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*?. I ?
The annual meeting of the West Virginia
liar Association will be held at
White Sulphur Springs. July 5 and 6.
Papers are being prepared by some of
the ablest lawyers of West Virginia to
j be read at this meeting, and It is the
W> . announced Intention to make them of
^ Interest to the layman us well as the {
lawyer. "Has the Legislature the,
Power to ltustrlct the Sale of the I
State's Natural Resources," is the subject
to be discussed by Fred O. Blue,
who recently retired after serving six
years as state tax commissioner. A.
J. Horan, of Fayette, has been assigned
the topic, "Tax Titles and IlomedicB."
and J. B. Souierville, of Wheeling.
will speak on "New Men and New i
Measures." J. A. Viciucsney. state for-;
est, fish and game warden, will discuss,
"Game and Wild Life in West
Virginia." Joseph M. Sanders, president
of the association, has not announced
the subject of his address.
Durability of the books for use in
the primary grades of Hie public
schools of West Virginia will have
much to do with the award of contracts
i for such books by the state school book !
board June 6. The books offered by
the various concerns are being given
a careful physical test by officers of j
the department of schools. They are 1
required to stand rigid losu The contents
of these boohs arc also being
. carefully considered and the recommendations
which follow probably will
have much to do with tin selection of
these hooks fot use in all the public
schools of the statu 111 the rural districts
and in the towns of less than 0,500
Iteporta made by farm u(junta In
various counties indicate that more
land owners will raise crops this year
than in any former year. Some have
arranged to farm on a big scale who 1
had devoted most of their time to stock
raising In recent years, in the towns
and cities many gardens arc being
planted, where the opportunity to
grow something has been overlooked
heretofore. In Charleston alone It is
estimated that it is possible to raise ;
enough vegetables and truck to affect
the prices of such commodities uu the
local market.
From every part of West Virginia
ussurances have been scut to the state
ueparttnent of health that 'Cleanup
and Paint-up' week, beginning Monday,
April 10, will he observed evun :
inore generally than in former years j
when a similar movement was carried
out. As many unueuitniui couuiiiuiis |
will be eradicated as a concerted crusade
can remedy, la the cities the :
municipal authorities will co-operate
with the citizens In cleaning up prom- j
ises of germ-producing elements as
nearly as possible. Vacant lots will
bo cleared of unsightly debris, and
many of these will oe made into gardens
this summer In the towns various
organizations will work together
to bring about cleanliness, and 111 tie
rural districts and communities, the
same idea will bo carried into effect.
A proclamation by the governor has
railed attention to the purpose of tins
week of dealing with dirt, and act umulations
of rubbish in many homes ana
Ither buildings will be removed in
carrying out the suggestions offered
in that proclamation and by the department
of health.
As many as 243 claims lor compensation
have been received in one day
by tbo statu workmen's compensation
commissioner. Lee Utt. This was 011
March 0, 011 the sume day that 141 accidents
were reported to that depart
mem. Tliesu figures arc contained in
, the report for March which has boon
completed by A. b. bright, chief 01
the claim department. The formal ap
plications received during that mouth
totaled 2,21b. The accidents reported
' numbered 2,0711. The claims paid in
lull numbered 1.714, while partial pay-1
lneuts were made on 200 claims. Com- J
pensation for less than ouc week oi !
disability was allowed on 5112 claims.
This made a total of 2,573 claims on
which favorable action was laken. Ot the
39 deaths reported as having oc- ,
curred through accident in tho operation
of subscribers to tho compensa-;
tion fund, 24 of them were in the mining
Industry. The fewest applications .
received In one day wore uiude March
27, when there were only 37. The few- j
est accidents reported was on March ;
13 when there were 42. The fewest
claims paid was March 6, when there
were 2D. The largest number of
claims paid In full In one day was on
March 27, when 158 were allowed.
The bear belonging to E. W. Scltea,
which was reported lost last week, was
found the latter part of the week, says
the Lincoln Republican. It had wandered
Into an oil well rig when Its
You can have glossy, rich and luxuriant
hair ot a soft, even shade Instead
H of gray or lifeless, faded hair or hair
ttroaked with gray, it's very easy and
simple, very healthful, safe and in perfect
good taste?which dyos are not.
I . Simply apply Q-Bon Hair Color Restorer
as you would a shampoo. It is
ready to use, harmless liquid, sdld under
the makers' full guarantee of "your
H money back If not satisfied." Use nt
Q-Ban will bring back a natural, soft,
oven, pleasing color, full of beauty, ana
lustrous aud fluffy as a girl's hair. No
one can tell you have applied Q-Ban,
because It doesn't work a look unnatural
an a dye does. You will be delighted
with your air of youth and vl-j
^P tality, and your hair will have roal |
hoalth. Only 50c a bottle at Martin's I
I' drug store, or any good drug store, or !
write Hesnlg-EUla Drug Co., Memphis, i
Tenn.. mentioning the drugist's name.
Illustrated, Interesting book, "Hair
B| Culture." sent free. Try Q-Ban Hair
I . Tonic, Q-Ban Liquid Shamboo, Q-Ban
fcTellet Soap ? also Q-Ban Depilatory
I hajr''835' f?r r*m0T'ns superfluous
The last act Governor Henry Kon
tlw Virgin Islands. wan to read the d
the islands from Denmark to the Unit
here with two deputies of the colonial
the government house.
chain became fastened and it could not
(jet away. The men were considerably 1
frightened when thjy went to work ana i
found out that a bear had taken up its 1
abode In their working place.
According to the Montgomery News
the development of an immense hig oil
tract will lie begun in Wyoming county
within the nest few weeks. The t
l'inevllle Oil and Gas company has just
leased 15,000 acres in Oceana, Cleur t
Fork and llalleysvillc districts. .Mike]
Malheny and S. A. Moore, well known '
promoter of Charleston, are largely'
IntureBted in the new developments.
J. Jerome Haddox. who has been editing
the Cabell News since leaving Hamlin
last week, has moved to Glenville.
W. Vn? where it Is understood he will j
purchase a newspaper outfit. Mr. 1 lad-,
dox was formerly editor of the Logai.
NEW YORK. April 17.?A cargo or
IO.iiOO shark skins which will hi' used
instead of leather in shoe manufactur-'
ing arrived here today on a ship from
The Ultimate Consumer.
Frieda?"What Is an ultimate con- ;
suiter?" Father?"Tito ultimate consutner,
denr. Is someone who ultimately
consumes his lost penny in keeping j
body and soul together."?I'uck.
Are clipping coupe
sj of the beautiful
Being Offer*
Are you? If not, now is
coupons at once.
| ?
Get one of these bcauti:
and guaranteed fast colo
eral offer to its readers, ;
Start today clipp
:ad of our new
fie note of transfei
Mb I' iL. 'MsS^BRHM
bfi '" *'- Tn-1
km lunh
ow of the Danish West Indies, now
ocument proclaiming the transfer of
?rt States. Governor Konow la shown
I'ouncll, reading the proclamation In
Will Go to Morgantown.
Mr. and Mrs. Mancel Carpwiter ant
sou. George, or Vermont avenue, wtl
go to Morgantown soon to reside. Mr
Carpenter lots accepted a position witt
the Morgantown and Kingwood Coa
Delightful Affair.
The members of the Ladies' Aid So
eiety of the Diamond Street M. E
church held a dollar social last nighi
at the church. The social was a mos'
enjoyable affair and was attended bj
a large number of the members. Re
freshmcnts were served during tht
Returned from Bruceton Mills.
Myron Spieltnan. a teacher in th<
East I'nrk school, returned today fron
Llruceton Mills, where he was callei
by the death of his grandfather, Mr
A Daughter.
A daughter was born yesterday tt
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hawkins at Colfax
>ns from the West Virginian
rlcan .
)d ic West Virgi
; the time to "get busy!" St
^pSrosS^^M^^B A .J^f^ *
r==:3^iyt?i * ? -^""ji
7~*>Y^ - / V. . V.
ful flags 4 feet wide by 6 fe<
rs. By taking advantage oi
pou get it at a ridiculously i
ing the "American Flag Cor
oyE'natti?' | ^
Mra. Hawkins was formerly Miss Icle
; Nichols.
Will Give a Musical.
The Cheerful Comrades class of the
First M. P. Sunday school will give a
musical next Tuesday evening at the
church. The class Is composed of a
large number of talented young folks
who are arranging an excellent program.
A small admission fee will be
charged. A meeting of the class will
be held this evening at the home of I
Katherlne and William Shaffer on j
Newton street.
Extensive repairs are being made
at the First M. P. parsonage on Market
Miss Sara Bennett returned here
yesterday from Clarksburg where she
spent the week-end with Miss Willa
Brand. She left today for her home at
| Morgantown.
' Fay Hlgglnbotham, of Bridgeport.
; spent the week-end In this city.
Melville Merrlfleld, who has been
quite sick at his home on Wilson street,
is recovering.
Claude Jarvls and Harry Luton visited
the soldlors' camp at Fairmont Sun,
; I
I Juice of Lemons!
How to Make Skin j
White and Beautiful \
i . . t
i - - I
At the cost of a small jar of ordinary
i j cold cream one can prepare a full quari
ter pint of the most wonderful lemon
skin softener and complexion beautifler,
by squeezing the juice of two
fresh lemons into a bottle containing i
three ounces of orchard white. Care j
should be taken to strain the juice i
through a fine cloth so no lemon pulp
gets in, then his lotion will keep fresh I
for months. Every women knows that I
i lemon juice is used to bleach and re- J
I move blemishes as sallowness, freck-;
j les and tan and is the ideal skin softj
ener, smoothener and beautifier.
Just try it! Get three ounces of
i orchard white at any pharmacy and
51 two lemons from the grocer and make
: up a quarter pint of this sweetly fra1
| grant lemon lotion and massage it i
j daily into the face. neck, arms and
j hands. It naturally should help to i
I soften, freshen, bleach and bring out:
jthe roses and beauty of any skin. It
> I is wonderful to smoothen rough, red
. i hands.
each dav to get one
man Readers
art clipping and saving
MBBK^^^?ifer-^y>? #5 \
bmk^^^SIIW^^Ul;? *r \
! jT\f
st long, with sewed stripes
: The West Virginian's libsmall
ipons" on page 10.
jar* ^ yutws; A
, APRIL 17, 1917.
A Woaver Universal Tire Changer P'
has been Installed In the Fairmont cl
Auto Supply shop and Is attracting ,y
considerable attention among locat j
motorists. The machine will automats
cally put a tire on a demountable rim
In a few moments and Is probably the cl
only one of Its kind in the state since in
It Is rarely soon outside of factories, m
An air compressor which was ordered ; S|
by the company some time ago has ^
been shipped and will probably arrive j
within a few days. The compressor
will h" 'nstalled In the shop and used ?
for filling tires and for various other
purposes. 1
Ground has been broken and work
bogun on the new houses of the Consolidation
Coal company at Wyatt.
Over a hundred of those houses will i
be erected and tbey will be modernly
equipped and constructed from ap M
proved models of Industrial residences, i H
We want to buy for you a
that when you see how bea
how every stain disappears
like other dressings, you w
own white shoes.
That is why we are pleased
Our offer is this: SoE
Evcryl>odv knows that Chieftain
a box of Chieftain Polish. So it
this week and receive as a gift a
Your dealer knows all about th
dime and the coupon below and
a package of Chieftain Pure Wh
Your dealer is glad to do this fo
moreover, he knows that every
Better tear off the coupon not
change purse where you can't m
Remember?this offer is good fo
be given away if you wait too lc
Accept Chunky Chieftain's gift
be work Is being done by the Shlnns- T
in Planing Mill company. ;u 1
In order that the reputation of the
low for turning out Jobs when they
e promised can be maintained the .
alrmont Printing and Publishing com- , r
itiy has Installed a second ruling ma- '
line. The business of the firm In rul- B"
ig and in printing baa Increased great
Origin of Raiors.
It was not until the early part of the
glitecuth century that razors were Hi
inde of steel blades. The men In the vt
ilddle eenturics resorted to pumice
;one, with which, to use the words of W
ir. I'epye, they went through the proc- j
is of "trimming their sklus." ' f
ountaln Cltj- Drug Co. JS|
all Drug Co.
k \t
|a Full
ith each lOc pure!
olish in exchange f<
full-size package of Chieftain
utifully it restores the snowy w
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ill continue to use Chieftain Pi
to buy and present to yon you
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r we pay him his full retail price for t
gift package means a steady custom
c, before you forget it, wrap it about
liss it.
ir one week only. Better cash in today,
t and get acquainted with the fines!
Charleston, W. Va.
)me on people-Tear off t
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n h7l:. r 1 ?? i
i urc yy niic witn eacn sue purcnase
Fill out the blanks and present to y
ceive a box of Chieftain Polish and
These blanks to be signed by the pel
Street Address
This blank to be countersigned
ed i i^mi to tlio jotter Em whoa ytm toy Cbidt
Houston Dies
at Homeof His Sister
James P. Houston, a god 7| years, a
other of Mrs. W. R. Huffman, of
dgely avenue, died last evening a:
It after six o'clock at the home ot
rs. Huffman alter a brief Illness. The
ceased formerly resided In Monon11a
county but came hare four
inthe ago to reside with his alater.
totlier slater. Mrs. Virginia HenrT. pl
urel Point, and a brother. Clark
luston, ot Braxton county, also aurKuneral
services will be held on
ednesday morning at 10 o'clock from
o residence and Interment will be
ide in Woodlawn cemetery by Unrtaker
Musgravo and Son.
rescription for
! c z e m a
r 15 year? the standard akin remedy?*
ul used externally?inttant relief fromItch,
rvnta the of cleansers ? keeps
^vO(Ml j
iase of Chieftain
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Pure White. We know
hiteness of your shoes?
e white does not rub off
ire White as long as yo*.
r first bottle.
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slA*LS.'" | ' >;
pM?HC RMtatr .
w?ctr H

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