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i mm
Where You Stand on the Fi
Week. Roll up a Reserve
Do Not Let Over Cc
. There will bo no more tree, vote |
C., coupons appearing in the paper. ]
These coupons that have appear- 1
ed heretofore must ail be in the
ballot box by next Saturday night
At this time the Contest Manager
would suggest that you send in
some of your reserve votes If you
want to keep up your standing in
_ thm nPAOAnf lint in tiro n?nn?
I I,
As the close of the largest votes In'
the whole Golden Festival of The]
'.Vest Virginian approaches, do no1,
let overconftdence keep you from
final victory. Several of the one-tltnt
leaders have been making that same '
mistake, or rather they did make It
last week.
One or two ,as soon as they found !
out they were close to the top. son .?
days ago, seemed to consider that
i they had the thousand won. and that 1
v their high standing at that time
' would carry them through. As a le- '
suit these same people today are 1
. working hard to win back the posi
tlon that a few days of Idleness cost 1
I (h em.
Another candidate whom the man- 1
agar has In mtnd at this time, held a '
big lead up until two weeks ago. She
l ad her friends well organized, aud ]
Ihey were piling u pthe votes in su :! 1
quantities that It seemed she must 1
fisweep everything before her. All ot1'
b Budden she let her enthusiasm die,
On each and every $10
I the largest vote offer th<
your chance to win. If y
, to catch up with anybody
ly. If there is anything
I him explain all details to
I 1
1 This district will receive one award of
award of $100 in Gold, one award of $5l
award of $25 In Gold, regardless of wh
secures two capital awards of $1000 and
All others who take part in the Golden
celve a commission of ten per cent.
"Miss Katherlne Ford, 210 Walnut Ave...
Miss Alwllda Miller, 725 Walnut Ave....
MJss Cora Cole, 716 Penn Ave
Miss Alice Snyder, care Dr. Waddell's o
MISS Helen McMillan, 311 Columbia St
' Miss Margaret Jamison, 302 Ferry St....
Miss NelUe Eckles, 322 Maple Avenue .
Miss Ella Straight, Chicago St
Miss Fannio Funt, 321 Morgautowu Ave.
Miss Minnie ISratinon, Washington St...
Miss Mae Cunningham. 306 Naomi St...
Hfian Marin FlnTfor Alhorf Pmtrf
Miss Florence Richardson. :i00 Belleview
Miss Edna Parrlsb, 205 Liberty St.
Miss Olive Fleming, Naomi St
Miss Nola Kennedy. Belleview
Mrs. Goldte Pltzer, 212 Belleview
Miss Harriet Sheets. 409 Murray Ave..
Mrs. Fred Cole, 300 Murray Ave
Mrs. Leila Richmond, 404 Belleview A
, Mrs. D. L. Jones. 316 Belleview Ave
Miss Ediths Parker, 1319 Penn Ave
Mrs. A. B. Moore. 201 Naomi St
Miss Mildred Long. 345 Penn Ave
Mrs. Clarence Morgan, 432 Walnut Ave..
" Mrs. Leslie Michaels, 427 Quincy St
Mrs. Gail Staggers Smith. 557 Pierpont.
Mrs. Charles Michaels. 807 Broadway...
Miss Rose Swisher, 41G Walnut Ave
Miss Catherine Troxell, 600 Filth St...
Miss Florence Cavender, 109 Virginia A
Homer Thorn, 601 Palatine Ave
Miss Majoiie McKet.dress. Martin's Dru;
Francis Gay Conley. 315 Monroe St
Mrs. Arthur Stealey. 519 Benonl Ave....
Miss Edith Bryan. 202 Gaston Ave...
Miss Leila Davis, 316 Chicago St
Mrs. Agnes Kelley 414 Main St
Miss Grace Clem, 117 Morgautown Ave.
Miss Neva Curry, Fairmont
Miss Geraldine Mapel, 916% Green St...
Miss Claudia Layman, 516 Raymond St
lMss Helen Senderbock. 6th St., Fairmo
Miss Madge Swlger, 136 Benonl
Miss Ora Morris 312 Water St
Miss Madeline Gaskill, 302 Belleview..
-Mrs. Fred Whitman, 210 Liberty Ave..
Mrs. Bert Jones, 310 Highland Ave. .
Mrs. O. A. WatSon, 304 Naomi St
oi- J n_l_. non T> *
irirs. umufa uauiuii 009 rcun AVB
Mrs. Arthur Brown, East Park
. Mrs. Lewis Howard, 115 Grafton St...
A ' Mrs. Harry Price, Fairmont
L Mrs. Harry Pltzer, 1105 Fenimore
Mrs. Alva Hall. 505 Maryland Ave
\Mrs. Goff Cunningham, 326 Gaston Ave
T4r?. W. E. Buckey, 804 Locust Ave
, xvn?s G/Qna waruer, ?tu ana l^ocust Ave.
Mr*.' Jennette Ford, 719 Fairfax St
fclnn Hall. 510 Bt St
Ernest Morgan, 603 Market St
Mrs. Walter Zundell, 209 Gratton
Mrs. Georgia Lowe, 207 High St
Mrs. B. F. Parks. 133 Chestnut
Miss Edith Patton, 819 4th St.
John P. Helmick, Fairmont Ave
Miss Charlana Davis, 533 Walnut Ave.,
Herbert H. Ire, 402 State St
Miss Oeneva M. Leonard. 523 Walnut Av
Miss Catherine Curry, 197 Hawthorne SI
Mr. John Conaway, Madison St
Mrs. G. E. Hoover, 106 May St
This district will receive one award
one award of 5100 in Gold, one award c
oe award of $25 in Gold, rsgardlesa of
trict securea the two capital awards o
respectively. Ail other* who take part I
tlval will receive a commission of ten p
Mrs. Goldle Walker, R. F. D. 1, Fslrvlev
Miss Mat7 Murphy, Falrvlow, W. Vs. .,
;> ' '* *
I - .
nal Count Depends on This
While the Going is Good,
nfidence Ruin You.
and consequently the enthusiasm of
L.er friends cooled. This same young
lady could today pick up the threads
ot her campaign and by systematic
work from now on until the close, no
doubt win one of the capital prizes.
All this goes to show how easy it it
lor one to loBe the lead by a few day?
Idleness or indifferent effort.
There are three days left, after today,
of the largest votes of the entire
contest. Time enough to accomplish
wonders If you want to win. The (
greatest trouble is with a great ma- .
iorlty of the candidates, they do notl(
aim high enough. Their aim does
not do the value of the prizes to be | (
won Justice. When you stop to thiol;1,
of it. isn't it really absurd to imagine j
ror a minute that a few dollars in i J
subscriptions will win the thousand j,
dollars, or the live hundred, or even (
Ihe larger district prizes?
Tho prizes arc very valuable. Valu-i ,
able enough to some of the candidates
to feel that they are worth the I:
L'ffort of a lifetime, and many of thol i
randidates are going about it with ,
this high view in mind. They realize i
that many people. In fact, over half' ;
the people In the United Statt>3, work1 t
a whole year for less than the va'i.cj
of the first capital prize. Is it any i
wonder then that these people feel |
that a few weeks untiring eftort will ] .
be well reimbursed If they win t.ie
tapital prize, or the five hundred or [
-ven one of the district prizes? j
Think It over, and then make ttn | i
.00 worth of subscriptions th
it will be made during the G
ou have done nothing heretol
on the list. Look the new voh
you do not understand call 01
JE Miss Rose Yeager, '
$200 in gold, one Solfa Du,nn' J
3 in gold and one 1
Ich every district JJ "
$500 respectively. MrB" D3lla JIaloQeFestival
will re- Miss Bnarlo .iuhnso
Miss Bess.e fctowar
65 S50 JtIrs" *>Je"i0 Vincent
nn vve Miss Anna Liun. R.
ea r's Miss Buth, Mort, M
fVice:::: ^Us 5?,?nl? Fiem'<
53 925 Ollle Jones, 11
........ 70.250 Miss Gertrude Pyle
72,025 Miss Maud Bloom.
S0.125 Miss Alice Weber.
. . . . . . . L 67,250 Miss Delia Newmai
63.775 Miss Gertrude Com
59.625 Miss Millie Ice, Ba
71,076 Mrs. Virgil Morris,
60.875 Miss Ruth Allen, ]
69,125 Miss Beryl Baker, I
67,050 Mrs. W. J. Hamilto
88,925 Miss Bertha Yost, 1
55,725 Miss Florence Swis
' 52,675 Miss Neva Default
62,350 Miss Virginia Sane
ve Mrs. J. W. Kenned
Mrs. Clarence Kni
?.,' Myrtle Floyd, Rt. :
60 925 Mrs" Anna Gailaher
I!!!!!!! 49,27? sally Haddix, Rt. S
11!III11 49/750 Mary C. Arnett, Lo
Ave 52,800 w- H- Hayhurst, C
58 975 Mr8- Dora Houit, H
62,175 -visa .uyrue moral
53,675 M'8S Genevieve Pai
ve. ..... 70,325 Mlsa Pearl Water
67,050 Wss Elizabeth For
t Store.! 48.375 Mrs. Delia Summer
43,625 Mrs. Burgell Malor
61,375 "Miss Mae Pyles, Ca
52.175 Miss Augustine Mc
50,650 Miss Gladys Baker,
61,075 Mrs. Lily Bothwell,
59.125 M, 3. Norman Wildi
58,675 Miss Jessie Hupp, F
54.323 Miss Sylvia Brand,
48,125 Mrs. Lulu Leeper,
nt Ave.. 96.S25 Miss Kate Vernon, 1
52.635 Mrs. Kate Barrackl
53.625 Mrs. E. D. Brand. B
53,325 Miss Josephine Pov
50,625 Miss Caroline Post,
30.700 Miss Adelaine Dowi
a0.77o Mrs. Clarence Athi
56,12s Mrs. Madge Tboma
50,125 Miss Blanche Bake
43,925 | Miss Olive Morgan,
62,825 James Henderson,
..... fiJl 7'An I i nu??~ T? n
..... JT i OU riUUiUU, AV. AV.
48,625 Miss Ruth Carroll.
60,875 Miss Gladys Myers.
39.925 Miss Margaret Mel
70.175 Mrs. George Boylet
70.225 Mrs. Fred Hawkins
48.225 Miss Gladys Keenei
27.000 Mary Conaway, Rt.
52.625 Beatrice McConnel
40.250 Mrs. M. E. Hunt, E
59.075 Mary 5V. Huey, Rt.
69.S25 cora M. Henderson,
60.625 Harold Shoemaker,
73,250 Miss Irene Straight
65.210 Mrs. P. L. Lang. L
e 77,025 Mrs. L. N. Longstre
1 90.275 Mrs. Mary Horner,
69,625 Miss Mable Yost. G
69,875 Mrs. Delia Morris,
' Cora Valentine. Rt.
vo- Miss Ruby William
of 2200 In Gold, Miss Madge Smith
f 550 in Gold and Mine Nellie Duncan
which every dlr Mlss Anna Burke,
f $1,000 and $600 Miss Drra Keener. 1
n the Golden Fes. Mrs. Sue Satterfleli
?r cent. Mrs. LUrle Irons. 1
r. W. Vs. 50.625 Miss Day Cutlep, Fa
72,925 I Miss Mamie Baker,
' rr
rour nrlnd to wis, while there la ret
More than nine-tenths of all expectant
mothers In the United States
receive no adequate prenatal care. In
particular thla la true of the working
Many times through sheer necessity
she works until the last possible moment.
For the sake of herself and hir
expected child no woman should work
ifter the seventh month of pregnacy.
To do so is only to Invite disaster to
both the health of the woman and
No woman, and particularly the woman
who Is "run down" or physically
weakened from overwork, should delay
having a thorough medical examination
after once becoming aware of the
[act that sbe Is to become a mother.
This examination should Include
measurements of the pelvis to make
certain that there are no unnatural obstructions
or bone formations. Such
early examinations permit steps to:
remedy conditions before It Is too late,1
The woman who Is taking care not;
to overwork or over-exercise during
pregnacy should not go to the other ex-1
ireme. Light exercise to keep the mus-1
cles In condition Is necessary. Benefit
Is derived from sitting quietly in tho
open air in suitable weather.
The woman about to become a mother
should eat simple- well-cooked food..
She should eat little meat and no
spiced dishes and should avoid foods j
that are generally known to be hard !
to digest. Especial care should bo taken
not to overeat.
If inclined to constipation she should
drink a glass of water before going to
bed and upon rising In the morning.
If this condition exists it is best to:
eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables,
oatmeal and brown bread.
The home should be well ventilated
night and day. Clothing suitable to
the temperature and supported a3
much as possible from the shoulders
should be worn during pregnacy. Good
care must be taken of the teeth or
stomach disorders are apt to arise. !
A crab's motive of swimming back-;
wards isn't because of getting dust In'
its eyes.
at you turn in. This is
olden Festival. This is
"ore now is your chance
e schedule over carefuli
the manager and have
R. F. D. 5. Box 4. Mannlngton 56,323
lannington. W. Va 5S,125
t. F. D. 3, Mannlngton, W. Va. 73,225 1
in, Shinnston, W. Va 40,125
Little Falls, W. Va 60,200
n. Little Falls. W. Va oi.TS |
t, Lowesville, IV. Va 70 875 j
, R. F. D. 7, Watson 73.725;
F. D. 7. Watson 54.07.)
onongah, W. Va 62.725
ig, Monongah, W. Va 00.175
[onongah, W. Va 68.025
is. Monongah, W. Va 60.775
Middleton. W. Va 58.426 I
Grunt Town. W. Va 59,075 !
a, Grant Town, W.'Va 69,625 j
iway, Barrackville, \V. Va... 52,600 |
jrackville. W. Va 7S.375 I
T~J TIT t -- 4 1
USAici, w. > a 53.1 <oll
Baxter, TV. Va 58,075 !
Ilannington. W. Va 69,925 I
n, Mannington, TV. Va 49,9.5
Fit. 4, Manning to ti j W. Va 59.925
iher, R. R. 1, Catawba, \V. Va 46.7CU
, R. R. 1, Catawba, TV. Va.... 65.025
lers, Cassville, TV. Va 50,676;
y. Bebler, TV. Va 61.225;
gilt, Rt. S, Fairmont.. 60,625
!, Fairmont, TV. Va 50.260 i
, Rt. 8, Fairmont. TV. Va 65,525 ,
, Fairmont, TV. Va 49,725
wesvill , TV. Va. 46.950
oltax, TV. Va 63,725
oult. TV. Va 64,075
a, Rt. 5, Fairmont 63,975
Tish, Worthlngton 70,325
B, Fairview 80,150
dyce, R. F. D. 1. FiSrview... 50,37o
b, Catawba, TV. Va 60,275
te, Catawba, TV. Va 47,12a :
tawba, TV. Va 69,320 j
Dermott, Shinnston. W. Va... 61,925 ;
LitUe Falls. TV. Va 58,8/5
Lowesvlllc, TV. Va. 67,825
nan, Lowesvllle, TV. Va 39,900 j
armington, TV. Va. 70.925
Farmington, TV. Va 62,175
R. F. D. 7, TVatson 48,325
Mlddleton, W. Va. 69,375
nan, Barrackville, TV. Va 62,075
arrackvllle, W. Va 42,300
rail, Baxter, W. Va. 49,125
, Baxter. TV. Va 50,925
is, Mannlngton, W. Va 62,650
1, Rt. 4. Mannlngton 63,825
is, Rt. 3. Fairmont.. - an
>r, Rt. 6. Fairmont 58,625
Rt 3, Fairmont 69,725'
Rt. 3, Jackson Add 53,450 I
1, Worthington 69,825
R. R. 1, Catawba, W. Va..... 75,925 |
CassvlUe, W. Va 70,275 '
Slroy, Hagans, W. Va. 60,6251
1, Hammond, W. Va..'. 62,125
, Colfax, W. Va 46,700
r. Hammond. W. Va... 40,625
2, Fairmont, W. Va. 60,376
1, Metz, W. Va 61.775
lurton, W. Va 42,875
1, Mannington, W. Va 70.125
, CassvlUe, W. Va. 49,375
, Rivesville 58,925
4 Rivesville 70,275
.owesvllle 64,725
et 401 James St, Mannington 73,925
Qlover Gap 39,725
lover Gap 50,650
Glover Gap 98,775
, 2, Rivesville 65,275
son, Hammond, W. Va 68,550
i, Rivesville 36,200
i, Mannington 67,825
Montana 33.650
Montana 29,660
1, Monongah 69,750
1. F. D. 7, Watson 73,925
.rmington 45,150
Bt. 2, Fairmont 67,860
~ t
H Are making big plans
this week the Golden Festival?
This is the week you
win! The biggest week of
ail. Your friends are watching
you. Aim high and win I
flr ?ig votes close Saturday.
I . *
j 18 lMt yutSHON OF THE HOUR
' >!
Nine of the Highest in the Great Golden restival
.-<=3- -
^m?>B /
< Irene Straight | I
I,, ii . ?i I 1** Tf*y" I g
deryl Baker ^ I j
j j EdnT"warder |
Civxia* x* xi uuiigs^icui m
A 1 \:mm
II \ Olive Morgan I
v ' ;
f Mrs. F?" J l :aW*
?? mi i 1 1 Florence Cavendar \
Golden Festival Manager's Office > 1
Room 209 Jacobs Building
Fairmont, W. Va. . Phones: j coife."!? | |

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