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jl'i PITTSBURGH, May 1, ? On tho
| j* Pitta burgh stock market the price
pil morement was Irregular. The largest
IfjM advance was 8 cents In Osage and Oklahoma
Gas, which opened higher at
r 180 and sold at 133, the highest ever
quoted. The other oil and gas shares
www itwt; auu ttvotttjicu luwer. u&*
r" lahoma Gas declined 1% to 100, Manufacturers
Light and Heat declined t->
69 and Ohio Fuel Bjpply was % lower
5r .it 49%. Pure Oil was In moderate deli
. aaad at 22% to 23
Bales. High. I.ow.
16 A W Glass pfd.. 109 109 |
3,000 Cable Consol ... .09 .03
100 Col Gab & Elec.. '42% ?42% !
100 Cons Ico 3% 3%/
|.r 38 H W Refrac pfd 106 10': j
2,000 Gold Ban 33 .33
100 Ind Brew 2 2
123 La Belle Iron... 91 'JO
60 Mfrs L & H .... 69% 69
?j 1,600 Mt Shasta 57 .55
fe: ' 10 Ohio Fuel Oil .. 20 20
I- 15 Ohio Fuel Supply 49% 49%,
25 Oklahoma Gas... 100 100
B|f v 40 Osage & Okla...*133 131 ;
820 Pgh Brew .... 2 2 i
500 Pgh Consolidated .09 .09
? ' 600 p..t ftonner 55 55 '
I *" 620 Pure Oil 23 22%
r . 100 Robb M & M 17 .17
20 U Nat Gas Corp'172 172
154 U S Steel 116% 1)6
lit* 85 West Airbrake .. 117 117
T\ 70 West Electric ... 43% !ST's
| 9,692 '
Exdividend. xNew high record
Grain and Produoe,
CHICAGO, May 1.?Assertions that
. European buying oftboth cash wheat,
and future deliveries had been haltea
did a good deal to depress wheat prices
, yesterday and a big advance which
bad taken place was more than wiped
, out. The market closed unsettled at
3% net lower to % gain, with May at
$2.71 and July at $225%<^2.26%. Corn
finished % to l%c down, nats %c off to
%e advance and provisions varying
froto 37c decline to a rise of 10c.
i Open. C' >ee.
may jz. .o $3./. i
July 2.28 w. 2.25 H I
, September 1.22 l.SS8g|
May 1.49 1.4!)?i |
July 1.15 . 144
May */(' .OS-56
July u5% S54?
I I tfmmmirn;
[ New York
I > '
NEW YORK. May 1.?Stagnant con?jk
dltlor.s pre/ailed In the stock market
? -J , May 1, leading shares being relegated
Buff \ to the background and special issues
i * contributing far more than their usual
quota Early losses were largely retrieved
in the final hour on obvious
short covering. The total turnover of
325,000 shares which resulted chiefly
1 from professional activity in pools.
barely equalled the first hour's business
of last week's more active sessions.
Happenings over the week-end
). evidently were not nf a character to
j' Inspire increased confidence, war conditions,
crop prospects, the labor sltua'
lion and collateral circumstances causI
, ing greater restraiut.
' Boarders In the World.
The people who always live in
houses, and sleep on beds, and walk
on pavements, and buy their food
from butchers and bakers and grocers,
are not the most blessed Inhabitants of
this wide and various earth. The clr
cumstnnces of their existence ore too
mathematical nnd secure for contentment.
They live at second or third
hand. They are boarders In the world.
Everything Is done for them by somebody
else.?Henry Vnn Dyke.
) Hunger May Cause Insomnia.
If you are suffering from Insomnia,
, It may be that you have not eaten
enough, says n medical authority. A
moderate bite before retiring means
that the blood will be driven from the
brain to the stomach, and that makes
for sleep. What you have heard about
sleepless nights following Welsh rabbit
must not drive you to the other
eytreme and impel you to bed with an
mpty stomach.
As ioon as news of the fall of i
3 toldlerg to allegiance to the new Jemi
'..v . lection, Is here shown with his men i
Si ? . ,
| Oil and Gas.
West Virginia Is completing light
wells. At the headwaters of Stato
fork. Mannington district, Marioa
county, Haught Bros, have drilled a
second test on the John Baker farm
into the 30-foot sand. The hole filled
up 2,700 feet with fluid the first three
hours after it was drilled into the pay. j
In the Dents run pool F. W. Bartlett's
No. 3 on the Z E. Batson farm and the
Carter Oil company's No. 2 on the Sarah
E. Hays farm are producing 65 and
53 barrels, respectively. All other wells
In the pool have fallen below the 50barrel
a day mark.
On Dolls run, Clay district, Monon
galla county, the Marlon Oil company
drilled a second test on the Alexander
Lemley farm Into ch' Big Injun sand,
developing a light gas pressure. On
Fishing creek, Green district, Wetzel
county, Brown & Whan's test on the
Evan Morgan farm lsa duster in Che
Big Injun sand.
The Philadelphia company's test on
the W. F. Smith farm, located on Bear
tun, Union district, Ritchie county, is
a gasser In the Maxon sand. Nothing
was found in the lower formations. On
Beeson run, Clay district, the same
company drilled its test on the J. D
Taylor farm through all sands and It is
dry. In the North Fork of Hughes
river. Clay district, the same company's
test on the J. R. and I. P. Marsh
farm Is a Big Injun sand gasser. Its
second test on the S. J. Taylor farm
is also a gasser in the Big Injun sand.
The Stewart No. 2 recently drilled
by the Victoria Oil company on Lost
run in SardlB district, Harrison county,
Is producing 20 barrels a day In
the Gordon sand.
, .
Well Known Here.
Bogga Eate3, aged 44, a well known
Italian of this town, died at Cook hos-i
pltal In Fairmont yesterday morning;
at 7:47 a. m. after a week's illness with !
a severe attack of typhoid pneumonia. I
Mr. Kates, more commonly known as j
"Butcher" has resided in MonougaU for
16 years, at one time being lr. charge I
of a local meat market. Recently ho!
has been employed with\the Consolidation
Coal company, lie I3 survived
by a wife and three small children residing
on Walnut s'reet. He was an
active member of the local German
Beneficial Union. Funeral services will I
be held at 9:30 a. m. tomorrow from j
the Monongnh Italian church. Under-1
taker Jones is in charge^
Good Games.
? ? ' ' A ?..a _m il.MAn !
1 no nrates coos two um ul imos <
games from the strong Browns at the j
local alleys last evening after a light-!
ning fast finish. P. D. Burton and his j
Phillies then took the old game from
the Pirates. H. Fleming was high man
in both games.
Ice Cream Festival.
Thursday evening oi this w&ek an
ire cream festival will he held, the;
purpose of which is to raise money to |
spend in beautifying the yards in and.
about Monongah. if the weather per-1
mits the festival will be held In the 1
open just below the traction station.1
But if it is not held here plans will be j
carried out to have it in the K. of P. I
hall. A good program of entertain-1
mcnts has been planned. Music will
be furnished by the Monongah Polish
Lawn Carpenter was in Fairmont
yesterday evening attending to busi-!
ness. |
Mrs J. L. Johnson, of Edgemont,;
was among the out of town shoppers |
here during the week-end.
Miss Nell Anderson Is attending the j
funeral services of Mrs. Josh Nixon ]
of near Bonthsville, this afternoon.
* " ? - lfl/lnra I
| Miss Ruih jviatuoy, 01 umi ,
was in town yesterday afternoon call-1
ing on friends and relatives.
Mrs. L. Rinehart and daughter. Ma |
mie, of near Boothsville. were In Monongah
yesterday afternoon as bust-'
ness callers.
Joe Farrell, of Chiefton, was among
the recent social visitors to Monongah.
Mrs. T. Irwin, of Jayenne, was
among the out of town shoppers here
yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. L. L. Spurgeou. of Edgomont,
was among the visitors in Monongah 1
yesterday afternoon attending to business.
Miss Mary Beaton, of Edgehiont, was
intovn yesterday morning attending]
to shopping.
Mrs. Dolllson, of Edgemont, was in.
:zardom in Russia came to tbe Russia
cracy. Gen. LohvlUky, commander o
a king tbe oa|?.
rr- . S"
Entry C
In the Civic Committee of the Won
$200 in Cash Prizes
"You Win if
Kindly enter my name for the ]
Flower Yard Prizes. |
I agrea to do all my own work. :
Namtf ]
Address ;
, L-urL-_-J-J^J-_-ljr_-Lr,_r
Kindly enter my name for the j
Flower Garden Prizes. j
I agree to do a portion of my J
own work.
Name ;
Artrirna# J
I"" ! :
Kindly enter my name tor the
Vegetable Garden Prizes.
I will maintain hired help.
"Make Your Neighbors S
Clip Out This Cou|
First Street, Fail
town yesterday afternoon attending to
business and visiting lriends.
James Daon, ot Fairmont, - was a t
| week-end social visitor to Monongah. 11
I William King, of Fairmont, was in <
I town calling on friends Sunday after- j j
I noon. :
Mrs..William Gasklns was in Fairmont
yesterday morning attending to ?
I business.
Hear Hadyn's "Creation" at the M. 1
P. Temple Friday night by Fairmont I
Choral Society (100 voices) with MmO. 1
Elsa Gundllng Duga, Walter Barring- .
ton and Jack Abbott soloists. Admis- '
sion 60 cents, students, 35 cents. >
n a
a troops la France, priests swore the
t Russian troops in the Champagne 1
N- . ...
ftp |
HA Good ~ h MonrHt
;ted this 11L |
powdsT*igs| 1 v
I m
THE, carpet^
ion's Club City Beautiful Contest
Absolutely Free? I
You Lose."
Kindly enter my name for the
Vegetable Garden Prizes.
I agree to do all my own work.
Kindly enter my name for the
Vegetable Garden Prizes.
I agree to do a portion of my
own work.
Kindly enter my name for the
Flower Garden Prizes.
[ I will maintain hired help.
Address -*
it Up and Take Notice"
aon and Mall to
rmont, W. Va.
Gold on Grass Roots.
So rich is a deposit of gold that has
leen discovered in the Malay states
hat particles of the precious metal
ome up with the roots when grass is
By virtue of a certain deed of trust,
learlng date on the 26th day of Autust,
1912. executed by Olney B.
L,evelle and Edna Levelle, his wife,
rennle R. Levelle, Florence W. Caraher
and Frank J. Carraher, her husland,
to the undersigned, aB Trustee,
ind duly or record in the office of the
Ulerk of the County Court of Marion
lountyl West Virginia, in Trust Deed
Book No. 33 at page 80, I will sell to
be highest bidder on Friday the 25tl\
lay of May. 1917, commencing at two
I'clock p< m., at the front door of the
:ourt House in the city of Fairmont,
joHnn ennntv. West Virginia, all the
'ollowlng described property as folowe:
All of that certain tract or par:el
of land known as Lot No. 38 In
Section One of the Monongahela Inlustrial
Company's addition to the city
?f Fairmont, fronting for 40 feet on
he Speedway and extending back for
i distance of 140 feet to an alley, toother
with all the improvements and
ippurtenances belonging to said Lot
tfo. 38, and being a part of the same
eal estate which was sold and coneyed
unto the said Oluey B. Levelle et
1 by John W. Mason, Jr., by deed datid
August 24th, 1912, and of record
n said County Clark's office.
The terms of sale shall be onebird
the purchase money cash In hand
laid on day of sale, one-third thereof
vlth Interest to be paid In one year
ind the residue thereof, with interist,
to be paii* In. two years from the
ay of sale, the, the purchaser to give
ils notes, with good security, for said
leferred payments, and a vendor's
leu to be retained In the deed oi
onveyance to secure the payment ot
he same. The undersigned trustee
rill act by bis agent or attorney In
caking said sale of said property.
Given/under my handthis 20th day
f April, 1917.
By Attorney
L 8 , Fleming, Attorney.
- l-NM-t-U
ulj ^
In a fire which completely destroyed
| my residence on the night of the 9th
day of October, 1016. ttiere was destroyed,
among other things, the following
certificates of the capital stock j
of Monongah Glass Company, Fairmont.
West Virginia, standing in my
: name:
| Certificate No. 97 for 14 shares of
j the Preferred Capital Stock of the
; said Company, bearing date August
I 20. 1914; Certificate No. 77 for 7
; shares of Common Stock of the Mo;
nongah Glass Company, Fairmont,
I West Virginia, bearing date August 29,1
There was also destroyed the following
certificates of like stock, issued
In the name of Catherine Davis: I
Certificate No. 98 for 1G shares of
I the Preferred Capital Stock, bearing
date August 20. 1914, and Certificate
j No. 7S for 8 shares of the Common
I Stock, bearing date of August 20,
: 1914.
Notice is hereby given that after
the publication of this notice for the
| period prescribed by the Statutes of
West Virginia, demand will be made I
| by the undersigned upon the said Mo|
nongah Glass-Company for the issue
of certificates of stock to the under!
signed, in lieu of the ones so destroyed.
t W. 0. B. DAVIS.'
W. O. B. Davis, Executor Catherine
Davis, Deceased.
4-24 51-8-15
I *
1' , ,
Now is the
Time to Think
I of your spring clothing needs,
and have them cleaned and
freshened by our superior methods.
Footer's Service Is always
safest and best for Ladfes' and
gentlemen's garmentsFelt
or .other bats, slippers.
, shoes, sweaters, light wraps.
, Just now we are preparing to
render better and more efficient
I service than ever before.
Dye Works
Cumberland, Maryland.
IR. GILKE80N, Agent,
Fairmont and Vicinity.
| Why Have a Check- H
| ing Account?
g Because It brings system t?
t? to your business, establishes Sj
K your credit, enables you to B
m keep a record of all pay- n
j$j ments made by check?and H
BS l*?tv nroclalms you as a man Hi
yj ot buslneas among people and 9
flrme with whom you deal. jj
P Let us handle your check- 9
h Ing account J
1 Directly aeroy the etreeV g
H from our former location. ra
I mmmmmmmm
MSN WANTED ? To learn barber
trade. Top wage* after few weeks.
Write Moler Barber College, 324 W.
4th St, Cincinnati, Ohio.
4-2-25t No. 2133
WANTED?Boy about 16 years of age;
one willing to make himself useful.
Kline's Shoe Store, 320 Main St
4-23-tf No. 2246
LABORERS wanted. Steady employ
ment. Apply Fairmont Mining Ma
chlnery Co. 4-26-61 No. 2261
WAITED ? Five men. 25c an hour.
Marlon Products Co. 4-27-tl No. 2269
WANTED?Laborers and carpenters
(or railroad construction work. Apply
or write A. L. Anderson & Bros.,
Inc., Worthington, W. Va.
4-2S-6t No 2272
FOR SALE?Lot on Walnut Ave., 50
I by 120; contains five room cottage.
I Apply 607 Sixth St. 4-14-12t No. 2202
FOR SALE?Mimeograph paper. Fairmont
Printing and Publishing Co.,
Monroe street. 4-2G-6t No. 2263
FOR SALE?Motor truck. Apply Walter
and Hyland, First Btreet and
Fairmont avenue. 4-2S-tf No 2271
FOR SALE?Fresh milk cow. Apply
804 Locust avenue. 5-1-51 No 2303
FOR SALE?Typewriter, latert improvements,
like new. No further
use, 520. Will ship for trial prepaid.
Queen City Cigar Co., 228 E. 5th St..
Cincinnati, Ohio. 5-1-lt No 230S
company of Beliatre, O., has money
to loan on desy-able real estate. See
j Paul G. Armstrong. Attorney, 41-42
Trust Bldg., ?tb Floor, Fairmont, W
MONEY to loan at semi annua! inter
est on improved cuy reui esuue.
Giv? location anil description of property.
Address Box 37S Fairmont.
4-2S-t? No. 2274
MONEY TO LOAN on easy terms, secured
by first mortgage on real estate.
Room 306 Jacobs building. Bell
phone 615. 4-20-91 No 2234
FOR RENT?Unrurnlshed basement
rooms. Apply 209 Walnut avenue or
call Consol phon6 773-X.
4-24-5t No 224S
"Good Bookbinding." That's the only
kind we do. No matter bow small or
how large the book, we bind them well.
Fairmont Printing & Publishing Co.
' In answering blind ads in
The West Virginian classified
columns, please be careful to
use the precise address given in
the adv. Write the address
plainly. Letters brought to The
West Virginian office do not re
auire stamps. Always inclose
your answers in sealed envelopes.
Advertisers or others Inquiring
about a classified ad.
must designate the ad. number
at the end of the ad., as we have
no other meanB of referring
to it.
Bell 1105 Con. 250.
The Subject of
Universal Praise
e&- 1
' The Federal Reserve Bankji
ing System is now the sub- !
; ject of universal praise.
!| It means a distribution ovjj
or the country of a wealth
j that was otherwise hoarded f
ij In a few centers.
| It means an enormous addl?!
tional reserve fund at hand
i for the National Bank of Fair |j
Jj mont. It is a large "Quick ,i|
ijt Asset."
|| It Is the kind of a business h
partner you should select.
J Both saving and Commercial 'J
R Departments are open 'to :
111 vou. II
Bank of
Fairmont hffnp
1 WD8T
i ===
4 0
?= ?
WANTED ? Girl for generalhOWeaM
work; good wages. Boll UT>W,Sj
. Small tamlly. 4-19-tf No. Mtf|j
WANTED at once. Laundress at Cookfll
Hospital. 4-26-tf No.
WANTED?Girl for hall wwfc ilfroodfp
wages. Apply Mrs. Snider, Normal*' !
Dohnltory. 5-1-Jt No. ttl^H
WANTED?Sowing to do at. homo,-J
A n?1? n? Oil! C* DaII Dhano'
Al'yij at uiaut ot.( M^nj
1 PLAN for big profits. Unusual gron&ij&l
floor opportunity. Buy United; j
: Magna Copper*at 50c. Active curb'
trading starts Monday, April 2d. WxltwJ
for particulars Harry Lefkovits, 38 Jbtfr %
change Place. New Yorl^ , to'tajS
FOR SALE?Coal at half present value.
Undivided Interest in well locate^-*
tract on railroad. Marshall county.*!!
W. Va. Tri State 38. A. W. CottOtLWa
Box 493 Unlontown, Pa. 4-2o-6t No. 286f? i
WANTED?Sewing o( all kinds. Prices3-^
reasonable. 138 Chestnut stre^/^S
FOR RENT?6-room frame house, Ohio* J
j avenue. Brooks S. Hutchinson, Bell <9
Phono 98C and 176. 3-21-tf No.
FOR RENT?6 rooms and hath on KO\, '
ond floor of private residence; convenient,
rent reasonable. Apply B,; 9
| YV. Kulley, 129 Beeves Ave.
for rent ?s-room house Cor.
St and Benoni Ave. Apply 700 Pitted , ?
burgh Ave. Bell phone 908-J. '
FOR RENT?Modern residence, 443'
Monroe street Apply E. A. Billing*HOUSES
FOR SALE?Four room nouie with
bath. For Information call or Od-.' j
dress A. C. Kendall, Mining Machine
FOR SALE?6-room house with bath.
Big lot Appdy 325 Jefferson streetFOR
SALE?Modern frame elx-roonj^'f
house. Hot and cold water. Lot
80x10(5. Shop In rear. Price $2800.
C. 0. Reed, 219 Norval street, ITalrJ|
for rent?-Furnished rooms for man! .
and wlfo or two men. Apply 200^.-9
; Grafton street 4-24-12t No 2254r~j
FOR RENT?July 1st, 'entire second J
floor, north half Skinner boUdingZM
< Will be fitted up for offices to suit dig
. sirable tenant or tenants.
Professional Cartt>|^B
public stenographer and '4
notary public. i l|
! Expert shorthand and typewrittaijif
Letter writing, legal and copying work ,
Denosltiona and Stenaerranhla' .?9
Reporting a Specialty.'
Second Floor Haymond Building. 227
Jefferson 8t, Fairmont, W. J
Bell Phone 681. ConsoL Mral
? IU ii- - - - _ '. "ViiwBwB
^eSEw&k^ Optometrist and ?
HHw Optician. ij|
jHMR. 16 years practical f |
experience. ^Glasses furnished la fjj
A. B. Scott^A Company,
g MRS. W. A. TUCKEft ft|
i Representing Nubone Corset*.
I Bell 487 J 816 Monro# St. J
Glasses ot all kinds correctly
fitted. Satisfaction guaranteed. )fj
Hall Block over Martin'* One HH
. %. "T> /'.

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