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I | Town Talk
( Local Readings.
F. P. Hall, Ob.
* Temperature at
, ^ 8 a. m. today, 37
-._ ;4a| Yesterday's weath'
' \n COfv nr' raiu; tompera.
-.-.Qrv^N t"ro' n>?*'n>?m? 33;
' ~y/\-"0j minimum. 33; pre'
* nr < c'p'tat'?"' ?8,
t! Fair tonight with
Croat; Sunday inE~*y'
' creasing cloudiness
L and warmer, probably followed by rain
J by night.
& Maccaboe Hail?Annual meeting and
ji banquet of United Commercial Travm-i.
1 I. O. O. F. Hall?Meade Circle, Ladies
of the G. A. R.
Pythian Celebration?Arrangements
ajre practically complete for the meeting
of Marlon Lodge No. 27 Knights
l: of Pvthias, at which veterans' jewels I
I'1 will be presented to twenty-seven
I - members oI the lodge. An interesting
R program Incident to the presentation
L will be given, the affair starting in
the Diamond Street M. E. church
- promptly at 8:15.
Pensions for Glassworkers?At a i
I meeting of the local glassworkers' un
ions wrhich will be held In the Trades
Council hall tomorrow, the matter of
pensioning members of their union,
F-f will be considered. It is believed that
since the majority of glassworkers favor
the plan, the establishment of a
fund for this purpose will be authorlzed.
Carpenters' Union Meets?A meeting
of the local carpenters' union was
hold In the Trades Council hall last
evening, several matters pertaining to
recent differences between some of
S; ; the men and their employers belrsg discussed.
I Godfrey Johnson?Godfrey Johnson,
booze killer extraordinary, was ar-1
rested yesterday at the Baltimore and
Ohio station and gave for his appearance
this morning a $5 bill. He was
drunk. Godfrey was allowed to go on
a $5 forfeit because of the fact that)
henceforth Godfrey will be a citizen
of some other town than Fairmont. He '
left yesterday for all timo. j
!! Shrewsbury Miller to Build Roads?
S. B. Miller, city engineer, was selected
as engineer for Grant district by the
good roads committee from that district
which met with the county court
yesterday. The court wns in session
this morning but no business of importance
was transacted.
Today's Legal Transfers?Scott C.
Lowe, et ux., to F. K. Lowe, 62 acres In
Brant district; $1 and other considerations.
James H. Radcliff, et ux., to
R. M. Hite, lot No. 1 in Morgan park
near Rivesville, Paw Paw district; $1
and other considerations. The fol- .
lowing deedB were filed at the county J
clerk's office yesterday: John T. Clelland
and wife to J. H. Snider, a parcel
of land in the Graham Heights addition
to the city of Fairmont; consid-;
eratton $160. Ella H. Lake. Sr., to |
Pascal Poe a parcel of land in the ]
Thomas addition to the village of Benton's
Ferry in Union district; consideration
$1 and other valuable consideration.
H. T. Shinn and wife to William
H. Fleming et a!, a parcel of
land on the West Fork river; consideration
$817.50. William M. Hasseler
and wife to Harry Barbee a parcel of
land in the Westchester addition to the
city of Fairmont; consideration $2,
Marriage License?Marriage licenes
were Issued at the county clerk's office
yesterday to the following couples:
H. Clarence Cunningham, age 22, and
Mary E. Rlggs, age 20, both of Mannlngton.
N. T. Rlggs, father of the
girl gave his consent In writing. Har81,
and Evelane L. Hawkinberry, 16,
erlne HOBtutler, 17. both of Fairmont.
B. A. Hostutler, father of the girl gave
Me consent In writing. CurtlB S. Hays,
and Rvelena la. Hawkinherrv. 16.
both of Mannlngton. E. W. Hawklnberry,
father of the girl gave hia consent
In writing. Homer Farr, 24, of
Cleveland, and Zella Combs, 23, of Fair
WASHINGTON, D. C.( April 7.? ,
President Wilson today recelvd cablegrams
from King George of England '
| and Kig Victor Immanuel of Italy con;
gratulattng the people and the govern- ,
K, v ment of the United States on their en
trance Into the war against Germany.
_ That Depends.
? "It always gives a man confidence,"
remarked the popnlar candidate proudj
ly, "to know that n vast body of peoplo
are behind him." "Not if they are comjS
Ing too fast," murmured the horsefej.
thief judiciously.?Window.
Especially the Girls.
A woman of Melrose, Mass., main- :
? j tains that her particular longevity Is 1
L. fine to eating candy, whence It Is posB
* slble to deduce that the rising genera- '
Hon will be almost Immortal.?Mil- .
' waukee Journal.
>-4 ' ' *A+Jfc&:e.
.' V i '+>> .< ./. s -'i. i*',
' ' '*
Young Grafton Guardsman
Taken to His Home for
While hundreds of soldiers at the
mobilization camp grounds on the
East Side were busily working in a
sea of mud; while the machinery of
the First regiment waB being tuned up
to Its highest efficiency, with skies
overhead leaden and all things mun.
lane bespeaking the sombre, there lie
yesterday sheltered from the cold
winds and the snows the unconscious
[orm of O. Duckworth, private In Company
E, In the hospital tent. He had
nken 111 durlng'the night previous, his
-omrades, deeply concerned, fearing
pneumonia. They took him from his
cot to the hospital, where Major KalLaugh
and hlB aides did everything to
restoro consciousness. A test of the
respiratory organs banished from Che
physicians' minds the pneumonia the
.ry. There was somethihg else wrong
ind an extended examination developed
the fact that the lad was suffering
Irom cerebral hcmorrhule, most likely
brought on by the excitement of preparing
for war.
At 1:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon
i sheet was drawn with grave significance
over the face of the young soldier,
who though willing to give his
Ufa for Right could not suspect when
be left home with his company. Company
E of Grafton, Thursday noon,
that he would be brought back for final
funeral rites even before all the
company's tents were made fast. Within
10 minutes after the camp's number
bad been reduced by one, Undertaker
Ell Musgrave was notified. The death
wagon was Immediately got ready anu
started through the rain, snow and
semi-blizzard for the camp grounds.
As It entered the gate to the camp
hero was no ceremony. There was
.10 corporal's guard to bear the regains
from the grounds, there was no
ougler to blow "Tap 3" as the body was
Ifted from Its position on the cot In
he hospital tent to the death carriage.
Major Kalbaugh alone saw the boy's
Dody romoved from the grounds and
it was with deep sympathy radiating
irom tho heart of the major that he
lelpcd lift the body.
The boy's death haR had a depressng
effect on the members of Company
3. Captain Charles Burke, Lloutenints
Smith Hlnger and John Hose, the
dfleers of the company did everything
lossiblo to aid the lad but apparently
t was not meant that he should live
o kill.
The body was brought to the Musrrave
morgue where it was prepared
ior burial before its return to Grafton
vhcnce it came in the quick. The
;oung man leaves to survive him and
o remember at least one soldier who
lied in the service his mother and sevsral
close relatives. The boy's grandather
came to the city this morning
ind arranged with Undertaker Musrrave
to have the body takep to Moatsrille,
\V. Va., where interment will be
nade. Tho time for the funeral has
tot been announced.
rrain Wreckers Fire
m Vigilant Watchman
(By Associated Tress)
MONONGAHELA Pa., April 7?OfIclals
o? the Pennsylvania railroad tolay
investigating an attempt to wreck
:rain No. 7906 last night at Dunkirk,
l mining village near here.
A watchman discovered several bars
oiled on the track and while removing
them two men opened fire on him. He
replied and succeeded in driving them
rff after which he ran up the track and
[lagged an approaching train. No arrests
haye been made.
Colonel Noycs Is In charge of Fort
McPherson, Ga., where the officers
and sailors of the Interned Oferman
liners, now at Philadelphia, are held
until the end of the war.
Prosent three of these coupons (
nf T)in TIT net V(iw(n(nn QQs* oa ol
W4 Aug vt gob li Qiuiau tt ivu vuv v?oi
with sowed stripes, guaranteed test <
Roalizlng the need of every family In
Flag to display on patriotic holidays,
number of our readers at ridiculously i
price of flags has almost doubled In t!
i? cUp 3 of the above coupons consecc
rhe WoBt Virginian office with 98 cen
:ents exti^a for mailing If not called to:
To those desiring It we will furnish
holder, all packed with the flag eomplet
all Ml4
Here are soldiers of the 71st
stato," near New York city.
Drop of 50,000,000 Bushels!
Indicated in the First
Report. i
(By Associated Press;
WASHINGTON, D. C., April 7.?
A prospective drop of more than 50,- 1
000,000 bushels In the winter wheat 1
crop as compared with last year's 1
crop Is the first war feeding problem
to confront the country. Official estl- '
mates of the Department of Agricul- .
ture for the first 1917 harvest forocast
that much of a decrease although
the acreage Is greater.
Notwithstanding the heavy decrease
in prospective winter wheat crop the
production of rvo is forecast by the '
department at GO million bushels, tlio
largest output of that crop ever reported
in the United States.
The food problem of the coming
year seems one of the paramount ques
tions affecting the United States in !
the war, extraordinary Interest cen-i
ters in the government reports show-l'
ing the condition and production forecast
of winter wheat crop planted last I
autumn. 11
The extent of the winter wheat crop, |
usually about two-thirds of the entire (
production of wheat in this country, (
is a vital question inasmuch as the
allies will depend to a large degree on
American supplies and Argentina haB
placed an embargo on wheat and flour
exports. The winter whoat area last
autumn was 40.080,000 acres, one of I
the largest acreages ever planted.
Mails to Germany
Have Been Stopped
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. April 7? Postmaster
General Burleson today suspended
mail service to Germany during the
war and also instructed all post otCices
to refuse as well any mail destined for
Austria-Hungary, Luxembourg, Bulgaria
and Turkey as it can not be dispatched
at present without passing
through Germany. Malls from the
countries last named which may be received
in the United States will be
Bent forward to destinations.
Postmaster General Burleson also
has suspended postal money orders
between the United States and the
German empire. International money
order offices will decline to pay orders
drawn on them by German offices
on and after April 6.
More In Life Than Wealth.
Wealth has mlfde a lot of poor husbands
and worse wives. Knowing
something about cooking a square
meal, and keeping sweet, is far better
than counting money with a grouch.
Her Customary Weapon.
"Woman's sphere?" began Mrs. Gap
Johnson of Humpus Ridge, who had
been reading and pondering. "Worn
ail's spear!" ejaculated her husband
In astonishment. "Well, say; what's
the matter with using the ax, Same as
you've always done?"?Kansas City
Daily Thought
Not he who Is wise In speech, but
he who is wise In deeds la wise for me.
i ?St. Gregory.
A /" OAT mrvM
ER 3.
;onsecutively numbered at the office
h and get a beautiful Flag 4x6 feet,
Fairmont and ylcinlty for an American
we have arranged to supply a limited
small cost In spite of the feet that the
ha past few days. All you need do is
utlvely numbered and present them at
ts In cash and the flag Is yours. Tea
7 foot Jointed pole with ball, repe and
e In a neat corrugated box for 67 eente
M&; " ;
^**g/ Jig
New York regiment guarding a rail
Sharp Air Fighting
Reported in Berlin
? *
trixr Aoert?lnt?,1 '
BERLIN," April 7.?The Entente allies
yesterday lost 44 airships on the
west front, says an official statement
Issued today by the German headquarters
staff. Thirty-three of the British
t>r French machines were destroyed in
aerial engagements. Five German
aeroplanes did not return.
Russian Peace Offer
To German People
PETROGRAD, April 7.?Minister of
Justice Kerensky said in an interview
today that If the German people would
follow the Russian example and dethrone
their emperor "we offer the
possibility of prelimin ary negotiations."
ST. LOUIS, April 7.?Statement the
United States had been drawn "cnuselesslly
into war" ad that those who
can afford to pay, not the working
classes, should finance it was made today
by Morris Hillqult of New York,
temporary chairman in calling to order
a special session of the national
invention of the Socialist party.
CHICAGO, April 7.?There will he
no citizens military training camp
this summer it was announced at army
headquarters here today. General
Barry, commanding the Central department,
said all arrangements for
fhe camp had been suspended and perSftno
who Viorl nvnno4n<l
jwa.u nuu Ituu IU I1I.IUUU tuuiu
best further the interests o'f the government
by enlisting.
Last Ch
THE PLAN?Pay us the
kind for ONE CENT.
pany sacrifices its profit!
ducts, and you get the bei
Opposite G
,x* t fitt.leasa
BUB fn ? B
| 1*1 | IL
road tunnel, "somewhere in New York
m in ike
loan lojntenie
Exchange Bonds for Two
Billions is the Present
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, April 7.?Plans lor
financing the war were discussed today
by Secretary McAdoo with members
of the House Ways and Means
committee and with Chairman Simmons,
of the Senate Finance committee.
The $3,400,000,000 already asked for
the army and navy is expected to suffice
in addition to the regular appropriations
bills until June 30, 1918.
The steps considered most important
now is the extension of an immense
credit to the Entent allies?probably |
at least $2,000,000.000?was an Indication
that the nation is going Into wa:
to the limit.
Bonds under such a plan would he
Issued to take over bonds ot the allies
making them in effect surety for
those obligations. Most of the money'
derived from such bonds, it Is expect-j
cd would be spent In the United States ,
NEW YORK, April 7? Julius Van
Heo, American vice consul at Ghent,
and recently connected with Belgian
relief committee, has been arrested by
Germans and sent to Germany according
to Amsterdam dispatch.
All Right, After All.
"When I was married," remarked
the entertaining guest, "I had but half
a shirt to iny back," and while the i
guests were still gnsplng he said, "the I
other half of it being in front."? I
Browning's Magazine.
\e Hem!
ance to F
Ends Lai
Rex all Modern i
regular price for any item h
ale was developed by the Un
rand something besides, in o
itain \j.
Durt House
Just R
Popular "Fi
The much wanted pleated
made of all wool serge. Col
navy, black, copen, apple
and gold; all sizes. Bettei
before your size is sold,
special at
I llix
? L,K,?IM.,U?S -
Donley S. Jones, Correspondent. L
Store, No. 12
Miss Mildred Harvey entertained a
Party of young ladles at a children's
party at her home Thursday evening
The guests were dressed as small
children. All had an enjoyable time.
The Adult Bible Class of the Second
M. E. Sunday school are holding a cake
and pie and bread sale In ItymerB
Meat Market this afternoon.
Easter Prayer.
There will be an Easter Sunrise
prayer meeting at the M. E. church
Sunday morning at six thirty.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Greenly have
gone for a visit in Pittsburgh.
* I1XJ T n
These thrilling detective storlef
a sensation wherever exhibited. T
the Gaumont production have causet
a lighter side to them also| The i
"The Ghost."
The regular onco-a-week feature
trons of tills house.
"strong comi
Monday's layout of pictures that
TAtllAIIT Meddling with h
TONIGHT The Registered
VII'Mil I down, college 11
\Z Sirot^i
>rofit in t
e Tonigh
Method ot Advei
J Ij J 1 . Ml 1
ere auveruseu ana we Will sei
ited Drug Company as an ad
rder to get a larger distribut
ity Dn
if Model i
? i o no !
? l*w i
cave news at Jones Sporting floods
Railroad Street.
Messrs. O. N. and J. T. Koen have
' returned from a visit to Wheeling.
MIsb Alice Weasels of Washington,
1 D. C., 1b here for the Easter vacation
Miss Anna McGarvey Is home from
East Liverpool, Ohio, for a visit with
l her parents.
Miss Mildred and Byron Beall
have gone to Elklns to spend the East- -A
or vacation with their sister, Mrs. GU W
bert Overholt, ^
Clarke Ice, of Clarksburg, if a business
visitor in this city. j
Mras. A. O. Clayton has returned .1
from Fairmont where she was visit
lng with her mother.
Rev. H. D. Clark has returned from
several days visit to Terra Alta.
Msls M. E. Burt and Miss Laura
Free have been called to Fairmont by
I the death of Mrs. D. A. Clayton.
41 Monday <
; of the Arch Criminals of Paris are
he gruesome realities as depicted in
1 thousands to shudder, but there is
me scheduled for Monday is called
is a waited for event to mlany pa
. will make you laugh Is unusually
Tarrlage, drama; Poor Dad, comedyj
Pouch, Helen Gibson; Cupid's Touchfe
drama with Jack Plcktord.
:his Sale
1 you another of the sane
vertising plan. The comion
of its meritorious proig
rnt, W. Va. |

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