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! flPUl I IP g _ T l 1
B - . <?j
^ asiiss nw. ~ w?w>??
[ br th? Fatrtnont Printing .and Publli
W. J. WIEOEL, General Mana
| A. RAY MAPKL, Advertlaln?
C. V.' RKOIC, Circulation Man
| J. MONROE BOVER, Superln
Bp;";. PwHlcatlon Office, Monroa
|| BILL 1106?1100 CON)
All department! readied Circulate
fcrongl^ private branch Advert lei
Fort^tn Advertising Represented
WAWV^rnniwlclc Bldg., New York.
Street. Cnh^go.
?^BY MAIL^Payable In advar
One Year .^.001 Three Mo
Biz Months ......;. 13.00 | One Mon<
pi BY CARRIER?fifl Falrm
One Year 17.001 OniftMont
Biz Months 13.60J^OneVwe^
BY CARRIER?(Outside of F
One Month 76c One VVee
All subscriptions payable In advance.
When asking (or obanso In address t
new address.
I. Entered at the Posto.tlce at Fairmont,
second olass matter.
KBeX AbBCylbera on cur carrier routei
5 1 m<weit Virginian any evening sh<
Mpij I I .^BSRN UNION." state the fact and
I residence and a messenger will del
LUfr '?'Vr docr ' once. There Is no ch
]|l scriVjr for this service. Tho West
HE.gi'y Jj to rentier to its subscribers the bevl
jj llvesy sbrvlce possible and this Is i
1JY7^ ??a^er ^rom\a 'on8 editorial
Hi^V morntLt that oar contemporary,
seems td^e strohjly impressed
- it has a strangle holcKonV the jouma
BRj^'V Ml also Hks' sttfnie "quanta" emulation.
^ wpker'GnhtfcH. But how nuicifi?"
MKp;V | Ft/ftft/fliTAtfTAL CHANiZE.
K^>\ . |S OUB-TLES3 many American bite
^Rp?<< / 'tBJ tJfe past two^years have been hea
^HkIIC V^lftL dbllapse sf the American tra
read i^aitiel WiWrd
IB difire output"8f filing su^ and rails c
jhipppd to the"AHi??,v nsi*' our allies
3 iw 1 'l cou'^ be ^one' anfcft3$meric<u
|?^';lfe?fitted by the process, ,if it weife unde
HSr? spirit 4rid by men1 biff enoiigWtoput the
HHp 'light vtotjf. Take the caseroffFainnont,
Oral times a day two railroad trains-start
&is city at practically they seme time. 1
R ft could be arranged so\mat the city*v
HP'-, iffood tbrvice with but one^ain each th
\} *?*ouId SaVe just what the extra train cos
EA ftompetitive conditions under^which oi
|HP': fgrown the double service has sremed j
|JP|; wisdom for the stockholders of hpth n
t:., Mertain that the service is better in^ever
'2s competition than whep there is nofr
IHIg.l' tions apply to the freight business. Mor
BB||| handled %jth rauchj less motive power ;
Mie scramble for tonnage were done a\
freight business of the country carried o
{gl ] The great problem is to find the mar
| Situation as a whole and lay the rule
~r fundamental change in the transportatia
Wation can be carried out. Once it is doi
as one of the most beneficial jobs ever
Hi iahuntry and one of its first effects will I
I' -a long time to come, if not forever.^he
ijv mailroads by the government. It woul
||fv impossibility under ordinary circumstai
wen lie men who are running the roadi
?p| to undertake it, not' because they fear it
||H|| <JerUkmg, but because they would not
?^ler fellow, throat cutting was
; . dkaraeterisdc of the early history of /
: that it still affects the thought of the men
H I Auditorial Comment
|;?<tt?C?rent Subjects
From the Wheeling Intelligencer.
' It U an encouraging sign that the
press of the state 1b taking an into 111Ira
feat Interest in one of the moat im|
portent maters to be considered at the
i xtra session of the legislature, soon
jft 'in convene. This refers to the budget
| system Included by Oovernor Cornwall
in his call. It was a measure
By) Mated on by Governor Hatfield in
Pi is last message, but which got no
& flSther than the introduction of a con?titutl6nal
amendment providing for a
Mbmlssion of the question to a vote
<H the people. It was killed In the
K House of Delegates by a failure to
>, receive the required two-thirds vote.
|f a is revived again In the hope that
? ipature reflection will have convinced
the opponents of the measure ot
Si the economic advantages ot such a
system. The Fairmont West Virgin{'.
lan calls attention to a situation that
|5\jHs pointed' out by The Intelligencer
tftls that w* Ytridniafc co-wff?tU>n
1 > *'" i I
^HOME." " even unthought of
Wii M &?#*
te time he gets h
Manas** fi ^
enflcni, II NEED
Street. ?> OME time eg
? O $20.000,0(K
SOLI DATED atructon to t?
>n Dept.... 280 vacant lot*. No*
' m appropriation of 1
food scarcity prob
re, ROBERT E. 'it would be inte
123 W. Madison Agriculture and tl
. before making thei
8 President approve
lee only) In the absence
nthb $1.60 requests for a total
th 600 Jem would strike
ont) of the need of th
1? 6?o the activities of tl
Ll not get together otl
alrrnoni) The artificial <
k 13o modltios is attcsl
... tend the ebb and
iye old as well as eminent puts a s
futures and flxln
... vconcerned? and (
VVOPTX> IfglUlo. na j
kPER CALL I ralls wevcan ma:
be better Off tnt
s failing to get tooIc UP raila\an
>uld call "WJES- and sent them> ti
give name'dad tary roads,
iver ? paper to"
arge to the sub- Virginian
plana cannot be s
: newspaper de- a rbt'h locally to
mrt of the plan. run of\Fair.mont
Quality as Louis '
======== intendency of\a 1
1, 1917. man, we will m<
===== we lack in qua?
? men of .this sectli
hopo of this nevt
i-y the navy that wll
Subscriptions f
at the rate of mo
terday. And at I
^ ' at a stretch witbt
of the country.
i comrort in no m
nfcyal and mlllta:
After tomorro
blanks will dlsa]
~~ sign up. before it
ION. g0ne feeling whf
in The Times this middle of summi
which by the way Is a dandy, but Is
with a belief that because you negl<
listic wisdom there
According to ;
street, "the East
i. East side." Yet
S CCPMING. promised that th
igeis\vien who for back where It be
ripg agtiy'ut the vir- matter now?
msjJSriatic^n system -?
prediction filial the Uews of the re
if this country will ceived throughov
, will experience a West Virginia Inl
the regiment will
it railroads greatlyN who bas proved
Utaken in the right | X^un8 men unde
jdf> through in the I t?e??n is in sucu
iioriinstance. Sev. wry. \Jn Lieuten
ei riser from or for ituent1 wiUYbave
"his isVsheer waste, tiip.1 war service i
iould rhjve just as responsibilities,
ne, andtyie roads ??
it. But under the Miners in this i
Jr' raifroads have day and increased
the better part of Js filtering down
iflroads, and it is j men whose labor
V way when there '
Thelsame condi-1 Don't letvthis >
eyfreight could be ^back.
anas^ver cars if
vay with1 and the -u, - nrir
n on an efficiency oHv.
k Teddy wants pi
the to go into the'tre
.. so far has refusei
this served for Dr. Gi
n economy of the v
ne it will bejhailed | Th? extent of I
underMkeu in this
be to pohtpone for Genius.
taking ov^r of the
d be an ^absolute A I^ew' York w
* Kansas convict
1j l 1 r "j h? has 0ther wa;
>, would bevirraid tion."?Blueflold
as a practical unbe
willing toitnist ?n}7 two m?l6,
.??l ? .Charleston. W
such a prominent Read and RalpU ,
American railroads these days than
who are uncharge -Charleston Leads
with the national government for the
conduct of the war will enlarge the
expenditures of the state for several
years. New sources of revenue will
In time, have to he provided, or at least
a readjustment bo made In present
revenue laws. The time Is ripe, therefore,
to provide the state with a genuine
and not a theoretical budget system
of managing its financial affairs."
The utility of an effective check on
thn reckless, slipshod method of legis
latlve appropriations la to obvious that
we cannot understand whjr men who
have the best interests of the state
at heart can conscientiously object to
the operation of such a budget system
as is'proposed. In the limitations of
the legislative sessions It Is not possible
for legislators to acquaint thanv
selves with the financial requirements
of the state government and its institutions.
Jl few days at the end of
tbe session are devoted to the very important
mater of composing tbe appropriation
bills, whioh are framed in
haste and without dne consideration of
reconciling the expenditures with the
revenues. It Is an unbuslness-like procedure,
and one that h^a led to financial
confusion in days past With a
praotical budget system in operation
tbe actual needs of the government and
the state institutions will be laid before
the legislature, together with the
financial rssouraas of ths state, which
" ^
vrould otherwise have been undone and
and action if ever any one was, tried
"busmen as usual" program. But look
lade of it. fie won't know himself by
is uniform off. And it will be the same
. o
<3 the Commissionef of Education wanted
) appropriated to employ <40,000 msach
children how to grow vegetable* in
r the Secretary of Agriculture want* an
(25,000,000 to enable him to solve the
(resting to know whether the Secretary of
re Commissioner of Education conferred
w two recommendations, and whether the
s of either or both schemes,
of any information on the question, the
of $45,000,000 to solve the food probthe
common citizen _as convincing proof
e creation of some agency to coordinate
i? government. If the departments can
setwise, Congress should compel them to.
sharacter of the high prices for corned
by the wild fluctuations which atflow
of rumors. The sooner the govitop
to that by abolishing gambling In
ig prices the better it will be for all
sspecially for the plundered consumer.,
' 0-71 *
a send all the railroad cars and all the
Ice in this country to Europe we will
in they were in England, where they
d ties that had been down and in use
s France for the construction of mill
aid that there has been anything like
get into the army and navy, but if the
volunteers 1b going to be of the same
(Villlam Lange, who gave up the super>ig
factory to become an ordinary sea
makn ,in In nuftlltv for what
ilty. Young Lange has Bet the young
m a fine example, and It 1b the sincere
apaper that he will have a career in
1 ber honorable alike to his country and
or the Liberty Loan of 1917 poured In
re '.than a million dollars an hour yeBthat'rate
they could continue for days
>ut In the slightest straining the credit
That Is one thing that we can take
atter how bad the experts make the
ry situation look.
w the City Beautiful contest entry
ppear from the newspapers. Better
isttoo late and guard against that all
ich you are likely to have about the
sr when you realize that your garden
not eligible for one of the ward prizes
scted to enter it.
yesterday's report of a fire on Water
Bide fire department was called to the
some time ago the city administration
e East side department would be sent
longs within a few days. What Is the
slgnatlon of Colonel Jolllffe will be reit
the territory covered by the First
fantry with much regret, both because
lose through it a capable commander
that he knew how to take care of the
ir him, and because Colonel Jolllffe's
a condition as to make this step necesant
Colonel Osborne, however, the reganother
commander whq has seen acind
who is admirably equipped for the
-eglon have been granted an eight hour
I pay. The prosperity of the producers
in a most gratifying manner to the
makes production possible.
reather fool you; winter is not coming
amission to raise a volunteer company
inches at once,, but the administration
1 Maybe that distinction is being rerayson.?Weston
ho patriotism of some men consists of
lean flag emblem in .the lapel of their
batueB that way.?Uniontown Evening
oman is trying to secure the release of
on a promise that she will marry him.
y6 of avoiding the "seleotlve conscripTelegraph.
months now till Chautauqua week in
hlch the same reminds us that Ople
3ingham seem to be In greater demand
W. J. Bryan and Bob LaFollette.?
will relieve It of much of its labor, and
give it a more comprehensive outlook
than it otherwise would enjoy.
It Is purely a business proposition,
without a shade of political advantage
or disadvantage. It is urged upon the
principle that it will conserve economy
in the expenditure of the public
funds and pnsvent the waste and extravagance
that cannot help but obtain
under the present system, or,
m+Kai* Innlr nf nvntom In making- tin thu
biennial appropriations.
Farmington Lodge to
Have Social Session
On Wednesday evening, May 9, at 8
o'clock, tbe members of Fidelity Lodge,
Knights of Pythias of Fairmont, will
bold a social meeting when the members
will entertain with songs, speeches
and so forth. All members from
other lodges are cordially Invited to
.. . i ; .1 I" .. .... , '!
Net 8o Fortunate.
"My wife Is like George Washington;
I dont believe she conld tell a lie to
save her soul." "Ttru're lucky I Mine
tuffs ill"* 1 Uwt
.< 1 *
" " THC UN
fc" 1 - (.IC6NCE!
^ ?TO TUB" I
?-? ^==.70 evAi
' hourut6R|| Ljgj
j i s_j L
. =- t
DT Tt?r Cnn Trr 1
i\urr jiun
L.???_??? e
Speaking of "Quality Circulation"
there's a big difference between what
some persons think Is quality and what *
It decently Is.
? *
Baseball will suffer when war takes >
us all away. s
. * . y
Who cares about professional ball h
anyhow. All players ought to be made e
to join the Red Cross where they
might do the world some good In war
time. a
* * * a
"What's the use of us guys Joining,
Germany is whipped."
Oh-yes she's whipped so badly she's
sinking every boat in sight with her
U-boats and? ?
? ? e
If we don't fight over there we'll
fight here.
? *
War declared a month ago and?
... t
"War measures to be speeded In j
Congress." C
Don't see any sense in Colonel Jolloffp
resigning. Even when he's sick e
he as good as the best.
It must go to the old boy's heart
liiinH ti
gltfW r?
^3^ w
Dr. Quy Otis Brewgter, of Dover, N.
J., is here shown in the quaint armored ti
headgear and jacket he invented for pi
soldiers. In a recent test, Dr. Brew- in
eter withstood without Injury bullets
fired at him from a distance of 60 feet ti
and hitting the aqnor at a speed of tc
2,740 feet a geqond and a force of 2,400 Y
pounds, the armor weighs less than bi
ndo y .
\ v 'i
p^eceoenTco iNcnpAsef
AVONs fOR M??R|/*ee 1
leSIRC or -SL*CK R3
o think he can't help his country In
his emergency.
The only thing we didn't like about
lol. Jolliffe was his darned continud
silence which never is popular with
? ? *
Everytime you'd ask the Colonel
vhat was doing in camp he'd say,
What's doing in Congress?"
Now this Congress of the U. 8. Is
omething no ordinary man cares to
:eep in touch with unless he'B huntrtrr
n nnrl listens with hia flftr nock
d for mention of his own name.
* ? ?
Well with Colonel Osborn on the job
11 officers will have to become chess
,nd checker players and will have to
reat their men right.
? *
The Valley Gem was loaded to the
unwales with whiskey when it dockd?
* *
At Pittsburgh.
? ?
Take something to the soldiers. If
ou think your package is too small
0 be distributed among more than
ive men send it to the camp Y. M.
I. A. and let George Bllckley do it.
We'll have to put straws and overoats
on soon.
Monongalia Musings
It has been suggested that the
entlemen who have vacations, those
ensible enough to like work, should
*ko this year's vacation on a farm,
'he idea is sensible enough and should
e heartily accepted. There is no use
1 anyone being too dignified to work
n a farm. To shirk and joaf when
ou have an opportunity to perform
seful work, is a low, mean method of
pending your time. The great handl
ap to an increased production or rood '
tuff is the lack of sufficient help in 8
ultivatlng and taking care of crops. I
[elp the farmer, he is your friend. 1
When the average American edt- .
ir runs shy of a theme he writes an "
ditorial congratulating the American
eople that Champ Clark failed to selire
the nomination for President at
le Baltimore convention. It does apear
that Champ wobbles a little at
mes, or our vision is Incorrect.
There is much truth In the asser:on
that the real necessities of life
on't ruin people; It is love affairs,
Few people realise to what extent
lelr health depends upon the condlon
of the kidneys.
The nhvsician in naarlv nil mean nt
srlous illness, makes a chemical analys
of the patient's urine. He knows
tat unless the kidneys are doing their
ork properly, the other organs canst
readily be brought back to health
sd strength.
When the kidneys are neglected or
bused in any way, serious results are
ire to follow. According to health
atistlcs, Bright's Disease, which Is
?lly an advanced form of kidney trou
le, caused nearly ten thousand deaths
i one year, In the state of New York .
lone. Therefore, It Is particularly Bcessary
to pay more attention to the (
salth of these important organs.
An ideal herbal compound that has
id remarkable success as a kidney
smedy Is Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
ie great kidney, liver and bladder
The mild and heading Influence of
lis preparation, In moot cues, is soon
(allied, according to sworn state- ,
ents and verified testimony of those
ho have r.sed the remedy. _ j
When your kidneys require atten-, i
on, get Swamp-Root at once from any ;
harmacy. It la void by every druggist j
I bottles of two sizes?50c and $1.00. >
However, If yon wish first to test j
Ll^grwf jrepM^on^Bei^^ten cent* ,
nlan. 1
. V- flil/tfi flnrt ihtk Kn?r ami %
take down the shovel and the hoe? fc,
A certain hotel advertised itaelf ~
as "The Hotel Wltha Conscience," to
which one of Its rivals added: "And .
bed hugs." This should warn us that W
' IS a 1 - a J Dfi
UJO mucn SOU pnuse uai ? wuaeuv/ *
to breed ridicule. Few people will admire
roar Integrity if your waring sti
lock* are fall of Termin. or
>?0no of Tolstofs son* recently ri?- to
lted thle country and hi* opinion of bu
the United State*, her people and her dij
Institution*, make interesting reading, foi
He *aya: "American* are very poorly sti
educated. Bad education 1* the wont co
fault here and the foundation of most Ei
other American fault*. American unl- oe
remittee are rery bad. considered as dr
educational institutions. They turn _
out students as automobile* are turned ?
out at the Ford factory, great numben
9t them and all alike. You will find
no serious or deep thought in America,
dak an American to alt under a tree
ond think, ask him to atop work for
i time and contemplate, ask him to
Und something in the inner depth of
his soul?he cannot do it."
Wants War Prisoners
'Brought to America
WASHINGTON, D. C., May 4 ?
Transfer to this country of German
war prisoners in England and France
so those countries may be relieved of
(heir feeding was proposed in a resolution
Introduced today by Senator Hale,
of Maine, and referred to the Foreign
Relations committeo without debate.
The resolution proposed an appropriation
of one million dollars for the purpose.
Confessions Point
to Masked Slayer of
Woman Beauty
9 <
| I
ST. PAUL, Wis., May 3?Confessions
obtained from two men, the police
say, have cleared the way to the
dentlty of the mysteriouB "man in the
white mask," who will be charged ^
with the murder of Mrs. Alice Dunn, f
leautlful young member of an old St. f
?aul family. f
The men who were bpught here ^
rom Montana and confessed, accord- .
ng to the police, they were paid $600
o kill Mrs. Dunn. The police are holdng
as a witness the murdered worn
in's husband, Frank J. Ltunn, a weai- hy
contractor, who was separated -t
rom her several years. He denies e
cnowledge of the crime. ..
Miss Katherine McQulllian, sister >
if Mrs. Dunn, says she tried to deend
her when the mysterious Strangir,
hidden by a white mask, shot the
voman to death. She remembers, she
jaays, the voice and is expected to
tick it out of several voices spoken
nto a dictaphone.
Spring Models of Wa
Never did shoes more typic
premacy of the designers an
Over Factories.
There's a certain indescribi
Spring's models that you wi]
you see them.
Shoes and oxfords $4.00 t
$2.50 and up.
A n>Anfa fftw
A??IllO 4VJ.
are the two necessary elements in bi
provided with ample capital and the 1
direct Its affairs assure the confldenc
fal operation.
Oeo. E. Amos Howard R. 1
J. M. Brownfield Frank C. Ha:
8. 8. Cochrane ' H. J: Hartley
. Z.F. Davis H. U Heinta
On the Corner Near t|
Jf lrfj K f? lyf ii' fH
1 I
lU LlmberYow Up~A Ntw CMrtW J
tin Killer and Antleeptlo Combine* 4l
For rhemnatlem. nearaltfa. .umbere ]
id and swollen Jotntt, oorna bunlena; -mm
winterer thepfln mey be, tfle euMH
be without en equal. For eutas^H
rne, bruises, eore throat, orouft H
phtheria and tonsflltta It haa MKj|
Lj . .HuNn inmst no aulh MH
1U1U lUUSk OUOVMI u< ? mm .m
tute. This great oil la fold on rod
lor only. There Is nothing like It
?i7 hotlo guaranteed. 26 and 64 ?
nts, or money refunded by leading
ugglsta. Crane's drag store.
. 1
More Eggs I
Better Poultry H
Tou can put your poultry la I J
healthy, vigorous condition anjl I
increase your egg production I
and profits by using '" ; I I
Tonic ?
Not a food?all pure medldno
mixed once a day with feed, %'lm
thousands of poultrymen have % I
proved It a successful regulator. ClB
Drug Store 1
Write it on your Cuffl "
Jot it Down in the v fl
looseI-Plea? j fl
x {
The ideal way to make I
memoranda and carry inormation
that you need I
requently. Covers last
or years. Sheets can be
htained anytime, ruled
i six styles. \
Bound in handsome duable
Black Morocco, with ..
ted Leather Index that
nables^ou to find what
ou want instantly.
Fairmont Printing & I
Publishing Co fl
Ik-Overs for Men
:ally illustrate the surf
builders at the Walk
able elegance about this
11 appreciate as soon as U ;
;o $7.50. jOther grades
v. . r
eton" Shoes
8aa:m??s:aK9m9?gKK8iM8B iv
inking success. This bank la 1
tallowing list of directors wh? I
e of the publlo in Its success* ' 'M
Purbee ' 0. E. Hutchinson
jrmond E. C. Jones
W. 8. Meredith
Blman Duncan Sinclair

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