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I I Rroovn f Tomorrow moral
I J g ' ^tlt^taromM
Cnntv ' ta color tfcheme, o
; vi/ulo ^ entire lot Frldiy $:
I 1 JT~
| j j_
' From our business a great deal of
I pleasure exclusive of the money aep
B the pleasure which results from dol
1 thing batter and serving you batter
I is the cuitom In moat stores. This
I cv has given us a dominant posltK
{His ssotlon of Wast Virginia for i
I years.
H " * '
|^HH| I Nothing suooeedt like sucoeee.
1 healthy, happy, ardent .and comp
i workers are content In the thought
I they arrIdentified With and part ant
I csl of this highly Suoesssful store. I
I > credit Is due them for their yeomer
I vice and for the valuable part they
H&i'J In our onward march. Our enVre si
I I I organisation I. conUnullly .WIVUII
I planning how we .can'be of still gr
I service to you. ? fhe buying public
WSafPK 'ii f - '
Iut)rating topsy-turvy conditions in ! '
the government departments, it is illuminating
to cite the experence 0t t
Congressman H. C. Woodward in try- i
ing to get prompt action on -the re- t
guest of Huntington's Chamber of a
Commerce that be listed ias an appli- f
Suit for ane of the many soldiers' t
camps to be established. c
First, Mr. Woodward visited Adjutant i
Seneral McCain at the War Depart- a
ment. That official advised that the
Jusinees be taken up with General
Bell at New York. This Mr. Woodyard 1
lid without delay, wiring in full what s
ie wanted to Gen. Bell. That officer I
fired back that he hadn't anything 8
o do with it, but that Gen. Barry at 1
Ihicago did. So the hustling and per- <
m?. ? from thfl I
*>VMU vw>?e. WW
f; Fourth district, reckless of expense j
^K^:' end, realising the value of time, start- '
HHra ed up a telegraphic correspondence f
with the commander of the central
department In the Windy City. That
officer came right back with a state- J
ment that he hadn't anything to do *
|j with it, hut Col. Relchman at Char- ?
'' About this time news ctame from J
" West Virginia that a commission of J
army oflcers was traveling in that I
% State Inspecting proposed camp sites.
From last reports, the war department
^Hpsjp^'dlda't know anything about that. {
'Senator Howard Sutherland today j'
' made the following recommendations; i'
Harry K. Blayne, of Keyser, for the:
i Officers' Reserve Corps; Robert W. ,v
Boreman, of Parkersburg, for commls- j {
ion in the avlaiMon section; J. S. |.
Laughlin, of Bluefield, who visited 0
| Senator Sutherland in person and re- j
HH| celved his reccomendation, for the en- t
! gineers reserve; and Frederick B. r
letJnkefer,- of Morgantown, also for the j'
engtneere corps. Clayton T. Rogers, j
If Charleston, whose recommendation ]
y Sutherland opened the door of op- ?
ortunity for him, to take the examln- s
tion to become an aviator, called on
gnatbr Sutherland at the Capitol toay
to thank him. Mr Rogers was sum- T
toned .here to take the examination e
Congressman George M. Bowers i
ho fUed the application only a week t
two ago, received notice today that i
le pension of Mrs. Lucretla CoffmAn,
' Ridgeville, W. Va, had been increas1
to $20 a month. Mr Bowers Immed- \
tely wired the good news'of ihvor- c
lie action by the Commissioner of (
Congressman Stuart F. Reed made
* following recommendations today; <
. TJ, Crumit, of Clarksburg, for pos- t
ion aa expert mechanls under the 1
try Department's appointment; B. i
| Hersemjan, of Olenville, puarter- i
niter's sergeant In {he marine corps 1
>w stationed at Fort Royal, S. C., 1
f promotion to second llutenant of
srines; G. B. Hamburg, of Weston,'
r appointment as railroad engineer |'
I be gent to France; lant^^^BryantT
Clarksburg, (or appointment as a
eclal agent of the Department of
Henry Franklin Hannis, of Martinsrg.bas
been nominated by Congress- I
m Ooorge M. Bowers for appoint- :
int as a cadet at the Military Acany
at. West Point Young Hannis
a'bright well known andi popular
rag men of Martlnsburg, and a scion
one of the leading families there.
Ifijor Jessie L. Cramer, of Barkers!g,
widely known to the National
ardsmen of West Virginia, and to
ie especially who served in the
r with Spain, has offered his seres
to the War Department A Titter
tired by Congressman Woodyard
ay requested and authorised that
I be done, and Mr. Woodyard went
the proper officials to the tender
services from trained and expert*
|a commander of soldiers. This,
ether with the written application
!ch tells of Major Cramer's ww
ard, and which was filed, It is bead
ought to Impress the officials
t here is a first-rate soldier whose
rices' are available if they want
for an increased her pension.
I Joe, coats that would sell
Hd ranKtinliln. coats that ai
I bewttchlnsly styled, yon
Coats for Va
Coats for Ul
? f
i real We have 11 light weight ee
set? henry eelllng campaign which
"fl In a hurry Friday by offering y
th*(? lot at $6.98. They're coata ca
>n?ln ceptlonally good quality of all
nany n^vy shadee. The atylea are
atanoe. At this modeat undei
the very light weight coat thi
eteJJJ mind. They're'coata for now i
that e? early Fall wear.?Third Flo<
I par.
Much ________
2. B
I and "Rubber" fffHB
| Tomorrow r "? ?~
'ggS ' 1J P
n the distribution It is a caae of "first
ome, first served." K
Rev. William A. Hartung, pastor of i'
he Christian church at Elklns, is a
isitor in the city. Mr. Hartung paid
. visit to Senator Howard Sutherland
,nd received the latter's endorsement
or appointment to a chaplaincy In the .
rmy. Mr. Hartung also visited the I
* nnncMi MpHftln. and I
'lUUO U1 AUJUMUI. UOUWkpa ? ? w??, I _
ils application papers are now on tile I
,t the War department
Personal letters have been received I
,y Congressman Reed from George |
.nd Ellsworth Curtln and Frank
luglll, of ClarksDurg, who are training
,t the officers' camp at Fort Benjamin
larrlsou, and from Henry Ruhl, Jr., of I
Ilarksburg, who Is at Fort Myer trainug
camp, telling Mr. Reed of their first
mpresslons of the business of soldierng
and thanking him for using his inluence
In getting them accepted.
Petitions have begun to roll in from
Vest, Virginia advocating national pro- tl
dbltion as a war conservation meas- .
ire. They are primed or standardized
letltlons, all reading alike, and all *1
lumerously signed. The first come to ci
longressman H. C. Woodyard, who j,
iresented them in the House, and were
rom Wllllamstown and Mlddlebourne.
: ; y
A special and original pension bill s
or the relief of Arch Linthicum, of T
.ewisburg, was introduced in the up- y,
tar house today by Senator Sutherland.
Two claims of Congressman Wood- a
ard which have been pending before ?
he Commissioner of Pensions were i n
cted on today. Ono grants a pension | e
if $12 a month to Margaret I. Hunt, of i g
.tattle, Roane county, dating from Oc-1 j
ober 13, 1916, and the other $20 a j n
nonth to Mrs. Sarah E. Davis, tormer- ](
y of Parkersburg and now residing at e
Newport, 0., dating from November 28, ?
916, and also the accrued pension due n
ler husband, the late Kins B. Davis,
it the date of his demise. t,
Calvert L. Estill, a West Virginian ?
rho is a professor at the Virginia Tech tj
it Blacksburg, has been endorsed for f
i commission In the army by Senator f
Jutherland. Prof. Estill is a brother- "
n-law of Charles Robb, of Washington, g
ormerly a well known resident of ?
Slkins. d
Dr. Julian C. Schultz, of Huntington, J1
vho was recommended for the medl- 1
lal reserve corps by Congressman H. c
3. Woodyard. has been ordered up for
Mrs. Harry Chapman Woodyard, acjompanled
by her son, William, left '
.onigbt for her home at Spencer. Mrs. '
(Voodyard was to have taken her do- 1
jarture last Sunday, bat remained to
ittend a dinner given last night by
Mrs. Medlll McCormlck, of Chicago, 1
wife of Congressman MoConnick.
Congressman and Mrs. Edward Coop:r
and Congressman and Mrs. King, of
3alesburg, 111., motored to the Gettysburg
battlefield last Sunday In Mr.
Hooper's big, hlghpowered Plerce-Arrow.
Between 7 o'clock a. m. and 7
). m. the speedometer registered 225
Miss Jaques Fnrbee, of Tyler county,
Is visiting friends In Washington. Oth)r
West Virginians heft are Charles
tV. Dillon, of Fayettevllle; L. J. Haniran,
of Charleston, In charge of rurai
schools In West Virginia, and Riley
billy, a prominent attorney of Huntington.
In answer to a letter advocating a
//^WUlKtt-WrtATrX - f
I sfv? say we U?
(wLisr^rfliB \l
X^MffttHisovaRy y
^ "Tj' w'v-#'!*."'
mj* "**-* mir
' materials, ^ 4 07
n the regu- I I
e charming [ I I
choice of Mi
rd Floor. J
gy $fi.98
ality w
rge coats toft from this season's
we are going to bid farewell to
ou your unrestricted choice of the
refully man tailored from an exI
wool serge In navy, copen and
i absolutely correct In every inrprlce
you're almost sure to find
it you have had pictured In your
ind cool snmmer evenings as well
or. ,
111 being passed by .the West Virginia
eglslature providing for West VlrInia
soldiers at the front casting their
otes by mall, Governor John J. Cornell
wrote Congressman Edward Coopr:
"The Legislature is considering a
111 to provide for allowing the sollers
to vote by mall. 1 think it will be
assed without objection."
wynanam, son or Dr. l. m. uiaric, or
:yle. McDowell county, has been nom-'
lated by.Congressman Edward Cooper
>r appointment to the Naval Academy
t Annapolis, but will not take his exmlnatlons
until next year.
tector at St. Joseph's Italian
Church Has Been in
Priesthood 20 Years.
On Sunday May 6, the children of
10 Sunday school of St. Joseph's
:alian church received their first Hor
Communion. The services were
onducted by the Rector, Rev. .Father
oseph, who delivered a short sermon
> the children impressing upon their
oung minds the significance of the
acrament they had just received,
'he services were very beautiful .and
'ere witnessed by a large crowd.
After MasB photographs were taken
f the children; the newness of the
ltars and communion rail together
'1th the little girls dressed in white
lade a very beautiful picture. Solmn
profession of the Blessed Virgin
odality took place on Sunday May
, the young ladieg were given their
ledals and books and will have reguir
weekly meetings every Thursday
vening and the Communion Sunday
rill be the second Sunday of the
The Rev. Rector entered upon bis
iventieth year in the, Priesthood. The
vent wai celebrated the following
ay, Sunday. The altars were beau[fully
decorated with cut flowers and
'alma, and the choir rendered spec11
music. After Mass every one conratulated
Father Josepn and throughut
the day many called at his reslence
and gave him beautiful presnts.
They all wish him many more
ears in the Lord's Vineyard, and
rust he will have charge of the little
hurch for a long time.
? 1
An Important Distinction.
"One great difference between a man
md a mule," began the affable cynic,
. 11..4 ? mnln la vanr mi lot* hp.
US UlttV u 1UUJC AO ?V?j J ?
tore he registers a kick."
Cook Hospital Tag Day, Saturday,
lay 26.
igS?2k. LIKE FOR
_ I ?
" /? ?
toUM- ? Pe?siMi?-ftc>| -Ahoja see
auy- -<H'WM* / [ "won*
W14.??W [ L
i. MFOfte tVAf. y Mtf
V1 Tine! y ' ?
^T~~" ^aTTTs (
\ xu w?
60*1-5O ?N .?v? rwo
rtoviw or nwMtn v Arnw
J I ?1
* A modern superdreadnaught is be
New York, where millions of people
have turrets and wood guns and a ere
through all duttes and drills of regu
Matter Now Must Be Decided
by the People at the
Next Election.
CHARLESTON, W. Va., May 24.?A
heavy load was at least temporarily
lifted from the shoulders of the Democratic
majority in the West Virginia
House of Delegates late yesterday
when that branch of the Legislature
passed its appropriation bill, somewhat
changed from the form in which
it was reported out by the committee
on Finance and Taxation.
Amid much confusion the House or
Delegates struggled with the general
appropriation bill during the entire
forenoon session. Taking up the
measure yesterday morning, the
amendment to purchase several hundred
acres of land adjacent to the State
Insane Asylum at Spencer was adopted,
but later an effort was made to
strike it out, as was the case with nearly
every amendment adopted, the chair
being constantly confronted with
points of order.
Additional fire was added to the proceedings
when Bassel of Lewis county,
an aged graduate of West Point, asked
that the $7,500 appropriation to send
ex-Union and ex-Cbnfederate soldiers
to the Vicksburg reunion be stricken
out. Patrick of Kanawha joined him
in his request. Sweeney of Wood,
Hall of Wetzel, Talbott of Webster, and
Set of Teeth $8
Grown and bridge wora, Ji.uO.
Tooth flllinga, EOo and np.
Examinations ^nd estimates
Dental methods have totally
changed in the last tew years
and to get the best of dentistry,
.. _ Jj-ai.a ? I- rso/i.
consult a ueuuoc wuu <B
I using the late methods.
We guarantee our work.
Office cn Main st-eet oppoiite
Court House, over 5 and 10 Cent
The Union Dentists
I Bell Phone 921 J,
' "WAT" V I ?ipe-*fW' COKNEK^ \i
"ew * A\ weft* wtfwsa.-lH'tARs
AJAMA*/ \T tRAck! J
I fci;
^jEWBm^ABI \ ifl
J ^ v.
nrwaaHT R6?^s'?oo (\ h\t
tt<? FlRSf Z5 -
I if
Ing built of wood In Union Square,
pass dally, to draw recruits. It will
iw of several hundred men who will go
lar sailors.
others opened a verbal attack on the
two men which was brought to an end
when the chair proniDiteu runner discussion
and the Bassel amendment
was defeated.
The bill was sent to the Senate and
concurrence was asked of that body.
The Senate took up the measure shortly
after 5 o'clock, after a very short
session during the earlier afternoon,
and referred it to its committee on Taxation
and Finance.
Indicating by its activity that it is
making an effort to bring the session to
an early close, the House worked until
after 6 o'clock on its calendar, killing
a number of bills after they had reached
second reading. Those which expired
at that stage include that taxing
transportation of oil and gas. The others,
relating to trapping and gigging
fish, to cultivation of foodstuffs and
conservation of crops.
A new bill was substituted for that
providing protection to the citizens of
the state and their property during the
war. This substitute was offered by
Delegate Taylor of Fayette, and provides
for a volunteer regiment for the
Thfl hudent resolution which has
been under consideration in one or the
other houses since a few days aftei
the Legislature convened, finally was
agreed on after a conference committee
threshed out the differences be1
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gj I- * I 1
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5g I ; H l\ can was
o ; U Si out in <
CC I I H I I i 11116 60(1
sS V? - . i | - 1**
S" -V-., ii This i
\ \1 "Neveral
gg lit lect one
? / \ \ flts y?u
Oj I \\ pnce tin
ir w same'
LPHlut frtu
$2.50 to
j tween the Senate and the House on two die;
! amendments. The Senate receded wit
trom its position on the amendment wai
j giving the makers of the budget power mit
| to change salaries of state officers and froi
that including charges for emergency an
items in the budget. in '
Tho Constitution of the state pro- Th(
rides the manner in which salaries toe
may be changed, and the conference tra;
committee agreed that a reference to vot
that fact be included in the resolution. a?
Minor changes in the phraseology were of
made. The measure as adopted gives ent
power to the Board of Public Works to toe
make out the budget Instead of the Ii
Governty, as it orllglnaUy provided, tha
Whether the budget method of making in :
appropriations will be made effective wh
in West Virginia will be left to the vote con
of the people at the next general elec- .
tion. The conference committee was
composed of Senators Grlbble, Fox and
Gregory and Delegates John Burr and '
McDonald. cat
The House adopted the resolution an!
with all amendments made"in actord- 801
nnce with the committee report by a _
vote of 70 to 11, with 12 members ab- =
sent and not voting The Senate by a C
I vote followed suit by pass- It
ing it as amended.
The House bill relating to an excise A
tax on corporations was referred bock "
to the Finance committee and is ex- T?
pected to remain there. Senate bill
No. 10, which makes it lawful for sal- Ipr
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I shops from Maine to Call
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Inch of material used In 1
laklng of "Nevershrink" Guar- I
nteed Wash Skirts, even the I
nd, Is thoroughly shrunk he- 1
skirt is made.
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irink" Wash Skirt you can se- Kj
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perfectly, with absolute assur- ? I
it it will always remain the K
$7.50 i ]
itzsmmsmw 1
- I
re to vote by registered mall, met
h an obstacle in the House and it
i decided to semi a conference comtee
to meet a similar committee
m the Senate in an effort to reach
agreement on a House amendment
which the Senate refused to concur.
> Senate elected that the ballot of
soldier shall be sent to the regisr
of the precinct in which he would
e if he were at home. The House S
ended it to make the county clerk J
the county in which the soldier is
itled to a vote the officer to receive -|Sfl
ballot. J
t is said by members of the Senate *JJ
t no dlflculty will be encountered
reaching an agreement on this bill.
an it is referred to the conference
imlttee Thursday.
No Satisfactory Alternative.
rhe trouble with a man when be j
i*t sleep lis that he can't think of
rthing else hejwants to- do.?Atchl- ,3
\ Globe.
Bell-ans 1
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