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^w?5Cut out the picture on all (our Bides.
^HjHra carefully (old dotted line 1 Its
Bjjfttlre length. Then dotted line 2,
| "ind so on. Fold each section underWBaai.-:
acourately. When completed
'.rPjJirn over and you'll find a surprising
'' '..srjsulfc Bave the pictures.
Temperature at
# ^Hj Yesterday's weathy|
er cloudy; temperEVENT8
ig Btreet?Meeting of Foreign Mis
nary society of First M. P. church
hibme of Mrs. Iva Hinckle.
:al Christian church ? Monthly
etlng of Bethany Blbl'e class.
!i Lutheran church?Memorial day
I meditation, v:io ociuc*.
dFellows hall?Marlon lodge,
h Men's hall?Marlon lodge, Knights
of?Rthall?Mountain City temple,
dora Woodmen hall?Seaton Camp,
rmal school?Players' club,
ccabee hall?Marlon hive.
dimorlat Day Official Program.
00 m.?Flag raising Palatine
SO p. m.?Grand parade.
00 p. m.?Address, South Side park.
00 p. m.?Concert, Loop park.
'emplars Elect?Crusade Commany,
Knights Templar, last night electthe
following officers: Raymond
ller, eminent commander; K. Carl
me, generalissimo; Harry F. Smith,
tain general; S. B. Brooks, senior
den; Walter J. Carson, Junior warDr.
James E. Dowden, prelate;
11am N. Engle, treasurer; Francis
/ill Sue for Costs?Prosecuting Atley
Haggerty has been directed by
'county court to bring suit for the
ts of the recount which followed
'election of last year upon the apatlon
ot United States Senator
berland, T. W. Fleming, John Veach
Rollo J. Conley of Marlon county.
1 costs amount to about 1430.
Iks Initiation?Nine candidates will
nitlated at a social session of Fairit
lodge of Elks which will be held
evening. The program for the
ling will be a very Interesting one.
ive Joined the Navy?Kenna Clark,
ry Arnett and Paul Shinn whp enid
at the Brooklyn Navy Yftrd the
If day have been notified that they
eld the physical tests Batlsfactornd
they are expecting a call to re;for
service In the very near funelon
Award?George R. Taylor,
rorthlngton, has been awarded $8
tly fob 150 weeks by the Works
Compensation department at
/ I 8ervlce. Exams ? The United
is Civil Service bureau has aniced
that an examination for stenphers
and typewriters, field serwill
be held at Fairmont June 16.
Care a number of vacancies now
lis service. The pay is good.
Gsiting Sister?Mrs. Carrie Carsr,
.of McKeesport, Pa., arrived
.this afternoon and is the guest of
tteter^Mrs. Ell Musgrave, on Man's.
Abbott's Condition?Mrs. Cola
Abbott, who yesterday underlie
serious operation at Cook hoBpassed
a restful night last night
Is today resting comfortably. The I
itlon which was performed by Dr.
' 1>. D. Howard was a serious one and
Wut condition Is regarded as critical.
ttfeung. Married Women to Meet?
KgWcanf Married Women's club will
HRraxtalned on Thursday afternoon
Mrs. Ouy Hawkins at hor home on
MKg?&; >'<;' , . i
/ill Attend Church Council?The
^^ fliLcqancll of the Protestant Epls^ al
church, which Includes the Eplschurches
In West Virginia, will
^^^HESpClarksb'irg tomorrow. Rev.
Hiries Bnlrd Mitchell, pastor of the
^^ Hjtturch and a former pastor of the
^HKgfrchurch will aterid the bosK;
The Women's Auxiliary will hold
Clarksburg on ThursI^^Fand
a nnmber of women of the lo^^yehorch
will attend the sessions.
^B^vlees at Graco Church?MemorH^Eday
sendees will be Observed at
^HK^Latheraa church tonight and
the members and (rlends are cordially
Invited to attend the services which
u,m hooHn af 7-iK n'nwv Quarterly _
communion will be celebrated In the
Lutheran church on next Sunday, June
3, at 10:30 o'clock, Sunday school will
begin on next Sunday at 9:13 instead
of 9:30 o'clock.
Marriage Licenses?Marriage licenses
were issued at the County Clerk's
office todayto the following couples:
Cleo. D. Hardin, age 25 of Smithtown,
and Maude M. Jenkins, 25 of Fairmont.
Frank Glrlmonte, age 26, and
Rosa Iiaretta, age 1, both of Kllarm.
Pasquale Laratta, father of the girl,
gave his consent In person.
j Home from,Wheeling?Mrs. David
Lamberd of Merchant street return;
ed last evening from Wheeling where
she had been the past few days as t
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Dex- .
Has Appendicitis?Miss Irma Bing
of Elkins ti teacher in. the High school
at Barrackville underwent an operation
for appendicitis yesterday at
Cook hospital. Her condition is satisfactory
Garden Party Postponed?'The garden
party announced to be held on
the lawn of Shadyside, the home of
Judge and Mrs. W. S. Haymond, on
tomorrow night has been postponed
until Saturday evening on account ol
the rains. The event will be held un- I
der the direction of the women of
Peter's Catholic church and will open
, at five o'clock when a lunch of sandi
wiches and coffee will be served. The
i event will continue throughout the
| evening.
City Hall Notes
-1 . . i ' ' I., )
Included in the general alarm sent
broadcast through the hills of Fairj
mont ordering all dogs and cats kept
j hid must have been some sort of a refI
erence to a horse. Tom Ford walked
| 11 miles this morning to catch a stray
horse that was hoofing all gardens In
the kingdom. It was a fat pretty black
mare and Tom decided he would ride
her back to town. He did and he has
the equine under arrest. Whoever
owns the horse can get it by paying
its fine.
Mayor Hickman, of Morgantown,
that gentleman of baseball fame, was
in the city jail here today having been (s
j taken there by David Deane. The |
: mayor of Morgantowu wanted to see
what a good city hall looked like and
' of course he made a visit to the jail.
Mayor Hickman was greatly pleased
with the lay out of the city hall and
invites Mayor Bowen to go to jail in
Morgantown some time when he id
visiting the down river village.
Thomas Ford that cop whom everybody
speaks as though he were an
Irishman but who really is nothing
; more than an American, says he never
i laughed so much in his life as he did "
' Saturday. "I was jes laffin' at Major
| Green. He called me when I was walki
ing up Main street and ses: 'Tom, ]
the game warden is going to pinch i
them soljars at camp.' I asked him ,
what for and se ses: 'Because they ,
threw bricks into a blackbirds' nest (
and ruined it,' and he leffed and I laf- ,
fed like fools." ,
The major though he sticks behind
! his little show counter on Main street
next the Dixie Watching the girls go '
by wants to Join the. army but he feels
that many of his feminine customers i
and admirerB would not consent to let t
him leave. I
rinrni mi i ir
rwo Compressor En
on Ground and Eff
to Finish Wor
Dnly One Other Plant of the i
Country and That I
Main P
Capable of producing lij)00,000.cu-l a
)ic feet per day and planned to be com-1 g
>leted before September first, a huge
iroducer gas station is being built t
it Downs by the Hope Natural Gas j
:ompany. Car loads of materials are
irrlving daily and a large force of i
nen are working at top speed in the c
jffort to have the plant completed t
jefore cold weather begins to pull at t
.he natural gas pressures. I
To handle the output of the produc- i
;r plant, two great pumps of S00 horse- t
power each, are on the ground and f
,vill be set up as rapidly as possible, i
The gas will be made from coal,
:ar being the only by-product being t
secured, and this of a grade unsulta- 1
jle for Bale. The tar will be sprayed f
inder boilers and used in the power t
plant of tho company. Araomnla and i
>ther by-products may be reclaimed 1
ater but at present the greatest de- i
ilde of the company is to get the pro- 1
lucer station in operation before win- i
:er. e
The gas will be made by a new pro 1
:ess, the Downs plant being the only t
jne of the kind in the United States c
with the exception of a plant in the
?ord factories in Detroit. The pro- i
:ess is known as the Ionizer process f
ind is being installed by the Steere i
Snglneering company of Detroit,. By |
his process the gas is made perfectly c
mre and the tar removed by electric
ty. A power plant which will furnish I \
he current for the plant is under con-11
NEW YORK, May 29.?Donald Mac- (
Vlillan, the explorer and other mem- 1
jers of the Crocker land expedition 1
vhich went into the Arctic in 1913 are <
safe at Etah on the northwest of
Ireeiand, according to cablegram he:eived
by the American museum of
lationa lhistory. r
WHEELING, May 29.?Federal and s
;ity authorities today were conducting t
in investigation in an effort to ap- i
irehend persons who last night flood- \
, gp\ LA
i AVi
m pfr ntf
ill IH
gines Are Alread
ort Will Be Made
k By Sept. 1
Kind in Operation in tl
s In Henry Ford's
lant. jjgjjF
? ,J ?111 U. *
xi uxiiuii auu win utJ uunipuaeu ui t
.enerators of 450 KW capacity each,
B. H. Shuck Is the engineer
:harge, representing the Steere co
Coal which will be used in the pla
vlll probably for this winter be p>
hased in the open market, but as so
is possible the Hope company pia
o open and operate a mine of its ow
f it is not possible to do its own m
ng, coal will be secured from t
nines of the Rachael Gas Coal co
lany, who are now making three opt
ngs at Downs.
The present plant under constri
ion is composed of three units and v,
>e enlarged as the need for produc
;as to replace the natural produ
irises. The gas will either be mix
vlth the natural and thus piped
Pittsburgh, or piped pure. The g
iroduced by the process contains 1
3TU's of heat value, which is sod
vhat lower than that secured by o
ir methods, but this method has the i
vantage of being installed in a fi
nonths' time while other methods
luire more than a year.
In addition to the Hope plant, t
Steere company is building a pla
or the Philadelphia company at D
ina, Pa., which will be capable
producing 20,000,000 cubic feet [
The plant at Downs when complet
vlll employ about fifty men, much
he work being done automatically.
:d Wheeling with anti-conscription 1
irature hand bills advising men not
egister and to "stay at home and ?
ich gambling in food and stock" we
iistributed during the night.
WASHINGTON, May 29?The t
ninistration's espionage bill as final
igreed upon by the House and Sena
lonferees including the newspaper ct
;orship and export embargo sectioi
vas presented for final passage tod
n both houses of Congress but act!
vas deferred until later.
I I I "fl I II I I II I
_r^Br i
\:?&: 'H
W :;?H^^H^^HHvX'x : x?j& x'B-:
' frtVX-'mMiss
Marian Wong, a native of Oakland,
Cal., who has won, the distinction
of being the first 'Chinese girl
K0 to write and stage a movie.
The entire oast composed of Chiln
nese actors, was chosen by Miss Wong
jp. for her Oriental drama, a pretty romance
displaying real Chinese cusnt
toms and dress. There are 30 Chinese
ur. men and women in the production.
__ Miss Wong is 22 years old, a graJn_
uate of the Oakland high school and
rn , until recently a student at the UniIj]
versity of California.
he ?^
: grain io
i ii DRAFT 10
mt Government is Prepared to
or Act Firmly in All Such
er Cases.
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, D. C., April 29.?
it. German influence to encourage resiBtt0
ance to army registration and the se,et
| lective draft, uncovered in Texas by a
're I Federal grand jury already have resulted
in eleven indictments. Other arrests
on tho same charge made by
agents of the Department of Justice
apparently are not so closely linked
td- with German influences, but are being
Uy investigated.
te In the Texas case, according to offlm.
clal announcement, by the Department
1B" of Justice, an organization was formed |
' some time ago ostensibly for the pur- <
0* pose of co-operative buying. Its members
were required to take a secret
oath and soon after the enactment of 1
the army draft law, the official announcement
says, "a strong German
influence succeeded in inducing the :
organization to turn its efforts to combating
conscription and high powered
rifles were obtained to intimidate persons
subject to registration and the
officials who will perform the registration.
In some western cities there are evidences
of a movement to defeat registration
but the Department of Justice,
it was officially announced, Is
fully prepared to deal with offenders ,
under existing laws and the new
espionage bill nearlng completion in
Congress which imposes heavy penalties
for such offenses.
Scattered over the country are
sporadic efforts to interfere with registration
but otflcials here do not believe
they are connected.
The Texas case in which German Influence
is clearly established and the
* i- it.
arrest or two mountaineers in suumwestern
Virginia are the most conspicuous
As the day of registration draws
near the Department of Justice and
other agencies of the government are
j| * =-j
Corporation Supplies
Stock Certificates
Made up in book form on
short notice. Ask to see samples.
Corporation Stock Records
carried in stock In 150 page and
300 page size.
J - ? *
corporation seals
Either desk style or In light
aluminum models tor carrying
In pocket.
Fairmont Printing &
Publishing Company
Monroe Street
LiiivUiii i ramviu
Abraham Lincoln's famous spi
Battle of Gettysburg, on Not. 1
great masterpieces of English o
((p OURSCORE and seven yeai
H thai continent a new nation
* to the proposition that all i
engaged in a great civil war, test
tion so conceived and so dedicated
great battlefield of that war. We
that field as a final resting place f
that that nation might live. It is
we should do this. But In a larger
not consecrate, we pannot hallow t
and dead, who struggled here have
power to add or detract The worli
what we say here, but it can never
us the living, rather, to be dedicate
they who fought here have thus fi
for us to be here dedicated to the (
from these honored dead we take I
which they gave the last full measi
resolve that these depd shall not hi
der God shall have a new birth of
of the people, by the people, for th
Buy a Liberty Loan Bond
tributor to the great caus
quire at your bank for pi
The 9th Anniversary Sal
"Underselling Store," coi
'..iioiimm i Urts AINU LknUliKb I
carefully watching for evidences of resistance
to the taw and are prepared to
deal with them promptly.
"These arrests," said Attorney General
Gregory In an official statement,
referring to proceedings already under
wav. "should ho accented hv the coun
try generally as a warning against Interfering
with the enforcement of provision
of the new army law. They
merely demonstrate what the Department
of Justice proposes to do In every
case where attempts are made to hinder
or discourage registration:
Italians Strike in
the Plevna Section
Today's report from the Italian front
shows General Cadorna to be carrying
out his system of oscillating attacks.
Yesterday he shifted the direction
of the blow striking again on the front
north of Gorlzia. Another important
gain was effected there, the Austrians
being pushed to the extremity of the
valley east of Globna In the Plava
He capltaulatlng the war office announces
the capture of 23,681 Austrians
since beglning of offensive on
May 14, to gether with 36 guns of
wmcn 13 were or Heaviest canore.
KANSAS CITY. May 29?Injunction
proceedings asking that city, county
and state officials be prevented from
enforcing the registration law in Kansas
City were filed In circuit court
here today in the name of the Federal
League for Democratic control
FOR RENT?Cottage 4 rooms; bath,
pantry, all modern conveniences. 4th
St., Locust Ave. Call Dr. H. S. Yost,
both phones. 5-29-4t No. 2406
Present three of these coupons
of The West Virginian with 98c cat
with sewed stripes, guaranteed fast
Realizing the need of every family in
Flag to display on patriotic holidays,
number of our readers at ridiculously
price of flags has almost doubled in I
to clip 3 of the above coupons coniec
The West Virginian office with 98 cei
cents extip for mailing If not called fc
To those desiring It we will furnish
holder, all packed with the flag comple
Place out your flag early; It will
Let there not be a single house:
out Old Glory floating from It.
Place out a small flag or a large
Ffegs of countries allied with tl
with American flags.
Make Decoration Bay one to be
part?place out a flag.
Honor the G. A. K. by placing ou
United Statesi by placing out a flag.
Call your neighbor's attention to
without an emblem of the country i
The time la short Place out your
And remember, decorate.
1.1 .-I.IUW,
Gettysburg Speech j
eech made on the field of the
L9, 1863 bias lived an one of the
iratorlcal literature. It follows: . $ggj
rs ago our fathers brought forth on
, conceived In liberty, and dedicated * |
nen are created equal. Now we ave '
ing whether that nation or any m> "|'
can long endure. We are met on a
have come to dedicate a portion of
or those who here gave their Uvea
altogether fitting and proper that
1 sense, we cannot dedicate, we cam
his ground. The brave men, living ;tj|
i consecrated It, far above our poor
i will little note, nor long remember'
forget what they did here. It Is for
d here to the unfinished work which
ir so nobly advanced. It Is rather
ireat task remaining before us, that
ncreased devotion to that cause for
jre of devotion, that we here highly
ive died in vain, that this nation urn
' freedom and that the government
e people, shall not perish from the
[ and by so doing be a conse
of Universal Peace. Inirticulars.
e of Blumberg Bros. Co.,
ntinues throughout the I
Allies Himself With Venize*
los in Sensational Denunciation
of Germany
WASHINGTON, May 29.?S. ConBtanldl,
first secretary of the Greek
legation here, today presented his papers
of resignation to the State de
partment and announced his allegiance
to the forces of Venlzelos.
His action, because of bis long connection
with the Greek foreign office
gave the diplomatic corps a shock.
Mr. Constantinidl declared he had been
discontented with being connected
with King Constantlne's government
since the United States declared war.
"As I see it," he said, "it Is the duty , '
of every humane and honest man to
arraign himself on the side of America
and the Entente. The whole terrible
situation has narrowed down to a
simple question of humanity and civil
ization against German barbarity and
bestllity of a type almost beyond human
belief. When a nation of people
calling themselves civilized human
beings begin to sink hospital ships,
murder women and children and use
their dead for manure it is time for
decent men to turn their faces away."
The Executive Committee makes every
citizen a committee for decorating
his premises with flags; do It now.
_V;/- . '
consecutively numbered at the offlos -s 1
ih and get a beautiful Flag 4x6 feet,
i Fairmont and vicinity for sa American
we have arranged to supply a limited
small cost in spite of the flact that'the
the past few days. All you need do is
; cutlvely numbered and present them at
its in cash and the flag is yours. Ten
7 foot Jointed pole with ball, rope and .
to In a neat corrugated box for 67 oentatti .
T a -t
?a? ????,4?
encourage others to do the same.
In Fairmont on Memorial Day with- 1
flag or many flags.
lie United States may be displayed f j
remembered in Fairmont; do yon^r
t a flag; honor the new army of the ^
Do It now, lest you forget
this matter, so that he will not be
Bying In the breeze on May 30,1017. 1
flag today. |
' H |

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