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j fcvening Chat |
|, 1 Uncle Blllle Branson says,
! } He's jist a leetle old
J / To shoulder up a musket,
KJ ' And stand out in the cold,
i A waltln' fer the Oermans,
wk But He's ready fer to fight,
EwHt'i lit before, kin fight agin,
|l 1 Fer what e thinks Is right;
gl. He ain't the klnda feller
|Sjr;;V That'll stand around and brag,
HsLl But ye better not express yerself
I; Br Uncle Blll'll swat ye,
. And He ain't a keerln' much,
^Whether ye we French er Irish,
Scandinavian er Dutch;
Uncle Blllle wore the grey,
.The time He tit before,
But says He'll put the kh^kl on
If he tights euy more,
And He'll shoulder up the Stars
And Stripes, and march
Bight up the hill,
And stand an' let 'em shoot at Him?
Hurray fer Uncle Bill.
. Shrewsbury Miller, city engineer,
who has been very busy of late figuring
of perfecting some Ideas he had
,'ljr relative to the stoppage of submarine
'? torpedoes, has announced that he will
now concentrate his efforts on a net
| v Which on paper seems to have qualities
no net now In use has. Descrlp-j
ftlons of the new Invention have been
' withheld temporarily. Other lnven-1
tionB of Mr. Miller's are a positively;
aa#a.fivim .ah oil a nhin construction. a I
. UM?V wuj ?uww r
Til torpedo capable of steering Itself and
tU a method of getting more horsepower
r out of a waterfalls or a dam than ever
before imagined.
;i Irreconcilable.
J They had Just finished their first
Quarrel, subsequent to the honeymoon,
and she was In tears. "If," she sobbed.
i| If you had had the tiniest sparlt of
I lore for me you would never have mary
rted me!"
1 Quite a Shock.
' "Ton say that Miss Oldstyle'ls suf;
I ferlng from severe mental shock?
i What caused It?" "Why, she's been
claiming that she's only twenty-eight'
' fears old and then somebody found her
', name in one. of those '80-Ycars Ago'
I columns In the newspapers."
t i ? ~\
[/ , / * REPORT S. S. UNION.
!/ Avr. Att. Per
/ Att. May Cent
I Year C. of
; Oct.. 1917 Gain
I, j 1916
1 , First M. E 503 557 11
/1 I Diamond St M. E 337. 325
" ' ' C-..4V. 1?Q? I SO
| fy I IU. AW *?.
t ; Presbyterian 260 201
i I First M. P 185 186 1
[ J I First Baptist 278 294 6
I / / Palatine Baptist 172 17G 2
n- Christian 187 109
Ij / Lutheran 90 86
7 The attandance yesterday was b?->
I I low the average. Cold weather for j
[ '' summer time may have had sotueching j
0 to do with It. Since next Sunday Is j
it Mother's day. we want to make this a j
iwSjr cood day for the schools of the city. |
r f.
Mrs. Rosa Kline, of Pittsburgh, who
' had~been the guest of her son, S. G.
j Kline, and family on Fairmont ave)
nue, will return home tomorrow.
Mrs. S. G. Kline and son, Richard,
wll go to Wheeling tomorrow where
the later is under treatment in a
* Wheeling hospital.
)J. H. Rowand has returned from
New York where he had spent the last
t two weeks buying for the J. M. Hartley
and Sons company store.
H. G. Greer, of Terra Alta, Rpent
Sunday here with his family on Quincy
Mrs. W. J. Carson returned last
night from Zanesvllle. 0., where she
r had spent the last several weeks with
Miss Grace Flanagan who had been
til of tonsmtis at her home In Grafton,
}|> has recovered and returned here yes;'[
Dr. H. G. Stoetzer went to Buckhannon
this morning to attend the
funeral there today of Mrs. Jacob
Heavener. Dr. Stoetzer assisted with
the services which were conducted
by Dr. H. C. Howard, formerly of this
city now pastor of the M. E. church
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hawkins & fam*
lly, formerly of this city, have returned
here to reside. For the last two
. years they had resided In Jeannette
' and Greensburg, Pa.,
Miss Lee McKlnney has returned
from a visit with relatives in BloomIngsdale,
0., and Wheeling.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Grimm are the
/ guests of relatives In St. Marys, W.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Connolly and children,
of Littleton, were visitors In
| the city Friday and Saturday en route
J to Clarksburg to visit friends.
Mrs. A. H. Hunsaker, who had been
a patient in the West Penn hospital in
THtfnhnrrh retiirnprt hnmn lust nleht.
Mr. Hunsaker and Bister, Miss Bess
Hunsaker, spent yesterday there and
accompanied her home. Mr. and Mrs.
Hunsaker's little daughter had been
with relatives In Pittsburgh.
M. T. Brannon, ot Olenvllle, Is 111
' at the home ot his daughter, Mrs.
Hugh F. Smith, where he has been
a, guest for several months.
Miss Neva Fltzhugh spent the weekend
with relatives in Mannlngton.
L Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Besson, of Annai
belle, were visitors In the city Satur
w ?day afternoon.
KKU Mrs. W. E. Arnett went to Parkers1
burg last wek where she Is the guest
of her daughter, Mrs. C. B. Chancellor,
and Mrs. John Peppers.
Iv. Miss Hasel Show, of East Park aveI
f one, has returned from Pittsburgh
( "' where she spent several days.
- ' .Misses Lucile and Virginia Lough
spending a few days In Terra Alta,
?.. ' as the guests of MIsb Marvin Bishop.
^ i-Mrs. Blanche Shroyer and son, Edinward,
have retut-ned from Akron, Ohio,
0,where they had spent several weeks
I jRwlth the former's brother, Harry
| Sturm and family.
$pars. Ralph Weber and children who
J had been the guests for several days
Rsj&tbe Misses Elizabeth and Nannie
jjaWeber, have returned to their home In
^Sr/W.' F. Dlfflnduffer, of Pittsburgh,
spent the week-end with friends In the
I j .. :
Those Texas society girls want I .
learning the art of flying in the school
U. D. C. Meeting. i
The Robert E. Lee Chapter of the 1
United Daughters of the Confederacy '
will meet on Tuesday evening at 8 '
o'clock in regular session at the home '
of Mrs. A. F. Peddlcord, on Main I
street. I
* i
Mite Box Opening
The annual Mite Box opening of the j
Woman's Home Missionary society of (
the First M. E. church will be held ]
Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at j
the church. Other business of im- j
portance will also be transacted. The
hostesses will be Mrs. W. J. Boydston ]
and Mrs. Samuel Leeper. i
? ? ? ]
Young Ladies'. Aid Tonight
The Young Ladies' Aid society of
the M. Pj Temple will meet tonight
at 7:30 o'clock at the church. s
* * * * (
Altar Guild Meets' i
The Altar Guild of Christ P. E. 1
thin nfff?rnnon at the I
home of Mrs. Arthur G. Martin on Wat- 1
son avenue. I
? ? *
Presbyterian Legion to Meet
A called meeting of the Presbyterian
Legion society will he held tonight
at the home of the Misses Jeanettc
and Caroline Bright on Jackson street.
Business of importance will he trans- (
acted and members are urged to attend.
* * *
To Hold Social
The Keystone class of the First <
Baptist Sunday school will entertain <
a number of friends at a social on i
Tuesday evening at the church. Hus- I
bands and men friends of the members
have been invited to attend the event.
? ?
With Miss Fisher i
Tho World Wide Guild of the First
Baptist church will meet on Tuesday 1
evening at 7:30 o'clock at the homo {
of Miss Beatrice Fishor on Plerpont 1
avenue. 1
Missionary Program
- - ? -O xu ? J
The regular montnly meeting 01 uib
Missionary society of the Williams
Memorial M. E. church will bo held
on Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock
at the home of Mrs. It. A. Watts 011 '
Pierpont avenue. On account of the J
length of the program participants :
will be limited to five minutes time.
The program is as follows: |
Bible lession, "Follow Christ in Self- 1
Giving." St. Mark 10:45; I John 3:10. '
Leader, Mrs. Ward M. Downs. Pray- 1
cr for the "Real Self-Sacrifice," Mrs.
! Henner. Hymn. "Consepration," 352. 1
Business session. Council News, Mrs. i
F. S. Follltt. Prayer for "Blacks in
Africa," Mrs. Ellen Straight. "Size
GIL v ^BS^]
A group of French officers and sail- 1
ora In New York became heroes1 of
girls working In the business section.
One pretty girl worker is here shown
pinning flowers on a sailor's coat.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years !
lervo Uncle Sam as aviators and are
near Houston, Texas.
st Africa," Mrs. L. C. Bolce. "The
White Man Who Would Go On." (Tribite
to David Livingston). Mrs. J. P.
?hlllil>s. "Planting the Gospel in the
Belgian Congo," Miss Ethel Ice. Impersonation
of Missionaries ready to
;o to Central Africa, but detained by
var, Miss Stella Tibbs, Miss Gertrude
"reel. Presentation of Chart, Miss
Esser Hoffman. Vocal solo, "Take
lly Life," Miss Minnie Remwald. Praysr,
Mrs. Rice. "Africa at Home," Mrs.
I. T. Webb. "What Our Church is Dong
for Our Brother in Black." Mrs. W.
D. Straight. "Thy Neighbor As Thyself,"
Miss Ella Straight. Prayer for
[Backseat Home, Miss Bouney. Closng
recital. "Old Negro's Prayer," Mrs,
P. S. Pollltt.
? ? * *
Attended Golden Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. George Decker and
ion, Russell, went to Cumberland, Md.,
>11 Saturday where they attended the
[loldeu wedding anniversary of Mr. >
Uecker'3 parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Becker, which was celebrated at their
home on Sunday. They will return
lome tomorrow evening.
Run Down and Feeble?Made Strong
By Vinol.
So many people in Fairmont and virility
are in Mrs. NVickersham's con'
lition we ask you to call at our stora
ind get a bottle of Vinol, and if it fail!
to benefit we will return your money.
In her eighty-second year Mrs. John
ft'ickersiiam. of Russell ville, Pa., says:
'I was in a run-down, feeble condition
ind had lost flesh. A neighbor asketf
ne to try Vinol, and after taking two
jotties my strength returned; I am
;aining in flesh, it has built up my
health and I am feeling fine for a wohan
of my age. so I get around and do
ny housework."
The reason Vinol was no successful
In Mrs. Wickershara's case was bemuse
it contains beef and cod liver
peptones, iron and manganese pepto
tates ana giyceropnospnates, tue very
dements needed to build up a weakened
run-down system and create
Right here in Fairmont we have seen
such excellent results from Vinol that
:t is a pleasure to know it is doing so
much good for old people In other parta
3f the country.
Crane's drug store, Fairmont; Prescription
Pharmacy, Mannington.
On* package prove* it. Sold and
guaranteed.by. abort-Vlnol druggie U
Horn nine
Able to do Housework by
taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Springfield, Mass. ?"After the birth
of my ninth baby I was in a weak, run
?? down condition, had
pains in my leftside,
sol would faint often.
My doctor advised
me to try
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
I did so,
and gained in
strength so I can
now do all my own
house work and I
hope you may publish
my experience
with your Compound for die benefit of
other mothers." ? Madame Eugene
Bedard. 658 Main Street, Springfield,
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com.
pound is so successful in overcoming
woman's ills because it contains the
tonic, strengthening properties of good
old fashioned roots and herbs, which act
on the female organism. W omen from
all parts of the country are continually
testifying to its strengthening, curative
If you want special advice write
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential),
Lynn, Mass. Your letter will
be opened, wL and answered by _
. f . **
"My house in summei
just now, who are en
The outline of the
First?to put a\A
Second?to get
Third ?to screei
ture and other
In all these things t
every hot weather co
your command, and i
Yours foi
Flies Won't Ec
They Can'i
With every window and do
that abomination, the fly,
pestiferousnfess, the m<
on the outside and not on
home. These screens will
thing but fresh air, are str
Window screens, 15 by 33
45 inch size, 25c to 60c.
Headquarters J
With the family health
partly dependent upon it,
the wise housewife chooses
her refrigerator from a
hygienic as well as an eco
1 -i.
nomicai suuiupumu
Hartley refrigerators are
the result of years of in- j
vestigation and experi- j
ence?we don't know of
any better.
The Bohn Syphon, the
Automatic and the McKee
refrigerators are good refrigerators.
Prices $10.75
to $70. (Fifth Floor)
The Feminine Armies Mo
cleaning Will Find Thei
At $1.25 and $1.50 gingham house
colors, with bits of hand-smocklng i
At $2.50 to $3.00, come the fine B
gingham and percale In stripes and
oj embroidery or lace collars and ci
.Aprons in m?ny different styles
"overall" aprons so well liked.
Now Is Curt
And We Have a Splen
Prices ai
To the best of our knowledgi
large a stock and in spite of
our prices are as low as price
Scrim, marquisette, voile and
a wide range of designs, 60c
The materials can be bought
Cretonnes in the prettiest pat
ations we have ever shown, 1
Curtain S
beginning Tuesdaj
211 pairs ot curtains, 17 patterns, 21
and cream?one pattern a voile 86 lnc
Inch filet Insertion hemstitched and si
Marquisette yardg long, white with
2-lnch lace edges; the other 1 Spatten
(Third Flo
Rustic Porch
and a splendid collection of ri
niture ready to make delight
Rustic porch Rockertt and chairs ol
bark, J8.7B to ?o.ou.
Rustic settee 16.75*
Rustic swing, flO.O?.
Rustic flower-box stands, 8 feet long
Flower-bo*. stands In reed, mahogai
Hanging flower-boxes, rustlo or fibre,
(Fifth Flo
Also flower boxes to set} Apt on edge
long, 60c to 90s.
Porch Rocker i
Made of selected hard wood,!
and reedj seat. Special atfl8<
, i '
for our feathered friends should not
And the birds are the friends of the f
Houses, 15c to 40c.
c Roshrffl-w &rw> frl
W U \^V(M\!9U Jf ii, Wtt
cleaning 1
r order" is the motto of thou
listed in that great national <
campaign, so far as most v
ray the winter clothes, blan
the house thoroughly clean
n doors and windows and
warm weather comforts.
be Hartley Store will help,
mfort that our years of exi
: ,*o rW
apilllg UUUOLULUlllug 10 HUl
r an Absolutely Clea
Here are
ntheir You if Jeips wh
t Get Inl least?effo
ior properly screened,
and his close kin in tDsquito
will buzz , w IT!U<
the inside of your c/ean
keep out most every- <=s> !?(
ong and well made. ^,/lTftt
inch size, up to 30 by clean the
(Basement) The Frar
c - a. The Ecly
For Efocieot Hand-po^
The Ame
Tyith its jg
for 25c.
Swift's Pri
"H and H
_______________ La Franct
for 25c.
bilizing for House-, Bon Ami,
ir Uniforms Here. oi^Dutch
. . . Pluro, a cb
dresses in stripeB anu piain
ind white collars. t-s
etty Wales house dresses of T U
. plain colors with trimming Wovit <2
uffs. u- fl
and colors Including the lShing flu
(Second Floor) floors, 25
Capital I
mo best for
3LHO J1 lime any, chei
did Stock Ready and an^ c^ear
re Low.
* we have never had as , ,
unfavorable conditions, al ?
is of a year ago. Feather ]
? * " - *- Wonl /1,ic
J?"rencn lace curtains in " uw "u?
to $10 a pair. Dusting
for 25c to $2.00 a yard. Chemical
terns and color combin- 50c.
5c to $2.00 a yd. ^ Aiso car]
. _ brushes i
ppecnal <
r $1.65 a pair. High gra
A and 2^ Tarda long, In white Mop Pail
hes by 2*4 yards, white with 8- Gafvanizi
naif plcot edge; one pattern a
2 Inch border hemstitched and
is are equally as attractive.
or> is the eco
sed and fibre porch fur- and furs
ful the summer home. $1.50,
1 hickory covered with hickory
'And* fibre. 16.50 to *1(6.60. |j Q |j
ot porch or wlndaw, 2 to 4 feet RPpjp?*
Special 98c KB
inished ingreen enamel
j. (Afth Floor)
. r , u-f ' :/ ^
11 _
be overlooked.
Campaign I
sands of women all over the land '
:ampaign, spring housecleaning. |
vomen are concerned, is?
kets, draperies, rugs and furs
see to refrigerators, porch furni- !
| G
Every modern cleaning device, ||
perience have discovered, is at
a bogey, with the right help.
an Hoose?These
the first aids in modern housecleaning?thti
ich simplify the housewife's labors and go
rds putting the house to rights with the I m
rt and most satisfactory results. 11
Vacomm Cleaners
?h easier one makes housecleaning! It will
iperies, upholsteries, walls, books, carpets,
)rs, clothes. It will gather the dirt behind
.tors and the dust on the furniture tufts,, it 19
hat fine layer of dust from the pictures and
itz Premier electric cleaner, $30; special at* '
pse electric suction cleaner, $40.
.ver cleaners, too, $5.25 to $10,001
y -* V* *VV? J
Carpet Sweepers
rican Queen,. $4 is one of the best we knoty ;
;ood bristles and cushion corners. Other re- y $
ssell sweepers, $2.75 to $5.50.
Step Ladders
i'irst" is the Hartley slogan concerning these
screwed together not nailed, made of select-1? |
r, all heights, 25c a foot. (Basement-),' I
oaps, Cleansers and Polishers
a comprehensive assortment of reliable; ;?
wool soaps 6 for 25c. Ammonia, a bottle 10c.
Blue Ribbon Brass Polish, 15c v if
de soap 7 for 25c. and 25c.
carpet soap, 2 for Blue Ribbon nickel polish, pint
i laundry tablets, G Wright's Silver Cream 25c. . ? i
fitnvo Pnltah K flnH 1 fir
a bar 10c. Stove Enamel 15c and 20c.
J tor 10c. Climax and Electric Wall Papar ;i Ijsi
Cleanser. 3 tor 25c. Cleaners. 3 for 25c.
in 50c. (Basement.)
rniture Polishes and-Stains
unshine, Noxal and cedar cleaning and pol- 11
lids for the furniture, piano, woodwork and I
c a bottle.
^acquer?a stain and varnish preparation,. : |j|
woodwork, floors and furniture, in mahog- I
"ry, light and dark oak, rosewood, walnut
% pint 15c, pint 45c, quart 80c.
gather Dusters and Others
ment the work of cleaners and brooms will |?
Beded. *
Dusters Mint rlnri'f lnsp fpnthprs 10c t.n $100.
iters, 25c to $1.50.
and polishing mops, chemically treated for |
ly treated hand dusters and cloths, 10c to |1
I Js
pet beaters, floor polishers and all kinds of ?| I J
:or cleaning and painting. (Basement); ; I
scrubbing Mops and Pails
,de cotton, wire-tied mops, 30c to 60c,
s, with wringer attached, $1.40 to $1.65, ,i| I
ed Pails, extra heavy, good size, 50c, : im H
declare War on the Moth
nomic duty of every good housewife. "Take '
" said somebody: ''moths fatten on risks
iper Clothing Bags will keep your clothing!^
ahsnlnfjslv f>lpnn nnH iraa -frnm mnfVi <Wu*fH lift?
uvWv.v?vvV w rjjl|
(Basement) .^J||
Cedar Chests on Fifth Floor
Sellers Kftcheneed f|fl
r?40 inet on the market, can now be
E^y, had on easy payment pl&h ?* .
f fiTTI $1 a week.
It 18 the beet Kitchen Cabinet so tar
qM ae we know, for it la stronger In Con>"M
Bstructlon, and It has more conveniences,
better conveniences, than any other cab* Is
lnet Come in and see the ones Just i%s||
delved. (F*lfth Floor)

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