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Sfii bb* -H
I ./ J
A Young Man's Fancy.
(Copyrilght, 1917, by the McClure
(~j Newspaper Syndicate)
B&- "AT FLANAGAN neither Knew nor
tl * cared about the name of the eml|!
nent lover of beauty who first rek
marked upon the tendency of a young
'r/,. I man's fancy In the springtime. Pat
stt- ' was the cashier In a cave-like restuf,y;.
rant In fhe basement of one of New
! " York's most ambitious buildings, and
pi- throughout the long days he lived In
:< ' an atmosphere which might be railed
supremely non-sentimental. The
p'., - small, marble tables, devoid of
}K/ ' clothes or ornaments, stretched In
&?/ two long lines to the farthest recess.
es of the building. In the rear, minglf.;.
. ed smells issued from the kitchen,
each swing of the creaking door bringing
with it a mystic scent of cabbage,
fish and other Ingredients too num
erous to mention.
V Pat considered his life more or less
. of a success. Every Saturday ovenSj
lng he drew $18 from the treasury of
the Connecticut Lunch company; his
.work was not hard, and one Sunday
in every four was his to do with as
he wished. He lived In a lodging
house near Forty-second street, and
f was a general favorite with his fellow
This waq especially true in the case
of Miss Nellie Dobbins, who dispensed
groceries in one of the big department
stores and who confided to her
friend, Tillie Maginnis, that she was
"Just crazy about Pat." But, as far
as the object of her affection was concerned.
she iftlght equally well have
been crazy about the corner lamppost.
For Pat was utterly indifferent
to the charms of the feminine sex.
He wasn't a woman hater?by no
means. He simply didd't care anvthing
about the girls; they had never played
any part whatever in his rather
4 checkered career, and he could not
ji see how they should ever be intimately
concerned in his future activities. So
he left them alone; not because of any
decision on his part, but because that
was the easiest thing to do. On the
Sundays which did not require his
(! presence in the restaurant he lounged
around In his room all the morning,
reading the news of the day and
enjoying a well-earned rest. In the
afternoon he took a trolley ride out
to Brooklyn and visited his brother,
who was married and who proclaimed
himself the happy father of four children.
But Pat could not see anything happy
in his brother's manner of liv
H uig. He was continually Heckled by
t shrill-voiced, hollow-cheeked woH
- Uan; the children made an unneces
sary lot of noise and tore up the
porting section of the paper; and the
if' house was dirty and ill-kept. So Pat
i made his visits as short as his royal
H Jiff Irish heart would permit, and thank,
sd his lucky stars that he wasn't tied
HF- n iown to a life of monotony.
For two years Pat basked in the
happiness of bachelordom. And then,
Dne bright spring afternoon his eyes
"The first week of my work in the
office of Congressman Smith gave me
some queer bits of insight into the
ways Wbvas a nation expect to impress
our wealth and prosperity on the
world," said Paula. "Margie, I think
our government is still in the nouveau
rlcbo class. Most of the buildings impress
you as being made for show?
big ugly and imposing.
"Our architecture, like our art, is
still in its infancy. The government
buildings were primarily built for ex
terior effect. The capitol is beautiful,
but the offices of both congressmen
and senators are altogether too big.
You somehow get the idea when you
walk into the office of a senator that
there is a very little man sitting in a
very big room.
"I have always thought we shoulQ
? make our impression by the type of
men we send to congress and not belittle
them in any way. At least that
I la me way I reit wnen i urst went
there, but after I had been there a little
while I came to the conclusion it was
not America's biggest men who were
sent to congress.
"Mr/Smith came to Washington with
' the very highest Ideals and the
staunchest courage. He was very
proud and happy at the thought of being
one of the men who had been
asked to make bis country's laws and
he intended to.be very honest and not
allow himself to be moved one Jot
from his chosen path which would always
lead to the greatest good for the
greatest number.
"He very early found that 'politics
as she is played' at the national capital
is in its least menacing aspect a
series of compromises. 'If you'll vote
. for my measure, I'll vote for yours,'
Is the way the thing often goes. If
one does not vote with his party he is
. damned even though deep in his heart
he feels the measure is a makeshift,
if nothing worse.
"Flossie Smith immediately tried to
get into tbe social lite of the capital,
and in doing so made the mistake of
H so many new people who come to
Washington. She accepted all the inH
/ vitatfons that were extended to her,
and, of course, she found very soon
she was not mingling with the most
desirable people. She also found many
of these new acquaintances spent
money in a lavish way that she could
not at all follow.
: "She found that her clothes which
had seemed.perfectly beautiful out in
- her little western home city, wheM
I almost all the women made their own
Ik' clothes, when worn beside the gown
M-I, adorning the wife of the millionaire
$; senator from New York, were dowdy.
Eft. And so about the first thing she did
was to run over to New York for a
H9:\ sew wardrobe.
"Flossie Smith knew one thing well,
; indeed, and that was her own prov
. lnce. She possessed as only a few
gljWomen possess a positive genius for
/\l Tr, p
A. JlVJ l J <1
* ?i *,
i ' ,
Ou?ost?ooi>TUHor?.*oo? Kg
' t
NEW YORK, May 3. ? The poncho. 11
which uniformed men turn to so many ! i
practical purposes, has proved equal I
ly adaptable to the uses of feminity.
It is an important part of the new 1
"preparedness" costume of khaki, designed
by B. Altman & Co
It may be worn as a skirt, as a rain- ]
rested upon the red cheeks of the pret- 1
tiest girl he had ever seen. She had i
dropped into the restaurant as a dew- I
dronched rose might fall into the !
mouth of a barren cave, and had or- i
dered a ham sandwich and a glass of <
milk. Even her voice was different, i
Pat watched her from half-closed <
eyes as she pecked gently at the sand- i
wieh and sipped the beaker of milk. i
"And sure," he muttered to himself, i
"there's a girl who would charm the <
heart of any man." i
A scent of spring came through the
door leading to the street. Pat stir- ;
red uneasily; a vague restlessness
stole over him. He wanted to go out ,
in the fields and wander around aimlessly;
he wanted to talk to some
one like the girl sitting at the table
i t
I, -Ji
clothes. She knew intuitively just the
thing that was for her and she wore it,
: as one of her enemies said, 'as though
J it grevron her.'*
"Her clothes were all the fluffyruffy
kiud that made her look like a
great, big, beautiful doll. 1 saw her
the other day on Fifth avenue. She still
retains her beauty and youth. I could
not belp wondering if she ever thought
of the man who loved her so much that
he gave up principles, reputation, life,
just to see her smile, to feel?it he
could feel in that lonely grass-covered
bed in which he had lain so long?that
she was happy.
"But I am getting far ahead of my
story and I want you to write down
this episode of Florry Smith bocause
I believe most people think that the
idea of a wife being a vamplra is an
insane notion. To them the vampire
woman is the froman beyond the pale,
who makes the wife unhappy.
"The word wife ranks with the word
mother, Margie, 1 believe, in the minds ,
oI the majority of human beings. And i
yet the worst women can be both
wives and mothers. i
"We worship words instead of worth. <
That is a fault of all humanity."
I looked at Paula with great Interest
and I realized that when we were at i
Vassar together she did not seem to <
be very big and yet here she was talking
of life as though she had pretty
near solved the whole riddle which to <
me, Margie Waverly, was still an un- i
known problem. I
i"Tills V01W6 MAM U
he was 60m To
fvr him in a ctu
Him here in re
I I 1/1/
1 f I % WW
' JL vL V W "
- J : .. _J.L_; _ ^
:oat, as a cloak in cold weather, aw
is well provided with buttons topuaki
it tit, however adjusted.
The preparedness coBtume include;
jaggy leather puttees.
It is designed for farm and field a;
i r in e-.i 1 J .^11
well as lur niuuiuuus laciuuvt* euu uuj
lot ten yards away. He looked at th
stranger nuestioningly, wondering 1
ihere was any way in which he migh
speak to her without being rebuffed
Something about the tilt of her ha
mused him to como to a sudden decis
ion. The lunch room was almost vt
:ant, he was free for the moment, am
10 he crossed the room noiselessly am
seated himself opposite the girl. Sh
slanced at hint casully and continnei
sating. Suddenly courageous, Pat vec
lured a remark.
"It's lonely you're looking this brigh
lftemoon," he said.
The girl raised her eyes and with
ered him with a scornful glance.
"And it's lonely you'll be looking
:oo, you poor boob, if you don't bea
It away from here," she answered
\My friend is due to meet me in abou
Iqn minutes."
Pat rose, romance suddenly gow
rom his life.
'Th sorry to have disturbed you.
le apologized. "Your looks deceive!
He made his way slowly back t<
:he bench where the majority of hii
waking hours were spent. The girl
laving finished her light repast, drop
led her ten cents upon the counte
uul passed on out of Pat Flanagan'
But even as she went, head hell
ligh, Pat noticed the silk of her chee!
md the crimson of .her lips.
"I wonder," he thought idlyj, "i
inv other elrl could have as Drett:
i faco as that."
He was still pondering over the mat
ter when he reached his boardim
house at 8 o'clock that evening. I
was a glorious spring night, suffusei
vith the hint of approaching summer
ind the subtle charm of it crept slow
ly into the heart 'of Pat. He foum
himself hoping that Nellie Dobbin
would be waiting in the parlor for him
And then, wonder of wonders, h
met Nellie face to face on the step
af the front proch. She was dressei
for the street, and Pat noticed tha
ane stray curl had escaped from bt
reath the chic straw hat.
"And where might you be going o:
ruch a perfect night as this?" he ash
Nellie affected indifference.
"It's too grand to stay in the house,
she answered. "I'm going to take
She turned as if to go, and Pat hes
tated between desire and a sudde
overwhelming bashfulness. He notei
ihat Nellie's cheokB were tinted will
pink, and that her eyes were as blu
8 11WI P I \l
\ y x JILJL/JL i
1 Baby
By State Healt
OF all the thousands of babies bom
in West Virginia over one-eighth
their first year, according to the ?
Department, which herewith offers sugges
if followed, will save many of these little
Tti? rtntths of babies are due to imDrc
incorrect feeding and to exposure to cot
Improper attention given the baby ai
living by the mother mean many still
many deaths from prematurity and poo
should seek the doctor's services very ea
should have visiting nurses to see these wc
will save many lives.Diarrhoeal
diseases snuff out thous
flies in the milk, letting the milk stand in
bottles and putting the fingers into the i
cake, candy, sugar, fruit, potatoes, porl
baby's stomach. If the mother puts her
in germs which are always on her fingers,
the baby's face with a dirty towel, liar
seen done) the infant is easily made sick
I clothes are left around and the flies cri
bottle. All these practices are wrong
Measles, whooping cough and other
to young babies. Babies or older child]
tag'ous disease. Babies should be vacc
old, preferably when three months old.
in West Virginia and it may reach any
If the baby gels sick, stop all food
water and send for the doctor. Keep all
is definitely made. If the older childrc
means of saving its life.
Get your city and your communi
measures which will decrease the death i
I. Complete control over contagic
2. Placard all houses containing c
3. Have efficient dairy inspection.
4. Make frequent tests of the mill
i 5. Adopt medical inspection of sci
3 Ji. Have parent-teacher's meetings
, 7. Require the Legislature to hav<
8. Adopt compulsory vaccination
s 9. Get your local health officers to
as the sky had been that evry after- J
a "Would you be minding tf I went
! along with you?" he asked,
t Nellie caught her breath sharply,
I. but her answer expressed lndiffert
i- "Como along if you want to," she
t- said. "1 thought I'd go up along
1 Rlversldo drive."
:1 "Just the place," Pat acquiesced,
e "Sure, the stars will look grand on the
1 river."
i- When they reached the drive the
moon had arisen and was casting
t sjllver beams upon the shimmering
waters of the Hudson river. And
! then Pat Flanagan, the unsentimental,
the confirmed bachelor, suggested that
they find a bench along the river
bank and watch the boats go by. They
1 selected the most secluded bench they
' could find, and two hours later when
' the patrolman made his usual round,
he saw two figures huddled so close
fc together that they looked very much
like one person. Perhaps the glory
" i nf the calm snrine night had affecetd |
1! liim also, for he smiled understandingly
and crept closer to the bench, From
0 out of the semi-darkness he heard a
s man's voice.
1 "And sure, Nellie," it was saying.
'm "I didn't think that you would ever
j! marry the likes of me."
s "I thing you're the grandest man
in the world," a woman's voice answered.
"And I'll marry you whenever
1 you want me to."
? Very softly, so as not to disturb
them, the patrolman crept slowly away
' from the bench. He realized sudden'
ly that spring had arrived .
j -
t NEW ALBANY, Ind,?For ventil,
atlon purposes a window was left!
open in the council chamber and a
i! I pair of pigeons have built a neat In
I the chandelier.
First Letter-Box.
The first letter-box seemB to have
a been installed in Paris, as a useful part
, of the first penny post established In
? any country. But, strangely enough
1} the people of Paris did not like the
a boxos for their letters, and the system
a was for many years given up.
kViow WHAT us sHei A urttE
r WILL FALL nymyffg
'I M I
' T.
b Department
every year
die during .ajflB
id incorrect
births, and
ir development. Prospective mothers;
irly, and should follow advice. CitiesI
imen and give prenatal instruction. This:
ands of little lives. Dirty milk, flies,
the warm room, putting milk into dirty j
milk cause needless deaths. Feeding!
; rind and other such things upset the!
fingers into the baby's mouth, she puts<
and the baby becomes ill. By wiping
idkerchief or apron (all so commonly
;. When the baby gets sick the soiled
awl over them and then into the milk;
as they add to the long list of baby;
contagious diseases are especially fatal
en should not be exposed to any con- i
inated against smallpox before a year' I
' I f 11 I
I nere is an epiaemic 01 smaupu* now ;
locality at any time,
for twenty-four hours, give only pure
other children away until the diagnosis1
n get sick, keep the baby away, as a j
ty to adopt the following preventive
ate and will help save the life of your
us disease,
ontagious disease.
; supplied.
hool children. ' <
addressed by doctors. (
: better registration laws. / j
for school children.
write instructive articles for the papers, t
Learn Here All About c
Fuel Value of Fruits i1
The average adult requires aoout six j
pourds or (ood as a day's ration, but 1
at ieast three and one-halt pounds ot 1
this food is water. The remaining part 1
Is divided into one-iourth protein and 1
three-fourths carbohydrates (starches,
sugars and fats) wiu, ...jouc 200 grains 1
at mineral matter. 1
Water is essential to the health and j
strength ot the body. Part ot it is tak- 1
en in the form of fruits. f
The relative value of fruits as food 1
may bo estimated in a general way '
troin the following table of caloiies:
Portions containing c
100 calories, rough- f
Fruits? ly describe 1.
Apple sauce Ordiuary serving c
Anoits l'resh or baked e
Two small or one very large 1
Bananas One large
Blackberries, fresh Two servings :
Blackberry sauce One serving <
Blueberry sauce....One large serving '
Cautalouge Hah ordinary serving i
Grave juice One small glass |
Grapes, fresh One average bunch
Lemonade Two small glasses ,
Orange juice One lurge glass' ,
Oranges One very large (
Peach sauc3 One ordinary serving
Peaches Three ordinary "
Pear sauce Ordinary serving ,
Pears One large I
Pineapple sauce Two servings I
Tomatoes, breaded Two servings |
Tomatoes, raw .Four average
Watermelon One ordinary piece
? ?
A Sunday school rally will be held at
Downs Presbyterian church Sunday
afternoon May 6, at two o'clock. A "Model
Sunday School," Supt. VV. C.
Cunningham, will be conducted. At
3 o'clock rally services will be held
with special mnslc. A few of the num
bers are as lonows: soso oy Aiige
Beebee; solo, "Let Them Come to '
Me," Hazel Hupp; duet, Roxie and
Kara Downs; duet, William and Rich
ard Martin.
Hear the Fairmont Choral Society
in the "Creation" Friday night at the
M. P. Temple. Admission. 50c.?Advt.
| Carpets cleaned the san*|
|itary way with no advances
Sin prices at the Troy laun-x
TIJ WHO 16 "mis VouH6 4 ^
E D tX>CS 6HC ilVS 9 |-J R fHE
m : ii - 1 rH*
* t r~+ < -
New buil
Today are Silk Jers
Jersey, Serge and
The colors are
showing the new
as brought out b;
Wearers, at the re;
If your wardrobe r
no other garment
need than one o
kan^onmf* Slllhs fVi
In more ways than one man fs his :
)wn worst enemy. He is the source 1
roni which originate many nf the i
11 cms of disabling or destroying his !
'ellow man.
Persons apparently well may be tho i
:arriers of deadly disease germs. Bemuse
they appear to be In good health
Lese Individual are permitted to
:cme into intimate contact with thulr
They do not of course know they
nay spread disease around wherever
.hc-y go. The community takes it l'of
granted that anyone who shows no
>igns of disease is free from illness and
s entitled to all rights and privileges.
Typhoid, diphtheria and pneumonia
nay be spread by these carriers ;t js
tow definitely known. There is reason
to believe that septic sore throat,
nfantl leparalysis and epidemic meninfitis
may be transmitted in the same
vay. Several other diseases are also
irohably spread by carriers.
The problem of controlling carriers
>f disease germs is one of the most
lerious that confronts public health oficials.
One way in which the physilian
can assist is to determine whethir
his patient is not only cured, but
ree from bacteria.
It must be borne in mind that even
ifter the patient has successfully re:overed
he may be just as much cf a
eal menace to the commuuity as he
vas during his acute illness.
Mrs. J. K. L.?"The BSjjtum of my
lose is crooked and almost closes one
lustril, causing an inflamed and caarrhal
condition. Should I luivo an
Press an electirc button and you
orm a contact with a live wire which
ings the bell. When yoru shoes press
tgainst your corn it pushes its sharp
oots down upon a sentive nerve and
ou get a shock of pain.
Instead of trimming your corns,
vhich merely makes them grod, just
itep into any drug store ad ask for a
marter of an ounce of freezonc.- This
rill coat very little but is sufficient to
emove every hard or aoft corn or calus
from one's feet. A few drops applied
directly upon a tender, aching
:orn stops the soreneBs instantly, and
soon the corn sblvdls up so it lifts
-ight out, root and all, without pain.
This drug is harmless and never inlames
or even irritates the surroundng
tissue or skin .
NAm 16 tf 1^7-J SEB
ri'^sy CHEjT^Ur STR
[gDI ^ IP"
? rn . . 1 ;;
I IyI H H m H.
' I " I ~J 9 K.
' II I I . I
'v li-iSHBM
It jS
lat just came
operation ?"
When the septum separating the |
nostrils Is bent to one side and Inter* S
feres with nose breathing the Condi- $
Hon should be corrected toy an opart* I
Th only way to get rid of dl|U(b j
mg untiny aanaruir in o cuueci iw
cause. Shampooing merely cleanses 9
the Hcalp for a few days, then tha i)
scales form again as thick as S<ikM
To destroy the dandruff germ nndfl
get rid of the danuruff for g004i"JM9H
the hair and apply a little of th# gefe?j|
ulne Parisian Sage dlreotly on the bare :
scalp andu rub it in until ahehlVwH
You will surely be amaxed at the 1* 8
sunlt of even one application for 1
hair and scalp will look and feel 1<M ' i
per cent, better. Only a few days' |
massage with Parisian Bags SbMO
be needed to destroy the germe that/C
cause dandruff to form,. The scaly bWti
comes healthy, the hair will groilffl
better, show more life and ~Tltalitfl|
and you should no longer be tnMjiMiifl
by dandruff. Faded, dull or lifelSS^B
hair is quickly restroed to beauty w|fl
this simple process. Parlstan Bu|H
can be obtained from Ml. City Drug #
is not expensive.
' ,4g?Mn|
Mrs^ Frank Witmert Seven I
The following is not mertly wM
vincing In itself but most Important bav 9
cause it is a type. Nerv-WOTth file* -I
abound In just such statement*:
"I have been a victim for years Of ?
stomach trouble, indigestion and fre- |
quent severe headache*. They warflH
a constant annoyance to me and c*uied|ra|
great sufferings. My headaches werejB!
something terrible. I now realise thai?B
were the result of disordered fMMHH
I purchased a bottle of Nerv-WOTtlM
and am glad to say that I am *ntlrtf?fj9
relieved of all stomach, dIge*tlV^ju|H
headache trouble. The nervousness i?H
rapidly disappearing. I shall contlnsdM
to use Nerv-Wortb and shall keef^SH
my bouse as a reliable family
tonic and remedy.
nana sau in a| GWI
J4F *U1 01., i?. m> b*
"Canton, Oklft* I
Your dollar back at Crane'tl&flUH
store, Fairmont, If Nerv-Worth dodisH
not benefit YOU. Ask tor tilt Mljpj9
Nerv-Worth Laxative Tablet!, lit jH
# - '
II Wmmrn ii ? j
1^ f| WtBL I
I |H
? ^ j :~Mm
j&U .-/C-1 ."; V'1: Mx^^^aSSSt

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