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I B^^Destftivg
t' . ly^Hthtd 18M. Member
bv the Fairmont Printing and Hjibllsh
W. J. WIEGEL. General Manag
1 AMES C. HERBERT, Editor.
A. RAY MAPEL, Advertising ]
C. V. REDIC, Circulation Mana
J. MONROE BOYER, Supcrlntl
Publication Office, Monroe S
BELL 1105?1106 , CON8
All departments reached Circulatlo
through private branch Advertislr
exchange. | Editorial
Foreign Advertising ReDresentativi
WARD, Brunswick Bldg., New York.
Street. Chicago.
BY MAIL?(Payable In advan<
One Year $5.00 [Three Mon
Six Months $3.001 One Monti
BY CARRIER?(m Falrm<
One Year $7?O0 I One Monti
Six Months $3.00 I Or.e Week
BY CARRIER?(Outside of Fa
One Month 76c One Week
All subscription* payable In advance.
When asking fur chaugo lu address gh
new address.
Enter**! at the Pusteftico at Fairmont, '
second idasH matter.
Subscribers od our carrier routes
The West Virginian any evenivg shot
TERN UNION," state the fact and (
residence and a messenger will delh
your door at once. There Is no cha
scrlber for this service. The West \
to render to Its subscribers the best
) livery service possible and this Is pi
I * . ^ r " "
Henry grady webb, whose
manlike ring, will have twenty-l
which he will have little else to do e
the unprofitableness of train robbing as
i ing that he serves the entire term that wa
: Federal court of Northern West Virginia
It really ought not to take that long.
I men concerned in the Central Station ro!
| been permitted to enjoy the fruits of thei
Jhey had not been caught and brought
: made the mistake of tampering with t
mails, and when that happens the govc
v.*- .h? u t?
: * WMS Ultbl J?.?l lllb OLDKII IO I\v_ |;
may resign and die, but the system goe
dt never forgets.
FAIRMONT'S Patriotic Demonstrat
effect of rather overshadowing the
triple celebration at the Normal sc
ately the program for Thursday at 'the
changed so as to bring it into line with !
tion, and the more important phases of
ittial, dedication and round table come lati
The Normal school is one of the most
toinal institutions of this state and Fairmt
no opportunity to demonstrate that it re
to be hoped, therefore, that the townsp
?; ' e
Ruff Stuff
11 I
So Teddy uud Wilson liave kissed
rmd made up.
V * I I
And they say Teddy is a poor polittoian.
This war wasn't started with bluster
and It's not going to be fought with
* ?
Probably the reason The Times
hates the Baltimore and Ohio tor wav j
Ing the American flag is that the railroad
company is a little too big for
Fairmont politics to handle.
But the Baltimore and Ohio is doing
Jts hit'for the United States Army and J
giving the brains of Daniel Willard '
to the entire government and there' v
are lots of peoplo whom Willard will! J
have to deal with who know the differ- j 1
ence between a railroad aud a Chinese I 1
If the B. & O. helpr the United Stales
to win this war the company should 1
not be criticized because a lew picas-1 1
ure loving "good skates" cau't get to i '
quiet shady nooks remote from the '
Hattlo Ifnoo
pid you notice that The hulled
States of America was chastized in
this morning's paper for using coaches I
to haul the troops to the .Mexican iior-10
dor when they should he used between *
here and the camps.
What's at tho Camp. Mr. Haggerty/ v
... j
American flags aioue must be used t
In the sands hero Inmnmir
Critic?? Anybody can be n critic, but
to be an expert refjuir- - a shut mouth .
Or a "butted" mouth at will be the t
case when the saUloe are ulluded to 1
M tin soldier?. 1
The cops will 1:01 rirrost a: : hotly
hitting a man :or railing n t;i;\ u
m * %
WalterTlRggcnv i.iiuiit <ln hi.- share
idr his country by asking his bootleg-, t
lively intensf in 1
itttStt? t^re this week.
l"HH" A great deal c
HOME." the preparations f
Associated Pr?? pie will be here l
iu:.'?Air that it is a very in
Jng Company.
er* . WEL.
Manager. T I IS appointme
ger. J. ? Temperance
:ndeat- of Christ ir
treet. mcnts of Rev. Di
odist Protestant
OLIDATED friends will rejoic
n Dept..... 250 that Fairmont is r
9 DePt 250 bodies of this gre
Rooml 97 the entire city.
3. ROBERT E. ' The Federal C
123 W. Madison j testant bodies in
. I Most of them are
3 the<United States
:e only) tical world which
the ...... $1.50 nation in fact as v
i 60c
' * T N fining two cit
X*g'_ ? J, tary regulation
ir?.nt, but he should
lgc* offenders brought
Tg It is almost imp
keeping the city cli
,'o old as well as of public opinion
_ in the effort to ma
iv*est Virginia, as j The influence c
{ well known. Th
? there are no bad
PER CALL those who have no
pride to persist in
falling to get
lid call "YVES- Col. Roosevelt
Jive name and for the first time
!?? ? C,tper 1? President YVilson
rgo U> the sub- ,, ,
'irghilan plana prepared to go
newspaper de- ances." It is an
irt of the plan. follow. At a tin
cans, no matter i
? .. tic politics, and v
L 4, 1917, ministration.
Everybody can
every one, irrespc
the country by Jc
L: The pacificists
! YVell, this war i
j enlistments even
take the trouble
lish history they
Meanwhile the
more untenable.
Ohio's Suprenn
name has a states- pallties have :l ri
five years during the home rule cl
xccpt think about r>mnounc0(l ch!U"
a calling, assum- pa8se(1 prrHldc,ui
s given him in the lD oul? are com
yesterday. for 6UbP?rt ?n>.v
Not one of the moraU>- ?"?d "> *
lilinrv vcfttilrl Nav>? .
r rascality even if For ttle next
to justice. They 1 LaFoIlette will b
he United States
mment never lets Over in Ohio
t up. Detectives hone9t an(l vespei
s on forever, and "p on lho lllcrc sl
agent. There is
signs fail. The c
ITION v ought to be for t,
ion will'have the n?^o spy daffy
first day of the and probably '
hool, but fortun- -
school could be j SHC
the city s cclcbra- T. , ...
.1 __ . It is not the si:
the semi-centcn- put onc up in vov
:r in the week. Wellaburg Herali
important educa?l
should neglect trl~??|!
alizcs this. It is tijat patriotism is
eople will take a mouth.?Unioato'
ring friends to stop the illicit traffic
or a whilo.
The saloons intra closed in Chicago
or the demonstration parade yesteriny.
Why can't they be closed here tonorrow?
Police court victims still claim they
>uy their whiskey in Fairmont.
Thank God for Springfiolds.
Organized Literary Society.
The eighth grades of the Centra*
liiuui uisauicuu u uierarj' society yes*
erday afternoon. The officers elected
rere: President, Edward OfTner; vice
'resident, Elmer Smith; secretary,
Torence Ross; treasurer, Mildred Offler;
doorkeeper, Ray Hall.
Will Meet Next Thursday.
The T-adles' Aid Society of the Dianniid
Street M. E. chruch will meet
icxt Thursday instead of tomorrow, as
cas announced. The society desires
hat all ladies of the church savo the
lolden Sun coffee labels.
Called to Morgantown.
George Shoniaker is at Morgantown
laving been called there by the death
?f Ills father. Mr. Shoniaker. who was
cventy-soven years old. He had been
II for several weeks, but was taken
uddenly worse on Sunday and died
esterday morning. Mrs. Shomaker
.ill go to Morgantown this evening,
'uneral services will be held Bome
imc Thursday.
Entertained Class.
Misses Helen Riggc and Mary Powell
cere hostesses last nlnht to thrftnem.era
of the Ohf orful Coiarudes class of
he First M. P. Sunday school A deightful
evening was spent by the
outig folks. The hostesses served a
1't.ipting course of refreshments.
Wen Bible.
Mr. a"d Mrs. James Gvrynn end ehilred
nn the Bdi'e at the rnlntine Hop
ist church lust night for having the
1 i
ihe proceedings which are to take place
>f painstaking care has been devoted to,
or this event and some distinguished peoto
attend It is not too much to say
iportant incident in the history of the city.
r.i tt> membership on the Commission on
: of the Federal Council of the Churches
I America is a fine tribute to the attam .
J. C. Broomfield. pastor of the Methlemple
congregation, and all his many
e in his well merited honors. The fact
epresented on one of the most important
:at organization confers distinction upon!
ouncil is one of the most important Prattle
world, and its activities are many.
: directed toward giving the churches of
the positive force for good in the pracis
essential if this is to remain a Christian;
'ell as in theory.
izens who persisted in violating the sanii
Mayor Bowen has made a good start,
take steps to have others of the many
before him.
ossible to overestimate the importance of
:ar., and the Mayor will have the support
in any measures he may think necessary j
ike this a spotless town.
if a bar! pxamnlp in a msltar 1?U? J.. !
? ... ? tuunvi unv. una io j
ie city authorities should see to it that
examples by making it loo expensive for I
personal instinct for cleanliness nor civic j
their slovenliness.
called at the White house yesterday)
since he left It in 1909 to congratulate
on his war message and say that he is
to any length to back up his utter-j
example that others will do well to
ite like the present we arc all Amerivhat
opinions we may hold on domesre
all should loyally be behind the adnot
go into the armies, but practically
ictive of sex, can be of direct service to
oining the Red Cross.
, so they say, will refuse to enlist,
s not going to bo run on a basis of
at the start, and it the pacifists will
to read a little contemporaneous Eng-j
may save themselves a lot of trouble, i
o j
i Hindcnburg line becomes more and
8 court yesterday decided that municight
to grant suffrage to women under
larters. This will make even a more
;e in political affairs than the recently
al suffrage. Wlipn city governments
nol 10f! fit onnaol ???? ? ? '
W uj/j/vm IV iuvr uuaa-u VOiei'b |
those who can maintain clean towns,
my other way, can succeed.
day or so abusing poor old obstinate
e the most prevalent national pastime.
o J
yesterday they arrested a presumably
:table collegesprofessor and locked him
uspicion that he is a German espionage
going to be a lot ol that, unless all
onstant prayer of every earnest patriot
ne next few weeks that the public docs
as they did in England and Italy?
France, if the truth were known.
:e of the flag that counts. Just the flag,
ir place of business or in your home.?
1 wants today are fewer wild-eyed pa-1
; pacilists and more patriots who know
of the mind and heart and not of the
wn Evening Genius.
! largest family present. Eight members
I cf the Gwynn tamily attended the ser|
Annual Supper.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary
ouvk.'ij 111 iiiu r irsi i?i. r . uiiuii.ii un|
joyed their annual supper last evening:
at. the church. The ladies' husbands
were Invited guests present.
Mrs. Ann Westfall. of Clarksburg, Is
visiting her mother. Mrs. Selby, of Guf-1
fey street.
Lowry Cooglo returned to his camp
at Sinit'jtown yesterday after spending
a few days here,
j Mr. and Mrs. Okoy Vincent moved
yesterday front Diamond street to Oliver
Lester Pitcher has moved his family
from this place to his farm near
D. C. Goodnight, of Fairmont, spent
Saturday night and Sunday with the
family of H. L. Harris.
Messrs. Charles Devnult and Ciarfinrn
Hnrrla vmont Snnrlnv trltH rnla.
j lives at Grant Town.
Mrs. ('. B. Feathers ajni 'laughter,
I .Miss May. worn visiting the former's
daughter. Mrs. tiumuel Harris, the first
of the week.
Charles Costello. of Montana, will
move his family to this place soon.
School will close at this place Friday
of this week. Literary will close
Saturday night. A special program
is being arranged for the closing.
Rev. Mr. Bennett, of Catawba, spent
Sunday night the guest of J. J. Harris.
Mrs. Frank Davis and children
spent a few days recently with the
former'e parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. L.
Harris at this place.
The new railroad switch nt the Amos
farm has been completed and they are
about ready to load coal.
,T. 0. Morgan was calling on friends
at this plsce Sunday afternoon.
The school nt Mt. Harmony closed
un Tuesday of this week. The school
ens taught by Miss Shuttleworth of
Bonner's Ridge
AU the scltcols In tills district will
(ioae in this month, except Montana
and Catawba.
The Star Spa
As Originally Written by Frar
Oh! say? can you tee by the da
What to proudly we hail'd al
Whose broad stripes and bright
O'er the ramparts we watchei
And the rocket's red glare, and
Cave proof through the nighf th
Oh! say, does the star-spangled
O'er the land of the free and thi
On the shore dimly seen througl
Where the foe's haughty host
What is that which the breeze o
A* it fitfully blows, half cone
Now it catches the gleam of th?
In full glory reflected, now shim
'Tis the star-spangled banner. I
O'er the land of the free and th
And where is that band who so
'Mid the havoc of war and th
A home and a country they'd le
The blood has washed out th
No refuge could save the hirelir
From the terror of flight, or the
And the star-spangled banner in
O'er the land of the free and th
Oh! thus be it ever, when freetr
Between their loved home an(
Blest with victory and peace, m
Praise the Power tha%made i
Then conquer we piust, when ou
And this be our motto. "In Goc
Arid tfra r-cnonnloJ ? ?
- ?""v *?hi uuiiiiv.1 nt
O'er the land of the free and th
Battle Hymn C
(By Julia V
. Mine eyes have seen the glory of tl
He is trampling out the vintage w
He hath loosed the fateful li-htning
His Truth is marching on.
* Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
I have seen Him in the watchfire ol
They have builded Him an altar in
I can read His righteous sentence b;
I His Day is marching on.
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
He has sounded forth the trumpet tl
He is sifting out the hearts of men
oh, be swift, my soul, to answer 1
Our God is marching on.
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
In the beauties of the lilies. Christ s
\/ith a glory in His bosom that tr;
rts He died to make men Holy, let
1 While God is merching on.
Glory! Glory! Halleluiah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
My country, 'tis of thee.
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing:
Land where my fathers died.
Land of the pilgrims* pride.
From every mountain side
Let freedom ring!
My native country, thee,
Land of the noble free.
Thy name I love;
I love thy rocks and rills.
Thy woods and templed hills.
My heart with rapture thrills
Like that above.
Let music swell the breeze.
And ring from all the trees.
Sweet freedom's song:
Let mortal tongues awake.
Let all that breathe partake.
Let rocks their silence break.
The sound prolong.
Our father's God! to Thee,
Author of liberty,
To Thee we sing:
Long may our land be bright
With freedom's holy light:
Protect us by Thy might.
Great God, our King!
?Samuel F. Smith.
Color ite
Tbe ^quld colors
old entbnew strdrvNtdts. satin
silk aqp canvp suffers. also
basket*. Anftr.e oln\^Q It.
hive in4tock tSe following
standard o/jors: net Black,
(elosa jHJuliriBlackrfiardirtal Bad
Navy Mu?. Browtlv'lolet, Sago
Green, Burnt Stnjjr, Cadet Blue,
Yellow, Xavcndar; Cerise, Natural
and fid Rose./
Price\Per pottle 25c
Drug Store
i 4 '
ngled Banner
icii Scott Key, Sept 14, 1814.
wn's early light,
: the twilight's last gleaming,
stars thought the perilous fight,
d were so gallantly streaming)
bombs bursting in air,
lat our flag was still there I
banner yet wave
e home of the brave)
i the mist of the deep,
in dread silence repose^
'er the towering steep
eals, half discloses)
r morning's first beam, I
ss in the stream;
Dh! long may it wava
e home of the brave.
vauntingly swore,
e battle's confusion
ave us no more?
eir foul footstep's pollution;
ig and slave
gloom of the grave,
triumph shall wave
e home of the brava.
ten shall stand,
d war's desolation:
ay the Heaven-rescued land
ind preserved us a nation.
r cause n is ]ust,
I is our trust."
triumpih shall wave
c home of the brave.
)/ The Republic
fard Howe.)
le coming of the Lord
here the grapes of wrath are stored
; of His terrible swift sword
Glory! Glory! Hallclujahl
His Truth is marching 011.
a hundred circling camps,
the evening's dews and damps, i
y the dim and Daring lamps,
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
His Day is marching on.
hat shall never call retreat,
before His judgment seat,
dim; be jubilant, my feet,
Glory! Glory! Hallelujaht
Our God is marching on.
vas born across the sea,
insfigmes you and me.
us die to make men tree.
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
While God is marching on.
1= Sh<
Here ihfmt
N\ men made in
I tan?shoes anc
InL $5 to
v Other s
TKN $3 anc
0% Shi
Mononalia Musings
\ . w
When oa* makes a great discovery,
solves a profound problem or in
any way contribute* to the prosperity
of mankind, bis modesty should not
prevent him tram calling attention to
his glorious aecompllsklbfti-.s. it has
been said that, "He also serves who
only stands and watts," but he serves
better whose constant aim Is to perform
some useful task, to make some
footprints on the sands of time. Statesmen.
editors, economical experts, philosophers,
farmers, fanatics, pagans,
poets and populists have sll taxed
their ingenuity and tested the patience
of their oclxhbc ; by promulgating
useless theories on "How to re
duos the cost of living. The have
apparently given up In despair, decided
that the problem Is beyond human
solution. In this we wish to show them
the error of their ways, to point out
that the situation can be relieved by
following a system we have with great
euro and analytical exactness mapped
out. Our theory?which Is not exactly
a theory but a plain, logical idea, which
possesses the redeeming feature o(
being guaranteed to give results it
followed?is this: Let every defeated
candidate In tho state plant and cultivate
potatoes this year. Your dignity
need not prevent you from doing
this and your laziness should not. in
giving this advice to a waiting world,
we realize the full force of the auago
that every doctor should be willing
to take his own medicine. We belong
to the class of defeated candidates
ourselves. Previous to the election
we had visions of honors and glorythat
ne'er electrified the dreams oi
kings and princes, but when the votes
were counted and the flashlights announced
to the breathless multitudes
that a wiser and a better man had won
the race, we at once decided to plant
potatoes and let the educational affaire
of Monongalia county be conducted
by those capable ot shedding
light pn ail intricate and inaniuiuto
things. S. C. MCSGilAVE.
CHARLESTON, \V. Va? April I.?
It was announced at the Department otl
Schools that three West Virginia oil*
cators will represent the slate at t?e
national conference on rural problems,
which will be held for three <ia) i#beginning
Sunday, April fe, in I'ldfuUc 1VP
I?e|ectlT?*B trMllof
[ /a A Tjnt*IorslMt>ch?r(fe<;
P r , tlr-sAan poisonous
HIlV P P* no-JDrlJpol sirlcturo
W*Kf'.ir#ln 1 tobdirs.
parcel Potitt desired?Br*r- Xvr 3 bottles 127.\
jf^BTTWni cmbmic^wBcincinnati. C.
I Put Away a
0 on savings account and w;g<h tie
? now while you have healtlffand t
g it some day.
, Take this good advic*. Liart ;
<j National Dank and we willlrio all
g WE PAY 4
^ On the Corner Ni
e Mosj/Beaut
Des J?ver Qfta
atyOur Store
We lia^Fbent eve
mff our Spi-agclisplay ar
1m iootwemt tfrt* classics
T V^Ravc been Bielpcd grr
. chaffof 7000 agencies for \Y
safRn our storaXj?e"?SUP?^ni
to jffis as showi^n all the\i
BT. jm the showing: ami invite yf
Kn. jfltnany style!.'
? Here is pictured one of J\<
'a colored kid, also all blsfck
Sll. The same style uy wh
H heel jF
|P $2?0 to
f Other styles In leather $2
irtleft & Welt
A Fit For Every Foot.
jiiilM lui'i
phia. They are: Ttnau a MBter,
president of ShephsM College; Joesph
Rosier, president of Fairmont Normal:
J. F. Marsh, secretory of the Stattt
Board of Regents. ?
CHARLESTON, W. Vs.. April 4.?
Favorable action was taken by toe
Public Service Commission today on
nn application of the Chesapeake and I
Potomac Telephone company to tile _
a new tariff lowering the telephone aer'
vice rate 50 per cent, on all state and
federal government messages on mat'
ters connected with too prospective
war movement of troops and all pre
pureiinef s matters.
Mr. nnd Mrs. .less Rex have moved
from Ciuffey street. East aide, to Walnut
Surgical Operation Thouw
Necessary, but Lydia E. PLatham's
Vegetable Cong
Madison. Wis.-^'I was a terr jly sick
woman forover^ree years. IltTered
] ?? liavp a luveiy UHUHTI, >> C cannot
praise Lydia E. F'irJJamVvccctablo
Compofcil enough, JnTtiope tnis letter
willlead oilier tiering women to
try iut? Mrs. Bhauin F. Biake,
K. F. D.K'o. 5, B0M2, Madison, Wis.
TherAnust be More titan a hundred
thousnnl womcMn this country who,
like MrslBlakeJgave proven what woni
dors LySa iMPinkham's Vegetable
Compounlkc^Pdo for weak ani ailing
women. and sec for youfself.
All women are invited to dm*e for
free and helpful advice tofLydla E.
I'inkhum Medicine Co. (arofiaential),
Lynn, Mass. W
Few Efollars I
cm grow Jjfless yon save a littla jjj
.pportum r>;cjiv_nre sure to regret g
i -uid^maiTount ft the Peoples 8
w'Jpm to help yojj help yoursolf. ?
Fnton savinq's
:ar the Postofficr.
S :
ry qffort to make
id showing of now
t and cleverest we ?"
f ~ atlj
liy bole;; one of a
alkiOver ijlocs. You will ?
odr|> piu/orns and crea- ~
r cirHyj. Wc feel proud ?
u to come in and sec the
stylish creations. Made ?-i*
and white?priced $0 to J
lte Uuen, high and low /"JT O
$5.00 ]1.
!.50and up. I ufl
v (ifi
I / /

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