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Air Forces Have Been Ac,
Mve Ther^jFor Past Several
While the only, sphere of Intensive
military activity at present is
; on the Austro-ltullan front where General
Cadora is day by day pushing back
the Austrian line on Trieste, there
' " are indications that the stagnation
along the French and British fronts,
In France, may soon be interrupted.
The sign that points most strongly
to an Impending change is the Intense
aerial activity taking place. The British
report last night emphasized this
in its account of 12 German machines
! destroyed and 11 others driven out ot
control and today from France, PariB
' announces the bringing down ot seven
German aeroplanes in an engagev
* ?J 1?10
mem anu me aunuus uauiagmg ui am
I Brazil is rapidly passing from the
I status of a neutral to that of an active
partisan on the entente side of
the world war. The measure revoking
her neutrality Is now well on Its
\ ii way through parliament. In Austria'
Hungary the political situation Is still
(n transformatory period character.
The Hungarian premiership accord.
fng to a Zurich dispatch Is to be filled
by Count Julius Anrassy a pronouncJod
Captain Layman
i Leaves for Wheeling
Captain Claude H. Layman, Regl<
mental adjutant, West Virginia Infantry.
left today for Wheeling where
I ho will look after some matters per
tainlng to the army men here.
r The men In camp are working hard
H to get everything ready for the grand
i "showing to be made tomorrow. All men
I will march with full regalia and equipI
I " There will he a special meting of
Fairmont chapter No. 34, Order of
Eastern Star, on Thursday, May 31,
Jt UB17, at .7:30 p. m. The chapter will
HSsliiave as guest, Mrs. Delia M. Brand,
Br district deputy grand matron. After
: business Is finished a soclay hour
will be enjoyed. Members urged to be
Bfl'v BERLIN, MAy 29?An attack by
HcTltUBllans and Roumanian troops Is exijijpected
today, the official report says.
HB&' Display the American Flag.
?'. Flags on staffs should be at halfHpt
until noon Memorial Day; afterHgMjet
Old Glory go up high.
I | ,i The Quicker
j ^ A l/i
_ ~ ' 52>
ia Old Coyir by
Qcr^> j^rdley
th?y marched with a twing an^ 111%
aed? enact and their hat? at lit*
strength and the glow of^oubh,
man shouldered hie pack and guii
the fiohk that nar made ur one
n In feet end truth
r gait If e trifle
rank* are thin, but their old eye* glow
light that IX clear and braves,
rudge along on their tired feet*,
hair facet again to greet*
?g that the/ helped to S*v%
the teat of OUR ,roulx her com#
Idienr march to the fife end drum
i in the thick of war,
oung hoy*/ fight ac tba old boys fought
hold thalr liver ar naught
auec worth dying for.
romehow know that In warV red hell
will Lai lU ? haUIk i..al 1
Grand Old OoyJ* w? cheer
ir by to a martial strain.
who under the sod have lain
nany a <juleb year I
ft# ow eyee to the flag that flfae
itr rod and lit whita and blue ,
cheer again for the kind of man
tave always Ja?n u? through,
stalwart bread that meets our need
ip punms
Committee to Open Room
#? > >' ?e ,ei.
in tne uarr jtsuiiamg
on Circus Day.
Plans are under way by the Playgrounds
committee of the Woman's
club of which Mrs. C. E. Hutchinson Is
chairman, for the opening of the playgrounds
in this city which will take
place some time near the middle ot
To secure funds needed tot the success
of the grounds, the committee will
serve a counter lunch on circus day,
Saturday, June 2, in the corner room
of the Carr building on Main street and
Cleveland avenue. Cakes, pies, sandwiches,
weines, coffee and buttermilk
will be served and the liberal patronage
of the public and especially the
country folksj who will visit the town
on circus day, is asked.
The Beard of Education has assumed
the responsibility of supplying tho
salary of the supervisor for the playgrounds
who will be Coach Moore of
the High school faculty, but there remflns
yet many expenses which must
be met by the Playgrounds committee
to whom is due the credit for inaugurating
in this city the playgrounds pro
A meeting of the committee was held
recently when plans for this lunch
were made.
No date has been set for the opening
of the playgrounds but the date will be
announced In the near future
Talked Over Gardening
Which Coal Companies
Are Encouraging.
N. C. Frame, State Agricultural
Agent, was In town today for the purpose
of conferring with the officers
of the West Virginia Coal Operator's
Association In regard to the agricultural
actialtiea in the mining communities
throughout the state.
A great deal of gardening is being
done by the miners and all of the com
panles are encouraging thla In every
possible way but it is felt that . closer
ccoperitlon between those ,vho love
direct charge of the work and the agricultural
agents is desirable and plans
of this character were discussed by
N. C. Frame and H. L. Smith in conference
with the officers of the Association.
Everything possible is being
done to live up to the slogan recently
adopted by the State Agricultural Department,
"Help West Virginia to
Feed Herself."
st, Cheapest and M
|^ lr
" ' '
Northern if
Outbreak Was on Illinois
Side and Grew Out of
a Strike.
EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., May 29.?A
mob of perhaps 2,000 persons went
through the negro quarter during last
night, shot ono colored man, seriously
wounding him, beat scores into unconsciousness,
drove several hundred
negroes across the Mississippi river
bridge into St.. Louis, Mo., and then
dispersed early today.
The assault began after a report was
circulated that a white woman had
been insulted and two white men held
up by negroes just after a committee
from the Central Trade and Labor
Union had attended a meeting of the
city council to make a protest against
the importation of any more colored
laborers into St. Louis.
Shots were fired at frequent inter
vals but only one negro is known to b 5
wounded. He fled to St. Louis and
was found there unconscious with a
bullet wound in his head and three
ribs fractured. All negroes were
searched and if armed beaten into unconsciousness.
Many negroes were given refuge in
the city Jail and at midnight police
estimates were that 2,000 persons surrounded
the building threatening to
storm it. The mob was dissuaded, bowever,
and rushed into the business
section where street cars were stopped
and saloons searched. Several
negro saloons were wrecked and Mayor
Mollman issued an order for all
bars in the city to close.
Riot calls brought the entire city
police force but the mob went virtually
Many workmen here have been Idle
on account of strikes and It Is estimated
that at least 8,000 negroes have
been Imported from the south to take
their places.
The rioting continued lntermltentlly
for over four hours. Governor
Lowden was asked to send troops but
as the National guard had been federalized
it could not answer such a
How to Get to
Palatine Knob
Forsons desiring to make the
trip to Palatine Knob tomorrow may
do so by taking the following
route: Any place In the city to
State street, to Barnes, to Dayton
and turn to left to Hall avenue then
direct ahead to the Knob.
Autos will go to State street and
turn facing the city, parking on the
right hand side of State street, as
I the car faces the river.
|L- J.
ost Effective Way to
' *. i y 'v' ' C>~:
/ & > IP
' 1 w."
7ext Virginia's Greatest Newsn
-p : - " T
- I ? _ 1 "I
Grand Army and Other Organizations
Will March
to Cemeteries.
At the meeting held last night In the :
office of Mayor Anthony Bowen In the
city hall it was finally determined
that 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon will
be the best time to have the flag raising
at Palatine Knob, East Side. This
is the only change In the program foi
Memorial day.
The Daughters of the American Revolution
will raise the flag to the top of i
the pole while members of the First
Regiment band sound the "Call to Colors"
and "Tho Star Spangled Banner."
Judge W. S. Meredith will make a
short address on this occasion. The
lines of march and points of formation
wer^ also decided last night.
The G. A. R. in its decorating services
will leave with several other organizations
for Woodlawn cemetery at,
9:30 o'clock in the morning. At 101
- * '1- ?- 1 -...til 1
ociocit a. m. uariuw ? uanu win b"?
a concert in front of the Court house
on Main street. The G. A. R. leaves
from Monroe Btreet.
There will be no organized movement
to Palatine Knob. - Persons going
to this ceremony can move from various
locations and get to the Knob via
all streets and directions to be there
in time for the service at 1 o'clock p.
m. The Regimental band, after leaving
this colors call will proceed to Fairmont
avenue, join in the grand parade
and after supper give concerts at
Loop Park.
The Greater Fairmont band will accompany
the G. A. R. and will then return
in time for the grand parade.
Garlow's band after the 10 a. m. concert
will also prepare to join in the
grand parade. In this great demonstration
there will be the Regimental band,
the Greater Fairmont band, Garlow's
band, the Monongah band, the Elks'
band, the West Drum corps.
The parade will be reviewed at
Twelfth street by Congressman Henry
T. Rainey, Mayor Anthony Bowen ana
the city commissioners. Congressman
To all Loyal Order of Moose No. 9.
i our are requested 10 gainer at our
Home, 418 Jefferson street, on Wednesday,
May 30, at 1:30 p. m., to Join
the grand parade of Memorial Celebration.
Please bring flags,?Ray D.
Harden, A. W. Hovatter, committee.
For Thursday, Friday and
# A remarkable sale of Men's
and Women's Low Shoes?almost
500 pairs to go on sale at very low
prices at
notice to i
This Is the last week In which
you can pay your 1916 taxes
and avoid having them appear
on the delinquent list Don't be
a "slacker". Help support your
government. Do your bit by
paying promptly. Office open
We are now making up the 191S
delinquent tax list for publication
June 1,1917. Those who owe taxes
should come in and pay at once,
and save cost of publication. Office
Monroe Street.
J. R. MILLER, Treasurer, i
-r---_-L--nr - d j I
i Advertise Any thine
,'.Sa " t;*1- K'i"'
NING, MAY 29,1917.
he ?a
I ?' n ti 7f f f
ivo raper wiu
Be Printed on
Memorial Day
In order that the entire force of
The West Virginian office may
properly observe Memorial day
publication will be suspended tomorrow.
Thursday at the usual time the
favorite newspaper of the people of
Marion county will be on sale at
the usual places.
Rainey will be entertained while here
at Fairmont Farms. Rep, Rainey will
go from the reviewing stand to South
South park whore he will make the oration.
Mr. Rainoy will be introduced by
Judge Haymond.
Colonel Robert Osborn, Captain
Claud Layman and Lieutenant Carl
Shctterly were at the meeting last
night and promised their support and
co-operation as far as possible. Tho
various committees and their chairmen
were present and managed to
Your Mo
A Handfull
Neither C
France has over te:
The United States
Manifestly, the sma
inadequate to take th
A great new army
This is a matter of
You may not be ah
fight by joining the rj
will supply the monej
war and ships.
We cannot see our i
p-ium starve.
The bonds will be fc
will be ready about Ju
The rate of interest
and the price will be {
The Nationa
Peoples Nati
Fairmont Ti
Home Savini
*? Ll.1.
First Nation
First Nation
Bank of Far
Exchange B
First Nation
Bank of Mai
Fanners & I
First Nation
l in Maridk Counti
kS^L ' J warmer'
' ! > I I W ? I I '
''? /%~vwwvw>
clear up all matters after a two hours'
conference. 7
Final arrangements for the celebra' par
tion of Memorial Day services in Fair- sec
mont were completed last night at the str(
j city hall when the members of the
executive committee on details met. fou
I Grand Marshal Harry F. Smith was Loc
j present and handed In General Orders Qui
i -N'os. 1 and 2. These were read to the str<
I large gathering and were as follows:
1 T\ "I 1
I beat the Sub:
ney and You
of Men Can't Beat
an a Handfull of Ii
Finance the War
n million known investors,
has about three hundred thousai
II army of present investment bi
ie great "Liberty Loan."
of buyers must be mobilized at c
Join the Ranks
supreme importance.
le to join the fighting ranks, bul
inks of subscribers to this "LIBI
r t.Haf. fhp ficrhh'ncr vnnVs npprl fni
Join the Ranks
lilies fail for lack of supplies, or ?
Join the Ranks
>r amounts of ,$50.00 up, in reach
ily 1.
will be 3i/2 *per cent. They will
Beat the Submar
- Farm or Financ
1 Bank of Fairmont. .. Fairmon
ional Bank Fairmon
ust Company ... Fairmon
gs Bank .... Fairmon
a Bank, Fairmon
tal Bank .. '. .Worthingtoi
lal Bank Mononsral
mington Farmingtoi
ank of Mannington . Manningtoi
lal Bank Manningtoi
mington Manningtoi
Merchants Bank ........ Fairvie?
lal Bank Fairviev
< > '
t is to Use the West
tlon of Fairmont avenue^and First
let, along Fairmont avenue to VlfUx j
rth street to Locust avenue, along
mat aveiAie and Jack3on street^to
r 'f!; 't.'xk'ty
". j't
- .'.'"f i fin
?'' HI
' I 1
( |
j i >,
il is
see France and Bel'
I 1
1 1 I
j |
i of every one and * 111
I |
':'iVVw J f3
r, W. Ya. , '1m
-' ":- Virginian
;.j aa^cM^aSMB

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