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^ ?.?,-.
much Mini
I ion now mi
(Coach Toothman is Kept
Busy Looking: Over the
Many Candidates
t?c " g \," '
That the Normal baseball team la
tapldly developing Into "fast com
..puny" Is evident to those who gather
?t South Side park each evening to
; tee the daily baseball practice. .Most
;^ot the practice thus far has been in
i Illtttng and from the heavy stick work
that hits laMI Hr.yt.lnr.t.rl lh..rr. W r?i.
ton to believe that the Normal will
liav ea strong offensive. The lsr^t
thorough field practice of ihe year was
held yesterday afternoon with both
the infleld and outfield making a favorable
Coach Toothman is finding muclt rtif
; liculty in selecting the team in that
every man on the team is new. Tnompnon.
who Is this year covering third
l ^gse will he a strong factor in the
I strength of tho infold, lie is a goon
If hitter and has a perfect peg. Among
ft the:candidates for the backstop posi
tion are Donald Conaway, Guy Kiihn,
B' Mlke" Hamilton and Edward Stevens
HAt present the race seems t<> center
^Btround Kuhn and Hamilton. lies;
^wenhnrt, of Famiiuqtun. "Red" Hess,
f Cowen. and "Red ' Tenr.ant, of l'airView,
are the leading candidates tor
Hhort stop. Bell. Haughman and Fear
re among the favorite candidates tin.
Hire out for first base. tVatkins. who
Huts r.o oppou ;nts will under .<11 proba dlltles
this year, cover the second base
losilfon. At present the outfield is the
^Hicst nncertaln part of the team. Th
Hiandldates tha*. have been showing up
aiu Lsuuitfii. ui i u.ip'.u. uu-is^,,
Park of Farmintgon. Stevens anil Snyfit
is being rumored around that ths
Stomal school is going to play a game
Jiis week for the benefit of the buttireds
of visiting alumni. Oood, let',
tee 'em.
When those "Y" bowlers got through
heir, banquet last r.ight they rcsen"tled
nothing so much as tlie plump
tellied ten pins thoy have been Knocktig
aroitnd so promiscuously.
| That swimming pool in Loop park
s expected to do more to popularize
that excellent play ground than nil tinlirdonies
and other things .hat Uavi
[Yttpbtieu placed therein.
The river was a popular place yeserday
and a number of last summer's
lavlcsitriPB wopfl nit with flioir rnrn?>
H A candidate Cor the high school base
tall team who says lie is lroin Monou ah
-reported for practice yesterday
Hifternoon diked out in a Wheeling uniHbrru.
He refused to say whether his
Hiatuc was King or Turkovich.
It is reported that, the Normal base^Ball
team will do their spring travelHie
in Sandy Toothman's Ford.
Ha polar bear will always turn his
^mse to the southeast whon he looks
H<\ giraffe won't eat a hot potato on
Hcount of his throat mileage.
Hit is generally thought by birdoloHMg^that
a bird, before climbing
in't Rub It On J
Bnftses or Sore muscles
loanl Liniment quikly perte'
trares and soothes 'without
I ruoktng. Cleanerlhan mussy
ointments! docs not
BEve A V)Illo bandy far emeigcncy,
H^natic aqfaea and paint, leuralgia, lumI
, gout, (baina, apraint lad lame back,
I to Sloava Liniment. I
aU drug^ita. 2Se. SOtf and $1.00.
iTN ^VlTYal
i West Virginian's Special Sport
Writer Touring the .Major League
Training Camps to Size Up the Teams
as They I'repare for the 1917 Cam!
CGLMUBUS. tin.. April I.?Jitn CalIahan
lias one of the biggest problems
on his liaiuls that ever confronted a
big league manager.
it is the problem of iloing the impossible?finding
a successor to Honus
For the first time in some 'JO years
the Pittsburgh club will take the field
without the services of the great German.
one of the greatest natural ballplayers
of all time and the idol of
Pittsburgh fans,
j Matrimony and increasing difficulties
in keeping in condition have
1 caused Wugner to leave baseball. Sal
ill > ?Vilo llll V-UIIBUiCiiUlUII.
Wagner was the first to realize he
I could not expect a big salary this year
j and at a meeting in Pittsburgh several
! months ago agreed to play for a largeI
]y reduced salary, if he played at all.
[tut Wagner will never play Naj
:heal league baseball again, which
, means he will never play baseball again
i unci this furnishes Callahan's problem.
I.et's nee what Callahan has for the
I shortstop position which Wagner has
1 filled for two decades.
He, has three prospects, Jim Mctree
will first attempt to fly up.
Ail bloodhounds are equipped with
j uon-ltid noses.
A gold tish will wag its tail even
if it is feeling blue out a uiuensii
: when it's unhappy doesn't feel gold.
Quick. Watson, the needle: It's u
.1 new record.
odd isnt rrPAR1S.
Mo.?Upon investigating the
I cause of falling plaster, Mr. Ray discovers
a rat's nest containing three
i silk stockings, two perfume bottles
1 and a flat iron
Miller's Antiseptic Oil Known as
Snake Oil
i Accomplishing Most Wonderful *
' Results.
1 want tp thank you for your Wjon'
derful oll.'ptates Mr. J. C. Gibsqp-, ol'
! Jonesboro.'iArk. My litttle glrlgwas
very low wjh diphtheria; I had jpven
her two do^ps of medicine whlcwcost
me J20. wltltno results. I botighwi 25c
.-bottle of yegjr oil and one appMRuion
" relieved herfc Now she is wells It is
, the greatestliremedy I ever sajR Mr.
| Gibson made (his statement before hun|
dreds of people. Mrs. Flpren? Meai
ger, 234 Whitney street. Hartford.
I Conn., writes: J. have used ydur Antii
septic Oil for npuralgia withjfcood ef
> lects. Only thitte I have qpur tried
that stopped th?, pain lrapaedlatoly.
: Mrs. 'Williams. Ga?den. Ala., writes:
1 havo used your S(?it Win Oil for
rheumatism, stiff joinSHilso for sore
throat, and I want to say that it is
I the greatest remedy I ever tried. 1
| recommended it to ail sufferers. Many
l cures reported daily from thousands
i of grateful users of tills wonderful oil.
I Every bottle guaranteed. 25c to 50c
a bottle, or money refunded. 1Mailed
to any address, prepaid, on receipt of
1 50c. At Crane's drug storoi
4246 Fifth Annul, Pf A*jb, Ft.
T?f37 wiiM. TMiimrcq nit ripafffW
I for drink and d(Ll wit?ut> rauslnpstck1
uosstotho patient. * ir3Aarcinterrflt4yt.it
vlll be to yourld^nnAu to investigate.
Only Keeley Institute? Western Penna.
^?b^Tj '
I Aiiley, Alex McCarthy uuci Charley j
j Ward.
At present there is no certain indi- \ j
j cation either of them will last out the i j
j season because not one of them has ]
shown any batting strength. l
McCarthy and Ward are brilliant i,
i lieldcrs. and Ward looks particularly ,
good in tills capacity. McAuley played j
, veil enough with Rochester last year, j (
but who may need more minor league ,
experience. | {
jwgm now ureyiuss 'eanzes lie win ; \
j have to develop one of the three into'
a hitting inflolder or go out during: 1
i tiie season and buy him another man, | ?
1 and Dreyt'uss knows It is no easy prop- <
t osition to buy up good iufielders who j <
i can lilt and field. Every club in both i
| leagues wants them. 11
i V
Originally made on
the peasantry of So
is now produced of
looms in the United
It is of loose, thoifjt
possessing enorji
Flecks ol color hejg
j ness giving it an $i:
that cannot be ptfcc
fabric 1
Homespun is ideal
i t i 11 s
uetause it nas map
of being warm oifc
on warm days.
We display an unis
ment of genuine fio
shades of brown, pi
| 106 Mai
t?U. at**
Tb see
5L. <* ~C f~ps M\H-ov?'.
:-: BOX
.1 ? | s
' ' 'l<
Evening Chat '[
1?' fi
I have a feelin' like rd like
Tcr git way off somewhere. ' ?
Into the woods er on the sea,
Er way off over thare,
In- Cninle, er way out 1
On the desert o' Sahara. J1
Er cny doggone place exceptln' '
Home, I wouldn't care a
Dura it I could always be l:
Way off this time o' year, .*
"When the wife commences sayin' i I'
'At house cleanin" time is here. J
Plans and activities for the appro- j.
mlate observance of the Four Hun-; j,
Iredth Anniversary of the birth of' n
:he Protestant Reformation are,'
iroadenirg and gat-ering force. i
At least "j 5 denominatioarl bodies; |
rave appointed committees to pro-;
rote interest in the appropriate c?le.-ration
of the work of Luther and 1
ne other Reformation leaders. ,
The Federal Council of the [
Churches of Christ in America has1 ^
ippointed an important committee ?
rhose function tt will bo to further I
lie celebration, particularly in its 30
onsti.uent denominational bodies.)?
The chairman is Rev. \V. H. Roberts,: s
Hated Clerk of the Presbyteri in I
'hurch in the U. S. A. Rev. Howard!
it. Gold j'j secretary of this commit-11
ee. f
The most complete Quadri-Centi n-j jj
lial organization is the Joint Luth- '
ran Committee with offices at Phil- ?
-uvipiiiu. una vumuunet: rvpresfuiti
.everal Lutohran bodies. The chair- J
nan is Rev. T. E. Schmauck, of Leb- '
mon, Pennsylvania. The secretary s
? Rev. Howard R. Gold, who Is in j r
.barge of the Philadelphia office. j~
Local committees have been organ-1
ed in New York, Chicago, Phbad-lihia,
Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Ft. '
:.oui.5, Los Angeles, Topeka, Spokane. <
^harlesion. Savannah and in other
dies The New York Committee
naintains a well equipped oflice ard
:! promoting study of ihe history of!
he Reformation an<? its significance,
n and around New York City. Hunireds
of addresses have born given
mder the auspices of this committee
.nd other hundreds of study passes'
ave been organized In churches.
inday schools, colleges and *hror ,li
>ther agencies in the metropolitan
Dr. Roberts and Mr. Gold, representing
the Federal Council, have is- .
>; ,
lev I
hand looms by
dtland and Ireland
1 modern power
1 States. !
lU stout texture.
10 us durability,
hten its attractiver
of exclusiveness
lucedina worsted
. i
for spring wear j
teculiar advantage
:o6l days and cool
ually large assort
inespun in various i
reen and gray.
n Street
vm \MUtax " T *-iv ton
ued circulars addressed to the eol?ges
and universities of the country
rgind the participation, of these ittltut'ons
in the celebration ot the
illlng of the epoch n nktn-j niuetyve
Theses hy Luther cpon ti e do -rf
the church at Wittenberg, ar. 1 a.iIher
circular addressed especially t->
liurclies and Sun-lav schools.
In celebration of the Quairl-Centnniai
throufihout the com-ag
onths. culminating October SI,
l-ere will be sermons, lecturer, study
lasses, a system of publicity reachUS
the whole country thr ugh the
eliglous and secular press, lists of
ook3 and pamphlet* and study sublets
carefully prepared, a popular
ife of Luther by a well known American
writer and an appropriate medal
i'her features wdl be rxhiolts tn vaious
cities, tableaux and pageants,
i memotial arch and Luther statues
re projected.
Marines on Guard
In New Possessions
WASHINGTON. D. C.. April 4.?
'wo hundred and fifteen United States
iarines from Haiti and Santo Doming
i-ere landed Saturday in the Virgin
stands, formerly the Danish West Inlies.
to form the first United States
arrison in this newly-acquired islanu
In pence or war these "Soldiers of
he Sea" have ever been first in the
protection of American interests and
property on land or sea, even before wo
ind an army or navy. Having been
tatloned ashore guarding American
egations abroad and the naval staions
in our many island possessions
or years, the garrisoning of the Virdn
Islands is no new duty for the Maines.
The fixtures Glen Elk#TooI
Room at Clarwiburg, IV. W. consisting
of 5 ^ool fabim, Soda
"ountain, Show Cupes.^tc,, will
tell cheap. \ * M
Here a
that Will
truly masculine
fit. Their tailoi
their original li
a suit might be
young men wi
many quite rad
designed precisi
stout and slim ]
Quality consid
expen ive.
T .parlincf I
; ymrrs ] M^ra\ i
L'NIONTOWN. ra.. April t ?Tnat
his wife threaten; <1 to rut out his heart
and fry it In n skillet, was the testimony
today of Walter Rush, of youth
Time is Rmrn
; Meo Who Mi
New Cloth*
Tailored at Fashion Park.
TVT r"
re iNCw v.
I Not Ma]
I "Consck
m. m^n
mf- iV1| hor
tjf Ijf? ^ ' mad* V trxoon m u
Jr just jas sooi
A into |thcm.
reason for 1
attribute is
i in^esign an^perfec
mg'js assuraiLce oi 1
nes long past the
termed "ncvw",
11 find a grest yari
ical; rnep. of ymis vj
sly for ti^em dfcid s
proportions. \
ered, "High Alt"
? ? J
i B. Isei
Clothier, Hatter and 1
3M,W>N uvue uema tecAog rv
V4 MV?E A 0J6S^ cfPoQltj >
. . %.
PORTS lj i
Itrownsvtlle, when arraigned before jf
Judge E. H. Ueppert on the charge of
non-support. Mr*. Hush declared ahc
ilmd to do six washings a week to tuprort
horrelf and three children.
,mg Short for
nit Have Their /
s for Easter / j
cry hqur now countt^ for
sooner a mpn chqflises the
er he can be Of-'Choosing
lit. Our Meft>rs Clothing
ire is keyed up to give the
t servicewn thirty-five
irs of lewnjng more and
i_ <.A'__ ' t?f ?
ng oejpr. we are glad
havaltuch new suits and
v overcoats as now fill our
ifiiets to show for all our
rfc. The prices are from
I to $25.
len's Store, First Floor.)
Store Closes Thursday
Afternoon at 3 o'clock
*e You
feel at
ne in?
OTSla*. M,Ul,TD<OU, M*.
i as they slip"
A very good
this valuable
that they are
tly balanced in
tljeir retaining
:riod in which
v J
ety of models^
ill find models
o will men of
suits are innan
"A- I

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