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' 'baser
00 in for track at
i the univedsitt
interesting Schedule Has
Been Arranged for
j This Season.
1 Tbe university track team will enter
JKire big meets this season, making it
the biggest season at track sportb ever
' undertaken at the university. InterIt,
est In the cinder track has expressed
f \ 4Uelf forcibly and It la believed among
f the devotees of track athletics at the
; school, that a new day tor tbat class
* !of sport has opened In West Virginia.
S;"j; Always before tho track team has
* been a minor part of the school's uth
f j lettc representation, but with some ex*
<;ellent material In this summer, It ap
pears that the splendid sports of run- j
aj s nlng and sprinting and hurdling, the'
3 discus and the other forms of Grcclun
ft ?-contest will come into their own.
i. The schedule of meets Is as followsApril
27-28 ? Send team to the,
; Penn relay racos. Three other men
- will enter carnival of events.
- ?: May 6?Ohio University at Athens.
)' (Dual meet.) |
s ? May 19?Team entered at. West*
era Pennsylvania field and track meet
J at Pittsburgh.
May 30?(Morning) ? Wesleyan at
J Ifclorgantown. (Dual meet.)
June 2?Pitt at Morgantown. (Dual
E * Practically all of last year's men
" excepting Stevenson are in school and
- working hard in preparation for the
t season. Preutol, who holds two Htate <
If 1 records and has been a consistent point "
| Better lor tne varsity iu tliu past sev- 1
. cral years, has not yet returned from
Huntington where he was called sev- 1
S . oral weeks ago by thu sudden death of j'
i Ills father. He le expected hack, liow1'
: over, within a short time. Iu addition 1
to the squad of veterans, there are
'some excellent fresbnien candidates in '
The relay team which will go to.
Pennsylvania will Include Harry An- '
'derson. Lane Anderson, Rowley, and [
fourth man to be chosen from De-1 .
' forest. Trotter, Miller. Lattemer and
-.jotbers. Aspirants are now working 'f
pairing Progress in \
Bowling Tournament; t
'some very interesting single '
matches were rolled i?
last night. is
, More good scores were made In the r
bowling tonrnament last nlgbt. 1
The semi-finals have been reached In: I
ttd singles and the first round of dnu. 11
I Mm will be rolled tomorrow night. I t
Brown had high single ot 175 and Ken- :
d&ll high three game totaV ot 433 while: t
Kendall and Barnes made the best11
"match total," 820. The scores were as1?
(fellows: c
i BUckley, 835; Linn, 323.
Brown. 365; Morrow. 325. I
Barkalow, 329; Ashcraft. 269. 1
England, 388; Wrasse, 289. ?
- Stanhagen, 358; Miller. 222. t
McDougal, 290; Dolllson. 295.
Hawkins. 228; Mills. 315.
Barnes, 386; Brown, 355. 1
Bllckley, 364; Helntzelman. 341. s
Barkalow, 339; Rollins. 252. a
Stanhagen, 289; Dolllson, 279.
Hamilton, 392; England. 362. 8
, Hawkins. 377; Bell, 325. 8
Barnes, 387; Kendall, 433. 1
?- Bllckley, 333; Barkalow, 282. s
Wesleyan at Last
Wins a Ball Game!
GREENFIELD. S. C., March 28.? i 1
West Virginia Wesleyan won her first I
game 01 me soutnern trip here yester-1
day afternoon when Furtnon Univer-:
aity wag defeated 7 to,4 In an interesting
and well played game. The Fur-,
f Y man twlrler wan not In form and the i
Wesleyan clubbers banged him all over
the lot. Wesleyan'a field work, while
H brilliant In spots. Is still a little ragged,
flye errors being marked up against
them in yesterday's game. The score: j
Wesleyan Oil 120 002?7 14 5
Furman 200 200 000?4 4 2
~ Batteries: Lentz, Morrison and Mc7
-Clure; Truluck, Bollng and Cain. 1
<ii v i
Fairmont Normal Is determined to | [
stage a comeback on baseball, and,
from the reports of Manager Harr>
Watkins, she's going to do it.
Cupid Bllckley is spending every idle {
moment standing around on street cor- ?,
Tiers.persuading would be mariners to j
purchase canoes. It is expected he *
Will take a brand of life insurance on i ,
the side and sell hlB victims insurance
along with the craft
. Wesleyan's baseball team has had i,
: a hard time getting started but now I.
mtybe will keep going.
It would appear as it the university 1
; ' was taking a little more than usual in-, ^
/ t crest in track this year from her
The university baseball team is
' rounding into the best nine that has
ever represented the school, say some
fans who have just returned from Mortfl
tB / Explained.
Lhi "What's all the excitement?"
"Oh, there's a pretty girl in that
ft Bj&Sim*' * flt"?Phlu*
(The West Virginia Special I
Sport Writer Touring the Major
League Training Camps to Size up
the Teams as they Prepare for the j
1917 Campaign >.
HOT SPUING?. Ark.. March 28.? j
rho spectacle of a National league I
hamplon falling in one year to thej
econd division is a consummation not
'etnoto In tho older league this year.
It is doubtful whether Wilbert Robnson
can build up a hall team which
an get above fifth place due to three
Influences- holdouts, poor catchers,
md unreliable pitchers.
When 1 saw the Dodgers here three
alttablc men, two itiliclders and an
mtflelder, wero holding out, and the.
ndlcations were that two of them.
!ach Wheat and Mike Mowery. might
tot sign.
Wheat was the most valuable outlclder
on Hobble's team last year and i
>ne of the greatest players In the1
ami'. Slowery. financially independ-j
nt. was n clever inflelder. a danger-1
>us hitter and a good base-runner, t
dowery's salary was cut this season I
ind ho says he will not report.
With oue or two exceptions the team !
hat fell in defeat to tho Ked Sox last |
'car was mediocre. It Is scarcely im-1
iroved this season.
Robbie is putting too much depend- j
nee on old timers?players who have j
icrved their time and may go back
iny day.
For pitchers he has Sherrod Smith,
mo of the heroes of the world series.1
terhaps the greatest southpaw in tho
cague. He has Pfoffer. who shouldlave
a good season, and then there is
ilarquard. errutlc as usual; Coombs,
rho is fast going back; Wheezer Dell.
in in-and-outer; Appleton who has j
icvcr suuwii very ruueu; v neney, unu
wo youngsters who look better than I
inv of the rest with the possible ex-.
eptlonR of Smith anil I'feffer.
The youngsters are Cadore. sunt by,
he Itoblus to Montreal early last
ear where he won 25 and lost 14
tames, and Durning with Portland In
he Eastern league last season.
Cadore is a big righthander with
ipeed. curves and change of pace.
Jurnlng Is a southpaw?the kind of a;
iouthpaw a manager likes to find?!
. sidewhoeler with control.
The catching staff is as weak as
my In the league. Otto Miller prob-!
iblo will do the bulk of the receiving. |
le is a mediocre. Chief Myers, old.
low and flat-footed, will help. Myers
nay be a dangerous hitter this year?
nurk, I do not say ho will be, but
here is that possibility. Jack Schneldr.
last year with Macon and Atlauta,
vill lie tried. He hit about .350 with
Ulunta in 12 games but the major
lart of tho season, playing with Macon,
lis average fell to .250.
Although Jako Daubert is slipping,
tobinson hps in him one of the great
irst sarkers of the game. Merklc will
ilternato at the initial sack and also
tinv tlin nntflnlri
Cutshaw and Malone will be at secind
and Olson and Getz, neither very
omarkable, at third.
Robinson's real find Is at short
vliere Fabrlque Is playing a slashing
;arae. Fabrlque played last year with
Jrovldence. His records on the field
ind at the bat were remarkable. He
ormerly was owned by the Detroit
flgers, but Jennings had Bush and
t'oung and could not use him.
llobble also has a find In the outleld?Hickman,
a youngster who Otto
.ttiler declares can throw strikes from
he nntflelrl. Ttnhhln will need him
f Wheat doesn't sign, for the outfield
ioesn't look -very strong with Hy
dyers and Jlmmle Johnson as reguars.
If Mathewson can do anything with
ho Cincinnati club. Robinson will be
ortunate to remain In the first divisor!.
The Jones Scouts and the East Park
Scouts will clash this afternoon on uie
Cast Side club floor In a game of the
ioys' league which was postponed from
donday night The league schedule Is
[rawing to a close and Interest Is geting
keener in every contest.
More to the Purpose.
"I hear Hammer's wife Is supportng
him on hBl tour this year .and yet
never knew she was a good actress."
"She Isn't ;but she's a very good
aundress."?Baltimore American.
Mrs. Helen Alford Reynolds .enter
tallied at a lunclieon Tuesday in honot
of her cousin. Mrs. Bula J. Taylor, ot
Clendenln, who is visiting relatives
Miss Iiirtie Clellaud was at Fair
rnont shopping Monday.
Mrs. Tlios. Carroll was at Clarlts
hurg Monday visiting her daughter
Mrs. Airncs Greleer nt St. Mnrv's hns
Jesse D. Wilson and Alpha Tooth
man were business visitors at Fainnoni
Mrs. Marion Bowman was visiting
Mrs. Homer Amos at Keystone Mon
Mrs. C. 0. Wilt was at Fairmont shop
ping Tuesday afternoon.
F. K. Sigglns was a business visitoi
at Fairmont Tuesday.
MiBs Florence Hogue has returnee
to Wesleyan University, Buekbannon
to resume her studies.
Mrs. Ollle Toothman was at Fair
mont shopping Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Lynch, of Clarks
burg, were business visitors in Fair
mont Tuesday.
Clark Jones, Everrt Hamilton anc
W. E. Michael were business visitors
at Fairmont Tuesday.
Mrs. Loan Little and sister, Mist
Lillian McBee were at Fairmont shop
ping Tuesday.
The Misses Kuhn, of Belmont county
Ohio, are visiting their sister, Mrs
Brooks Fordyce, on High 3treet.
Miss Gaughlin. Miss Minnie I'owell
Mrs. J. V. Hamilton and daughter, Mrs
James Sutton. Miss Beatrice Tooth
man, Miss Madeline Fleming were ul
Fairmont shopping Saturday.
Mrs. Elwood Gump has returnee
from Fairmont where sho was visit
ing her daughter. Mrs. Sina Michael.
Claude Jarvis, James Sutton, \V. W
Bowman wore business visitors at Fair
mont Saturday.
1U1S8 unma Lose, or ueston, wag ?
week-end guest of her mother, Mrs
Anna Case and sister, Miss Elizabeth
Mrs. A. M. Hanes. Mrs. Harry Storey
Miss Thornliill were Fairmont shop
pers Saturday.
Mr. and JHrs. Henry Lambert, of Mo
nongali, were week-end guests of hei
mother, Mrs. Ellen Powell.
Misses Margaret and Agnes Greasei
Baltimore & Ohio
Tickets Valid for all regular trains
and good returning 10 days
including date of sale.
Tickets Including 5 days' board In
Washington, side trips, etc., may
be secured upon payment of $20.50
Secure booklet and full Information
from ticket agent.
kvTT is Notre
; BQ3
wore week-end guests of Mrs. Charles
Cordray at Fairmont.
Miss Nettie Wambsley, who has been
visiting Mr. and MrB. R. C. Hall, has
returned to her home with Mrs. Edi
ward McKinley, at Pennsboro.
Mr. Grey, of Farmington, attended
the Sunday school convention Sunday
afternoon at the M. E. church, south,
| and was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. \V.
, H. Kuntz for luncheon.
[ I Mrs. Holden, of Littleton, was a
week-end guest of Mrs. Mary McBee.
Harry Barb, of Mannington, attended
the Sunday school convention at the
M. E. church, south, Sunday afternoon
and was the guest of U. S. Prico and
' family.
Dr. and Mrs. D. L. It. Yost were visiting
the former's mother, Mrs. Malinda
" Yost, Sunday.
Miss Louise Haught and nephew,
, Master Joe Yost, weie week-end guests
' of her sister, Mrs. Barrack, at Skinnston.
Mrs. Clark Hawkins and son. Earl,
' I and daughter, Mrs. Bula Taylor, of
j Clendenin. are visiting the former's
i yuicms. inr. unu mn. rtiuen Ammons.
. Mrs. L. B. Underwood was the weekend
guest of friends at Mannlngton.
' Floyd Kuntz. of San Francisco. Cal.,
was the week-end guest of his broth'
i er. AV. H. Kuntz. and wife,
i Mrs. L. L. Morris wab a week-end
[ guest of relutlves at Littleton.
Mrs. Agnes C. Greiger and baby are
I at St. Mary's hospital. Clarksburg, for
, treatment.
pen. Supt. Fred Crocker, of Manning,
Restored To Health By Vlnol
SHELBYVILLE. Ind.?"1 am a clerk
In a hotel and was all run down, no
' energy my blood was poor and my face
covered with pimples. I got so weak
1 1 had to put up an awful fight to keep
at work. After taking many other remedies
without benefit Vlnol has restor
ed my health and strength."?ROY
For all ruu down, weak, nervous
1 conditions of men and women, noth
lng equals Vlnol which contains beef
i and cod liver peptones. Iron and
manganese peptonates and glycoro
. phosphates. Try It on our guanantee.
cranes drug store, Fairmont; Prescription
Pharmacy, Mannington.
Looking for Help !
Quick, Efficient Ret
Obtained from The
The West Virginian is
getting the right kind of
of people anxious to give
It brings INTENSIVE re!
and annoyance of answei
those who are not of the g
Bell 1105-6.
^IjVRCH ^8, 1917
Expected That the Number
i of Candidates Will be
The first regular practice of the Normal
school baseball team was held yesterday
afternoon, following a meeting
of candidates for the team, the practice
having to be held In doors because
of the rain of the morning making the
South Side diamond too wet to play on.
Twenty-two candidates reported for
practice and this ntimber Is expected
to be swelled at least a dozen by lata
! arrivals for the spring term. Many
players who expect to be In the Normal
this season are now teaching
I school and will not be able to leave
their charges for a week or so.
The team la making arrangements
to start batting practice at South Side
park this afternoon, and a practice will
be held every day from this time forward,
On days when the weather will
not permit of playing outdoors, the
boys have a place in the Normal building
where they can work.
ton. was a business visitor here Monday.
SnpL Jerome Weaver and son, Lou.
have returned from Baltimore and
Ralph Machjpney, of Pittsburgh,
and Mrs. Machosnoy were week-end
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Sturgtss,
at Mcrgantown.
J. Y. Hamilton and son Carl Hamilton,
were business visitors at Clarksburg
Mrs. James button was snopping at
Fairmont Monday.
Miss Geneviovo Cordray was tho
guest of the Misses Greaser Sunday.
Those calling on D. A. Carpenter
Sunday were: Augusus Carpenter and
family; Carpenter and Ford, undertakers;
Rev. David Perkins and J. B.
Those calling at Dcnzel Carpenter's
Sunday were: Miss Tressie Rogers,
Ruth Travis and John Huffman.
Those calling on David Hayhurst
Sunday were Zebudce Huffman and
j Ephralm Hayhurst was working for
1 Jim Heston Monday.
Mrs. Thelma Carpenter and sisterHOW
It Gets to That Sore Spot
Like Magic
A-a-h! That's delicious relief for
those sore muscles, those stiff joints,
that latnc back.
Mustcrole is a clean, white ointment,
i made with the oil of mustard and
! itka. 1.. _ ' i.
; umti iiuuic SlinpiCS.
I It does the work of the old'
fashioned mustard plaster, minus the
1 plaster and minus the blister!
i You simply rub Musterolc on the
spot where the pain is?rub it 011
briskly?and usually the pain is gone.
Xo muss, no bother. Just coniiorting,
soothing relief ? first a gentle
glow, then a delightful sense of coolness.
And best of all. no blisters like
.lie old-fashioned mustard plaster used
to make.
Use Musterole for sore throat, bron hitis,
tonsilitis. croup, stiff neck,
v'hma. neuralgia, headache, congestion,
pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago,
bains and aches of the back or joints,
sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chilblains,
frosted feet and colds of the
thest (it often prevents pneumonia).
*ir m mm *
west Virginian
the trusted medium for
help. It reaches the eyes
i the best that's in them.
3ults, saving you the time_
-ing or spending time on~
jade you are looking for.
Gonsol 250.
cents amt> a
! to> ?hvwr ~ i j*
jyw etrt-? ^ ^
In-law, Enid, were visitors at the Mud
Lick school Tuesday.
Mrs. Valley Hawkins. Mre. Emma
Miller and daughter, Leota, and Mrs.
Denael Carpenter were among the visitors
at Mn. Millie Hayhurst's last
Many ot our people attended the last
day of Shaw school last Friday and
were well entertained.
Miss Wilms Rogers was visiting at
her sister's, Mrs. Thelma Carpenter,
Saturday last
Miss Enid Carpenter and sister,
Ramah. Ephratm Hayhurst and Denzel
Robe, were callers at Denel Carpenter's
Mrs. Margaret Morris was calling
on Mrs. Rebecca Hayhurst Saturday
Miss Arzelfa Hupp. Miss Effle, Mary
and Martha Hayhurst were visiting at
Virgil Brown's Sunday.
Mrs. Hilda Summers was calling on
Mrs. Maggie Carpenter Monday.
Albert Stevens, of Grafton, was'call
ins on his parents from Friday until
Sim Smyth was at Fairmont a few
days last week.
Miss Gall Summers was visiting
Darlle Rumble one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Milt Stevens were
at Frank Stevens' Sunday.
Jacob and Mamon Haun were at
What O thers Say
Every remedy I hare tried for yean
failed to relieve my Dandruff. A barber
In Columbus applied Pompeian HAIR
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H. XV. M., Cincinnati, Ohio
Complete satisfaction is the verdict of
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A. B., Hotel El Paso da lUblas Barber Shop. Gal
I have used Pompeian HAIR Massage
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H. P. B., Bassett, la.
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Densel Shuttleworth's on* day last
Laura Haun wag calling on Mr*.
Elsie Robe Saturday evening.
Mrs. Samuel Estel was at Sam
Smyth's Friday evening.
Larney Garlow Arl and Randolf Banner
were at L. P. Haun'a Sunday.
Mrs. N'elson Robe was at Luther
Fletcher's last Friday evening.
George Stevens and Sam Smyth attended
the sale at Smitlttown last
Neata Hann was visiting at Frank
rStevene' Friday afternoon. v
Argyle Summers was calling on Teesle
Klncaid last Monday.
G. w. Stevens and Sam Smyth ware
; at Fairmont Monday.
The fixtures Glen BQt Pool
Room at Clarksburg, W. Vs. conlisting
of 6 Pool Tables, Soda
Fountain, Show Cases, *to, wig
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lHI TtmnCmfUl
0. b. Detroit
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<T, W. VA?
fcttNECOMB!! I '
' m

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