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r?jc West ttirgmtsn-i
Mj-^etabllahed 1M. Mtwbtf AMOclfd PrSSi
' by the Fairmont Printing and Publishing Company.
' W. J. WIEQEL, General Manager.
A. RAY MAPEL, Advertising Manage*
C. V. REDIC, Circulation Manager.
j|- J. MONROE BOVER. Superintendent.
|f Publication Office, Monroe 8trcet
All departments reached Circulation Dept...., 250
< through private branch Advertising Dept.... 280
P ' exchange. Editorial Room* 97
W&A in' =
Foreign Advertising Representative, ROBERT B.
!tl WARD, Brunswick Bldg., New York. 123 W. Madison
g'- Street, Chicago.
BY MAIL?(Payable In advance only)
On* Year $5.00I Thre/Month* ...?,. $1.50
&, Bis Months $3.001 One Month (0c
Hp''" " BY CARRIER?(In Fairmont)
1 One Year $7.001 One Month 60c
Wr Six Months $3.60 One Week ?.. 15c
BY CARRIER?(Outalde of Fairmont)
bK One Month 76c One Week 18c
US All subscriptions payable In advance.
S When asking tor chang? In arldreas give old aa well as
tie* addren-.
I ' Bntcrad at the Foatortlce at .'-'aiiniotit, \\\-f Virginia, aa
Bgv ' aacond nluaa matter.
U (Subscribers on cur carrier routes falling to get
The West Virginian any even leg should call "WESTERN
UNION," state the fact and give name and
f ' residence and a messenger will deliver a paper to
B&'. your door at once. There Is no charge to the sub<f/"
scrlber for this service. The West Virginian plans
Iff/ to rander to Its subscribers the best newspaper delivery
service possible and this Is part of the plan.
"** " ~
HP ONIGHT at midnight the 1917 amendments to the
1- 1 West Virginia prohibition law will go into effect and
? . the liquor consumers of the state must go on a quart
month basis if they wish to stay within the limits of the
? ' This will not put a stop to drinking; it will not even
put an end to drunkenness, but it closes the loophole in the
l^rf" Jaw which left county and municipal authorities free to
make corrupt bargains with bootleggers to the end that
political gangs might continue in power, and it ought to
reduce bootlegging to a minimum.
In Doouegging conunues n can mean nocning less man
, that the authorities are neglecting their duty and the law
itself now provides ample remedy for that sort of official
delinquency, for it says:
If any mayor of a municipality, or the person
acting as such, the municipal police, counBps&s
ty or district officer, shall fail, refuse or neglect
to discharge any duty imposed upon him
by the law prohibiting the manufacture, sale,
| keeping and storing for sale of intoxicating
liquors, he shall be removed from office.
|jj$! ' The method of putting this amendment into effect is
simplicity itself. All that will be necessary to do is for
, . any citizen to make charges against the offending officer
^ in writing and file them with the Circuit court. A summon-:
\ - will then be issued by the clerk of the court requiring the
?\ officer named to appear. The court itself, without a jury, is
required to hear the charges and, upon satisfactory proof,
; ;! remove any such officer from the discharge of the duties
- of his office.
This county with possibly one exception has been the
worst victim of the effects of a community of interests be
I, t iwecu puiiucs anu uuuic. 11 win require a strenuous cirori
for the officers to break the bonds that have connected
them with the election law violating liquor merchants, but
if they do not there will be a brand new lot of officers in
this city and county before the snows of next winter begin
v to fly. If they like vheir positions and wish to avoid the
disgrace of summary removal, all of them, from the highest
to the lowest, will get a copy of the Yost law, includ
ing the amendment' adopted at the last session of the legislature,
and after studying it carefully go out and make an
honest effort to enforce it.
If they find, for any reason, that they cannot do their
j duty, the next best thing is to resign.
' \ VV7 HAT George Gould could not do in the way of
W spanning the distance between Toledo and tidewater
on the Chesapeake the "Rockefeller inter*>..
Mt>" can and will. Gould had the vision but, judging
B by results, he was ahead of his time in the first place and
jjf, lacked the capital in the second place. His ocean to ocean
~ scheme went to smash just as it was about to become a
reality and it destroyed him as an important factor in the
American transportation world. Now the Standard oil
crowd, which relieved him of the Western Maryland, will
take over such of the rest of the system he almost created
at suits their purpose?and doubtless earn dividends where
the best Gould could do was to pile up debts. They know
the trick of making money, those "Rockefeller interests."
/ ]What Gould hoped to do was to get to tide at BaltiL'.
.. more- According to yesterday's reports from New York
g| die new scheme contemplates a line from Chicago to Washington.
and since Washington is not regarded hishlv as a
I freight revenue producing point, this may mean that the
. WW ownerA?f Western Maryland are doing some dream'
ipg en their own hook, and that they contemplate pushing
jg.X into die west beyond the great metropolis upon Lake Michm.;
Sgan and want a Washington connection for sentimental reaPI
sons- We shall see whenever it serves their purposes to
|s:v let us in on the secret. Few excel the Standard outfit at
idle waiting game, and none know better how to keep their
own counsel. We shall not be compelled to wait long.
; ; however, before we are permitted to know how the NaF.,.
tional capital is to be entered. That section of the country
' has been filled with railroad rumors of various kinds for
?|. more than a year. At least one of the stories is more than
p ss rumor. We know that much, at least, right now.
Just at present the Western Maryland?Wheeling and
Lake Erie deal interest* ui here ill Fainnont only remotely,
but it i> another bit of evidence that the greatest single
financial interest in the United States regards the once little
railroad, which General Hood built almost single handed
after the Civil war had dosed, as a real road with bright
prospects, and that may mean a whole lot in'time for Mar*
ion county. Marion county coal mined in Rockefeller
may in die not distant future be carried all die way
on Rockefeller rails to both tidewater on the east and the
coal docks of the upper lake regions. And the more roads
that come here the more cars Marion county miners will
have to fill. Assuredly it will pay to keep an eye on President
Carl Gray and the progress of the .Western Maryland.
OF the nine points covered in Governor ComwelJ's call
of a special session of the Legislature only one of
them, except the perfuntory one of requiring the
body to provide appropriations, touches qpon a state matter,
but in relative importance that one quite makes up for
the difference.
It is almost certain that West Virginia's cooperation with
the national government for the conduct of the war will
enlarge the expenditures of the state for several years. New
sources of revenue will, in time, have to be provided, or
at least a readjustment be made in present revenue laws.
The time is ripe, therefore, to provide the state with a genuine
and not a theoretical budget system of managing its
financial affairs.
With hitherto undreamed of increases in nationals and
perhaps before it is over, state debt, and huge additions to
the taxes to meet current expenses, the cost of government
in this country is going to mount to a figure never before
attained on this side of the Atlantic and the people are
going to make a demand that state appropriations be taken
out of politics. It is perhaps too much to expect that this
I '? J?. ?,-~-I . L.i, Ln#lnaf will k. a
ever can uc UVJIC UlUIUJi UUI U wuugvi ?? -V *.,
long step in the right direction, and the legislature at the
special sesssion should heed the request of the governor and
pave the way for a vote on a constitutional amendment
which will make a budget possible in West Virginia as
soon as possible.
The British must have found something that promises
to cure the submarine menace. At all events Northcliffe's
London Mall has begun a campaign of abuse
directed against the admiralty, and in the past that has
meant that some important change was about to take
place and the Northcliffe press was laying pipes to claim
credit for bringing it about.
Reports of theft of dags are being heard, and one
wonders what sort of mentality a man must have who
Is willing to steal a Sag. Guess it will have to be passed
up as another of life's little mysteries along with what
Impels people to steal flowers from graves.
H. A. Emerson, food Investigator for the state of New
York, is of the opinion that food will be comparatively
cheap this summer if the United States stepB in and
halts speculation. That Is good news, for it Is pretty
certain that the government is going to step in or it
will have to answer to a thoroughly aroused people.
It took a bloody street incident yesterday to make
the police wake up to the fact that one of the automobiles
used on the city streets as a public conveyance was
without a city license. There are many others it reports
that have come into this office recunMy are not
greatly exaggerated. Why not round up these delinquents
and use the money to make a decent landing
place fpr the Valley Gem, which a cheese paring financial
policy permits to remain in a disgraceful state.
Had Senator LaFollette dropped out of public life
two years ago history would in time have awarded him
the palm as the great progressivist of his time, but the
chances now are that his activities of the past few
months will overshadow all the constructive work he
has done and he will be known as the great obstructionist.
Cuba's war commissioners arrived in Washington
yesterday. Wonder if they, too, will want, a loan?
The ladies of the Woman's club Civic committee are
strong for the curbstone market, but they want it held
in the court house. Well, curbstones usually are decorated
with loafers while as for the court house?
This is baby week, but the fellows around town who
are bragging about the appearance of their gardens
have completely drowned the chorus of fond fathers
telling about the fine points of their young hopefuls.
Every fire or disaster in this country is now laid to
the Germans. This is easy, but the truthJs that the
many thousand Germans in this country have behaved
themselves well as a whole. The majority of those that
have been naturalized are patrotic American citizens.?
Mason Republican.
While we've been turning our clocks ahead an hour,
Russia has turned hers ahead half a century. At that
rate, she'll soon be keeping American time.
The biggest joke in the country towns is the man
who thinks so well of himself that he snubs peopl^.?
Buckhannon Delta.
?0 I
I It will be unpleaaant tor aorae or our toiks to go to
worK, who, time without mind, have eat on their seventh
vertebra; but that is exactly what they will have
to do, if the war ia long continued.?Spencer TimesRecord.
April Circulation
The circulation of The West Virginian
for the month of April, 1917, was as follows:
1 i.. Sunday 16 4,957
2 4,675 17 4,947
3 4,640 18* 4,930
4 4,653 19 4,925
5 4,895 20 4,782
6 4,891 21 4,925
7 ? 5.083 22 Sunday
8 Sunday 23 4,820
9 4,804 24.. 4,942
10 4,971 25 4,850
11 4,873 26 : 4,885
12 4,885 27 4,835
13 4,914 28 5,014
14 5,123 29 Sunday
1 5 Sunday 30 4,870
Total {or 25 days ... 122,089
Daily Average for April ..........4,883
Daily Averge for March ... .4,601 (
Practically all of this circulation went Into Fairmont and
Marlon County homes, the natural field for the Fairmont
/ '
\.v,., , _ .. ? , . , , ; ;v ... . ....
(by ?
? yes, u;e acl
know you have * <?
wire to support, bu
vou don't
hs.r !!.'
Editorial Comment I
.xi. b d i .1 c..... ap .i i gUss . sa '
on Current Subjects
I i , I I
From the Country Gentleman.
Laat eight months ot vodka,
net loss of people's
savings $ 50,000 000
First four months of prohibition,
net gain in people's
savings 70,000,000
First full year of prohibition,
1915, people's savings
First nine months of 1916,
people's savings 775,000,000
This means that, despite war ani'.
the higher cost of living it entailed, the
Russian people were able to lay by as
savings a total of $1,160,000,000 within
the period of twenty-one months
after national prohibition was decreed.
Yet there are some who still maintain
that alcohol is not the direct'
cause of vast economic waste.
From the Pittsburgh Dispatch.
Former President Taft thinks that
the American people have not tlior-1
oughly awakened to the situation that j
confronts them and the world at largo J
A very large proportion seem to take.
it for grahted that the war will be over ;
before we get into it, that, as many i
have expressed It, "we will never ne?.l!
to send a soldier to France." This 1
view is no doubt being encouraged Dy
the reports of labor and political disaf
fcctlon in the Central empires, ui iuuu
riots and bread strikes. Granted that
there is good foundation for these reports.
It is by no means certain that
the disaffected could find means to
overcome the military power of the
government. In Russia the revolution
triumphed because the army was with
it. There is no sign of this in Germany
and Austria, at least on a scale large
cndugh to accomplish anything.
Another cause for American oversanguine
expectations of early peace
is the reported success of the British
and French drives against the Hindenburg
line. But this is yet very far
short of breaking through or driviug
the Germans back to the Rhine. Just
now it is beginning to look more like
a return to' the former deadlock, with
the prospect of indefinite delay.
Meanwhile the AllteB, and that includes
the United StateB, faco two verygrave
possibilities. The U-boat success
is admittedly worrying the Bri>- |
i-h ? ?of a no i Then there is the ! I
JDU U ?10?b UUtti. . .....
Russian problem. The collapse of the I
Russian provisional government, with <
a separate peace with dermany might j
mean the opening of a general peace
movement or It might mean, more prohFRENCH
Former Premier Vlvlanl, special envoy
of France to the United States, Is 1
here shown greeting a Washington *
crowd that cheered mm as he started t
to call on the President ThlB Is the J
latest picture of the famous FrenchtnuL
I .1 i CAN'T CNtlST?.1
JON71 IV?1MT'i wire
vove to ?uppqwj { p
3 <?>
ably, that the Americans would have
to supply the place of Russians In the
Allied ranks. These are not mere suppositions.
They are possibilities that
are engaging the gravest consideration
of the Allied governments, including
our own. In either event, the semi
starving of Britain or the collapse of
Russia, coming before we are ready to
throw our full strength into the fight,
might find us too late.
It is not necessary to speculate on
I ho chance of defeat for the Allies under
such circumstances. It is enough
to inquire .what would be the effect on
ourselves If the Allies were unable to
compel peace oil their terms and ours.
Suppose that it left the present German
government ready to renew the
war at 3ome later date, it would mean
that we. in company with the rest of
the world, would find ourselves burdened
with militarism indefinitely on
a greater, more costly and infinitely
more personal scale than ever before.
That is the danger that we and the. I
world tare. O -r national liberties, our
individual freedom are at stake. We
are called on to repel Invasion, not per
baps immediately an Invasion of armed
enemies, but a no less actual Invasion
of autocratic methods and measures,
forced ou us in self-defense. The
world domination of Prussian thought,
and policios, of defensive militarism
enforced by dread of an aggressive
and ambitious foo. is at our doors. Wo
can only secure and maintain our own
freedom at liojjie by destroying the '-nemv
that menaces it. If that enemy
ran fight Great Britain, France, Russia
and Italy almost to a standstill
without us we must ask ourselves
whether we can afford to take Riiy
Food Badge of Honoj
South Carolina farmers who show 1
their patriotism by growing the most I
food possible will receive a badge of 1
lienor like the one nere snown. a
:ivlc preparedness organization of Coumbus
is giving out the badges.
That in us which more distinctively
linn anything else we can call Ameri*
fiuisin?our faith In humanity, our
\o of equality. One cannot claim that
Ur.yrlcnns of English origin are alone
Ue depositaries of this belief, this pat' ' oe:
. . . Ths Ideal America,
. rich is ths only real America, la not .
n tbe keeping of any one race; her *
li-ztlnles are too large for that cos- ;
c-dy; the English race Is only one of :
nony races with which hsr future
este.?William Dean Howells,
?? - - " i
Wanted to Blow It Out I
A novel corn cure wae tried by a h
;lrl In Hawarden (Scotland) recent- r
y. She was suspected of having
tolen a quantity of high explosive, "
nd wben on trial explained that she \g
ook it to core a corn.
^ Sweeten the
Aid Digestion
Prevent Constipation
Stomach Bitter#
It halpa Natura In Many Wayt
" Lonnle
Smith spent Monday evenIn*
with friends at Cassvtlle.
Soma of the youn* people of the vicinity
attended leacua at Arnettsvflle
Sunday events*. .
Mice Ocal Wllllame haa been slay- .
In* af Bob Talbott'e of OpeUska. ;
Mr. and Mr*. John Street* (pent 1
Sunday with their ton at Edjemont
Will Rice, of Fairmont, ipent Monday
with relatives here. t
Miss Blackburn, teacher of tbe ?
Pharaoh's run school for the past year
has returned to Fairmont
Nathan Smith, of Morjantown, was j
a Sunday visitor at Lonnle Smith's. s
Iftgh Straight, of Arnettsville, spect
Frldav evenlnc with Joseoh Straight
Goldle Musgrive, of Baxter, sp.-ct
Friday evening with Cora Valentine. 1
Mra. Roy Coogle apent one day last
week with Mrs. Martha Weekly, ol
Grant Town. e
Wllbert Summer*, of Morgantown,
spent the week end at Doll Dolton's.
Hugh Thorn, of Mannlngton. spent y
Sunday with his brother, John. j,
Charlie Flalier attended the party
at Hugh Trlckett'a of Georgetown, Saturday
evening. j,
Mr. and Mra. J. C. Rice visited at j,
Frank Smith's Sunday.
Miss Lelag Straight spent Sunday
with Miss Dollle Musgrave.
Mr. and Mra. David Ingles and d
daughter, Sylvia, are visiting relatives
In points In Pennsylvania.
Elsie and Emma Rice, Charlie Fish- .
er and Joseph Straight spent Sunday
evening with Haael Floyd.
Nellie Fortney was a Fairmont visitor
8unday. ?
Mr. and Mra. Lannle Smith and children
spent Sunday at W. W. Smith's.
John Rice, of Royal, spent Sunday
at S. R. Rice's.
Little Miss Marjorie Rice, of Royal
Mslted Mary Tennant Sunaay evening, a
Ephralm Musgrave aud son. Harry,
of Georgetown, were on this run Sunday
evening. b
Nellie Fortney spent Saturday even- .
ing with the Rice girls. ,
Rasta Straight was a Fairmont visitor
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Mtchgels and two
children, Mildred and Myren, of Hag-|
ans, spent Sunday at C. B. Keafover'a. i n
Llllle Rice, of Fairmont, spent Sunday
week at her home at this place.
Mabel Jackson, of Clurksburg, .-pent a
Sunday at Cyrus Keefover's. tl
Mr. and Mrs. Minor Fisher and Miss ti
Dollle IMusgrave have returned home ti
after spending a few days with friends
at Morgantown.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Howell, of In- p
illan creek, spent Sunday at Willis
TLfiiK^FHVfl's. t(
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rice and family
\ islted at John Hayhurst's of Royal,
over Sunday. E
Mrs. Hugh Toothman, of Parker run.
has returned after spending a week
with Mis. illanchc Wilson t<
The ie-social given at the school B]
house for the benefit of a Vlctrois,!
was a success Friday evening. After- (:
wards the young folks spent a social I v
hour pltyiug games.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rico and two
children, Llllie and Cora, visited at
Doll Dolton's Sunday.
Mrs. Elvira S;rai^hl, of Fairmont, c:
is spending a few days with Mrs. Mic- ([
nie Musgrave. n.
f: ?'
GrrfutAL Goycuf . f
Latest photograph of' lien. Gottgh. ?
leader of the victorious British, cor.- y
jueror of Bapaume, Peronne and many j.
Dther villages on the west front in 11
Prance. ! II
War on Housefly at *
the Butcher School [
A campaign to exterminate the
touse fly has been inaugurated at the
Butcher school and committees have
oeen appointed in each room of the
building whose purpose it Is to sec: 4
that each pupil doeB his or her part;
n the extermination of the pests. The;
ihalpnan of the committees appointed
make daily reports to the members j *
if the faculty and so far the campaign | *
s progressing rapidly. The children P
vill swat the fly wherever found and ii
vtll endeavor to destroy the haunts ?
if the fly also. p
Similar Tastes.
A French lady recently married beanie
of the bridegroom's taste and 1
ters were similar. "I don't care very
nueh for him tod he doesn't cere very _
nnch for me," she explained.?London
Hadyn's "Creation" my chorus of
00 voices with Mmo. Elsa Gundllns
Jug*, Walter Barrin*ton and Jack Ab- j
ott soloists. M. P. Temple, Friday i
Ight. Admission, 60c; students, 36c. i
-Adv. ' m
are the two necessary elements In 1
provided with ample capital and the
direct Its affairs assure the conflden
tul operation.
Geo. B. Amos Howard R.
J. M. Brownfleld Frank C. H
8. 8. Cochrane H. J. Harth
Z. T. Davis H. It. Helnt
.M?M VPS M ^ A I
this ruurjuus in a
On-the Corner Nur
uniiMM wmmmMwawsw
- j] j
Ruff Stuff
The German* who tried to Mow up
he Stock exchange might have dose
he country some goon. %
? t #
Why Is It that everybody went* fro?
ilbftion now when liquor le better. A
Ighting materiel then guns?
That dope "thle wee learned from a jvj
ilgh official of the government^ '
ounda awful. Cut It out.
"Tls an bootlful day."?One klgh
Iritlsh official mid.
"She's a woman of good reputation"!
aid a high city and county official. ,, j
The Germans have done the greatest
et They've shot at a Vacuum and
lit It.
f (
Baseball players know what It ll to
ilt the breezes with a bat but to shoot
b lifferent.
What Is nuant by "May gend an
rmv to Franca within the next thirty
If they do the newspapers will not i
ear about It.
Those anthracite carrying railroads
ught to kno wthat the country la at
,-ar and no raises will be allowed. i.
* ?
"On account of the war."
England has JuRt figured out that
.merica means business.
* * * I
Business is right and watch tho . jj
oys from Jersey how they take to the
renchcs and the" hoys from Weat
'irginia (if there are any) how they
rlil scale the mountains.
And Congress and the Senate did
ot say "Married men excluded."
TVe all must go, except the farmer
nd the munition factory worker and
lie bewhiskered gents unable to proset
themselves' let alone their coun- '
"Survey of Fairmont's food sup- *
Not enough adding machines in town
3 figure the middle duck's profit.
May day may be April fools day in if
? ?
It takes a mnn to farm and a man
> soldier, others go tack to WisconIn.
For president in 1020 on the War
eternn ticket: Teddy.
Form War Auxiliary.
GRAFTON, W. Vn.. May 1?This
ity has organised a war auxiliary in
to hope that every citizen in the city :
lay be a contributor to a fund which '
ill be expended as found to bo most
icient. A small fee per year Is attched
to membership and other ,
mounts wil bo subscribed according Jfn
i the financial ability of the subacidIX
rs. 'J
'Sis was in a n awful mess when
he stepped in Baby Jim's mud
lie on ner way to a party. You
:now she can't stoop down
/hen she's all dolled up, and
ler white shoes sure were
luddy. But I hops in with my
Chieftain bottle that Ma gave
ae an' fixed up her shoes in a (
iffy. I didn't want her crying .
J1 over the place I"
liieftain Pure White may be ap. ,
lied to vour shoes while on your
st It driestjuicklv?it deans and
art white?? will not crack not
eel nor nib off. Try a package toay
from any dealer. .
Big Handy BottU
WHtBnab^IO*. VfgmXj^k
BlkVoil (or
banking success. This bank ia | I
following list of directors who
ice of the public in Its success- j I
Furbee C. E. Hutchhuon j |h

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