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B| *
Muilcal Comedy
I Hippodrome Bluebirds
Grand The Road to Love
Nelson His Ticklish Job
^ Dixie War's Woman
Mfci Princess Dorothy Dares
I H. D. Zarrow's Little Bluebird Muvesical
Comedy company, presenting
I "The Bluebird Inn." a comedy in one |
'I i scene, proved a very popular attraction
.at the Hlpprodome theatre yesterday
when the company presented its first
bill of the week. The Bluebird company
is high class in every respect,
having talented performers and a da/1
tiling array of costumes.
Jack Fuquay, in blackface, has the
leading character part. He is called
upon to extricate himself rrom many
ludicrous situations and keeps the au
1 dlence in an uproar the bigger part of
| the show.
1 > Others on the bill include the "Blue
bird Trio," who render nome pleasing
selections; Lillian Root, who is wonder
at buck dancing; Ralph and Rue Smith
high class glnging and dancing artists;
Ella Brown, who won many friends by
singing of late songs; Harold Gilles
and Beulah Fuquay, highly entertaining
singing and dancing team, and
. JaBt, but far front least Is the extra;
Ordinary beauty chorus. The costumes
_ used by the chorus are dazzling creal.
~ tlons, and match well with the excceli.
' lent singing of the members,
h- ' The same bill will be presented at
I ' the matinee and night performances
t' . today, while tomorrow there will be a
r complete change of program and ef;fects.
When Mollie King, the golden haired
star of the Pathe photoplay serial.
"Mystery of the Double Cross." goes
a travelling, she will sleep at night in j
a stateroom and not In an ordinary |
berth?not even a lower one. Mlssi
King had en experience with a refrac- i
| tbry berth the other day that almost;
i resulted seriously and at best lost;
for her several strands of her yellow
In one of tho scenes of "Mystery of
the Double Cross" the interior of a
sleeping car 1b shown. Miss King is
( In the lower berth whilo in the up/
now I.. Unlnh Qinort tlx., trn r. 1 *..? n 1 v .
vlllian of the play. The sleeping cur
had been built in a corner of the AsL
t ra Studio and while it was a very
& good sleeping car is shown. Miss
King was declining at full length in
W her lower berth and Stuart had Just
reached the dark recesses of the up-,
The stage carpenter hud builded attractively
but not well. I'nder the
weight of Stuart, there was suddenly
a tremendous crash and the upper
berth with Stuart in it cafe tumbling
down upon the prostrate Miss King.
For a time, it seemed as though It
i would be Impossible to recover her
alive from the debris, but she was
finally rescued with no greater damage
down than a bump on her head the
loss of a few lucks.
ini'o. l*. on.4%., *?? , iftoMuiUii. lor- !
rnerly of this city Is spending a few
days in this city the guest of Mrs. W.
S. Black.
Mrs. C. E. Ward, who had been the
guest for two weeks of her parents.
Governor autl Mrs. A. B. Fleming, has
returned to her home in Charleston.
Mrs. Lee Hutchinson and little son.
Bernard Lee Hutchlnscn, Jr.. of Ciu
cinnati. are guests for a few days of
Mr. and Airs. C. L. Hutchinson, at
Fred Morris, who attends Western
Reserve College at Cleveland, is here
on a visit to relatives. He will return
Dr. W. F. Diffindarfer, of Pittsburgh,
has been a visitor in the city for several
Mrs. Pell and duughter. Miss Mary,
who had been the guest of friends here
for several days, returned to their
hbme in Davis this morning.
Mrs. L. C. Hawkins and daughter.
Mrs. Taylor, of Charleston, are the
guests of Mrs. H. W. Alford and Mrs.
Ason Reynolds on route to Tulsa,
Okla.. to reside. Mrs. Reynolds will
accompany them to Cleveland where
they will spend a few days en route
Mr. and Mrs. George Donaldson, of
Vanderbilt, Pa., and W. G. Donaldson,
of Cheat Haven. Pa., are guests at
the home of the letter's sister. Mrs.
J. C. Broomfield and Dr. Broomfield,
on Fourth street.
Miss Louise Rock returned yesterday
from Pittsburgh where she had
ueeu iuu gue?L ui irifiius lor H lew
James Sloan who liail spent several
days here with his parents, Mr. anil
Mrs. J. T. Sloan, has returned to 13alttmroe
to resume his studies at St.
Joseph college.
Miss Byrd Kelley, of Akron. O.. is
spending several days here with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Hudgins and family
are moving from Maryland avenue
to White Rock.
Miss Virginia Cook and guest, Miss
Ruth Perry, of Milwaukee, spent the
last everal days in Manningtun the
guest of the former's sister. Mrs. Arthur
Mrs. O. C. Atha and children who
have been visiting Mr. P. C. Atha's
.'parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Atha. on
Grafton street, have left for Manning
xon wnere nicy win resiae ai me tsari,
lett hotel.
Women are invited to visit the laboratory
of the Lydla E. I'tnkbam Medicine
Co. at Lynn. Mass.. and seo tor
themselves with what accuracy, skill
and cleanliness this wonderful remedy
for women's ailments Is prepared.
Over 350,000 pounds of roots and herbs
are used annually in making; this
famous medicine. The great bins of
herbs, the huge tanks filled with the
' medicine ready to be bottled, and the
bottling room where it is put up and
labelled for the market, cannot help
but Impress them with the reliability
of this good, old-fashioned root and
herb remedy, which for the past forty
years has been so successful in the
fiome treatment of female ills.
I ...... .. _
^ KE^Ere
Playing a searchlight on strat<
watch the bridge Is one of the impoi
photograph shows a guardsmen of tt
ed with his searchlight In a little l
ITocal soc
W- * - Mlil.U.UL
Left for Wellesley.
Miss Ruth Helnt/.elman left for Wei
lesley, Mass.. to resume her studies a
Wellesley college after spending tin
Easter vacation with her father H. I
Heintzelman. Miss Grace Heintzel
man wlio has also spent the holida:
here leaves tonight for Washingtoi
where she is a student at Gunstoi
For Miss Blakeley.
Miss ltuth Phillips entertained in
fornialy at an afternoon tea on Satut
day honoring her house guest Mis
Kathaleen Iilakeley of Texas. Mis
Phillips and Miss Hlakeley will rc
turn to Washington to resume thei
studies at Gunston.
* *
Return Tomorrow.
Miss Lucile Shain. Mis9 Eleano
Pox and Miss l.ouise Hite. Uristo
school girls at Washington, D. t'.
will leave Wednesday night for Wash
ington after spending the Easter va
cation at their homes here,
Mannington Guests Return.
Mrs. E. G. Smith and M'.ss Bcry
Stewart of Mannington spent Sunda:
evening in this city as the guests o
Mrs. K. S. Pollitt and returned tt
their home on Monday. Mrs. Pollit
and Mrs. Smitli and Miss Stewart at
tende dthe funeral on Sunday at King
wood of J. Ami Martin whose deatl
occurred at Morgantown several day;
Societv to Meet.
The Missionary society of tic
Southern Methodist Episcopal churcl
will meet this evonnig at 7:30 oVloel
at the home of Miss Belle Honnen 01
Walnut avenue. Mrs. F. S. Pollitt wil
roail a paper on Korea ami a pape
on missionary work in New Orlean:
will he read by Mrs. M. C. William
son. Miss Ethel lee. who attended tin
Missionary conference in Huntingtoi
recently, will give a report of the con
vention. A vocal solo will be sun?
by Miss Gertrude Creel. A large a*
tendance is requested for this meet
ing. Mrs. F. S. Pollitt was recently
made district secretary for Fairmon
district to take the place of Mrs. If
M. Wade of Clarksburg who recentlj
Drove From Pittsburgh
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brothers
have arrived here from Pittsburgh hav
ing made the trip in a Haynos IJgh
Six four passenger roadster, whicl
they purchased while there. The;
made tlio trip in four hours.
* ?
Moved to Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Watson whi
have resided In Oklahoma City, Okla.
have moved to Chicago where the for
mer will establish a sanitarium fo
the treatment of goitre in which worl
he has been singularly successful
Mrs. Watson was formerly Miss Dor;
Watson, a sister of W. E. Watsop. Jr.
of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Kelley of tin
the Eighth ward, have annuoneed tin
marriage of their daughter. Vera Ma
bel Kelley, ami Paul J. Uoop, of Steuh
enville. O., which event was solemn!?,
ed on Saturday in Oakland. Md. Mr
and Mrs. Itoop returned here Sunda;
i" j
Lemons Whiten and j
Beautify the Skin! j
Make Cheap Lotion j
j j
The Juice of two fresh lemons strain
ed Into a bottle containing threi
ounces of orchard white makes a wholt
quarter pints of the most remarkable
lemon skin beautlfler at ahout the cosl
one must pay for a small Jar of th<
ordinary cold cream. Care should b(
taken to strain the lemon juice througl
a fine cloth so no lemon pulp gets in
then this lotion will keep fresh foi
months. Every woman knows that lera
on Juice Is used to bleach and remove
such blemishes as freckles, sallownes:
and tan and is the ideal skin softner
smoothener and beautlfler.
Just try it! Make up a quarter pinl
of this sweetly fragrant lemon lotioi
and massage It daily into the face
neck, arms and hnnds. It should nat
urally help to whiten, soften, fresher
and bring out the hidden roses am
beauty of any skin. It is wonderfu!
for rough, red hands.
Your druggist will sell three ounce)
of orchard white at little cost, and
"lv erocer will supply the lemons.
> (tie bridges so soldier guards may
rtant duties of the national guards. This
i e Tenth regiment, N. Y. N. G., statlonlest
on a bridge "somewhere In New
:jal events!
?. : .
; anil left in the afternoon for Steuben|.|
ville where they will reside.
t, ....
e Guests in Pittsburgh
: Miss Amelia Bennett and Miss Mil-1
tired Haymond, both students at Marys'
! Mount school, Tarry-town-on-the-Hudt!
son. who have been spending the vail
cation at their homes in this city are
i the guests for a few days of a school
I mate. Miss Ebbing, in Pitsburgh.
Dance Tonight
An event of importance tonight 13
g the Easter ball at the Masonic Assems,
bly at which the local lodge Benevolent
..land Protective Order of Elks, will bo
r host. A large number of guests are
| expected to be in attendance, the guest
I list having been extended to many
j other towns. Members of the younger
set home for the Easter vacation from
f various colleges will also augment the
' j crowd. Dancing will begin ut 8:30
o'clock and will continue till one
' j o'clock. Vincent's orchestra will ren "
j der music. The list of patronesses inj
dude Mesdamcs M. L. Hutchinson, J.
A. Clark, Jr.. M. E. Ashcraft, A. G.
! Martin. \V. S. Black. F. It. Lyon. G. II.
11 Brownfield, F. A. Rock. Frank Haas,
ylT. V. Arnett. E. F. Holbert, C. 11.
(' Neill. M. M. Neely, II. S. Lively, J. II.
u Rock. Jr., C. H. Layman and 0. D.
t i Barry.
.1 The commlttc on arrangements is i
.. | composed of Messrs. Raymond Haller.
\; A. (J. Mart in, Krider Rock, S. B. Brooks
, I C. 11. Xeill.
3 * * *
Red Cross Dance
Announcement has been made by the
f, committee from the Red Cross society
1 in charge of the Red Cross dance an.
nounced for April 20. that no invitations
for the event will be issued hut
. | that the public in general is invited
.! to attend. An admission fee of $1
1 i for each person will be charged and '
3 i every loyal citizen is asked to re-1
spond. Expenses will be kept at a J
5 minimum in order that the largest
l i
; S Carpets cleaned the san-g
( gitary way with no advanceg
' |in prices at Troy Laundry.!
lo 3:
DOKCosKcoHooC'0"oao???mo?orio |
t "Music Teaches Most Exquisitel
First Open Re
ri IN T1
A cordial invitation extended to
ment on a seientifle basis. Spring
to new students.
. Beautifies
To have hair that falls in soft
shimmering ripples, and a scalp
free from deadly Dandruff, use
Pompeian HAIR Massage.
Sprinkle a little on the hair and
scalp, and rub dry with a Turkish
towel. You will hardly believe the .i
result. Your hair will appear twice |
as thick, soft and beautiful, and, p
best of all, be admired by all your j
friends. ^
If you should have Dandruff, =
' you will be stopping it while you |
are beautifying your hair. Pom- j
, peian HAIR Massage is a trest- ^
ment, not merely a tonic. The
, massaging (rubbing) ol the scalp ?
wakes up the roots of the hair to g
new life. This massaging also a
opens the pores of the scalp to the Eg
; wonderfully stimulating liquids in R
Pompeian HAIR Massage. Dand- g
ruff goes. Your hair will become K
' and stay healthy, vigorous and at- B
1 tractive.
Pompeian HAIR Massage is a K
clear amber liquid. Not oily; not fe
sticky; cannot discolor the hair. ||
1 Delightful and dainty to use. Get a E
2Sc, JOc or $1 bottle TODAY at?
the stores and give yourself the ?
' luxury of a treatment.
[ Made by the reliable makers of
1 the famous Pompeian MASSAGE
Cream and Pompeian NIGHT
ram possible may be realized (or the
Merance of the Red Cross work.
Choral Society Tonight
The Fairmont Choral society will
neet tonight (or rehearsal at the T. M.
C. A. auditorium at 7:30 sharp.
Taylor-Snlder Engagement
The engagement o( Miss Beatrice
Snider to Edgar R. Taylor, of Manila.
Philippine Islands, was announced last
evening at an atractlvely appointed
ivent at which Mrs. James C. Welton
and Mrs. Richard Shurtleff were hosteases
at the home of the former on
Seventh street and ML Vernon avenue.
Die engagement was made when Easter
flowers In which a petal fashioned
rrom cardboard had been cleverly attached
were presented to the guests,
the petal bearing the Initials of Miss
Snider and Mr. Taylor.
A hankerchlef shower was also glv?n
the honor guest In connection with
the event, the shower being cleverly
concealed in a wedding bell attached
to the electrtlc dome and from which
an Easter flower was suspended by
ribbons. When the flower was plucked
by the honor guest, a shower oi
dainty handkerchiefs fluttered about
her. Easter flowers were clovc-ly
arranged In a decjratlve scneme in
yellow, while yellow shaded candelabra
added a pretty and artistic erfect.
The gueBts Included Miss Snldcr's
Intimate friends.
The announcement of the engagement
of Miss Snider and Mr. Taylor
will be learned with Interest by their
fHprnls. Tap bride to be is a daurh
ter of Mrs. Christine Snider of Madison
street, and is an attractive and
popular young woman. Mr. Taylor
whose home is in Keyser, \V. Va., has
been located in the Philippines for the
last several years where he is a government
engineer high in rank. The
marriage will be an event of Wednesday
of next week and will be solemnized
quietly. Mr. Taylor and his
bride will leave at once for Vancouver,
It. ('.. from where they will sail for
Manila and take up their residence.
* *
Missionary Society Officers
ntinunl linnnimt on/1 ftlopfinn nf '
officers of the,Woman's Foreign Wis- j
sionary society of the First M. P.
church was held Tuesday evening.
April 3, 1917. at the church. State
Supt. of Junior work. Miss Alma Clare
Newbon, of Gassaway, presided over
the meeting. The following officers
wero elected for the ensuing year:
President. Mrs. Ilertlia Wilson; first
vice president.. Mrs. J. S. Pople; second
vice president. Mrs. Ollie Jenkins:
secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Anna
Clelland; assistant secretary. Mrs.
Orie Hall; superintendent of Sunshine,
Mission Circle. Mrs. B. M. Mitchell;
record agent. Mrs. Carrie Co*.
Lift your old, torturoua corns
and calluses right off
with the fingers.
This tiny bottle holds the wonder of ]
wonders. It contains an almost inag- j
leal drug discovered by a Cincinnati
man. It Is called freezone. It is a I
compound made from ether.
Apply a few drops of this
t freezone upon a tender,
aching corn or a hardened
callus. Instantly the soreness
disappears and shortly
you will Hnd the com
or callus so shriveled and
loose that you just lift i,j
ofl with the lingers.
I Hill.:' ! You feel no pain or sore-j
I j Vi ness when applying freeI
' /! zone or afterwards. It j
I ,iV I doesn't even irritate tile
I \ \) ?!iin.
Just ash in any drugi
store for a small bottle of!
freezone. This will cost but a fewj
cents but will positively rid your poor,
suffering feet of every hard corn, soft
corn, or corn between the toes, or the
tough calluses on bottom of feet. Genuine
freezone has a yellow label. Look
for yellow label.
y the Art of Development*'
cital to Public
IK j
jATrr tit ? rrcnxr
i v/1 i_J\\f\ia\jn
'j 16, 8:15 P. M.
all interested In musical developand
summer term opens April I'O
UR Massage
the Hair
Adv. <P |L
j, APRIL 10, 1917.
A week devoted to the
showing of all that is
new in home furnishings
for decorative purposesshowing
all the new materials
and particularly theii
It is a week in which yo
decorations satisfactorily,
excellent examples are:
Quaker Craft
In Patterns That
Beautiful and Un
This display includes n
finest materials shown th
their prices. Nottinghar
Cable laces in a most cor
variety of designs. Price
S2.00 a yard.
(Third Floor
Curtain Materii
Special Pric
29c a YARD?Arc fancy voiles, m
ctemine materials with ribbon
stitched or lace edges. Choice <
29c a yard.
New Cretoni
In Unusual Dcsij
They are here in the
nrtlAVinnrD nnrl Uhv?/1m/n ?
vuiui 11150 anu 1IUI1UI CU5 u
select from.
Cretonnes are now use
Fop draperies Doily Rolls La
Bed Se^s Cushion covers Cei
Table covers Lamp shades Dn
Couch covers Slip Covers Te
And even for women's si
parasol covers, hand bag
trimmings?the use is rea
The new patterns and ci
the unusual sort and m
have complimented us on 1
display. Prices 15c to $2.
variety of new patterns in be
shades?pinks, greens, blues, etc
es wide.
The Hartley
With the L
Hundreds of dependabli
tion, new improvements, i
above all, a "second aualit
Housecleaning Helps
Cedar oil mops for the floors,
29c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.25.
Cedar oil Polishes?4 oz. bottle
10c and 25c; pint can, 25c and
50c; 1 quart can, $1.00; one-half
gallon, $1.50; 1 gallon, $2.50.
Dusters and Pnlishpre
Chemically treated dusting &
polishings mops for floors and
walls, 65c and $1.25 each.
Chemically treated hand dusters
and dusting cloths, 10c, 15c, 25c
and 50c each.
Soaps and Cleaners
Ivory and wool soaps. 6 bars
Fels Naptha soap. 5c each.
Lenox soap. 6 for 25c.
Swifts Pride Soap, 7 for 25c.
"H & H" carpet soap. 2 for
La France Laundry Tablets, C
for 25c.
Shino polishing cloths. 25c.
Bon Ami, a bar 10c.
"Shine All," 3 for 25c.
Old Dutch Cleanser, 3 for 25c.
Pluro, a can 50c.
A rwimnntn a >>/% !?
Blue Ribbon Brasss Pcllsh, a
can 15c and 25c.
Blue Ribbon Nlcltel Polish, a
pint 25c.
Wright's Silver Cream. 8-oz.
Jar, 25c.
Stove Polish, 6c and 10c.
Stove Enamel, 15c and 29c.
Climax and Electric Wall Paper
cleaners, 3 for 25c.
Cedar Paper Bags
to keep your winter clothing and
turs clean and free from moths
during the summer.
Prices 75c, 85c, |1.0i) and 81.50
Special demonstration r
of Dr. Blair's Cucumber
Cream and toilet
(First Floor)
u will have the opportunity
and in many instances at?
: Lace Quake
Are Have
usual Our lace
/? i i Vvnnn mi r
aany 01 tne ucp". ii: <
is season at original or r
n, Filet and Here are
aprehensive nette, Bruss
s run 25c to Cluny, Point
sette, Voile,
) various gn
variety ui {.
lis at erything thi
desire, fron
6S the most su
arquisettes. and Unlimited ill
i borders, hem* Pmaac i*nr
>f 35 patterns at x 11LC!3 1 UI
(Third Floor) LtJX
nes S
?ns. AT 49c A PAIR
new spring "trip^i
I designs to 2X 4 yards loni
AT 95c A PAIR1
to 2-inrh la
id for many well made wit
yards long. C
undry Bags What Al
Jar chest covers
esser Scarfs ^
a Table Sets *~'J
. Sun is coming
iirts, hats, Will soon lie opei
s ana aress . . .,s,wm,so
11 , tect the furnitui
lly most un- now is the tii
olorings are Van mm
any people VaCUUm
our tasteful lirtinT^YuJ?'
50 a yard. We hava severs
, ,' Electrics are
yard Is a creat good electrics?t
!a"t'tul sprlnR the Eclyp.se at S
29 to 3fi Inch- Hand powered
(Third Floor)
ww _
JHloesewaires St
.atest Kitchen i
cleaning Helps
3 kitchen and household he
ind new house cleaning dev
,y" or sub-standard article.
A Full Supply
of Kitchen Hardware
Skillets. Waffle Irons, Pots.
Pans, Strainers, Wire Frying
Baskets, Egg Beaters, Potato
Ricers, Potato Mashers, Steak
Pounders. Chopping Knives, Ice
Picks, Lemon Squeezers, Food
Choppers, Butcher Knives;
Grape Fruit Slicing and Paring
Knives; Can Openers, Rosetto
Irons, Coffee Grinders, Toasters,
Bread Boxes, Flour Cans, Sugar
Cans, Spice Cans, Dust Pans.
and many other useful things
for the kitchen?all at very moderate
Scrubbing Mops & Pails
High grade cotton, wire-tied
mops, 30c, 35c, 40c, 50c and 60c.
Mop Pails, with wringer attached,
$1.40 and $1.65.
Galvanized Pails, extra heavy,
12-quart size, 50c.
Laundry Needs
Galvanized wash tubs with
wringer attachments, $1.00, and
Tin wash hollers, extra heavy
IXXX style, $1.50 and $1.75.
Wash Boards 20c, 50c and 60c.
Skirt Boards. 5 feet long, 75c:
6 feet long $1.00.
Ironing Board on stand, $1.00
$1.65, $1.75 and $2.25.
Dover Asbestos-lined Sad
Irons, for set $2.00.
Dover Laundry Sad Irons, for
set $1.25.
Dover Cas Irons, $2.75.
Mrs. Potts Sad Irons, a set
Electric IronB, $2.75, $3.00 and
Week 1
Our Drapery depart- |
nent is in gala dress for
he occasion. You will
ind many ideas, some of /
tvhich may solve a puzzling
decorative problem
' to replenish your home
i substantial saving. Some
r Lace Curtains
Never Been Finer
curtain stock has never
omprehensive or more
nore charming in designs.
Arabian, Marie Antoi- "JS
els, Tambour, Irish Point, - J
; de Paris, Scrim, Marqui- JIM
Muslin?all are here in
ides and in a great
latterns, taking in evat
any home keeper can
i the simplest styles to I v
perb. The selection is
both long and sash sizes.
1 60c to $10 a pair. I
:e Curtains at I
pecial Prices M
?150 pairs of well made single- I 1
curtuins with lace edgos, some H
borders, others striped all over,
?. .Very special 49c a pair.
-200 pairs ol scrim curtains, with I
ce edges and laco Insertion, all
h straight edges, 2 1-4 and 2 1-2
holce 95c a pair. I a
bout Awnings and
lip Covers? 1
on northward every day; windows
ting and glare and dust coming In. 1 J
(ten the light; slip covers will prone
10 get your estiraatoa. I
i Carpet Cleaners |
Ing the dust. Vacuum cleaning is
and sand and carrying It away. I
d good hinds ot vacuum cleaDera. I ffilM
most elTective and there are two I
lie I-'rantz Premier at $30.00 and
vacuum cleaners at $5.25 to $10.
ore is Ready I
md House- -1
ilps?goods of new invenices
for labor saving, and,
of anv kind in the whole
Brushes H
Scrub RniBhoa
?VV| iUtii five* II "^0
Nail and vegetable brushes, Be II
Sink brushes, 10c, 16c, 25c. II
Bottle brushes, 5c and 10c.
Dust brushes. 25c.
F!oor Sweeping Brushes, 16 < II
Inch "head" $1.50.
Paint and varnish brushes, Be II
Feather dusters, 10c to $1.00. II |
Wool dusters. 25c to $1.50. II
Brooms 30c to 75c.
Capital Lacquer II v|H
A stain and varnish prepai*tlon
best lor floors, woodwork
and furniture. It Is durable,
hard and clastic and can be had
In clear, mahogany, cherry, II ,1
light, dark and golden oak, rose- II
wood and walnut?1-4 pint 15c; II
1-2 pint 25c.; pint 45c; quart 80c. II
t n "
ice v,ream r recDers
"Jersey" double motion froe- .-yjH
zcr. guaranteed for satisfaction
?1 quart size, $1,75; 2 quart, ; 'SI 3
$2.25; 3 quart $2.75; 4 quart,
$3.25; b quart, $4.00.
"No-Work" ice cream frees- 7'"S
era?2 quart size. Special $2.26. ,':v4
Clothes Hangers . .$1-25 to $5.00 :
Clothes Baskets ...50c to $1.50
Shopping Baskets . 40c to $1.25 .5
Waste Basket? 30c lo $2.50
Gas Mantles
Upright or Inverted, 10c or S
for 25c.
A bettor style. 15c and 25c.
Gas Globes, 10c, 25c and up.
Screen Your Windows
15 by 33 inches 25c
IS by 33 Inches 30c
24 bv 33 lncbes 40c
30 by 33 Inches 50c
30 by 45. inches 60c
' -Yl ;
i Al

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