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I Alaskan malamute, one of the wol 1
the Nushagak distslct proposes to su I
Alaska wants to outlaw Its oldest
friend, the wolf-strain dog.
A bill which would effect this and
^ substitute as burden bearer the gentle
reindeer Is now before the territorial
legislature here.
It Is the coming of white children
to this far wilderness?the conversion
of the sourdough into a family manthat
Is responsible for this changed
attitude toward the shaggy trail runner.
Wit'tin the past few years many
chlldrin have been scarred and maimed,
and a number killed, out In the
Nushagak country, by savage husky
and malamute.
The result has been the development
of a furious hatred by white fathers
and mothers toward the roving
packs of half tamed dogs ranging the
western villages.
As long as the men of this lonely
district lived and worked and battled ,
alone/with the brutes that were mild :
one minute and ravening killers the:
next, this dog-savagery was stolidly;;
accepted. ;1
The unattached sourdough could j
cope with his feam, though he too,;;
was often slashed and mauled.
^ut now conditions are changing'
and .either the wolf dog must go or i
the children be subjected to constant
i menace.
Because the average Alaskan la
deeply sentimental, and because the
' history of the North has been writ-1
ten with sledge and dog?a will, however,
meet with considerable resistance.
A. Difficulty In getting reindeer into j
, > regions where the dog 1b still a neces- j
sary beast of burden also may be ei- j
') pected to delay its adoption. j
And the natives, though they treat j
their dogs heartlessly, will not readily !
relinquish the half wild packs to which j
they and their children are attached. ;
It is onljr a question of time, how- !
ever, until "the wolf-strain dogs must ;
move on. out to the last edge of the j
Arctic silence with the half tamed ;
I t .
No Pleasure In That
"Darling," he cried, "the firm is go- i
tng to give me n 15 per cent raise to :
help ns to weot the general rise in :
prices." "Oh," she replied, "If we've !
got to use it for that, what's the good ]
of it? Why couldn't we have had it j
for some of the things we haven't been ]
able to afford?"?Judge.
' Dangerous.
Friend?"So you allowed that conductor
on one of your own care! to <
Jostle and talk back to you alf lie
pleased! Why didn't you tell him who j
you were? That would have settled
him." President of Traction Company
?"Yes; and It would have settled me. :
He might have told the other passengers."?Puck.
Egyptian Wheat
. Egypt In the most ancient times was
celebrated for Its wheat. The best ,
quality was all bearded. The wheat
was put Into the ground In winter and
some time after the barley. In the
Egyptian plagues of hall the barley
suffered, but the wheat had not appeared,
and so escaped Injury.
' ? I
Set of Teeth $8
mJL/ crown and bridge wore, Jb.UO.
Tooth fillings, 60o and up.
Examinations imd estimates
&. FREE.
Dental methods have totally
>, changed In the last few years
4": and to get the best of dentistry.
5 consult a dentist who is prac!
^slng the late methods.
We guarantee our work.
Office on Main street opposite
.Court House, ovsrS and 10 Cent
w Hie Union Deists
I >
strain, and reindeer burden bearers
jstltute for the dog.
men they have Berved, and who, like
themselves, cannot jibe with advancing
civilization. . I
Enduring! Ccrtam-t
? come thru the storm of bu:
5 er than ever. It stands fo
B satisfaction and fair dcalin
5 this name there has been
c manufacturer of roofing t
jj Certain-teed
is the most efficient type of roof
? for factories, office buildings,
z farm buildings, garages, etc.
? It costs less-to buy, less to lay
c and less per year of life than
other types 9f roofing. It does
not rust, is proof against gases,
9 coal smoke, acids, filmes, etc.
r It is a non-conductor of heat
and cold, is fire retardant and
C weather-proof.
I The cost of laying prepared
roofings is the same whether
you use good materials or poor.
Therefore, it pays to get
CERTAIN-TEED, which is
the best. It is guaranteed for
S, 10 or 15 years according to
thickness (1, 2 or 3 ply), and
it will remain efficient longaftcr
5 thetimewhenapoorqualityroof
0 would have had to be relaid.
I For residence!, CERTAIN-TEKD
Slate Surfaced Asphalt Shingles have
alt the advantages of CERTAINTEED
Roofing, plus artistic beauty.
They needno paint,are pliable,elimInate
waste ana misfits, cannot
curl,buckle,rot or crack. Pj
Guaranteed for ten year*. v5.
3 Invest! est* CERTAIN-TEED MM
3 before aeddltie on any type Bag' \
S ot roof, rorealeby dealer* BHB/
J everywhere.
General Roofing Mfg. C
Mound City Paii
- New York CMcaco Philadef
? Ciov.Und Pitt.bare h Detroit
MHwonkoo Cincinnati Now Or)
tuVriha SeltuE
0 Dululb ">,ndoo Sydney
Fairmont Wan Plaster Co.
Local Dealers.
* '
3 Jacoba Bldg, BeQ Phone 767
Monroe St. Con. Phone 207
/ I4GEP TM' AJiflY TO-lat
) B6TTEtt.M M2U-Uid.VS.
FY>rty Men Will be Given
Commissions in the U,
S, Army.
(Speotal Dlspatob to Weil Virginian)
MOROANTOWN, W. Va., May 7.?
West Virginia University la all It!
lepartmenta baa not failed to oeaae
the spirit of the times and already
one hundred and seventeen men have
Bone out to help throughout this and
adjoining states in raising bigger and
better crops and winning the' wai
tnrougn auequaie roou suppiy. 1ui
today forty others had taken the examinations
Incident to their application
to be placed at Fort Benjamin
Harrison at Indianapolis, Ind.? witl
the Officers Reserve Corps. Thew
torty, of course, are men from the
Cadet Corps. They are allowed to apply
for any officers berth from a second
lieutenant to a major. The term
of service is five years, but the men
are only required to serve In case ol
actual hostilities such as exist at thi
present time.
The hundred and seventeen wbc
1 ave gone out from the Agriculture
department are scattered throughou
West Virginia on farms. Twenty-twc
ure acting as special asristant count]
ngents. The others are located elthei
on farms owned by their own fami
lies or on large farms owned b]
<;ed\is a name which has
inesscompetition strongr
quality, dependability,
ig. On the reputation of
built the world's largest
md building papers.
Paints and Varnishes
aregood, reliable products made
by experienced paint men who
know how to make good paints
and varnishes.
Thesei men have at their command
alHthc machinery, equipment,
materials and resources
necessary to manufacture good
paints and varnishes economically.
They also have at their
disposal the extensive selling
organization and warehouse i
system of the Certain-teed Products
Corporation, which ma
terially reduces the cost of distributing
and marketing.
The result is that CERTAINTEED
Paints and Varnishes
are high grade products, sold at
lower prices than you would
expect to pay for good paints
and varmshes.
We guarantee CERTAIN-TEED
Faints and Varnishes to give satis*
faction. Whether you do your own
painting or hirea professional painter
you will find it to your interest to sen
8 that you get CERTAIN*
Any good dealer can sell yon
Varnishes. It ha does sol 1
carry tbem in stock he can
get them lor you.
o, Gregg Varnish Co.
it & Color Co.
phla St. Loots Boston
Buffalo [ San FrancUoo
mm Lot Angtlti Minnaapottt
olit Atlanta Richmond
o Gty De? Mo in at Houtlon
J. L. HaD Hardware Co.
Local Dealers.
Flaming Bldg, Bell Phone 916 S
Main Street Con. Phone 66
SeU ^Wl
' SCM/fl1
| coot^y
neighbors, In *11 eaaee these loyal
men am using all their time, and all
their knowledge of the beat agricul- k
tnral method* In order that larger e
crop* may be produoed. 1
While only forty hare eo far taken
tho examination for the Officer* Be- ?
eene Ocrpe, ?Uty more are waiting c
In line to be examined Ju*t a* soon ae t
the medical oorpe can pat the work *
through. The Cadet Corpe has so far, '<
too, assisted In two big celebration*, c
one at Brownsrllle, Pa, aome time
ago and the other at Point Marlon tojjar_Both
the** celebration* were
planned to stimulate recruiting and t
the local arathorltlea were glad to a
help by exhibiting the well drilled ?
' W. V. U. gorps. ?
. ?
The Modem Baby.
Mow an enlist has diKorered Oat
' baby's white raiment lnjuree his vision.
They've taken away his cradle
1 and his old-time remedies and his ?
[ fairy stories, and now they want to ^
. pinch his snowy pinafore.?Cleveland a
. Plain Dealer. k
! R?~
, 'I "Bona"
| F labor, ski
|. have mat
*< Thousands of people
? for its fragrant coffee o
5 No product can gair
2 sic merit. It took labor
S the 0. W. Feirce Compai
3 "Bona" has justly
8 drinkers. Thousands of
8 satisfaction. Are you o
I ?
5 We import the best coffees
i; , coffee berries must be perfei
x and texture. Every berry tr
5 full quoU of strength and
| i Cleaning Process.
3 After selection and Inspect
3 ore cleaned by our perfect
3 tetu. removing every bit ol
2 elgn Bubatance. "
? Blending.
3 No one coffee alone possesst
3 Itles essential to coffee goo<
3 (luce the best results coffe*
3 Bonn" quality is largely (1
3 This work Is done by exp<
I !
1 'gST'
1 si
; j,
:nds-(the ladder alek
Tbe funeral ot Peter Tub. *to vu
raTdaVooTirS held T*t*rtoJ at
t:80 o'clock frm 3t Joseph'* church
id eerrtMp vw oonduotad by R?t.
ather Mortorana. The funeral was
nely attended by trlcnde of the d?
HMa m*BJ ox waom wag imain
le entire distance from the church
> Holy Cross cemetery on toot Inirment
was made^by Undertaker B. L.
unn Ingham.
Reading on tile Firm.
UpOO nqst moidern (arms may be
rand interesting books, magazines
nd the aUypaper,' where, in the past
tie ancient dlmanac and a'few other
lore or least uninteresting books were
That Wis Long Jtnouah.
Henry, aged Are, harf.besa sent to
store to purchase a paATvpt stockjngs.
Bow loQg do job want them J" asked
m dark. 1 don't want to borrow
lea," repaid Henry, "f .wnntVem to
After Evi
The Flav
' is good
ill and experu
ie it so.
s daily drink this delightful beverage
dor and deliriously mellow coffee (fat
i favor with the buying public unless
skilled blenders and roasters and the
ly to produce "Bona" Coffee,
earned its wonderful popularity v
"Bona" drinkers are now enjoying to
ne of them 7
fA con
, Roasting.
grown. These Only the most eipe
rt In size, color ployed In chin depo
cunt possess Its is cnrefnlly timed or
flavor. hc.it Is maintained I
become perfectly and
, _ _ Steel Catting.
:lon all coffeea .. ? .
eil blower ays- After roasting all co
! dirt and for- {**' cutting r??m f
sharp knives, remorl
lag only the beat
>. .11 the qn.i- Packing.
Iness. To pro- They are then hnrrle
tn are blended. nnd put In air-tight
ne to blcudlng. Intact their original
erts. flavor
At All on
firnrprs u1/
0. W. Pel
soshQ I*
f Alt* Awwf MUCW OP A
\ A Stout-****, Hfc>A?T"i
( sonrwo<6ooDi&6? /
) '&*tf AftHY At AU.4-)
W'tafcMtc-ivArnk /
J -
' *- ?- , ?*
Mr*. Barqee, of FUrooaU wm a
ilpek-end guest of her mother, Mrs. we(
Mary Moore. ^
Frank McCray wm visiting relatives 8ra
*t Barrackv(Ue Saturday. ^re
Mr. BUM Austin wm a business vist- j,
tor st Fairmont Saturday. t0I1
The Senior class of the high school
gave a pie social Saturday night r
Miss beam an. of Fairmont enter- 11
talned the graduating class of the tor
high school by taking tham to the! A
Choral society Friday night. Mm ?*?
Andy Vamer chaperoned them. day
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. E. Sutton, Misses V
Vreda and Fern Hamilton, Mrs. Wbl lar
Lynett and son. Ealph, attended the tIbI
cfrcue at-Falrmont Thursday. fc
Mm C. 0. Wilt and Mre. W. H. Kunta in I
were at Fairmont shopping Friday.
J. A. Smith haa returned from a
business visit atTlttsburgh. ?,
Mrs. Guy Smith, of Fairmont, was a _
week-end guest of her mother, Mrs.
Martha Mathers.
The Tom Thutn wedding will be glr- bri
en In the First M. E. church Friday full
night at 8 o'clock. May HI. Overahun- the
ery Meal LEY?
Pi I i
or Lasts M j /
'cause Jjj
mce w
with is kc^n relisk '' t it
possesses intrin- V^V^TO
! ripe experience of 1 ^ jVV
rith critical coffee ? j
the full real coffe? zNS* *'' 1 "
rtenced met* trt em- RUM yu.I
rfm^nt. The roasting' ?lMm& \1
id a certain degree of . twWl V" .
that every berry may A \*iVwj /'
uniformly rotated. l.MBr '
ffeea are taken to the
ind ground with Ona, ?/JwBmig?
ng all chnfC and lear- rfwnrr
portion of the coffee * EKm
d to the packing room ? VOCfA
tin cana. preaerrlng
freshness and coffee
clb. \
rce Co, Co/fee Routers
ifagttU. Indiana
/ 7M' AfcMY ^3
) tr ifcho
I GBNfcwUife
1*%^-. -n- - ?\v; '
t children will be hi It Ada]*
\tta- i^K
toe Baby Fox to visiting knHH
t Mn. Ouy Smith, at Fairmont, leal
r% 01e?de Parker Md.Mre. 4a*|H
th were %t Fajhpqnt
r. end Mr*. Stanley Ryu, otVjll
ere the happy parepte of-?:b^dHH
r. 0. R. Miller was e business fdgt1!
?t Fairmont Friday. < i
lues Elisabeth MpCray end QmM
ion were Fairmont visitors Tkga?9
r. and Mrs. P. Bcbrpder. the mB
tailor of this place, were busMMKfl
tore In Fairmont Wednesday.
Iss Alice TalUngton was shopping C
'alrmont Wednesday.
Per Mental Dloastlon. .1
^ady, let me sail you a package ft $
ebellumblsklts," said the grocer,
a will find them unsurpassed III I
n nonrlsher. In Oct ICU tmtb- g
y recommend them ff M |
fL tj |
4it * iJ -"I
<*~- ?4p\Y 7 Jj

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