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" gatabiuhad 1W.| Mamber
bJ th? Fairmont Printing and Publish
W. J. WIEGEL, General Manag
A. RAY MAPEL, Advertising 1
HK&1 c. V. REDIC, Circulation Manai
5 Publication Office, Monroe S
BELL 1105?1106 > CONS
All departments reached | Circulatlo
through private branch Advertlsln
exchange. Editorial
Foreign Advertising Representative
WARD, Brunswick Bldg.. New York.
: j Street, Chicago.
BY MAIL?(Payable In advam
r One Year $5.00 i Threo Mot
Six Months $3.00 One Monti
One Year $7.00 ] One Monti
Six Months $3.0'j ; One Week
BY CARRIER?(Outside of Pi
One Month 75c One Week
t; All subscriptions payable In 11(1 wince.
When asking for Chang,. In address gh
IK > Entered si the le.n.-iTrr at It: mail,
aeco.ui i<Inh- mailer.
'II Fabsoribers on our carrier toules
n Tbe West Virginian any uvculvg sho
|l TERN UNION." state tbe fnit anil i
H residence and a messenger will deli'
] your doer at once. There Is no cha
II scrlber for this service. The West \
H to render to Its subscribers the best
HI livery service possible and this is ;n
- TT/-1DI C ...I 1-- I r 1
U uur jl-l_ wno maKc 3 Dusiness 01 a<
| usually reasonably astute regardn
but it would be the most natural
if it should turn out that the twelve brc
an excuse for not offering a premium f
of bonds sold here Monday that they we
resources for participation in the big
which the Federal government is soon t
Marion county road bonds pay 5 pe
and for any amount that it is legal to o
just as good and sound as anything t
tv .Washington issues. The government \
other hand, will draw but three and a 1
unless all present indications arc at fa
scant "pickings" for the brokers that h
i" time the war financing is well under wa;
money changers generally are quite like
things they do not now know about the
?5 Section One of the Bill authorizing tl
T vides that they shall first be offered at
as a popular loan in such a way "as wi
of the United States an equal opportunii
Any portion not so sold may be otherwi
the Secretary of the .Treasury, "but no
be allowed or paid."
? o
r si i iuuj rc. JULJtl /
I i don Times, London Daily Mail
of other English publications and is
nalistic Napoleon who is either a menac
of the British empire?depending upon
W *uch matters?has written an article foi
1 of The Metropolitan which he calls
About Your Out-of-Datc Government"
wide awake American ought to read.
In an introduction exactly 29 words lo
ed and able writer intimates that what 1
prove disagreeable to his readers. That
thing in the whole deliverance that does
knowledge of America and keen insig
>character. As a matter of fact, what Lo
^ to say about our government educated
been saying themselves for many yean
American readers will so heartily agree
over conditions here that they arc likely
proval over one or two minor points 1
I v
Ruff Stuff
I 1
Some heroes deserve medals.
Does Seamon?
. . .
The cops are beginning to chase J
the Clarksburg chickens out of town ,
with the approval of everybody In the
Several hundred citizens were at '
camp yesterday to view the dress parade
and all were glad they went. (
jS ? You never see a soldier at his best '
i: until you see hundreds of them strictly
disciplined marching before the re,
viewing stand which contains Col. 1
Jollffe and Adjutant Layman. j
What have you to produce at the '
-- Made in Fairmont exhibit?
* If you feel like fighting, Join the ,
If you feel like running Join the
No married men allowod. t
Ttejrjrobably are too timid to Xlaht
* founded. One of
tfflHH? upon our *? i
home" "Tou gee. j
-3^ more than ou
Ataoclated rtms. ,ghlng caIt Q,
IUNBAY You also hav
ing Company. patriotic club
er. women) to w
descended Iro
Vlanagefc i persons some'
ger< revolutionary
ndenU you ln "uch n
merged ln the
trBe*- entlal organi
against yqp a
olidated f0rty years 81
. ... tains vlrtuallj
" g!5* memory of c
Rooms !!!! ^7 the Prei
e. ROBERT E. In the main this
123 W. Madison admitting there is ;
_________ partiotic societies, a
S for the numerically
:e only) too, is sometimes ch
itha ...... 31.50 nor societies could
h 60c very practical purp
ont) leaders in the chui
i 60c j they are one of tl
loc | pattern of political
TS- ! a thousand years ;1
ilrmont) politics, which Not
18c are fixed; it is not,
r3- we are less than a
v. old as wen ? great war broke oi
assimilate a million
w?. Virginia, as ^Sojutdy "O a
dilions, forms of gc
^ The patriotic so<
. are l'le humbler pi
PER CALL be t()e beUer for aj)
lish editor gives ther
?faiIln? W would not be pern
Uld call "WES- .l i e i i r
give name and I thelr real fielcl of u
ler ii paper to I
rge to the sub- j Some one has r
/Irginian plans ' j tion garden on th
newspaper ue- 11 j by County Agent !
irt of the plan. 11 J jt is a good idea e:
1' When all the Blab
It will be time e
L 18, 1917. green spots in the
The new salary
district ^elemental
month Ifnd runs u
little enough com
kpay that persons
careers in this ills
buildings and cor
the kind of brains
1 determines the qu
Not a vote agal
let'B havo a show
This morning's
dens. Did you h:
raling in bonds are the benefit of the
rg money matters,
thing in the world jt vas announc
rkcrs who gave as (iay> wben the bi
or the three issues parliament until i
re conserving their roading. that Pr?
bond transaction statement of the
o launch, made a I - - -
10 ine irisn quest
it is quite likely
r cent per annum. English reactiona
ffer them they are minds now as lat
he government at Government does i
var issue, on the faith public opinio
naif per cent, and lesslv against it t
uilt there* will be Germans when tli
andle it. By the respect the neutra
y Wall street and Tories to attempt
ly to know a few
Federal Reserve Reaction had a
vania legislature.
\e bond issue pro- lution to resubmi
not less than par j Rouse similarly d
11 give all citizens punishment. Th
ty to participate." showing, and in a
ise disposed of by 1 r not been for th
commissions shall j revulsion of feelin
I the bill got 83 fa'
I the Senate the vot>
ES. I tlve.
ontrols" the Lon- I
and a whole lot The baseball se
the English jour- and the crowd wa
e to or the savior ?apsed and 30 or
how you look at That can scarcely
the current issue "plte of t,le large A
FriendU" Talk
and which every CTIfV
- i uixvj
ng the distinguish far^^f ^gehfy0t,
le has to say will
remark is the only There is good
not show intimate Kitchin is not a' f
ht into American enette.-Charlesto
rd Northcliffe has A few days ago
Americans have Virginia. Now we
>. In the main ! Virginia News,
with his strictures I Tho farmer wh(}
to pass with ap- i summer is - frien
that are not well I ord.
the Germans.
No American married or single
would do what the Germans did in
Some fellows never would graduate
except In time of war.
West Virginia will have enough scientific
farmers to feed the world if
he land owners will hand it over for
The King's Daughters showed the
lean patriotic spirit.
This New York team of Giants must
ie exactly what they have been doped,
et champion caliber.
... .
Question: If newly made moving j
jlctures of Mobilisation Camp can be ;
shown what's the use of arresting'
Hermans who happen to be photorraphlng
old log houses.
What's the use of arresting them
inyhow?they can he shot easily
;nougb to save jail keeping expense.
Its still a bum war?no fighting yet.
Who said we were a nation of shots?
Twas not the commander of the sub
hat shot at the destroyer Smith.
... i
But perhaps the Germans felt that
these is his somewhat caustic attack
patriotic societies. He says:
our mind* turn toward the paat
rs do. You have a most astonf
local antiquities
e a unique array of Impressive
is and societies (especially for
hlch nobody may belong unless
m some special group of historic
where In the remote colonial or
past. We cannot compete with
latters at all. We are much impreeent.
We maintain no influzatlons
of persona who fought
hundred years or a hundred and ,
go. Our purely social life conr
no concerted efTorts to keep the
lertaln ancestors green and to
stlge of these ancestors intact."
i^true. both ends of it. but snobbery,
a lot of it, is not the mainstay of the
ny more than politics is the explanation
stronger patriotic lodges, although that,
arged. The truth is that neither lodges
have survived if they did not serve a
Dse. Educators, statesmen, intellectual
rch circles all encourage them because
le best possible agencies for setting a
and family life. England has a history
ong and in spite of the mobility of its
thcliffe so "cleverly points out, its ways
in short, a melting pot. As a nation
century and a half old and when ihe
it we were receiving and attempting to
immigrants a year, many of them havcquaintance
with the Anglo-Saxon traivernment
and law.
:ieties decidedly are all right. And so
itriotic lodges. But both types would
occasional shaking up such as the Eng-'
n. It would serve as a reminder that they
lilted to last long if they lost sight of
?roposed a Marion county demonstrae
Court house lawn to be supervised
Smith and worked by the Boy ScoutB.
xeept the Court house lawn part of It.
le land in the city is under cultivation
nough to talk about tearing up the
center of the city. ~~ i
schedule for teachers of the Fairmont
y schools which begins at $50 per
p to $65 per month in seven years is
iidering the nature of the work and ]
of like training can get in business
trict. It is all very well to have line
nplote equipment, but after all it is I
i that preside In the class rooms that|
ality of the schools.
nst the war loan in the Senate. Now
down on the conscription measure.
April showers were fine for the garive
your planting done In time to get
ed in the English parliament yester11
to extend the life of the existing
next November was put upon second
miier Lloyd George would make a
Government's intentions with regard
Jon next week. And when it coines
to be a plea for more time, but the
rles might as well make up their
er that when the war is over if tan i
not treat tlie Irish' with absolute pood '
m will turn as completely and relenthe
world over as it did against the
ley violated their solemn pledge to i
illty of Belgium. This is uo day for '
sharp politics.
o ]
held day yesterday in the Pennsyl- i
In addition to voting down the reso- 1
t the? equal suffrage amendment the
isposed of the bill to abolish capital .
e latter measure made a very good '
11 likelihood would have passed had '
e Eddystone outrage which caused a
g at the last moment. In the House
rorable votes to !)7 against it and in ]
9 was 32 afficmatlve and,but 12 nega- i
ason opened at Columbus yesterday t
s so large that the grand stand col- t
40 people were sent to the hospital. 1
bo called an auspicious opening in '
gate receipts. . ,
ato is one Bort of underground war- '
:ommended.?Bluefield Telegraph. 1
o 11
reason to believe ihat Congressman j'
ullslzed Kitchin. hpln?r nniv n
a Mail. t
we were living in the State of West <
are living in a state of war.?West 1
o i
wastes his time loafing in town this <
d ot Germany.?Spencer Times-Rec- '
one Smith more or less would never be
The Peerless fire truck is certainly
getting its bumps.
108 horsepower is most too strong
to be fooled with.
It's a good boat and ought to be us- ?
ed for war purposes. '
Joy Ride Ended in <
Triple Smashup 1
When H. L. Helntzelman's chauffeur E
went to the Helntzelman garage this c
morning to get the car he was alarmed ?
to discover that the hasp on the door ?
was broken and the car, a new Pack- 1
ard, was missing. It developed that
the car had not been stolen but had f
cimply been requisitioned for a Joy J
ride which ended when the big car 1
whllo speeding out Cherry avenue
orashed into a Mltchel, owned by Sam '
R. Nuzum. and a Ford, the owner of 1
which Is not known. All three cars |
were damaged considerably, the Ford *
being completely overturned by the Impact.
Guyandotte Club Coffee. "A combl- 0
nation of the finest coffee grown*? F
Advt. *
(bv co
weu.. l suppose you c
u/ict. chcis't now. wo h/
bee* one of thc coudcst
war ac i. along. | =
( mr. rccroi
r>,f* !? brought in n
"* ?* ' "-^".1i/>l uttte bl
??- ^ ^ ^
Last week's Monroe Watchman contained
tho following:
"Goorge Clowors, whose home was |
in Summers county, near Slianklin's
Ferry, came to Ills death a few days ]
ago as tho result of a strange accident.
On Friday last, April 6. he was riding;
a horse of Mr. Clay Walker's when the
animal got to floundering in a deep
mud-hole, and growing excited, reared 1
up and fell backward upon Ills rider.
The hom of the saddle struck Mr. j
C'lowers in tho pit of the stomach with
all the force the weight of the horse
Imposed, injuring him internally. Hoi
was taken to his home and there died
on Saturday night, April 7. Mr. ("lowers
was 47 years of age and was a respect
ed man who had lived in that community
for the last seven or eight
years. The remains of the deceased'
were interred last Monday at Red Sul-1
phur Baptist church, near Ballard, tliie
county. Rev. Henry Dillon conducted |
tho funeral services."
, .
The records of the prison in this
city, says the Marlinton Times, shows
that lio person has found temporary
lodgment more rrorn tno 1st uav of
January up to the present time. This
neans that the drunks have diblppeared.
For a town of this size, the
place where thousands of husky woodsnon
take their pleasure, not to have
t case of drunkenness in three months i
,peaks wonders for the prohibition law.1
The conditions are better for the enforced
sobriety. We cannot make this j
:oo lymphatic.
Last week the West Union Record !
jrintcd the following: "C. A. Dowier, i
,vho is superintending the drilliug of
he Hope's deep weil at Volcano, Wood j
:ounty. informs us that they are now .
trilling at a depth of 3,200 feet in a
en- inch hole, which is supposed to bo |
he deepest drilling ever done in the j
vorld in this sized hole^and from pres- j
int prospects it looks as though the
veil would be drilled to the conteniilateil
depth of 8,000 feet."
From the Spencer Times-Record the !
Allowing was clipped: "Judge Thos. j
?. Ryan had a very unusual, but highy
pleasing, experience one day last
veek. A lady walked up to him on the
itr*t and said she wished to sec him
n his office. He turned about and reraced
his steps to the office. The lady
look out a check book and wrote a
:heck for $45 and handed it to Judge
tyan, remarking that she was unable o
pay the interest at the time. It de j
(eloped that the lady was the wife
if ajnan whom the Judge had defend-;
id In court in a criminal proceeding
Ifteen years ago. He was unable to j
jay the $50 fee whin his freedom had j
Jr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get at
the Cause and Remove It
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the subititutc
for calomel, act gently on the .
towels and positively do the work.
People afflicted with bad breath find
[nick relief through Dr. Edwards'
Dlive Tablets. The pleasant, sugar?ated
tablets are taken for bad breath
JJ all who know them.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act penly
but firmly on the bowels and liver,
timulating them to natural action,
?i.? i.i?) ?i ?
v?> <?6 uic uiuuu auu ?biiiijr |iuiu ?nif;
he entire system. They do that which
langerous calomel does jvithout any of
he had after effects.
All the benefits of nasty, sickening,
piping cathartics are derived from Dr.
tdwards' Olive Tablets without gripng.
pain or any disagreeable effects.
Dr. F. if. Edwards discovered the
ormtila after seventeen years of pracice
among patients afflicted with bowel
nd liver complaint with the attendant
ad breath.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are puref
a vegetable compound mixed with
ilive oil; you will know them by their
live color. Take one or two every
ight for a week and note the effect,
Oc and 25c per box. All druggist*
Eno, sir, i i
____ I
iting orpiceR. I've 1
>Y triced nefte. He's * i
TDAztD ver, BUT U/HCN <
>M?SS oor OF |T He (UICC- f
been secured by the lawyer and settlac
with a $5 bilLand a J45 note signed by
himself and wife. The wife seems never
to have forgotton."
Kanawha county's court house is to ]
he repaired. The other day the (
Charleston Mall said: "Work on the
erection of an addition to the court
hotiso will be commenced next week. '
The county court today made all ar-1
rnngcments. ana mo ventral isngineering
Co.. of Charleston, will do the work. '
with the guarantee that it shall not
cost in excess of $70,000. Under the
terms of contract ti:e contractor will 1
receive as much as $12,000 for doing '
the work, the county to furnish the ma- ]
terial, it the total cost, aside from the 1
commission- does not exceed $90,000
The plans as made by H. Kus Warne J
will be used, The addition will he
built at the Kanawha street end of the 1
present structure."
Nearly two million dollars have
been paid out to employes of West
Virginia industries since the workmen's '
compensation law became effective, .
while during the same period investments
for the fund have been made to
the amount of J1/.9S.500 and on the 1st
day of April cash to the amount of
$S00,123.02 remained in the depositories
of the state to the credit of the |
Prp.a.r.hino' nn TTnnp.r
Plum Run Saturday
J. Frank Ice. of Barrackvllle, will
preach at the Upper Plum run church
house Saturday night and Sunday,
April 21 and 22. Subject for Saturday
night. "The Right Division of the
Word." Sunday at iO:30, "I Must Be j
About My Father's Business." Sunday l
night, "Moses, as a Type of Christ.'" I
Everybody is invited to attend these
follow This Tip
When you want to locate a
a Room, or "
a Boarding House,
just pick up a copy of 1
The |
West Virginian
and refer to the classified col- 8
umns. where you'1! find the larg- f
est and most dependable list it ?
is possible to secure. 8
When you want it
quickly ? The West
J _ i
i=========ii c
Mrs. Wm. Dewfriend's
Body Brought Here
Th. body of Mr* William Dewfrlend,
Bother of Mr*. William Custor, of
l!6 Main street, whose death occurred
on Sunday In St Louts, was
irought here last evening for Interment
In the Jones cemetery at Bellrlew
beside the body of her grandion.
Arthur Sullivan, whose death occurred
here last summer. The body
was accompanied by Mr. Dewfrlend
ind a son, Joseph Dewfrlend. and Mrs.
,'ustor. the latter having been at her
mother's bedside for a number of
seeks. Funeral services will be held
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock from
:he Custor residence and Interment
sill be made under the direction of
Jndertaker Williamson.
Miss Jessie M, Floyd
Dies at Farmington
Miss Jessie Madeline Floyd, aged
! years, died yesterday afternoon at
he home of her grandmother, Mrs.
fermlna J. Floyd, at Farmington. after
a week's Illness. The deceased
who had been employed In the Monontah
glass factory In this city, was tho
lupport of her aged grandmother. Her
nother also survives. Miss Floyd was
lecretary of the Sunday school of the
M. E. church, south, In Fsrmington.
ind was a young woman of splendid
:haracter. Funeral services will bn
held on Thursday afternoon at 2:llrt
j'clock and Interment will be made in
he I. O. 0. F. cemetery by Undertaker
Funeral services over the body of
James Houston, whose death occurred
Monday, were held this morning
it S o'clock from the home of Ills sister,
Mrs. W. R. Huffman, on llldgoy
avenue. Rev. Ira C. Moore conductid
the services and tho body was tak:n
to Barrackvillo at ten o'clock where
interment was made In the Ice cemetery
by Undertaker Musgravo.
Drawing to an End
Three more rehearsals remain in the
preparation of the "Creation" which
will he produced by tho Kuiruiont
Choral society on Thursday, May 3, in
ihe M. P. Temple. The regular weekly
lehcarsals will be held on Tuesday ana
mi May 1st with an extra rehearsal en
Thursday afternoon preceding the concert.
As hitherto announced the solo work
will be done by Elsie Gundiing Duga,
soprano of Wheeling; W. D. Barring
ion, tenor, and Jack Abbott, baritone,
[be latter two members of the Choral
At tho conclusion of the rehearsal
last evening Prof. Louis Black under
whose direction tho oratorio will be
given, stated that the chorus work was
loundlng up satisfactorily.
VIXELAXD. X. J?Prof. E. It.
Johnstone maintains that kindness
lo a hen means more eggs.
I ll
A truss is something
that you do not buy unless
it is absolutely required;
but when a
truss is required, you
should have the best the
market affords regardleys
of what it costs you.
On the other hand the best trusses
do not cost any more than
the Inferior kind.
We sell all the best trusses.in
all slaes for all purposes, and
for all ages. Special fittings
frifin stbck or trusses made to I
Price from $1.59 Up.
Drug Store
j The Natui
5 The remarkable growth of this t
S - It Is the natural result ct carefu
5 affording to each customer exact
5 suits his individual requliement
Your account -will be welcome u
On th? Corner Ne
Shoes t
( This will be a wonderful b?
H V many good reasons for theli
summer wear being most co:
summer apparel. We have ]
styles both In high and low ci
White Egyptian CI
Attractive styles with high
White Pumps $2.50 to J5.6C
White Boots 12.50 to <9.00.
A beautiful line of children
rAIRMONT. April 17?[Editor Wast A
VlrglntaA. J?Your paper (aid the chief
ot police collected |5 each tram the 1
bore caught (hooting dice at Kid Lovte' J
Joint In Scotty"a the other night. Be I
didn't do no tuch thing. I wee la that J
game and the chief came In and mid
?f wae all arrested. Kid Lewie called y
| the chief out Id the dark hall and talkJ
ed to him awhile and then came back
In and kept on playing. The game
1 never got busted up. I ain't had |S for
twelve years and any cop that aaya he .
rot IB from mo Is off.\ I lose all my
money to Kid Lewis and the chief
cots IL f
Funeral services over tho body Of
Thomas Maddon. whose death oocur
red on Tuesday morning will be held ^
on Thursday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock
from the residence. 1'ndertaker Musgrave
has charge of the funeral er,
i "The funeral of Mrs. Theodore No
I villo whose death occurred on Sunday
at Cook hospital, took place this .
I afternoon at 1:30 o'clock from Ballah
I chapel and Interment was made there
! by 1'ndertaker Musgrave.
Miller's Antiseptic oil Known as J
Snake Oil
Accomplishing Most Wonderful
Results. > . /
I want to thank you for your wondei
| ful oil. stutes Mr. J. C. Gibson,.of
^Joneaboro. Ark. My little girl was very
Inn- 1 1_ . f .--J - ? -
: Miinn.in.-iiu, 1 IlilU glVSn DPI
two iIosps of mocUrinc which cost me
$20. with no results. 1 bought a 25c
bottle of your oil ami one application ?
! relieved her. Now site Is well. It la
| the greatest remedy I ever saw. Mr.
Gibson made this statement before
j hundreds of people. Mrs. Florence
Meager, 234 Whitney street, Hartford. ,
Conn., writes: I have used your Antiseptic
Oil for neuralgia wllh good offeets.
Only thing 1 have ever tried
t'nr.t stopped the pain immediately.
Mrs. Williams, Gadsden, Ala., writes:
I have used your great pain Oil for '
rheumatism. stiff joints. alHO for sore
throat, and 1 want to say that it Is tl^p
greatest remedy I ever tried. 1 rec
omend It to'all sufferers. Many curei
reported daily from thousands of grato
ful users of this wonderful oil. .Every
liottlo guaranteed. 25c to 50c a bat
tie, or money refunded. Mailed to any
address, prepaid, on receipt of 50c. At
Crane's drug store.
Set of Teeth $8 ?
crown and brldgo worn, $S.U0.
Tooth fllllngs, 50c and up.
Examinations ..nd estimates
Dental methods have totally 1
changed in tho last few years
and to got tne best of dentistry,
consult a dentist who it practising
the lato methods.
We guarantee our work.
Office on Main street opposite
Court House, over 5 and 10 Cent
Store. ?
The Union Dentists
Bell Phone 921 J.
ral Result ^
iank is not the result of chance? 5
I systematic work and effort in ?
Iv the class of service that best 3
10 matter whether large or small. S
ar the Postofflce.
$200,000.00 1
ul White J
hat Clean 1
lason for white footwear and there are I
popularity. First they iw Ideal tor
mfortable. attractive and suited to all
provided well in all the moat wanted I
its made of
oth and White Wash Kid
and low heels.
J*' * >?|
'a white footwear now in ateck. A
f & Welton I

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