. It has the Hi
natural curve at the waist, following the figure closely S3
kirt. Made of Crutil, tailor trimmed; 12 inch front &
upporters, elastic section at bottom of back. Price $5.00. ?5
).00. 1
ii i i i mmmmmm?mmmammyyp???????
tIX i
1 ;:
| JEoomioingfG^
a i ^ % ' Th?t Is what you get at this store. The
0 y 4 entire stock reflects the good taste of our
h ' VBT ^ * _ _ huyer, an individuality that Jj striking, and
X ^ ^ . last but not least, ECONOMY. Our stock of
v M , . wall paper was practically all bought be8
torc tho 8tltf 1-180 ln l)rlceB> but we are let- \
K tlne thc customer have the advantage of our
x r?\VA-^i) WK&Sviifc/ffi foresight. The saving is for the customer.
Come, make your choice early because the greater the sev
lection, the greater the satisfaction.
V The Store With a Paint for Every Purpose.
jj Jacobs Building Monroe St.
Try a Want Ad in The West Virginian
1 - i .
1. 11 ?x"
Keep The Blood Stream Pure
You aw mora htmatad la ynor own MA than
anybody else. If yo? Imp your blood pur. and
It n tol eai-i rjioraaa 70* WW! leaa ?P? to contract
9*1 kvil n dlaeaaa?but tba blood anaut oa la opt strong
BlfiSSs f| o*"1 P<*? to do Ha work,
NjHMI Rbeumctlim, Catarrb, Ecaama, Scrofula
ara aU algna of dirarderad blood, and yon
aboaalS band tba bM waraiayi thoy giro.
laaUoWng tpf Mood wcdlclno. gat a
? tWTtjJWt Ct Wo rMfMnft. 0, 3, which la guaraotrurta
toad parwr eagatabla, and wa know It Haa
y ?aa purified tba blood of tbauaanda In Sta fifty
ioawa?o-wt! yean existence. Oat 8. 8. 8. at any drug
:4 store.
MMikW B? (Ua and (at tfie (Onnlns 5. 3, 8.
[fH nwweii -.
|M SS?ZmS3 Write oar Medical Department freely
rki| ?. t and without charge.
h) / VEfcU.APK,
^ 11: .v^r HI

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