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Mualcal Comedy
Klinppodrome Sunshine Girls
KHRfreUon Fate of Juan Garcia
H^ iGrand A Hungry Heart
l^^bcess .Hunting of the Hawk
> KrrojTl.Y Director Henry King I
2IV of the Balboa studio wanted a
H' y* * dead horse for one of the picfew''
Mures he was making. He had waited
Mjr- ' two weeka and was getting ready to
Jump off the bridge when the police
Kg*,., phoned him that a horse had dropped
? . Road on ftgueroa street. He hastily I
itook his company to the scene, but
g no horse was there. He phoned the
DEfi;. station. The desk sergeant Investigated
and replied; that the horse was |
Mjn ovor on Main street three blocks away.
I "Are you, kidding me," asked Mr. I
I " King snappy like.
? "Never, Mr. King. You see It was
I like this. The patrolman who found 1
the horse couldn't spell Figueroa so (
I' bo wrote' Main street on his report 1
I ?nd dragged the horse over there to <
M* > Historical Personages In "The Crisis" '
Dnn/lcn nf AmnHrnn hlfltorv. and *
Iikcuuvi V4 ? ,
; those who hold democratic lnstitu- t
t-tlons sacred, will revel In the forth- t
{coming production of "Tho Crisis," a
'ten part film vertllon of Winston |
KlhurchhiU'e Immortal civil war story, ,
fin the Grand theatre on Friday and ,
Saturday. Replete with incidents of (
the stirring days antedating the abollftion
of slavery, "The Crisis" Is not ,
only a magnificent screen spectacle, ,
{tut In reality a photo-chronicle of the *
'exciting times preceding and during "
*the Rebellion.
" The scenes of "The Crisis" are all .
laid In and around St. Louis. The J
characters of both the play and pic-1 >
ture, as everybody knows, were taken jl
, from real life. In addition to these,:
many historical personages?such asj
Lincoln, Grant, Sherman and Sherl- j j
dan?are introduced. The historic hat- <,
tie of Vlcksburg has also been visualized
with marvelous fidelity and | .
attention to detail. The scenes for
this portion of the picture were taken ]
on the Mississippi river and on the I
actual ground fought for, a half cen-! (
tury ago, by the boys in blue and grey. .
The company of players in the prln-1
cipal roles of "Tho Crisis" are said j,
to have been chosen with special fit-1 j
ness for the difficult parts they as- j
some. Samuel Drane plays Abraham ' (
Lincoln and Cecil Holland, General j,
Sherman. George Fawcett as Judge (
V/hlpple. Matthew B. Snyder as
Colonel Comyn Carvel, Thomas Sant- ,
" 1 ?un-'"" n?ecl* TTvtnn nc
f* cm BLG Oiepuou D11UO, HCOO.C j
" Virginia Carvel, and Marshall Nielan
as Stephen Colfax, are all said to give
, remarkable performances of their re- :
| spective parts.
Campaigning for Recruits. {
> Miss Dora Rodrlques, who Is travel"]bg
around the country dispensing inwWrmation
and encouraging young men
o enlist in the military service of their
. country will be in the lobby of the i
Nelson theatre Thursday and Friday.
From newspaper accounts of her work
In Washington, D. C., nnd other large .
cities we get the idea that her efforts ;
v have been fruitful. Her usual pro-!
ceedure is the showing of a number of i a
special reels in the theatre descrlp- i v
| tlve of the navy, nrmy and marine |t
corps after which she takes a stand 1 ?
In front of the theatre and talks the s
military service over with overy young ?
man who comes along. It is usual {;
* for her to have authorized recruiting n
, / officers on hand to take the prospects J
- ' a? -l-~ . c?ia Vi'j c- ^ n 1 If Orl thPTTl P
UI uuci c*?o *??*? bw...wu ?
! into enlisting. Ir
j * I *
New Program at Hipp.
' Hawk's Sunshine Girls, who havejt
irade a lilt with Hippodrome patrons^
will appear tonight In a new bill, said ,s
to be the equal of the one presented I <=
during the first two days of the week. g
The comedy features so far have t
been the best and biggest half of the c
show, and the musical numbers aro J
Exceptionally good. n
' ?
, E
?Bartles & Bartles musical comedy
company, featuring Myrtle Bartels, and J
carrying a troupe of 10 people is play- ,
tag Bluefjelds this weak. Tommy f
? t Henley, the yodeler, Is with them. I
|s ?Gentry's Dog and Pony show staff t
;v of bill posters were In town yesterday ?
ji;,. putting up the paper announcing the *
|l return of this popular attraction at an a
early date.
|W-v ?Alice Brady Is featured In to- ID,
, lay's Grand program In a World pic-; i
|j ture entitled "A Hungry Heart."
H$M ?Tne comlnR ot '"ine ^Irin 01 aij"
}| Nation" to the Grand theatre In the ] <
near future is announced by Manager > I
Burka. The date has not yet been ^
if- ' ?Dora Rodrlquez, who Is coming to ji
'] the Nelson Thursday has been pre- 2
R ceeded by her agent, who was in town !
yesterday and decorated the Nelson >
| lobby with photographs and press no- |
V ?Long Legs have seldom been capl- jj
I tallied to the extent that one of the f
Hippodrome troupe did In the opening f
?The ."Musical Kings," three very t
! ^excellent instrumentalists, are a big f
| . feature of the Sunshine Girls' show. j
?All the amusement places with the 4
Brorfe single exception of the Dixie had v
R f to suspend operation for a time last ?
-evening on account of "no current." a
|g| The'Dixie has Its own electric plant. >
5-.:?Burton Holmes' Travelogue Is an *
kT" Woods Dirt i
111 We have for sale a few tons ] i
]| of good, rich, loamy dirt (leaf
Kjnold) In 2 busbel containers
delivered. Special prices ?
tlgr 272 W i
)rane s Impersonation
of Abraham Lincoln
r-, ?
L 1
A loading part in "The Crisis," which
will be shown at the Grand for two ?
iays beginlng Friday, Is played by .
ho martyred President, and It Is said ?
hat no other attempt to copy the la:ial
expressions and general bearing 'J
)f Mr. Lincoln has ever approached In
jerfecticn the effort of Mr. Drane. f'
iddcd feature to the attraction on the si
icrecn at the Grand today. w
?Marie Doro in "Lest and Won" at j'1
:ho Grand tomorrow will give local J
novlo fans some fine thrills and a
charming portrayal of tho leading
:haracter in a splendid five-reel drama. J;
?"Tho Hunting of the Hawk" with ;y
IVilliam Courtney and Marguerite i rl
3now lending a strong east is on tho.Ju,
screen at tho Princess today. ijj.
? ** d'
Mrs. John Rose has returned from rt
Randolph county where she had spent nj
several weeks with relatives. _ or
Miss Sallie Dennett, who had been re
die guest of her sister, Mrs. Luthur g8
racobs, has returned to her home In fp
Morgantown. hi
Grover Powell is ill at his home on wChicago
street with symptoms ot ty- ai
>hold fever. be
Mrs. Roy Bennett, who had beer, the bj
;uest of friends hero, has returned to n
tor home in Grafton. w
Mrs. Mason Wood and Miss Ethel at
ieintzelman have gone to Baltimore
vhere the former was called by the
ieath of a relative.
Miss Louise llaught, of Fairview, 0f
vas shopping in town yesterday. ol
?-* in
What happened to Jones??Adv. a
City Eye Specia
L Free 'Prescription Ton Can Have ju
rilled and Vso at Home. 4
Boston, Mass.?'Victims of eyo strain Hi
,nd other eye weaknesses, and those fr
iho wear glasses, will be Kind to know th
hat Doctors and Eye Specialists now he
gree there is real hope and help for an
hem. Many whose eyes were falling st:
ay they have had their eyes restored at
nd many who once wore glasses say gl
hey have thrown them away. One lc:
ran says, after using it: "I was al- he
lost biind. Could not seo to road at lia
11. Now I can read everything with- tr
ut my glasses, and my eyes do not ha
urt any more. At night they would 2.1
ain dreadfully. Now they feel fine ull tit
lie time. It was like a mlraclo to me." th
. lady who used It says: "Tho atmo3- sc
here seemed hazy with or without
lasses, but after using this proscrlp- en
ion for llftcen days everything seems pr
iear. I can read even fine print with- u[;
ut glasses." Another who used It rc
ays: "1 was bothered with eye strain an
aused by overworked, tired eyes which oil
nduced fierce headaches. I have worn T1
lasses for several years, both for dls- cp
ance and work, and without them I
nuld not read my own name on an bn
nvclope or the typewriting on the Op
inchinc before me. I can do both now, ],.*
nd have discarded my long distance en
lasses altogether. I can count the ei
luttering leaves on tho trees across the mi
trcet now, which for several years c0
lave looked like a dim green blur to cs
ne. I cannot express my joy at what til
t has done for me." ti|
It Is believed that thousands who th
year glasses can now discard them In B(
i reasonablo time, and multitudes more af
fill be able to strengthen their eyes ap
io ns to bo spared the trouble and ex- ar
icnao of ever getting glasses. to
Dr. Beck, an eye specialist of Dearly In
wenty years practice, says: "A patient
:ame to mo who was suffering from ?}
ilepharltls Marclnalls with all tho
oncomltant symptoms, as morning
eglutinatlon of the lids, chronic con- ba
^ "If It's at the Hippodrome, It &
Must Be Good." ??
y Matinee Each Day ^
^ "A Place of Clean Amusement w
y for the Whole Family."
3 ?
>; TODAY 8
| HAWKE'S 13
| Sunshine Girls |
The Pride of the Sun i |
S Circuit i S
3 Preient : 3
S PRICES: Matinee 15c; Night I V
3 150 A 25o. : v
Musical at Fleming 8chool
A musical program will be given
tmrsday evening at 8 o'clock p. m.
the Fleming school auditorium. The
'ogram will be under the manage
ent of Miss Nelle Manley, director
id teached of music In the upper
adeB of the Fleming school.
The following program will be car2d
out: Chorus?"When de Shadders
jread Aroun'?Dvorak (Humoreske)
xth, Seventh and Eighth grades; boIo
LaMar Satterfleld; quartet?"Weiim
a fltpoot QrtHnprffma"?pAnreon
let?'"Nearest and Dearest"?Carrl.
tola?Misses Bertha Dllgard and
adel Hern don; solo?"One Fleeting
our"?Leo?John Heed; duet?."0
tiat We Two Were Maying"?Nevln?
ussell Barrett, Miss Dllgard; solo?
Iss Dllgard; quartet^-"Sunshlne of
our Smile"; chprus ? Memories ?
erdl?(La Travlota)?Eighth grade
rls; solo?"Land of the Long Ago"?
ay?Jack Abbott; chorus?"Now the
ay Is Over"?Barnby?Sixth, Sevith
and Eighth grades.
* *
Coming From School
The "Misses Lucile Shaln, Eleanor
ox and Louise Hlte students at Brisil
school In Washington, D. C., will
rrfve home tomorrow morning to
>end the summer vacation at their
omes. Miss Jane McDermott, of
organtown, another student at Brisil
and six school mates, also from
rlstol, will accompany the Fairmont
rls here going on to Morgantown
here Miss McDermott will entertain
a house party. Miss Shaln will
in the house party on Friday.
? * " ?
At Gunston Hall
Mrs. John Phillips and Mrs. Clarence
obinson have gone to Washington.
. C\, to attend the commencement excises
at lliinstnn Hall school where
eir daughters, the Misses Ruth l'liil /s
and Helen Robinson, are students.
its Grace Hetntzciman is also a stu"tit
at Gunston. The Gunston school
rls are expected to arrive home next
? ?
To Repeat Concert
The Old Porks' concert which was
mdercd successfully 011 Monday
Ight of this wek will he repeated
1 Monday night of next week at the
iquest. of many who were unable 10
iln admittance on the occasion of its
rst presentation. The event will be
eld In the Y. M. C. A. auditorium
Itli but slight changes in the program
id an admission fee of 25 cents will
> charged. The event was arranged
' a committee from the Public Health
ursing Service and the sum of $130
as realized from the first performice.
* * * *
Addressing D. A. R. Chapter
Mrs. Linn Brannon, state regent
the Daughters of the American Itevuticn,
arrived in tile city this morng
and this afternoon is addressing
meeting of the Daughters of the Amlists
Tell Hoti
en Eyesight 5
ik's Time In i
nctlvltls and ephlnhora. ITer eyes
hen not congested had the dull, sufscd
expression common to such coses,
ivlng run out of her modlclno a
lend suggested Bon-Opto. Sho used
Is treatment and not only overcamo
r distressing condition, but strango
id amazing as It may seem, so
rengthened her eyesight that sho was
10 to dispense with her distance
asses and her headache and neuralgia
ft her. In this instanco I should say
r eyesight was Improved 100^,. I
.vo sinco verified the efficacy of this
satmcnt In a number of cases and
.vo seen the eyesight improve from
to 75 per cent in a remarkably short
ne. I can say It works more quickly
an any oilier remedy I have preribed
for the eyes."
Dr. Smith, an oculist of wide experlce,
says: "I have treated in private
actice a number of serious opthalmic
seases with Bon-Opto and am ablo to
port ultimate recovery in both ecuto
d chronic cases. Mr. B. canto to my
ico suffering with an infected eye.
to condition was so serious that an
eratlon for enucleation seemed 1mrative.
Before resorting to the
orativo trcatmont I prescribed Bon>to
and In 24 hours the secretion had
tsened, inflammatory symptoms be n
to subside, and in seven days the
o was cured and retained Its nor11
vision. Another case of extremo
nvcrBem. siraoismus vcruaa
caped the surgeon's knife by the
nely use of your collyrium. Tho
jhtened external muscles yielded to
e soothing and anodyne effects or
>n-Opto. I always Instil Bon-Opto
ter removal of foreign bodies and
.ply it locally to all burns, ulcers
id spots on the eyeball or the lids
r Its therapoutic effect. By cleansg
the lids of secretions and acting
a tonic for the eyeball itself tho
sion is rendered more acute, hence
e number of cases of discarded
Dr. Conner says: "My eye* were in
4 condition owing to the pcvero
The Home ?' P D fl
PipeOrgan J* ?
?I The House
?f A nin
iU.AJ\lEi fcbl _ _ J.
^sSKy-^a* I
I i&kUungryffoart* I
10c - ADMISSION - 10
I erican Revolution at the High school.
Mrs. Brannon Is a guest at the home
of Mrs. W. H. Conaway while In the
Senior Class Play
"What Happened to Jones" George
Broadhurst's famous comedy will be
presented by the Senior class of the
High school on June 1. The event will
be staged at the Grand by a cast of
fifteen young men and young women.
Rehearsals are progressing splendidly.
Every Member Social
The Every Member social of the
Palatine Baptist church will be an
event tonight at the church at which it
Is hoped that every member and the
family of every memory will be present.
A program will begin at 8
o'clock followed by a social hour.
? *
Left for New York
Senator and Mrs. C. W. Watson who
had spent the last several weeks at
Fairmont Farms, left yesterday for
New York. They will return here for
the Decoration Day celebration. They
were accompanied east by John It.
Buckingham, secretary to Senator
Stunt Night at
Barrackville High
Tonight will be stunt night at the
Barrackville High school and a very
Interesting program has been pre-1
pared lor the occasion. The entertain- j
ment will begin at 8 o'clock and a I
charge of 15 and 20 cents will be made
lor admission. The program consists
of the following:
Play?"Not a Man In the House."
A Negro Wedding.
A Doll Show.
The Involution of Dress.
School Trials.
Class Prophecy or Rip Van Winkle's
i A New Jersey man wants the ring!
ing of a church bell near his home
| enjoined. lie says it is so clamorous
lthat.it shook him out of bed Sunday
morning. Put he didn't go to church.
?Cleveland Plain Dealer.
What happened to Jones??Adv.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears :
Signature of J
' I
? -^=..
i To j
0% In a
Many Instances
strain arising from protracted microscoplcal
research work. Bon-Opto used
according to directions rendered a sur-;
prising service. I found my eyes re- j
markably strengthened, so much so I
have put aside my glasses without discomfort.
Several of my colleagues havo.
also used It and we are agreed as to
Its results. In a few days; under my:
observation, the eyes of an astigmatic
case were so Improved that glasses
have been discarded by the patient."
Eyo troubles of many descriptions
may be wonderfully benefited by the
use of Bon-Opto and if you want to
strengthen your eyes, go to any drug
store and get a bottlo of Bon-Opto
tablets. Drop ono Bon-Opto tablet In
a fourth of a glass of water and let It
dissolve. With this liquid batho the
eyes two to four times dally. You
should notice your eyes clear up perceptibly
right from the start, and Inflammation
and redness will quickly,
disappear. If your eyes bother you
oven a little it is your duty to tako
stops to savo them now before it is
too late. Many hopelessly blind might
havo saved their sight If they had cared ,
for their eyes In time.
U.S.. A -II. -V.-,, I_l? ? _V 1L. .h... I
?'uic? ? hi; (iu;oiubu iu huuiu cue awiu
article was submitted, said: "Yea, Flon-Opto is
a remarkable eye remedy. Ita constituent In- 1
gredlents are well known to eminent eye spe- 1
clallats and widely prescribed by them. I havo
used it very aucceaafully in my own practice on |
patients whoso eyes were strained through overwork
or misfit glasses. I can highly recommend !
It In case of weak, watery, aching, smarting.
Itching, burning eyes, red lids, blurred vision or i
for eyes Inflamed from exposure to smoke, sun,
dust or wind. It Is one of the very few prepays- ;
ttons I feel should bo kept on band for regular i
ubo In almost every family." BonOpto Is not & I
patent medicine or secret remedy. It la an J
ethical preparation, the formula being printed on
the pnekage. The manufacturers guarantee It to
strengthen eyesight CO per cent in one week's tlmo
In many Instances, or refund the money. It Is dispensed
by all good druggists in this city, including
the Mountain City Drug Co. and all
other prominent druggists.
. ??
1 M H Continuous Sj
nil 1:30to s
11:00 P.M. p.
of Features J &
mow %
and Won" |
Presents the Famous AcVess As
"A Hungry
Heart" I
Added Attraction j S
Burton Hoboes' Travelogue
c-ALL SEATS - 10c |
5VENING, MAY 23,1917.
-- ?-7-,'
0 Annual
For Ae Suur
. [fillj?
The New Stocks <
t ) ^ IS 1 -< * s? W M .
rorcu i\ugs aw
Are Callir
Just now, when we are face to face with
thing for the porch," becomes rather g
fortable porch for summer, now is the
Our old friend the Vudor porch
screen can now be had wi-h ventilators
at the top or without, as desired.,
Priced as follows, green or
4 feet wide by 8 feet long, $2.50
5 feet wide by 8 feet long, $3.00
C feet wido by 8 feet long, $3.65
8 feet wide by 8 feet long, $4.75
10 feet wide by 8 feet long, $6.25
12 feet wide by S feet long, $8.00
(Third Floor)
What About Awnings and
Slip Covers
Now is the time for
mP* open windows. Your
- furniture and carpeta
C MibW will suiter by the sun
m vfcwt and dust unless you
- !Put UP awnings to softtuWW
en tho" an(1 bave
f llftWVI slip covers to protect
ittBlfl BIIH y?ur 'urnlture from
dHH IK: We will be pleased to
give estimates however
M- small your needs be.
^ i i:l 7 (Third Floor)
Thursday, May 24 at 8 A. M.
Annual Sale of
Blooming Geraniums
at 10c Each
1,500 blooming Geraniums, good vigorous
plants with beautiful flowers In red, pink or
white, size to fit 4 Inch pot.
NOTE?No mall or phone orders filled,
nnnn rl r*l Ittotti ^ am lolfl onrntr Coin aftn?*4a a4
uuuo uoniniou Ui WIU onojt uato pwuko OW
8 a.m. TOMORROW.
Trimmed Hats
Extraordinary Values
at $3.50
Big hate and small hats for all occasions. Milans
Leghorns, Panamas, Llsere and Hemp braids in
blacki white and tashonlabie spring shades, trimmed
with wings, ornaments, flowers, ribbons and
such. A splendid opportunity-to buy a. fashionable
hat for little money.
w Lwwp i
nmer Porch I
)f Porch Furniture Wk
d Porch Shades |H
ig to You ^ fjjB
, 1
real warm weather, the need of some*
laring. If you are to have a cool, com- '
best time to furnish it, while stocks are M
Summer Furniture ||H
Pi'no Hpvo nnrt anmiflflr furniture II; ?
makes a combination hard to beat : |||
The new stock is finding favor at * I m
sight. : ,* I
Rustic porch rockera and chairs of hickory cot* |
cred with bark. $3.75 to $5.00. j -X ||?
" I 'tfX
Rustic settees $6.75; rustic swings $10.00. 5 .< I' ,V1
Rustic flower box stands, 3 feet long, $4.75. |
Rustic and fibre hanging flower boxes, $2.75. :: I . = J
Besides, there Is a good stock of Reed and . I |
Fibre furniture of rockers, chairs, settees, swings, . I |
tables, dower boxes and stands at very moderate ' { I
prices. i
(Fifth Floor)
Porch Swings yH
Special at $2.35
It Is an annual sale of good solid oak porch : |
swings, 4 feet long, finished in nut Drown, wltn |
chains and colling hooks complete ready to put up, ; J .
This Is a splendid opportunity for people who ri;
have need for a swing of this size. While they - I
last $2.35. (Fifth Floor)
The Season of Flowers H
Needs Its Own Rugs : 11
It Is' not fitting that a house should wear, for I iifnW
summer, the same warm, thick coverings-that It ; I
does the rest of the year.
In the days of open window and* flower scented I
air. It is pleasant to walk on rugg that seem to be- I |
long to nature's scheme.
Summer ruga for the porch, living room, bed- .
room and overy room In your home are here In V l<
good numbers.
Fibre and grass rugs, with their outdoor atmofr a L|
phere are here In fancy and plain designs in / I
greens, browns, grays and blue tones 6x9 feet $4.76 ' I
to $6.25.
6x10 or 9x12 feet slzes< $7.00 to $11,001.
v s? M|
For the porch 4% by 7% feet, $3.00 to $4.00 . ? j
Grass matting in green or brown, starts at Wo
a yard for the 1 yard wide matting up to $1.60 a 'M Ifj
yard for the 2 yard widths.
(Third Floor)
These are the very / MjV^^^pSH
newest American Vy fflnnp ljwTfifl
smock sport dresses
and are quite Inexpenslve
tor such beautiful
fashions. They corn" in
Rose, Navy, Copen and
white in seaside cloth, JlSSSCn
Twills, mercerized pop- [IJ Q BTOffll
lln and other cool ma- jl j 1|| Om
terials. Some have | ||j I U; [Ujj fl
beautiful sHk smock- |, , I fin H
ins on front and on |l I. M I H
pockets, some embrold- ']! ; I ffj
ery trimmed and oth- |!' bJf J 1 I
era have sport designs I , If* Jfji J
on collars, cuffs and f JUL M
throw over belts and a'/
have the latest sports Hm||
collars, cuffs and pock- fJlfiP
ets. All sizes for womr Jflit
en. Prices $5 to $10. jji 3
(Second Floor) ' TJ |
' ' ^ ' t.% W iVvaSfl

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