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lr????*m?? . I!
f fe. I. IIS 1M
| iimwl
|? ' t3ame Was a Slugging!
f Match From Start to
P Finish.
|| ' STATE COLLEGE, Pa., May 12.?
Pennsylvania State was defeated by
4. (West Virginia university here yestorflay
afternoon in a heavy hitting game,
112 to 11. Both teams batted hard,
nut West Virginia managed to bunch
iher hits a little better than the home
L iteam. The Blue and White was comJ
helled tolise three pitchers, Grawley
/ Being the most effective. The Bcorc:
Blythe, 3 2 6 3 3 0
Mingle, 2 1 1 1 0 0
& Grubb, If 0 0 1 0 1
Johnston , p-r 3 2 0 4 0
?', Robins, 1 2 1 9 0 0
I,, .Wheeling, c 1 4 8 1 0
Ege, s 1 1 2 3 0
Ewlng, m 0 0 3 1 2
Rl Coolldge, r 0 0 0 0 0
Howard, p 1 l 0 0 0:
Grawley, p 0 0 0 2 0 j
If Totals dl 15 27 14 3 !
liroorr irtnniMTA n II P A F.I
? - ' a A n1
S'enow'h, m 0 0 j> ? ? ]
Craig, m 0 0 0 0 0
mi uLattenerner, If 2 2 1 0 1
|' Stoops, r
Rogers, s - j i > "
I Flyvu, 3 2 2 14 0
% King, c 1 1 ? 0 I
j Maderla, 1 3 4 13 0 0
Garbon, 2 0 1 1 3 l
; Gandy, P _? _1 _?
Totals 12 17 27 11 4
State 3 0 0 0 C 1 0 1 0-11
West Virginia .1 0 4 0 0 4 2 1 0?12
!* Two-base hits?Johnston, Ego- Throe
base hits?Johnston, Blythe. 2, Wheeling,
Rogers. Home run?Maderla.
Stolen bases?Robinson 2, Gandy,
Flynn. Sacrifice hits?Grubb, Rogers.
1 .Sacrifice flies ? Robinson, Flynn.
Struck out?By Gandy, 7; by Johnston,
4; by Howard, 2; by Grawley, 2.
Base on balls?Off Gandy 2, off Howard
1, off Johnstaon 4. Wild pitches
?Gandy, Johnston, Howard. Grawiey.
Hit by pitcher?Latterner, Stoops. Umpire?Donovan.
Freddie Welsh might try meeting ]
Howard Drew on the straightway for i
the lightweight title i
Cyclone blew an Arkansas man from
n hie bathtub This is the first direct
' evidence that there aro bathtubs in
There's an Indian fighter dowu in i
Hew York. The noble red man has fall-1
en pretty low. Next thing he will
become a rassler
Arguing 'with an umpire Is about
as satisfactory as playing poker
against a cold deck.
If some of the ballplayers who are
getting hurt by falling on their arms
would only fall on their heads or some
other worthless part of their body the
managers would be better satisfied
^ <M?-t "
Harry Le Gore of Yale, has Joined
the marine corps. Which should cause
a lot of Joy at Harvard.
Baseball at a Glance.
Yesterday's Results.
' Boston 3, Pittsburgh 3 (10 innings)
Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 0.
New York 8, Cincinnati 2.
Chicago 8, Brooklyn 6.
Standing of the Clubs.
W L Pet.
New fork 12 5 .706,
?' Chicago 17 9 .654
St. Louis 12 9 .571!
Philadelphia 10 8 .556;
Boston 8 9 .471!
Cincinnati 11 15 .4231
Pittsburgh 8 16 .333
Brooklyn b iz .zui
Games Scheduled Today.
Pittsburgh at Boston
St. Louis at Philadelphia.
Cincinnati at New York
Chicago at Brooklyn
p.. Yesterday's Resulst
Boston 2, Detroit 1.
Cleveland 4, Washington 3.
Philadelphia 1, SL Louis 0.
New York 6, Chicago 1.
Standing of the Clubs.
W L Pet.
i Boston 14 5 .737
New York 12 7 .632
Chicago *.....14 12 .638
Cleveland ; 13 12 .620
St Louis 12 12 .600
Detroit 8 13 .381
Philadelphia 7 12 .368
^Washington 7 14 .333
SK? < . Gamea Soheduledvjoday,
Washington at Cleveland
| J. . Philadelphia at St Louis
flew York at Chicago.
Early this spring, while the ball
clubs were still in their training camps
I ventured a predicltion that the St.
Louis Browns would have to be seriously
considered in the 1917 American
league race
At least three managers In the circut
took exceputlon to this prediction,
figuring the Browns could not possibly
finish in the first division.
Since that time I have watched the
Browns successfully maul the teams
of two of these managers and expect
to see the performances repeated on
the outfit representing the third before
very long
At the time the Browns were at
Pallstino they did not look like a great
ball club. They don't now, but they
look like a winning ball club, which
! in me long run ia just u? guuu.
The club is made up of a het.rogenous
combination of ballplayers, a
few great ones, a few mediocre, some
rookies, some players who had been
turned back to the minors as not good
enough for other clubs, molded into
i an organization which is now playing
about the fastest and brainiest game in
I the league.
There's no secret about it, hut the
answer is Fielder Jones.
Jones is a peculiar chap. He Is
gloomy by nature and a grouch by cultivation
?c in upstage. He is not
at all ii.. v iiis ballplayers don't
like iiii". bu t'.'.ey respect him and
they w . '. for him, and that's all he
carc3 about. I
There's no secret to Jones' success.
He has baseball brains and he gct3
results. His men play brainy baseball
because bo furnishes the strategy.
He is uncanny with pitchers and 917
will give him at least two great pitchers.
Sothorim, the Coast league iroij
man, and Tom Rogers, from the Southern
Last season the Browns looked j
hopeless, but Jones started a drive in
July which landed them in fifth place,
78 points behind tlio winning Boston
Red Sox.
Jones started his drive In April this
year anu nes ueen winning imjuj
consistently from Chicngo, Detroit aiul
Cleveland, three of the hardest clubs in
the league to beat.
Take a quiet tip. Watch Fielder
Jones and his Browns. It's our guess
that he'll he there or thereabouts when
the curtain drops in October.
Qcne Ahern
Dear Ed?What's the matter with
the fellns? If it was me I'd he in the
trenches long before this!!?Horace
Horace, we'll bet you've got a wood-i
en leg.?Ed.
Hear Ed.?I'm a wrestler. How's
chances for getting in the army? ?
Slim. Felix, your reputation Is
against you.?Ed.
Dear Ed.?I'd like to get in the
army, but I've got a feeble mother,
and my wife Isn't very strong and my
eix kids aren't extra well and I feel
out of sorts myself, otherwise I'd be
the first to go. ?Henry Holdback.
That's the way to talk Henry. You
iare patriotic all right That's the reason
the draft) bill went over.?Ed.
cmp v,i ?I'm dnlnz mv hit. I've
cut down thirty Seeds a day on our
canary's feed. How's that??Gerald
Fine, Gerald, you're making a wonderful
sacrifice. Might suggest you
put water in the cat's milk.?Ed.
Dear Ed.?I'm a chorui man. Do
'you think there is any danger of ma
being called??Harold Talcum.
We hope It doesn't get that had.
Then It will be women and children
11 'Crusl.
"child of my'tadnV^Si# 2fdltor--*R*s
a good subject, but you'Tt nflstmtad
jtjwthqjitii u wu a stsnnhHdilf?tfncfc
. -nojSuiqsnAV jo )S]90(0]q aims stjj
oj SaipjoDOB 'aanid miqjnqns jo nun;
aqj no no? 0} sjuo 3q2[a jo us qjjo.u
s.u 'II inn 3,nop pnnojn 3ui3unq ano
oas no.f }l 'A\oq.tnv 'Iaio njnq sip sn 31
AAonq no.t sdnqjn,! iano aas no.{ naqai
[A\o aanjiaqnoni v A\onq noi oa
uijbj sip o? 8|qen|BA l?0 ?41
"the newest Hudson St
It is the smartest Spe<
Its lines, the dashing bea
flnrp it pynrpsses the "sni
Our allotment of thes
told anything of its deti
ment of any kind eithei
placed orders with us to :
the factory was that a !
this spring.
To get an idea of the
some of our Super-Six o\
orders they gave us. W<
Speedster, not even an idi
definite delivery dates,
seeing a repetition of la
appointed at not getting <
stopped accepting orders,
Fairmont High won from the Rlvesville
nine in a' hot game at South Side
Park yesterday, the Rlvesvllle aggregation
proving even stronger than was
expected. The locals got an early
lead and by good work succeeded in
maintaining it to the end of the game
which, resulted 6-2 in their favor.
Rivesville showed the effect of
"Goose" Ward's coaching and put up
a good fight.
Inspired by a Dream.
Musicians have been Inspired by
dreams, but not all by so terrifying a
dream as that which came to Gulseppl
Tartinl, the Italian composer, who
thought the evil one came to him and
compelled him to play the violin. He
yvoke horrified, to find the strains ne
had been playing In his dream still
ringing In his ears. He sat down and
committed them to paper, and thus
wns written the famous piece known
as "The Devil's Sonata."
jw Super-S:
Latest, fastest
car with new
iper-Six model has just arrived
:dster you have ever seen. In
uty of its finish and its wondei
rit of youth."
e cars is not large. Even bef
ails, even without advertising c
: by the "factory or ourselves
assure early delivery. Our onl;
Speedster model would be reac
probable demand for such a c
vners about it. The result is i
j couldn't give them any descri
sa of what it would look like, no:
Still the orders continued to ii
st year's condition when buye
ielivery of tneir super-Six wncr
rPhieteo, 7-pu*ea(er
Cabriolet, 3-pamnfer ,
.TwblMii . . .
j >? r. C" -:? j;
l11 i VJ
___________ i
Another Game With Same
Team is Scheduled for
/-II lit.
rautuuub nuiuivu ueicaieu uieuvLue |
Normal at Gleaville yesterday by a
score ot 6-2. The-local lads outplayed
the "Glenvilleltes" In every way, their
hitting and fielding being much superior.
Today the same two teams will
again battle on the Glenville diamond
and Fairmont is expecting her winning
streak to continue.
Hamilton, 4 1 1 6 0 1
Watkins, 2b 6 2 3 3 4 1
Isenhart, 3b 6 1 3 0 2 0
Miller, Id 4 0 1 12 0 1
Thompson- ss 5 1 2 3 2 0
Stewart, m ... ... 5 0 2 1 0 0
Moran, If 4 0 0 2 0 0
Hess, rf 4 1 2 0 0 0
Bennett, p 4 0 1 0 1 0
Totals 40 6 16 27 8 3
R. Wllfong, 3b 4 1 1 G 3 2
Rush. If 4 1 2 6 0 0
Ralston, lb 4 0 0 4 1 1
Warfter, m 4 0 0 3 0 1
Clovis, rf 4 0 0 0 0 0
Collins. 2b 5 0 0 1 2 1
0. Wllfong. ss 6 0 0 1 1 1
Bell, c 4 0 0 6 0 0
Williams, p 3 0 0 0 2 1
Totals .37 2 3 27 9 7
Fairmont 2 0 1 0 1 000 2?6
Glenville 0 0 1 00 0 0 10?2
Two-base hits. Miller, Thompson 2,
Rush; stolen bases, Hess 5, Stewart 2.
a mi Pniiinn o n mm.
WaiKUlS ?, I UUUipauu, V^UUIUO 6, IV. ?nr | I
e Spirit of You
ix Speedste
: Hudson model just arrr
lines. Seats four. $175
And why s
the grace of Six Speedster
ful perform- Super-Six cha
miles an hour
ore we were jt has just the
>r announce5)
customers Therecoulc
y word from *
ly sometime the Super-Six
and the damt
. . the smartest ?
:ar we asked _ .
shown in the a ?ar 1
iption of the
r even assure
icrease, and Don't forg<
rs grew dis- is not buildii
x wanted, we are available 1
get any-at all.
; $1680 8pee<l(t*r; 4?pauancer;
I960 TowbCW ......
. 1170 / (AH (Mm f.*b. Diti
ird Garage Co.,
"1. J rl
i * 1 * V??/.
long; double plays, Thompson to Mil-1
ler, 0. Wllfong to Ralston; struck out, |
II ==
by your friends and nei|
flags. Show the sentimi
you no doubt feel by disj
on all patriotic holidays.
Take advantage of
and get one of these fla)
- t
long at a cost so naic
amounts to practically :
the actual value of the fl
Given for three consi
from last page and 98c.
V ^
jr Now He
red. A smart
iO at Detroit
houldn't there be such a dema
? Everyone knows of the of
issis in traveling a measured r
. And all motorists are familii
of the Hudson Super-Six. Th
: qualities you would require in
I be no concern about the beau
tie artists responsible for such 1
Phaeton, the grace of the Huds<
iness of the Town Car, could t
Speedster. .
is here now for you to see. Yo
lines, its rich cobalt blue body
Speedster you have ever seen.
it that our allotment is sma
ig many cars of its type, anc
to any one dealer. Some will p
I- -Jr.
$1780 Town Car Laadanlat . .
2928 Untoutoa .......
it) Union ihto UniUulot . * <
, (Inc.)
by WlUtama 1, by Bennett 1; jB
Kee; time, 1:80.
*hbors who will displays
ent and love of countraH
the liberal offer of .^9
*s 4 feet wide by 6 feetl
:ulously small that itjH
nothing compared with I
Bcutive coupons clipped!
^ H
Sv/iflrA VW/ #
nd for a Hudson Superfl
Ficial record of a stoclfl
rule at the rate of .lOZHH
it with other wonderfuj
ie Super-Six has proveqfl
a Speedster.
ity or grace or finish ioffl
ines as are revealed infl
on Super-Six TimynHnfJ
>e relied ,upon to desigql
11 must acknowledge itifl
with vermillion wheelsfl
11: ffinl- tfiA farforol
1 that only a few en
tobably not be ableljj
. 292$
. $02$

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