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< Wll/li SUv*m?1,X WUMAI* 1
/; "nt? Vv; 'V^*?rv'v.-r*. l|fl|
(.' X< J4ji*U&*
!|jV: Members of millionaire society clrc
If', the separation of Mrs. Mills, who was
husband. Humors have It Mrs. Mills
reports say there Is a possibility of rec
' - lag apart for some time.
Quests of Honor
Mrs. C. E. Wilbur, wife of a former
president pastor of the M. P. Temple,
and Miss Olive Hodges a returned
missionary from Japan were guests
V of honor last evening at a meeting
'- 'of the Young Ladles' Aid society of
the M. P. Temple which was held at
f the home of Mrs. Earnest Sherwood,
on Rhea Terrace. The hostesses In?J~
J Bt? ? aim! IfAarlnmaa fion
IUIUUOU iuro. OUCl wuuu, rncouauiuo uw.
Swisher, C. E. Smith. Blanche Shroyer
Harry Shaw, E. C. Stemple, F. B.
Pryor, the Misses Ethel Starzman. Hallle
Orr, Ruth Reese and Evalyn Prick'
Miss Martha Hutchinson has returned
from Philadelphia where she had
spent the last several weeks. Her
Bisters, the Misses Florence and Laura
Lee, students at Notre Dame, will return
home within the next few weeks
for the summer vacation.
Miss Nina Simon who had spent the
last several weeks in Philadelphia and
Washington, D. C? arrived home last
Mrs. G. A. Frey and son, Arthur, and
the latter's little son, George Hayden
Frey, returned home last night from
Boston where Master George has been
under the care of Dr. Lovett, an infantile
paralysis specialist. Strong
hopes for the complete recovery of j
the little boy are entertained by Dr.
The Misses Besse and Mabel Qufnn
i.and- James Fullerton, of Clarksburg,
and Miss Kinney, of Piedmont, motored
here from Clarksburg last evenv
lng and were the guests of Mr. and
v Mrs. D. R. Lawson on McCoy street,
v Mrs. P. S. Sheltman, of Diamond
street, will leave tomorrow for Beuna
Vista, Va., where she will visit for
fe some time with relatives of Mr. SheltH
man. She will be accompanied to
Beuna Vista by Mrs. May Adams who
will go on to Bedford, Pa.
- - Miss Julia Lawson, of Logan. W. Va.,
Bk Is the guest of Mrs. Frank Hutchinson
BBh at SonnencrofL
V Mrs. A. R. Corn, who attended the
I Missionary Board meeting ?the M. P
B Temple last week and who was a guest
at the home of Mrs. Ernest Sherwood,
B left yesterday for her home in IndianB
apolls, Ind.
Mrs. E. B. Koen and daughter ana
B * ' Mrs. Winston Smith, of Mannington,
B . wore visitors here yesterday.
Mrs. W. C. Wilson, of Mannington,
was the guest of Mrs. Thos. Lewis and
\ Miss Edith Bryan yesterday.
Mrs. Howard Coleman, of FarmingB
ton, and Mrs. Flora Koen, of Manning
ton, were visitors here yesterday.
' D M U/\i?o manf fomcrmi
fiUi O. A . iu> nu^o nvub hu vMtuv.
today to accompany her mother, Mrs.
R. S. McCouaughey. to Philadelphia
where the latter will undergo a toria
ous operation In the Jefferson hospital.
f Mrs. John J. Baker, who had been
the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Clark Merrifleld for the last three :
r weekp, left yesterday for her home In
T Keyser.
Mrs. P. H. Shields, of Clarksburg, is
'* the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
N. C. Dlckerson on Walnut avenue.
5 Mrs. S. A. Chidister, of Kingwood,
and Mrs. S. W. Jeffers, of Morgantown.
were here yesterday to see the former's
son, Paul Chldester, a member
f * of the Kingwood company of the National
Guard who Is 111 In the Miners'
- Hospital.
Mrs. D. H. Dawson were the guests
-?* J S 1*? A J ?? TLfr\?._
yesieruuy ui iui o. auuu qu/uci iu mwr
Kj gantown. , ;
Mrs. Margaret Paul Smith, who had
v spent the winter in Pittsburgh as the |
ImI guest of her brother, James W. Paul
V and family and her son, George Wethm
oral Smith, who 1b a student at CarK
negie Tech. arrived here laat evening
and will spend a couple of weeks here (
P? before going to Elizabeth, N. J., where
HTr" George Smith is employed for the sum?
uer in the Coal Flash Chemical munl|2>
_tion factory. Mr. Smith was one of ten j
K "students chosen from Carnegie Tech to '
fill responsible positions in this muni- J
H tlons factory. Mrs. Smith is now the 1
guest of Mrs. Frank Amos on Madison j
HFgg,*We wish to express our appreciation ]
|- to those who so kindly helped us dur- 1
P Ing the illness and death of our son, '
& father and brother, Lewis Parker. We '
also thank the men of the M. V. T.
Hk Co. for their beautiful floral offering 1
lea are expecting some action soon In
Miss Margaret Rutherford, from her
will apply to the courts, while other
:oncillatlon. The couple has been llv\
.To Entertain ClaGs
Miss Flossie McCullough and Miss
Katharyn McMillan will entertain the
C. C. class of the First M. P. Sunday
school tonight at the home of the former's
sister, Mrs. Howard Pople on Orr
* * ?
At Traction Park
Pupils of the sixth, seventh and
eighth grades of the Fleming school
enjoyed their annual outing at Traction
park yesterday. They were chaparoned
by Principal Crowl, MIsbos
Beryl Morgan, Margaret Farrell and
Effle Knapp. A picnic supper featured
the event. The party returned home
at seven o'clock.
Birthday Party
Miss Darlie Kerns enteretained a
number of her friends last evening
at her home on Walnut avenue the occasion
being her birthday anniversary.
Refreshments were served during
tho evening.
? ? *
To Entertain T. A. S.
Mrs. Frank R. Amos will be hostess
on Thursday to the T. A. S. club at
her home on Guffey street.
? ?No
Need for Delay.
Johnny was invited to a party, but
could not go, because he had to go with
his mother to the depot to meet his
uncle. Upon tho uncle's arrival he said
to Johnny: "If you are a good boy
while I am here I will buy you a baseball,"
whereupon Johnny replied: "You
don't need to wait. You can buy it
right away. Just think how good I
was?I stnyed away from a party to
meet yom"
Holland's Great Dikes.
One of the grcnt dikes of Holland
Is 40 miles long, starting far up in the
country, near the Yssel river, and continuing
across the Hook of Holland to
the sea. It was built in sections, and
for seven centuries has held back the
waters from the low-lying fields. It Is
40 feet broad at the base, 30 feet broad
at the top, and its height varies from
25 to 35 feet.
Once Was Enough.
"What do you think of the burly
brute who would go away, on a bitter
cold morning, and leave his wife to
build a fire In the furnace?" asked
Mrs. Lcrrot. "That Is something I've
never told anybody but my husband,"
laughed Mrs. Yadllloh. "And I had to
tell him only once."?Puck.
What Makes a Man Rich.
No man can tell whether he Is rich
or poor by turning to his ledger. It
Is the soul that makes a man rich. He
Is rich or poor according to what he Is,
not according to what he has.?Henry
Ward Beecher.
^= ^
Woods Dirt
We have for sale a few tons
of good, rich, loamy dirt (leaf
mold) In 2 bushel containers
$1.00 delivered. Special prices
on quantities.
Call Bell 272 W
3lve-the Hair Root Nourishment and
Stop Spread of Baldness
If you are rapidly losing your hair
and fear baldness Mt. City Drug Co.
nvltes you to make a three days' test
>f Parisian Sage. If It does not stop
he excessive loss of hair and make
rour hair and scalp look and feel 100
>er cent better they will return your
Hundreds of men and women have
vritten telling of the good results chained
by using Parisian Sage. People
who were getting bald say that
hey now glory In their beautiful hair.
Dthers who have had dandruff and
tching scalp for yeare say they got
i clean, healthy scalp after a few
applications oS this sjylendld treatnent
No matter whether you are
jothered with falling hair, prematurey
gray, hair, dull and brittle hair, oily,
itrlngy hair, dandruff or. Itching head
ry Parisian Sage on this money baok
rtfer. If ' your hair is worth saving
Parisian Sage Is worth trying and a
nrik/Qv Q/e
Feataring Afl
This is an occasion, r
these garments priced at v
It will appeal to you <
afternoon and semi-evenii
sports suits of rich materia
And in every instanc<
quite recent fashions from
Women's Spc
Silk and
They are in greater demand than e
tiful silks, such as silk Tussah, LaJe
sey, Poplin and others in Wool Jers
The outstanding features are the <
cuffs, novel belts and odd pockets.
The colors are rose, oyster white, gi
gold, navy and white. Prices $25 to
New Coats of Si
They are made of the most exquisite
belted at the waist and come in taup
gold and white. Prices $13.75 to $5
.1 -
The Latest Fad for Skirts and
Unlike the days of Cinderella when
ginghams were only used for kitchen
wear, the New York society women now
consider this modest material very fashionable.
The new gingham skirts are very fetching
In large plaids of various colors,
Also gingham dresses in plain colors
and some with plaid' skirts, with sleeves
of voile and embroidery trimmed, are
quite fascinating, (5.76 *o $13.50w
(Second Floor)
Porch Swings
Special $2.35
Solid oak porch swings, 4 feet . L
long, well made, finished in a
good looking nut brown, with
chains and ceiling hooks, complete,
$2.35. Other styles of oak
porch swings, 4 to 6 feet long,
are priced $4 to $9.50.
(Fifth Floor)
i Store Ahead HAP
I j .
sason's Si
temoon and Sj
lot a sale in the accepte
vhat others would term
chiefly as a comprehenj
lg dresses, practical foi
lis, very becoming.
3 you may accept them
rts Suits of
ver. Most of these come in beauirz,
Khaki-Kool, Milanese Jerey.
if i n i
contrasting colors on conars ana
ay, biege, turquoise, purple,
$45. (Second Floor)
Ik to Go Over
i Frocks
silks in straight, full styles,
>e, biege, navy, gray, turquoise,
>5.00. (Second Floor)
Pictured is One of the
New Welworth Blouses
at $2.00
We call them "$2.00 Blouses" but
they are that only In the sense that
we are enabled to sell them tor that
modeBt sum. It these blouses were
bought and sold In the customary way
they would have to sell tor much
more. New models are being shown
tor the tlrst time today.
(Second Floor)
Only the most dependable kinds are
sold here. '
"Bohn Syphon" McKees, the Automatic,
and Sanltor Refrigerators are tour of
the beet kinds we know ot for their respective
prloes. . Now la the best time to
elect one while the,stock4s the fullest
Prices 910.75 to-170.00, .(Fifth'Floor)
JULY'S Correct Fash
martest Fa
! SI H W
eek at Ma
sorts Dresses and
:d sense of that word, thoug
ovr??r\fi#-Ynnl harrrainc
sive display of remarkable \
r any social function, and
as the very newest styles, s
Beautiful Afteri
Here are adorable dresses indeed;
dresses of filet lace and net dresse
Iqpoc crvmo Tin'fVi /nrorH^a-noa r\f or
kJV/AAlV II 1VI* vy f VI ux vu
and georgette dresses beautifully
dainty pleats in flesh, tint and whi
There neyer was a season with fa
Prices are $25 to $50.
Also Lovely Frocks foi
None of. the bother of fittings, of
pointments with the dressmaker;
chooses her frock here. There ar
gandie with lots of tucks and dai
' Annual Sale
Geranrams s
Thursday, May
1,600 blooming Geraniums, good health
size to (It 4 inch pot
NOTE: No phone or mall orderg tilled;
before 8 o'clock.
The Basemen
Flower Boxes 70c and 80c
Ready made boxes??all ready to put
out no trouble. Fainted a pretty dark
green, 36 Inches long, 76c; 42 inches long,
BOo?deen enough for any kind of flowers
Hanging Fern Dishes 50c
Hade by the famous Weller Potteryblack
and white complete with liner and
hung by three brass chains. Very pretty
and desirable. (Basement)
Jardineres 25c to $6.00
Many different finishes In lrory, green
brown and mottled. There Is every wanted
else and someihare pedestals tfrlnatch
?? . I II I
" * II I
ishions II
rtley's I I
ffl f I
If : I
.&! | \ m
1 Sports Suits
;h you will find many of I
\\S IH
variety, offering beautiful ?|
distinguished styles andfjl
ome are reproductions oP
-9 Sg. iMj
noon Dresses of H
led Modes 1^1
- bB
; afternoon and semi-evening ;t |
a combined with filet and Venice;
ilored maline; and crepe de chine* |
; trimmed with beads, tucks and |
shions so delightful as these.!'!
r this Year's Graduates
worrying over the styles and ap?
; all this is saved by the girl wno
'e charming frocks of net and or-i
nty laces for trimmings, $10 to"
(Second Floor)! !|H
of Blooming ID
it 10c Each I I
24th, at 8 A. M. |f9j
iy plants, with flowers red, pink or white,
none delivered or laid away, none sold Ij
t Store Offers |B|
Natural Hanging Fern |^H
18 Inches long, equipped with "h*'"*,
ready to hang. An attractive Item tor your .f
porch, aun parlor or for any room in the 9
house. Deep enough for flowers, ferns, Ivy, x
end other vines. (Bafcement)
Mahogany Finished f| |^H
Coiniinrf Tvnwe
tj^ivuig i.lays VJk
Sizes 10 by 13 Inches?splendid., else ta J
serve lemonade or Ice tea. They come with d
inlaid Oriental centers, handles and cloth fl
covered bottoms. Not a special prlca with S
us, but we believe a special value, . IS
Other trays up tM2.50. < ?

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