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ESTABLISHED 1868. today's news today FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA. WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 4, 1917. member associated press. PRICE THREE CENTS*
LaFollette Not In
Place When Resolution
Called up
Measure Will Be Taken Up
in That Body First
Thing Tomorrow.
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. April 4.?The war 1
resolution was debated in the Senate
today with speeches of support 1
from both sides and prospects that :
opposition would be confined to a very 1
few. '
It was the plan to pass it before
The resolution was not reached in '
the Honse, however, as had been plan- 1
ned and is to be taken up at ten tomor
row mr/rning under arrangement to
remain in session until passed.
The Senate resolution was accepted
by the House foreign affairs committee
as a substitute for its own and
was favorably reported for passage
with only two members of committee
voting against it They were Representative
Shackelford, Democrat, of
Missouri, and Representative Cooper.
Republican, of Wisconsin.
In the Senate patriotic expressions
of support for the President and de
termination to press the war with all
vigor were made by Democrats and
Republicans with pledges of non-partisan
consideration for all war questions.
Senator Hitchcock in charge of the
resolution for the present, in place of :
senator stone, wno wuuia not support
It, declared as much as he wished and <
had worked to avoid war he could '
not vote against the resolution. i
Senator Lodge ranking Hepublicans
on the Foreign Relations committee,
pledging the support ot the Republicans
to the President called on government
to seize all German ships
in American waters to replace those
destroyed by submarines and in passionate
terms called the government not
to conduct a "half war."
Senator Vardaman. Democrat ot :
Mississippi, was the first to announce
ho would vote against the war resolution.
Ke was followed by Senator i
Stono who announced his opposition
but like Vardaman, pledged support i
to thetwar when it Is begun.
' Senator Norris, Republican of Nebraska.
told the Senate he was "bitterly
opposed to the Cnited States entering
war" but did not flatly state
that he would vote against the war
Senator La Follette who yesterday
'forced the resolution over to today,
was not In the chamber at 10 o'clock ,
when Senator Hitchcock asked unanimous
consent to take it up. Almost
every other Senator and many House
members were present wnen the debate
In a brief opening statement Senator
Hitchcock in charge of the reso
luuon saia, J lie prcucut 13 a, nine
,for action, not discussion. The time
for discussion has passed." he said.
"The President has already stated
most clearlyi effectively, most conclusively
the reason which makes this
grave step necessary.
"The resolution provides for war
against the Imperial German government.
It la framed on the lines of
other war resolutions. It places responsibility
for the war squarely on the
shoulders of the German government
charged with repeated acts of war
against the United States. It Is also
Is unquestionably a declaration of war
I am Impressed with the solemnity of
the occasion. Some may be filled
with Joy at the prospect of war. To me
It is depressing and dreadful. The
enormous cost which the people must
par, the great increase In cost of llv- 1
lng. the enormous burden of taxes the
people must bear and the still greater
heritage of death staggers my mind.
The awful sacrifice of life that must
follow sickens my heart. I am sure
I many other senators feel as I do.
"We want no more territory. We
will demand no Indemnity. We have
Let Your Pa
Tragedy of Young Couple ol
Both Victims
While driving to the debot from theit
tome on Statler's run yesterday hd
:ake the train which would carry
:o Terra Alta where they weiyfo be
ldmitted to the sanitariumJJn treatnent
ot tuberculosis, J0s. Pearl
Howard, a young womy of twenty
fears was taken with f hemorrhage,
leath resulting within a few minutes.
Her husband. William Howard, a few
years her senior, also a victim of the
ilsease, was too ill to be taken back
10 historic grude to settle, nor racial
ititlpathy. In this respect we differ
from tho other countries already involved
in this awful struggle. There
s pan-Slavism against pan-Germanism.
Italy wants back the Trentlno, France
her lost provinces, Great Britain has
;Grman commerce and German colones
almost in her grasp. Kussia wants
Constantinople and Germany beside
ter place in the sun. wants to dominate
Europe. We of all nations will spend
nir treasure and our blood and sacrifice
lives without the thought or posability
of gain. We are going to war
to vindicate our honor and indopendtnce
as a great nation and in defense
if humanity. Such quarrel as we have
with Germany is not of our choosing.
It was foreeil upon us and we did much
to avoid it."
Senator Hitchcock spoke about 20
minutes and was followed by Senator
Swanson og Virginia, who said tlie
German government "has repeatedly
and grossly violated its treaty obli
nations to United States and wantonly
broken solemn assurances. The is
sue is not peace of war," Senator
Swanson continued. "War has already
been declared on us. The issue
Is whether we shall accept war or ahlect
and cowardly submission."
Booth Will be Maintained
in Front of Court House
It 1b urged that all patriotic citi
zens of the community will enroll theli
names with the local Ited Cross so
ciety and thus aid in a patriotic cause
The ladles of the society will maintain
a booth in front of the Marion county
court house tomorrow and will solicit
members for the organization. Tin
fee for membership is one dollar an
nually. Fifty cents of this sum !>
retained for use of the local chaplet
white the other half is forwarded U:
the National organization. Of the
supplies furnished by the local chap
tor all go to the use of the American
The local society would like to have
a membership of at '.east one thou
Band men and women.
There are three classes of member
Bhip in the Red Cross as follows:
Class A. Those who Join in the class
are members who agree to go to th<
Class B. These are members whe
are ready to respond to hospital duty
Class C. The members of this divis
ion are men and women who will b<
active in the work at home.
me ii mil
A sumptuous banquet was served it
the dining room of the "V" last nighl
to the men who took part In the recent
bowling tournament. Alter the last
course bad been served Spray Linn
who presided as toastmaster, called
upon others present and the rest 01
the evening was spent in toasting and
The decorations were all of a pa
triotlc nature, flags and red. white and
blue bunting decorated the walls and
table while red carnations were given
as favors. The speeches, too. sounded
the note of patriotism and toasts to
the flag were frequently made.
The banquet was prepared and
served by the ladies of the Presbyterian
church and mar.v were the words
of appreciation and commendation fot
the excellent service rendered.
To Have Social
The Ladles of Mt. City Temple No
29, Ladles of the Golden Kagle. will
give a necktie and apron social Thursday
evening in the M. W. A. hall on
Main street. The public Is inbited.
triotism Be Well c
:amp beg]
war res<
\an goes on '
f fitatler's Who Were
of the
J/Kwe, and while a part of the friends
(^ Hp accompanied them turned back. 1
: wife the body of his wile, the husband
coimfnued his journey to the sani!
Ins. Howard was formerly Miss
; PeaA Yost, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. j
I Coleman Yost, of Blue Creek, Kanawha
| conn?. The body will be interred onj
| Thursday at Eddy Chapel cemetery by j
j Undertaker Arthur Musgrave, of McC'urdytoille.
Services will be held at
i the residence at 2 o'clock.
rnn Tiir nunnnr
tacked their ship 90 miles oft Queenstown,
Ireland, was reported by ofti-1
cers of a British steamer on arrival !
1 here today. In a running fight the !
merchantman scored a direct hit, officers
said, and the undersea boat wont
to the bottom with all hands. The
steamer was slightly damaged by j
[ sheli-fire.
1 Quick Citizenship for Germans. j
WASHINGTON. D. C., April >J? \
A bill lo grant American citizenship !
to all Germans 'vho have lived If the !
United States five years was jfntro-1
I duced today by Senator Townynd. of
Michigan. Thousands of Germans who
' have lived here a long timeJhe said,
are anrious now to becoma citizens
but have neglected to takeint pap:rs
All members Monongahela
Camp 146^E of A. are requested
to BNR ^1 hall at 2:30 P.
II M.. Apr. 5 to Join in patriotic pa; ;
1 j W. E. DHjVAULT, Council ;
i t |:
ind Promply Informs
run inr rnnaut
No Service in the City While
the Procession is Going
Anticipating a tremendous influx of
! visitors from interurban points for the j
big patriotic celebration tomorrow. W. i
D. Ilall. superintendent of the Fair |
uiont division of the M. V. T. Co., is to j
day marshalling his cars and his forces j
; \ and tomorrow everybody will be taken j
j care of in great shapb. Mr. Hell asks.!
however that for tneir own convenience j
as well as the convenience of the t'rar- j
I tion company, these who arc coming to j
) town come as early as possible. He j
; also announced that a complete sus- j
pension of the city :ar service would be |
I in effect during the parade
"The street car men want to be rep-'
! resented in that parade just as badly
as anybody, and you can be sure that
j they will be." said Mr. Hall.
The Fashion Will Be Devoted
Exclusively to Women's
! A new addition to Fairmont's metropolitan
specialty shops appeared this
| morning with the opening ol the Fash'
ion, in the store room formerly occu-'
[ pied by the Klaw store, on Main street
! Arranged cosily for the convenience of j
, a specialty trade, the new establishment
is committed to tbe policy of giving
Fairmont girls and women the iat(
est in fashions. It will be unique in
that it will handle only women's wear
, which is exclusive and different.
The interior of tho store room has
been finished in French gray, and massive
plate glass show cases will be!
installed in a few day3, these cases hav-1
, ing been unavoidably detained in tran,
sit. The decorations arc all unique and
' sonte of tbe displays planned by the
, manager will set a new note in Fairmont.
That the women are interested was j
I testified to today when all day there ;
was a group collected in front of the 1
display windows and inside the clerks
were busy displaying the latest creation
from Pariguolte or Madame
ST. JOHN. N. B? April 4.?The sink- j
Iwer r\f a flormtin Kithmnrinu whir?V? at. .
Company I, of Fairmont,
Expected to Join Tftiem
This Evening.
co. h. is Tfine bunch
Regular Medical Officer
Compliments Captain
Thralls on Men.
Units of the First regiment that are
here have taken a new lite since the
Gregory band arrived and will hereafter
put all marching and many drills
to music. The baud was mustered Into
the United States service at 11:30 this
morning immediately following the
physical examination by Major William
A. Powell. Captain Burleson, U. S. A.,
mustered the band into the service.
There are 32 members of the band, one
member, Clarinetist Abercrombie from
the Greater Fairmont Band, having en.
listed in the Gregory ranks. This band
will be heard in Fairmont every day
now until the guard is ordered to demobilize
or to leave for active service.
Company L, Morgantown, arrived
here this morning in charge of Captain
Charles C .Robinson. This company
went immediately to the Fair Grounds
to lay out supplies and then returned
to the Armory to be examined and to;
oe mustered into the Federal service.:
This leaves at present on the caaip
grounds the following:
Supply company, Captain Leonard H.
Jones; Sanitary detachment. Captain
Kalbaugh; Company F. Martinsburg,
Captain George L,. Weaver; Company
G, Klngwood, Captain Marshall E. Mar(Continued
on Page 10)
Whole Ticket Elected by Majorities
Ranging From
500 to 600.
CLARKSBURG. W. Va.. April 4.?I
By majorities ranging from 500 to 600
the entire 'Republican ticket was victorious
over the Democratic ticket in
the annual municipal election here yestenlav.
U. Jordan wa> re-e.ected muybr
over Frank G. Bland. Others elected
are as follows:
For police chief. Nicholas Whyle:
for city clerk. W. H. Cole; for street
superintonilent, Edward J. Doyle; for
collector and treasurer. L. Harper
Rogers; for assessor. Fred S. Thomp- j
sou; for water works and Bewerage j
board, John O. Brooks; for school j
commissioner, VV. H. Taylor; for j
councilmen, First ward. Patrick Judge; j
Second ward. Charles H. Harding; J
Third ward. Charles M. Eniest; Fourth '
ward. Leonard Peck, and Fifth ward, ;
Otto R. Sartor.
Military Guards |
On East Park Oars
Starting last evening a provost!
guard is part of the regular equipment
on every car on the East Park
line of the M. V. T. The guard stands
on the rear platform of the car with
no other duties but to see that there
is no bolsterousness. Many persons
had been deterred from a visit to the
camp because they feared that because
of the number of persons using the
cars a bit of rodyism might befound.
Not becauFe such conditions existed
but because people imagined they did,
was the guard made one of the regular
3f,0SEEfc i\
Tomom-^' at ^Noon#
April 5th, Xfyll.M'
The rational Mmk
of rairmop^
?<i-- You Can Keep
Student Bocl^Will Partial
pate in Prograh^or the
M'CflllcFI EVEHlil
Public is Invited to Hear Act
dress by Pittsburg Un
} WEAR ]
First Time Such Action Ever
Was Taken by the
As a result of the directors' meeting
of the Fairmont Business Men's Association
yesterday afternoon, each member
of the association this morning received
a letter requesting that he close
his place of business tomorrow afternoon
for the big parade. This is the
first time any such action has ever
been taken by the association, no other
order ever having been more tha.1
Details of the Raymond lectures
which are to be held in the Masonic
Temple next Thursday and Friday,
were completed and several other matters
of interest particularly to the members,
disposed of.
This afternoon it wan also annouceo
that every lank in the city would be
closed to allow employees to take part
in the parade and to show their consideration
for the event.
Miss Maud Van Buren Tells
School Children How It
Was Done.
Miss Maud Van Buren, of Washing
ton, organizer for the Junior Civic
League, who is spending several days
here under the auspices of the Woman's
club in the interest of civic work
spent this morning in tho Miller and
Barnes schools, where she talked tc
Kn nEiEldran onn/icmlno tho Imnnrfnnea
of the work of the Junior Civic league
Miss Van Buren who Is a pleasing
speaker, told the children the concrete
story of a small boy who became interested
In the work an:l t'eaned up
the lawn surrounding his home, planted
flowers and vegetables, accumulated
money, etc., and now his thrift and
energy spread to other culhlren and
thence to the grownups of the community
until in a short time the community
where he resided blossomed as the rose
and the work spreak to adjoining com
munities also.
Miss Van Buren addressed the chll
dren in groups speaking to perhaps !>0C
during the morning. She held the tapt
attention of the children throughout
her address.
Tomorrow she will spend the morning
in the Cast Side schools and in the
afternoon will speak at the White and
Butcher schools. This afternoon she
will address the Woman's club and Kri
day afternoon speaks before the Mo
nongahela Valley Bound Table Asso
Superintendent Otis G. Wilson ac
companied Miss Van Buren in her vis
its to the schools this morning.
Miss Van Buren will spend the re
mainder of the week here and wil
work with the Woman's club member;
in trying to bring about a cMc spiri1
in this community which wiU resuli
in a general cleaning up and beautify
ing project.
"Frank W. 01 ark Will
Address Masons
Frank W. Clark, past grand mastei
of the Masonic lodge In West Virginia
and present Grand Lecturer of th<
Grand Lodge, will deliver the address
which is to feature the banquet to
morrow evening by the Scottish Rit<
lodge. In the Masonic Temple.
Sixty members of the local organiz
ation are expected to be present ac
cording to reservations in the hands
of Past Grandmaster T. Wilbur Hen
nen, who is tft charge of the arrange
ments. ThWbanquet will start at 6:45
are#Rluested to meet Thusda^atier
nog#at 2:30 o'clock at IhS lodge room
tdWake part in the Patrlptlc Demon
^patlon. Ray D. I^ardep, secretary
rl ,
notice y
All nferabers of^FairmontJwedt
16^2ftracr of
Owls'" are requested to
meeff at thaprhall Thursda*
Apjar&th a? 2:30 P.
MJti^Re pfirt in the patrwire
W. h. Randolph, Sec.
Posted By Reading
iversity Head.
The semicentennial or fiftieth an
nivcrsary of the Fairmont State Nor
nial school, will be fittingly celebrate;
tomorrow morning when the stmlen
body of the school will present a pro
gram of an interesting nature. Th<
program will begin promptly at tei
o'clock and the general public is Invit
cd to be preseut.
The program was to have been neli
tomorrow afternoon, but owing to tbi
patriotic demonstration to take placi
: in the afternoon the time was change!
; in order that the student body rnigk
participate in the parade.
The theme for the program tomor
row morning will be "The Spirit of tin
School" and it will consist of short ad
dresses by the students and member;
of the faculty on the various phase;
that go to make up the school life o
the Normal.
1 The program will be carried out a;
follows: School song, the studen
body; address. History of the Normal
Miss ltulh Boss; song, by the Girl*
1 Glee club; uddress, "The Professions
1 Spirit," Prof. J. F. Shreve; address
i "The Academic Spirit," Prot. M. K
:; Turner; piano qunrtet, Second Hungat
'' tan Rapsody, Misses Amy Rogers Rice
'f Alts McNeely, Phillis Walker and Lll
1 j lian Davis; address, "Student Spirit,
, L. D. Patterson; address, "Athleti;
Spirit," Harry Watkins; address, "So
clal Spirit," Miss Georgia Gregg; an
' dress, "Class Spirit," I.eo Salvattl
| song, Butterfly Days, Misses Edna Ja
cobs, Huh Hamilton, Mabel Toolhman
Margaret Harding, Bertha Dllgarde
Ethel Toothman, Irene BarneB am
Clarice Turner; Poem, "Ode to th
Fairmont State Normal," Miss Merl
Sharp; oration, "Fairmont Normal,
B. R. Tennant; song, "Hall to the Fair
mont Normal School," Student body.
Tomorrow evening at eight o'clocl
under the auspices ot the Fairmon
Chamber ot Commerce. Chancello
I Samuel B .McCormick of the Univer
sity ot Pittsburgh, will deliver an ad
dress at the Normal school in celebra
tion of the semi-centennial anniversar
and this promises to be one ot the bes
addresses ever heard in this citj
President of the Chamber of Commerc
'Howard J. Koss will preside at thi
i meeting and introduce the speaker
Two hundred special Invitations wer
sent out to business men of the cit;
to hear this address and reserved seat
will be held for these business men uri
1 til eight o'clock. The public Is invitei
and urged to hear thiB address by th
president of Pittsburgh's great univei
Friday morning at ten o'clock the ser
vices incident to the dedication of th
j Normal building will be held Stat
Superintendent of Schools Morris 1
Shawkey and Secretary of the Bean
J. F. Marsh, both of Charleston, wil
i narticlDate on this nrocram. as wil
3 also former President of the loral Noi
'< mal O. I. Woodley. of Huntington.
On Friday evening at six the alumn
(Continued on Page 10.)
L Anthony Bowen, Mayor of tl
| designated Thursday Aprijfc, 1917 ai
| His Excellency the Governor of W
fullest compliance with tie spirit of
hi) m.
j Do hereby procjilmJiliat sai.l <
1' our citizens in a patriot* demonstri
| loyalty to this Home of liberty, thi
- Pledging our units and unsv
j ingress In this supretfle test of ou
" Pledging our run qlota of men
Let us resolve andletermlne4o
together with patrioticServor, as 3'
lives, our fortunes and Bur sacred h
I call upon all buness houses
of Ipbor to close their Respective p
and grant their employes a halt ho
We know the feellins of our o'
adore and bless this "L&id of the !
Let us then show Be world, 1
hearts and on ThursdhySafternoon,
without levity, join In th? patriotic
i The West VinfiJi
pp 1
f DP
jfondreds of Peo? 4
pl&Expected to ^9
Coir^ |Iere For I
Big Demonst
;j ration o M
| ;,n&
I Head of the Procession Will
] Be at First Street and
1 , Fairmont Ave.
1 Arrangements for the great Patrlotie
s! demonstration in this city tomorrow
5 practically were completed this after;
noon and the Indications now are that
a i it will be the largest and most lmpos- 1
t lug civic demonstration ever held in j
I, | this section of West Virginia. .
i-1 Practically every business and man- i
! I ufacturlng establishment In the elt7 I
i, will close at noon so that employees J"
will be able to take part and report )
.' from tho surrounding towns and couaI
try side are to the effect that thousands 3
. I of people will flock to the city to see
- ; the parade .Special service will be
c proviaeu on nil tne trolley lines and ex- 3
i- tre cars will bo run on the railroad
.1 trains reaching the city during the
; I early part of the day. Ample arrange|
ments will also be made to carry away
, the crowds after the parade is ail over,
i,: Old residents say the city never saw
I such a display of the national colors
a as was exhibited this morning and all
b day long people were busy with ladders
" and hammers putting up more.
- j The line of march as established by
I the executive committee and set forth
c Ma a general order is as follows:
II The head of the parade will rest at
r I intersection of First stieet and Fair*
j mont avenue, and will move on Fairi
mont aveivue to Fifth street, to Wali-1
nut avenue, to Jackson street, to
y Quincy to Main street, to Fairmont
t avenue and Second street, anil disk
u The parade will be reviewed by tha
s mayor, city commissioners and city
. j council. All organizations will inarch
e | in column of fours,
y I The parade will start at 3.SO o'clock,
s | Another general order which was lsi-1
sued last night announces the appolnt11
mom of the following aides to the chlet
e j marshal: C. S. Thomas. Rollo J. Con
I ley. A. D. Simon. George R. Steele, Bart
: Knowlton, Arch BrownHeld, Frank
I Amos, Bruce Morgan, W. E. Hartman,
o ! Join W. Travis, L. ,N. Yoet, Thomas
e Reed.
! I WAYNESBURG. Pa.. ADril 4 ?For I
1 i the third successive year no license
court was held In Greene county yesterday.
The reason Mr this Is there
.1 were no applicants Jot the right to
dispose of liquor, i^ther wholesale or ^
ie city of Fair Ant having set aside and |
i Patriot Da\*n response to the call of
lest Virginia# and having In view the
day shall /(generally observed by all
atlon, re/Wing and reaffirming our
3 land olMuf birth and the land of our
ervlng/ujrtiort to our President and
and tMp-tiI to prosecute the war.
forfMpollUcal and social discords and
Brfwftrtfierwh^vo done, dedicate "our
onomoa the altcKof our country.
, stMes. factories and other employers
lac* of business at noon on Thursday
liify. so that all may participate In this
w?heartl We know that we love and
unity of .spirit; the thoughts of our
fklth all soberness and reverence and
an Regularly | 'M

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