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I t 'Elttelmrgh 1
PITTSBURGH, May 4^-Tbere was
a moderate Increase In business on the
K1 ' Pittsburgh Stock Exchange, but it was
all at the expense of values. With a
I - "/ few exceptions, net changes were confined
to fractions, but In virtually ev?
ery Instance the market closed at the
lowest of the day,
K American Window Glass Machine
B. . preferred and La Belle Iron common
"wero each $1 lower, and Columbia Gas
Bfc - and Electric at *0% was off 1% points.
uu ana gaa stocas were less acuvo
and closed % to % lower.
Sales. High. tow. i
300 A W G Macb... 52% 52%
95 Do preferred... 97 96
200 Cable Coiisol M. .07 .07
|W ; 200 Caney River G.. 48% 48%
15 Col O & E 40% 40%
280 Fireproof ?... 6% 0
600 Gold Bar Mining JO .30
24 H-W Refrac pf.. 106% 106%
160 Ind Brew 2% 2%
26 Do preferred... 10% 10%
65 UBelleUon.... 90 90
if- 70MfrsL4H 68% 68%
1,900 Ml Shasta 68 .51
SO Ohio Fuel Oil ... 20 19%
30 Ohio Puel Supply 49% 49%
160 VR R 62%, 62%
M0 P*J. Copper 52 .52
W& 471 Furo Oil .'. 22% 22%
180 U 8 Steel 114% 114%
15 W P T-W'P pf.. 74% 74%
270 Weel Airbrake.. 117% 116%
840 We? Electric . .. 48 47% i
j? "30 I
Grain and Produoe,
i .. i
CHICAGO, May 4.?Loftiest prices !
yet in the wheat market here resulted
. ,yesterday from purchases that appear- ,
ed to be largely (or seaboard account
and that follqwed announcement of arrangements
which seemed to indicate
the'fillure of censorship methods to ;
keep down'quotations at Winnipeg.
The market here closed nervous 3ft
cents to 10ft cents net higher, with
, May at $2.80 and July at $2.25% @ i
r 2.26 ft. Corn gained 1ft cents to 2%
cents and oats ft cent to ft cent. In i
provisions the outcome was a setback '
of 5 cents to 50 cents.
Open. Close, i
$2.75 $2.80
July 2.22 2.25% i
September 1.89 1.90ft i
Corn?: l
May 1.50ft 1.52%
July 1.44 1.44ft
Oats? (
May 68 ft .68ft ,
July 64% .64% j
| New York j j
, j
NEW YORK, May 4.?Constant liqui- J
Viifrh.erndfl securities accom
ffjv panted the weak tone of yesterday's!
I stock market. Although the movement I
." lacked mcist of the frenzied features .
which characterized Bimilar reversals
of the past few months, the reaction
I. was none the less impressive.
I As was to be expected from the dlsI
cour&glng tenor of overnight advices,
the selling movement was materially i
aided by an aggressive Bhort Interest, (
I which concentrated Its attacks, as hereI
tofore, upon such potential leaders as
B* United States Steel and the many vo-|1
Utile Issues comprising the several 1
war groups. ,
I * Forty Hours at |
I . Grant Town Church 1
Beginning with this morning at '
I eight o'clock the Catholic church at f
Grant Town will observe the iorty
I hours devotions. Rev. Frances L. McFadden,
rector of the church, is conducting
tho services. The devotions
will conclude with High muss ou Sun- '
day morning at ten o'clock. Ail dur- i
lng the mouth of May short evening da- !
Votlcni will be hold at 7:30 o'clock. 1
I i On Wednesday of next w.jek B'shop j
I Donahue, of Wheeling, will vMt the
church at Grant Town and administer
confirmation to a ciosb 01 conuiou.
Many Exempt From Vaccination.
I It has been stated that one-half the 1
I children borh In the British Isles are 1
I never vucclnated, the greater number 1
' being exempted by a declaration of t
conscientious objection made by the
Had Fairly Good Hold.
"Has Jimson ever had much of a ''
I hold on you?" "He succeeded In pull- 1
lng my leg. once ["?Judge. J
i'"" 'LzLzj*
HrI flpiljijjljjjjjjiljj^^
hwsir'T^tt w'tmrtn . , , <
Baby-chuckles originated as an aid
ia& New York, In order that mothers ol tl r
(Ml and flea. f
I The late completion* in the Wast
Virginia fields made a Terr Poor
showing. In Lincoln rlstrlct, 1>ler
county, located In old territory, a.
poyle k Co. drilled a test' on the
Christy Schriver larm uunagu lne
Keener sand, developing a very light
show of oil. On Traders run, Grant
district, Wetzel county, the South Perm
Oil company has drilled a test on the
Robinson Improvement company's
property through the Gordon sand, it
is located in old territory and is showing
for a 10-barrel pumper.
In Union district. Wood county, o.
G. Quick & Co., after a prolonged fishing
job at a test on the Grlbble heirs'
farm, have succeeded in drilling It into
the Berea grit and it is showing for a
five barrel pumper. In Walker district.
Byers & Co. are due in the Berea
grit at a test on the Eigie Grant farm.
In Williams district, the Four Bills
Oil company is due in the sand at a
test on the L. G. Stevens farm.'
A large silk flag will float soon infront
of the National Biscuit agency
on Jackson street The National Bis*
cult company has allotted to each of
its many agencies twenty dollars with
which to purchase flags and the agencies
all over the country are ipaklng
patriotic displays. Owing to the net
work of wires in front of the local
agency some difficulty is anticipated
In banging me nag mo ? , ?
will make an effective display, but
it will probably be suspended across
the street above the wires with the
field of stars pointing towards the east
according to the standard regulations
governing the display of the United
States flag.
Fertilizer, which was ordered by the
Marion County Farm Bureau, has not
yet all arrived although freight agents
all along the line have been ordered
by the government to ruBh the ship,
ment. A large order for crushed 'line
stone, to be used by the farmers of
this county, has been cancelled by the
Standard Limestone company, a targe
corporation in Virginia, because it wae
found to be impossible to procure cars
for the shipment.
A new Buick "heavy six" was seen
on the streets this morning and received
many favorable comments from
local motorists. The new model Is
smaller and lighter than the old six"
and embodies many new features anu
improvements. Local agencies were
Informed some time ago that the new
model would not be out before July 1,
out It Is probable that local shipments
will be received before that time.
Peter Tush Fatally
Injured in Mines
? -A - ?
Pete Tusn, agea i# a wi?ieuei
siding at Monongah who succumbed
:o Injuries received In the mines there
when he was caught between cars at
the mines while at work, was brought
here on the twelve o'clock car last
light and taken to the Cunningham
norgue where it was prepared for
lurial. The man was single and bag
i brother, George Tush, residing In
'his vicinity and several other relalives
here and at Rlchwood. No fulerai
arrangements have been made
jut the funeral will take place from
3t. Joseph's Catholic church.
The Only Way.
"I'm thinking seriously of starting a
novlng picture theater," "Well, there's
good money in that business." "It
Isn't the money I'm after. But I would
like to see my wife and children once
In a while."
Doomed to Uncertainty.
Helen?"Did Florence marry ber
Ideal ?"' Gertrude?"The poor girl
will never know." Helen?"Why I"
Gertrude?"Her ideal Is a man who
would not marry again even If his wife
should die."?Judge.
Carrier Swift Flyer.
It Is estimated that in calm weather
a carrier pigeon can fly at the rate of
1,200 yards a minute; with the help of
u moderate wind It will attain a speed
of 1,540 yards, and before a strong
wind 2,000 yards.
to Bill; Sunday, now ovangellzlng
i; tots may hear Bllly'e sermon* with"
rbt disturb the audleno%
The wots of J>?rgoip ere dag Lste ii
the fall and stored In cellars or pits
much as cabbage U, or else allowed t
remain where they are grown and ar
dug as- required for use. The latte
way is all rigbt unless the groom
Tha seeds 0f parsnips should b
sown now, if you have not already don
so, in rows 18 inches apart The plant
should later be thinned to stand
inches apart in the row. A rich sol
with frequent cultivation is necessar;
for success with this crop.
The roots ere boiled until tender am
cut in slices and browned in butter o
roasted with meat in the same we;
that potatoes areCarrots
are cultivated In practical!
the same way as parsnips but are no
thinned so much and are allowed t
grow almost as thickly as planted
Those hot used daring the summe
are dug is the aututnn and stored li
the spine manner as parsnips or tui
Sow radish seed in the same rot
that you sow parsnips or carrots as thi
latter are slow of germination and thi
In the Cine Committee of the V,
$200 in Cash Priz<
"You Win i
Kindly enter my name for the
Flower "Sard Prises.
I agre? to do all xny own work.
- . - _ii .. ----CLASS
Kindly enter my name for the
Flower Garden Prizes.
I agree to do a portion of my
own work.
Address j
Kindly enter my name tor theVegetable
Garden Prizes.
I will maintain hired help.
"Make Your Neighbors
Clip Out This C
First Street, I
By virtue of a Deed of Trust execut
ed by Florence ft. Phillips and Jamet
W. Phillips, her husband, to Charle?
Lively, trustee, dated December 20
191 fi and recorded In the office o( the
clerk of the County Court of Marlon
county, Wegt Virginia, in Trust Deeo
Book No. 42, page 267, to secure Fair
mont Building and Loan Association
the payment of the sum of One Thou
sand Six Hundred 3nd Ninety Dollar;
($1,090.00) and certain premium and
Interest therein, and fully mentioned
and described In said Deed of Trust
and default having been made In tn<
payment'thereof, and being requested
so to do by gald Fairmont Building anc
Loan,. Association, the undersigned
Trustee will, on Saturday, the 26tt
day of May, 1017, commencing at twr
o'clock p- m? offer for sale and sell, al
the Bast lront door of the Court Houst
of said Marlon county, West Virginia
by way of public auction and to thf
highest bidder, the property conveyed
9 Investing Sn
T7OR thoM with 1
M r recommend ??c
hi ?ylvania Railra
jgffl Corporation Pfd. and
Mil with record* often ye
IWl j
order to buy, even tl
.involved. Orderssu<
-W m
"*? attention a* orders hi
Anyone with investme
butjofM man, can
rehabtlitr. Write or
Moore, Leor
M ??*?!&:
akj IIMEidJri^ I
IHH^H/ y_^^// ffl \ B
// //I \l
jj ^._ iy^/ Jff ///5 1
iun I "" nvf
. radishes come up in a tew days martr
lng the row so "that you can begin hoei
lng the parsnips and carrots before
v they are out ot the ground. Radish
seed should be scattered about 3 or
7 i inches in the row, and should he
3 pulled up as soon as large enough to
? eat.
'oman's Club City Beautiful Contest
;s Absolutely Free-*
if You Lose."
J Kindly enter my name for the
I Vegetable Garden Prizes.
j I agree to do all my own work.
Name j
Address j
? ?
Kindly enter my name tor the
Vegetable Garden Prizes.
I agree to do a portion ot my
own work.
Address 1
Kindly enter my name for the ]
Flower Garden prizes. i
I will maintain hired help. 1
Name j
Address ' i
.. ?. j I
Sit Up and Take Notice" j
oupon and Mall to 1
'alrmont, W. Va.
by said Deed of Trust; said property
consisting of a certain lot together
with certain improvements, situate in
the city of Fairmont, Marion county,
West Virginia, in the Third ward of
said city, formerly Barnsville, on
Pennsylvania avenue, formerly tho
Maryland & Ohio river turnpike and
bounded and described as follows, towit:
Beginning at a stake in tie middle of !
said avenue (formerly turnpike) and
at the junction of First Street laid om,
by Jamoe F. Barns through his lands
and with said avenue (formerly turnpike)
in a southerly direction a dlatanre
of 50 min. to the line of property
of C. C. Everson; thence north east
with the Everson line 140 min. to a i
stake; thence in a north westerly di- i
rection in a line parallel with said ave- I
nue (formerly turnpike) 60 min. to a
stake in Bald First street and with
the same 140 min. west to the begtn'
ning, excepting all the coal and mining
[ rights thereto pertaining in, upon and
uaaerying eaia lut, una uciug me uuae
real eBtate which was conveyed to.the
said Florence E. Phillips by Thomas J. .
Hess and wife to deed dated January
19,1916, and recorded in the clerk's o(.
flee of said County Court in Deed Book
No. 207, page 189.
Terms of Sale: All cash on day of
May 4-11-18-25 / Trustee.
nail Amounts p
mall sums to invest, we x
h stock issues as Penn- C 8
w. United btates ateel IVa
other ttandard tecuritiet LJ
ut or more of contwter* Ipj
V e will gladly accept any k~3
boueh only one thare it i H
:h at thete are entitled to kjj
.ctly die tame careful IO
indtedt of timet large* [pi
Dt experience, banker or [wl
tdvite you at to our [ffl,
call m.
iard & Lynch M
4 Htuitrtk, Ckiatt, IO
Sttti Erciufif U
1U tnumr, New York fojj
^one day each*week? Apply 110 Bfc
Ida* ttnk. " ?#ft No.*Ml?
By virtue of the authority vested in
me by decree ot the Intermediate Court
ot Barton county, Vest Virginia entered
on the 11th day ol April, 1917, in
.n?. ai l. ai. i ' * * -
a wu#? uierem ponumg in wnicn jonn
W. Shaw and Benjamin F. Brown, executors,
etc., are plaintiffs and Morris
F. Brows and others are defendants,
i, the undersigned special commissioner
ot said court will offer for
sale and will sell at public auction, to
the highest bidder, at the front door
(ft the court house of Marion county,
on Saturday, the Stb day of May, 1917,
at the hour of 10 o'clock an m., all the
following described real estate, to-wlt,
all that certain tract of land with dwelling
house and other improvements
thereon, situate In Union district, said
Marlon county, bounded as follows:
Beginning at a stone by the road corner
to land formerly owned by Henry
M. Ross and running with his line N.
84# E. 68 poles to stone;'thence S.
14 W. 47% poles to stone; thence S.
84# E. 83 poles to stone by road;
thence S. 20 W- 94# poles to stone In
a line of Curry and thence with the
same N. 25 W.100 poles to thd beginning,
containing 28 acres and 20 rods;
and being the same land conveyed to
Elisabeth Brown by B. F. Brown, by
deed dated November 30,1892, and recorded
in deed book No. 102 page 360.
Terms of 8ale.
The said land will be sold for onethird
of the purchase money and as
much more as the purchaser may elect
to pay, cash on day ot sale ana me
residue, on a credit ot olie and two
years, in two equal payments with Interest
from day ot sale.
harry shaw,
Special Commissioner.
I, W. S. Black, Clerk of said court,
certify that the above named special
commissioner has given the bond required
of him before making said sale
above advertised.
Clerk of the Intermediate Court of
Marlon County, West Virginia.
Apr. 13-20-27 May 4
the public service commission
of west virginia. ...
a meeting of the publc service
commission op west Virginia,
held on the 23d day of April, a. D. 1917,
? ?
Cose No. 576.
COMPANY, Application to
change rates for supplying natural
gas in Marlon county.
Whereas application to cnange rates
tor supplying natural gas in Marion
county. West Virginia, has this day
been filed by the Monongahela Valley
Traction Company, it is hereby ordered
that leave be granted to any person
Interested to file objection thereto be-'
tore the Commission at any time on or
before the 28th day of May, 1917, and
this matter be set down for hearing at
i meeting of the Commission to be held
it its office in the Capitol Building, in
the city of Charleston, on the said 28th
lay of May, 1917, at two o'clock p. m.
it which time any person may appear
ind make such objection as may be
ieemed proper.
It is further ordered that the appll:ant
publish a copy of this order once
sach week for four successive weeks in
(Wo newspapers of opposite politics
>nd of general circulation, if such there
3e, in the county of Marion, and a copy
3f this order and said proposed rates
>e posted for public inspection at two
lonsplcuouB places in the city of Fairnont,
West Virginia, for four successive
weeks prior to May 28, 1917, and
(hat due return thereof be made to ihis
A Copy. Teste:
fSigned) B. B. BERNHEIM.
Apr 27, May 4-11-18 Secretary.
New, Rebuilt and Manufactured.
We have all makes?such as Unler-woods,
L. C. Smith Bros., Remngtons,
Royals, Monarchs, Oliver &
Quality Our Prices Are Lowest
For fulther information write
imwtejs sues und am to.
631 Main 8treet, Cincinnati, 0,
__ _ V
| Why Have a Check|
ing Account?
0 Because It bring* system ?
9 to your business, establishes ftj
| your credit, enables you to H
1 keep a record of all pay- H
m rnents made by check?and H
] last?, proclaims you as a man ij
B ot business among people and 9
B firms with whom you deal. ||
S Let us handle your check- jfi
9 Ing account. 9
I Directly a'croee the "tree1
I from our former location, h
LABORERS wanted. Steady employ
nient Apply Fairmont Mining Ma
chlnery Co. 4-26-dt No. 226
WANTED?Laborers and carpenter
for railroad construction work. Aj
ply or write A. L. Anderson & Bros.
Inc., Worthlngton, W. Vs.
1 4-28-6t No 227:
WANTED?A young man having threi
; years'experience in office work de
' sires a clerical position with a grow
lng business. I can give excellent rel
erences. Address 2320 West Va.
6-2-lt No. 2321
FOR SALE?Motor trhck. Apply Wal
ter and Hylasd, First street am
Fairmont avenue. 4-28-tf Vlo 227:
FOR SALE?Fresh milk cow. Appl;
804 Locust avenue. 6-1-61 No 2301
FOR SALE?Full colonies pure Ital
lan bees. Langstroth hives. Fin<
stock, $5 each. Can ship by trolley oi
ralL L. H. Robey, Worthlngton, Wes
Virginia. 5-2-4t No 2314
FOR SALE?6-horae steam powei
Gelser traction engine with sawmll
attached, about 1-3 original price. Wit
exchange tor small automobile, Fort
roadster preferred. J. F. DeMoss
Thornton, W. Va. 5-4-2t No 232.
WANTEI>?Sewing of all kinds. Prices
reasonable. 133 Chestnut street.
4-23-26t No 2241
WANTED?To buy second hand Fort
touring car. Must be in good condi
tion and cheap. Bell phone 16 W.
5-2-3t No. 2315.
FOR RENT?July lBt, entire second
floor, north half Skinner building.
Will be fitted up for offices to suit desirable
tenant or tenants. Michael
'Powell. / 4-28-tf No. 2273
FOR RENT?4-room apartment, with
bath and modern conveniences. Cor.
4th St. and Walnut Ave. Apply to 423
Fairmont Ave. 6-3-tf No. 2313
Snodes Station, six miles from Alll
ance, Ohio, on Pennsylvania line
Good eight-room house, large and small
barns, corn crib, chickery and chick
en run. All buildings under slate
roof. Young orchard of choice fruit
Excellent pasture and farming lands
New fileds cleared. Right at. sta
tion. Owners has died and widow
wishes to sell on easy terms. Address
David Fording, Alliance, 0., or Mrs
Libbie J. Shaffer, Beloit, 0.
5-2-3t No 2313
FARMS FOR SALE?NO. 6, 157 acres
modern house and outbuildings; 20
acres meadow, 90 acres blue grass
pasture; 10 acres orchard; price 35,'
000 cash. NO. 8, 55 acres, good buildings;
15 acres meadow; 28 acres pasture;
two veins coal; price 31,400, 3600
down. NO. 10, 58 acres, good buildings;
11 acres meadow; 35 acres pasture;
good orchard; 31400, 3700 down.
NO. 11, 145 acres, good buildings; 30
acres meadow; 90 acres pasture; large
orchard; 84200, 82500 down. NO. 12,
84 acres, good buildings; 15 acres meadow;
50 acres pasture; good orchard;
price 82500, 81500 down. Casey &
Michael Farm Agency, Harrisonvilie,
Meigs county, 0. 5-4-lt No 2324
FOR BALE?Rich, level, Ohio farms.
Hit nfiKaa fi.rnnm Vinnao O Hatnc
vi av>i CO) u*viv/au uuusoi m uh> u?i
fruits, pike, $4500. 100, 104, 132, 195
acres, Improved, on good roads, close
to town, $50 to $80 per acre. Write
us for bargains in farms. Ellco Realty
Co., 185% Main street, Columbus. O.
5-4-12t No 2323
f "j
The Subject of
Universal Praise
1 The Federal Reserve Banking
System is now the sub- f
ject of universal prpise.
It meanB a distribution ov- fi
er the country of a wealth il
that was otherwise hoarded (|
In a few centers.
It means an enormous additional
reserve fund at hand
for the National Bank of Fair |
mont. It is a large "Quick 1 <
It is the kind of a business
partner you should select
I Both saving and Commercial :
Departments are ^pen to 1
Fairmont MKntp
; ==
' '
II 2
| A a ?? ?lk l??^^Vw
A w'^J: V FV rv f I ' |^ ~J| | ^1%, y
PT.Irj"H'? ..^m. nnnw^aBiaiaB
floor opportunity Buy 'vUbH^h
. Magna Copper at 60c. Acttve^j^H
i trading starta Monday, April 2d. WlmH
for particulars Harry
, change Place, New York.
YOP can easily make $6.061
introducing a widely idTertiMoHj^H
' grade article, needed
; .\o capital required. sample nni^H
free.' Valley Sales Co., P. 0.
D =====j=s====s^^H^^^B
. FOR^jENT^-6^oomTframehouIS^^^H
avenue., Brooks S. Hutchinson,1MM
1 Phone 986 and 176. 8-ll*tt Nk H|
i ?
FOR RENT?6 rooms and
ond floor of private residen^^^H
venlent, rent reasonable. Appm^H
: FOR SALE?Four room nouse with
, FOR SALE?Modern frame sfrjflmjfl
house. Hot and cold wattii^^H
80x100. Shop in rear. Price
. C. 0. Reed, 219 Norval street, IKhI
mont- 6-l-6t No HKfl
FOR RENT?F^irnlBhedKcmstorSfll
and wife or two men. Aamj^^^l
Grafton street 4-24-12t No
i FOR RENT ?Rooms tor llshtmljl
keeping at 427 Qulncjr St. B|^|
: phohe 403-M. 5-4-3t No.
company ot Belialra, 0., has
| to loan on desirable real estate. JHM
Paul Q. Armstrong. Attorney, fjQKN
: Trust Bldg., 7tb Floor, Fairmont Iran
, Va. " IfflH
MONEY to loan at semi-annual lfil
est on "improved city real oati^H
I Qive location and description of prcB|9
erty. Address Box 878 FainiuH
i 4-28-tf
Expert shorthand and typewrif^^l
i Letter writing, legal and copying woBH
i Depositions and Stenographing
Reporting a Specialty. M
1. F. CHAPMAN, jj
Second Floor Haymond BufljnjjH
227 Jefferson St., Fairmont,
Bell Phone 681.
experience. Glasses turn?^^^^^^|
one hour.. With
A R Cnntt itV Pnn.no.fll
3 Representing Nubone Corset!.^
| Bell W J 826 Mcmroe
Glasses of all
fitted. Sa'isfactlon gttarantaMM
Hall Block over Martln'a JlnHH
? ? m-wv
In answdrihg blind "stS^^I
The West Virginian claio|^H
columns, please be cenM^^I
use the precise addreasjSi^^^B
the adv. Write the. adlg^H
plainly. Letters brought toMHH
West Virginian office
aulre stamps. Always' inou^H
your answers in sealed gBjjjKM
lopes. Advertisers or othertfffijgll
auiring about classiffetyflH
oust designate the ad. noifH^H
at the end.ot thejuL, as we
oo other means at retsn^H
to It
Telephones |
Bell 1105
*' ' '?
* 'v.'*''

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