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Musical Comedy
Hippodrome Tbe Passing Parade
Nelson Father and Son
Princess Patrla
Grand Unprotected
Dixie Dumb Girl of Portlcl
THE Hippodrome continues to attract
large crowds at each performance.
The Passing Parade
has proven Itself a highly delightful
organization and the comedy, chorus
and specialty numbers are unusually
good. "The Whirl of Mirth" will be
presented for tbe last time tonight and
tomorrow a complete change of program
will be Introduced The new bill
Is called "Amerieu First" and is splendidly
patriotic. A number of spectacular
features will be introduced.
Their Is no gainsaying the fact that
Messrs. Murphy and Shy. the directors
of "The Passing Parade" have
given local theatre-goers an opportunity
to sec one of the biggest and
best musical comodies ever presented
anywhere at popular prices. A com
pany of thlB magnitude Ib usually only
ween at anywhere up to a dollar.
Blanch Sweet Is hack at the Grand
today to delight her many admiring
tans in thia city In a screen production
of unfailing interest. The play
Is by James tlatton and is a Lnsky
production of much merit. It has a
finely conceived and well executed
plot. Tom Korninn. Theodore Huberts
and other Lanky favorites arc in the
supporting cast.
Another Instalment of "Patrla" Is
at the Princess today. This greut
International serial in which Mrs. Vernon
Castle 1b starred is creating more
wirespread interest dally. It carries
a convincing preparedness message
and unusual demonstrations greet It
in many places where shown. He.
fonHv fiin mitirn ondot rnrns nf tho
Albert Lea, Minn.. High school forsook
the course of education and marched
away from an aftornoon session at
school to see "Patrln."
From an educational point of view,
this action was, of course, all wrong,
and the officer in command was suspended.
But from the viewpoint of
truo American boyhood, it Is Intensely
patriotic and impulsive, but entirely
"Father and Son" which Is the big
feature in the Nelson bill today tells
a gripping story of a gilded youth who
eventually makes a matt of himself. It
is full of striking situations and keeps
so close to real everyday possibilities
that one can mentally dig up a living
parallct to many of the Incidents portrayed.
Along with this there Is a "Grant,
Police, Reporter" episode, in which
Ollle Klrby and the daredevil Larkin
do some almost unbelievable stunts,
at risk of life and limb.
"Resurrection of Gold Bar" is tho
latest "Girl troiu Frisco' number and
is being shown today.
Pavlowa pleased nixie patrons yesterday
in a Universal production of
"The Dumb Girl of Portici." It is bo
ing repeated today.
Tito school closed here Wednesday.
IliC icimivl, iMiaa iUtV.Uy, is Ylbluug
lriotlds at Viola.
Miss Zelma Trippett, ut Little Falls,
is ribiting her aunt, Mrs. Charles llall,
liore. x
Olin Watliins, a student at tlic W V.
L'.. was a visitor home over Sunday.
Frank Barnes and family have
moved from Connellsville, Pa., to their
farm here. Lester Pitcher moved from
Mr. Barnes' farm to a farm he purchased
near Morgantown.
Earl Holbert and family moved last
week from Royal, Pa., to his pmce here.
Both Mr. Barues and Mr. llolhert have
returned here agaiu feeling that West
Virginia is good enough tor theni.
F. E. WlleB plans to move his family
in a day or two to a farm in Preston
The B. & O. railroad company today
put in the switch for the Chesapeake
ConnellsviUe 3fan Derives
Wondernil Be efitsiFrom
r^rv-V >rth,
Like all be wrt an Xeir-Worth
statements tjfh (olio ng entirely new
one has tlto maker's imc plgncd io it.
This Is not tdjraya t case with medicine
endorsements. The Kerv-Worth
way is to prtot abs( itely honest and
true words of praisi ind then to submit
the endotfer's si atufe and street
and number aSdress S'o wonder statement*
o( thaS chart ter and like/tho
following givB real rs faith in this
far-famed lamtty tod
"Was sick t*o wi ks with stomach
and bowel triable. Palps In pit of
Stomach, usual? abo suqper time ar.l
continuing for fcout hree hours. My
appetite was plbr i d slpcp was not
restful nor di? 1 it the required
vi ??o*r? n?u not ieei iiko
work. No vital!*, n6 ambition. Would
bo tired In the flijmlng. Onlv would
get tour or live hours sleep. Constipated.
"I have bad some Nerv-Worth treatment
(only three days, all told). My
troubles are all gone and 1 feel like a
different man. NO PAINS. BOWELb
nm sa'isfled Nerv-Worth Is a good
medicine and I cheerfully recommend
"137 11th St., West Sine.
"Connellsville. Pa."
Your dollar baclfat the Crane's drug
store. Fairmont. If Nerv-Worth docs
lot benefit you.
Coal company and they have the gradlng
for aide track done and opening
complete and expect to be soon loading
The Monongabela Powder company
is pushing work as rapidly ai possible
on their plant near here. The worst
drawback is a scarcity of common la-!
bor and of teams. I
Kay Bowman was Yistting bis grandmother
near Little Falls last week. {.
John Bowman, of Little Falls, Is i
working for his brother. Jas D. Bow- ]
man, here who (9 building an addition 1
to his house.
Miss Flora Adams, of Grafton, was
visiting trlends in iioult Tuesday. I
The houses destroyed here Monday 1
were occupied by the families ol John '
Barley and Will Hobs. Mr. Hess' lamlly
was very unfortunate in that they
lost everything they had even to their :
clothing and shoes and that reminds 1
us that there is one large hearted business
man in Fairmont aso Mr. Miller,
the shoe man, donated them several
pairs of shoes. Many people helped
1 hem ou'.. The men at the B. & O. car
shops mado them a present of about
$75 and many people about Hoult are 1
helping. Such times are times tor
deeds not words.
Misi Blanch Bower who has been
staying in Hoult for tne past five yoars.
ilBMElS Sal
Enjoy life! Keep clean inside with
Casenrets. Take one or two at night
t.tul enjoy the nicest, gentlest liver and
bowel cleansing you ever experienced.
Wake up feeling grand. Your head
will be clear, your tongue clean, breath
iglit, stomach sweet and your liver
and thirty feet of bowels active. Get
box at any drug store and straighten
up Stop the headaches, bilious spells,
hi.d colds and bad days?Brighten up,
cheer up, clean up! Mothers should
give a wholo Cascaret to children when
toss, bilious, feverish or if tongue
is coatod?they are harmless?never
gripe or sicken.
Geo. A. Walter j
For Your, Easter
j Easter ^Glass jSjgs, 2 for be;
| jSc and ltjo.
i ; All klmis of Cajtriy Eg*s and
Ml kinds if Noveljfy Candy Kab- j
| !|ts and t^ickons^
j Wlowers ^for lcfios and childamn's
Sadies' arid chiRlrto's/vests,
lOclloc, 25e.\ 8 <
Ladles' and ' vjiildiep's Union
Suitl 25c. ""IT
All}kinds tanoy iibbon; and
?oyB* summer ha?. 35c.
Boys' ^caists and Jhirts, 25c.
We make a speclaay of fancycandles
and all klndaof nuts.
Here Is tho plac<4 for your
Easter frnltj-oranpr*. Rrape?
fruit, lemons'and appll
I Geo. A. Walter
217 Madi'On St.
and p,dgar McvicKcr, or iuyette coun-1
ty, Pa., were united In inarrlago at
Fairmont laxt Saturday. Miss Bower
was a highly esteemed young lady and
Mr. McVlckor has spent some time in
iloull and Is well known here. Their 1
many frien Is unite In wishing them all
1 happines sand a long prosperous life.
Mrs. G. A. Spuiling and two children
| spent Sunday wilh her mother, Mrs.
j Smith, at Bellviciv. J
Miss Berthu Bowman was visiting,
her sister, Mrs. ?. M. Casteel, at Fair i
inont, u couple of days this week.
Englc Tlchnsl has heen visiting his 1
grandparents at Llttlo Falls.
CHARLESTON, \V Va., April 4.?
It was learned here by John S. Iloran,
state fire marshal, that Jerry M. White
has been convicted in circuit court of
Braxton county, at Sutton, for arson.
The penalty is from one to ten years.
He was indicted for burning the lumber
plant of Taylor & Messenger. A.
E. Messenger, one of the owners of the
property, and Ona Conrad are under indictment
for being alleged accessories,
and will he given trial next week.
Guyandotte Club Coffee. "A combination
of the fineet coffee grown."?
ninnirirrn nn (
WASHINGTON. D. C., Apri' 4 ?
The war cranks ward In the Washing-:
ton Hospital for the Insane will soon
have to be enlarged If business keeps
up. Every day now sees an Increase
in the census of the Inmates of from !
throe to a dozen. Since the White
House gates are closed and the grounds
guarded, and the police dragnet moved
out to entrap the nuts on Incoming,
trains, the Union Station Is the popu- j
lar fishing grounds for the wild-eyed
Irresponslbles who, at the present time,
are troubled with schemes to end the
war In Europe and head It off on this
side of the pond. A largo number of
the captures result from the tips given
by the telephone girls at the station.
The averago crank arriving hustles
right oft to the telephone to call upj
the Prosldent at the White House and
tell him that he Is Just In and will hurry
up to the big pale palace at 1600
Fonnsylvanla avenue without delay
By the time he steps from the booth,!
an officer nabs him and lie Is sent to j
the detention ward for further observation.
They carry some great Ideas!
Into retirement. One of the latest arrivals
had a plan to put the German
submarines out of business by drying
up the ocean, which wasn't all had. was
lfyour fofcrd
.. III. -C |A.
tft MUM VI IVf
to The Amtrio
Tobacco Cb;N
LUCX^B C#?yrirttb?Tb? Aoraricai
)N NEWS -:-1
it? What! Another one, Mr. Maryan
Cudlna, an Austrian, 'carried a/sure
cure for the war In a bundle of *p&:
pers. which, he said, if the President
read and followed ho could end the
carnage, snap! just like that, and Mr.
Maryan gave the pout signal with hie
fingers. Abraham Kodinski, from New
York's teeming East Side, with a
rablnical whisker and a craving for
kosher meat In his shifting eyes, announced
his scheme us the assassination
of the Kaiser as sure to cud the
war in a Jiffy. If there was no Kaiser,
there would he no war, summed up
Kodlnski's cure. The policy are doubtful
whether Kodinski is so danged
crazy, after all.
When Betthman-Hollweg in Berlin
hears of the "cruel and inhuman punishment"
being meted out to the SOU
German sailors interned in Georgia, officials
hero believe that he will deliver
other speech accusing the United
States for starting a war with his country,
and advance a new argument
which will convince the Germans, even,
the Socialists among them, that Uncle
Sam is the aggressor and should he
punlBhed. The casus belli is the inability
of the interned bochcs to get
s t<
ranteed by
I IX e o n * o m <
?Titnn cnw. iit< im.
. ' '' ' ^ ?
their dally allowance of been, which i
J kept the local breweries in tin victo-, i
jity of their former plates!of Intent!
. mcnt working extra shift. Sending i
I them to a detention camp in bone .fry ;
Georgia has confronted them with a' r
terrifying situation compared tq Which
1 their sea-murdering operation? were
mere childish pqstimes'. X'tv? liave
appealed through their friends, to vart-1
j ous hegds of the government and the I
: various heads of the government' have
thken their appeal js an- Invitation to '
; 'pass the buck"?not the bock. They !
. arc' willing to pay for their beer, but i
! th'c laws of Georgia forbid liop juice
in that stute. The Sefcretary of the i
Navy says it is a question for the Sec- j
rotary of War. as the men are no long- j
t r in naval custody. The Secretary ol
War holds that the international char ;
aeter of the cave puts it under the jur-J
. isdictlon tit the Secretary of Stale.
, Ti e Secretary of State holds, however. I
that it is a nayel question and should I
; be settled by the Secretary of the Navy I
j Should it be passed along up to the j
j President he will, following his usual :
; custom, send for Col. House to come j
at once. Tiio Germans in Georgia are
moro convinced than ever that the un- j
, dot-taking tu force KuUur en the world, j
j especially that part of it known as the I
| Vnitcd States, is righteous and should I
The Pension of George 13. Gardner.'
|cf Point Pleasant has been Increasedj
, by the Pension Commissioner to I'd'1
| a month. Senator Sutherland filed an I
j application with that official today in i
behalf of John E. Moore, of Manning- I
TV/TEN who smoke Bui
-* any other kind; t
steady companion.
But until now Burlej
made cigarettes. Nobod
cigarette that didn't quic
in that lorm.
Until now, we said,
study and expert men tin
Burley cigarette that wil
We toasted-tha
The thing seems sir
we found it. The tobac
that means when you ha
tizing toast for breakfast
Strike now; the tobacco
K T * ?
.V-.' .
ton. who arts for an increase. He also 1
took up with the commissioner the mat-i
tor of securing an increase for Alex-'
snder Whoeler, of Hamlin, W Va.
Among the West Virginians in the
city are J. L. Bsteman. of Martinahurs:
Mrs. Eugene Brown and daughter, of
Terra Alta; Sheriff Bennett, Clay Scott |
and Roy Stmder. of Phlllppl.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Toil were
calling On \V. A. Fisher last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Stevens, of
Morgantown. were guests of relatives
here Sunday. Mr. Stevens has bought
a farm near Klngwood and will move
to it at once.
Mrs. William Fisher has been indisposed
for some days.
Elroy Henry and sons, of Georgetown.
were visiting hi? mother. Mrs.
Virginia Henry/last Sunday.
Born unto J. J Williams and wife
Msreh 22. a son?
George Furman and daughter. Mrs.
Ray Henry, spent Sunday with Mr.
Furman's sister, Mrs. Fanna Shuttlesworth.
who HVes near Little Falls
News was received Thursday morning
of the death of Mrs. Johanna
Snider who resided with ht r Ron. Dennis
Trickett, near the union church
She had been blind for several years
also confined to her bed for quite a
while. Her death was caused by a general
decline due to old age. She was
R7 years, two months and two days old
She was twlre married, her first has
ley tobacco don't want t
he green, blue, or,red
'tobacco couldn't be had i
y knew any way to make
;kiy lose its flavor, when
Because after years oi
g we've found a way to
1 keep its rich flavor indi
nple now; it wasn't simj
:co?it's toasted; you kn<
ve a few slices of fresh, cri
hot, buttered. So trj
?it's toasted.
i toil
band being Ed. Trickett who
Ing the Civil war. Her last marriage
was to John D. Snider who died about
10 Tears ago. She was a good Christian
woman and will qnown aa a good
nurse In sickness. Services were oasducted
by Rev. Yoak of JUve?vllle In-. "3
tenneut In the Morgan cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. John T Muagrave, Of
Hasans. wore here Saturday wor a .
short visit at the home of fielder HenNEGROES
HI NTINGTON. W. Va.. AprU 4.?
A Third West Virghila Regiment of tli-v
National Guard, composed entirely of
negroes, la being organised. Thetj^^^H
oi t'onning a regiment of colored troops ;
originate witli Attorney Henry -W. Shields,
oi this city, and it was through
'his efforts the matter was brought to
I the attention of the War department. ?9
Thoso behind the organisation say no Jjj
trouble will be experienced in recruit-hp
ing 2.000 soldier birom the 85,000 no^ d
I groes In the state
Trinket Coffee. "A popular eo^C at'
a popular price. Sold en ltg^ft?rlts<
No prizes?No coupons."?Adjpl.
FOR TtdlOAT Pjf i
I tiTrnuiiav enrnnMkvn mtni -?I
? ' I
ey |
o smoke
tin is a
n readya
BurleyN ?
made up
make a
^finitely. - ?
pie until ' V |
3\v what
sp, appeir
d ]
I Kow the tokurt
rted-?tmmy ttort*

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