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| Special Swimming Plans are
Now Being Made for
I CAN \bu
I Swim?
oelng so arranged as to open dlrectHiy
into the gymnasium and from there
^ftllrectly to the pool. There will be
eliminated all the bother Incident to
^ the former swimming classes at the
"Y" made necessary by their not being
a women's department In the building.
Some SQggestlons are being made
relative to putting the women's deI
partment on the second floor of the
W. C. T. TJ. building, but this was inH
vestigated by the Y. M. C. A. direcI
tors and found to be utterly lmpractic
able. On Investigation it was dlscovH
ered that not more than ten per cent.
of the women of the city favored such
I a plan, and since the department was
ft opened and 640 members secured It
has become evident that the small
quarters In the W. C. T. U. building
would be entirely inadequate.
For the special benofit of the woI
men's classes, special Instructors will
be secured for the swimming pool.
H|and before the summer Is over. It Is
hoped by the "Y" officials to have at
least sixty per cent, of the women's
H membership skilled In the mermaid
|B Brt'
W Wjesleyan Again
Blanked in South
MACON, Oa... April 2.?Wesleyan college
(or the second time this season
was shut out as a result of rotten tleld
Ing when yesterday afternoon Mercer
University whitewashed the Buckhannon
boys 7 to 0. Wesleyan had five
errors tagged against her, as opposed
to the fast and errorless playing of the
watermelon state boys.
In the sixth, as he was trying to tag
a runner at the home plate, McClure
was so seriously injured that he had
to be replaced by Beck. Morrison was
I found for a total of ten hits while
Stevens for the Mercer nine, gave
Wesleyan but four scattered pecks.
The- score:
R. H.E.
"Wesleyan OOOOOOOOC?0 4 5
Mercer O21031U0*?7 10 0
Batteries: Morrison. McClure and
Beck; Stevens and Clemouts.
Colts Too Speedy
For Has Been Team,
Hawkins' Colts ran all over the Has
Beens In the first of the indoor basehall
games at the "Y" last night. The
absence of Hamilton, the star pitcher
for the Has Beens, was largely responsible
for their defeat. The Colts by
their work last night, tied for first
place In the Senior Indoor Baseball
H league. The score for the first game
Y' 'was 19-15, excellent evidence of the
determination and vigor with which
I the struggle was waged.
In the second game the Ruffs defeated
the Clouters by a 16-S score.
rue amnnsion uarage company nas
secured trom the Standard Garage a
f. sub-agency lor Hudson cars and In
Jr*.. the future the people of that comrauni-.
\ fty can place their orders without
coming to the Standard which has previously
had the exclusive agency for
a these cars. Six cars of various makes
\vere sold by the Standard garage dur>jg
the past week and three others
hate been sold at Clarksburg recently
as result of the exhibit which tha
Standard people staged there at the
recent auto show.
An addition to the Wllletts Pottery
company's plant on the East side is
? about completed and in a few days
will be ready for occupancy. This
I-. room Is to houso the kilns In which the
wares vyill he dried and will materialF
ly increase the capacity of the plant
T. L. Burchtnal secured the contract
for the alterations to be made in the
residence of the First National bank
property and work will be begun at
once in order that it may be completed
by the first of September, which is
the time limit set in the contract. The
building when completed will be or
cnpled by E. C. Jones' store and mor
than ten thousand dollars will be <
1 . ' pended In equipping the building to
ft the needs of this concern,
i .1.,. _ ,
> Swimming will prouubly be the (call
ture at the Y. M. C. A. this summer.
B and the question. "Can you swim?"
probably will be the most asked of
any ot the questions propounded by
the members of the new women's quarters.
Since It Is anticipated that the
new women members will rather conrantrate
on pool activities, the Y. M
Id. A. management Is making plans
Bfor special work along this line this
In their new quarters which will
Hbe built In the "Y" the womA will
Hhave everything convenient, the rooms
(The West Virginian Special
Sport Writer Vourlng the Major
League Training Camps to Size
up the Teams as they Prepare for
the 1917 Campaign).
COLUMBUS. Ga., April S.-?-If the
Pittsburgh club Is to break Into the
first division this year the pitchers
must come through with the same
high class brand of pitching which
marked their work last year and Manager
Jim Callahan must strengthen his
Infield by 50 per cent, over what It
has shown up to this time.
Pittsburgh should have one of the
best pitching staffs in the league.
There Is Cooper, one of the best pitchers
in the league In 191B. and Cooper
looks like a repeater. Miller pitched
good ball last year as did JacobB
and there Is no reason why they should
not repeat. Mamaux may or may not
V?o of tUn * * '
w??w v.. mo ocuottuuiiB oi me league
this year.
Mamaux is young?not yet 22?and
he Is likely to allow his youth to get
away with him.
Mamaux has no really bad habits
but he has temper and a temperament
which he has never tried hard to control
and he has a rather weak stomach.which
is not materially helped by
the practice he has of eating heavy
lunches at night.
If he will control his temper and
his appetite Mamaux will show the
National league something this year.
If ho doesn't he Is likely to lose as
many games as he wins.
Callahan has two good looking young
sters in CarlBon and Grimes, either
one of which has the possibilities of
Coach Moore is Keeping the
High Candidates Hard
at Work.
Fairmont High last night run
through her best practice of the year,
when after threatening weather for
a time made it look as though no'
practice would be held, the sun came
out and cleared things up so the Blue,
and White diamond experts could
strive for proficiency. The size of
the squad is increasing each evening,
several of those whc were unable to
be at the first practice making their
appearance last night.
Coach Moore Is giving the boys
plenty to do with the stick as well
as with the arm. and It Is believed that
Fairmont, usually weak on hitting,
will be the strongest ever In this Important
In addition to the schedule which
has been announced, the High school
will play a series of two. or if necessary
three, games with the Normal
at dates which so far have not been
decided upon.
Miss Josephine Ogden, of Chicago.
III., is the very attractive guest of her
sister, Mrs. O. L. Stannard, at her
home in Third avenue. Her coming
will be the beginning of many pleasant
parties, as she has a large circle of
friends in the city.?Huntington Herald
Miss Lucy Sipe- of this city, who
had spent the last several weeks inBaltimore,
is now the guest of her sibtftr.
Mrs. Arthur W K.wntt In rhnrlna.
Mrs. C. N. Martin and daughter,
Miss Nellie, of the East Side, left today
for Delaware, O., where they will
Mies Mary Moulds Hurst who had
spent the last several days here with
her mother. Mrs. W. J. Wicgel, left
this morning for Pittsburgh to resume
her studies at. the Winchester school.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ice will return
tomorrow from New York where the
^ ^
a great pitcher if started in the right
The Pittsburgh catching staff is not
brilliant, but it is steady and consistent.
Alfred Snyder. Bill Wagner. Walter
Schmitt and William Fisher comprise
the department. This ^staff
should line up with any in the league
with the possible exception of New
The infield is Calahan's great problem.
Warren Adams probably will be
at first. He is a high class fielder
and a mediocre hiter.
The second base job probably will
go to Hoke Wagner and ,Doug Baird
should have no trouble fitting in at
Jim McAuley. Alex McCarthy and
Phnrluv Wnrtl nrn ?j11 tpvlrn* in *???
a chance at the shortstop position with
the result still iti doubt.
In the outfield Max Carey, annual
holdout and speed demon. Bill Hinchman
and Frank Schultc have the call.
Schulto Is getting pretty ohl and major
may not play up to his usual standard
this year. Carey and Hinchman
are pretty good outfielders but don't
line up in a class with half a dozen
other outfielders In the league.
Callahan will also carry A1 Ellis,
a promising youngster, Carson Bigbee.
who can play either the infield
or outfield with a chance of one or
two other youngsters staying for a
short time.
I cannot figure the Pittsburgh club
as a first division possibility, even
though they are under the leadership
of one of tue brainiest managers in
baseball and one who will get everything
out of them. The team hasn't
the hitting power nor the necessary
strength in the infield.
former has been under the care of
Dr. Biggs for a week.
Mrs. Will Arnett. of Little Falls, is
the guest of her Bister, Mrs. A. S. Helmlck.
on Marj-land avenue.
Mrs. Harry Robinson returned yesterday
from Grafton where she had
spent the week end with relatives.
W. J. McElhhiey. of West Union,
formerly of this city, was a business
visitor here today.
George McCrory, who attends school
at Saltsburg. Pa., is here to spend tue
Eastor vacation with his mother, Mrs.
W. I. Lydlc.
Mrs. Vaughn Jolliffo. who had speni
ti e last several weeks in St. i.ouis and
Chicago with relatives, has returned
Mrs. Joseph Lehman and daughter.
Miss Josephine, returned yesterday
from Grafton where they had spent
the week end with relatives.
Anticipated Eye-Sores.
Ma?I think oJsephine had better
study painting instead of music; then
she won't make any noise practicing.
Pa?Oh, 1 don't know; there's an
end to onise, but pictures will last for
years.?Boston Transcript.
Truth Will Out.
Wife?What would you do,George,
if you were left awidower?
Hub?Oh, I suppose the same as
you if you were a widow.
Wife?You horrid wrtch! And you
told me you could never care for anybody
else.?Boston Transcript.
" ' ;"j V ' >,"K ' :
- jjc
1 * * ' ~'V
who.is a big hit with the Passing Parade
at the Hippodrome.
_.- . ' i LlOU.'..- . - . - - . iu.--/
I1 ?
The West Union Record Is respou
sible for the following: "A foreign
er brought from McClellan district tc
West Union last week and adjungcc.
Insane was taken to Clarksburg am
detained In jail. Wbile passing tin
I time away he engaged in a little socla
' game of poker with the other prison
I es and transfered all their lose change
to his pockets. They decided that hi.
mental condition was not so despcr ,
ate and he was released."
Alfred Simmon, aged.40 years, whosr
home Is in Friendly, West Virginia
but who for the past two weeks lian
been working at the Eagle Glass am !
Manufacturing company of Wellsburg i
was killed in a most unusual manne j
one day last wook at Hannah's boan.
ing house In the Fourth ward. Mr Sin. j
tuon came home from the Eagle a
noon, stating that he would dress an<
go down to the Foundation compan>
at Beech Bottom to see about somt
work. Shortly afterward members o
I the family were attracted by a loui
: noise, and upon Investigating fount
j Mr. Simmon lying at the foot of tin
j stairway apparently dead. A hurrj
t call was sent, for nr P r t
?. v.
I ami the man removed to the Ohlt
j Valley hobpital ill Steubenvlllc, when
| it was found upon examination thai
his neck had been broken, and tha
death was only a matter of a few hour.
When you seek to find the bes
examples of unselfishness, go bae.
into the hills of West Virginia when
that far-famed native hospitality am.
the apirlt of helpfulness have no
been destroyed by too close eontac !
with the urban communities of ou
country, says the Spencer Times-Rei
ord which continued. Twenty-thre
men walked thirty miles from one o
the rural communities of Calhoun cou
ty last week, through darkness am.
daylight, over hill and vallev| am.
through the awful mud to carry a sic!
woman to a Spencer hospital. Eacl
of them left homo supplied with ra
tions from his own larder and bore hi
own expense while here?they wer
here upon a mission of love and mercy
God he praised for the slmple minde
country folk who set such a bright
indications point to a busy season
of back yard farming in Shinnstoi
this year according to the Shlnnstor
News. The unprecedented high price
of food stuffs, including the com
monest vegetables makes it necessur
for the average family to untliize ev
ery available foot of ground for gar
dening purposes, and there will bi
many hack yards planted this seaso;
that never knew the spake and hoc be
fore. The same will be true all ove
I the country. Everybody should nlan
that has any ground at all that it
Charles O. Anderson, of Walkers
ville, passed through Weston last wee
going to and returning from Prunty
town. Ho didn't go there for reform
ation, but to get some pointers on th
raising of beans, says the Freo Press
of that town. At that institution last,
year there were raised more soup
beans than by any two farmers in the
state. The total crop at the school
was more than six thousand bushels,
of, but they are a very valuablo food.
They constitute a substitute for meats,
and are usually to be had at prices
which are not burdensome. They are
also easily produced, and there ought
I to be a large crop of them raised in
this county. It is well to remember
thnt. while possessing the valuable
food properties of meats,.they are held
not to possess the qualities which encourage
the multiplication of disease
germs and the contracting of diseases
which follow meat consumption.
L. Stuart rtiffe. of Rock Camp. Monroe
county. S3 years old. has with his
I own hands grubbed and cleared two
[acres of land this winter, according to
the Monroe Watchman, printed at Union.
That's the kind of men Monroe
county produces. May Mr. Itiffe long
continue to defy Father Time and remain
VOline thnill'll CI" ni-m??onnrlt?n
Weston boosts of a cook who ts
rather extraordinary for a person holding
such a position. Read the following
from the Weston Independent of
last "week:
"Wm. S. Jackson, the popular cook
at the Camden hotel, gave his usual
anniversary reception on last Monday
night to a host of his gentlemen
friends. The evening was spent in
singing and chatting. At a late hour
Mr. Jackson served dainty refreshments
which were relished by all. j
Those present were Messrs. John
Early, Simpson Brown, John Lee, Wm.
Riffle. Nute Hutchinson, Wm. Lee.
Brown Johnson, William, Ross and
Russell Perkins. Lamon Harris. Luther
Brown. Wm. and Clarence Gribsey.
Comparatively fen people realize that
a cold is a signal of physical weakness.
To treat a cold with weakening
physics, alcoholic syrups or drugged
pills, may smother the cold but they also
reduce the body powers still further and
invite more serious sickness.
Scott's Emulsion has always been an
expert on colds, because it peculiarly
enriches the blood, quickly tones upthe
foscca and strengthens both throat and
chest. Try Sco(t's. Refuse Substitutes.
Scott & Bownc. CToomfickl.N.J.. ^ kr-a
njjUam vmeTTis
Full Dress Suits, $25-00
for hire, $2.50 a night.
This is the G
the Whole ^
Easter Week Bra
Is the Store I
The new Spring suits and n
in unrestricted choice.
What kind are they ?
They are "our kind" and wi
They are of the kind that si
to have the "quality look"
The "quality look" must h
otherwise it soons wears of
Men's Clothing is as real tc
has the same real foundat
You men, especially you y<
word in fashion, this is yoi
and overcoats you are look
Prices $15 to $25.
Easter Shirts and
Regiments of them, brigades of
new Spring designs and colorings
The Luxurious Fc
appeal quite as strongly to the it
25c to $1.00.
This is the Great
Hundreds and hundreds of men
(hem ready for Easter. Plenty of 1
row and broad toe styles of depend
\rnold Hutchinson, Wm, Ray, Thom.
s Grant, Ernest McNeil, Martin Brown
ind Dan Ivory. -The guests departed
at a late hour wishing Mr. Jackson
nany more years in Woston. Mr.
ackson is a native of Pomerv, Ohio,
nd came here in 189C as Jubiile sing r
with Rev. R. S. Brown, who held
i great revival at the Cole grove,
above town, and he decided to stay in
Weston, securing work at the Camden
hotel and has continued in Its ser
vice ever since. He is a splendid man
and numbers his friends by the hundreds
among his people as weli as tho
whites. His long service as chor at
the Camden is a splendid tribute to his
integrity. May he double it Is our
Miss Oliie Richardson, of Staunton,
Va? and Ralph Georgia Deshieids, of
Washington, D. C., werei married last
evening at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. Trimble in this city by the Rev. J.
C. Broomfleld. The ceremony was witnessed
by a large number of relatives
and friends and at 10:30 o'clock a wedding
supper was served.
Bumstead's Worm Syrup
A B&r* and sore Ncmody tor Worm*
Stood tho test for 50 ycara. IT WEVEB
FAILS. To children It ! an angel of
bottle lias killed 132 worms. All drugrlats
and dealers, or by mall?25c a hot.
Eat. C. A. VOOEHEES, M- D? Phi la., Pa.
Now is the
Time to Think
of your spring clothing needs,
and have them cleaned and
freshened by our superior methods.
Footer's Service is always
safest and best for Ladies' and
gentlemen's garmentsFelt
or other hats, slippers,
shoes, sweaters, light wraps.
Just now we are preparing to
render better and more efficient
service iQuii ever ueiore. j
Dye Works
Cumberland, Maryland.
Fairmont and Vicinity. j
.. ?Jj I
> AN AvJToMoSiitE *v^U. boi
^ Mobile*
< I
reatest Week of
fear in Men's
igs the Test and This
teady to Meet It.
lew Spring overcoats are ready
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hould appeal to men who want
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ave all wool for a foundation,
f. The fine quality of Hartley
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hem. divisions of them?all In fha
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el of Silk Half Hose
erage man as their fine appearance.
Shoe Buying Week.
will want their new shoes to havs
downs and tanR and black shoes, narable
quality, $5 to $7.
G. H.: "What is neuritis, what
causes it and is there a cure?"
Neuritis is an inflammation of a
tiorve, caused by debility, local Injury. [
exposure to cold, gouty or rheumatic
conditions, alcohol, lead and arsenic
poisoning and the like. The cure de
penns upon me removal or the cause
and the improvement of the general
It matters not whether you have
had agonizing pains from rheumatism
for 20 years or distressing twitchings
for 20 weeks, Rheuma is strong
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Holt's drug store and all druggists
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know that at last you have obtained a
remedy that will conquer rheumatism.
For over five years throughout America
Rheuma has been prescribed
by broad-minded physicians and has
reieaauu mousuniib irom agony, pain j
and despair. 1
Looking for Help !
Quick, Efficient Res
Obtained from. The
The West Virginian is
getting the'right kind of ]
of people anxious to give
It brings INTENSIVE res
and annoyance of answer
those who are not of the g
Bell 1105-6.
ItcSA (00! I >
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fut.mm fV?
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Men and Boys
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Apply Q-Ban?Simple, Safe, Healthful
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Don't use (lyes. They are not only
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. 1
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