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These Profi
11;; Some investments you n
P, your dividends But these
H Wednesday I
I $1.00 Sad Irons 7Q^
PerSet '"C
Mrs. Pott's pattern nickel plated
> Bad Irons, set consists ot 3 irons,
' stand ann handle. With cffupon
complete 79c. (V)
*/? 09b Iftw uzQu P JT
10c Wall Paper OCin
Cleaner, 3 cans ... ?v/C
if- "Climax" the well known brand
of wall paper cleaner. Frosh this
year's stock. With coupon, 3 cans
I -
18c Heinz i
Chili Sauce
6 oz. bottle Heinz Chili Sauce
' one of Heinz's 57 varieties^. With
I>. Coupon 15c. (V)
10c Concentrated 1 ?_
Lye, 2 for IOC
B. T. Babbitts pure concentrated
lye, sells everywhere for 10c. With
coupon, 2 for 15c. (V)
$1.50 House or QQ^
Street Dresses J/OC
Made of araoskeag dross ginghams
in assorted colors, stripes or
checks, full cut, well made, nicely
. trimmed. With coupon 98c. (V)
69c Dressing
Made of good quality serpentine
crope in mostly dark shades, all
sizes. With coupon 49c. (V)
15c Fancy 9C _
Prunes, 2 lbs. for .
fiOs laree size meaty fancy prunes
I With coupon, 2 lbs lor 25c. (V)
5c Argo Starch | ?
4 Pkgs. for *
. Buy your laundry alarch now be
foro the pi ice goes up. Argo Starch
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With coupon 4 for lac.
iMIlfllinwVtnV?R. 115*vf^ffTTvwv^4/r7S rvi.i^fB 11
50c Middy qq
Blouses 0*/C
Made of fair quality white Middy
cloth, belted coat or slip over style
either plain white or trimmed col]
lar and cuffs sizes 12 to 44. With
'/ * . coupon 39c. (V)
II Cor-MA'"*"0
I mm
"v One Evening of State Convention
to be Devoted
to Most Unusual Show
In order to afford something that
will satisfy the' pqpular desire for
moving pictures, in arranging the
. many features for the Thirty-fifth anI',-anal
convention of the West Virginia
Sunday School association to he held
j- In Parkersburg, May 8, 9. 10, it was
fy1: -1 planned for one evening during the
convention to show a number of movf
/ Ing pictures of Sunday schools and
t ' . missions which will be something outJ
side of the usual order for conven;
' tlon entertainment.
;?* Parkersburg people are co-operating
J: . aot only with the local committees hut
(\ - with the officers of the state assocla
KRSV tlon 88 we" as luey 1101 oniy aeB"0
;.,v but are confident that the convention
is going to be the biggest event in
J:' the state this year. Everything is
being worked out to make the stay of
the delegates while hero as pleasant
' as possible, and the reputation of
. ' Parkersburg people for hospitality will
gj,; be in evidence on every hand. Those
who fall to attond the convention will
have occasion to regret it as long as
Bfe. A Hair's Breadth.
|$ Technically spenklng, a hair's
? breadth is sever'<>?n ten-thousandths
is Are Sure
iay make do not always pay
Coupon Items
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Waists *rOC
Women's new crisp voile waists,
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12l/2c Bleached AMuslin,
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25c Curtain 171/'
Scrim, yd 1 /2^
.'Jo inches wide fine quality marquisette
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plain or eroshar designs. Hemstitched
or lace edges. White,
1 Ivor yor Blege. With coupon, yard
17V*c. (V)
$2.00 Lace
Bed Spreads 5/oC
90x100 extra largo fine quality
v' '*1'"?* ? 1>"'I <?nrno<l a
rtiUlUllglltlUl ittk i: Ik'.VI V|.,V.UUU'
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Curtains, Pr
2yds. long Nottingham lace
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Madras, yd *
.'12 inches wide 5ne quality
i I'rench madras in assorted cob red
; stripes, fine for mens or boys'
shirts, blouses, etc. With <oupon
?'d. 19e. (V)
$1.00 Bleached 7Q_
; Bed Sheets 2/C
81x90 good quality bleached bed
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Coupon. 71'c.
SSrcs 45C
!)% inch diameter fancy ombmfttion
colors Jardeuioroa. Wl'b
coupon, cacli 45c. (V)
, $2.00 Oil Mop d? I
Combination .
"Wizard" \ i .on Bizo, triangle oil
I mop. SOe Wizard duster ar.i: 55c
bottle Wi'/.a u Oil. Willi coupon,
all for $1.00. (V)
Rice for !n!< Stains.
Wash the stained nrtlcle, using bnilei
rice Instead of soap, and then rinse ii
clear water.
j 1
v&t iBfnffTmffffr^i^'''' -':' '
\ iflilam^'1'''
Miss Theresa Thromp, a Universlt]
of Washington co-ed, who has just
completed a four-day hike alone fron
Seattle to the Canadian border, aver
aging about 20 miles a day.
"A Child of Nature," as she Is called
she lived on herbs picked along th<
route. Her traveling costume consist
ed of a hunting jacket, short hunting
skirt, high boots, three pairs of wool
on socks and Indian blanket strappec
to her back. She also carried a revol
ver and cartridge belt.
^Bffc?jp?<? ,:
The soldler'H farewell, being enact
Is depicted here. Mother parting fro
thq father leaving his baby.
Tho baseball team of West Virginia
University faces three of the mosi
difficult games of its schedule' this
week. The University of Pittsburgh
team will be met Wednesday at Morgantown,
and Friday and Saturday.
Marshall College of Huntington wifl
play here.
The game with Pittsburgh marks
the renewal of athletic relations between
the two schools after a lapse
of two years. An attempt is being made
to postpone the Pittsburgh game until
I Thursday as a patriotic demonstration
will be held here that day^Tlie two
Marshall games are expected to be
hotly contested as the Huntington
school generally puts up a hard fight
in baseball. In 1915 Marchall defeated
West Virginia two out of three games
for the state championship. Last season
West Virginia barely won out in
a three game series, the final game being
played in Wheeling.
The Huntington district rally of the
Christian Endeavor Union will be held
in Huntington May 4, according to
announcement by W. W. Smith, district
president. The district includes
the counties of Cabell. Wayne, Mason,
Putman, Lincoln and Logan.
The prices of milk in Morgantown has
hceett a Ivancd to 12 cents a uuart. The
price for several years lias been ten
cents a quart in winter and eight (fonts
a quart in summer.
A movement has been started among
the business m>u of Morgantown to
buy a carload of seed potatoes to be
sold to owners of small farms near the
city who have been unable to obtain
seed potatoes on account of scarcity
! and the high prices. It is proposed to
j permit the farmers to buy the potatoes
I.... #>ro?it mnkintr navment for litem
! "" ? - =
I next fall after their crops have been
Historic Blenncrhassett Island in
the Onio river near here will be raado
a war crop corn field this year. Fanners
owning land 011 the island have de
elded to plant corn to exclusion of all
other crops.
As evidence of the interest being
taken in agricultural movement, it is
estimated that in Charleston more potatoes
will be grown this summer than
were grown in the entire county of
Kanawha last season. Heports from
other cities in the state are similar.
Although other vegetables will be
grown in larger quanities than heretofore,
yet the larger amount of acreage
will be devoted to potatoes.
The men of Montgomery, both young
and old, are showing considerable interest
in a military company which
has been organized for home defense.
The company is being drilled twice a
""L- hv nr j. s. Shaffer, of Cannel
B | "??? -J ? ?- ton.
Grover Hedges, postmaster at Speni
cer. has probably Induced more young
a men to enter the naval and army service
than any other postmaster in
West Virginia. Since postmasters were
authorized to secure enlistments, Post
master Hedges has been busy and has
. obtained at least twenty recruits for
I government servico. Most of the rej
cruits entered the marines.
W. T. Crosse, a linotype operator
j in Tho Intelligencer composing room
I at Wheeling, is the owner of a rare antique
treasure which was brought
from 'England to America in 1G36. It
is a band-made candle snuffer. It was
brought to America by John Beham,
great-great-groat-grandfather of Mr.
Tho once indispensable little instruI
ment in many respects resomblcs a
I short, sturdy pair of sclBsors. On one
j side, toward what would be the point
- -i- -# <a tha snuffer.
01 a pair UL BLIBDUJO, ?W
I desire to emphasize the lmpo
Movement" to be observed' In Pal
This movemont is of far-reach
meet and cope with conditions
Infant mortality.
' This week will be given to the
, douhtedly tend, to lower the deteth
t palgn we can save the life of oni
1 paid for whatever thought and att
I commend this observance to
tlon of all citizens especially part
Those having the matter In cha
ful cnoaideratlon and X desire he
their thought and Interest In brli
ance of "Baby Welfare Week."
yV \ _ ' ,
ed now throughout the United States j
m sod, the sweetheart's last kiss and I
! It is an oddly constructed little box
I alfair which not only snuffed the ~
llarne from the wick of the candle, but
secluded within itself the door which P
Is familiar to those who have seen
| candles burned. It is constructed of
a good quality of brass and it bandi
Mrs. Elizabeth Beham, a sister 01
i Mr. Crosse, also possesses a highly
! prized antique. It is a china cup and ;
j saucer brought from England to America
on the Mayflower. It was handed
down from generation to generation
until it became the property of the o!
late Daniel Geiger. former market hi
master at the lower market. Just be- df
i fnro ho itioil ho nrosonted the treas
ure to Mrs. Beharn, wlio prizes it very
Charles Justice, of Sistcrsville, mate ci
on the Tell City, which sank at Little
Hocking, near Parkersburg, recently
while visiting Captain J. Harvey Leighton,
of the Stamm hotel at Wheeling, ..
told some new facts about the wreck.
Mr. Justice is suffering greatly from
reaction of the nervous" shock suffered
when the boat went down. He said that
he hopes he will never have to go jn
through n like experience. jo
"It was almost a miracle that I am sf
here today instead of In my grave," e(
said Mr. Justice in describing the sink- in
ing of the big steamer. "The boat
went down in 11 minutes after It struck
the bear-trap. I with the other officer
rushed about awakening passen- j.
gcrs and as the water reached me 1
sprang into a large refrigerator in the
second cabin ? my only escape. I
pulled the door closed and as the boat
settled the ice chest arose and burst
through the roof with me inside. 1 cl
cried out and rescuers opened the.
door and rescued me. The shock of M
the boat going down so rapidly was
terrible. I have been too nervous to sleep
since and have eaten little. It's
awful to think of," declared Mr. Juslice.
Be Ready.
If there nre nice things you wnnt to
buy, and they are necessary, buy them;
It. How can one he ready for the
glorious opportunities ahead of him |
unless he has cultivated the habit of
economy and prudence? He must snvo
all he can In season and out of season.
?John D. Rockefeller.
Sciatica Only a Symptom.
Dr. Mark H. Rogers points out In
the Journal of the American Medicnl
association thnt sciatica Is not a disease
hut a symptom and almost always
of strain In the Joints of the lower
methods of treating it are useless, except
in so far as they may relieve the
Give the Rair Root Nourishment ano
OCah Cnrairl a# DqMnaee
VWJJ VI wmuiikvai
If you are rapidly losing your hair
and fear baldness Mt. City Drug Co.
; invites you to make a three days' test
I of Parisian Sage. If it does not stop
| tho excessive loss of hair and mako
j your hair and s6alp look and feel 100
] per cent, better they will return your
Hundreds of men and women have
written telling of the good results obtained
by using. Parisian Sage. People
who were getting bald say that the;
; now glory in their beautiful hair.
Others who have had dandruff and itch
ing scalp for years say they got a clean,
healthy scalp after a few applications
of this splendid treatment. No matter
whether you are bothered with falling
hair, prematurely gray hair, dull and
brittle bair, oily, stringy hair, dandruff
or itching head try Parisian Sage on
this monoy back offer. If your hair is
worth saving Parisian Sage is worth
trying and a large bottle is inexpensive.
rtance of the "Chlldren'a Welfare
Innont this wee}:,
ing Importance?It la designed to
causing the higher percentage of
spread of information that will unrate
of infanta. If by such a cams
child we will be wonderfully reention
we may give to this matter,
the thoughtful and careful attentats.
rge are entitled to our most grfeterewlth
to publicly thank them' for"
aging to our attention the obseiw
1 1 :
Here From Akron.
Mrs. Ernest Morrison and daughter
Akron, Ohio are visiting relatives
:re. They have also spent a fewi
lys with relatives at Morgantown.
Hope Sewing Circle.
Miss Edna Barthalow of Maple ave-;,
te will entertain the Hope Sewing:
Ircle on Friday evening at her home. |
A Son.
A son was boriv Sunday to Mr. and
rs. Emmett Poe ot Market street.
Went to Kentucky.
Mrs. Beryl Crlss left Saturday morng
for Catlettsburg, Kentucky, to
In Mr. Crlss who has been there for
(veral weeks. Mr. Criss has accept1
a position there and will remain
In Clarksburg.
Mrs. Bailey N'uzum and-daughter
ary, went to Clarksburg yesterday'
r a short visit.
Returned Home.
Mr. and Mrs. George Freem and
liidren, who spent the week end with
Mr. and Mrs. James Hawkins of
arket street, returned to their home
Show 1
The Ai
on DEC
\l\fl\ \ *
\h\ 11 **
Cotton Bunting, Sewed
ing, strong Gromets.- Fi
ors to sun and rain. The
All you have to do is to
page of each isue of the 1
ian office with 98 cents.
Clip and save your cou]
so as not to be disappoint*
distribution. Don't let tl
r Women?Where Fashion R
! Ik Best
This Corsel
Whether y
short waistei
will find a Li
ly fit you. I
you find it.
$1.25, $1.5(
at Morgantown yesterday morning. |
Miss Lillie Henderson of near f
Grafton is visiting her aunt. Mrs. T. j
B. Henderson on Guffey street. t
Mrs. Seott Springer is quite ill at r
her homo on Market sreet.
Emory Seott of Clarksburg spent
Sunday here.
Miss Iva Morris remains seriously j f
111 at her home on Morgantown ave- (<
nue. s 1 f
*-? : (
Hear the Fairmont Choral Society ! c
In tho "Creation" Friday night at the I f
M. I'. Temple. Admission, 50c. j t
Let's Help
Send to our plant am
Sweet Milk
Sweet Milk
Butter Milk
Skim Milk
Be sure to sen
NOTE:?Positively Ho deliveries
Corner Fifth St. ai
four Pat
* *'
jaf fjTrf rfc ITMWTTw i * * ^T^fHI
gsihil'. ' / ;;
2d|^l. ??k **,<
QTjMfci i " ?i liM
*??r\ -'?*A^?dl
I Stripes, Double Stitched, dou
/? i i i J? i_ 1
our ieet wiae Dy six xeet long
se flags are well made and wi
clip three consecutive coupon!
West Virginian and present th
pons and present them at the
;d. The email sum you pay t
lis opportunity slip by.
at Popular PtlGes 11
: this Season is- More (
Than for Many-a-Year | I
ou are slim or stout? ? I
d or long waisted, you H
idy Ruth that will exact- g? I
Dome in and let us help ^ I
RICED AT ' | |
h $1.75, $2.25$&2.50J I
matmsmsssm * I
?????????????i?_ H
Apple an Ancient Fruit.
The wild apple, or the rriibapple,
ins been known In Kurnpe nntl Asia
roni remote times, mid It Is believed
hut the ancients developed It Into an H
alible and fnlrly pnlntable fruit, for
he Romans Introduced Into Britain
i variety of the apple which was anterior
to the native wild apples that H
he inhabitants of Albion had prevl- I
tisly known. The evolution of tha . I
ipple has employed the thought and H
fTort of many great men. There ara
tundreds of well-known vnrletlea in fl
he United Stntes.
You Exist! I
1 buy the following ' I
7c per qt. ,
25c per gal. I
20c per gal.
10c per gal. J
25c per qt.
d containers. I
of this class of goods to private H
id Virginia Ave.
riotism I
j H
i Flacf I
ble Hem, Canvas Head- >||
Guaranteed fast colli
last indefinitely. * gj
3 printed on another | 1
em at the West Virgin- 3
i earliest possible ,d|SpSE
larely pays the cost of r

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