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By f ' ft-GE 3
Musical Comedy.
Hippodrome Samuel's Vassir Girls
B??*: Photoplays.
Nelson .Daredevil Kato i
Grand..... The Victoria Cross i
I Dixie Mysterious Mrs. M. |
. Princess Sloth
I WHEN George Sidney comes to
the Grand on Thursday of this
week he will present his mirth
compelling musical show "llusy Izzy."
He will be seen In the character of Izzy
Mark, a part which he created some
BiKvfr? !* acrrv ami Vino Kanti "In?'l"~ '
"" " U??U UUO UUbll ^iU > 111^ lb
ever since. During this time he pre;
sented a number of musical comedies
I but In each Izzy was the chief charac-,
j ter. Mr. Sidney has studied to present >
. the Jew as he really Is and at no time
: does he resort to caricature. "Busy
Izzy" comes back re-embellished in
[" form and with new songs, musical and
specialties, which makes all but iln
. chief character practically a new play.
The star Is surrounded by a fine com'j
pany of singers and comudiens. Car'
rie Webber, the popular singing comedienne,
is In herself a big attraction
and as a star has won in a measure as
much fame for herself us has her coi
worker, Mr. Sidney.
Manager McCoy has been questioned
: whether George Sidney himself would
really appear here, someone seeming'
ly having gained an impression that
on account of the bigness of the at"
traction there was a probability that
a number two company would present
; the play. Mr. McCoy explained to us
that such practices would never occur j
f under his management and then started
to amaze us by displaying the con-;
^ tract in which he guarantees a big sum
I to Mr. Sidney, a sum equal to that de
mantled from the largest houses in the
large cities. In doing so McCoy exhib-'
ited the sort oC grit that Is a forerun
ner of success. He has faith in his |
public and rather tersely remarked:
"All I need to do is produce the goods."
Lou Tellegen is at the Grand today
in a photoplay production of "The Vic-1
torla Cross."
"The Cloud Puncher," (eaturing
Hank Hami, which is on the Nelson bill
' today, tells the Btory of a village that
1 is dry by an act of Providence rather
! than by an act of the^tate legislature,
i It hasn't rained for weeks and there
are no symptoms of coming rain to be
!* An itinerant artist carrying a huge :
a canvas, rambles along the country
road. He comes eventually to the hut
' of a hermit inventor who is dying of
thirst. The artist paints a picture of
a reservoir so realistically that the!
water overflows and fills a cup which
he holds in his hand. To reward his
, benefactor, the hermit gives the artist
a number of rifle shells which when
' fired at the sky will produce rain.
In the meantime, Al. K. Hall, the
Vllldcn villain nttpmnts fi\ IHrinnn thn
I: heroine. but Is prevented by the artist
f who has started on his way again with
his rain shells.
To try out the invention the artist
fires a shell at the sky and brings on
a sun shower. The villain steals the
~ Test of the shells, puts them in a canlion
and ties the heroine to the cannon-1
hall. When this charge is fired, a
I Cloudburst descends upon the village
s and wipes it off the map.
yt The heroine who has been carried
>' to the clouds is rescued by the artist
,\ who converts himself into an airship
by using an electric tan as a propeller.
The Villain is foiled and the artist
and the maiden are wed in the watertT
soaked village.
- Samuel's Vasser Girls opened at the
Hippodrome yesterday and because ol
. Manager Burka's charitableness they
will be suffered to remain a few days
( An outraged audience stuck to the
: seats with more than ordinary self
(. -restraint at the one performance which
witnessed, and half of thnm rr?allv
i . enjoyed the show on account o[ its utter
BSr 5' The "comedy" consisted of one j
> ' p&uedo funny fellow posing jibes at an-1
other alleged comedian masquerading
in skirts and a face covered with what
I looked like cheap roof paint.
There are one or two features that
might uass muster in better company
but all the good of thein is lost in their
K-. environment.
We are not disposed to say harsh
' things about anyone trying to earn
an honest living, but 1 do think ManaA
EL ftAVS IfAO-NAl* ic t> roc A-^
"medicine? '
> Here is his statement:?"I have been
E troubled with Indigestion. Had It very
r had and suffered a great deal. My '
towels have been very Irregular and I
fjj could not get along without a laxative.
"I have taken one bottle of Kar-Nak
| and find my condition very much im
proved. I recommond Kar-Nak as a
E' splendid medicine.
? / "E. C. CASTEEL,
"East Side. Fairmont, W. Va."
RT ' Kar-Nak Is a modern tonic tor old
and young.
I d ARE YOU nervous, weak, run-down
halt sick, tired, depressed, constipated,
? sleepless, moody?
HAVE YOU headaches, poor appe'
titc, poor circulation, bad liver, pains
In your back?
It you have any of these symptoms,
l take Kar-Nak and note the elegant
1 results' that you will obtain. Kar-Nak
la good for children as well as old
: Kar-Nak Is sold on a positive guar
. anlee to produoo good results or your
- dollar will be handed back. Take a
*.\ . t.-ttie home today, and 'un no risk, If
. it falls to relieve your case, return It
1 raid fnc your money. No matter what
y,n na?>? triad before, try Kar-Nak to'
.lay. .Hill at the Mountain City Drug
" - * 'Oo. UP) Osile Court House, ir tha Hull
Jfrii Co- streej^-.tdf.
' 1 - v
? JMr
^BUk . . ' . I1
At&a/e os&o&ve; ?^
Marie Osborne, at left, ar.d Gloria J-.
LOS ANGELES. Cal.. April 17.?Tljo
unit? ronr-year-oid girls jir?* principals
in one of the^inttest legal fights ever
waged in the film industry. The con
test between the two kiddies will lie
fought out in the federal court?. the
bone of contention being the name under
which they are to appear on the
screen. ,
Baby Marie Osborne, drawing fi'.v
dollars a week, was until recently the
ger Burka should pass the hat and
close the show, instead of allowing the
company to remain lor half the week,
which Is his intention, so that they may
recoup some of the expenditures which
are necessarily made to stage a show,
be it good or bad.
Burka has been buffaloed by the
Gus Sun Booking Agency and he
stands to lose heavily not only in money.
but in prestige. After a run of sev?rul
nf the* Iwwt UituI <.t mnslciil
comedy the Gus Sun agency inflicts the
house with a poor show, and although
Manager Iiurka wired to Sun to cancel
the engagement when lie learned that
the attraction was not up to the Hipp
standard, the agency insisted on sending
the show and backing it up with a
statement that it was "good." and adding
that managers who had played the
show were seeking return dates.
It will no longer be a drawing factor
to advertise a "Sun hooking" at the
The public pays, but it doesn't soon
The Grand has on its roster for tomorrow
what is regarded by many reviewers
as Theda Bara's greatest
It Is scheduled as one of the big
events of the week at this faultlessly
appointed playhouse and the expected
large audiences will without doubt be
highly pleased.
Miss Bara's characterization of the
Frincess Fetrovitch in "The Tiger
Woman." her second super do luxe pnotoplav,
outdoes even the sensational
role the lancinating vampire had in "A
Fool There Was."
Miss Bara's supporting cast is probably
the best which Mr. Fox has ever
assembled. The principals include E.
F. Itoseman. Louis Dean. Ktail De
Varny. John Webb Dillon Glen White,
Mary Martin. Herbert Moves and Kittens
DO YOU shop in a brij
with enthusiasm, 01
body seems to have any
Haven't you noticed, (
dull ones do not?
chant think of yoi
needs. It makes him lo<
iness from your view po
is better able to serve ;
pays you to deal with h:
Advertised goods
anniversaries. The
the shelf too quickly. V
in a store that doesn't?
get a souvenir so old it i
the store keepers heart 1
Advertising is ed
keeps telling you
giving you new ideas a
brightening your life,
and your home. You <
ing more than you thinl
Heed the shop that aj
that invites your trade,
shop that smiles at you,
quaintance will be as pr
i;, juvenile movie star in legal battle to t
child star of the Balboa Amuse!..cut
company. Long Beach. Cal. Baby Ma i
rlo's managers decided that Sail a week
was not enough for her services. So t
when her contract with the Balboa i <
company epired she askcl for a raise
She ml ml tho i???llrv little* nini
$500 -i week. The company comproinised
offering $300 a week and agree- 1
ing to buy her an automobile. This i
aid not satisfy the baby star, so she ?
quit.' Now she has a company all her i
own here, which she calls La Saliaa. or ?
T ?
? i
Box Supper i |
Many loyal people are planning to at-j t
; tend the Box Supper that will be given j
at the Thohurn high school this even-1 |
ing fur the benefit of the Thohurn!
I baseball team. Besides the regular'j
! supper many other interesting events'.
uoie uccii piclllilCU.
Fishing Good . "
For several (lavs fishing has been |
I good in Booth's creek and many have!
been making regular trips to the creek
i banks to try their luck. The most
! popular fishing holes at the mouth
| of the creek, near the river bridge .The
fish seem to be uniform in size all ;
weighing about one pound. Rcently
. it has been no uncommon thing to
see boys coming front the creek with
three or four fish. The mouth of the
i creek is well known as an old fishin;,;
'location, because of the bad water for
I the past fe w.vears there has been no |
i fish in the creek.
Purchased Ford
E. E. Snyder has recently purchased |
the Ford automobile that was riffled j
off by the Polish Catholic church a few j
days ago.
Attendance Good
Tito Thoburn school this year made
a record for attendance that will, un
; dcr all probabilities .not be surpassed
for many years. WJth an enrollment
of about 375. over ninety made a perfect
attendance. The good atendancc
| certainly speaks well for th eschool.
Mrs. Arnold Vance, of Hutchinson,
aws among the out of town shoppers
her yesterday afternoon.
Rev. D. P. Odcll, of Bootiisvillc. wa^
tiere Do \
fht, brisk live store where ever}
do you shop in a dark, dull, c
life or ambition?
:oo, that the bright live stores ;
is the mer- O HOP in tl
,i and your O wants an
)k at his bus- of the merch
dnt. Thus he where your n
you, and it goods, greate
im. vice.
don't have _ tittxt at.
y move off Q HUN the
hen you buy V
idvertise you f^0ptha^d
to see it go.
ucation. It "D EWARD
new things, A*- merchant
nd is always well, who tri<
your person munRy and w
>we advertis- ' confidence in
c. sei-ves it.
ipeals to you with its advertisii
Ignore the shop that ignores
shake hands with it, keep com
ofitable to you as it is to-the*
- - - AR
est right to name of "Mary Sunshine." L
'Sunshine" in Spanish. Undor the tl
linnagement of W. A. S. Douglas. Baby j ?
'iarie will put out "Mary Sunshine
illli:* (III II. r UUWS CUIUtJ IIUIIll*. ttl I ?
wording lo her director.
In the meantime, however, the Ihtl-b
>oa company has discovered another r
wonder child in Gloria Joy. and is go-; j:
ng right ahead making "Mary Sun l.ine"
films "till the cows ccni" home," I t
?lso. with Little Gloria dispensing the
ailing on local friends here yesterday *
Miss Uuvinna Wat kins and Kate P
i'ricc were visiting friends in Hutch-1 ^
nson during the week.
Miss Zone Cornell was among tliej^
Vlonongali shoppers in Fairmont yes-1 v
erdav afternoon. ja
J. W. Orr was a business caller to
Fairmont yesterday. ?.
John Smith has been in town for | ~
ho past everal days visiting friends! i
ind relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Phillips were among
T (
von can ?iet rid i
of eczema with ; I
Rcsinol Ointment, with Rcsino*
Soap, usually stops itchiiur irisUvttly '
it quick'y and casilyiHcals the most '
distressing cases ??f cc/ema, rash or i
similar lormentiinj skin or scalp
eruption. not due to serious interna'
disorder Jv Id by > ' drugg*st\
? h
fone is running over \%
lreary store where no- j
advertise and the dark, $
ie store where your <i
J uppermost in the mind ji
ant. Shop in the store ji
loney gets you newer ji
r values and better ser- ji
, j
2V1 f\Y\ ^TTill r?r\f ivixr?+/\ S
umu yyiu nut invite r
le. Keep out of the ?
lumb. Its dark solitudes *
t advertising could have r
was live merchandise. |
with your custom the jj
; who lives to serve you
js to build up the comho
takes the world into
his advertising. He deng.
Trade with the shop \
you. Smile back at the \
pany with it. The ac- ?
?hop. I
% j
ENING, APRIL 17,1917.
IB local caller* oat of town Monday.
Bin. Jake Bishop and daughter, Lula
f Fairmont, were In Monongah yeserday
afternoon attending to shoplng.
Mrs. Clyde Gaston of Fairmont spent
esterday afternoon with friends and
elatlves In Monongab.
Mrs. Jess Gardener, of Clarksburg,
as In town yesterday afternoon calllg
on friends.
Miss Lena Wilson, of Clarksburg,
fas In town yesterday afternoon standing
to shopping.
J. B. Klnf of -Carolina, was among
ne out of town social visitors In Moongah
during the week-end.
Miss Osle Bennett and mothere were
mong the out of town social visitors
uring Qie week.
Miss L. Dyer, of Clarksburg, was In
ywn yesterday attendl gnto shopping.
Mrs. Marlon Bowman and Mrs. Mar
ha Varuer visited the Pythian Sisters
t Rlvesvllle Thursday night.
Mrs. Florence Blaker and daughter,
tiss Myra, have returned from
t'ayncsburg. Fa., where Miss Blaker
ud been attending school.
Carl Hamilton was a business vlsltoi
t Fairmont Saturday.
Mrs. Larney McBee was at Fairmont
hopolng Thursday afternoon.
Miss Mary Stewart entertained her
riends Thursday night at a candy parV*
Tltnco nraaont utorn M4cooo ! "**?? ??
lamllton, Aldine Miller, Blendlne
"oothman. Freda Hamilton, Nellie
ine and Hugh Miller. Edward Carroll,
lenzel Burns and William Miller.
Mrs. J. Y. Hamilton, Mrs. J. E. Sutou
and Mrs. P. 13. Amos were at Fairmont
shopping Friday.
Mrs. James Dawson was a week-end
uest at Farmington.
Thos. Martin, of Farmlntgon, was a
usinesR visitor here Thursday.
Miss Annie Stewart, of Barrackville,
s visiting her grandmother, Mrs.
.avern Hamilton.
Miss Itutli Tennant is visiting Mrs.
icssel Necly at Clarksburg.
Paul Yost, of Fairmont, was a bust
iess visitor here Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse C. Cross were
'sfirmont visitors Saturday.
Supt. J. N. Weaver and Charlie En;le
were business visitors at Fairmont
Misses r.iullne Snyder lind Ruth
Vilderman. of Fairmont, were the
reek-end guests of Miss Madge Michel.
Mrs. Lawler, of Barrackville. was a
A mother's unendiner work and
levotion drains and strains her
)hysical strength and leaves its mark
n dimmed eyes and careworn exDressions?she
ages before her time.
Any mother who is weary and languid
should start taking Scott's Emulsion of
Norwegian Cod Liver Oil asastrengthenng
food and bracing tonic to add ricli3css
to her blood and build up her
lerves before it is too late. Start Scott's
Emulsion today?its fame is world-wide,
[t is f-'-e from alcohcl.
? w **.7. If/
Nov/ is the
Time to Think
ol your spring clothing needs,
and have them cleaned and
fresheuou by our superior methods.
Footer's Service is always
satest and best tor Ladies' and
gentlemen's garmentsFelt
or other hats, slippers,
shoes, sweaters, light wraps.
Just now we are preparing to
render better anil more efficient
service than ever before.
Dye Works
Cumberland, Maryland.
Fairmont and Vicinity.
XT o~n: n
ocuia iiww ociiiii^ at d
George Sidn
in the 1917 edition of the I
^ Funny Musical Comec
S w
s Great Bea
S rillVLO. NIGHT 25
weekend guest here and attended the
aeries ot meetings at the Baptist
J. E. Parrish was a business visitor
at Fairmont Monday.
W. H. Kuntz was a business visitor i
at Fairmont Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. F. Yost, ot Pontine,
ill., is spending a few weeks with his
mother. Mrs. Mallnda Yost and other
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Story and Mr. i
and Mrs. Harry Storey were the guests
ot the former's daughter, Mrs. Jauies
Lanham, at Fairmont, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Timtns, of Man-!
nlngton. were Sunday visitors here.
Miss Nell CofTman and guest. Miss '
Bail, of Clendenin, and Miss Clara
Stevens attended Rev. C. N. Coftman's
church at Ballah Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. \V. Mitchell were
week-end guests of the latter's parents,
I Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Dragoo and were
! entertained at dinner Sunday at the
home of D. B. Chalfunt.
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Hamilton entertained
the lattetr's father. John Snodgrass
and sister. Miss Ruby Snodgrass,
at dinner Sunday.
Miss Ethel Thompson was shopping j
at Fairmont Monday afternoon.
] Ted Williams, of Belmont, Ohio, and
Mrs. lea Garrison, of ^Littleton. are vis i
i itlng the former's daughter, Mrs.
I Claude Parker.
Paul Hayes, who joined the navy, is
now in Newport. It. 1.
Charlie Williams and Ben Underwood,
who joined the marines, are
i i-ow located at Port Royal. South Caro!
Dr. L. X. Yort, of Fairmont, was vis I
iting his mother, Mrs. Malinda Yost,'
Mrs. Glenn Hawkins and children.j
of Ilurnsville, are tlio guests of her;
i parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Tennaut,
at her home. Maple Leaf.
Miss Virginia Morris, of Fairmont.
| was a week end guest at home.
Miss Alice Rice, of Fairmont, was
t visiting her parents, Mr. und Mrs. Ai
len Uice. Sunday.
Miss Bethia Whlnnte, of Farmington |
was visiting Mrs. L. F. Wells and Mrs.
, Louise Sypolt Sunday.
J. S. Statler. who has heen working
1 at Fairmont, has returned home.
Mrs. Brooks Ford.vce was a weekend
guest of her sister, Mrs. Dallas
j Booth, at Fairmont.
Howard Dcmpsey is spending a few
j ^eseosseososseeseooeoseeosc
h Home of the R R II
^ Pipe Organ |\
| ?=====
,8 TOI
I I0U "Til
^ Every Man. Woman and C
8 The Greatest Vampire Wi
| thub
Q This Day for Big
N Pictures Omitted
^ Musical Attraction
| FEI!
S ;
Don't Miss an opportunity
k FRANK ?Trn
^ The greatest five reel com
ox Office?Bell Phone 861
APRIL 19th
e" 5^-*#
-urloutly ^
uty Chorus
S 25c, 50c, 75c AND 81.00
c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 AND $1.50
3ED For This Attraction
weeks at Mt. Clemens Michigan
Dr. J. W. P. Jarvis and Clifton Jarvls
were badness visitors at Fairmont on
The Ladles' Aid Society of the Meth
odlst Kplscopal church will meet with
Mrs. H. C. Cummins Thursday evening.
Mrs. Olllo Toothman was shopping at
Fairmont Monday afternoon.
do^^n, Gain
Vigor, Red
Gel pood blood through the use of
Doctor Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
and you will have no more
Indigestion, nor thin blood.
It Is the world's proved blood purifier.
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shin th'.t the bad lilood Is passing out,
end new. rich, pure blood Is Idling your
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! or salo by druggists In llnnld or
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Homo Folks. s
What Neighbors Say.
ITlnlon. W. Va.?"Some lime ago 1
was dragged out. run down and nervjus.
1 kept about but was hardly able
o do my work. I had to have some
medicine tn build me tin and 'Golden
Medical Discovery* proved just the
| medicine. 1 cot much benefit and w.s
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*V heeler, Hinton, "W. Va.
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ouph trial in our family. It was used
1 as a tonic by my sister and it did her
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t)r. Pierce's remedies and recommend
them/?Mrs. Mart::.* O'Connor, li
HI ll Continuous b
I Si U 1:30 to Up- m. S
DAY jj
ic Victoria Cross" |
hild should see this Picture b
?r? ? S
le ip woman" f
>man in Photoplays Toda/
Woman Alone" | >
of seeing: this famous Star g
iveling Salesman" |
edy Drama ever produced j1 I
10c NIGHT?10c, 15c j
vssecocecceiccoccoscoosoooo!! I
George Sidney ae " Buoy Izzy." i *

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