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I..PAGE 10
Kfey";'>'-1'- " ' ''
Bj MOVINQ picture funny.
jnn^^ v
BL; tws N j||il$j
m 3Be?! JFBEftWfr \ /=N
W A BffifAM, N<w
lit- < Cut out the picture on all four Hideo.
Hjr Then carefully fold dotted line 1 ltd
? entire length. Then dotted line 2,
and eo on. Fold each section underH
heath accurately. When completed
I , tarn over and you'll find a surprising
pjH 'result. Save the pictures.
m iffi// w' /A west v|rpnia_
? W/// / //a r. ton^t^w.th
^RP*.. MB Main street?Fairmont Lodge I..
IV" Modern Woodmen hall ? Fairmont
W.. ' , Lodge A. 0. T7. W.
r Odd Fellows hall?Palatine Lodge,
t knights of Pythias hall ? Falpnont
J Camp Royal Arcanum.
- , On Inspection Trip?Smith Hood.
Kt Vice president of the Monongahela Valg
V' ley Traction company, Is In Clarksburg
tHCfcal.. i???aMno wpRtprn division.
K vuua/ ww ? l"
. ' Police Court?George Jackson, colors',
ed, was arrested yesterday and thrown
into Jail. When he sobered he gave
K- -}6 forfeit *>r his appearance this
morning and failed to show up.
Address at Normal School?Mrs. J.
' A. Meredith, president of the Woman's
club, gave an interesting address this
Kph . taorning to the Y. W. C. A. of the Norxnal
school at the regular chapel exj
erclse. Mrs. Meredith talked on Wo9
man's club and social service.
ZjU*. Early Cosing For Shoe tSores?Be
Bp:': ginning yesterday and continuing
j|" C'through tho summer months the shoe
stores of the city will close with the
K exception of Saturday evening at 5:30
B, o'clock. The department stores will
BV.close during the week at 5 o'clock
=' ' a with the exception of Saturdays. Tho
j grocery aores and meat markets will
m remain open until 6 o'clock.
Teachera to Meet?The City Teach(
- era' association will hold a meeting on
B'. Thursday evening at the High school.
- The association is composed, of the ;
- . teachers of the West able and the East
. side. The program to be observed
gwill be a surprise, each school to furre*:'-*
nlsh some feature of the program. The
Km purpose of the meeting Is that the
?- . eat into clOBer touch.
The members of the Board of Educa[ ':
-'tion are Invited to be present.
False Alarm?Some one who saw
I a bonfire on the hill back of Lis l"nE,'
Ion's garage on High street last evenR
Ing Jumped to the conclusion that the
' garage was on fire and sent In a call
Ifeyy for the fire department. The fireB
men had a nice run.
p V Gets Pedagogy Degree?Norval D.
Waugh, of Mannlngton, will be among
M/V the young men graduated from the
I 1 Ohio Northern university at Ada. Ohio,
j? this year. He will receive a degreo
; Of pjBdagogy from the college of Edu"
cation, but eventually he hopes to prac
Nursing 8ervlce Meeting?Tomorrow
evening at 7:30 o'clock In the Y.
1. M. C. A. there will be a meeting of
fe the Public Health Nursing Service.
Today's Legal Transfers?Molton
C. Hood, et al, to William Satterfleld,
a parcel of land in the Hood's addition
to Rlvesvllle; $1 and other conif
sfderatlons. W. E. Shaver, et u.t, to
RgftWllla Messenger, lot number 38 In
Si the East Worthlngton addition to
Worthlngton; Consideration $176. W.
^ . M. Satterfleld, et ux, to the Fairmont
I!#.- and Cleveland Coal company, a parcel
, of land In Paw Paw district; $B and
other considerations. W. E. Shaver,
! et ux, to Howard Smith, lot number
's 87 In the East Worthlngton addition
to Worthlngton; consideration $160.
fi . Marriage License?A marriage 11g~''.
eense was issued at the county clerk'a
- office todaj* fo J. Forrest DeBolt,
mX age 23, and Ethel Pearl Minor, age
88, both of Fairmont
Rb-IpiV " ' "
Robbers Blow Safe
s n l ti
p oi uanK m renna.
Pf'-JOHNSTOWN, Pa.1(May 2.?Robbers
early today blew the safe in the First
. National Bank at Lilly. 10 miles from
hero, and escaped with $1,000 after a
| . running lire with police and towns people.
An Italian was later captured
two miles from the village as he was
p: aiding a bag containing $100 which
u& . . was ldontlfled as part of the ttolen
2 " money. The other escaped.
[email protected] ! Burt McCoy was arre^d yesterday
I an a charge preferred by Mrs. Calara
-v Richards. Mrs. Richards claims McCoy
la the lather ol her twin children
K ,' and asks that McCoy support them.
K The delendant went to pall unable to
K>' get bond. He will be given a hearing
a?to a day or two. The warrant for
& JftsOoy'a arreat was Issued by Justice
of the peace M..R- Mnaewe.
- ' - * . ' - - --V
- ' . ' * ' " :
By State Health
THE best food for baby is its own mot
Just as cow's milk was intended fo
the mother is the only person who
milk exactly suited to her child's partici
The death rates explain the results. For <
which dies after being nursed by its n
babies brought up on die bottle die. N<
woman could nurse her baby three or fo
?1 sU- wnmpn ran nerform tl1
anu Ulc iiiajvin/ ui fivtMM. ? ,
up to the eighth month, if properly super
If nursing is impossible for the mothr
get him to modify cow's milk to contain tl
should not experiment with her child. Tl
not every time it cries.
If it cries, it may be hungry or thirst
Don't dose it with soothing syrup or any
syrups all contain deadly morphine, and m
Don't give a young baby any candy, i
These can not be digested and they make
food until it has teeth to chew it.
If you feed eow's milk to your baby, I
gressive city health departments make bac
supplies. If the tests are published in the
milk with a low bacterial count. Look at
you can see any sediment the milk shouh
?? ? sl.~ mill/mon dim
warm summer munuja. * nt iiumMtuu wi?w?
If your neighbor has a fatter baby t!
baby is not always the most healthy. F;
but the thinner infant of smaller parents ma
be longer lived if properly protected,
child and should determine if they are doi
and to his advantage.
Z, K, Hawkinberry J
Dies at Eivesvillej'
Zedekiah Kidwell Hawkinberry aged
seventy nine years, and a pioneer
resident of this comunity died this
morning about se7en o'clock at his
home in RIvesvllle after an illness
with stomach trouble.
Tho deceased was a member of
Company G. 10th West Virginia Vol-;
iniaar tnfnntrv and wan a member ofi
Meade Post N'o. 6, G. A. R. of tills; a
city. He is survived by his wife and I g
the following brothers: James A., I a
Frank and Elijah of Whetstone Run.;ir
Mannington district; Silas of Wetzef'n
county and Philip of Rivesvilie. I p
The funeral is announced to take m
place on Friday morning at 10 o'clock jm
from the residence and interment will,
be made in Oak Lawn cemetery by 11<
Undertaker Eli Musgrave and Son.iU
Funeral sendees will be conducted!It
by Rev. W. J. Eddy of the First Bap-1 u
tiat church of this city. H
?-? ri
City Hall Notes r
Street department officials at the 1(
city hall have been answering all sorts E
of questions for the foreign labornien A
concerning the war. Those who are H
able, young enough and of good physi- j(
cal condition have announced their
Intent to become soldiers for the Unit- zi
ed States in the hope that the Italian E
government will accept service with
the American army as though it were with
their original colors in Italy. |
The street commissioners' staff has
been asked to write to the King of
Italy to see if this arrangement can't
be made.
All through the Municipal building ci
today visitors are greeted with vari- oi
colored posters requesting persons to r<
Join the Red Cross. The headquarters tc
for this organization is in the city h
hall and is woll provided for in the si
way of light, heat and space. Visitors pi
ars asked to call at the quarters of- ei
ten and to help along the couse. ts
Present three of these coupons coi
of The West Virginian with 98c cash
with sewed stripes, guaranteed fast co'
Realizing the need of every family in F;
Flag to display on patriotic holidays, w<
number of our readers at ridiculously sir
price of flags has almost doubled In the
lo dip 3 of the above coupons conseccut
The West Virginian office with 98 cents
cents eitna for mailing If not called for.
To those desiring It we will furnish 7
holder, all paoked with the flag complete
i \ "
' ' cou
*"~ ^?i
*3 w^xm
11^4% j
A la
ly '
; Department.
^ S m^C"
ut uiwuhwi ^.T?'wTmgrT
lis function 16^^
:r, she should consult her doctor and
he needed constituents. The mother
le baby should be fed regularly and
y, or hot, or tired or uncomfortable.
' other knock-out drops. Soothing
any babies have been killed by them,
lugar, fruit, ice cream or watermelon,
the baby sick. Don't give any solid
be sure the cow's milk is clean. Proteriological
examinations of the milk i
papers, select a milkman who sells a
the bottom of the bottle of milk. If
J be boiled for the baby during the
ild be told to produce a cleaner milk,
ran yours, don't get jealous. A fat
at parents normally have fat babies,
y be just as robust and will probably
Each parent should study their own
ng everything properly for the child,
Venty-Five Applications
Were Before Intermediate
Court Today.
Petitions (or naturalization papers
ero considered in Intermediate court i
iday and the court was swamped with |
pplications, more petitions being1
rantod than are usually applied for.
s a rule the court does not receive
tore than eight or ten such petitions
i a term but today twenty-five were
resented, of which fifteen were adilttcd,
eight continued and two dls- i
The. following petitions were admit!d:
Angelo Viant, Italy; Vinconzo
rso Italy; Pasquale Benny Scagnelll,
aly; Frank Carl Scagnelll, Italy; Sam
el Polino, Italy; Bruno Corbo, Italy:
yman Staman, Russia; Lulgi Gabels
Giordano, Italy; John Kojan, Hunary;
Salvatore Tiaro, Italy; Vincen>
Cbirico, Italy; Petres Daniel Petres.
yria; Vito Vultagio, Italy; Pasquale
icovuto. Italy, and Pasquale Can- j
irelii, Italy.
The following petitions were contin-1
sd: Fli Joseph, Syria; Mike Decarlo, i
aly; John Voriva, Hungary; Andy
ernofel, Austria; Stanko Todorich,
ustria; Carlo Amato, Italy: William
om-v iiaiike. Russia: Friedi Daraico,|
Two petitions, those of Paolo Graani,
Italy, and George Gilbert Green,
ngland, were dismissed.
jone Bandit Robs
Train in Wisconsin
(By Associated Press)
SPARTA. Wis.. May 2.?A bandit
jncealed in the rear coach of a train
a the Chicago and Northwestern railjad
forced two members of the crew
? stand with their hands above their
eads while he rifled the pockets of
leeping passengers just as the train
ailed in this station early today. No
stimate of the money the bandit oblined
could be learned. He escaped.
El 24
nnmttAKarl a# jho offloa
.lDCl ullv ul? uuuiuvi vu uv ikiu uuivu I
and get a beautiful Flag 4x6 feet,
alrmont tnd vloinlty for nn American
; have arranged to supply a limited
tall cost In spite of the Qact that the
post few dayB. All you need do Is
tvely numbered and present them at
in cash and the flag Is yours. Ten
foot Jointed pole with ball, rope and j
in a neat corrugated box for 67 cents j
iiSKi' U * ' ^-i ^
V-V . '-A V iiliL/* - ' }H\1-: f >' '
Will Attend Sessions of
Women's Foreign Missionary
The tenth annual convention o
the Morgantown District Women']
Foreign Missionary society will con
vene this evening at the Methodls
Episcopal church at Mannington ani
will continue in session throughou
A reception to the delegates wll
feature this evening's session and to
morrow addresses by state officer
will be given and business attended to
A large delegation will go to Mac
nlngton this evening on the six o'cloc)
car to attend the sessions.
From the First M. E. church the fol
lowing will go: Mesdames J. Lee Hall
F. J. Smith. R. H. Hlte. A. C. Rose
Levi B. Harr, C. Richard Hall, Frei
Helmlck. L. M. Hennen and Kembl<
White representing the Auxiliary o
the church and Mrs. C. E. Goodwlr
Mrs. W. E. Buckey and Misses Blak
Jones, Lola Holland and Mallss:
Crowel representing the Isabell
Thoburn Circle.
The Diamond Street M. E. churcl
will be represented by Mesdames J. L
Leech. T. T. Holt. Clarence Robinson
Mrs. Phillips. Mrs. Gllhart, and Mis;
Emma Layman.
(Continued from Page One )
mary grades; solo by little Miss Man
Conn way; address by Dr. L. D
Howard; Lullabies sung by Mrs. Pank
hauser; discussion, led by Mrs. Mol
lie Ross.
East Park school, 2:30 p. m., Misi
Lena Parks, principal; songs by pri
mary grades; address by Dr'. Wq. F
Boyers; Lullabies sung by Miss BerthE
Dilgarde; talk by Miss Voak, Rec
Cross nurse; discussion led by Mrs
Levi B. Harr.
White school, 2:30 p. m., Guy Crig
lor, principal; songs by primarj
graues; address by Dr. E. P. Smith;
Lullabies sung by Mrs. Bruce Bailey;
discussion led by Mrs. C. R. Hall.
Catholic school conducted by tin
Sisters of St. Joseph; address by Dr
H. H. Carr.
At the Dunbar school. Mr. Arm
strong principal, will have an interest
ing program; address by Dr. Boulware
High Tension Line
Reaches Tank Plant
Extension or tlae Mononganeia vai
ley Traction Company high tensioi
lines to the plant of the America:
Valve and Tank Company, have bee:
comaleted and high tension lines tha
will furnish power to other prospectiv:
Industries In that locality, placed.
It Js the conviction of the Tractio:
Confriny that the Hickman Run dis
trict will some day be an importan
manufacturing part of the city, and i
is to care for this prospective draii
on their "power lines that the reservi
has been placed.
Donley S. Jones, Correspondent
Store, No. 12
Will Reopen.
The Dixie theatre of this city is
closed for the week but will open Mon
day. May 7th, with a vaudeville attrac
District Missionary Meeting.
The Morgantown district Women':
Foreign Missionary Society of the
M. E. church will meet here Wednes
day and Thursday of this week.
George Swiger was arrested on Rail
road street 'Monday by Chief Thomas
Ho put up a stiff fight but was finally
landed In the city home for drinker:
of bootleg whiskey. In police courl
Tuesday morning Mayor Charlton as
sessed dim twenty-live uuu?i ?uu
Wedding Announced.
The following announcements have
been received by friends and relatives
of Miss Anna Millan: "Mr Robert For
dlnandi Volght and Miss Mary J. Mil
!an announce their marriage on Tburs
day, April twelfth, one thousand nine
hundred and seventeen, Los Augeles,
California." At home after April
twenty-fifth 641 St. Paul avenue. Mrs,
Volght is a sister of Mrs. T. V. Mor
<A>SE& DOWH\) im MAkES
BY TH' ) 7 ^ M04E 1
aiaoAD-*. j ^INTTUCATEo
w~cuow!? r
~\ "**' , *
(S^w^^co t/il>g??xn9. I
Sewed under the girl braid of Marshal
Joffre's cap. here shown, are locks
'" of hair from French girls who put on
the embroidery for the famous French!
men before he left for the United
'! Students Will Spread Feast
For Party of Local
A numbsr of shcool officials of Marlon
county will be guests at a six
o'clock dinner to be served this evening
at the Normal school by the DomesT
tic Science pupils under the direction
of Miss Nell McConncll, head of the
\ Domestic Science department. The
dinner will be served at six o'clock
I and covers will be laid for 19 inciud
i ing the following: City Superintendent
. | of Schools Otis G. Wilson. Priucipal
i of the High school G. H. Colebank;
i '"ounty Superintendent of Schools
. Homer C. Toothman, principals of the
waro schools, 0. A. Watson, Guy Cng
ler. W. A. Crowel, Frank White and
r W. E Buckey; superintendent of the
; Muniiingion cny SCIIUUIS u. .1. nam;
; district superintendents. Conley ct
Karmiiigton. A. L. Thomas of Manning>
'or. Tennant and N. T. Boyles of l-'a!rview.
Principal Broadwater of Mannington,
H. B. Ice. president oi '.Uc
- Normal Joseph Rosier, Assistant Prcs!
dent Walter Barnes and J. F. Sbreve,
head of the department of education
of tile Normal.
On ntxt Wednesday the department
will serve a dinner to a number of
husinebt men of the city.
J Ten More Members
For Painters'Union
' Local union 929 of the Brotherhood
' of Painters. Decorators and Paperhang5
ers of America, held Its first regular
1 moaHnrr in T.nhnr hall Infl# nteht Thfi
1 meeting was well attended and all
members were very enthusiastic. Ten
t new members were Initiated bringing
tj the membership up to near fifty.
i The regular meeting nlgbtB of Lo}
cal union 929 are the first and third
Tuesday In each month.
Leave new* at Jones Sporting Goods
Railroad Street
gan of this city and was a resident of
i Mannlngton until ten years ago when
she went west for her health.
Lawrence Hoffman and W. T. Smith
have returned from a visit to 1'itts)
! Airs. Caleb Burt and daughter, Airs.
E. A. Todd, have returned from a. visit
to Wheeling.
The Allsses Mabello Calvert and
Letltia Ryan have returned from
Wheeling whete' they atttended the fu.
neral of Miss Josephine Volght.
Prank Magers has returned from a
i visit to his home In Moundsville.
Mrs. J. L. Bernhardt is attending the
onniiol f nnrronI Inn r\f (lin Wiimfln'a Mis.
i elonary Society of tlie Grafton Presbytery
at Buckhannon this week.
Dr. T. M. Calvert has returned from
Pittsburgh whore he was called by the
i illnqss of his niece,
i Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Michaels have
- gone to Toledo, Ohio, to bring home
several cars.
Mrs. H. F. Pltzer has returned from
i a visit to her home In Fairmont.
A. L. Odbert, of Fairmont, was a
business caller In town Tuesday.
Mrs. Donley Jones and son, Billy are
- visiting with relatives In Moundsville.
/ our*, oooty Foa,
k 1 OF AMERICA 1 \>
i '' * . \ : ii. -i
. ;' '. -. .
mliir ^
Troops Here Are Now Under
Jurisdiction of Commander
at Chicago. , *
ino longer win me commanding orricer
of Mobilization Camp. Colonel
Clarencs Jolll.Te, report to Governor^
Islard. Xew York. Orders weio received
this morning Informing First
Regiment West Virginia Infantry that
beginning upon receipt of the order
West Virginia troops were part of the
newly formed Central Department'
with headquarters at Chicago.
The sun shone over the camp
grounds this morning and prevented
the cold winds from becoming too bit-1
Ing. On account of this gladsome j
weather all members of Headquarters
company were ordered to move their I
tents from the furthermost plot of the i
camp to a place directly to the left of |
the headquarters of the regimental of-1 i
fleers. Lieutenant Whitmer, who has | I
been at Orafton as Battalion adjutant.: J
reporting to Major John Stewart, has!
been recalled to Fairmont to look after j
the men in the Headquarters company, j
Lieutenant Whitmer when the camp
was first opened was with the Martinsturg
company as First lieutonant. I
Thtre will he a parade tonight but |
no formal guard mount. This will be j
the first time the men have been out,
for (-rill of any kind since the track.
turned muddy about a week ego except i
the slight operations last Sunday. j
KecruiiB are coming in uuun? >Un ,
are examined and put through the entire
formula on the field, even to chang- j '
ing clothing so that they who join cau
do so without leaving the camp grounds
after making application. ! ,
GRANT TOWN. May 2.?A birthday
surprise was given Mrs. B. E. Floyd' I
April 25 In honor of her 83d birthdayj
at Mr. and Mr? E. N. Floyd's near
Grant Town where she has beeen mak- j
ing hr home for a short time. Mrs.
Floyd had not thought of a birthday |
until her children began to arrive.
"Grandma." as her friends call her,
was very jolly and had a kind word for
each one that was present. Six of her j
children and seven of her grandchildren
were present. Those that were 1
present were: Mr. and Mrs. E. N.
Floyd, Jesse Floyd, Llnza Flojd of
Grant Town; Mrs. Barcena Floyd, of
Rlvesvllle; Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Robin-:
son. of Hoodsville; Mr. and Mrs. Z. J. j
Mercer, of Basnettsvllle; Allen Floyd,,'
Russel Floyd, Miss Armena Floyd,
Harold Floyd, Miss Isabel Floyd, Miss <
Orplia Floyd, Miss Emma Floyd, Mr. J*'
and Mrs. J. G. Floyd, Mrs. Belle Be- J]
bout, of Grant Town; Mrs. Rider m
Straight, Mrs. James Michael, Mrs. Ill
Charles Toothman, Alber Tootiiman. JJ
Pauihcnry Toothman, Miss Cnrinne
Toothman and Master Jesse Ray OF
Toothman. When
the old clock on the mantle ___
donged the noon hour the guests were
invited to the dining room whero the
table was groaning under the heavy
weight of good things and each partook
of a hearty meal. After dinner 'j*
was served the ladies again occupied rJJf
the sitting room and talked of tjvgone _
days. Mrs. Floyd received a number of ?
Mnri ami Another A
preat^uiB ui wu? x\?y
Fighting in the Air 3
Dangerous Business Ma&?
(By Associates Press) mot
LONDON. May 2. ? A compilation CI
from British, French and German offt enln
clal communiques shows that 717 Mi
seroplanes were dropped down on the dren
west front during April. The Gct-iiars Sunt
lost 369. The French and Belgians, and
201 and the British 147. This Is a great Mi
increase for casualties ovor any slral- In F
lar period. The highest previous total Ja
was 222 in laat September. 1 ing i
nelson !
l nc i ciiu y\
Special big feature with Lu
Minnie Th<
Fred Duncan and Ethel 1
TIMIfiKT The Luring Lights, fi
I V n IVII I the Borglas, drama.
iWi "Vl
VJBililiNui IuaX v*
. - .r, :
3.98 up
: 1
r. and Mrs. Elbert Arnett spent
ay at Brownsville,
rs. Lovle Fisher was calling on
ids at Indian creek Sunday. ^
pasrs. Honsrh Straleht and Clatld
were Fairmont visitors on Saty
iss Jettle Swisher, of Catawba
it one evening last week with
ge Harris.
rs. Amy Wilson waB calling on
Minnie Arnett on Sunday after
ay Satterfield spent Sunday ev
g with Will Smith,
r. and Mrs. H. L. Harris and ctail,
of Fairmont, spent Saturday and
lay with the former's parents, Mr.
Mrs. D. A. Harris. J
rs. Hough Straight was shopping
'airmont on Monday,
mes Radcllff, of Murray, was Gallon
James Powell on Sunday.
i Bullet
icy Payton and Robyn
i 1 iger i
reare in comedy.
jature drama; the Secret of
HF '
.. .-^*r jti?ifii i riur11 itiw (Ji/i '
, y * V^-'V1' fe* '^-yfcffiap*

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