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1 *M*Mr"*^n"rr"""M^m55S53
Evening Chat
Magazines and papers.
" Ker soldier boys In khaki.
Soap and towels and tooth brushes
And stogies and tobaccy?
Every one that ls'nt game
To go to war and fight,
And would ruther stay at home
And read their magazines at night,
t Had ort to take a tumble
Bj To the pleasure It provides.
And let a little sympathy
Uit underneath their bides,
I And loosen up and send a little
O' their cheer to camp,
Where it's cold and bleak and dreary
And uncomfortable and damp.
And where men with hearts as big
Ab only West Virginians grow
Are waltlu' fer the order
Vrnm tinoilnnorloru fur In en
And Rive their lives fer country
Anil fer folks like me ami you.
And It seems to me a mlslity.
Mighty, little thing ter do,
For you and me to take em
Out some papers and tobaccy.
And help ter cheer 'em up
And entertain 'em some Ily Cracky!
] personals"]
Mrs. S. L. Brooks, of Belingtqn, and
Mrs M. Is. Thrall, <t Piedmont, are j
Jfo the guests or .Mrs M. V. Thrall, on Gas-!
|T ton avenue
Mrs. C. I.. Beam and daughters, Mrs
Waiter Lloyd. 01 Pittsburgh, are the
guests of Mr. ami Mrs. Guy Se hwuim ai
/ their home on Gaston avenue.
Miss Alia Stout, who had been the
guest of Mrs. J. S. Pople, has returned
to her home in Clarksburg.
Mrs. Iva Bice and daughter. Miss
Dora, of Jenkins. Ky., are the guests
of Mrs. W. L. Gooding on Locust ave-1
. ' Mrs. cjienn uunicr.cn murguinciwii,
was a visitor in Ihe city yesterday.
E. H. Smith left last night lor Wash
Jngton to join Senator C. W. Watson's
party on a fishing trip south.
Mrs T. S. llnrdesty has returned
to her homo in Mannington from
llriclgcporl. Conn., where sice was the
guest of her (laughter. Mrs. ('. c Shepherd.
Her granddaughter Dora Shepherd
and maid accompanied iter home.
Sec. Snow Secures Novel
Musical Number for
State Convention.
PAUKJ2R8BUUG, W. Va., April 17.?
Walter A. Snow, general secretary of'
I Be West Virginia Sunday School Association.
which will hold its Thirtyfifth
annual convention in Parkersburg
May S. 9. 10, In securing attractions tor
the groat gathering of Sunday scitooi
workers, has been exceedingly successlul
and In doing so he has attempted to
emphasize the music as one of the
strong features of the convention. That
lie has succeeded in securing some of
_ the best attractions possible in this
connection is shown in the fact that
he has engaged 1'r. Adam Geibcl ami
Prof. Hall, of Philadelphia, to have
charge of the music throughout the
These two ntcn of wide reputation
will appear in West Virginia for the
first time, and will introduce a feature !
during the convention that 1ms never
before been witnessed in the state. Dr. I
Geibel, who is a well-known hymn 1
writer and has composed a number of
popular secular pieces ot music, is j
blind, but on the second night of the i
convention will compose a hymn impromptu
in the presence of the audi-!
He will explain the principles in-:
volved in the composition of music, j
anil then will ask some person In the
audience to name words of a common I
and well known church hymn. He i
will then proceed to write new music 1
J to fit the old words. He dictates while |
Prof. Hall writes, dictating soprano, [
alto and so on until the end of the j
v erse and does the same as to the bus-* i
and tenor, immediately upon comple- \
Mr tion of the dictation Prof. Hatt goes |
through, after which I)r. Gcibel sings ;
it and teaches it to the convention.
Another great musical feature of
I: the convention will be the Institute!
Glee club of the West Virginia Col* j
lcgiate Institute, at Industrial, W. Va., :
colored singers, who will render a program
of negro folk songs that Is ex- :
pected to be one of the most enjoyable:
featut es on the entire convention pro
Lift your corns or calluses off
with fingers! Doesn't
hurt a bltl
A noted Cincinnati chemist discovered
a new ether compound and called
It freezone and it now can be had in
tiny bottles as here shown for a few
eents from any drug store.
H, You simply apply a few
? ... drops of freezone upon a
tender, aching com or pain
iVnri ful callus and Instantly the
% - J) soreness disappears, then
B' til shortly 'you will find the
? i ? u corn or ca"us so loose
Mitlflll that >'ou ral> Just lift It olf
Ik! I I with the fingers.
if1 If I No pain, not a bit of
soreness, cither when apf
W E Plying freezone or after-!
I fla E wards and it doesn't even'
| B. PJ Irritate the skin.
Hard corns, soft corns
or corns between the toes,
llso toughened, calluses Just shrivel
ip and lift off so easy. It Is wonders
foil SeemB magical. It works like a
I charm. Genuine freezone has a yellow
jtt . hbel. Don't accept any substitute j
|jw'. irlth the yellow labeL
. VJ.
' Mhs Lillian licttfcldl Thompson, patriotic
San Francisco girl, has hit on
a happy idea to bring men Into Uncle j
Sammy's naval militia. With a jaunty
sailor's cap on her head and a huge
revolver strapped about her waist, she
wigwags the naval signals in front of
a recruiting station on Market street.'
When a crowd gathers she tells'the
husky young men that now is the time
for a display of real American fighting
qualities Many a hold youth, fired by ,
Plocal soc;
, ?w ansgaes ?rsi
Guesls Ir City.
Mrs. Edward C. Ferriday and little
ron, Edward Clinton Ferriday. Jr., of
Wilmington. Del., are guests for sev-,
eral weeks at the home of the former s !
mother, Mrs. I*. N. Arnett.on Fairmont
avenue. Mr Ferriday accompanied
them here and will return the latter
part of the week from a business trip
to Pittsburgh.
Announcement has been made of the
marriage of Miss Grace Kelley, of this
city, daughter of the late Howard Kelley,
and William Watkins. which event'
was solemnized on Sunday, April 3. in
Mansfield. O.. where Miss Kelley was j
ui inc.* noun- ui a menu on a visu. :ur
and Mrs. Wntkins returned here las'
night and have taken up their resi*
dence on Walnut avenue. The groom (
is a son of the late Mrs. Henrietta Wat !
kins. ,
Floyd B. Ledsome and Miss Dolly
Richards, both of this city, were united '
in marriage on Saturday at the home
of the officiating minister. Rev. W. J
Eddy. of the First Baptist church. Mr.
Ledsome is a B. and O. employe. They
will reside at Bellview.
* * *
Charles Six. of Hero. I'a., and Miss
Cecil M. Sliriver, of Mannington. were
united in marriage Saturday at the
home of the officiating minister, Rev.
C. D. Mitchell, of the Central Christian
church. They will reside in liero.
Mrs. Frank Barnes will entertain the
T. A. S. club on Thursday afternoon u?
her home on the Hast Side.
* * * *
Choral Society Tonight.
The Fairmont Choral society will
Announcing the o
equipped Tal
Columbia 1
"Every day you arc
Machine is so mi
Grafanolas fror
Terms A
Hear the New C
"All the latest
Come in Today. Private
414 Main St. Open E\
1 a
the spell of her oiu^ueiice. has signed
tip for service.
On her first appearance Miss Thompson
had an audience a block long. Masculine
patriots cheered as a squad of !
news photographer- and motion pic-!
tare men rushed up to see what the i
liew excitement was all about.
"They won't let me tight, so ITn doing
the next best thing?encouraging |
the men to fight." said Miss Thompson.
meet tonight at seven o'clock for re- i
1; ear sal at the Y. M. C. A. auditorium. !
* i? *
To Give Play
"Our Busy Ladies' Aid Society" is
the nabe of tin? play which the Ladies' |
Aid society will present on Tuesday j
evening. May 1, at the Miller school
auditorium. The play Is of a humor-i
ous nature and will be participated in '
by eighteen members of the society:
and several men or the church. The
cast for the play will be announced lat-,
Why Do You Worry?
Why should any one worry? To
worry shortens life. Like anger. It
reacts anil poisons the system. The !
federal health service has taken worry j
so seriously that It has issued u bulletin
warning the American people j
against the danger of worrying and the
blessing that comes to tho?.e who are i
active members of the glud-liuud so- j
A Roumanian ?cienrtst says that old i
age Is duo sola); to a decrease In the
amount of water in the human system.
That sounds reasonable. Wore you
over acquainted with a fish who filed
of old age?
y %
? Ladies of Fairmont x
Your old carpets can be work- X
ed up Into beautiful rugs. Phone }
X the Kcnyon Hotel and have Mr. *:*
*5* L. Hafter call with samples. .J. i
?.ra.-1 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^ {
pening of our fully
king Machine
?' ?
; without a Talking
1 \ 1 ??
icn pies sure lost
n $15 to $350
irranfiec i
Columbia Records,
popular hits"
: Demonstrating Booths
?: t ?
LEY, Mgr.
enings' Bell Phon 926
i yy ' > . _ % '
>ervcies at Home of J. M.
Hartley and Interment
at Woodlawn. Ut,
Funeral services over the body o?
Irs. John Carney whose death ocurred
on Sunday were held thlB afteroon
at half after two o'clock from the
ome of her son-in-law, J. M. Hartley,
n muincy street.
Dr. H. G. Stoetzer, pastor of the First1
resbyterian church, of which the de- j
eased had been a member for many
ears, conducted the service, lu his
emarks he paid a high tribute to the
remory of the deceased dwelling on
er faithfulness to the cause of Christ
i hlch she espoused in her early youth
nd to the service which Bhe had ren-1
ered humanity during the long years |
f her useful life. A quartette from
he Presbyterian church choir comosed
of Mrs. Charles W. Waddell, Mrs.
'orest Fankhouser. Lamar Snttteriield
rid L. H. Randall, rendered three
ymns, "Lead Kindly Light." "Abide
Vith Me," and "Asleep in Jesus."
'here was a profusion of floral tribtes.
At the conclusion of the services the i
ody was conveyed to Woodlawn eem-1
tery where it was laid at rest beside
he body of her husband whose death
ccurrcd twenty-five years ago. The
allbearers were'two grandsons. E. F.
lartley and II. J. Hartley, a grand sonRen
c \ Y1
\ 5 \
\ Only\
Having added T
we must completel
A Bonafide Pia
Must Move 40 Inst
Painters and Decoi
Included in our
Knabe, Hardi
This beautiful new m
piano, standard make, gu
10 years, formerly sold fo
Sale Price $
A standard ufeed upri
ano in walnut case, so:
for $475. Guaranteed.
Sale Price $
414 Main St.
^NING* AP3IL 17,191?.
In-law, B. 0. Qre?r, two great grand-1
um, Jo?. M. Hartley. Jr.. Jos Hartley
Greer, and a nephew, Harry F. Smith.
Among friends and relatives here
(or the fnneral were Henry Sharp. o(
Buckhannon; Mr. and Mrs. Hemr
Shook and Mrs. Johnson, of Pittsburgh.
Medical Society
To Meet Tomorrow
For the purpose of considering a
number of matters of vital Interest to
the general public the Marlon County
Medical society will, hold a special
meeting on Wednesday evening at S
o'clock at the V.sM. C. A. building and
It Is desired that all the members of the
organization will be present
The matters to come up for consideration
are the proposition lo establish
an X-ray labratorv at Cook- hospital,
the establishment of a department of
maooosc n/uiu tiuu cieviuv; mei.1 y.-l:
ties at the hospital anil the matter of
providing a special nurse for the treat
meut of lufhntile paralysis.
Guy Fleming Will
Haul U. S. Mails
Guy Fleming, who operates a garage
011 Washington street, secured the eontract
for screen wagon mail service
between the post office and the Baltimore
and Ohio depot in tills city. Mr
Fleming was one of the twenty-five
who bid for the service. The contract
was awarded to him and he took up his
now duties at once.
The government asked for bids on
this sorvice some weeks ago hut when
bids were submitted it was evident i
ou Ca:
to $1(
alking Machines and 1
y remodel our Ware i
no Sale with a guan
ruments in 5 Days.
ators on April 23.
stock of World's J
man, Krakauer, I
Special Ec
'Few Dollars Down?
lahogany This celebrated
aranteed ai\0' Beautiful
No dealers anywl
r $<575. better values for S
225 Sale Pri<
ght pi- A standard 8
Id new Piano only used
Sold new for $5
125 Sale Pri<
W. G. Kell<
? Store
Owing to
Mrs. Job
the si
closed r
Will open tomorrow r
that there was some misunderstanding
on the part of the bidders in regard
to the terms and tho nature of the ser
a Sav<
)0 on
io or I
Records to our line of
mteed saving of from
Store will be turned <
Standard Makes are :
vudwig and Mati
isy Terms
Few Dollars Monthly
standard Player r Thisb<
dark mahogany. dard mal
lere are giving . ,
550. be proud
ce $390 Sale
:IAL *
O i- - rn I I A l. -
to-note riayer -h. Dt
I a few months. a.^,"!
, slightl
00. Guaranteed $375.
:e $285 Sal<
II & Ty
sy, Mgr. Be
? m
1 3
the death
n Carney
tore is
minting; at usual hour.
? .
vl< ' demanded and It was not until
I In' bids had been made a second time
that the contract was finally awarded.
i $50
Pianos and Players
L $50 to $100. We
Dver to Carpenters, !
such Instruments as
:hless Miltons 'k
f j| H
sautiful walnut piano, stan
ke, an instrument you may
[ of. Worth $340.
Price $290 1
iautiful oak piano standake,
shopworn and case
y checked. Sold new for
5 Price $195 9
ler Co.
ill Phone 926

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